Now 9/21/21 Greetings, Welcome & Hello fellow true companions to God The Good to this direct ext. page of Grab a cup, take yer shoes off & hope Ya's Have Fun here & rest of God's site. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/21/21 Good clean fun w Tommy Snyder, Ken Kesey, & some group called 'The Grateful Dead' interviews & songs...

1981-05-07 - "Tomorrow Show" w/ Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey 

Wikipedia on Tom: 

Just in:  Jesus through John: 

Guilt never serves you.
September 21, 2021 by John Smallman 

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P.s.  We welcome everyone moseying over here from:  Good to have you here.  Namaste.  

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  A FB Memory pic from 2019

Photo by Carol T  2013  Chelsea, Ma  Used here: (Click on tiny dot top right of the box at top) 

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Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen w a song over there. 4 us awl.  <3 ) 

Thank You God The Good & Doug & Circle of  <3 )

Thank You God The Good & Doug & Circle of <3 )

Now 9/22/21 Love Day Share Page of Day...

Greetings Awl Shared here 4 a more permanent record, as shared on Fb, FYI.

Hello Starbursts of The One. Share Page of The Love # 22 Day of the month is...   as shared here first,, as usual.  If like/Love Don't let it stop w you, share and it ripples to infinity and returns to you as its source and you get recognized & rewarded. Did you know that? The More you know... 😎🧐🤓

Hope Awl Have Good Day as God Who Is Good wants us to have. Thought for the moment. Is it time for spiritual leadership over political & religious leadership? Hmmm Relative to the discussion: How 'bout this from our future self channeled 26 years ago: As concurred by Jesus/ Sananda

Now 9/23/21 Cosmic Trigger Day Share Page 4 God's Kids

Hello & Greetings  Eternal Souls, As shared on Fb...

Hello Eternal Souls, as just heard this on a video when thinking how to address Ya's today. Ty Universe 4 another useful synchro. So Yeah, 'God given' (another one) souls on the ascension path. here's Share Page of Day 4 9/23/21 Greetings Fellow Kids of awl ages who just want to have Fun. Here's link to Share Page of Day:

As shared here first: Note Scroll down to Victor's Leap of Faith vid, that's the one that gave us the synchro's, if int.

Now 9/23/21 Initiation Video 4 the Faithful Far Flung Flock ready 4 the Eternal Adventure...

Thank You God The Good Who conceived, produced, directed and acted in this Far Flung Productions Limitless production. & related sharings: <0 )

Now 9/23/21 The Power Of The Spoken Word (Audiobook) by Florence Scovel Shinn (Read by Lila) *Book 4 of 4*

Thank You God for this choice over what we were going to share, and Ty Florence, in spirit ,&
Nevillution for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/23/21 Neville Goddard (his voice) "David Christ" Excerpts *Remastered*

Praise God The Good In Awl Of Us Living As Us. Ty Neville, in spiit & Nevillution for sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) ) Who is Neville: Goddard:

Now 9/24/21 Share Page of Day 4 a Friday. Celebration time, anyone?

Greetings Try to en- Joy this one guys. We know it's hard 4 some of you to have a good time, but just think, guys. We have awl eternity to work on it. Isn't that good new news?  Advice for a smile. Ready? Keep smiling, like Willie, he's pointing at You Grace. The human race. <3 ) ) ) 

First shared here:  And going here: Right where we are:   

Have a Good Friday, Let's put our invincible 'armor of God' given smiles on and we have no enemies, no fears or even trepidation. Everyone's our friend, even the scoundrels in Wash Dc quibbling over chump change of 3.5 trillion, like that's  too much horseshit for the American people at this time. Scribe can just imagine The Man, Jesus going in there like he did w the moneychangers in the temple & cleaning house & senate.  The Old mucky pucky folderol way of doing shit down here is Finished, people, human beings, immortal spiritual beings,  HELLO, Anyone home in (t)here? 

Here, Again,  That's us, coming thru Chapel Tibet 26 Years ago, folks.  We recognized our writing style right away.  Can any of you  see it, or feel it's vibrations.  And this always follows: 

 So, Yes folks, Indeed.   We got some songs 4 Ya's and a whole lot more to come in the perfect, magnificent future just arriving now in perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Ultimate Ultimate divine, moment- ing - timing.  We'll  see You on our next sharing.  Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste. <3 ) ) )   

Rec & fin  9/24/21  1:11 a.m.  Sea St. Quincy, Ma USA  Field  Infinity 'On our doorstep' fellow Kids.  <3 ) ) ) ) )  To Adventure 

Now 9/24/21 the-form-you-have-chosen-is-always-perfect-for-you

Wow, that didn't take long but it's perfect timing bc this Jesus Channeling thru John hits the mark & hits it out of the park.  Just listen, my dear friends, ok? 

So what we wrote in the just above section stands as record of how we were feeling at the moment, then we hear Jesus, The Godhead's words and we know we have a ways to go but the point was made 4 the time & place.  God Knows we gotta Gut the old ways of 'governing' our divine, incarnated souls, humans, spirits..  Ancient cultures listened to the wisest High Priests among them and did not have government by politicians.  '

We gotta do the same, & Jesus Is around, if not thru John alone, so what are we doing w a guy like Biden in the museum white house?  Let's finally wake up fellow spirits wearing these temporary 'body suits' that we love, but the light shimmering, crystalline bodies we awl have for each one of us in the wings, so to speak, blows these fleshly vehicles away.  We'll awl find out soon enough.  It Is Written. And So It Is. Indeed.  <3 ) 

Now 9/25/21 Sharing Share Page of Day on #25 Christ Day of The Month - Celebrate. <3 ) ) )

Its the Christ #25 Page of Day Sharing and here's what it is: God has chosen this particular page out of the vastness of pages on the 2 sites that scribe has been led to create and steward as best he can, since 2013 when he started this work. So, w/o further ado here's link to the page. Est travel time 2 shakes of a lambs tail or 2 blinks of an eye. Sorry 4 the delay. <3 ) ) ) Celebrate responsibly dear ones, you know, like it's not yer first time. Oh it is your first time? Then Really Celebrate responsibly & Be Xtra Grateful to God Who Is Really Really Good, Guys. TYVM Indeed. <3 ) ) ) 😎  TYVM 😎 💔 Shared first here:  See Ya's @ the campus, Keep smiling.& Shining.🙂 💔 

Now 9/25/21 Meet Paul Selig and don't look back, a metaphor 4 awl of us.

Paul Selig

September 23, 2021  7:00 p.m.

This was the opening lecture from my last intensive workshop, Radical Change. I hope it provides you with some valuable takeaways. If you're interested in participating in my next intensive workshop, Embodiment, it runs for 5 consecutive evenings, September 30th - October 4th.

Details and registration can be found here:

If you'd like a typewritten transcript of this lecture, you can download it here:

Ty Paul, TY 4 The Love & Lght, Bro.  <3 ) ) ) 

Congrata Everone on Our New Now Name:  FREE.  Ty Paul S  <3 ) ) )

Congrata Everone on Our New Now Name: FREE. Ty Paul S <3 ) ) )

Now 9/26/21 A Share Page of Day 4 a Sunday Homecoming...

Greetings & Welcome Home Star Light Beings. As the previous Share page invited us, here we are & here's link to get us awl to Share Page of Day, brought to us Awl by God Who Is Good. 💔    As shared here, first:   And now here on this main thread.   (You're here)

Follow the music, folks, it will never leave us adrift.

Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste.  😎 😎 😎  💔💔💔

Now 9/26/21 USE THIS FORMULA To Manifest Anything You Want TODAY! | Joe Dispenza & Aubrey Marcus

Thank You Aubrey & Joe. Good stuff. <3 ) ) ) You know, guys these videos are like 'tip of iceberg' sharings. Go to these people's channels, sites & see way more amazing content. Namaste. <3 )

Now 9/26/21 Our Welcome Home Vanguard Is Starting, Folks, Hey Robert & Jerry ( HUG ) ) )

2 years ago.

Paul F Brown,

September 26 2019

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 We have more good reason to invite everyone to the jubilee, humanity, as we get set 2 rise and shine. Get in 'alignment' no lines and be joyful. That's higher than happy, case you didn't know. #Themoreweknow #Godlovesus. Catch Ya's later... ) Keep smiling )  Shared here:   and here:  💔 😎

Now 9/26/21 A Message 4 perfect beings to take to heart. <3 )

Circle of Light Spiritual Center

September 13, 2021


Everywhere you are, I Am also, one life revealing itself in its diversity, the perfect expression of which is you. As you feel this vibration of perfect life that is ever pulsing forth, let this become that by which you attune yourself before ever stepping forth into your life each Now. Every moment you are the Light of God revealed and the heart of Love moving in the world.

