Greetings & Welcome infinite immortal spiritual light being spirit souls to this Free 'High way Home 444' page awl prepared for those of faith courage & Gratitude <3 )

Look Kids.  Lo & Behold...  A Free High way to the infinite... <3 )

Look Kids. Lo & Behold... A Free High way to the infinite... <3 )

We welcome our friends arriving here from this just previous blog page: 

Glad you could make it over here and hope the click commute wasn't too strenuous for ya's.  😎  💔

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Picture:  It's 'Blue Sky'  hold the mr. Your happy humble host, w friends, to this page et al. started here, if int: (copy & paste if doesn't connect)  

Credentiials (some)   You coming w us Lucky & Daisy?   Hope so.  <3 )>

Now   2/22/22  3:44 p.m.God sent a vehicle called music around 4 us guys, driven by 4 'ringers' and many other 'ringers like You , in your own unique way, Lucky & Daisy.  Congrats.  We ARE Awl Home ~ Free In God's infinite Love. Now.  And so It Is.   😎  💔

Now 2/21/22 Your ANGELS Aren't Ignoring You -- What They're Really Up To! Michael Sandler

Thank You Michael and the angels of Inspire Nation. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 2/22/22 To Get To Heaven I Had To Go Through Hell— Peter Panagore Tells All! "Heaven Is Beautiful!"

Thank You Peter & Michael Inspire Nation <3 ) ) )

Now 2/23/22 The Veil is Thin Between This World and the Next

Thank You Cheryl & Afterlife Evidence - International Foundation for Survival Research <3 ) ) )

Now 2/23/22 NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE: NDE. 'I’m Home!' Beyond the Veil & Surviving Cancer with Rev. David Maginley

Thank Yoou David & Luisa Passion Harvest <3 ) ) )

Now 2/23/22 (23 being the 'Cosmic Trigger' day of the month) Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare For The Common Man

Thank You Keith Greg & Carl ELP <3 ) ) ) Last night we switched on to just in time to hear 3 notes of this song and we said 'Thank You Uni-verse' for the song to usher in this Free Higher Way humble blog 4 awl of us on the way back to from where we came. And So It is. <3 0 )

Now 2/23/22 Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air

Thank You Thunderclap Newman, Pete Townshend's brainchild.  Yep, the revolution of God Consciousness is In us as sure as Jesus Christ Is Real.  Time to put aside our wayward 'beliefs' & Start KNOWING, my dear friends.  KNOW GOD IS & HerHis divine infinite Love Is Awl  that exists & leaves Everything else, like money, politics, nationalism and petty territorial squabbles in the dust. 

Read the memo, people, God the Good Says:  Again & Again:    W Jesus response, once again,   And, responsible ones, who wants to hear that reading w large Thank You's to Ashtar and Michael Ellegion: 

Of course, there must be a 3rd song, so what shall it be?  Yes, you Who  Always has his hand up.  What say you, in a song, everyone's dear brother?  Play it Pete... )

Now 2/23/22 Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door - 8/7/1993 - Brooklyn Academy of Music (Official)

Thank you Pete & Company. nice work Sonny. <3 0 ) )

Now 2/23/22 Knowledge About Near Death Experiences Can Prepare Us for Life & Death- Chaplain Maginley (IANDS)

Thank You David and IANDSvideos <3 ) ) )

Now 2/24/22 From Michael Ellegion & Celeste: A New Documentary Film, Recent Interviews, Celeste Manifested a Water Droplet Commemorating the Canadian Trucker Convoy, etc.:

A very informative and excellent Documentary Film was recently released a couple weeks ago, titled “The Liberation of Earth-FULL DISCLOSURE, Documentary 2022”, which was produced by Salim Boullali. What is significant about this film, is that he used many segments from my earlier Interview with Nyla Nguyen on Jan. 18th, of me Channeling Ashtar, which Verified much of his own Intel sources that he had already recorded for use throughout the film:

 Here is also the link to view Nyla Nguyen’s complete Interview with me on Jan. 18, 2022 (with includes my Channeling of both Ashtar and Celeste):

 Then, on Feb. 12th, Salim Boullali also did an Interview with me, which included many of these topics that were covered during our Interview: The Guardians, Intergalactic Love, Star People talk, our Cosmic Life, the New Jerusalem Crew, Starseeds targeted, Earth Liberation, etc.:

On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th, the newly formed “Single Anons”, interviewed me about my multi-dimensional Unconditional Romantic Relationship with Celeste, and we also covered a huge number of other topics during the Interview. 

