Now 8/17/21 Welcome Infinite Beings to The Essential Page named Robert & Co. 4 Awl...

Angels in Attendance  <3 ) ) ) )

Angels in Attendance <3 ) ) ) )

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Now  3/11/16 

Greetings all and to those who came from His just completed Gazers 777 page welcome especially.   

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Now  8/19/21  We welcome souls arriving from Her His just recently completed page:  

Thank You Robert 4 proving we light beings can be in more than one place at the same moments.  

We remember always how you and your Bandmates conquered the world as we knew it back then.   

2/27/18 Interview: Robert Plant Talks About His Creative Obsession, 'Carry Fire'

Thank You Robert & Jonathan. <3 )

Now 8/17/21 Jimmy Page On His Spectacular Life and Career, Interviewed by Jeff Koons

Thank You Jimmy & Jeff. <3 )

Now 8/18/21 4:33 a.m. Gordon Lightfoot - seven island suite

Now 8/19/21 Gordon Lightfoot - The Best Live Clips - 1960s and 1970s

Thank You gordon Lightfoot & Appreciative Fans ~ Awl of us. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Thank You Gordon Lightfoot and Crew.

All invited to Gordon's Tribute page:

 Start w these readings:  He said.

From 7/28/13 entry in New News section

Ok ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... here's your links to deep end communication. 
We recommend listening to the first reading w intuitive consultant James Law first.  

Now 1/10/20  Jim, feel free 2 jump right in here, if led, Bro.  TYVM  <3  ) ) ) ) )   (5 )'s 4 adventure.  Is Jim signaling 'touchdown?'  )


September, 2012:

Then from July, 2013

Thank You James ~ Big Time and Jesus, My Mom & Fam , Jimi, Jerry, John and Dr Peebles who attended one or both of these sessions.  God Bless You and all who listen to these. And so it is, indeed.  )



This came down today as a Fb memory.  Nice to hear from you Jim.  )

Thank you Jim,  <3  )

 --- Did someone say.  Jump?   )

Now 8/19/21 Van Halen - Jump [Best version ever!]

Thank You Van Halen. One of the Best Bands ever. <3 )

Now 8/21/21 10:57 a.m. LIFE-CHANGING Channeled Spiritual Wisdom w/ Paul Selig | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Thank You Paul. You Are Amazing, like everyone else on the planet. And likewise Aubrey & Company <3 ) ) )

Now This is the only place this text would stick.From FB. . Good New Now News 4 Awl God's Kids.

Aug. 20, 2021

Everyone Can Have a Hug W God. No line, just do it. (LOVE)

Hey Guys, who could use a good Hug right about Now? Who couldn't? God hears us, friends, so SheHe brought in The Best: Jesus & His followers who take spirituality very seriously, not religion, and definately Not politics which only divides. Forget about that. The human race is rising my dear friends. The signs are everywhere, just go on You tube 4 crying out loud, and get educated about it.. Did anyone read God's memo? w Jesus Sananda response: Thank You Free Hugs Campaign & The Sick Puppies. Hug on... ( ) Thank you PeaceOnEarth123 for sharing this Good medicine. So more peeps can experience this we have further shared it here: (Share Good Stuff Page of the day 4 everyday is Good.) Heaven on Earth Is a Done Deal, Starbursts.Let's make this video Viral again, Ok? If you are following politicians & not Christ you are 'out to lunch,' so to speak. Film at this simple site portal. Come to Eternal Jubilee. It's time. If like Please share, create ripples to infinity. Don't let it die w you. Words to the wise. TYVM ) ) ) Jerry's Kids Welcome. P.s. Happy Birthday Robert Plant. Film here: Rec & fin: 8/21/21 7:16 p.m. Quincy, Ma. USA, Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude. Take a bow, humanity, By Good God, somehow we got the job done and Now we Are Awl Free. Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste. Everybuddy. ) ) ) Jack, Shane, Paul what now? Re this site, feel free to visit any of our babies, (pages) We do rec this one 4 beginners. TYVM.

Now 8/21/21 This is the age of Miracles! Saul w John Smallman.

This is the age of Miracles! 

Thank You Saul & John Smallman.  <3 ) ) ) 

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Again. This is the only place that will take this. Should be 6 O'clock News.

