Now 8/4/21 Greetings & Welcome Awl Earth Angels to This Essential Info Joy page. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 8/4/21 8:55 p.m. From Fb: Greetings 'Consumers' Sharing another 'Open Letter.'

Greetings 'Consumers' Sharing another 'Open Letter' Bc it is so much easier to just share this rather than try to draft something from scratch. Here, the work Is done my dear friends. . Read and hear this stuff & jump 4 Joy., if led. . TYVM

Bitcoin is on a slippery slope to oblivion, you know that, right? As is fiat toilet paper. God runs this supernatural universe in case you didn't know that. Please check out the revelatory content on that rest 3 page.

I gotta start working on rest 4 on this angel # day today. 4 your information.

No problem

You can wait til you get your soc sec money okay

oh great.


Don’t worry okay

Everything Is in God's Hands so I don't worry or stress.


God Is Good, HerHis 'movie' Is Good. There's ; a Happy ending beyond our dreams and imagination. Have you heard?

Not really


I'm busy too but listening.

More film here 4 awl )

P.s. This Essentials page moving to a new, improved site weir the content won't disappear after a day or two. Ya's can watch it being built if want , our friends are waiting 4 us over there and it's just not the same w/o everyone's presence there, ok? Good.

So, if you would like to share this page, a url is:

Okay Brothers & Sisters Sisters & Brothers, in other words, Essential Angels of God The Good The Only God In Town of The One Infinite Light. Shall we awl carry on bc we have no choice & that's a Good God thing my dear friends. Cheers Cheerio & Namaste. ) ) )

P.s.  There is a cobwebbed Paypal 'Donate' button over there *Scroll way down) which may or may not work however our PP donate email is :  As Good Dr Peebles says, maybe a little bread & egg money could be raised by sharing our 'good stuff.'  What we would use it for is to commit the crime of feeding starving orphans.  Our Go Fund Me was shut down and we are under investigation.  Come on Govt, give us our day in court.  What's the hold up?    

That button will not be moved over here as the fiat system, not to mention crypto is quite on its merciful way out.   Goood (sic) idea Dr Peebles  (Dr we consider the good doctor's first name, ok  folks.)  So check this reading and hear that 4 yerselves, if want.    Also,  to be continued...

Now 8/4/21 4:44 p.m. The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend - OFFICIAL PROMO

Thank You The Rolling Stones & Angels of synchro 4 Awl you do 4 our collective awakening happening in the eternal 'Now' as we live love laugh & have our very being w the Grace of God Who Is Good as She He made each & every'one' of us as us. TYJ. <3 You Mary & Awl Company of Heaven and Earth. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 8/4/21 5:00 p.m. Closing time. Everyone Is Now Free in Jubilee moments 4 ever. Grateful Dead - Sugaree (Winterland 10/18/74) (Official Live Video)

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Grateful Audience of us awl. RIP to Jerry Brent Ron Vince Keith & any other member or friend or Fan of Jerry's favourite Band. May we Awl be richly & bountifully blessed. In Jesus Name. Thank You Mary & Awl us saints & sinners. who knew not what the heck we were doing. <3 )

Now 8/5/21 3:23 p.m. Angel Cosmic Trigger Time 4 The LionsGate

Now  8/5/21  3:23 p.m.  Angel Cosmic Trigger Time 4 The LionsGate Grateful Gracers of The Infinite.  Welcome Home Babies,  What took you so long?  Don't tell us, we know, it wasn't pretty however in the end it's the W that matters, nothing else.  Congrats, w a little help from our friends we brought it awl back home, and then some.  Film here w tributary links termed 'babies'  Be respectful please bc someone put a lot of time & effort to make these.  We know you have your own 'babies' so let's just salute each other's contributions to the Good of the whole. 

None of us could have done what we did on our own.  So, a Toast to us awl & a High 5 to God The Good & HisHer Son Jesus The Chriist consciousness as we are Now Awl raised to Good God Consciousness.  And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed.  Rec & fin.  3:34 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA 'Plant It' Love Mother Earth Gaia Terra Christa Joy etc & our personal favourite Vivienne. Galaxy Trust Cosmos Gratitude.  

Now 8/4/21 5:44 p.m. Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank You Styx & Appreciative audience of awl of us. Rock on 4 ever & Have Fun ~ Angels. <3 ) ) ) )

Hello Grace, your ride is here.  You coming or going? Now or never. Oh, you're clueless like the politicians.  Ok, we'll wait a while but weir missing the show upstairs.  Let us know when you want to just Try sane, sensible leadership operating on awl cylinders.  Admission to heavenly realms Free w a Smile. TYJ & Mary  <3 )  TYVM. Nod to The King of Rock  & Roll. Elvis. <3 ) ) )

Hello Grace, your ride is here. You coming or going? Now or never. Oh, you're clueless like the politicians. Ok, we'll wait a while but weir missing the show upstairs. Let us know when you want to just Try sane, sensible leadership operating on awl cylinders. Admission to heavenly realms Free w a Smile. TYJ & Mary <3 ) TYVM. Nod to The King of Rock & Roll. Elvis. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/5/21 Transferred from Site Essentials Google site.

