Now New News 12/05/19 God's Got this W Us Partners 888 <3 )

God would <3 2 lend a Bigger Hand.  Jesus said Ask, Seek, Knock.  Let's ASK Shouldn't we Team Oneness.  W God We Can Have Everything inc early retirement... Yes, Like NOW, Dear Ones.  Deal?  Smile, God Loves us.  Each & Every one.  <3 )

God would <3 2 lend a Bigger Hand. Jesus said Ask, Seek, Knock. Let's ASK Shouldn't we Team Oneness. W God We Can Have Everything inc early retirement... Yes, Like NOW, Dear Ones. Deal? Smile, God Loves us. Each & Every one. <3 )

Now Beginning The Infinite Adventure 12/05/19 Let's Be Safe Out There...

Thank You Collective Soul. this Video has saved many lives. <3 )

Now 12/05/19 Ruby Rogers Center did it right. Bean counters and non givers dropped the ball. Big time. Sad, just sad.

Hope remains. All it takes is one football player or othher Multi million dollar earner. But too late Read the memo yet, guys?

Now 12/05/19 We Got A Miracle 'Be careful what you ask 4, Nanci. )

It Is Written... 

Jesus response... 

W a Big Thank U 2 People who can give even 1 or 2 bucks.  With 500 peeps, e.g.  responding we be good and gooder as kind people share.  However, guess it doesn't matter anymore as the cashless society is here, now & 4 ever.  Celebrate... responsibly.  Meet ya's at Canal Street 4 All those coming and going.  #WaitingonaFriend&aBrother )  

Now  3/26/21  Ok, so The Ruby RogersCenter didn't make it.  We are trying to keep orphans in African Nations like Uganda from starving to death.

If annyone else on the planet besides Shane would like to help out, thereby creating a ripple of good to come back & bless you.  here's where to give.  TYVM 

 If you would like to share this page, url is:

Now 12/05/19 Marie, Mother Marie wants 2 hear this, we 2, anyone else? Fine.

Thank You Cat ~ Yusuf 4 Your faith & trust in God 2 follow your own path. We invite you 2 come 2 Boston 2 sing this song. 'Book him Danno' ) Anyone else who is in the perfomance business, contact our lovely agents 4444'4's 4 a booking. ) Oh, Lightfoot, Gordon Lightfoot. We hope 2 see You & Crew at Sanders Theatre in Harvard Square 4 a night of magic, televised so everyone can en-joy. <3 )

Now 12/12/19 Pete Frates Appreciation Share.<8883 ) ) ) )

We Give a Great Big Nod 2 Pete Frates. How do you get a name like Pete Frates, family? /
We will be sharing some thoughts on Pete, now 'Bronco busting' in the cosmos. Nothing can keep this Joyful, as in 'Joy Filled & Spilling Over'...'Buck a roo' down, now that he's free. God willing we will add more good stuff including a particular song by a particular artist soon, hear (w) Stay tuned.

Condolences 2 The Frates Family and extended family of all of us as One. Indeed, my dear friends, in the long run, we are much more than just 'friends,' as we will all find out when we reach the far side of non- reality. Film here soon... God's Got This & We 'R' Awl big pieces of the puzzle, making up the tapestry of God's perfect plan 4 our ultimate Victorious destiny in the light & love of Source Creator Good God Almighty ~ Great I AM THAT I AM ~ Awesome Infinite Father Mother ~ Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine / Higher Power unto The wordless "ONE>"Partners in the purrfect crime ( in a good goode way ) of L O V E .. Any ?'s??? Good.

