God says:  I Am Free My Children Are Free Love is All That Exists, there can Not be anything else. And So It Is. It Is Written.  <3 )

God says: I Am Free My Children Are Free Love is All That Exists, there can Not be anything else. And So It Is. It Is Written. <3 )

Now 5/2/21 Greetings Fellow Source created companion beings of infinite Love & Light on the way home w no soul left out, left behind or separated from 'The One' as that is quite impossible, so let's just put aside our bullcrap & get on w God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan, shall we? Introducing: 'Coalition 2 End hunger.' A project of The Worldwide Peace Love Light Joy Luck Fun Laughter Harmony Happiness Kind Grateful Club. You Are in, right, Sonny & Daisy? Of course, it wouldn't be the same w/o You. <3 ) ) )

People,  humanity, it's 2021, why in the Heaven on Earth is a situation like this STILL going on?  We need to Beg to get money to feed God & Our precious sons & daughters, our beloved children, next door?


We don't care where you live on the planet, people, we're all rubbing elbows w each other esp w the technological God given advances we have now. So, whereas:  If we breathe, if we exist, if we eat & sleep and think and if we were born on this planet, esp at this particular time of transition, dear ones, it's time. Time to wake up and smell the big boy and girl coffee and start to do unto others as we would have done unto us.  Does this sound golden to anyone?  Hope so.

Here's a roadmap, Now out of incubation as shared w humanity 26 years ago from Divine Ultimate thru Chapel Tibet's channeling on to the pages of the late, great Connecting Link.  A magazine well ahead of its time, which is Now.

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777   w Sananda/ Jesus/ Yeshua response...

Read it & Celebrate, responsibly, humans.  We ARE NOW FREE like the wind, the stars, the fruit in all the orchards on the good earth.  Money is the new toilet paper.  Read all about it here:

www.paulfb.com  (scroll down about a third.)  Ask the angels to lead you around and they will. 

An essential page w contact info  www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777  Google doing upgrades so maintenance man can't get in there & fix things.

Can I have this gaze w you humanity?

Yeah, Google is another company 'improving' their sites and the look of www.EarthPartyNow.com may be changing as we speak.  

Here's one you don't want to miss, esp if you like rainbows & unicorns & great music. w a new name:  

Pic is of Divine Ultimate giving Gaia a hand. Do we accept & be happy & grateful in 'the eternal Now' or do we continue down the long dismal muddy bloody mucky pucky path we've been on for aeons, humanity?  We tell it straight, my dear friends. Dilly dally time is simply over. It Is Written. The eternal 'Fun' is directly in our collective future but how can we have fun when so many are starving and homelss bc they don't have the toilet paper to buy the stuff they need?

Carpe diem humanity.  We can fix this w a simple decree as from  God HerHim Self  EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  Free Wind, Free Light Free Love Free Laughter Free Food Free Transportation. etc  And So It Is.  <3 )

P.s.  If you would like to share this page & help spread the Light, here's a url:  TYVM  😎

Now 5/2/21 So Humanity, if Everything Is Free, what's to fight over? Nothing honey.


5/16/21 W Updates: This page    https://tinyurl.com/Neartotheinfinite777   grew out of this page you are on now, my dear friends.  We can't put up w Simple sites 'new coke' formula, so we made a new page based on the quote by the Scottish historian of the 18th century Thomas Carlysle.  Truly, every second that flies by, we are, as a collective, moving nearer to the infinite.  And So It Is.  

And this Coalition page grew out of this page, as Jerry Fun Love Luck Joy etc would have it,

We were inspired to create a whole new site, not just a page.  

Situation is  www.simplesite.com decided to 'improve' the format, which to this non teckie person makes it a lot harder to navigate.  We'll keep it and add what we can to it but right now we can't even figure out how to make links clickable over there.  So, we're back here where we can take care of business & get to work.

So this is all about solving the existing situation of solving the world's hunger esp in Countries like =, well we can focus on Uganda, a large country in the continent of Africa.  The children in orphanages there are not getting the food, water, medicine, adequate shelter not to mention school supplies.  These are the neediest of the needy.  Some may mock and say we're being scammed but all we know is that pictures don't lie, and some say we're still being fooled, like the federal agency investigating our activity.  

So, here's a page where the need is shown, if led to see...

