Now 3/16/21 Welcome Everyone to Shane's Shinings III place 4 Fun Happiness Joy Love & Gratitude to Source 4 Awl the many blessings we receive every day. <3 )

Grand Tetons Mountains Wy   Yahoo images.

Grand Tetons Mountains Wy Yahoo images.

Now 11/2/21 God sent the cream of Team Oneness to show the way in song. It costs nothing 4 God to feed HisHer Far Flung Flock. Bob Dylan - My Back Pages (From the 30th Anniversary Concert) (Version 2)

Thank You to Everybuddy involved w this wonderful extravaganza. esp us, We The well nourished fans i.e. United Light Beings aka 'People' of 'Plant It' Earth. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now 3/16/21 2:27 a.m. Greetings Sons & Daughter's of The One... Welcome. )

Hello & a warm welcome fellow star beings of The Infinite.  Can we get you something?  Just ask, and it will be manifested instantly, like 'Upstairs.'  It's no accident you're here, Now, at this place.  You're here bc you've had an appointment since the beginning of Creation, and Now, here we awl are in the blink of an eye, literally.  We've been thru all that stuff, our beloved friend & guide, Dolores Cannon mentioned in her talks.

Guys, how do you get a name like 'Cannon?'  Goodness gracious, she MUST  have had some Powerful stuff to share, and Good Golly Miss Molly did she.  OMG )  However, Dear ones, you think Source Heavenly FatherMother God Creator ALL THAT IS & More is going to sit around waiting for us to come thru evolution thru all the many phases that we came thru to be here now?  Heaven's to mergetroyd, my dear friends, No.  HeShe has no patience for that.

Creator simply set the controls to the present moment & here we are, w scribes 2 index fingers nimbly pecking out the letters as the thoughts come to his brain.  So First things fiirst, Folks.  We can't have paradise i.e.  Heaven on Earth, when our fellow human beings in some other far flung parts of the world  are having extreme difficulties in keepin basic necessities for survival like food & water & decent housing & school supplies.  It's esp gauling when this lack, in many cases is  brought about by greedy governments, corporations & special interest groups who only care about money, or as we refer to it as tp, yep toilet paper.  See the toilet paper section here, just scroll down til it starts smelling. 

So, it's the children, like the orphans in African Nations who are suffering the most, even as scribe types this we have many admins of Orphanages/ Ministries some actually begging yours truly and our partner in compassion, Raphael for money so they can buy food & feed the children.  Some need medicines & also school supplies are very much needed. We have many pictures and videos of Thank You & Gratitude to us for helping to keep them alive, while local governments do NOTHING.  Absolutely Nothing to help the precious young lives in their districts. Here's link to fundraiser if like to pitch in.      Make your angels smile and just do it. Please.  Then, in your very near life review you can see that & be able to smile and say, yep,  I only gave my last 5 bucks but it was the best 5 bucks I ever spent. The universe Is watching   It's a Happy, Loving, Kind, Adventurous Universe we exist in w no mutant enemy that wants to eat us, my dear friends.  Yes was right.

It's a heartbreaking and sickening situation which goes unreported by newzzz organizations w their corporate, what does it do for our bottom line, mentality.  Well, as scribe sees familiar green & blue flames coming off his fingers over the keyboard. it's time, schoolkids of earth if you're 7 or 100 it's time to get things into perspective in alignment w our True, Beingness and the True reason we are down here in the meterial dimension.  We can label it w a number but, it's not really relevant.  What Is relevant, my dear friends, is that we are Not material beings.

We ARE  Immortal Spiritual Beings taking on a role, like in a movie, down here, ultimately for the advancement of human evolution on to the higher non physical realms where, once we graduate up there, we will look back at our scripts that we wrote, w the guides of karma, formerly known as 'lords' but in the New Now age we are swimming thru, dolphin breaths, we discard the antiquated terrms/prefixes, now - we are just  e.g.  Sananda, Mary, Joseph, Harry. Dolly, Joan etc, alright spirits?  Good. 

Ok, so every love day which is Happy Love Spirits day we are currently doing a Share Page of Day from our vast catalogue of good stuff created, w God, since @ 2013.   So Today's Share page is:  Drumroll Karen & Bonzo... 'Coming Home to God.'

And here, dear friends in Source Is the link.  Est time to get there, 2 shakes of a lambs tail or a blink of an eye.  Hope to see You there Lucky & Daisy.  <3 ) 

If you would like to share this page, url is:  TYVM. )

Now 3/16/21 5:01 a.m. A Friend talks about his movie so far... ) LACM’s Let's Talk Music Presents: Joe Walsh

Thank You Joe & 'Native Wayne' & LACM Good stuff. <3 )

Wow, guys, what a coincidence, this showed up as a Fb memory.  Ok Source,  You keep writing Your wonder-full script to benefit Awl of us.   More to relay...

Wow, guys, what a coincidence, this showed up as a Fb memory. Ok Source, You keep writing Your wonder-full script to benefit Awl of us. More to relay...

Happy St Patrick's Love day Everybuddy The 'Luckiest' day of the year. <3 )

Who wants a hug from 2 proxy professionals?  Paul & HHevin - a natural. Anyone?  Step right up.  Note:  Obviously, Shane 'thought' he was typing 'Kevin'  the Universe had other ideas.  Fix it?  Are you crazy, my dear friend?  There's obviously nothing to fix. ) as blue flames fly off our fingers. Farili, guys.  )  Tip:  when heavy green moss showa up on your keys, it's time to get off the computer b4 you have a NDE.  Paul found out the ez way.  ) 

They said 'What the F are you doing here Paul Brown?  Get back there & finish yer j o b boy.'  Ha ha. We didn't even have a chance to look around.  God in HerHis infinite Loving mercy & compassion knew that would be unnecessary cruelty to dude on record as saying he is homesick & wants to go home. Ref Mr Toads Wild ride reading w the 2 James' - both here as we type this.  Ok, listen now if want.  'Repeated listens bring more Joy.'  (A word we find can not be written in lower case.) says  Jim. 

Yes,  we were 'out of sorts' 4 a while. Thank God we light being volunteers picked to come down here & 'fix' this schoolhouse 'plan it' earth; we were & are made quite resilient.  We're all pretty used to getting knocked down yet we keep getting up & asking 4 more, after all, for very few is this anyone's first rodeo down here, which some call Hell & others call Heaven.  It's all what one makes of the situation at hand, correct Divine Ultimate?  )  (Pic:  Divine Ultimate Hand)

Our Team Oneness choose Heaven.  No contest.  Weir ready, we miss our close buddies & friends ~ everyone we knew down here & then they w God, decided it was time to move on further down the road, so to speak. 4 the next adventure.  We came, we played, we lived, loved, laughed, told jokes, & some of us dropped our well worn bodies, none prematurely. If an infant's body dies, spirit, which, of course, is what we really are, we can never die, only the 'body suit' physical vehicle. It's Awl God's Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, divine movie we're Awl living in, Kids. Know it or not... The more you know... )

Indeed..  A nod & a toast to the angels who protect and serve us according to God's & our perfect scripts 4 our lives.  It's act 11 now though, guys.  Can you hear it in the wind, we can, a song comes by on the radio.  Song we thought of when we saw that meme above which we found on Dolores Cannon's Fb page.  So, who wants to hear the song?  Van tell us a story... 

We 'good' now, in fact we're 'swell.'  Wow, when was the last time you used that word Shane?  Think it must have been @11 years old, dear.  But we digress.  ) For the record:  Swell:  excellent; very good  "you're looking swell"  So, we hope  Awl of you down here on Heaven on Earth w awl her lovely names.  In addition to all Her names w our favourite 'Vivienne'  We are also considering adding 'Dolores.'  for some unfathomable reason.  Lol )

My goodness Shane, can you ramble, you make Paul & Farili look like a mime show.  Lol )  Ok, so where were we?  Oh, yes.. who on Viviienne, wants, needs a real Hug?  Here you go... (888) )

TY Kevin & WZLX Boston's Classic Rock.

