Now 1/28/21 10:44 p.m. Launching 'Going Home' & 'FEED THE KIDS!'

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Jerry Is In The House and He Says

Jerry Is In The House and He Says "FEED THE KIDS, PEOPLE!!!" Scribe smashes the keys.

Guys, Musicians Have Saved The World. That is an undisputed Fact, Jack. So,what do we need to do now?  Well, we need to make goverments in these areas where the children are dying to put aside their obsession with just sitting on their money coffers and, while they still can use it to feed people who desperately need help.

Please see more on this at top of Heaven on Earth page and over half way down.  Here's url:  (Copy /paste if need be.) 

Any donation can be sent to those listed, it will be updated soon, or can contribute to scribe to pass it on with the quickness.  We have a donate button here:    Scroll way down. Our paypal is the same as our primary email:  TYVM for any amount. Bless yourself by giving while you can bc It Is Written,  The Fiat crypto, anything other than Love Is On The Way out like the dinosaurs and the fax machines. and Mooch McConnell.  Is he gone yet?

We are coming into a time, dear ones, when the planet will truly live in harmony w no money worries 4 anyone bc we will be on the Love standard.  Gold silver Crypto The m word, yeah money the almighty buck will be just a memory, a bad one 4 those of us who never seem to have enough and in many cases its lack has caused many to commit crimes they otherwise would not have, but they succumbed to the pressure and in one moment of irationality they have ruined their life and impacted others negatively.

To Be Continued 

Announcing: NOW: It's a Free world If we want it, People. God calls these pages, not the New Now Bible but The NOW Age sharings of Paul. Film here w our Loving Partners. Yep, Marie & Jaws. Warning it's Free 4 a smile and money doesn't exist anymore. Sorry Broke Gates & other billionnaires. A dime 4 a cup of coffee does you no good. Everything Is Free The Way God wants it. It Is Written. Rec & fin 1/30/21 10:33 p.m. Film here:

Now 1/29/21 Elton John ''Love Song''

Thank You Elton 4 bringing the Love, ain't nothing better.. <3 )2:05 a.m.

Now 1/29/21 11:44 p.m. Update On a very Good Friday. <3 )

Thank you Mick Wilbury 4 sharing this perfect Lesley Duncan song masterfully recorded by Elton.) So more peeps can experience this we have shared it here, 

and here: 

Awl welcome to the jubilee    and 4 starters..

See where we r coming from & clues weir we R going together, as One. And it will be Absolutely Purrfect 4 everyone. No one is left behind. It Is Written. And So It Is. Thank You God. IS

Now 1/29/21 Hey Guys. Have you ever poured your heart and soul into something to share w the world, only to have it disappear into the void of cyber space? It happens, people have lost whole novels bc they did not store what they had already written in a safe place. It happpened to this guy last night. We wrote @ 5 paragraphs about Jerry & the moment we moved the curser to 'save' the computer crashed and it was gone. That ever happen to you, my dear friend? It's happened to us before, so we can only blame our self & learn.

So this afternoon, we started to write an email via Facebook to the dozens of people, many running shelters & orphanages in African countries as the grapevine is quite strong between the admins of these places. It's quite out of hand at this point. So the email disappeared when we were well along with it. Ok, good news is we had started to put it on the simple site page:  

Thank God bc we were able to complete  it there, and it's up now. Awl invited to mosey on over there w the blink of an eye and take it in. The miracle of modern technology, Indeed. Right Jim Law & Dr Peebles? ) ) 2 of our Highest Guides. See how we can learn... at this junction we have this copied. 😎 Ok Gise, if led, Check ouut the page &  site & Let's have Fun out there. The 11th commandment...

Thank You Gloria Wendroff. See our comments, if led, Folks. )

Now 1/29/21 7:33 p.m. The Lost Fb share & more. TY God. ISN 'And So It Is.' * * The New and rec Amen 4 the Now age weir we R Now, guys. Weir getting everything Exactly Perfect 4 awl you angels. TYVM ). Please try it - You'll Love it. TYVM )

This reply to everyone. Hi, How are you today? God keeps this fellow quite busy and we don't live on Fb, and we require 9 hours sleep. That way we arrive to work w our brain fully loaded. We have no set sleep schedule. When sandman comes, after a while we have to shut it down or suffer consequences. One night we pushed it too long and had our 2nd NDE Our advice to anyone who asks. Don't fight sleep. Sleep Good. Nothing better, well, ok, almost nothing better. Lol <<3 ) 🙃 The view from 'downtown.' 😎 Be good every buddy and, what's that Doobie Brothers? Yeah 'Listen to the music.' Ty Good Buddies 4 that & more here:  (You're here)

And as Chip Monck famously announced , now over 50 years ago, my oh my is that hard to believe.  If you were there you never forget it, Nanci was there. <3 ) and yours truly was hitchhiking to Miami to start his 3rd year of college at the University of Miami,  having attained his Associates Degree Class of '69 at Bryant & Stratton Jr College of Business on Newbury St, Boston, Ma.