Here's a page where, when help is given, some gratitude is shown.  https://tinyurl.com/Gratitude2God777  

There's so much more we could put on these pages but we're moving 4 ward.

Documents?  We got documents:  www.tinyurl.com/Goodnewsdocs777  Please avail yourself of all the linked info esp the readings & bridges in the form of the music.  Ty  )

Here's a reading we had in 2013 w James (Jim to his friends) Law, Intuitive Cconsultant Extraordinaire channeling Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper' for a few distinguished guests who, if you haven't heard this yet,we'll let you be surprised.  But, this alone is worth a contribution to the fund, isn't it, while money is still in use, guys?  Do yourself a favor and don't let it be a 'shoulda, coulda, woulda episode at your upcoming life review. Lend a hand, feed the starving, clothe the naked.  Everything is not a scam.  Know it or not but there Is a lot of good going on w the internet such as bridging the communication gap between people in far flung corners of the earth, sharing good stuff in the blink of an eye. 

This is why we've been gifted w this technology, dear ones, not to scam each other out of toilet paper. Love Is the New Now currency.  It's what we're made of and is our innate essence self. Life is short even if we live to be a hundred in our physical bodies.  Good new Now news is we have eternity in our shimmering light bodies.  We are souls and souls don't die or fade away. It's time to get hip to this stuff, brothers & sisters, even the politicians & religionists.  The future is Now & we may as well embrace it while we're young.  <3 ) 

www.tinyurl.com/MrToadswildride777   Can't leave out our buddy Ashtar from 1993 w Miichael Ellegion, 'the human telephone line.'  TY Ashtar & Michael.  <3 ) ) 

And we can't leave out the reading Paul had in 2009 w Mary Jo Klinsky, reader of the Akashic records (ret)  And now a very talented drummer.  Ty Leslee Jo.  <3 )

What else?  Well we can go back to where it all started, here.  Hope Google hasn't ruined the site too bad, but we shall see.   www.tinyurl.com/EarthPartyNowExt777     

And then it became:

www.EarthPartyNow.com   Ok Team Oneness.  Carry on and don't forget to look up.  <3 )

Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam in the light w Jerry, don't call him Jehovah, tho he did work in Jehovah's favourite band. Thank You Jerry 4 Everything. <3 ) ) )

Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam in the light w Jerry, don't call him Jehovah, tho he did work in Jehovah's favourite band. Thank You Jerry 4 Everything. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/4/21 May Is Mary Month. (As shared on Fb)

Indeed, we shared this the other day here:  www.facebook.co/paulfb88 

News For a planet on the way up...


And subsequent pages are at the bottom of pages.  Since Google is 'improving' their product on these pages, maintenance man can't go in and fix content.  Too bad these compamies didn't learn their lesson after Coca Cola 'improved' theirs.  At least leave an option to continue w classic mode that everyone loves and is familiar with.  : )

Wishing Awl the Mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day.  Every day should be Happy Mother's Day shouldn't it, guys?  They do so much for us, like take us home, correct Mary?  <3 )

Now 5/2 21 Grateful Dead : Uncle John's Band @ Radio City 10-31-80

Thank You The Grateful Dead & 4 providing this page w it's theme song. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/28/22 Jimi Hendrix - National Anthem U.S.A (Woodstock 1969) (Replacement)

Thank You Jimi & Jimi Hendrix Experience 4 the Experience. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/2/21 Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank You Pat & Neil & Band. You Are Correct. <3 ) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now 5/2/21 Yes - Roundabout (live at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 induction ceremony) -

Thank You Yes w Geddy, what a Rush. <3 ) )

Now 5/2/21 Come & see the wizard. )

We are all magical wizards my dear friends, everyone. )

Now 5/2/21 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Mary's Place (Live In Barcelona)

Thank You Bruce & The E Street Band. Anyone feeling closer to the infinite? <3 ) ) )

Now 5/3/21 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Rising (Live In Barcelona)

Thank You Bruce & The E St Band & Rockers of Barcelona. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/3/21 Boston - Peace of Mind

Thank You Boston. Nod to Brad RIP Rockin' In Paradise. <3 )

Now 5/3/21 Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Thank You Marvin. Going to bed early a.m. we said Yes Marvin, out loud. Just now they played this on our soundtrack radio staion www.wumb.org Ty to the synchro angels. <3 ) 10:20 p.m.

Now 5/3/21 John Prine - Hello In There

Thank You John So after they played Marvin, this masterpiece came up. One our fave songs & videos. Yours too? <3 )

Now 5/3/21 Peace Train Cat Stevens 1971 LIVE

Thank You Cat ~ Yusuf. Yet another one played on WUMB maybe w a nudge from Marie. <3 )

Now 5/4/21 Kilkelly, Ireland by Robbie O'Connell.

Thank You Robbie O'Connell. Tought times. funny how they can bring out the best in us, like the words & music & great video to this song. Nice job Robbie & Company. This was for you, Marie. <3 )


Thank You Patricia & The Company of Heaven. <3 )

Now 5/5/21 As shared on Fb

Greetings fellow Light beings, Sons & Daughters of Source. Here's Good News 'stuff' to share https://youtu.be/3k565jb4yYM as shared here: Ty Patricia. ) www.tinyurl.com/Coalition4thekids777 

And don't miss this linked up Mary site: https://tinyurl.com/MarywelcomesushomeNow0000

We have the solution to feed all of the world's hunger situations, humanity. First we Wake Up & smell the coffee & stop letting the non-almighty dollar run our God given lives. We don't need money in Heaven & we don't need it on Heaven on Earth starting Now, if not yesterday.

Team we need to make these 2 pages w this urgent info Viral. And there are other Mary pages linked up. When Everything is Free the way God wants it,

we can live the lives written for as the immortal spiritual beings that we are. Please read & listen to all the essential 'stuff' at the top of the Coalition page &, if led, take some kind of action. Love in action is what will get our 'collective self' out of the conciousness quagmire we're living in under current failed economic systems, dear ones.

We're all equal in God's eyes, we should be seeing that ourselves rather than treating people differently based on how much toilet paper we have or don't have. Make sense? Anybody? All this under the umbrella portal place: www.paulfb.com TYVM Shane, aka Paul, humbly at your service. )

Fun fact: Who knows that Paul means 'humble' & that Shane means 'God is gracious.' As they say 'Google it.' The more you know.

Now 5/4/21 Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul. This has to be our 2nd or 3rd fave music video. (behind Pat, above) Can't get enough of it. Just has so much . soul to it. Proven life saver, see comments. Nice work Ed Roland & CS. <3 )

Now 5/6/21 As shared on Fb. Part of the plan...

To whom it may concern: This may come as a shock to some of you, however. we can not help anyone else until we get help ourself. Almost 3 months and not one person has contributed even $5. www.tinyurl.com/Nostarvingkids777 and we now have a coalition - solution page: www.tinyurl.com/Coalition4thekids777 to help people wake up to the fact that its not just about them, it's about all of us as the only sons & daughters of Source.

And just look at the world we've made. A me me me world where money is all the shit. Read more, if led, at the links on that page, all under the www.paulfb.com  portal. TYVM Piicture now up on the page, still under construction but we've won guys. It's over. Someone take a bow on bewhole of humanity. Who will it be? The Source of Awl Suns & Sons & Daughters Knows. Film coming up. And So It Ie What It Is.   From:  www.Facebook.com/paulfb88  

Now 5/6/21 Sting - Englishman In New York

Thank You Sting on Bewhole of The Human Race, according to Source's divine perfect, infinitely perfect Pock n Roll pla on Plant it Terra Gaia Earth. Well done, take a bow, Son. <3 )

Thank You Sting & Your Bro's The Police.  Now come and arrest Shane.  TYVM  <3 )

Thank You Sting & Your Bro's The Police. Now come and arrest Shane. TYVM <3 )

Now 5/6/21 Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank You Dan & The Band. Rip Rockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 )

Now 5/18/21 Who feels like getting nearer to the infinite?

So where to from here??  Dr Peebles would say, there's always anothe layer of the onion to peel, so why don't we mosey on over here, already in progress.


Now  10/28/22  As we were working on all this lae material, the following song played on one of our favourite radio stations:  https://wumb.org   

Now 10/28/22 Joan Osborne - One Of Us | The story behind the song | Top 2000 a gogo

ThanK You Joan and Erik & Top 2000 Agogo. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/28/22 Joan Osborne - One Of Us (Official Music Video)

Thank You Joan and Yes God Is Awl of us. Thank You God IJN And So It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )