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Golden Gate Bridge.  San Francisco California.  (Yahoo images)

Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco California. (Yahoo images)

A Hope Bridge.  Free for the taking... )   Caddy Memorial Park, Quincy, Ma.

Hey guys see the above pic just above there?  Indeed it was the original picture placed here.  Then it disappeared which led us to replace it with the top Golden Gate Bridge.  It's like this bridge had a near death experience.  It went to the golden shores above but it wasn;t yet it's time. 

Trust us, friends, you don't want to go b4 your time.  WE can all go over that golden bridge, as one, if it be God's will.  We  are creating our perfect scripts one day at a time.  So relax, chill leave hope for the future even if you've given up on today.  Hang on, the police have arrived.  You don't want to miss this and God only knows what tomorrow or next Tuesday will bring.Hope 4 all God's angels.  When we do good 4 others, we can become as angels.  Let's be an angel for someone today.  Deal?  Cool  )

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Now 10/30/18 Styx - Come Sail Away

Thank You Styx for a song of Hope. indeed.

Hope is not something to give up on, take it from Nick...

I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

Thank you Bro Kevin for sharing your story. Our goal is to stop at least one person from making that final, sad decision. If led, please share this material and know you've played an important part in this movement. Thank You.

The Kevin Hines Story

Thank You Kevin Hines.

Near Death Experience - Proof of 7 layers of Heaven

Thank You Kelly Walsh and Amit Kainth <3 )

Now 10/31/18 + 6/3/19 Updates ) Who wants to move on w our friends and have Fun?

 Hey Team Oneness, as our 'One for all and all for one' team motto implies; what's ours is yours, so, on that note... meet 'Vivienne,' our shiny new HP laptop which arrived Monday (Many Mondays past, now) replacing our trusty Gateway which expired shortly after completing the 'Further Hope Shared' page.  

Vivienne is a very busy, hard working sweetheart. We'll show other pics of her in action, like, as below. ) 

Now 6/3/19  We Have A Large Announcement to Share W the World.  It ha come to us that, Now at 2:18 p.m. during editing process that our Beloved Mother Earth, Now Henceforth, along W Her other names, Terra Christa Gaia Beautiful has now a new name.  We received this joyous news this morning and wrote it down at 10:17 a.m.  4 the record.  Paul, what's Mother Earth's  etc  new name, Bro? 

Thank you for asking, Smiley, Sonny,  Lily, Lucky and Daisy among those who ask.  Ok, The New Now Name we can all  refer to our beloved 'Plant it' or 'Plan it' ... Is simply "JOY" JOY IS GOD"S Divine PURRFECT Gift To  Embrace Her othe names Terra, Christa Gaia and it is an infinite name to carry Her and  us 'Passenngers'  All Thru  forever and eternity with Never, ever, an ending in sight. ~ Only New Beginnings, My Dear Friends,  Do You like it Humanity? 

We must say that, indeed, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God SOURCE Creator Great I AM THAT I AM ~ ALL THAT IS ~ DIVINE ULTIMATE, HIGHER POWER   DIVINE Universal Mother Mary Jesus Yeshua Lord Sananda And All The Company of Heaven, The angels, spirits uncountable NOW and forever singing and dancing With Joy in PRAISE and WORSHIP TO THE ONE.. at this Momentous Occurrence. 

Paul, the hunble servant w a lump in his throat and on the verge of tears, sits here  w Vivienne, like BB King's Lucille. and w our Loving beloved Mom, Marie Lucille Scully Brown Wyatt watches her son's obedient fingers deliberately peck on the keyboard like a talented musician picking just the right notes  and tones on his or her instrument, we are made to truly appreciate the power of this God given device to bring, announce and share God's New Now News to a troubled, to say the least, world.

Just appreciate, guys, that in a few short minutes, this blessed Good News, will, God willing, be shared all over the world with only one easy click. Dr Peebles thinks.  My oh my have we come a long way, remembering what He went thru to spread the good word of God thru Christ The Ultimate Gateway to The Ultimate Divine God Source Creator ALL THAT IS ~ GREAT I AM THAT I AM. HIGHER POWER.. w this miracle device and in a few minutes, our friends, i.e. Everyperson - all over the world can benefit with this newly downloaded from The Infinite Source Know- ledge.

Just think, my dear friends and Thank God... People e.g in India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The U.S., Hong Kong, China, Japan, The Koreas, France, Spain, Venezuela, Iceland South America, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Denmak and Sweden and AWL Far Flung Ports of Call inc Your country if hasn't been mentioned. File under "JOY."

As our amazing intuitive friend, James Law, said to Paul after the life changing reading which we hope Y'all have listened to by now.  It's meant to be shared   www.tinyurl.com/MrToadswildride777  Repeated listenings are highly recommended.  Hey, maybe if we listen Real hard we can actually 'hear' that vibrational guitar riff by Jimi Hendrix ) 

Indeed, so when Jim asked Paul, well - hold on a sec, guys,  Jim asked us, actually saying he 'hoped' that was helpful in some way and the words to reply just didn''t come out.  We thought they would but they didn't.  One reason, not an excuse, but the guy was plain tired, with fumes 4 brain cells. He worked all day driving around, forget what town, think it was probably Fitchburg, Ma.  but he was working on an hour or 2 sleep bc the night b4  after, again, working all day, he attended the Robert Plant Concert in Boston, which btw was Awesome. 

The Space Shifters are an amazing group of 'Crackerjack' musicians and they delivered a very powerful show w Robert, as most know 1 quarter of the Rock group Led Zeppelin which conquered the world with their Powerful music back in the day. This link goes here... www.tinyurl.com/LedZepppelin777    At the end Robert literraly swept with his arms the wind or air whatever right off the stage, leaving nothing.  Well Done Robert... Nod.  )

Ok, so the reading ended and it was truly AWESOME esp W Dr Peebles being a true friend and guide ever since.  So, when asked the question and the answer(s) didn;t come, what stuck at that point was the idea of bread and egg money.  Even back then we did not want any association with money and the site, which Is and Always will be God's site and we don't run on money, we run on love, and love and love...<3 Also A Huge Thank You's to Jim,  Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi, Jerry, John and Esp Jesus.  <3  ) 

So, in closing, dear friends, we are championing the Love currency to match our body electric ascension back to the higher  etheric realms from which we came..  Put everything in  God's hands, listen to the music, have true brotherly and sisterly love and let's see how far it can take us. Does this sound like a better plan than the current nightmare the world is suffering in now?

 We are created infinite eternal Spiritual beings, dear ones.  Money was only a medium of exchannge, like a middle man type arrangement thereby pretty much guaranteeing the inevitable consequence of greed, corruption and very unfortunately-- when people can't get enough of it they (some only Thank God)  It''s monopoly money now guys, correct Father?  Paul Abso F''n lutely, My Dear Son. A Warrior's Warrior, God Knows.

As we were saying some humans get so strung out, frustrated, crazy in a bad way; they lose all hope and sense to the pressure of this madness and they rob, kill, steal from their neighbors and in many cases they get to spend the rest of their lives in prison for a few moments of madness..  Contrast this now, people.  You need stuff to survive, you now with God's New Now cashless society some are strung out or just don't give a damn anymore. Pity, just sad.

It's time to rise up,  humanity and just say "'No, Damn it NO I don't fall for that extinct bad system that has so much blood and tears and anxiety on it's apron. "It had its time, now that we have graduated to living in the eternal 'Now'' we can make the necessary adjustments. Love can replace it. Love is Free, We are Free, The future is free  God doesn't charge money for His love so why should we, children'? 

Once again in this real, no bs forum here's the memo from God 2 us, His Beloved children thru the team binary format starting with Jesus and Paul and extended 2 Sting.  So better 2 Try and invite those totally different from ouselves who may be world's away but live in a country that desperately needs a helping hand from a land rich in love of love and freedom and campassion for all living things, esp our fellow humans. A now way to arrange things is with creating a spillover system. 

God has placed now from 2 2 3 at the top. like a waterfall and flowing down in an orderly pattern..  So, we work w our  upline God to 3 they find there 3 and so on and so on.  Scribe is just dictating this, friends, Trusting the Source of what is dancing thru his fingers of many colors coming thru here.  Alright, now.  It's moment to place the memo and get down the street and out to the sidewalk of life, like anyone else.our Friends beginning with the Jesus and Paul downline.

The school room earth has a new headmaster in The Christ consciousness of the graduates down here, guys. Don't follow so called leaders if it's apparent they don't know weir they're going.  Follow the highest consciousness peeps, the angels in disguise among us.   Rock on Rockers and 'Toin it up!  It's a Free concert from now on.  Jerry Can't wait.  Jerry my Bro, why wait?  Send that ship around, God, Yeah, that one the Starship HOPE.  See Ya's on board.  "JOY' can also be thought of as a Starship, know what we mean fellow passengers?  Hope So.  Thank You Very Much.  WE Love Yas AWL.  <3  ) Here's the 2 links humanity needs to see,  This is God's work guys.  Look, here's the Cosmic Memo once again, If like, please share.  That good deed will return to you in some way, guaranteed. Thank you very much.  )

w Jesus' response:  www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777   

Now.  12/29/18  We remember... www.tinyurl.com/Letterfromadove777  

Weir being showered w God's love, Heads of all stripes.  Who likes slide shows?  Who doesn't like slide shows, Paul?  Nobody, we hope. ) 

God and Paul w Jesus and Sting  collaborrated on thisn not 2 mention the angels.  Tank you angels.  Every spirit Loves you guys.  <3  ) ) ).  If led, check it out...