Aug. 21, 2021

6 O'clock News... If like Please Share, if led...

Happy Saturday fellow inhabitants of Heaven on Earth. We in it Now. To the way more people than we can respond to saying Hello or How we doing? We are resting offline as much as can so our left eye can recover from a tremendously painful episode the other day, when the eye, suddenly pain off the charts attacked it. After a few minutes w us calling to God & Jesus for relief it started to fade away, happened last week as well. We can't book an eye exam til October, believe it or not.
So, right now there's no real pain but very sensitive we feel like it needs to be treated w tlc which means cutting down on long sessions on the computer. And we will order eye specific supplements when we get some money.
All in the family, we're in the 6th day of having $3.11 in the bank & nothing in the wallet. It's ok, we know something will come soon and when it does we can pay our overdue T Mobile bill of $62. and change.
Who knows, maybe someone will actually make a contribution of 'bread & egg' money, as Dr Peebles said in the reading but since 2013 only 2 people, Fred & Patricia have made a donation. to Paypal The Good Dr said in a post we did recently 'Tip The Waiter' B4 you go. But these days people are so tight with there toilet paper, the Now age term 4 money.
Ok, we know this is getting long but while here, might as well share this share w Saul & John Smallman: that we shared over here:
Folks, this should be leading the 6 O'clock news 4 crying out loud! Where on Earth is Sane, sensible spiritual leadership bc we Really ARE Spiritual Beings of infinite potential & capacity experiencing lifetimes in an, as Sylvia Browne called this earth schoolhouse, 'The Insane Asylum of the Universe.' And She was right on w that, my dear friends.
So, we'll submit this and do some maintenance at the 'Share Page of Day' here. and be back after 11 p.m. to share a Share page 4 Happy Spriit Jerry Day Sunday. II's a Real goodie if we do say so our multi-dimensional self, as we Awl Are. So, this is our 'trailer' so to speak. (Now w 44 views. TY angels )
Ciao 4 now. Awl always welcome to God's Grateful Jubilee Cosmic portal: ������������ Your humble hosts, Jack (our new name) & Jerry. Peace Love Joy Fun & Laughter & Adventure 4 starters. Have you 4 gotten that? Hope not.. ❤ ) ) )

P.s. Please share this share if want to spread good stuff to infinity. TYVM ����

Now 8/22/21 12:04 p.m. Paul Selig - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Thank You Paul & Rick 4 the Good stuff. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 8/22/21 2:16 p.m. "I Foresaw My Daughter's Death" | Emma Otero's Near-Death-Experience

Thank You Emma & Thanatos TV EN 4 spreading the Good News that we really are incapable of dying, we simply vacate the pyysical body. <3 )

Now 8/23/21 11:20 a.m. Woodstock Ten Years After I'm Going HomeLive

Thank You Alvin Lee & Ten Years After.

Now 8/23/21 11:44 a.m. Carried over from Google Essentials Page. Ty Angels. <3 ) ) ) )

Page V of gazers  4 Alvi n Lee. <3 ) ) )

Can we all go home with you Alvin?  At least in the song?  Awesome.  Here, man, take your watermelon, you gave us everything else, indeed.   )



Finally, my dear friends,  the moment has finally come to share this 1993 reading from Ashtar through the great channel Michael El Legion

for  Paul F Brown

This information may explain certain things that some may have felt 'funny' about, like who the heaven Is this guy and what is he trying to do with all this 'stuff' ?

This reading will answer some  questions, meanwhile we are working on keeping up with the amazing, awesome, not to mention incredible

'stuff' coming in at His new 'gazings' page. Here's the  Ashtar link:


4/6/16 & updated  5/29/16

This, after not being available for a while, is now available at this perfect & all the perfect moments to come. His Will willing.   )

From 1993,,,

Michael's starsite...

An interesting interview with Michael with Rob Potter.

So, Spirit reveals the humble servant's spiritual espionage mission of light.  Shhhh, it's  a secret, however the moment has finally arrived & if you think 

this, His/ starsite could be of mainstream interest, then by all means ~ share it.  It's His work, my dear friends.  p pushes the buttons and what is appealing to ya's ~ take, what's left/  Leave it.  it's ok.  

So here's the  site...

Thank you very much.

Check out the 'Gazers' page inspired by Braco here...

All God's children with the right intent & purpose can do this. Is there any child of God who, in the long run, is Not a conduit of God?  No, there is not.

And the  2nd 'gazers' page...

Third gazers page...

Fourth gazers page...

Fifth gazers page...

Sixth gazers page...

Seventh gazers page...

Have you taken a tour of our/His  'situation room' yet?  From 2013, now, in right, perfect moment here on YT.

His 'blog' pages:  this one complete, rec reading it 2 get up 2 speed.

Blog 2 check 4 latest new news...

Blog 3 page with awesome sharings...

Current blog page for June, 2016 & kicking off His summer of infinite love... )

Then, and so on...

Get  yer infinite wind in yer sails here, however you have to )  deal?  Awesome.

Who needs 'rocket fuel' 4 the soul?  Can you say 'Rock & Roll?'

Paul on You Tube:


Paul on FB

He is  just getting started, dear friends in 'The One'  This Is  the infinite Father,The Good God, The God Jesus came to turn the world on to.

We ,  with our earthly minds simply can not fathom what He has in store for us.  Those of us like p & Uncle Jerry, &, ok, a whole generation practically, have gotten our glimpses, have been 'beyond this illusion,'  we've  had our fair or unfair share of 'trips'  2 wherever & come back, if we were lucky,  w all manner of stories 2 tell or not.

