Now 2/9/21 2:22 a.m. Welcome 2 God's Page of Infinite Love & Light & Joy aka Jerry Fun Luck Joy Club. We Welcome You. Admission 1 ) TYVM <3 ) ) )

Jerry having a few buddies over.  <3  ) ) )

Jerry having a few buddies over. <3 ) ) )

“The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass

The Good God Guided  Rabbit hole starts here. www

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Greetings & Attention, if we may, Fellow Deadheads & Liveheads. We are sharing w y'all a place : weir you may find yourself going down a rabbit hole and we ask a simple question. Ok? Are You strong enough, brave enough and crazy enough, in a good way, to embark on a journey that may seem strange to you, esp if you've been on a straight & narrow path and have no experience w the phenomenon known as 'The Grateful Dead.'

See, we, speaking as the multi - dimensional being we are, we i.e.. Paul have been down a sometimes very strange & even scary long & winding road, and now we are our infiniite locked in Love, High self. We are literally at the crossroads to life in the higher dimensions, my dear friends, or, we can try to stay in the worn out, dying on its own corruptness, Failed & not worth trying to fix bc the whole paradigm of it just makes no sense, esp in the new Now age.esp for the up & coming generations who have no karma & are only here on voluntary missions  to help lift up Gaia Terra Mother Earth & other names.

They are arriving from advanced levels of what we, in the higher realms now, can only call sanity, or 'clear' seeing. The fact that we have the disparity of God's children divided bc one happens to have lots of pieces of paper & others don't have those pieces of paper, termed money, and that determines how we live down here in 4D is totally insane, my dear friends. Just 'bollocks' as they say across the pond.

So, here's the Deal, and it's a large one. We, as a collective can continue on w the insanity of having corrupt, only in it for the money, like Mmooch man, a disgrace to America. (scribe is hard on the keys here), in bed w large, evil, bc they put profits over people's lives & quality of life, greedy corporations.  He and his cronies hold up stimulus while people starve and move into cardboard boxes while he has multimillions in the bank, which is now shut down bc God Created this planet & SheHe decides NOW how it's run and it's w Love Not paper money & not crypto. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

Sorry to tell some of you that weir awl Jerry Jillionnares. A smile, a please & a Thank you, and you're on your way. How's that 4 a game plan 4 the citizenry in these very late times on the 'Plant it'  Rock n Roll, my dear buddies In God.  Good God IS  TY Sananda.  <3  )

Ok, dear ones. look at it this way, we really are Spirits in the material world. That song by The Police could not be any more true, my dear fellow spirits here on Earth. There's a shift going on. Many of us can feel our energies becoming aligned with forces that will eventually catapult us to higher etheric dimensions, skipping over lower, denser astral planes, inhabited by what can charitably be termed 'works in progress.' Ty Ashtar 4 helping scribe out here. )

Our Team Oneness is headed straight to where Marie (Mom in this last rodeo). is alive & well w whole Company of Heaven & with our beloved pets as well. This is a natural process and no one need to worry about it. Does a larvae worry about morphing into a butterfly?  We doubt it. )

Alright, so what we are doing here Ladies & Gentlemen, Girls & Boys, is, essentially 'Blowing the whistle' on one Jerry Garciia, a truly gifted singer, songwriter & multi instrumentalist who played in a Rock n Roll group, termed 'Jehovah's Favourite Band.'  Indeed.

Yeah, there's a reason for that, my Jerry could play like the falling rain as scribe always thought of His playing. So what our mission is is to turn everyone on that fact  Jack, that Jerry was/Is Jehovah, Himself. Does anyone find that to be a somewhat interesting item for the 6 Oclock news?  Not many it seems.  Guess most people down here are just too numbed out with Trump who was never our 45th president, but that's another story.. 

Oh, what Skippy? You want to know about that?  Sure, just fly here.    You'll be there in not even 2 shakes of a lambs tail.  That page btw was the main page for this site since it started, so if you see an old ref to the paulfb page, you will probably find it there,  So, Jerry had millions of followers. could sell out 60,000 seat stadiums at the drop of a hat, was a force to be reckoned wth,  And people don't get it, what we had w our Buddy. Can anyone say 'underapreciated?'

We go by first names 'Upstairs' So please just call Him Jerry, no uncle or Brother Jerry, Lord is no longer used in Heaven either as seen in Videos made by Voice in the Desert.

'Jesus; cosmic name is Sananda and He respectfully asks us to start using that name. And when using IJN for In Jesus Name we can just use IS dispensing w the 'Name' part of that. e.g. God bless IS or like Thank You God IS.

'Thanks' never does it. It's too casual. like a limp handshake, guys.

Ok so Jerry is not was not a prophet, as many of His followers thought. CSNY, now those guys are musical prophets, my dear friends, We mean 'Carry On' Like 'case closed,' right? Indeed. Now Jerry on the other hand was not only from another Cosmos, It was like He and His guitar were Creating Cosmos' w His infinite mind and you really didn't have to be on acid to 'Get it.' Want proof? Put 'Dark Star' on the old turntable & Turn it Up. )

Yep, He took us way out there and brought us back the same day. Ok? He 'did' what Timothy Leary  talked about, my dear friends. So, He created His script & checked in down here and was a very talented musician but the Love, pure, sweet, loveable, like a teddy bear. and His compassion, empathy and just caring about others & the planet just set Him Far apart from, well, just about any of us. ioho.

Jerry was like no one else on the planet, as we awl are. however no one else could draw the millions like our and everyone's 'Buddy' could do. And Hiis guitar playing, we always thought of it like the falling rain. And guess what, guys? He's still doing it 'upstairs'.

Anyone care to hear Jerry speak from the other side? If so, here you go... With Gratitude to James Law Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire. RIP 'Rockin' In Paradise' & Dr Peebles (Dr is His first name) The Grand Spirit. James Martin Peebles


September, 2012: (Click on graph far left and tap on space bar.)

Then from July, 2013

where there is a spider web Donate button which we would continue our cause of feeding the starving, and we do mean starving children in African Countries like Uganda & Sierra Leone & Nigeria.. The children don't get fed bc hospitals need their money and Govts care only about money. We will be posting pictures of the kids there soon.  Thank  You  Awl 4 sharing what you are led to share.  Those ripples of sharing & caring go on to infinity.  And So It Is.  <3 )

Now 2/9/21 1:55 p.m. God asks Who wants to Have Fun? A suggestion. TYVM. <3 )

Greetings Buddies & Buddettes.

Welcome to The Best Is Yet To Come as we humans, are Now directly in line to receive awl of The Infinite's direct Love Lighr Mercy & compassion outlet place termed 'Jerry Fun Luck Joy Club'

We are advised and we do whole heartedly accept these term of endearment:

We further do pledge.... 

And So It Is.

Now  10/5/21  This segment is now shared over here at current events page:  

Hey Glenn, Lovely to see you agaain, my friend.  However as we Celebrate the 50 year Anniv of Tapestry,  Welcome Happy Birthday girl Carole and now the songs...

Now 2/9/21 3:57 p.m. Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move (Official Audio)

Thank You Carole King & Everyone who contributed to its production. & Bless everyone who also en joys this masterpiece. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 adventure. <3 ) P.s. Who else could watch this cool video all day? Just hanging out w a good friend & kitty awl day? )ol

Now 2/11/21 4:05 a.m. The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band Helping us kick off 'The Eternal Now' In God IS. Carry on... )

Now 8/29/22 Eagles - Hotel Califórnia 1977 (Replacement of a replacement etc)

Thank You Eagles. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/11/21 7:27 a.m. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up (Official Music Video)

Thank You 4 Non Blondes <3 ) ) ) )

Now 2/11/21 11:44 a.m. Since we are unable to post on Yt for some reason, we share comment here...

Thank you 4NonBlondesVEVO for sharing this awesome song & video. So more peeps can experience this, we have further shared it here.   w umbrella site:   'Heaven on Earth I s Now.'  Share your knowledge w everyone Now, if led. TYVM.    We could go on & on... ) Ok, one more:  God bless awl angels in Heaven and Earth, not to mention awl other places.  And So It Is. <3 )

Now 2/11/21 8:08 a.m. Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)

Thank You Scorpions. <3 )

Now 2/16/21 4:50 p.m. Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult ? <3 )

Here's scribe's comment since Yt is cranky about his comments being shared.