Once you accept this Love and your perfection and allow it to become an endlessly present experience, then as the eternal moment reveals itself as daily life it will gather around you the images of a perfect world and a glorious experience of life.

Ty Doug & Circle oF Light 

Now 9/27/21 Share Page of Day Checks in w BOC...

Here's Share Page of Day, kids.

Say 'Hey' to Blue Oyster Cult, Guys & be nourished w 'State of The Art' BOC Music.

As shared here first:   😎

And now here and on to Fb   😎

-- And, don't forget, guys, tell 'em Wayne.  We suggest one word upgrade. 'situations' over problems; God has no problems & we don't either, brothers & sisters since we Are God experiencing God's experience in us as us.  So, be good to yourself You.  You're Amazing  & a Winner, like Awlof us in the Winners Circle.  Capiche Lucky & Daisy?  Good. Take it away, Wayne & Ty 4 coming down here & being You, Bro.  See You & Everyone Soon.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) )  Rec & fin 9/27/21  2:02 a.m. 

WAYNE DYER NIGHT MEDITATION -Listen for 21 nights to reprogram your subconscious

Thank You God The Good & Wayne. Good work, everyone's friend & buddy. You are finished down here, Bro. 'Congrats to You & Awl of us pure spirits.' What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) ) To High Adventure... ) In eternal Gratitude to God, Father Mother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS and then some, In Jesus Name & Mary, Universal Mother of us awl. Holy Spirit Who lives in us & everything as Love. Indeed. <3 )

Now 9/28/21 Share Page of Day launches. Awl aboard?

Greetings Grace The Human Race, How Y'awl doing tonight?  Good, glad to hear that.  Ok, here's link to the Share Page of Day on the launch pad, actually, already lifted off.  If Like/Love Be Sure to Share so Your franchiise area of the infinite lights up and is not a dark place in the cosmic sea.  Hope Ya's Have Fun over there. 

As shared here first:     <3 ) ) ) 

Pic:  The Good Ship Infinity leaving the building.  <3 )


Thank You God The Good, Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now Share Page of Day 4 a Wednesday...

Share Page of Day is:  If like/Love dear one, can you think of someone that may benefit from some of the good stuff on this page? And if that person chooses to pass it on and so on, that's whet is termed a 'viral' action and this Is good bc this stuff Has to get out there to the souls who don't even know they are souls.

Some actually think they're just a member of a political or religious party. Truth is we are Awl, w/o exception,  'Sparks' - mirrors, of The Divine. Peace Love Light Joy etc etc... Shared here, first:  And here: (You;re here.)

Now 9/29/21 7:22 a.m. Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video)

Thank You God The Good Who Does It Awl & Collective Soul & Awl Friends & Fans of CS ~ Everyone. Cheers Cheerio & Namaste. & 'Toin It uP' Nod to Lynyrd Skynyrd & Sammy Hagar & Eddie RIP Rockin' In Paradise w Everyone on the other side playing an important part in Jerry's 'Grateful Living' Band. Nice work Bro, Very Nice indeed, even Good. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/30/21 12/02 a.m. Share Page of a brand New DayThank God The Good...

Greetings Children of God,  We got a memory on Fb amd as synchronicity will have it, it's a picture which is at the top of this perfect Page 4 This Day.  So here's the url: Behold:   As shhared here first.  

Have Fun over there where Hope Lives.  Thank You God The Good 4 The Hope. Thank You Jesus Sananda & Mary of Universal Infinite divinely perfect Mind of God Who Is Good. & who's spirit lives & breathes & has it being* in us As us.  You're awl looking quite marvelous & handsome ladies & gentlemen.  Congrats Hope to see Ya's soon.  <3 ) ) ) 

And So It Is.  What It Is.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) ) 

* Word heard on video as we typed that word.  Here's that video link. Fyi: 

The Struggle for Love – Timothy Keller [Sermon]  13:51  TYVM God & Timothy & Everyone receiving this knowledge.  Blessings 4 us Awl In Jesus Name.  Indeed.  See Ya's  at Mary's place.  Oh, we're already here. Never mind.  <3 )  Nod to The Boss ~ Bruce & Company ~  Awl of us.  Keep smiling & Shining Grace*  (another synchro:  41:59  There you go again, God. Yes, my dear friends, literally.  <3 )  

Now 12/19/21 Fresh Garbage - Spirit

Thank You Spirit and San Francisco Sound. <3 ) ) ) Restoring to a page where we Know we saw this with Angie at the top. #Messingwus) <3 )