Now 5/11/21 Welcome Family of Light to the 'Near to the Infinite' page. TY 4 being here. <3 )

Now  Time to think Big.  Universally Big as we approach the infinite, Sons & Daughters of The One.  <3 )

Now Time to think Big. Universally Big as we approach the infinite, Sons & Daughters of The One. <3 )

Now May, 2021 Coming up to speed w Marie & Shane...

 Greetings & Welcome weary, peppy or just average travelers to this humble page brought to us awl by Source God Creator  ALL THAT IS ~ Great I AM That I AM  Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The One.   

Admission 1 smile and recomendation to lend a hand to feed the starving orphans in Africa. Crisis mode right now today.  Thank you.  

This memory shared on Fb  Also see us on Twitter:   If int.  )

Alright Guys, who can say 'Divine Timing?' Look (clear seeing ) It's Marie, our beloved wondrous glorioua loving joyful lucky fun happy harmonious kind & Grateful Mother in our last rodeo together that Paul/ Shane is still living in down here on sandbox schoolhouse earth where the bullies are being shown the exit doors and Sanity is being restored w Love being the wherewithal to solve the Earth's situations. Correct, Marie, our partner in the crime of Ultimate Love in the first degree?. ❤ )

See You in Heaven, Marie, oh, we''re already here, tho ground level. Correct Ashtar? 'Don't be a stranger, Bro.' (He loves that one. ) Love is Not a problem, never was, never will be.   w High 5 & Ty to Michael Ellegion, 'the human telephone wire.'

Think on this, please, guys...A man who has thousands of apple orchards w milions of apple trees w a kajillion apples does Not need or want our toilet paper to buy some apples, dear ones. He Gives them to us like God gives us the suns moons stars galaxies smiles on everyone's faces when he that actually takes Jesus' words to ❤ 'Things I do you will do and even more' Folks, Jesus wasn't talking about one man.  He was talking about Awl of us who can and will and Have done already, together, like in a Coalition that incldes Everyone in all 12 tribes of the zodiac

Who could be left out of a group that includes everyone on a small planet for Peace Love Light Joy Luck Fun Laughter Harmony Happiness Adventure Kind Grateful Club  C'mon people time to let our light shine. All the 'goods' are here.   Shine on Shiney's ❤ ) ) ) 😎

What's that Source? Of course our Infinite Creator. Play it again Sam: and again.   W Cosmic Sananda response:   

Lo & behold, guys, Now 26 years in incubation. Paul read this back in 1995 and knew this was him, his future self talking thru  Chapel Tibet. We are the only person on the planet, to our knowledge, keeping this transmission thru the late, great Connecting Link magazine, alive & vital bc it's time has finally arrived for mainstream consideration & sharing is NOW. Right Marie? 😍 & Awl Marie's friends & buddies upstairs. 🥰

And as long as we're sharing ultimate good stuff, we must share this where we have shared our     Guys, we're just getting started but you know what?  We and you & everyone need fuel in the form of song, so w Marie's suggestion here:  w TY's to James Law, Intuitive consultant extraordinaire, and Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper' to some awesome surprise guests.  So, Cat - Yusuf, take it away, Bro. & Company. Thank you  <3  )  

P.s.  If you would like to share this page, a url is:

Please do yourself a favour & create some good cosmic ripples of your own.  Only good can come out of sharing God's 'good stuff' as funneled here from Source.  Rememmber, folks Love is the only thing that matters and the only thing that really exists. It is who and what we are in our core, innate essence selves Now & 4 ever in the eternal Now.  And So It Is.  <3 )

Now 5/22/21 Just sharing on the Love day of the Mary month of May. <3

Marie Lucile, Mom, Our partner in the crime of infinite Love. Thank you Marie 4 always being w us like the angel you are. Just think guys, we can awl be angels to each other every moment, even w a simple Try it, you might like it.

As first shared on Fb.   

May is Mary month 

And see subsequent links at bottom of page, if led. 


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven This also shared here: (Copy & paste)

Now 5/23/21 Musical Rapture ~ a healing gift for humanity ~ Frederic Delarue channeling Joao Cota-Robles

Thank You Joao, Frederic & Patricia & Company of Heaven. 4 everything you do. <3 )

Now 5/23/21 SOULSPEAKS 5D: Patricia Cota-Robles

Thank You Patricia & Todd. <3 )


Thank You Patricia & The Company of Heaven. <3 )

Now 5/16/21 Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman Live 1971

Thank You Cat ~ Yusuf & Company inc Appreciative Audience, awl of us. <3 )

Now 5/16/21 can there ever be a sweeter moment in time & space that this day to 'Rock in' the ever expansive time of Freedom 4 Awl God's kids than Now? We doubt it. )

Greetings Gentle Reader.  This began as a simple reply to one of the literal hundreds of 'Hi, how you doing today?'  Start a conversation that he simply can not do, not w this volume averaging 10 new friends a day and they all want to chat & there are peeps 300 peeps down we never got to, that's why we do the ''Open Letters' like this one. re questions scribe gets on FB every day. in particular w  the famine situation in African countries where orphanages full of starving kids are not getting the food, water, medicine & educational materials they need to survive. 