Thank you wearyoldman for sharing this BOC magic, over 44 year 'out there' and we don't think it needs any more cowbell. The guys got it absolutely perfect. So more peeps can experirnce this, we have shared it here: in good company.  More of the men here:  Hope see everyone here: 1 smile 4 admission. Marie & Jaws welcome everybuddy.  <2 ) In Oneness of God IS )

Picture is of God & HerHis kids agenda.  It goes both  ways, to the receiver and back to the giver.  The gift that never stops giving.  Hope awl love this bc thumbs up r not accepted nor is thanks.  Love it or walk on by & Thank you over thanks. TYVM

If want to see BOC shared on Fb click here:   

Now 2/16/21 5:23 p.m. Kathleen Edwards - 6 O'Clock News See our comment allowed by Yt. )

Thank You Kathleen Edwards & Crew. We wish we could get on the 6 Oclock news but news directors think nobody wants to heat about Good News. Too bad. its a shame. (

Now 2/16/21 8:11 p.m. Happy Birthday! Loreena McKennitt - The Mummer's Dance(live)

Thank You Loreena of the angelic voice & magical company of amazing musicians. <3 ) ) ) )
Our comment that didn't take: Thank you James Cameron for sharing this Exquisiteness. So more peeps can experience this we have further shared it here> & Happy Birthday Loreena! <3 )

Hope everyone is getting their's.  Everyone will, once we clean up our mess.  And eliminate poverty & hunger, not to mention cleaning the swamp starting w the mooch sub human man.  SERIOOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is getting their's. Everyone will, once we clean up our mess. And eliminate poverty & hunger, not to mention cleaning the swamp starting w the mooch sub human man. SERIOOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now 8/1/21 The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend - OFFICIAL PROMO

Thank You The Rolling Stones 4 being Everyone''s Friends & Buddies. We Awl Love You Guys. <3 ) ) ) ) ) Here's our comment since it won't show on Yt for some reason. Thank You The Rolling Stones for sharing this Great song & video on Yt. So more peeps can experience this, we have further shared it here> Free access w a ) Smile. The eternal Jubilee is here at Portal 555 4 eternal Peace Love Fun Joy Happiness Harmony Adventure <3 ) & Gratitude. (Director;s Edit ) <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 2/27/21 8:16 a.m. Jackson Browne - I'll Do Anything: Live In Concert

Thank You Jackson & Crew & Appreciative Audience. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 3/1/21 3:35 a.m. Grateful Dead come to Boston TV news September 20,1991

Thhank You Grateful Dead & Deadheads & Boston News Media. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/28/21 What happened to JERRY GARCIA? (Replacement)

Thank You to Awl who contributed to this Jerry feature esp You Jerry, Everyone's Very Dear Friend. and Alpha 11 <3 ) ) )

Now 4/23/21 Announcing The Love Joy Luck Fun Kindness Coalition at this prepared place.

This was shared on our Fb page today.  

Paul F Brown
Shared with Public
Greetings family of light. here's another one of our 'Open Letters to share; & hopefully you are led to pass it on. Ok, 2 mornings ago we received a very disturbing phone call from an agent of a government agency investigating a case that involves a scam that took a lot of money from people in the U.S., over 50, who were fraudulently led to invest in a gold investment scheme out of Africa.

Because we send money to Africa as part of our Go fund me...  campaign, and other parties who help in this. They have our names and what they are alledging is that this activity is part of funding the groups that are carrying out these scams. They are quite forceful w this & say they basically have 'the goods. This, of course, is poppycock, mucky pucky folderol, my dear friends. We've had 2 long conversations w this agent, Martinez and a long talk w Atty Baker who is handling the case and they are adament about it and we better take it quite seriously, which we do, obviously.
Martinez yesterday, again, told me that I needed to block all my contacts in Africa and not send any more money or talk to them.

When I told him I talked to them he became quite agitated as I did right back telling him no one tells me what to do esp when all we're doing is trying to help w the terrible situation in countries like, esp, Uganda.
Govt offers no support to the orphanages, ministries & sick kids go untreated bc the doctors & hospitals need their little green pieces of paper, which we call toilet paper in the new Now Love economy.

So, right now, we're waiting for something to show up in our email. This is a legit investigation w a real Wash DC agency and law firm involved and we have the docket #. Of course, we are totally transparent and we have proof that what we're doing w the Go fund me campaign is all on the up and up. I mean, w the one donor we have, its clear. We send the money, it gets distributed and we receive pictures of the food our money bought & videos of the children Thanking us, and the links on the fundraiser site will show all that. We have never been approached by anyone about a gold investment thing.

