Now 3/6/21 7:23 p.m. Welcome Shiny Ones to Shiny Shane's Shinings 4 a real good time w no expiration date. <3 Life Is Good & Free from here on, right God? ) ) )

Grand Tetons and reflection.  Yahoo images.

Grand Tetons and reflection. Yahoo images.

Now 3/6/21 7:45 p.m. Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven

Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda & God Who is Responsable for All That Is. What It Is. <3 )

Now 3/7/21 This Page is brought to you by The Starving Orphans in Uganda & other African Nations who DESPERATELY Need OUR Help.

Look, Folks, It's simple as rain.  These Children, each and every one Precious in the eyes & Heart of God are not doing well in these make shift orphanages run by stressed out caretakers bc they can not feed them.  Govts there don't care.  All they care about is the toilet paper. our name 4 money, which No longer exists.  Read all the documentation from the bottom of the page that may have sent you here.   

And here's link to chip in, if can to the cause of feeding the Starving innocent children.  The greater the gift, the greater the reward, even if just sharing if don't have the $5. minimum.  Ty. 

If you would like to share this page, here's link: 

A germane page:  we could go on & on... )

Greetings Beloveds, Shane, here, your humble scribe, high seif of Farili Triumphio Jagio & Paul Francis 'Frank' Brown am  here to tell you guys, as the govt terms us 'consumers' that life is about learning and the largest lesson we came down here to learn, people, is L O V E.  That Is It.  God created us out of HisHer 'Own' Love substance, the same God 'glue' that holds Awl Creation together, my dear friends.  There is nothing that is not love in motion. i.e. The trees, you and me, our pets, the sidewalks, stoplights, water, the moon sun & stars. the infinite grains of sand on the beach.

It's the same substance, dear ones & God 'Owns' It Awl' inc the toilet paper.  The real toilet paper is fine, the toilet paper that makes anti christ Gates the richest asshole in the world isnow being flushed out to eternal oblivion.  In other words, folks.  That scumbag whose vaccine experiments have murdered half a million African Children, not to mention that he wants to cull the world population w his pal, kissinger, and of course, wants to put chips in everyone's bodies. I mean WTF people?  And this pos can go on CNN and bc he can buy anything and anybody w his super large 'toilet paper' collection he gets away w it. Not w God 

Sorry guys, we got a little sidetracked there as scribe got 'started.'  Any quantum physicist will tell you that, tho they may not think of it as that w their scientific brains, but ask someone who's tripped on LSD,  taken magic mushrooms w psylocyben, mescaline, (inc one guy who, tripping on psylocyben looked up to the sky over Provincetown, Ma and seeing a giant King of Hearts looking down on him,  just like the playing card. Yes, that did happen w Paul back in the day, as Shane was there & concurs.  Lol.  Those were the days, but let us be clear, clear is the best.  We do Not advocate drug use at all dear ones. 

It's been a decade and a half since we smoked our last joint & it will remain our last joint.  We do rec CBD oil, No high but can be beneficial in many ways.)  even potent marijuana can point out to us that there's something so much more than our same old same old 'groundhog day' lives, w our 9 to 5 routines, you know, get home from work watch tv; If lucky you have food in the house and a bed to sleep on, not to mention that roof over our  heads, Thank God. Praise God bc God Is Good, dear ones.  God Is Good. Indeed.  <3 )

So, in a world w millions of fellow Immortal Spiritual beings, which Is what we are. - See that 'Urgent Message,'  in our humble opinion, the most important document since maybe the Magna Carta,  ISB's. 26 years in incubation, transmitted in 1995 thru Psychic 'Channel' Chapel Tibet from Shane, Paul's future self sitting right here now in the same body Paul occupied. Oh, we'e still him,but it's like are You the same person you were 2, 3, 5 years ago?  We change so when reading something we wrote like 4 years ago it's like visiting a time capsule.  Like, that was me writing that?  Lol. )

Know what & Who we are, We Are God living in us as us, dear ones, in this hard, yes it's hard, Robert, 'Bootcamp Schoolhouse training place, so to speak, for soul growth.  We, pre-birth awl chose our life paths and the script that would guide us through, my dear friends.  These tough orphans are the toughest of the tough, bravest of the brave and it's time we woke up to their worth and took care of them.. 