The givers are very few, in fact, many ministries, orphanages depend on only one, maybe two, if lucky, givers to support them. Covid has cost many of these orphanages to lose those who so faithfully gave to them. 

Local governments don't care,  They have their priority of having their plenty of toilet paper, the 'Now age' term for money, as shared here (Scroll 1/3 way down where it starts to get a little smelly.  Like the doctors & the hospitals Must have their tp before they will look at a patient.  That's just the way it is TP Is All the SHHIITT.  No Toilet paper, No treatment, sorry, bye, there's the door.  This is what's happening, people. 

Does the snooze newzzz media report on it?  When was the last time you saw anything about the starving kids in Africa?  Anyone?

So, the question in their opening was 'What happened?;  And our response which we hope will serve all the  hundreds of people reading this & more if it can go viral is:  The money got donated,  spent and nothing's coming in and that's that. Unless someone else on the planet wants to lend a hand, anyone?   Waiting and working on some miracles while trying to avoid scammers. That's it right now. and all we, speaking as the multi-dimensional 'light' being wearing his 72 year old 'body suit' w challenges being from our real far flung cosmic neighborhood. can tell you and the other 200 people inquiring is:

To Be Continued in The next section...

Now To Be Continued w care...

#1 Keep the Faith. Life Will have a happy ending esp when God Knows God wants Everything Free! Ok silly human race?  When we actually have leaders who care about God's Will first b4 any political, religious or corporate agenda for us, then we will have freedom & justice & liberty for all once and for all. We're all created equal and that's where we stand in God's eyes, dear ones.  We Are One.  Divided we fall.  It's well past time we got a whole lotta love in action going again on the Rock n Roll 'Plant it'  Aka Terra Christa Gaia Beautiful Love Joy or whatever one's personal preference is for  a name for Mother Earth. The planet volunteer who loves us so much and who we all love or should and definitely respect more in big ways & small. 

Would You want to be drilled if you were a planet, your innate riches & wealth plundered for toilet paper profit for the so called richbut who really in the real reality, are among the poorest of us all.  Gaia is not your ashtray smokers. Ok?  And let's clean up after ourselves,  can we do that people?  For crying out loud?  TYVM  Everyone who's followed our distortions for a while knows our persona fave for Her is 'Vivienne' as  we call our computer and when we finally get a new, free car bc Everything is Free we, we guarantee, her name Is 'Vivienne.'  Just a little sharing w you guys. 

Yep, like the Billy Joel, song we all came down together, and guess what, fellow kids, we can all go back together, as one.  We Are Team Oneness  Our scripts pre-written.  Like, really people, you think it was some random coincidence that Jimmy Page & Robert Plant w John Paul Jones and some guy named John 'Bonzo' Bonham would just somehow bump into each other and conquer the  world w their Godly music?  

Now, the only way we can all be Free is when we, as one higher consciousness, by at least 51% calmly, sanely, rationally w compassion & dignity for all eliminate the need to exchange toilet paper,Bill Gates' favourite thing.for our goods and services. See our pinned post on Fb. and if led, help spread the word by making it Your pinned post. TYVM.

Yes, it's a tough script, movie we're in guys, esp for the starving orphans, but we did all agree to come down here to this cosmic theatre bootcamp schoolhouse learning place of blood, sweat & tears and, yes, occasional Joy, when we volunteered and we were the selected ones out of countless volunteer spirits  If you're reading this now, God bless you, indeed, you were chosen to go  thru what you're going thru as an 'experiencer' for God.and you're doing a marvelous job my dear friend(s) for as God knows and Eben Alexander found out & teaches, we can do no wrong.  It's really, ok, guys, everything is alright and God has known forever, everything will be alright.  And So It Is.