The Need and the Gratitude links on the GFM page are real and not staged as these investigators are alledging.. We can add a lot more. We are hereby announcing a new coalition of support. It is called the Love, Joy, Luck, Fun Kindness Club, or for short, the Joy Luck Fun club, and our mission is to wake up the world to this abominable situation in Africa and to spread awareness of it. This Is something that can be fixed, not just w money to buy the food, medical supplies, housing, school supplies, etc. but w Love.The New Now currency sweeping the planet as the only sane, wise and dignified solution to the situations on this schoolhouse / sandbox learning place in the infinite cosmos' Film here re everything: Follow links to 'Our Goods' if led.  TYVM ❤ ) (our signature Shane aka Paul & Company 

Now 4/29/21 Coalition 2 End hunger

Please read the story, here:      

Now: 8/1/21   Everything Is Now officially Free so money donations not needed now.  Site was shut down due to scammer activity.  The strongest people on earth survive, on Love.  Indeed.  >3 ) ) ) )  Thank You angels.  <3 ) ) ) ) 

A project of the worldwide Peace Love Light Joy Luck Harmony Happiness Kind Gratitude Club  

Join the Coalition

When you give, esp to a cause so very dire as helping to feed the starving, you create a ripple of Good that goes to infinity. Even $5. goes far to help this situation. God bless...

Now 8/1/21 Happy Jerry Birthday Spirits Day, Folks <3 ) ) )

Disclaimer:  God The Good Is solely responsible & takes awl the credit or blame 4 Awl content of this video & awl substance surrounding it.  In other words, my dear friends.  EVERYTHING IN CREATION IS GOD.  GOD IS GOOD.  Ok,  fellow kiddies?  Good.  Now 'Toin It Up' and Party like the Best part Now of the Transitional year of 2021. 

Be The ight, Smile like You Know something & Be 4 Ever Grateful 4 our eternal God Given Awesome Lives.  And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed.  Don't say Amen, Say ).  That's our New Now language as the following song will guide Us awl.   Thank God.  <3 ) ) ) ) )

Picture:  Some of you are So Bright we can barely make you out.  Pretty sure this image is sweet  Ilona of the LIGHT. Hope see you again real soon dream baby.  <3 ) 😎

Now 8/1/21 Led Zeppelin: The Rain Song 8/4/1979 HD

Thank You Led Zeppelin. The Band That Conqured the World. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 8/1 21 Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live from Celebration Day) (Official Video)

Thank You Led Zeppelin. Bless us Awl & Jimmy Robert John Paul John & Jason. <3 ) ) ) ) )
Celebrating Now The Eternal Jubilee in Heaven & Earth. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Now 8/2/21 As shared on Fb & numerous Grateful Dead sites. Pass on if like. TYVM <3 )

Greetings Dead & Live heads. It was very good to have Jerry show up at His Birthday event which is lasting to August 9 the day Jerry took Jesus' hand & went w Him to Paradise - where Jerry is still doing His thing, which, 4 the uninitiated, is simply sharing & spreading God perfect, infinitely perfect divine Love & Light to the masses or awl that would listen. 😎

So, my dear friends that's what we do, though not in our friend's footprints, none of us came down here to walk in anyone else's footprints but our own. Oh, we can be inspired by our heroes 4 sure, like the Ultimate Master Who Is & always will be Jesus aka Sananda in the higher realms which we human beings are in process of ascending to as we transition from our carbon base bodies to the new improved crystalline bodies in a new world made 4 this transition..
Check YouTube 4 all stuff like this there, there's more good stuff there than anyone can shake a stick at.

Ok so here, check this video Paul, Jerry's #1 fan, made in 2016   Ok guys , and btw, we know you are Jerry fan #1 my dear friend. After all lookey here weir Jerry & Co are holding court w just a few of Jerry's buddies.    And Awl us God's kids can visit this latest  work in progress here w our official Greeter, Allison, there to Greet us with a big smile and wave. Ty Allison, everybuddy ❤'s you dear. ❤ )   Awl God's kids invited to experience the Jubilee here  and awl linked pages which scribe thinks of as his 'babies' so if led to surf them, feel free, take what you like, if anything, and leave the rest. TYVM 😎

P.s. Sharing is caring & it creates Good vibrations that ripple out to infinity & back when we share Good things, like a simple Smile to a stranger, who in actuality could be a close friend from many aeons ago. Fact is, guys, we've all been around w God since before 4 ever 'Upstairs' weir awl old friends re-unite w our best Buds again.. We've had many rodeos. that's why sometimes you just hit it off w someone & lt's like you've known them 4 ever, right Nanci?  💔

Who wants to go to the ultimate eternal rodeo 'Upsatairs' weir we Awl can play in Jerry's band. Everyone can play a mean tambourine, right Bobby? And btw, bless the person that put a pen in Bob's hand. Goodly done Bob Dylan & we Now have a hammock 4 you, Bro, in fact, guys, God has a hammock that has Your name on it. Deal, Guys? Good. 😎
Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste 4 now. 💔 ) 😎

As shared at main page:  Now 8/3/21 11:33 a.m. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. Have Fun Everyone. <3 )

As shared at main page: Now 8/3/21 11:33 a.m. And So It Is What It Is. Indeed. Have Fun Everyone. <3 )

Now 8/22/21 10:17 a.m. Johnny Cash - Further On Up The Road

Thank You Johnny Cash Further on down the road. Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 8/22/21 Happy Sunday fellow inhabitants of Heaven on Earth.

This transferred from      and on Fb:    Happy Saturday fellow inhabitants of Heaven on Earth. We in it Now. To the way more people than we can respond to saying Hello or How we doing? We are resting offline as much as can so our left eye can recover from a tremendously painful episode the other day, when the eye, suddenly pain off the charts, attacked it. After a few minutes w us calling to God & Jesus for relief it started to fade away, happened last week as well. We can't book an eye exam til October, believe it or not.

So, right now there's no real pain but very sensitive we feel like it needs to be treated w tlc which means cutting down on long sessions on the computer. And we will order eye specific supplements when we get some money.
All in the family, we're in the 6th day of having $3.11 in the bank & nothing in the wallet. It's ok, we know something will come soon and when it does we can pay our overdue T Mobile bill of $62. and change.

Who knows, maybe someone will actually make a contribution of 'bread & egg' money, as Dr Peebles said in the reading  but since 2013 only 2 people, Fred & Patricia have made a donation. to Paypal:  The Good Dr said in a post we did recently 'Tip The Waiter' B4 you go. But these days people are so tight with their toilet paper, the Now age term 4 money.

Ok, we know this is getting long but while here, might as well share this share w Saul & John Smallman:  that we shared over here: 

Folks, this should be leading the 6 O'clock news 4 crying out loud! Where on Earth is Sane, sensible spiritual leadership bc we Really ARE Spiritual Beings of infinite potential & capacity experiencing lifetimes in an, as Sylvia Browne called this earth schoolhouse, 'The Insane Asylum of the Universe.' And She was right on w that, my dear friends.

So, we'll submit this and do some maintenance at the 'Share Page of Day' here.  and be back after 11 p.m. to share a Share page 4 Happy Spriit Jerry Day Sunday. II's a Real goodie if we do say so our multi-dimensional self, as we Awl Are. So, this is our 'trailer' so to speak.  (Now w 44 views. TY angels )

Ciao 4 now. Awl always welcome to God's Grateful Jubilee Cosmic portal:  ������������ Your humble hosts, Jack (our new name) & Jerry. Peace Love Joy Fun & Laughter & Adventure 4 starters. Have you 4 gotten that?  (laughter. Ty Robert )  Hope not.. ❤ ) ) )

P.s. Please share this share if want to spread good stuff to infinity. TYVM ����

Now 8/22/21 12:23 p.m. Celebrate Happy Jerry Spirits Day 4 ever Now. <3 )

Thank You Jerry Everybuddy Loves You, Bro. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/22/21 12:57 p.m. Jerry Loves us. Be happy ) ) )

Praise & Thank You God Who Is Good & Awl God's angels who are Awl of us going Home 2 gether.  IJN  <3 Mary   God Bless the Rock & Roll Revolution.  TYVM  <3 ) ) ) ) )  5 4 Adventure 4 ever. Indeed.  See Ya's on the Free-ways & Byways    beloved Sons & Daughters of Source Absolute.  The One.  And So It Is What It Is.  

Jerry entertaining a few Buddies who met Him over the srongend.  Fun was had by Awl.  The Party continues 4 Awl eternity 4 God's Hip kids.  Are You Hip?  Oh Good.  Share & create ripples of Love, kindness Adventure & Gratitude, it'll do us awl a whole lotta Good Times.  Oh Yeah.

Jerry entertaining a few Buddies who met Him over the srongend. Fun was had by Awl. The Party continues 4 Awl eternity 4 God's Hip kids. Are You Hip? Oh Good. Share & create ripples of Love, kindness Adventure & Gratitude, it'll do us awl a whole lotta Good Times. Oh Yeah.

Grateful Dead : Uncle John's Band @ Radio City 10-31-80

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/8/22 12:44 p.m. Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (Giants Stadium 6/17/91)

Thank You The Grateful Dead Inc Bruce. <3 ) ) )