Ok, so here's Chip & Friends:  Back in the day.  And as scribe is cleared to say... It's a Free 'Plant it'  Gise, Moment in The eternal Now' - to Sing It Shout It ~ We R Free Free Free NOW & 4  ever In the Moment of Eternal NOW.  Vivienne Is Free.  And So It Is.  In Sananda Name.  Thank  You Jerry.  <3 ) ) )  ****

P.s.  Photo by Kevin Spellane (we think). Our buddies, Kevin, Paul Driscoll, Richard Murray & Paul Banks, saw us off that sultry August morning, so long ago.  They dropped Paui, we think, at Braintree split, or maybe it was Rt 95, can't remember; but we got Good rides. Longest wait was on New Jersey turnpike, was, at least, a 2-3  hour wait 'til a van full of 'freaks'' finally stopped.  The joints were flowing.  Lol ) ) ) ) 'So we ended up in Coconut Grove, Miami's 'Greenwich village,'  warning, loves, get the tissues out.  )

 last ride we gotwas from a real nice guy, Rex, we crashed on his couch 4 2 or 3 days. when we  moved into a roach infested house on Aviation Ave. a very short walk to the bay. Lived w 2 roommates, Mark & Bruce w Holly, Ok, by far, and we've shared this b4 on social media. Best memory of that place: we were in the overgrown back yard one day w jasmine in the air when All of a sudden. And 'Lo & behold' to use a term our guides, James & James love to use  ) ) 

Music started 'BLASTING' out the windows of the house next door.  What was the song, Paul?  Thank you 4 asking Angel, it  was Crosby Stills & Nash with... are You ready, angels?  It was 'Suite Judy Blue Eyes.' A song written by Stephen Stills about his relationship with Judy Collins It was the very first time we heard it. That& their other amazing songs, was the soundtrack 4 an entire generation, back in the day.  The tears come w the memory, now sobbing. Indeed, Jasmine to our ears to go w the scent in the God Air.  We R 4 ever Grateful 4 that memory.  Thank You  God. and Stephen, David & Graham 4 the music. And So It Was & So It Is.

Now, Gise Plz take some time and drink these memories  in with Chip Monck aka Monk as our dynamic host.  Thank You Chip & take it away... )

Now 1/30/21 7:04 P.m. Look Guys, God's given us a car & a patient driver to take us awl home. Marie, Plz put the lights on 4 us. Weir coming home, Correct Sananda~ Brother & Jerry? Indeed Praise God IS; we can now dispense w 'Name' God IS is Perfect , Now & 4 Eternal Now. And So It Is Written.

Look Guys, God sent a Large CAR AROUND W NOT JUST ONE, BUT 4 EXCELLENT DRIVERS. 4 Endless adventures Now and 4 Now.  It Never will end bc God has no plans  4 ending life on Vivienne or anywhere in His infinite Domain.  It's AWWWL HERHIS, My dear Friends.  ISN.  And So It Is.  Rejoice!, if led, just a suggestion, as we have God bestowed free will.  Alright?  Good.  TYVM  )

Now 1/30/21 2:22 a.m. Jesus and the Mark of the Beast

Thank You A Voice In The Desert 4 The Great Work. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 1/30/21 3:44 a.m. Deja Vu time 4 the Woodstock generation. Peace & Love never passed away, humanity. It's alive & well in our Hearts & Souls. Praise God! Thank You Mary ISN And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Who wants to take a trip down memory Lane? 

For a real good time, lets meet here.  Sound like Fun, anybuddy?  Oh good a few have stepped 4 ward.  Praise Be bc it only takes a very few to start a sprk which can only get bigger and stronger & B4 long the whole galaxy is in on the new deal.  So, if you Daisy & Lucky, want in on the latest craze, check this stuff out, and Ty 4 your kind attention to an old friend, as 'Shine On Me' by David Ramires starts playing on our companion radio station: This is our fave new song 4 the Now age. ,3 )))))

Ok, so let's see what Chip & Friends have going on after over 50 years since Woodstock. 

A Woodstock moment captured 4 the ages.

Now 1/30/21 4:00 a.m.THE YOUNGBLOODS Let´s get together 1967 Chet Powers´s song

Thank You The Younbloods & Chip 4 the Intro & over 500,000 sweet souls 4 behaving like angels thru difficult, uncomfortable conditions. God bless you awl. ISN. Carry on & Everybuddy, 'Try to be nice, now & 4 ever. Lol. ) ) )

Now 1/30/21 4:11 a.m. Wrap time, Guys

Indeed,  Another working day has ended. This is a wrap  Hope Ya's enjoying the show.  Sandman  can't wait another 2 seconds Good night  zzzzzz

Now 1/30/21 5:44 p.m. World Party - Is It Like Today? We woke up to this song playing in our head. Purrfect song 4 a day like today, is it not? Rock fans? )

Thank You World Party. Sounds like a Good idea. Right on Karl <3 )))))

Now 2/11/21 7:44 a.m.Near Death Experience - Wisdom from Beyond

Thank You Antonio Lembo & Everyone who contributed to its Greatness. Very Nice Work, Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 3/1/21 4:11 a.m. Styx - Return To Paradise (1997)[HQ]{Full Concert}.mp4

Thank You Styx & Great Audience, Awl of Us. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now This Share Page of Day, like us, is still a 'work in progress' dear friends.

'We all go home to God'    💔  😎

Jerry Garcia 

Now 10/22/21 Grateful Dead - Ripple (New York, NY 10/31/80) (Official Live Video)

Thank You God The Good 4 The Grateful Dead helping us awl find the way home to You God. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/3/22 12:07 a.m. Joachim Cooder - Come Along Buddy

Thank You Joachim and awesome company. <3 ) ) ) )

Nnow 2/3/22 12:16 a.m. Sweet angel moment: Joachim Cooder - Over That Road I'm Bound to Go

Thank You Joachim and awesome company. <3 ) ) ) )