So, as we  were saying, it's not just our movie, my dear friends, it's also all our friend's movies as well that we're in, we're all in each other's movies, everyone, right? Of course, weir all friends in Heaven, for crying out loud, (Scribe threw that one in for Ashtar ) tho in editing scribe used it above, for Lol )  ) movie parts in this Grande Tapestry w us while the 'lucky' ones get to watch from the cosmic 'peanut gallery.) parte playing simultaneosly in the large & colorful tapestry of all our fellow light beings in disguise and walking around as they got the nod to be  allowed to come down to this dense, sometimes jungle level of existense where these harsh learning experiences can manifest and we are the actors reacting to what's on our path. Does this make sense to anyone? 

So, we play our parts in our well thought out roles we chose pre-birth. It Is a tough movie but we all, as one, can make it one that has a happy ending. Just Think Free, Free Free. We Are Free as the wind, fellow immortal spiritual beings struggling to get by in the challenging material world where Love is the Ultimate Victor fellow Freebirds. Awl we gotta do is bring it forth to the masses.

If only God sent someone down here w the will & desire to help others, you know like Jesus, who said 'You will do what I did and even more.' Yeah, that's it, someone who could dictate a message like this to a channel named Chapel Tibet 26 years ago & has been in incubation, basically since its transmission in 1995 from a certain spirit's future self who may be typing this message as he watches it flow out off the keyboard onto the screen & out to the world. Yes, Peebles, Dr Peebles is envious, in a good way, and Ashtar is happy for our progress both spiritually as well as technologically, So Now, maybe the world Is finallly in a place where these words can have some impact and for the many now, not just for the few.   

Always w Sananda.Jesus/Yeshua's response. 

What's that Ashtar? Of course my dear friend. This reading w 'Michael Ellegion, the human 'telephone wire' was made for these times at the far end of the mercifully ending experiment.  And wait a sec, guys as long as we're putting all of eggs in one basket, How 'bout Mr Toads wild ride  w James & James w special surprise guestss however we must say that having Marie (Mom) start it off & w some good Cat/ Yusuf music was/is the best. In wrapping up we can not forget this one w reader of the Akashic Records (Ret) and now Drummer, Leslee Jo Klinsky,, as shared here:

& a lot of other good stuff is hanging out w rainbows, magical people & unicorns. Admission 1 😎

Now 5/16/21 Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live from Celebration Day) (Official Video)

Thank You Led Zeppelin & Appreciative Audience of us awl. RIP John 'Bonzo; Bonham. Rockin' In Paradise.

Now 5/16/21 Rep the ever budding romance of the spheres: Stevie Nicks Tom Petty Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Official Music Video)

Thank You Stevie & Tom & Heartbreakers, and Awl us in Appreciative Audience. Hey kids, who wants to Rock on 4 ever? Sound like a plan, anyone?. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/16/21 We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters

Thank You Karen & Richard & Carpenters Indeed, we're at a new beginning, Team. Celebrate like it's not our first time bc it isn't, but it is 'The Best." Rec & fin above sweet date; 3:22 p.m. <3 )

Now 5/16/21 Commodores - Sail On

Thank You Lionel & Commodoes. Teaching us how to fly on wings of sound. Sound Good. <3 )

Now 5/16/21 The Year Of The Cat-Live /Al Stewart/ Album (The Best Of Al Stewart) (1976)

Thank You Al Stewart & Crew 4 You Marie, came on at last possible second as we were going 4 the following song. Of course purrfect momenting. <3 )

Now 5/16/21 Emerson, Lake & Palmer ~ From the Beginning (1972)

Thank You Keith, Greg & Carl Emerson Lake & Palmer. RIP Keith & Greg. Rockin' In Paradise. <3 )

Now 6/10/21 Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do (Live in Detroit) (replacement)

Thank You Peter; what the heck happened to you? Lol, no seriously, you look and sound Great, Bro. Ty for being a wonderful example 4 the rest of us & keep Rockin' 4 ever. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/16/21 Grateful Dead - Truckin' Up to Buffalo (Live at Orchard Park, NY 7/4/89) [Full Concert]

Thank You The Grateful Dead, the Group & The Gratefull Living ~ Awl of us, bc Everyone knows there is no death, huh Jerry? <3 ) ) )

Who me God?   In other words driver, get a free, bc everything is free, motor vehicle & take us home.  Photo by Carol T many years ago.  Chelsea, Ma.

Who me God? In other words driver, get a free, bc everything is free, motor vehicle & take us home. Photo by Carol T many years ago. Chelsea, Ma.

