Now 3/19/21 Greetings Starfleet & Welcome to Shane's Shinings IV. What took you so long? )

Grand Teton Mountains.  Wy.

Grand Teton Mountains. Wy.

Now  11/3/21  Who thinks it's time 4 a little divine intervention?  Thank Y'ou  Mary.  <3 ) ) )

Now 11/3/21 Who thinks it's time 4 a little divine intervention? Thank Y'ou Mary. <3 ) ) )

Now 3/19/21 1:05 Congrats Friends, We have Awl made it to The Show. Not tell. This is 'our' little, happy No drama place. Ty 4 being here.

Alright Guys, hope Y'all feeling 'swell'  & ready to have some well earned 'Fun' Now on The 'Plant it  Rock n Roll bc we ain't slowing down as just Good Stuff just keeps rolling on down to us & you & everyone else.  

First things first, however, dear ones, and as mentioned on other pages, how can we have real fun when our neighbor'e children who have no parents, are literally starving due to govt negligence.bc all they care about is money.  Please lend a hand if you can & give something.  Minimum is 5 bucks.  Everybody has 5 bY'cks, or more to help feed a starving child.  Just do it. Please?  TY   (Copy & paste if any link doesn't go through 

Guys, we awl ARE  creating history bc that's what's happening on these pages.  Source directs Shane & Co react & we don't back down 4 anyone or anything unless it's to the distinct advancement of Source ~ God's Divine Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Will, Way, Momenting & Plan, my dear Ffriends. And where we used to say 'And So It Is.'  which was a Now age version of Amen.  These Days, we say 'What It Is.'  which may soon be updated to IS.  We'll see.  Nothing is written in stone, anymore, if you guys haven't noticed.  )  There we go, how 'bout a sweet little smile, does that work?  Babies?  Does 4 scribe. ) 

Ok it''s past midnight, so let's get on w the 'Share Page of the love lucky Day' 4 today. Friday 3/19/21 and look at the moment, guys.  It Is Exactly 12:44 a.m. They are our 'official' time -keepers.  And here's link to page of Day. Yep, another 'Doozie' if we say so our multi - dimensional selves. )  You'll see, plan on travel time.  about a blink of an eye.  Same amount God spent thru evolution of man. Indeed.  

If you would like to share this page, url  And we do announce this on Fb & usually Twitter, if led

So, let's have Fun Fun Fun  guys just like back in the day b4 we got into the mud to put it mildly of what we, collectively, had to go thru to get to weir we are now, since we Are Awl friends, the politicians don't matter, Mooch can go swim w his turtle buddies & Awl's right  w the New World Fixed.  What's that Jim?  Yeah.  Hey guys, why don't we make Everyday Friday?  We Can do it, or even maybe  better, Saturday is Most Peeps day off.  We don't have to wait 4 Ferris, guys.

God Has given us the power, Each one of us can move mountains if we want.  e.g.  Scribe had another mountain up top, but it looked a little dark, so he changed it to the pretty inpink one that's there now.  We awl have our individual hologram matrix in place & it's interactive, too.  So awl youguys are visiting our happy health whole place and we gladly share it w the world, that's You and  you & you and, ok EVERYBUDDY.  And we R Done, my dear friends.  Let's Live, Love, Laugh & have fun bc Nothing else exists from Now on.  

Now 3/19/21 5:22 a.m. "Mastering the Art of Manifesting" Wayne Dyer at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

Thank You Wayne & Audience 4 this talk & 4 Blessing this page w Your Presemce. <3 )

Now 3/19/21 9:33 p.m. Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (Giants Stadium 6/17/91)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) ) Nod to Bruce sittin' in w a ) <3 )

Shane, where you been all day, man?