Sorry, ladies, if you want skin, you have to be a girlfriend girl friend. Shane, w a nod to Paul & Farili,  how many girlfriends you got, man?  Infinite, my dear friend, God has infiniite girlfriends.  As Gods & Goddesses ourselves, we write our futures as we wrote the past.  I love peaches, e.g. but  are we going to limit ourself to one special peach out of a tree of them, in an orchard of same, what about awl the other peaches in awl the peach orchards of the world, not to mention the galaxy, and like snowflakes, each w their own unique God  given gifts that make them, them.  Does this make sense, my dear friends. And you wine connoseurs know what we're talking about. Of course each one is #1 esp when we're alone. Shane, tell us more.  See:

Now  3/17/21  12:07 a.m.  Happy Love St Paddy's Day everybuddy.  Yay.  Everyone gets lucky today, folks.   And it is Source's Good Godly Grand Pleasure to annoounce that this place of rainbows & Unicorns Is the Luckiest place to be today.  Now, please don't tell the zzzz newzzzz media.  They don't like good news bc they think it doesn't sell and all they think about is how much tp it will bring in.  More on that here, just scroll down where you'll see a certan flushed politician rep that whole thing. 

Are we being harsh?  Ask the dead here about that.  They didn't have to die but assholes in power let it happen, as chills & goosebumps tun over scribes's body. Also, a failed system that allows one idiot to decide what happens to Millions of people is also to blame.  My goodness people like WTF, Seriously.   

Alriight, see how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole, back to the matter at hand and it's a large one, The Share Love page of this St Paddy's Day, my dear friends, Is:  'You Coming w us?'  Link:

Alright guys, Source & Company of ALL THAT IS inc Divine Ultimate showing HERHIS hand Says Congrats Humanity, 49% of you can Thank  the 51% who made this celebration possible.  (drool comes flowing from scribes mouth 4 some reason.) Lol )

Tweet:  Hey Guys it's  11:31 p.m. & we have no idea what the page of the day for St Paddy's Day is.  But check today's It's a doozie.  As announced every day, here:   Cheers #DoloresCannon  4 the kids  #WCVB #WBZ #WHDH #CNN #WRKO #WZLX #ABC #CBS #NBC   😎 See for yourself, if want: (End of tweet)

Now  3/17/21  We try so  hard to get the Good Word out.  Hello humanity.  There's a New Shane in Town.  His message is that we Are All Free when we, collectively, wise up and accept the reality that Love. as lived & demonstrated by Jesus, Is the way, the truth & the life.  No one comes to The Father except thru me.  Indeed, we can prove that statement to be totally true, my dear friends. So, in closing we can only suggest to you who are non knowers or just plain totally asleep, to simply Ask- Seek, Knock & Lo & Behold, maybe, bc God Loves Us Awl So Much, we will be So welcomed home, like the bible story of the prdigal son, only amplified to the infinite.  What It Is. rec & fin  Same sweet lucky loving day.  2:16 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy Cosmos Gratitude. <3 )

P.s.  Tip of the Hatlo hat to Alan Ladd.  Great work Alan.  )

Hello #1 How are You today?  Oh mmy goodness gracious.  Lol )  Of course you need a hug, who doesn't?  God knows.  ) ) )

Hello #1 How are You today? Oh mmy goodness gracious. Lol ) Of course you need a hug, who doesn't? God knows. ) ) )

Noow 3/17/21 3/55 a.m. The Last Waltz - Van Morrison - Caravan

Thank You Van The Man & Band Simply Awesome <3 ) And the song ZLX was playing @ that misnight hour? Let my love... And then we turn the radio off & work in the silence. More beautiful than music. )

Now 3/17/21 4:04 a.m. Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door (Original)

Thank You Pete Townshend & Band. You did it Pete. <3 ) I o I

Now 3/17/21 2:44 p.m. Calling awl earth angels. Is it time to join ? The Firm - Radioactive (Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1984)

Thank You The Firm <3 )

Now 3/17/21 8:44 p.m. Urantia Book - Paper 2 (The Nature of God)

Thank You Love for this Far Flung Production Urantia Book & Awl who brought it into existence <3 ) Rec watch on Yt so can see adjacent videos, so we save space here. ) Saving space. Good. )

Can we help you, humanity?  Just asking, kindly. : - )

Can we help you, humanity? Just asking, kindly. : - )

Now 3/17/21 11:11 p.m. Announcing New Now News of the Luck Variety if anyone int...

Greetings Luckies.  You know what, guys.  w only an hour & 20 minutes left on the cloock 4 St Paddy's day.  God does Not want HisHer, and make No mistake, guys w the Urantia information Gos Is androgynous.  The Divine Feminine in God was just not to be talked about back when this information was coming down but gurl oh gurl is it ever Now.  Correct God Source, ALL THAT IS? we could go on but the answer is... )  Bingo.   Can You say 'Bingo?'  Daisy & Lucky?  ) )   Excellent. )

Alright, here's the  deal fellow light beings of infinite light love & adventure in the higher realms, we have a very clear and obvious idea that, what's that Jerry?  Oh, you getting  a song ready and it's not by you but by, ok we heard it today on  where they play incredible stuff, hope its on Yt. But look guys, we, on bewhole of Awl & Everything holy or not, we, our mult-dimensional being, in divine accord w Source God Creator Heavenly FatherMother Holy Spirit ALL THAT IS & Isn't  Great I Am  That I Am.  DIvine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Higher Power The Infinite The One 

Hereby Declare - Decree & Invke That EVERY DAY From Now Thru AWL The Eternal 'NOW'  IS The Luckiest Day We've Ever Lived, just like Every day is Love, not necessarally Valentines day & remember, Guys, every day Is 'Jerry Happy Spirits Day'  What It Is.  We feel a hurricane on our back as this is typing itself, my Dear Friends.  WHHOOOSHHH. WOW.  St Patrick's reaction... )  Ty St Patrick... )  Cue reminder of Happy Jerry Spirits Day, assistant Joy. )

Here's link to a video of this remarkable song.  Ty WUMB  4 playing this today wdich we heard 4 the first time.  The words & music spoke to our far flung soul & our brain said... Yes.  <3 )

nOW  lLOOK AT THE TIME, GUYS, IT'S EXACTLY 3/18/21 (Fix Caps)  12:01 a.m.  Time we can Announce the Share Page of this Lucky Day, alright Luckies?  We  get our wish 4 a Great Secretery.  She has Her own page & here is the express link to get there in a blink.  Ready, guys?  Here we go, if yer coming: Warning:  80's music pllayed here:- ) That's a joke, folks.  We love 80's music  Awl music we like, if not Love.  Cheers.  )

Now 3/17/21 11:11 p.m. Happy Spirits Day

Thank You Jerry Source Gods & Goddesses everywhere & our Lucky angels. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 7 )'s 4 God's lucky # 7 )

Now 3/17/21 11:;44 p.m. This is the song, spirits ~ guys <3 ) Suzzy Roche & Lucy Wainwright Roche - I Think I Am a Soul

Thank you, Suzzy, Lucy, David, and Rachelle. Perfectly heartwarming. (taken from a top comment) Indeed. <3 )

Now 3/18/21 Guys, you know it really is uncanny,...

Greetings, Friends on Earth at the same relative time that Jerry walked on Earth.  He's Not Jehovah any more, so let that go, Ok.  We Dead serious, here, Liveheads.  Ok.  Now there's a word (uncanny) that we've never used b4 that can recall, but it really Is uncannny how this book Billy Graham's 'Hope for Each Day' (see our card against it's back side above) is relevent 4 (to use the angel # ) our particular movie script, esp these days.