Single Anons is a new Patriot Dating site for like-minded Single Patriots who are passionate about Freedom, Liberty and Love. Here is the link to be able to view all three parts of the Interview:

These and my earlier Interviews are all listed in the Media Interview section of Celeste’s & my website,, where one can also order copies of Celeste’s & my book,

Celeste & I are also now working on her & my 2nd book together, which is scheduled to be published later this year, titled, Cosmic Love Notes from my Beloved, Valentine Heart Shaped Water Droplets Manifested by my Cosmic True Love, Celeste. (I have photographed literally hundreds of these awesome Valentine Heart shaped Water Droplets that Celeste energetically manifested for me in my kitchen sink over the past couple years, along with many other shaped water droplets, of various animals and “symbols”, [such as a “maple leaf”, which Celeste told me specifically was in reference to the symbol that is on the Canadian national flag, which is commemorating the Canadian Trucker Liberation convoy and the Truck Convoys all over the world that are helping to Free up Earth’s humanity from the cabal deep state])

Many Blessings,


Michael Ellegion & Celeste 

Thank You Michael & Celeste  More of the story:  💔 💔

Now 2/24/22 An Open Letter to our new and old friends on Fb & Social media. Hello, Greetings and Ty for the friend.

Dear Ones,  

Due to the sheer volume of people chatting us up, we are unable to respond personally; in other words, we Don't chit chat, ok? God KNOWS and is More aware of your particular situation than You are. SheHe Know what's around the next bend and It's alright. We are alive and good living in God's 'happy ending' - made for the growth of HisHer wondrous, glorious, loving & learning children born of the infinite Love & Light of Source Absolute I AM THAT I AM ALL THAT IS The Infinite The One Good God Creator and Then Some!

We accept every friend request, at least 10 a day, added to the 2.2 K current Fb friends. We are doing best we can w aan excruciatingly slow computer that goes unresponsive every 20 seconds and we have to click a 'wait' button, we have No money and no bank account right now.  S so all asking for money, from this 73 years young retiree on Social In- Security we don't have that to give, ok?  And food, clothes, books, supplies etc we also can't provide bc, last time we checked, money is still needed for that, even though God says: "Everything Is FREE" Disclosed here, if int:   

This site is all about the on-going, can't be stopped or denied Revolution of consciousness, yet the people still think of themselves according to political party affiliation and follow the dictates of elected officials like lemmings.  Just look at the nightmare occurring in Ukraine & Russia.  One insane  man, in power, who should be arrested for crimes against humanity, is allowed to drag down 2 countries, his own & the target of his craziness.  SMH. (

You need Bibles? Search  and you can listen to it there; e.g.  Awl invited to take the eternal Fun course curriculum w latest blog page here: (You're here) TYVM & Namaste.

Picture:  If only God could provide a way for HisHer bright children to communicate in a way where we could awl get a message, maybe in song, instantly and be as One on the same page.  <3 )>

Now 2/24/22 Led Zeppelin - KASHMIR

Thank You Jimmy Robert John Paul & John 'Bonzo'  Led Zeppelin for creating the Greatest song ever recorded, hands down.  Ty to heartoftherose for the amazing art & sharing on Yt. (See comments) 'Shout Out' to Jason ~ keeping the magic alive w Sammy & The Circle.  <3 )>

Thank You Professor of Rock, Adam, for the history lesson re this Masterpiece bridging dimensions. 😎  💔

Now 2/24/22 Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live from Celebration Day) (Official Video)

Thank You Jimmy Robert John Paul & Jason RIP John 'Bonzo' Rockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) ) ) )
Isn't Every Day 'Celebration Day' Peeps? And So It Should Be. IOHO. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/24/22 Fly Like An Eagle · By Steve Miller Band (Official Music Video)

Thank You Steve Steve Miller Band. We Can do this ~ Together, folks. So let's, Deal? <3 ) ) )

Now 2/24/22 Before You Were Born, YOUR SOUL Experienced This! - And It Shaped Your Entire Life | Michael Sandler

Thank You God The Good & Souls Spirits Angels & Michael Inspire Nation. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 2/24/22 He Died Suddenly and Met GOD. Angels Healed Him & Sent Him Back With These Gifts! David Ditchfield

Thank You David & Michael Inspire Nation <3 ) ) )

Now 2/25/22 NEO Retreat: Everything Has Changed with Patricia Diane Cota- Robles

Thank You Patricia & Chara New Earth One Network <3 ) ) )

Now 2/25/22 Divine Mother - The Great Reboot

Thank You Divine Mother ` Jennifer & New Earth. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/25/22 Disregard fear and move forwards – Lovewards! by John Smallman 

Thank You Saul and John  <3 )>

Now  Same day  4:16 sweet angel moment 4 real.  How many saw the Above Divine Mother share with the 'wrong' link for a few minutes?  Yeah, it was link to the following which is about to be shared permanently or as long as this page remains viable on this physical platform, but always in the Akashic records. above.

So, here  iit is w a very timely & compelling story when we were awl presented with this scenario solution to the situation on plant it earth aka the ok corral bc we were assured by god the Good that it would play like a movie w each of us ''sparks' of HimHer w a leadinng role o play, i.e.  that is the role of us, you and me and the deep blues sea, beloveds in ALL THAT IS.  Watch the film,  now, if led, rockers.  😎 💔

P.s. * From this * to this 💔 we ask our self & w the pendulum if there's anything we should 'fix' other than the way it came out and we feel, no, bro, it's good that way, and pendulum concurred w a 7 inch arc.  and then some.  So we leave it alone and move on doown the infinite joy high way to heaven ~ 'Plant it' Rock & Roll Earth version.  Rock on 'infinites of The One.'  And So It Is.  Indeed.  💔  

Now 2/25/22 Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979)

Thank You Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Robert John Paul & John 'Bonzo' Shout out to Jason in the 'Cosmic Wings' so to speak. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 2/25/22 The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line (Official Video)

Like Christmas in February ~ Happy Birthday in Heaven George w Roy & Tom!