We did prove one thing 4 you 'youngsters' out there.  Drugs & being a 'druggie' are definitely not the way 2 go.  If you think getting high is where it's at, then, I got  news 4 ya. 'You got another thing comin'.  Don't fall into that trap, you may not come back, Jesus is a better way & He can play the night away.  So, if you're feeling like you missed out on all the good times, put that notion 2 the ocean & let it slip under the sea, have some tea w thee & celebrate life.  You're alive at the greatest moments in human history.  We're at the culmination, right now, of all that's gone down B4.  Lemuria & Atlantis ain't got nothing on this civilization despite the laggard terrorists & that ilk. 

God  has given us a leader 2 set us straight, ahead's the  gate, Don't ask who, what, why, just get on the train that flies.  

No one gets crucified this time. This time we got it right & the man who spurs us on, we'll we give Him a  song.

Those who  want to know the song & the man, simply go to the gazers777 page (link just above)  See the first 

gazer', then scroll down 2 Mr Brad Delp & that,  'A Man I'll Never Be'  by Boston. my dear friends, is the song. ioho, the only song that is better is 'Kashmir'  by Led Zeppelin & that's God's song.

Where did p find all these words?  Could it be, we all tap into the great mystery of  HE. a one mind 4 all 2 be a most important part of.  The Grand Tapestry of Humanity needs all of its components of many colors..  He is the one that makes  everything else undone, what does it matter if it's not about love...

This 'Trip" now emerging and still really on the launch pad,  as we are gathering our crews together, "Promises" 2 be the most Far Flung Freakin' Plant, excuse me, plan one can imagine.  And did we mention ~ Music Is It's Name?  Indeed, dear friends on the threshold of a dream

It's happening now as we live & breathe in His all encompassing field of love, simple, sweet, harmonious with  ALL THAT IS ~ Love. The only thing that is, not 2 mention the only thing that isn't. Does that make sense?  Stop making sense  say the talking heads while 10,000 maniacs  affirm 'these are days 2 remember'7 meanwhile our ride is here.  And some  riders over there.  a bit stormy is it guys?  Understand. Yeah, the Cars showed up w a song called Drive & oh, another one named 'all mixed up' & oh  my candy o wait, the Police  r at our Doors  and someone wants 2 be the king of pain & this one says, leave it  to me & he says everything will be alright.  Time Out.  Ah, paul 'time' Is  out.  Moments  r  'in' remember?   Yes, my friend, ok enough of this 'long distance runaround.'  Now  which one   was  pink, we can't  remember.

Ok, just 'foolin';  with ya's humanity, p is serious about his mission however he has been  accused of  having a sense  of humor, so as the cosmic chips have  fallen where they may.  It's beyond obvious that the One, United, Rock solid Rock & Roll world has Trumped (4 lack of a better word) the socio/political/mundanesameoldsameold  world.  We hereby claim our Universal Victory & We Say 2 This crazy world.  Hey humankind.  We got a crazy train  4 ya's.  If you want 2 come with us, get on the  train.  Deal?

Their move

Let p close this little, ok  now 'large' ramble with this:

When God loves us, & He does, It comes with benefits, benefits we can't imagine w our earthly  equipment.  OMG.  Can't say anymore now, however stay tuned.  The best is always yet 2 come.

This will be shared over at the new blog page

Rec & fin.


12:50 a.m.

So, let's put a song here, we have no idea  what it will be, although the floodgates are 

opening and we'll come back in a few and we'll all  find out together, deal?  Awesome.  )

Thank you dragonfire810 for sharing on YT.

 Now  8/23/21  This one steps to the fore: 

Now 8/23/21 9:33 p.m. My Mix ~ Our Mix <3 )

Thank You Goedon & Awl the other artists in this thread of amazing music. <,3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 8/25/21 Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)

Thank You Scorpions. Change Good. <3 ) ) ) ) )

What can we tell you keeple, God's script is just simply, the best.   <3 )

What can we tell you keeple, God's script is just simply, the best. <3 )

Thank You Doug & Circle of Light.  <3 )

Thank You Doug & Circle of Light. <3 )

Now 8/27/21 11:23 p.m. As shared on front page..Under Pic pf Jesus giving light to the world...

Thank You Ben Fuchs Phatmacist to the stars, Awl of us. <3 ) Keep smiling, we have So much reason to. <,3 ) ) )


Thank You Jerry & Kenny. Good stuff. <3) ) )

Now 8/31/21 Baird Spalding's "The Life and Teaching of the Master's of the Far East" (Vol. 1-5) *Excerpts*

Thank You Baird Spalding & Nevillution for sharing on YUt. Awesome work <3 ) ) )

Now 9/20 21 [FULL SHOW] Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - CMT Crossroads | 2008

Thank You Alison & Robert & Everyone who contributed to this treasure, & Ty Doggen Haus for sharing on Yt. :3 ) ) ) ) )