Whats does uncanny mean?  Google: Def...  seeming to have a supernatural character or origin : eerie, mysterious. 'Supernatural' resonates the most 4 us. )

See, yesterday, we had a rather stressful day, we even shared it w Raphael, due to too many people begging Shane, still only human, for money when we have no money and when they get rude, well that's just the straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak. So we went for an emergency walk &, w spirit calmed down. And then later we open this book, which we don't consult every day, we can go days, even weeks and not crack it. But, boy what it says to us when stuff like this occurs is that we are on the beam, my dear friends.

Ok, now see the above page 4 the 16th sweet. Folks, you can't make this stuff up, right Theresa? ) And today's page w the Material Gods.Iif the shoe fits.  Yes, Ashtar, that's a more pleasant one, Bro. Sure, Billy Graham wrote, or channeled the book but, have no doubt, folks the real Author is God, just like every book, every song, every laugh, cry, joke, tale, novel or architectural blueprint- God Did & Does It Awl, my dear friends in God.

What about the bad things?  In the overawl script inc Everything, inc the Lucifer Rebellion, NOTHING Got by God. Absolutely Nothing, Folks. How could it? God Knew so very long ago what it would take 4 HisHer far flung children to experience everything on our path from the beginning and now, finally, guys, we're coming out of it. Slowly but surely, consciousness is blooming all over Plant It Earth.

The seeds sewn aeons ago are bursting thru the crusts of ignorance, fear, degradation & miisuse of power. The emporer has no clothes time is here, and these so called leaders of vast land areas are in process of facing their demise in favor of the Light of The Infinite Power of The Ultimate, The Absolute The Infinite The One. It's Awl About Love, which Is God, dear ones, the energy that holds the constelations in  place on their majestic journey thru infinity and not a greenback dollar in sight. < Period.

Film, right we're we're at, here on this shiny page, fellow pilgrims, ellow diamonds in dust Wow. Ok, TY Source Rec & fin 3/18/21 2:33 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy, Gratitude Cosmos Creation Source Etc Etc Etc Ref The King & I. Lol ) Of Course Source God Has a Great, Uncanny sense of humor, watching HisHer scripl play out in awl of our movies. Hey, Kim, wanna go to the movies. Maybe we can even see 'our' movie. Oh, oh, who's worried, now? The Shadow don't know shhiit, folks, the Light Knows Everything. What It Is. Fin: 2:40 p.m. Shane Farili Paul time, as opposed to Joe Friday  Dragnet make believe time in Hollywood.& Los Angeles, Ca. )

Now  3/19/21  2:05 a.m.  Hey Guys, just letting Y'all know that w the following share, this page is a 'Doner'  )  We just made up a new word. Lol )  So, if led to check out our brand new shiny shinings page mosey on over, in a blink of an eye, to Dhanne's Shinings IV  w 777 4 luck.  Link:

Come on over 4 a real good time. <3 ) ) ) Of course you can bring your pet.  What would Heaven be like w/o our beloved intrepid companions, right Jaws & Tinker?  )  ) 

What's ours is Yours Team Oneness.  And btw, The Name of our sites is Now Hope 4 humanity   Rec:  8:04 p.m.  3/18/21  What It Is.  <3 ) ) ) )  w 4 angel <3  smiles  ) ) )

What's ours is Yours Team Oneness. And btw, The Name of our sites is Now Hope 4 humanity Rec: 8:04 p.m. 3/18/21 What It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) w 4 angel <3 smiles ) ) )

In Celabratory mode.  This book does it's job.  Well done Billy.  <3 ) ) )  What else is there to do guys?  Oh, yeah, roam the universes of infinity.  That.  ) )  ) ) )  5 smiles 4 adventure happiness love Joy Gratitude 4 starters.  What It Is.

In Celabratory mode. This book does it's job. Well done Billy. <3 ) ) ) What else is there to do guys? Oh, yeah, roam the universes of infinity. That. ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 adventure happiness love Joy Gratitude 4 starters. What It Is.