Note:   Due to legal ramifications we can no llonger share any fundraising activities on this page or anywhere on this site.  Why?  Ask the Feds. (.

Now  7/9/21  After 43 years behind scenes, we are 'Hanging out our 'Shingle' as is our 'doppelganger' in a parallel universe, always messing w us, after we already posted this, we have to do it again, here>  Let's hope this 'sticks.'  )  2 tickets to paradise, anyone?  

  Our consultation services like they were in Lemuria, way back in the day remain Free of any charge pending a smile.  TYVM  )    Love is the answer, now what is your question my dear friend?  John Lennon  <3 )

Our consultation services like they were in Lemuria, way back in the day remain Free of any charge pending a smile. TYVM ) Love is the answer, now what is your question my dear friend? John Lennon <3 )

Now 8/5/21 10:11 p.m. June 29, 2021 God The Good: Everything Is FREE. Hello??

Thank You God Who Is Good 4 collaborating here esp when Destiny Shane started on Trump. From then on it was All Good. Thank You God Who Is Good 4 Being yours truly to serve The Best Plans of God & Company. Indeed.

Now @ 2019

Simply Announcing Now News Flash. Paul F Brown is back in black, feeling awesome and taking #'s. The fade away has reversed. Details can start here if int.  Not faded away. We are 70 going on 30. Right now we feel 44. An angel #. #angelsalwayswus. #GodIsLove #LoveIsallthatexists #Jesus4president  #SmilleGodlovesus  #Rockonspirits -- As simple Twist of fate plays in background 😎

4 our Veterans πŸ₯‡ Thank You! πŸ™ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ #ThankYouGod #GratitudeNation ThankYouJesus #OneteamOneWorld #Onelesson2learn #Love  <3 Friend me folks my wall is on fire, In a good way. 😎 Straight to the point menu 

Picture:  Paul and Goddaughter Aspyn Serenity, Cheri's beautiful daughter and Carol's (aka Dakarra) beautiful grandchild.  Love and Joy runs in the family. <3  ) 

Gee what a coincidence, as scribe was pulling up this page the song playing

on WZLX was 'Let It Be' by Paul McCartney.  Hence the name of the url.  <3 ) 

Let our joy be your joy as well, everyone, deal? Awesome, Jerry, have a deal song, Please  Awesome. 

 Grateful Dead - Deal - Rockpalast 3/28/81

Thank you crumbsofinsanity for sharing this on Yt.

Now 8/6/21 1:04 a.m. Grateful Dead - Deal - Rockpalast 3/28/81

Thank You The Grateful Dead 4 the Deal going down. Thank You Jerry. See Ya soon. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/6/21 4:55 p.m. Solomon says Love is Awl. Money ain't shit. We learned.

Solomon, Yeah, a new name came downloading on us this morning. We won't tell you where we were but let's just say God has always had a Good sense of humor, right Thomas Crapper? Film here:  

#JustBwhoYouAre ##JustDoYourjob#HaveFun#ThrowyourmoneyinBostonHarborand cryptowithit

Solomon also says there are 2 things that should be worshipped in life. 

# 1) God  & # 2) Awl Women,  regardless of age. Capiche Grace?  Your new name, humanity.

Update:  Now 8/9/21   1:44 a.m.  God adds a 3rd thing to Worship, so # 3)  Worship Thyself. One & Awl.  You are worthy of your own veneraton, dear ones. So  treat yer Self kindly, w respect bc it was God that made you 4 God knew what She was doing when She He created You, a divine idea sprung from an infinitely perfect Mind, my dear friends in God The Good.  Ok?  Good.  <3 )  

Back to previous thread.  It's break time 4 the essence as sandman is here.  Later guys.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   zz <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/8/21 Hey guys what if King Solomon himself...

 Declared back in his day with the immediate perspective right after his passing, you know what humanity:  EVERYTHING IS FREE.  Period.  We can't take it with us and when we see how things work in the higher realms, why in all  that's holy do we slave by our own vastly flawed, old, obsolete broken system are we doing this to ourselves.

So we Now do it 4 God in this Present Now eternal moment that never ends:  Guys, if you won't listen to God will you now listen to Solomon, we dispense w the king thing, ok?  Repeat w me and God The Good. 1 2 3 EVERYTHING IS FREEEEE (sic) 

Indeed.  Ciao 4 now earth angels of infinity.  Carry on Funseekers.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/8/21 SONG OF SOLOMON - HOLY BIBLE - KJV- FULL AudioBook | Greatest Audio Books

Thank You God The Good 4 Creating a companion to You Dear God, Fair & learned Solomon. <3 )

Now 8/8/21 Who wants to go to the movies? The Kingdom of Solomon - English Subtitle - full movie

Thank You God The Good who conceived scripted produced directed and acted in this great motion picture production w Your Great infinite Divine Love & Light that holds Everything together as One. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. <3 )


 Please note that a companion page to  this page is here with vital information.

such as this message.   Considered Humanity's Memo 4 Us All to 'Get,' Complete with Jesus' response... 

Did  the deal go down?

Now                                                                                                                                        12/23/18 

Happy mellow (cold 43* ) Sunday afternoon, friends. Hope all is well in Your world(s).

We recently came across a long forgotten cd of a reading we had on January 7th, 2009. It's no accident, of course, bc we all know there are no 'accidents,' just perfect 'momenting' timing for God's kids to hear this particular reading with Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers. We Thank God and Leslee Jo and 'The Keepers,' for this far flung production. limitless. Scribe asks Father, God is this sentence 'exactly' how You want it, as dictated? Paul, cast aside your concerns about how some people may think your ego is flexing here. You're good and you know it and bc of you and your blood, sweat and tears. Everyone Is going home ~ on wings of =agles. And So It Is.

 Thank You Father. <3 )

 Now.1/25/20 This is now shared here at the 'Share Hope 4 the kids' (really all of us) page, here...

Now.                                                                                                                                             8/29/16

This starsite is Now to be considered HisHer/Our i.e. Humanity's Starsite as the 'Companion Gods & Goddesses that we have risen to.

Who's got an Hallelujah?  Yes, Leonard, share it w us, please Bro..)

.Thank you  LeonardCohenVEVO for sharing on YT

Now 8/8/21 Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Live In London)

Thank You Leonard Cohen & Good Company. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Thank You Beloved fellow Creator God,  Leonard Cohen & Merry Band of  Beloved fellow Gods and Goddesses  

Thank You, again, Everyone's dear friend. <3  )

Now.   3/11/16

Greetings all and to those who came from His just completed Gazers 777 page welcome especially.

 Now.                                                                                                                                                    2.27.18  

May Interview: Robert Plant Talks About His Creative Obsession, 'Carry Fire' 

Thank you  Q1043 New York  for sharing on YT.

Now  8/8/21  But First, angel intervention time.

Who needs a good Hug?  EveryOne?  Of course, we Awl do.  Janis?  And it's Free, guys, like Everything else Good in life.  Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) 

Thank You Janis, Queen of Heaven & Earth & Awl the Ships at See. Now.  #Awlveilslifted. #AngelsInCharge  @Nothingis lost but found.

Thank You Janis, Queen of Heaven & Earth & Awl the Ships at See. Now. #Awlveilslifted. #AngelsInCharge @Nothingis lost but found.

Between God The Angels & Destiny Celeste /Seal Crystal Farili jagio Farili Triumphio Solomon Shane Paul Francis Brown & 'Hey You'  we Got it made in the sun fellow astronauts of inner, not to mention, outer space.  Billionnaires, so long, your 'wealth' can't buy you a candy bar anymore, in the new Now Love Is  Awl paradigm. Economies are history, now.  But we did make a promise to a few friends about a certain $10. relief program set up by some friends of ours so, check this out while money is still in use. TYVM. <3 ) (Coming soon) 

Now  8/9/21 1:54 a.m.   It's added now, see below & take advantage if you don't have $10. You can be Pif'd in.  

But first... 

Thank  You God 4 This Goodness 4 those who choose to receive it.  <3 ) ) )

Thank You God 4 This Goodness 4 those who choose to receive it. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/9//21 It's obvious this will take another page or 2 to complete my dear friends so here is contact info...

Here is P's contact info if you would like to get in touch w Correspondence, love letters & advice

Contact Info FYI:

Site host, other than God  )

Paul F Brown  

E mail:



You Tube:

Phone:        617-786-7647 (land line, no text) 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please.

Address:     353 Sea St  Apt 38

                   Quincy, Ma 02169

Note:  Twitter & FB are the only social networks we do. but feel free to share any good stuff you find here.

Thank you. <3 )

Now 8/9/21 3:33 a.m. The Best Documentary To Understand The Hippies

Thank You David Hoffman for sharing your talents of holding a mirror to God's works in progress. See us now and see we made it to Heaven's Portal to the Infinite w not a single soul lost. Praise God In Jesus Name. Thank You Mary The Angels & Awl God's Good Children. Awl where we're supposed to be w/o exception. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/9/21 3:55 a.m. Grateful Dead - Loser 7-7-89

Thank You The Grateful Dead & the 60,000 + Devotees in attendance & Awl Winners following the Jerry Train inc Sananda/Jesus/Jeshua/Yeshua et al & Yours Truly on BeWhole of God Who Is Good. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now  8/9/21  4:16 a.m.  Alright guys, this sweet moment is when we say that's enough for this page.  Rest assured, Good God willing there will be a new page starting 4 the rest of that leaky Google page:  w Robert Plant starting us off.  

Btw, that David Hoffman video about the hippies is hanging out at a former hippy's page, a   particularly leaky  Google page here.  Scroll to bottom, if led. And say Hey to Nanci as a interviiew with Albert & Allison Pierce on just said 'Hey'  Perfect verification  synchro, again Lol  )  Thank You angels. πŸ’”

P.s. Now  8/11/21  Just downloaded as Fb memories came down and take their timely place below..  Indeed, fokks, fellow starbursts.  God  The Good Gives us Christmas in August.  Accept or deny.  Our choice, People,  not the politicans or media. who have no clue what's really coming down on this planet Gratitude.  Your new Now name, Gaia. aka Vivienne, and so many othher names inc Your name 4 Her, Sonny & Daisy.   rec & fin.  Same beautiful day.  5:02 p.m. 

Paul, how many visitors here, over 105,000 have 'tipped the waiter?'  2 my friend.  Thank you Fred & Patricia for bread and egg money as per Dr Peebles statement in the Mr Toads reading.  TY anyone who wants to lend a hand. Paypal addy:  And our main email  TYVM πŸ˜Ž πŸ’” 😎

Now 8/11/21 3:33 p.m. RayLand Baxter - The Mtn Song

Thank You Rayland Baxter 4 being an angel & speaking, in song, (best) 4 the many rather than the few. See You & Awl yer friends & fans at Jubilee. We are in it Now, as everyone should know. Film if led: <3 ) ) )

Now 8/11/21 5:44 p.m. Hey Guys, What a coincidence, L@@k...

Hey Guys, What a coincidence, L@@k what just showed up as a FB memory. Who's coming to The Jerry Jubilee / Chriistmas in August Celebration? Awl invited. Someone wake up the Snewzzz media. They missed the story of the century til right now. And tho the govt has been investigating this Brown guy 4 months now, they are clueless. We are Awl Jerry Jillionnaires, my dear friends. Here hear it from The Man Himself. W Jim Law RIP Rocking In Paradise & Dr Peebles. & Guests Inc Jerry & surprise guests, if not heard b4.

See Slide Share here, if led. Scroll to bottom:

Main Portal: Original Share: Entrance 1 sweet TYVM Nod to Elvis & Company. Nice to see you here Ariies, you as Good Pisces & the friends in between.

Picture: Michael rep the Power & Glory of God.  Thank You Angels.  May You Aw l take a  Bow,  as Come on up 4 the rising plays on our synchro soundtrack radio station also we listen to  

Now  8/13/21 Coming in as the Share Page of  the Day is


Hope to see Ya's there.  <3 ) ) ) ) 

And they were & are always working, its play to them, doing God's will, like changing our plans 4 the Share Page of Day to the following.  Yep, Dan Fogelberg's Tribute Page will fill the bill 4 a wonderful Saturday 8/14/21 quite nicely.  Concur everybody?  Good.  No dissenters in our cosmic neighborhood& the angels  had everything to do w it, like practically escorting Dan & Co here:

So  here's url to get to the Dan Page of the Day Star site Tribute Page 4 our Angel Buddy.   Take It Away Dan & Band... <3 ) ) ) ) ) 

Now 8/13/21 10:00 p.m. Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank You Dan & Band. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/16/21 Alright folks this page is half way done..

This page is halfway done in transferring conent from:    to a page hopefully created tomorrow as this thread is long enough Thank You Very Much.

Meanwhile check  the brand new page created 4 the Share Page of the Day.  here's the url:    

Cheers, Cheerio Namaste & we'll catch you over there, if led.  πŸ™‚πŸ’”πŸ‘

Now 9/23/21 Initiation Video 4 the Faithful Far Flung Flock ready 4 the Eternal Adventure... Jerry Loves us. Be happy <3 ) ) )

Praise & Thank You God The Good Who Is Awlways w Her His Beloved Kids, no matter what. <3 ) ) )