Alright, Folks.  As y'all know, spirit like 2 let the music do the talking, so on that note, we would like 2 let my wonderful & Beautiful Mother - Marie, along w Jaws, Jaws Brown introduce our extra special musical guest... Gawwd to bless us with the ethereal music on the legendary 'Sundown' album.  Marie, Jaws, say 'Hello' to the nice people.  ) ) 

Marie & Jaws  on Mother's Day. Circa 1980. Milton, Ma  Hi Mom & Jawsey. <3  )  <3 )

Marie & Jaws on Mother's Day. Circa 1980. Milton, Ma Hi Mom & Jawsey. <3 ) <3 )

Hey Marie & Jaws.  Mom, remember when I gave you this Gordon cd & told you... 'Mom, if God could sing, and, of course, HeShe can, He'd sound like Gordon Lightfoot.  This one's 4 you Pete.  En-joy this guys, and like this comment from 'Early Morning Rain' .

Tony Rome3 years ago                                                                                                             "you can't jump a jet plane like you can a freight train"... love that line.  We do too, Tony, we all do too.  Thank U for sharing. 

Alright fellow immortal spiritual beings on the way up.  Are we ready 2 get serious about what we really should be doing down here?  As Southern Cross by CSN plays in the background on a Yt video. Let's all take this in, shall we? This Is Big, Guys, like each one of us, we are V A S T.  Can you say, Gratefully...  God Is Great, God is me and I Am in love w God, next 2 myself.  In Jesus Name.  Ok, somebody say "Turn or Toin it up.  Shall we Rock on team?  Oh Good.   )

Now 12/12/19 Carefree Highway

Thank You Gordon See You soon on that Carefree Highway @ Boston, we hope. )

Now 9/10/21 Starbuck Moonlight feels right Lyrics

Thank You Starbuck. Got a a feeling we're Awl gonna get lucky real soon. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 12/12/19 Southern Cross Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Thank You Crosby, Stills & Nash 4 a Trip on the High Seas w Your music. Let's all Sail On... Everybody in? Hope so... ) Ok, guys Sandy the sandman is here and we don't mess w him. Later Rec & fin 4 now 12/12/19 6:44 a.m. Gee, what a lucky # 44 seems 2 be. Is it just us, guys,or R U seeing it 2? Lol ) Ssweet dreams. Off 2 lalalalala land... ) Don't blame us, ghuys. God wrote this script, weir just surfing thru it. w a ) ; )

Now 12/17/19 The Greatest Gift of All Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light December 15, 2019.

Thank You Blossom, Joe, Fed of Light & Source God Creator Father Mother ALL THAT IS The One, The Infinite I AM THAT I AM Higher Power Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine & More not in any strict order. Rec & fin 12/17/19 11:24 a.m. As Veteran of the Psychic Wars play in background on our cd 'Essential Blue Oyster Cult.' Play it Sam...

Now 12/17/19 Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Live) 10/9/1981

Blue Oyster Cult, Ladies & Gentlemen, Blue Oyster Cult. )

Now 12/17/19 Blue Oyster Cult perform ''Shooting Shark'' live on 12-8-19

Thank You BOC Proving doing what we love keeps us young as we feel. TD Garden soon, Guys? Would be nice. )

Now 12/17/19 Blue Oyster Cult - Burning For You - 1981 - HQ Audio )))

Blue Oyster Cult. Please, a warm Thank You 4 Blue Oyster Cult. A 4 ever Band if there ever was one. ) ) )

Now 12/17/19 Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) [FULL VERSION]

Alright, Guys, Now we can all go back w God 2 where we came from. Last one out of 4 &5 D turn out the lights. Greetings & Hello 99 D. Sorry took so long but we had 2 get it right. On bewhole of the group God I Am ready 2 accept my punishment 4 being this late. Head bowed, no money of my own, refrigerator empty, no car, not even bus fare. Thank God 4 a loan just come thru. Good news is the cashless society is 'on' 4 participating spirits in the material world. Roll Credits time...

12/17/19 12:36 p.m. This is a wrap, dear ones. Hope see ya's somewhere weir it's safe. Good luck & Godspeed. Signed, Paul, everyone's humble servant In Jesus Name. Thank You God 2 Whom Awl Praise, Worship & GRATITUDE should B directed. Anything else to do at this moment, Dear God? ) Yes that. ) ) ) Alright. Cheers & Cheerio, my dear friends. Namaste <3 )

Now 12/18/19 Landmark FB sharing now permanently etched in this Simple Site 'Partnership' page... If led feel free 2 share w yer friends ~ everyone. )

Transferred from  Fb page...

Paul F Bro. News Flash People of Earth... Money is Dead. Peeps. Get the memo...  Jesus' response    Tell us all Elvis:  Celebrate 4 ever:  Merry Christmas!... 

Lionel, Bro, the song Please, & Ty, my Man. <3 ) 

See Ya's clearly in 2020. Hope Every one has a Happy & Bountiful Christmas & New year celebratory (responsibly) season. Paul & Company. Thank You God 4 The eternal Life lived in the Joy of Christ consciousness 4 all eternity.  We have one thing 2 do, fellow immortal ones. We are not asking 4 a 'Yes God.' We noah's have 2 have no doubts whatsoever from our Grateful invitees. So the accepted answer 2 God is. Ahem... God, on our knees... "Of Course" Dear God. "In Jesus Name." And So It Is. Done.

TYVM everyone. Want 2 see what we are working on now? Mosey on over here, among other places.  like:  Thank You Michael, Collective AA 2 Infinity Angels. (Scribe does capitalization as these angelic beings are not into any kind of puffiness, whatsoever. What's next Paul?

Aaah Fun, movies, walks in the park or the beach or just @ the block. Camping, mountain climbing, surfing, etc whatever good clean fun suits your particular fancy.  You like pina colada's?  What a co-incidence so do I.  Non alcoholic ones, however.  You can drink more of the. and a cheeseburger in paradise won't hurt anyone. ioho. So, on with the Fun:  The 11th Commandment.  Here, we'll start ya's off w a slide show, then you're all on your own. ) 

Care 2 see the menu? Too late 4 donations. Congrats 2 Fred Greaves 4 making the one ($50.) donation we received since 2013. Sorry James Martin dr Peebles, as heard in this life altering reading w Law, James Madison Law. RIP Jim 'Rockin In Paradise.' 😎    Menu can be seen here at Site Essentials page...  

Alright, Dear Ones, this  will, Good God willing, be now placed at the partnership page unless God has other ideas 4 it. Hold on... Bingo:  Here it is scroll down 2 bottom & witness history being made right B4 our eyes, Ladies & Gentlemen.

p.s.  We would have recorded tis occasion w a pic, however we left our phone camera according 2 script in a friends car the other day. It's probably in New Hampshire. If we had a friend 2 drive us on a few errands and then up there, that would be nice.  We could also visit the baby  Celeste Floyd, 'Seal'  2 his buddies, everyone. And Aspyn Serenity, Paul's beautiful Goddaughter and Cheri & Victor And Gloria & John & Joey, not 2 mention their 3 feline companions )))

Alright, Got to update this to FB. Big Nod 2 FB 4 doing a amazing job w our cashless society sharing.      

Rec & fin 12/18/19  7:07 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA

Now 12/19/19 Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)

Thank You Lionel..Can't think of a better plan. Yes, humans, there is something better than money. Real True Freedom if we all agree to abide w God's Plan, the one & only sustainable plan 4 the eternal long run. Together, 'We The People' can make this so. 'Done.' Indeed.

Now 12/20/19 Led Zeppelin - Presence (full album)

Thank You Led Zeppelin. And Thank You 4 Your presence & passionate performance down here on and off stage. <3 2 break bread at 'the 99' w ya's. ) Deal? ) In 2020 when we awl have double vision by following God's 'Course in Fun.' Note P is finding out a lot of this as you guys are as it gently flows out of his fingers w a 'gulp' just now. Thank You God Creator ALL THAT IS GREAT I AM THAT I AM Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The One. )
Rec & fin 12/20/19 1:08 a.m.

Liner notes:  So, it was b4 midnight last night & we asked spirit 2 lead us 2 the perfect music 4 the moment and we were led to a particular area of our vast cd collection and blindly picked out this one. Perfect. There you go again, spirit. This will be our album of the now & coming times/ moments. to savor like the following concert w a supernatural talent who is invited 2 Boston 2 share her immense gifts. Praise, Worship & endless Hugs w God 4 HisHer divine love, mercy & compassion 4 a wayward race of beings termed the Hu man race.

We are tuned and set 2 run on music. So, whether you like it soft & mellow or crank it 2 the max, it's all love, filling us & the air w the love of God and the Uni-verse which is love. And Awl is well bc we are well & getting more well awl the eternal moments of N o w.  And So It Is this moment & 4 ever w Hugs w the angels... In Jesus Name. <3 ) Speaking of angels, our next artist is in the wings... ~ ~ ~ <3 ) 

Ed note:  Notice it came down timeless.  Sweet  )  Btw, Loreena, all the ships in Ashtar's Fleet have rejuvination chambers 4 makeovers.  You, my dear, do Not need any makeover.  Lol  )

Loreena McKennitt performs Live at Zoomer Hall.

Thank You Loreena & Your trusty sidekicks. Hope 2 catch you when you come 2 Boston. Hope real soon. <3 ) 4 Awl of us. ) ) ) )

Now 12/24/19 Timely Message from Circle of Light. TY Doug & Yael Powell. <3 )

Christ Mass

“It is no longer a celebration of what is outside of you”

Beloved ones, we now come to a time that is the pinnacle of your year. It is the opening of the veil. It is the moment of remembrance when all that you are is available and you can feel the glory of Love in all of its fullness, right here, in the center of your being.

It is the time for the celebration of the Christos, the pure heart of God, the resonance of Love and the Star of Light that is the matrix of Love’s eternity, radiant and perfect that comes to shine in all its splendor in the sky of your deepest being.

It is the time, whatever your perspective…whatever words you use to describe the awakening of Love… the movement that comes through all humanity to reach for peace, to find the truth of being in which all are joined.

This time in this moment of history is the awakening of the Christ as you. It is the remembrance of the Love that is your purity, that is that which is being born anew in you and as you, right now.

So I invite you, precious hearts, beloved ones, to the holy Mass of the birth of Christ within you. I invite you to be present in this Now Moment as the universe is stunned by your beauty as you burst forth as the affirmation of the heart of Love in its ability to hold the radiant truth that Love is everything, is everywhere, is indivisible and is received with every breath of the whole of God.

It is the time, beloved ones, for you to see you as I see you, as this perfect Love, and it is time for you to look upon the star within you and see just how perfectly you shine, how you hold the radiant splendor of Creation so perfectly and powerfully within you.

When you step into this moment of real acceptance of the Love you are, of your pure Light, then you shall also become aware that all Creation sings a hymn of joy at the presence of your Love, holding this heart of all Creation that it may be experienced, known and celebrated in new ways for all eternity.

It is the time for you to feel this song of Love rising from within you and moving outward, touching all of life in wonder, that that which you are --this perfect Love -- can shine before you as everything you see, as all you do, as your ability to meet your heart again in everything you see and all you touch.

There is a reverence for the perfect heart of God I Am bursting forth in glory, ever new, a song that fills the universe and brings the truth that Love is all you are. Your experience of the living Christ is now available in all its fullness, in all its splendor, that you might taste the truth of the Love you are this year.

Beloved ones, I invite you to this Christ Mass that you might be the experience of the holy heart of God, that you might recognize the birth of the living Christos and hear the voice of Christ in tenderness, in mercy with the whole of Love, living as you and gently extended to encompass not only the world but all of life.

Your every breath is celebrated throughout the cosmos and your heart beat, the one you share with humankind, holds the most astounding revelation of what it means to live as perfect Love expressed in the endless Now.

So, beloved ones, it is time to turn within to this endless space of pure communion, that you might hear God, hear the hymn to the Christ, to the radiant heart of splendor that is your truth … that you might experience the limitless sky of your perfection and in it, the luminous heart of God that is your heart, your truth, your identity, the one it is now time for you to live.

Every celebration of Christmas, of high and holy holidays, whatever the mind definition might be, is totally originally meant to acknowledge the heart of God I Am as humanity. This sweet acknowledgement gives voice to all that is holy, peaceful, beautiful, that such Love may be allowed to work its miracle, to lift every consciousness into the truth, so that you might hear the song of the whole of Creation singing in celebration of you, you – the heart of God, the truth of Love, the center of Creation in its giving, the powerful expression of the birth of Creation and this ability to be the truth of Love expressed.

In this moment, all of you are present, honored and washed in this River of Grace, that every old heart’s belief, every misperception of who you are, of what life is … can fall away. You can hear the celestial song of the whole of Creation celebrating you, the truth of your heart, the glory of your being, the expression of Christ which is Love’s perfection here in the world as you.

What you feel when you connect with this radiant star of truth that is the pattern held of Love expressed in all its holiness, purity and its unity – its ability to encompass anything else not aware of the truth of only Love… This resonance which is the Christ, the heart of God, is the pure magnetic presence of God expressed. It is All That I Am born in this Now Moment as the majesty of your true heart and it is the time of the world for this experience to be fulfilled in you now, if you will simply allow it.

Allow this Love to show you the birth of your Christ heart, and step into the center of who you are, that you might meet in this place of unified splendor the star of your heart, the birth of the Christ, here, now, in its fullness as you.

As you come into the present to this Now Moment, you become this celebration of Real Love and you hear, in the fullness of your being, just how beautiful you are – not the small, carefully-constructed egoic identity – but the vast and majestic Love that you are eternally.

You are the Christ and this is your Mass where all of life celebrates you – sings songs of gratitude, whose chorus is all of Nature and whose hymns are filled with shining Light. Come, beloved ones, and let Me show you the truth of your heart, the joy of your being that you might be the wholeness of this song of worship that is Love expressed so perfectly as you and is Love as the whole of life as well.

Both are born as you now and you become effortlessly the entraining presence, that the veil of ego can at last be stilled, become transparent in your presence, that the birth of Christ may be experienced by every life in every moment of the world.

It is no longer a celebration of what is outside of you, though there have been many who have held Love well, have given you examples of what it means to feel the truth of your being in every moment. These glorious, magnificent beings are holding for you the resonance of Love that calls from within you and that receives this life, this birth of Christ in gratitude in this Now Moment again, until only Love is what you feel and you become this very song of gratitude.

It is the Mass of Christ that fills the cosmos. It is the universal celebration of this heart. It is the harmony of all your prayers together, meeting this celestial song of deepest acknowledgement of that which you are in this Now Moment. The matrix or the template of your luminous heart is now so fully alive within you that you have to find it. It pushes through every illusion of other than Love, fills every void, transforms every story and speaks the name of the heart of God unveiled as the heart of humankind awake…awake and celebrated.

Beloved ones, it is the end of time and mind as you enter into this celestial Mass, this endless song of perfect acknowledgement of you, the Christ, the heart of God I Am, made manifest.

The cathedral of your heart is the whole of Creation. Your hymnal is the Moment of Creation. Your countenance is the splendor of Light awakening to the truth of Love as it goes forth ever giving more of itself.

That which has been the experience of duality, that which has been life in a world with possibilities other than Love, that which creates separation from the whole, that which has been stories and attachments…now becomes doorways to Love. Each such experience is an opening to the cathedral of your heart.

Come! Experience the Moment of your birth, your Creation. Be this Love and you are Home forever.

Beloved ones, this world you live in, when seen through the eyes of the heart, the heart of Christ, is nothing but the hymnal, the chorus of Angels, your supporting cast. Everything the heart sees is a miracle. All that you touch is revealed as spiritual gold and the world around you, through the heart, is an Eden. All of Nature is singing your song, acknowledging the luminous heart of the Christos, the birth of Christ as you.

©2019 Circle of Light Spiritual Center | Eureka Springs, AR 72631


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven... )

Now 12/25/19 Mother Mary's Christmas Eve Message...

Thank You Beloved Mary, Mother of All of Us. Thank You God, in Worship, Praise, Ultimate Gratitude & 4 Ever Thank U Giving. Thank You God 4 the Gift (there are no adjectives) of Jesus, Yeshua, Sananda, & Hiis other names beginning w Emmanuel. May Every day be Blessed like Christmas and may the responsible celebrations begin. In Jesu Name. And So It Is. Just beginning. Maestro (We're all Maestro's.) Cue the songs. Now remember the 11 th commandment, kids. Thou shalt have Fun. Good clean fun. Carry on... ) Thank You Heart Center Community <3 )

Now 12/26/19 Miraculous We found % found & found...

Greetings Divine Ones having human lives in lower D.  The Good news my dear friends, is that the end of 3, 4 & even 5 D is at the threshold of a whole new 'Now paradigm' of Life in higher Dimensions.  How are Your day 2 day occurences, big and small going?  These things are the building blocks of our lives, my dear friends.  It's the little things, a chance encounter, a incident that happenes on the road, in traffic.  Wasnt it funny that Paul McCartney's song that mentionns 'Let em in' occurred the very moment you, being the nice person you are, were letting someone in to the traffic lane ahead of you.

Things like this are called synchronicities,  )'These 'winks from Heaven; can help us find ourselves in this dense, thick maya illusion we live in down here, my dear friends.  Jesus showed us how to live a virtuous life by  always to be willing to help, lend a hand  and not expect reward, except for the feeling that we did good by doing that good deed, going out of our way 2 help someone, giving 2 that cause even tho you don't have 2 bucks in your acct.  etc etc. 

Or how 'bout the time you thought of your loved one and that moment, His or Her 'song' came on the radio.  What about the many moments during the day we think of our departed Mother or Father or sibling or greatly beloved Grandma or Grandpa or Beloved Aunt or Uncle.  We All have connections to our close loved ones>, not to even mention our pets omg talking to Jaws & tinker is so 2nd nature 2 us  that it's unthinkable that they are not right w us in our heart experiencing everything w us, same as Marie, Mom in us w same DNA. My traits r Her traits so many can't even count them  Alva, Dad as well but Marie is def dominant & right here right now.  Correct, Mother?  )  *Spirits confirm w a )  <3 )

We mean  the peace this kind of spirit openness & awareness brings 2 us is simply accepted in our infinite being as the promise of our next breath.  And if that next breath doesn't come then it's God's Will & God's Will is Ok by us bc we Know God's Will is only 4 the very best 4 us awl, & and in turn 4 all our brothers & sisters.  Does this resonate with anyone else out there?  We hope so.  Hope:  The Great gift from God given  2 Awl God's Children who have need to live, in joyful loving harmonious anticipation 4 all eternity.   

So, as you guys  may have heard us say in video or blog that we have not only been unable to find the lost Nebula stone aka the Heaven on Earth stone, well, 2day, this blessed day we have an update.  Wow, really Paul Brown?  What's the update, Paul?  The update is that we found the Heaven on Earth stone as we were about 2 take our red plaid shirt that we wore to our family Christmas gathereing yesterday.  Well, first we took out a @ 2 inch Michael, AA Michael sword of gold which was a Wow, and then we went into the pocket again and pulled out the long lost nebula 'Heaven on Earth' stone.  Immediately sliding down on our kness thanking God.  Talk about a sweet reunion and on the perfect day 4 this manifestation.  Thank You God In All Praise, Worship & Glory 2 You Dear God of All That Is,  In Jesus Name. 

Ok, this also served 2 remind us of the 2 missing angel bracelets that went missing a few months ago, as well.  These were given to us by friiend, Kathy, they were lovingly made by her beloved Mother.  We Thank Kathy so much 4 thinking so much of us as 2 freely give  us these sacred relics.  So, w the discovery of the Michael sword and the Nebula Stone, we got the bright idea to go to the closet and search our shirt pockets for the bracelets there.  On @ the 5th shirt we searched, we felt the bracelets; pulled them out and sure enough, there they were.  Praise God & Thank You All angels of Creation. ''

Hallelujah!!  All Welcome 2 come 2 the Grateful jubilee.  & here's the page we 'partners r working (playing) on now.  Cheers & Cheerio,

P.s.  Pic has Flash fittingly looking like Saturn in background screen .  Father's Mother's planet. influential planet 4 us.  <3  )

Now 1/2/20 Prepare yourselves for the joy to come. Saul via John Smallman, December 31st, 2019

Thank You Saul, John & Mario continuing the Good News from Source. If led, pass it on Dear Ones. Joy Is contagious so let's Carry it on... Deal? Hope so... )

Further addendum...

Thank you Mario for your steadfast sharing of Ultra Good Stuff such as this Saul - John S sharing. So more peeps can experience this we have further shared it at this 'Partners' page, here: God's plan Is Joy 4 HisHer kids, Now, Dear Ones. When will we humans wake up & say... ' Of course,' God. Your 'way of love, in the long & short run Has 2 be our best way as well. A infinitely loving Father Mother Source God Creator, of course wants only the very best 4 HisHer children. Why else would The One, The Infinite, The Original I AM THAT I AM - ALL THAT IS (Etc) send Jesus to guide us out of our self centered, self absorbed march 2 oblivion, as this song plays on Yt in the background. 

Good New News is if we invite Jesus, Christ consciousness Jesus, Yeshua, and His cosmic name Sananda, into our hearts we Will find our way 2 our eternal loving home. FREE! God Knows we love Free, 'don't we Guys? Like Jesus was saying over 2 thousand years ago. I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light & The Love No one gets to the FatherMother except thru me. He Knew. God Told Him that He, Jesus, God's Son, a simple but 'Clear' spirit come down here in a nice 'body suit' would be 'The Gateway' The ONLY Gateway 2 eternal bliss in the infinite light & Love (Nothing else exists, anywhere, my dear friends, ask your more enlightened quantum physicists.) of Creator. And So It Is.

P.s. Alright, once the spigot gets open a bit we can ramble w it, obviously. So we will add this to the place linked above followed by the song mentioned. Hope Everyone has a very nice day and forever in God's infinite neighborhoods. Namaste. )

Rec & fin: 1/2/20 3:16 p.m. How sweet it is. ) Nod 2 a funny man Jackie G. who made us laugh. Who's ready 4 a eternal honeymoon? lol We R 4 sure )

Now 1/2/20 “Can’t Find My Way Home” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers & Steve Winwood @Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia 9/15/14. Now You 'R' there... <3 )

Thank You 2 Awl of The Above esp God. In God we trust. Awl uthers (w) pay cash. Not You Jesus, You've already paid 4 everyone's tickets 2 paradise w Your precious blood. Seriously, Valued Volunteers... Good thing we're Now in a cashless society or we'd all never earn enough money in a thousand lifetimes 2 repay Jesus 4 our eternal infinite freedom w God forever. ) And So It is. In Jesus Name. Done, delivered, signed & sealed. And on 2 the next case. God what is our next assignment, Please? Alright, just let us know Dear God if something pops up. TYVM. <3 ) * * (our signature, in case somebody didn't know this. )

Now 9/10 21 Steve Winwood Dear Mr. Fantasy Live-Crossroads 2007 (High Quality) (Replacement)

Thank You God 4 the the merger of fantasy & reality. Ty Steve & Eric & Company 4 being who you are. i.e. Gods even if you never picked up an instrument. Thank U awl 4 showing up. <3 )

Now 1/2/20 Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood - Presence of the Lord.

Thank You Eric , Steve & Company of Gods & Goddesses. Are we not in the presence of Divinity everywhere we are or go, divine children of God? Indeed, so why don't we start showing it to one another. A little respect can snowball into a large invisible iceberg if we allow it, Dear Ones. Who wants 2 start allowing ourselves 2 show our brothers & sisters the respect we all deserve, as Sons & Daughters of The Infinite? Ok, maybe a few... it's a start. We'll take it, still a lot of weeds 2 clear and wood to chop or burn. Here's 2 new Now beginnings and endless adventures on the high planes we awl are finding our true selves in on our collective journey home. And So It Is. Namaste. Rec & fin Above date: 5:38 p.m.
Note: This is @ the 33rd sharing on this page. A good place 2 stop and maybe add to another page that doesn't have much on it. We'll let ya's know. Hope You've en-joyed this page and hope 2 see ya's around. Catch Ya's on the flip side, maybe. Cheers, Cheerio & Thank You Jesus. <3 )

Encore w Eric... Clapton : Music ,Addiction and Redemption 60 Minutes

Thank You Ed, Lara and Eric. 'It ain't about what I want... but what I can give.' 20:50 God Bless Us Awl & May we Awl learn how 2 give 4 therein lies the secret 2 receive. Just think, guys, the littlest thing, like maybe just giving someone a smile, can brighten their day and that can lead to their doing same w someone else and b4 we know it it, that simple act of kindness has rippled out to the omniverse and sure 2 boomerang back 2 us in many unexpected and gloriously wonderful ways, however, we don't do it 4 the innate rewards, we do it bc it feels good and that feeling is its own immediate reward. Capiche? So, who wants to try it, just 2 see what happens? Hope every-buddy. Let's have Fun out there, the 11th 'suggestion.' <3 )

Now 1/5/20Jesus via John Smallman, January 4th, 2020

Thank You Jesus 4 the wonderful message, John 4 channeling & Mario 4 sharing on Yt. All Praise Glory Worship & Gratitude 2 God. Special Thank You's 2 Awl the angels who share this & Awl these '\\'dispatches from heaven.' <3 )

Now 1/6/20 Waiting For A Miracle- Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band & God 4 The Miracles. IJN. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/12/20 Conversations on Living by Louise L Hay

Thank you Louise 4 helping us awl 2 live our miracles now. <3 )

Now 2/13/20 Dolores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth

Thank you Dolores 4 your amazing work. <3 )

Now 2/13/20 And this page comes to it's end 4 a new beginning somewhere... The Word & Om - The Moody Blues. Keep smiling, partners... ) ) ) ) )

Thank You The Moody Blues. 'Heaven's House Band.' We must be in Heaven, Guys. Thank God. IJN And So It Is. <3 )

Now 2/16/20 A perfect Sun-day 4 a sweet message from Jesus...

Thank You God~Jesus 4 this beautiful message & John & Mario for doing your jobs sharing God's 'Goods.' <3 )

Now 2/29/20 Present! - Jim Macartney and the Near Death Experience

Thank you Jim & Mel for sharing this w the world which really need this knowledge, now more than ever. <3 )

Now 9/10/21 Jerry Garciai Band [1080p Remaster] 09/10/89 Great Woods Mansfield, MA (WSG Clarence Clemens) [SBD]

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band & Clarence Clemmons & Appreciative Audience of us Awl. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/10/21 Jerry Loves us. Be happy ) ) )

Thank You God Who Is Good & Et Al. Does that leave anyone or anything everywhere out? Anyone? Time will tell. )