Thank You George Jeff Bob Tom & Roy The Traveling Wilburys & Company of friends, i.e. like awl of us 'passengers' passing thru to higher realms of the infinite. And So It Is. <3 )>
Awl Aboard! The Good Times Express===== <>

P.s. See on Yt w our comment leading to a place like Christmas in August. What a coincidence. ) 
& 4 further hope:  And where it officially got started   After here:

Where we got a song that still resonates to our collective situation.  Karen & Carpenters... Take it away, again, Please.  And Thank You. <4 )>

Now 2/25/22 Carpenters -We've Only Just Begun

Thank You Karen & Richard & Carpenters <3 ) ) ) )

Now 2/26/22 Veteran Dies - What Did God Tell Him? - Ep. 14

Thank You God and Brian & Randy Kay <3 ) ) )

Something about this calls 4 a Moody Blues song right about here, my dear friends... <3 )

Something about this calls 4 a Moody Blues song right about here, my dear friends... <3 )

Now 2/26/22 The Moody Blues - I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)

Thank You The Moody Blues  <3 0 ) )� so much more moodies @ here, like:>  and for New Horizons: 

we wish to thank Michael AA & The Angels 4 awl Your infinite help & support, Dear Ones: 

we must recognize and salute our beautiful Diane, our sister in this last rodeo we are still rockin' in:    

Picture:  Someone who is not a singer in a Rock 'n Roll Band, who Loves the music of all genres, and has some clues about it's role in the ascension of humanity, i.e.  Everything Is God & God Is Good & we are awl part of God's infinitee Goodness, Team Oneness, kids.  Like it or not, we are awl in this movie together.  Tell 'em Jerry:     

And click on any other page as spirit will guide you to where you're supposed to be, perhaps beginning with the essentials:  And speaking of essentials, where would we be if not 4 our better More beautiful halfs:  Tell us about it Pat & Neil & Co.  And So let The eternal Good Times Fun Journey continue,  Ok team?   <3 ) )� hey glenn, pres of team whattayagot, bro?� go get it sonny,� be right back, guys.�>

Now 2/26/22 Eagles Live Ol' 55

Thank You Glenn Don Don & Randy ~ Eagles <3 ) ) )

Now 2/26/22 You Signed A SOUL CONTRACT - Can You Rewrite It & Change Your LIFE COURSE? Michael Sandler

Thank You Michael Inspire Nation <3 ) ) )

Now 2/26/22 Life is a Miracle, and you are all Alive! February 26, 2022 by John Smallman

Thaank God Who Is Good.  💔  💔

Thank You Jesus and John  💔  💔

Picture:  Portrait of Jesus / Sananda by Akiane Kramarik.  

Thank You Akiane  💔   💔

Now 2/27/22 Sharing a Memory aka 'Incubation time' from 2/27/21

Hey Guys, To those looking 4 us. Good God Is willing so we will share what's up here at Shane's place.  🙂

Everybuddy welcome. Unless you don't want to get 'lucky.' #EveryoneISRichInGod#MoneyDoesNotExist#TrustGod

Shared from here:  😎


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 3/2/22 Paul Selig: A Time of Reckoning

Thank Yoou The Guides and Paul <<3 ) ) )

Now 3/5/22 Rush’s Last Hurrah? | Time Stand Still (Full Documentary) | Amplified

Thank You Alex Geddy & Neil Rush & Amplified & Awl involved w this production. So glad to have seen Them at Boston TD Garden in 2015 w Carol. Awesome Show. < 3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 3/6/22 Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti, East London Gospel Choir - Holy Mother (Live)

Thank You God Holy Mother and Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti, East London Gospel Choir <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 3/6/22 The End has come.

Thank You One and awl for your kind indulgence in our sharing what flows out of us like a river.

We are directed to steer Ya's to this page where there is room for new content if we are led to do so.

So, as of Now, this moment this page is Done.  Thank You Very Much.  😎  💔

Dateline:  Same day 5:44 p.m.  Quincy, Ma. USA  Plant it Gaia  Cosmos Gratitude In Glory To Good The Good God of AWL THAT IS.  The way it came out w Thankful Nod to Michael AA & The *Angels.

(*Higher case, our choice)  Namaste 4 now...  <3>

Following pic from:  

Yes Michael A A  ) 'And the road goes on 4 ever...' Midnight Rider, Allman Brothers Band. <83 ) ) )

Yes Michael A A ) 'And the road goes on 4 ever...' Midnight Rider, Allman Brothers Band. <83 ) ) )

Now 3/6/22 Wait a minute Guys, Jim's got: The Story of "Break on Through" by The Doors

Thank You Jim Ray John & Robbie & awl who contributed to this history sharing. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 3/6/22 The Doors Break on Through Live at "Boston" 1970

Thank You The Doors & Company of us awl. <3 ) ) ) )