Now 5/19/21 "Mastering the Art of Manifesting" Wayne Dyer at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

Thank You Wayne. <3 ) This was placed here by spirit action. Scribe napping as the following video w Jean Hausheer M.D. was playing and flowing into this one w Wayne talking and we hear on waking infinite this infinite infinity that, we knew where this was meant to be. And So It Is. ) Subsequent listens do not lead to Wayne's talk. God bless you Wayne & Awl your friends. Who does that leave out? No one. <3 )

Now 10/20/21 Jean's Journey into the Light (replacement)

Thank You Lee Witting & Jean Hausheer M.D. Good stuff. <3 ) ) Nw 10/20/21 (When we came to this video there were exactly 444 tbumbs up. We are the 445 th person, Ty angels 4 your guidance and Love. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 5/22/21 It's Already Happening But People Don't See It - Alan Watts on What Is

Thank You Alan Watt and T&H - Inspiration & Motivation. <3 )

Now 5/22/21 What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts

Thank You Alan Watt and T&H - Inspiration & Motivation. <3 )

Now 4/23/21 Paul F Brown shared a memory....

From Fb where sharing a <3 is like getting a root canal for some people.:  

Go ahead thumbs uppers, give Jerry a thumbs up instead of the ❤ this deserves.  😎 

And look fellow Creators, we could have the Best eternal currency temed love.  We just wave this as proxy 4 Free! Weir Awl Jerry Infinityaires. Who's in?   Ok we got the Grateful Dead & The Grateful Living.  Who does that leave out?  No one, ny dear friends. Correct Marie?

The Sstatement remains the same.  <3 )

The Sstatement remains the same. <3 )

Now 5/24 Happy 80th Bob. Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed

Thank You God & everyone else who contributed to this Excellent song & video. <3 )

Now 6/3/21 Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Aimee & 'Til Tuesday. <3 ) ) )


Thank you Patricia & The Company of Heaven. <3 )

Now 6/1/21 There Has Never Been An Opportunity Like This | David Icke 2021

Thank you David Icke. Freedom Now. <3 )

Now 6/1/21 The thread has gone beyond near, it will resume in The Now.

Indeed, we like to keep the threads of these pages manageable and so they don't load too slow so on this day we say we can end this now.  June is here and something tells us  we can expect good things to Blossom m this fragrant month..

Thank You Mary for shepherding us through the Mary month of May. ending w this page. 

Maintenance man will be on the case, he says.  )

And also a Big Shout Out & Hello to Diane, sister to Paul in our last rodeo that Paul is still in the saddle with. Hey Diane. Miss Popularity over there as she was down here. Must be that happy smile. ) 

Thank You & God bless Diane, never stop smiling.  <3 )

Another thing in closing this page my dear friends.  At or near the beginning of each month we are led to remind that Every month is suicide prevention month.  We direct our friends, everyone no matter what you look like, affiliation be it religious, political or nationalistic, we are Awl One, under the skin of many colors.  So go and see the great video by collective soul and see all the other good stuff hanging out here, if led. 

Another place is for contact info, readings that benefit all w people we knew down here., good stuff, page links, even a donate button, yeah, that thing w cobwebs on it.  Can be used as fast track to get food & other necessities to the orphans who are starving in African countries.  Tyvm to All givers, your good ''love in action' will ''ripple' out to infinity.  Oh, if people only knew the heavenly rewards ofgiving, without measure, gives in return, oh we've fallen into a song.  Thank You Moody Blues.  <3 )  But seriously, folks.  Try it, you'll love it.  And isn't Love what we;re down here to practice, aka helping each other?  And So It Is.  <3 )

So let's go out w a angel of the highest musical chops and her equals in that regard.  Will you welcome Please.  Loreena McKennitt & her merry companions.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 6/1/21 The Bonny Swans Loreena McKennitt

Thank You Loreena and Company of angels on earth, awl of us, guys. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 6/3/21 Loverboy - Turn Me Loose (Video)

Thank You Loverboy. <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now 6/3/21 Tom Rush Tin Angel (2008 Remaster)

Thank You Little Tommy Rush from New Hampshire. <3 ) ) )

Now 6/3/21 Frank Sinatra - My Way (Live At Madison Square Garden, New York City / 1974 / 2019 Edit)

Thank You Frank. 'Chaiman of The Board.' <3 ) ) ) This is here after being restored here: (Copy/paste)

Now 6/3/21 THE YOUNGBLOODS Let´s get together 1967 Chet Powers´s song

Thank You Youngbloods & Woodstock Nation. <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
See Ya's around the next bend... <3 ) ) )

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us,” ~ quote by Alexander Graham Bell. Photo #22 by Justin Taylor  To Be Continued In The Now eternal present... This site is a Far Flung Production Limitless.  In humble service to the Will of God.  And So It Is.  

So where to now, we belive the driver of this page may have a clue. right Paul?  Done.  Url is: