Welcome to a place where whistleblowers gather & Celebrate Light's Victory over darkness & imbalance. _

Our Good God Buddy, Jerry is representing here bit* a very small part of the infinite Love & Light that every human being is worth.  We are Infinite beings, brothers & sisters of Creation.  We were there when Source God Creator breathed life into us and the wellusion around it.  It was God's immense pleasure to do so, and to nurture us and teach us the ways and kinds of what it will take to, not only survive in our head first dive into these 'set up' challenges that we would encounter but to teach us to thrive through them. 

It's been tough, nobody's path is w/o it''s bumps & bruises, not to mention some, feeling a need 4 Xtremel difficult circumstances, to prove how much out of the ordinary they are.  Some want to reign supreme over other, lesser spirits, in their view.  This action is all self assigned.  Time out as sleep comes.  nap time.  zzzz  

Update after emergency nap. We R still here, w all the challenges, our long time diabetic situation, our brain, body & spirit w the same mission.  We r stlll good, We have a url to share this page. Quite the dream we had, indeed, passed tests and feeling like Jimmy Stewart at end of That 'It's a Wonderful Life' holiday movie.  Key words:  He ain't heavy. humanity. Feeling Grateful.

Rec & fin 3/1/21  11:11 p.m. 

Now 3/2/21  5:07 p.m. God wanted a diferent url for this page.  Here it is:

This page follows on this more reliable platform site, springing from here: Same story re the url.  God wants this new one.  we concur whole heartedly. )     www.tinyurl.com/GodGivesFreedom777   <3 )

Copy & paste if doesn't work.  Ty.

The picture also suggests the solution to the whole money is awl the shhiit on this planet, erroneously.  The entire Omniverse is held together by Love which Is God.  So, we'll talk more about it, but suffice to say.  The long sad money game iis done, over finished, dear ones on God's renegade planet.  Awl that's gone down here, you knoow what fellow spirits we are, in the material world, we can just call it rock n Roll.  Agree?  Film at 11 as they used to say on So Floorida TV back in the day when we lived down there. )

Now 3/1 /21 6 O'clock New News 4 the Now agers. Silly silly human race. When you have Everything you do not need pieces of paper to be compensated. The reward is In the giving. Understand? Plz Try. TYVM ) More: Pull up a chair...

Greetings Star beings gathering exactly weir we are, supposed to be according to our pre- birth assigned life script. And to the folks, mostly in Africa wanting to start a conversation. Sorry, we just can't do that w multitudes. Please, tho bring up a chair & go here: www.tinyurl.com/ShanesShinings777  See the chaiir which we are sitting on now and the 3/1/21 share w Janis & Jerry and kindly read what is given. Does Shane know if he's coming or going?

Anyway, we are all caught up now w The 'Blow The Whistle'  4 A Rest Shane. Announcing Today's Heaping pile of Good Stuff to be consumed by consumers of Goos Stuff, if led. It;s shared at Shane's & here: Now 3/1/21 11:44 p.m. Angel time to sh are new Press Rellease type page: Hope see Ya's there. www.tinyurl.com/GodGoodPressShare777   

Now, picking it up at 3/2/21 12:40 a.m.
Alright, so the new page 4 Press release, basically 'Blowing The Whistle' on God's site here, is in beginning stages. And guess what beloveds?
The Share Page of Day is, can you say 'no brainer?' Yes this Is the Share Page of the Love Day Tuesday 3/2/21

Maintenance man is on hand to fix it up as best he can.
Celebrate, Have Fun, Feed The starving, throw your money out the window, then go clean it up. Love Is Awl that exists.. Be Grateful God Is Good Gratious & Kind scribe is obediently typing. Obey 11th suggestion. http://heavenletters.org/the-eleventh-commandment.html  🙂

Essential Docs page 4 every angel to see & hopefully share or parts of, if led...

www.tinyurl.com/goodNewsDocs777And as for money?  Tell them Bones.


Gee, too bad God couldn't find someone trustworthy, you know like Christ,  to  volunteer to come down here and try to do what Jesus taught when He was walking on the earth schoolhouse. Hmmm

https://tinyurl.com/Godsotherdeliverer777   That would be quite the mission Is Possible.


And just think, guys.  We've only just begun.  Take ya's back to the beginning?  Check it out, if want.  

Now 3/2/21 12:12 p.m. The False Prophet Rot Goes Deeper than Trump

Thank You A Voice in The Desert.

Now 3/2/21 10:00 p.m. And then The Song Toto - Africa (Official Video)

Thank You Toto. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 Adventure smiles 4 You & The Children, Bravest Volunteers 4 human embodiment. God bless us awl. IS )