Thank You awl 4 your time in reading this, now take action.  Do something.  Go out and smile at some shocked stranger, a friend you haven't met yet.  Upstairs, guys, there's no strangers.  We've been around each other forever and will be awl linked together 4 ever going 4 ward bc we Are Awl part of the tapestry of Source Heavenly FatherMother God Creator ALL THAT IS Great I AM THAT I AM DIVINE ULTIMATE - ULTIMATE DIVINE Higher Power The Infinite The One. It's simple, not complicated at all. What It Is. rec & fin  same day 4:00 a.m. 

Now 3/7/21 4:07 a.m. Shine on Me David Ramirez

Thank You David & Your Fans ~ Everyone. Keep Shining Shiney's ~ Everybuddy. <3 ) ) )

Now 3/7/21 4:33 a.m. Collective Soul - Shine (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul & Your Shining Friemds ~ Everyone. <3 )

Break time, guys.  Who are You allowing to beYour main guides, if we could ask?  We recommend God & God consciousness.  It's simple, just be the God Goddess God made when SheHe made you.  Perfect as You Are.  Partner up w the Best, dear ones & we'll awl be fine & happy 4 ever in paradise, and guess what sons & daughters of The Infinite, we are Awl Home Now. It Is Written.  Praise God IS.  What It Is.  <3 ) ) ) In  eternal Gratitude 888 )  Exact moment fin 4:44 a,m,  Thank you angels  (lower case as is their preference. )

Break time, guys. Who are You allowing to beYour main guides, if we could ask? We recommend God & God consciousness. It's simple, just be the God Goddess God made when SheHe made you. Perfect as You Are. Partner up w the Best, dear ones & we'll awl be fine & happy 4 ever in paradise, and guess what sons & daughters of The Infinite, we are Awl Home Now. It Is Written. Praise God IS. What It Is. <3 ) ) ) In eternal Gratitude 888 ) Exact moment fin 4:44 a,m, Thank you angels (lower case as is their preference. )

Now 3/7/21 6:25 p.m. A Fb share we are, obviously, sharing here, bc we think it's pretty shiny. We may be wrong, but we doubt it. Ok? Good. )

Happy Sunday Folks. Have you seen the latest shinings coming down at Shane's Shining place? esp at bottom w a link to the new Shane page. See link to help starving orphans. For 5 bucks you can be a hero. So far 0 heroes have stepped up after 22 days.. Yes, we live in God's script. It gets better awl the time. And have you checked the Share Good Stuff page of the day?

And tomorrow's is another 'Doozie' if we say so. God does it Awl, we peck out the words. We are always amazed at the synchros & content. We Love God & working w HerHim as humble servant as scribe. bc of how HeShe works. You would too once you surrender your life to God thru portal of Jesus Christ who's cosmic name is Sananda, and does want to be addressed as that name going forward thru eternity like scribe, Shane is our name and no, we don't use it at the becoming extinct banks bc toilet paper (money) is no longer needed bc Love Has replaced that shhiit in a spiritual omniverse, my dear friends. Thank God.

Hopefully, our coffee shops stay open and your store giving it awl away Free, like you & me and the freebirds we become when we shed the physical coil in a perfect world, bc That's what God wants & God, not any devil or anti christ,, God OWNS HISHER 'Plant it' Earth, people of 'We The People' . < Period. Film here:   TYVM .

Hint for tomorrow's page of day? We Awl need a Fresh start. Ciao 4 now, hopefully, Grateful heads. Alive or Dead, know what we mean? Good. ❤ ) ) ) 😎

P.s. This Fb sharing is now hanging out w other good shiny shhiit, here:  Alert the newzzz media bc they only want to report on bad shhiit. Maybe we can get Shane a rest ed and maybe interviewed on 60 minutes or your local tv that may have a minute or 2 for some Good new news, or Bad like Michael Jackson 'Bad.'
We shall see, sooner or later, good news will heal the plan it Rock n Roll and we'll awl look back & think to ourseelves, telepathically, bc that's how we communicate 'Upstairs. We'll think... Wow what a long crazy trip That was. You mean, I dropped my servant body yet I Am still here?? Holy Smoley, Laugh, Sing, cry cry cry bc God Loves us enought to keep us around, right Jerry? ) ) )
He says, ) ) ) and We made He upper case. That's Jerry, a modest humble, self depracating 'servant' God who can't give us enough of His enormous infinitely talented Giving Heart of Heaven w absolutely no boundaries whatsoever, guys. And you unsuspecting consumers out there just thought he was just another talented musician.

Hey, we can also be in Jerry's Band The Grateful Living. Scribe can play tambourine w the best of them. Lol ) And we know you can as well Lucky, Lucky and Lucky. Shane is there anyone here who is not named Lucky as a 'Buddy' type name?
The answer is No, my dear friend, if you are reading this, your nick name is Lucky bc You are a human being and like awl God's creation, It's Awl Love and to have that Love, you gotta be Lucky, Lucky, ok Lucky? Good Lucky. See you later at Lucky's Bar & Grill, Ok? Great. Maybe we'll get Lucky down there. That's weir awl the Lucky chicks go after work, we hear.

Oh, wait a second, 4 got, there is no more 'work' as Maynard G Krebs would say on Dobiie Gillis Tv show of the 60's. That shhiit is Over. Done. Finished. In the can. Movie recorded at Akashic records theater when ready. Awl records Now up to date & in the books.

Alright, then. What's to do now, dear ones? Yes, Lucky?  Let's liisten to the next song. Thought you'd never ask, my dear frend(s) Let's go to You Tube & see what pops up, as first choice couldn't be found. Ty GOD IS. ❤ ) ) ) 😎

Now 3/7/21 8:19 p.m. Van Halen - When It's Love (HQ)

Thank You Van Halen: Sammy, Michael & Alex, Shoutout to Wolfgang & Valerie. RIP Eddie 'Rockin' In Paradise' as this song was just playing on WZLX Boston's Classic Rock ) Thank You Universe. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 adventure. )

Now 3/8 /21 12:47 a.m. Welcome to Monday & another strong...

When Paul worked for a sales organization in Tampa Fl, sellling vacuum cleaners eons ago, they called the weeks 'stromgs.' And they were serious about it.  It's about feeding the subconscious only positivity as that part of our makeup is a prime tool we can utilize to create  a successful life. So it just came to our brain to use that hear (well)  It is always listening, e.g. you don't want it to hear from you that you're a loser or this week,strong, is gonna suck. 

You want it to hear Oh, This strong is going to be awesome, or even better is put it in the past tense, like it's already done.  Say What an  awesome week we had.  So, we are declaring that this strong was awesome & Amazing in every way, in the past tense.  What It Is. Ref next video, if led.

So at this page  will w Good God willing, be the place 4

the days 'Share Page of The Day' and today's is done by spirit w a new Share at bottom w Van Halen  Rockin' The House. And here's the link, my dear friends.  Ready? 

And hope Y'all en Joyed Shane's Shinings here b4 showing up here: 

We've only just begun, What It Is.  )

We do awl need a Fresh start, Shane knows our complex does.  Thank You God  IS. )


Thank You Joseph Mmurphy M.D. for sharing your knowledge

Now 3/8/21 It's International Women's Day! <3 )

Happy International Women's Day Ladies. Here's a Tribute via how the angels communicate.

Thank Y'awl ❤ ) ) ) )   

Also, we just added a great Jerry Garcia Biography, which can be viewed here, if want to see.  We highly recommend for awl who love Jerry, who's more alive than we are bc He thrives in the Highest realm of Heaven where Marie & Company live.  What It Is.  <3 ) ) )      

Now  3/9//21  1:16 a.m.  A sweet time to announce the 'Share Page of the Day'

Changed from A Place of Hope to A Place 4 hope & w a new url bc the previous one, which worked b4, stopped workig bc God, obviously, wanted a new one.  No problem God we both know You're The Boss. )  So, here's the still  shiny page from 11/18 w a few minor repairs. & hope it works 4 y'awl. <3 ) God bless.  )

Now  3/10/21   1:51 a.m. and the Share page of Day is:

Hope, en Joy & see Y'as exactly where we're supposed to be further on down the road.  <3 )

Now 3/10/21 Just sharing a little gratitude...

Just sharing a little gratitude page.  not done.. 

To those starving that we can't help, we do the best we can, but one donor on soc sec can't help everyone unless we wake up and start going w God's Perfect Plan that Everything Is Free. 

Wouldn't that make sense?  Eliminate the middle obstruction, the money obstacle, these little pieces of paper that seem to run our lives.  Oh, oh, Shane, are you gonna get started,  man? 

No, spirit, we don't want to be redundant.  It's all here, God's solution, once again.  w Sananda response 

Eventually, this material, 26 years in incubation, kept alive only by it's author, Paul's future self. the dude going by the name 'Shane' (means God Is Gracious ) w large Gratitude to Farili (The Gifted one) & Paul (humble ) the main 'An Urgent Message' will reach it's intended audience of the world w the awakening process we are well into now.  Praise & Glory to God IS.                        It Is Written.  2:33 a.m. Quincy, Ma USA.

Anyone want to be a hero?  24 days and No one has stepped up  to the plate.  Who will be the first, other than Paul? 

Now 3/10/21 4:54 p.m. Entered into the record: The Thinning of the Veil, Mary Bruce Wallace What topic, spirits rising, coulld be more germane to us? Politics, the new hottest celebrity, Oh I know, the latest hollywood dirt on so and so. We got the coffee, peeps, can you smell it? Hope so.

Thank You Mary Bruce Wallace & Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages for sharing onYt. <3 )

Now 3/10/21 5:16 p.m. A sweet message for us awl. Ty angels, time keepers 4 our spiritual awakening. More Love Than We Can Imagine - Tricia Barker, Near-Death Experiencer (NDE)

Thank You Tricia Barker 4 being an angel & sharing your experiences. <3 ) ) ) )

Michael The Archangel Great Warrior of  God and Angel of protection. Stops by here 4 us awl:  😎  (Fb share )

Michael The Archangel Great Warrior of God and Angel of protection. Stops by here 4 us awl: 😎 (Fb share )

Now 3/10/21 Strange new news from a higher realm. Won't make your 6 O'clock news humanity. Not bad enough. ( Too bad. ; (

From Fb notifications: On This Day
3 years ago
Paul F Brown
Shared with Public
Michael The Archangel Great Warrior of God and Angel of protection. Michael, we, on Bewhole of
Team Oneness humbly A S K You & your 'cup runneth over' overly kind angels to help each & every-one of us connected human beings, overcome our human frailties, shortcomings & fear of the Grand future that awaits us Awl according to God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan 4 humanity, that we are already up to our necks in. For this we offer 5 smiles of love & light - Joy - Harmony & Adventure. What It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) ) Thank You SO Much Michael & Company of Heavenly Heaven's angels*

Rec & fin 3/10/21 7:00 p.m.  *(lower case by their preference.  )

Now 3/10/21 8:14 p.m. Atheist Neurologist Transformed by Near Death Experience (NDE)- (Unintentional ASMR)

Thank You Bettina Peyton Md For your healing testimonny and IANDSvideos for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 3/11/21 3:07 a.m. Love and Joy: Near-Death Experiences and Mystical Experiences

Thank You Bettina Peyton Md For your healing testimonny and IANDSvideos for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 3/10/21 8:44 p.m. Angel time. Hey fellow kids of God... Who wants to go to the movies & have Fun, like God, Our Father & Mother want us to have? Shane. <3 )

Thank You God & George Stevens - Alan Ladd - Jean Arthur -Van Heflin - Jack Palance - Brandon De Wilde & Everyone who contributed to this God conceived written produced directed & acted production like Everything else in Creation. It's Awl God, dear ones. How's Your movie going, Oscar? And You, Marilyn? Ya look pretty shimmering shining star lights to these appreciative eyes, on loan from God. Who's ready for a Brand New Movie? God, Mary, Sananda, Marie & Company of Heaven on Earth? We wait, and wait... Honey, pass the popcorn & let's enjoy the movie w the knowing the hungry starving children and adults in the world will no longer be suffering bc Everything Is Free. Got it People? Free as in F R E E TYVM Film: . )

We had another pic in mind, God put this one up.  God Is Always Right.  Great choice, God.  <3 )

We had another pic in mind, God put this one up. God Is Always Right. Great choice, God. <3 )

Now 3/11/21 1:16 a.m. The Share w angels Page of this 11th day of month of March, is...

Greetings, Guys and here we go, awl prepared 4 your consumption if open to it.  May be hard 4 some to wrap your arms around that's why teamwork is key.  Got it?  get it here... )  

With pic we had in mind for above photo.  Praise God IS.  <3 )'

See on Fb, if led:  

Hope everyone has a wonderful magical day in the neighborhood.  In Gratitude. ) ) ) 

Now  3/12/21  Shane, got another Hope page for the team?   Of course, Sonny, here you go, from a year ago...

Share page of day is: 

Now 10/31/21 Near-Death Experiences May Reveal Glimpses Of Afterlife | TODAY (Replacement)

Thank you Natalie Morales and Today. <3 )

Now 3/12/21 Dolores Cannon on Life After Death

Thank You Dolores for this Cannon impact information. #MasterClass
Yet Still the humans zzzzz esp the snoozzz media who only cover bad shhiit. : (

Now 3/14/21 12:16 a.m. Dolores Cannon on "The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth"

Thank You Dolores for sharing your vast knowledge w us aw. <3 ) #Mustseeandhear

Now 3/13/21 The Lucky day of the month. You feeling lucky, Lucky?

Now  12  Hey Guys,  Shane here, This page among other things will point you to new content like

The Early Van Halen  & analysis of Boston's 'More than a feeling.' w Prof Rock. Good stuff. Here's url    (copy/paste if doesn't work)

Here's the Share page of the love day, today.  We looking for whistleblowers.  We've only just begun, dear schoolkids on earth, as Dolores says, as we are listening.  We're in school, kids.  What grade are you?  ) 

 Now  3/14/21  Here's Share page of day, continuing the Hope theme...                                   

That shift ended as recorded.

That shift ended as recorded.

So, after great sleep we report (on time as usual) back to work (play) & we share the following... if anyone int.

Greetings fellow infinite amazing awesome fellow beings of light & Love.  Wow, wasn't That Quite The show! OMG  Ok, don't want to get too much ahead of ourselves. If haven't watched & processed the Dolores Cannon videos abovve, you are missing essential information.  Plz go back & 'Get it' Oscar & Marilyn, or Tom & Betsy, whatever Your 'movie star' name is for you in the collective movie starring us awl just completed. Credits roll.  We recognize Brandon De Wilde as 'Best Boy.'   <3 )

Next age will, Source continued willing, is the Now age we have begun w us awl meeing, greeting as we gather over  at Shane's III place soon, there, like a cast party after the long runniing play ends w no more 'acts' scheduled going 4 ward into the fantastic far flung future 4 ever that united Source God Creator ALL THAT IS 4 starters,  has waiting 4 us in the wings, so to speak.  So, indeed,  dear ones in God, w more than a nod & tip of the hat to our Brother & Saviour(Not Lord Please)  Sananda + Jesus w acknowledgement to Yeshua and His other names, starting w Emmanuel,  which means 'God Is Here.' 

We predict a Shane Shining III page 4 this tomorrow Tuesday the sweet 16th day of March, 2021   Hang on 4 dove's wild ride to infinity.  We have the technology built into our DNA.

So, got some cosmic sleep and found our soul self at Source's Place w no obstructions. Received info like It's ok not to restore disappeared content on God's pages on God's 2 sites.  In one shared below  'It's Awl God' it would mean finding & replacing 6 sharings.  That the new, imminent Shane III page will be like a after play cast party gathering, where, like the bar scene in Star Wars, awl the characters can meet up & have a beer. 

In other words, guys, we don't have to die to meet up on the shiny new platform 'wellusion' we ARE  living in Now.  Yes, it was subtle and did not happen just yesterday, again ref Dolores, who Is so active on the other side, Cheering us on along w the company of Heaven.  <3 )  #Cosmicpeanutgallery  #Weawlgotthispuppy   #Doitagain  #GotoyourroomSteelyDan)

So, here's Shane's Share page of the love day of 3/15/21.  It's Awl God  <3 )   En Joy if want, it's Your choice, Sofie.  )

Pic:  That Man w 'Cosmos' the horse, looks familiar.  Anyone know name of his best role?  )

So, after doing all this stuff.  Shane was moved to do one of his 'let's see what music the universe wants us to hear now,' given how far we've come.  So, we reach blindly into one of the cd boxes declaring the perfect musiic for Now.  Below is the Cd and, of course, we will now share the song we're hearing now which kicks off the album.  Yep, 'turn me loose.' )


Thank You Loverboy <3 )

To Be Continued...

One humanity One path One Source to Go Home To.  We're here, guys. Simple Is God consciousness. Thank You  Mary ~ Jesus Sananda & Company of Heaven &, of course, the angels.  <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 smiles 4 the adventure we are already well into.  )

The continuation page url is: 

Keep Shining Shiney's  )  Nod & tip of the hat to Alan Ladd.  <3 )