Hey Man, appreciate your asking.  What we can tell you is we slept, and we slept & yes, slept some more bc although we got some rest, our eyes were hurting.  We find when this is occurring, sleep is a good medicine.  As a cosmic empath, it's not lost on Shane the significance of this.  Hence came about the song selection above and also, a little preview of the next Share page.  So, guys, can you just imagine the pain in God's eyes as SheHe HeShe looks down at all of us humans running around down here like trapped rats, and that''s almost exactly the metaphor, to use, friends in God. 

Science has proven that we are not just solid things, nothing in the universe is. Even rocks are alive & vibrating at their frequency.  Molecules  are alive w feelings, aspirations & personalities all there own.  So everything is alive and vibrating at it's own pace, as quantum physicists tell us.  It truly is a supernatural magical place we're living in, guys. It's sad that so many of us have such concrete, just do what society expects me to do, you know, go to work bust my chops for the man, collect my paycheck, watch tv do it all over again day after day after  groundhog day. Surely, guys God didn't  create us for this, did He (He for grammatical economy)  There Has to be more.  And then we have the religious & political mucky muck.  Guys, we need to start over.

Maybe do something a little fun on the weekend, and look up one  day and there went a lifetime and you get to have a life review & you say to yourself. What???  Sorry, guys, lifetimes are over.  We''re at end game.  The babies being born now are the last ones to arrive here from the upper realms of heaven.  They have no karma.  Their slates are as clean as butterflies.

God has given us a gift, guys, each & every one, even the swampers in govts around the world, not just in Wash Dc.  Here, have you seen God's Proclamation thru HisHer one Max designated messenger, Paul Francis Brown, Not 'Drown,'  as his Aunt named Margaret used to call him, bc he was on tv on the Big Brother, Bob Emery lunchtime show on WBZ TV when he was 7 years old (we just gave Margie a warm hug ) Paul was chosen to be the kid to pass out the cookies. a tradition on the show.  Bob asked what our name is, and we said  'Paul Francis Drown.'  )  Margies would say that to Paul often even like 40 years later.  Lol )   And Sananda response...

God is giving us a clear choice, boys & girls.  Jesus taught that we should be as little children as we enter the Kingdom & come to The FatherMother thru Him. for I Am The Way The Truth & The Life. He said, Truthfully.  Life Eternal Is ours, dear fellow children of God. We don't need political leaders as they are today.  Look what happened in wash recently when one bum keeps millions of souls incarnate  from getting urgent stimulus relief, I mean c'mon 'we the people,  What happened to "WE The People?"  United under God?

'what happened to us?  (this tome is edited, in spots, so take into consideration w the flow of this transmission.(  Ty 

Funny thing is, or maybe not so funny but germane to the rest of our life is that we Did drown in Cunningham Park, Milton , Ma at Caldwell Pool.  We went out too far, not having learned to swim yet, we remember flailing and next thing we knew we were in the fetal position at the bottom of  the pool and angels , dozens of them were awl around and moving in to take this innocent young lad back to God. 

Then WHHHOOOSSHHH, we can still remember the sound of 2 boys, angel heroes disguised as @ 12 year olds, one on each elbow, pick this kid up and carry him to the the safety of the pool's beach area, where we recovered & we don't recall even getting a chance to Thank them 4 saving our life. 

So you 2 guys, be nice if you're still down here, you got some major Gratitude coming your way.  And someone out there @ Milton must know them or this story bc we doubt they kept it a secret like Paul did.  We only told our brother Dick @ 7 or 8 years ago.  Never told Mom.  Didn't occur to a 7 year old.  We shudder to think oof the impact on Mom & Dad to lose this baby. OMG  ;

Our eyes are wet w the memory..  So, yes, Paul F Drown does fit somewhat.  Btw, If someone can help us find those 2 boys, now would be @ 77 years, Shane Farili & esp Paul would like to take them for a beer.  We would love to hear from anyone who can make this happen.

Alright, so we truly did not know all this was going to flow out, buut again, how could we bc we, Shane, rep our mullti-dimensionality by speaking in the 2nd perso, we, are hereby Announcing the 'Share Love Luck page of this Happy Spirits Day'  Is...

Indeed Jerry, Weir Awl w You in The infinite 'Eternal Now.'  Fun, not folly, fake or folderol.

Rec & fin:  3/20/21  1:33 a.m.  Quincy, Ma.  USA. Milky Way Galaxy.  Cratitude Cosmos ~  Source Creation. w edits, addendums:  2:37 a.m.

Now  3/21/21  Happy Sunday Everyone. Goodness Gracious Shane, look at the time.  Another day has come and gone & here we are with yet another Share Fun Luck Love Page of Day and Lo & Behold, after yesterday, who could have predicted it that today's page would be...:

The Fans are in stunned silence.  )  Alright, if want, guys, hope Y'as en Joy. ) ) ) 

Now 3/22/21 12:33 a.m. Time 4 the Love day of the month Sharing

Greetings & Happy Spirits Day Spirits ~ Souls, so far above any religious or political affiliation label we saddle ourselves with. These are the days of expansion of celebration & increased  mindfulness i.e. consciousness, my dear friends.  So, who's gonna meet us  when we cross the ever closer threshhold to our eternal home in paradise? 

By most NDE accounts, it's our loved ones, our buddies.  Maybe Jesus & angels but one thing Is sure.  Someone will be waiting.  So for today's love day of the month.  22 being the love #  The Share Fun love HappinessJoy Luck Harmony Adventure & Gratitude Page of Day Is: 

W Doors to  Greet us.  Hope Y'all have a real good time over there. w a little help from our friends, in Oneness.  Hey EveryOne  <3 ) ) ) ) )   5 smiles 4 the eternal adventure coming to us awl.  <3 )

Now  3/23/21   1:11 a.m. On the cosmic trigger day of the month of March, Spirit is giving us some wake up music, so, does anyone know what time it is?  Here this page may help  Share Fun Love Luck  Happiness Joy Gratitude page of day is:

Whatever you do, guys,  have fun over there.  TYVM  )

The Best is yet to come.  God's Will, God's Way. God's Timing.

The Best is yet to come. God's Will, God's Way. God's Timing.

From Dolores Cannon Fb page.

From Dolores Cannon Fb page.

No w 3/24 21 Calling any would be angels, anyone? On the planet?

Greetings Earth angels to Shanes Shinings on this brande new day and we have a wonderful Share Love, Luck Joy Happiness & Grateful page of day  And here it is"  

Brought to you by the Orphan children currently expeiencing severe hunger bc money rules the world and not simp;e human mercy & compassion.  

Now  3/25/21  2:44 a.m. Think it's easy finding a page to follow after Michael, fellow ISB's?  It's not, however we place this one here to be the Christmas in March Share Peace Love Joy Fun Luck harmony adventure & Gratitude page of Day & Hope y'as  get something rich from it in form of spiritual manna. for that is all that exists in a spiritual matrix.  What It Is.

Now 3/26/21 12:01 a.m. Movie of Your Life.

2istoSponnso1hred  ·

Your movie starts out with your vision of it. Your vision becomes your version of your life.

Let a beautiful vast horizon appear on the screen, filled with dazzling light and fluctuations of it. Behind the whole horizon lies a beautiful God Whose light He shines is so dazzling you cannot see Him but only His light.

 Now  2:00 a.m. Here's the Share Love Luck Joy Share page of day: 

Hope en Joy.  <3 )  Featuring The World I Know... 

Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video) esp for suicide prevention.

Thank You Collective Soul & all who contributed, God esp, writers, directors, actors & extras to create this great video. <3 ) Every month is suicide prevention month, leading women & men, girls & boys. We were awl made to shine, so let's do it, ok shiney's? Awesome. )

Since our comments are not showing on Yt anymore here's our comment.

Thank you Atlantic Records for this CS soulfulness. So more peeps can see/hear this, we have further shared it at HisHer 'Heaven on Earth' platform page:  of  Every month Is suicide prevention month as this great video reminds so effectively.  Ty Ed Roland & Collective Soul.  #Itaintnojoke

Now 3/27/21 Smiling Steven ) Now 73. Proving Rock n Roll Is 4 Awl ages. )

Now  3/27/21  Hey Shane what's shining for Share Love Light Peace Luck Joy Happiness Celebration Rock n Roll Gratitude  'let the music do the talking'  page of Day, bro.  3:44 a.m.  Here ya's  Go on way to Permenent Vacation, kids... 

Now 3/28/21 When life calls 4 a little celebration... )

Now  3/28 21   12:44 a.m.  Speaking of angel time/ moment Share Love Light Joy Peace Harmony Luck Adventure Gratitude page of Day,  It's Jimi time.  Take it away, Jimi...  TYVM  ) 

Now  3/29/21  12:13 a.m.  Share Love Light Joy Peace Harmony Luck Adventure Gratitude page of Day,  Hope see Ya's there.  )

Now 4/1/21  Guess what, Guys.  It appears to be Still 7th Heaven on Earth.  Happy Easter Strong End.  <3 )

Becoming Shane, not to mention Farili, Paul 2017 Nantasket Point, Hull Ma. USA

Becoming Shane, not to mention Farili, Paul 2017 Nantasket Point, Hull Ma. USA

It's ok guys, we can trust our pets, wherever they are, they will always love us & love when we talk to them, right Tinker & Jaws?  <3  And mentioning our departed loved ones?  Forgetaboutit,  <3  Marie & Alva, Diane, George, Fidelis & on & on... )

It's ok guys, we can trust our pets, wherever they are, they will always love us & love when we talk to them, right Tinker & Jaws? <3 And mentioning our departed loved ones? Forgetaboutit, <3 Marie & Alva, Diane, George, Fidelis & on & on... )

Now 4/1/21 Shine on Me David Ramirez

Thank You David Ramirez. Awesome work. <3 )

Now 4/1/21 9: 25 p.m. Andrea Bocelli : Cheek to Cheek duet with Veronica Berti from Top Hat

Thank You Andreas & your beautiful wife, Veronica. <3 ) )

Now 4/2/21 2:44 a.m. Transformational Power of NDE Accounts- 3 Near-Death Experiencers Panel

Thank you Claudia, Pat & Chris & IANDSvideos <3 ) ) ) )

Now 4/2/21 3:04 a.m. Two Minutes of Eternity – An Extraordinary Near Death Experience | Bo Katzman's NDE

Thank you Bo Katzman & Thanatos TV EN <3 ) )

Now 4/3/21 9:25 p.m. Life to Afterlife Death and Back Full Official Movie

Thank You Craig McMahon and the participants of this wonderful video. <3 ) The following is shared from the Fb sharing of this video. This will not 'take' in text field for some strange reason.
Guess God wants it here. Just copy & paste links, if led. TYVM. ) Happy Easter fellow volunteer passengers on spaceship earth for our scripted adventures on the 'learning path.' Remember, dear one's, It's Over.' Film here to share where we are in evolution

Rejoice in What & Who we Really are. Take this video as a gift from God thru Humanity's designated Saviour Jesus Sananda Yeshua ...
As announced & shared here:
Front gate: If led to share, plz do sponsored by the bravest of the brave. Help if you want rewards out of this illusory world.

Now 4/6/21 High strangeness going down @ here, folks. )

Strange supernatural things going down here, folks.  Like see if this 'takes' in this field, that  Shanes Shinings V 777 page is...   

Where this picture is now featured the way God, The designing Architect of this site, worked it in right at the top w, now (4/8/21 8:14 a.m. ) a deserving Front Page New News IANDES Video is shared.  The information shared in those 33:02 minutes is life changing, ioho, if it doesn't make The New York Times above the fold front page, at least it does at the God site we are privileged to steward for ALL THAT IS.  (And Isn't )  

Rec & fin  4/6/21  10:25 p.m.   Now w edit/ addendums  4/8/21  8:25 a.m.