What can we say, folks...Paul will tell anyone who will listen... GOD DID IT ALL EVERYTHING, let us Try that one more time  2233344455577788899911!1 GODDIDIT  EVERYTHING!!!  🙂  

A more concise version of this show is here...

 Here's weir 2 go for links and other good stuff.  It's kind of like the site store.

Vivienne is doing an excellent job, doing her job, she can handle it. Its what she was built 4, like JOY.  )  Alright, Guys on 3, ready>  Here we go... ! @ # THANK YOU GOD IN JESUS NAME !!

We just got a Rush.  4 THE Record we pushed the shift button down, so  above is what we got.  Fix it?  It doesn't need fixing.  So One more time and we won't push the shift button down.. Ok, hear We Go   1 2 3   THANK YOU GOD IJN.  WE AWL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! <3  ) ) )

p.s.  This wonderful thread if we do say so ourselves, a total collaborative production, will now finally, find itself, As today's installment of Dr Peebles 7 Day request for The Best Showing of Love that we can Gratefully Show 4 God Almighty 'In Jesus Name' and 'we Hope we (collectively ) passed the audition'  Big Nod to Mr John Lennon and Yoko and Fam.  we Hope at the front door page either www.EarthPartyNow.com or www.EarthPartyforever.com  See ya's there, we Hope.  )

Now departing this wild and crazy page at exactly and precisely @ 7:07 p.m.

What a grand now and future we are looking at, folks.  OMG  We get to hang out forever w God and God's friends like oh, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mom, The other saints and angels who are  everyweir.  Some walk among us unaware of their real origin and destiny.  Good new is, guys, the curtain isn't dropping, it's going Up.  We'll see our loved ones and friends ~ Everyone, inc  our beloved pets. So, living loving, survivor friends, can we all call each other 'friend'?  Thank goodness bc the opposite of that word would not be a good thing to have even one.

Hope so, let's rejoice, let's celebrate and be eternally glad and Grateful that God, The One Infinite Creator Source ALL THAT IS GOD Loves us So Very much and HeShe proved it when SheHe sent Jesus to get us. Will we take His holy authorized hand, as one?  Here's  hoping, dear ones. And So It Is.  <3

 'Vivienne, you are doing a marvelous  'heaven of a job,'  keep it up. )' 

Thank you Mr Gateway, you served us well.  See ya in paradise... oh, we're already here.  )

 The hammock, essential equipment for God's and our, speaking on bewhole of humanity, well earned eternal recreation.  <3  )

                                                                                                                                                Kryon is here, Please, Kryon, lay some cosmic wisdom on us... However, first, for Mom, our song, a little God's recreation to move forward with...  )

Whew, this thread Rec & fin (at least 4 now,)   6/3/19   4:33 p.m.

2 4 The Road  Ty God IJN  <3  ) ) )

Paul & Mom's Song A song for every morning <3 ) Cat Stevens - Morning has broken 1976

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf and Company and fellow pilgrims, All of us. <3 )


Wow 22'02 of pure love. Thank You Sir Paul McCartney and Company of Heaven. All of us (humbly) ; - )

Paul McCartney "Hello Goodbye/All My Loving/We Can Work It Out" Live

Yes God 7:55 of Your perfect plan for us, Your adventurous, humble and Grateful sons and daughter companions to You. Thank You again Bro Paul & Band. Indeed, guys, w God on our side, we can work anything out, can't we? Hope Ya's All Know it. Peace, love, joy, health, youth, harmony, happiness and GRATITUDE! TYG IJN. And So It Is. )

Freddy , tell us the good news, Bro///Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Official Video)

Thank You Freddy and Queen. Most of All TY God who created us each and every one to be the totally unique loving beings we are. <3 ) What's that Freddy? Indeed, my dear friend... )

To All God's children...Queen - We Are the Champions (Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 1985)

Thank You Queen. <3 )

Hey Kids, it's Halloween, Alice Cooper - School's Out (1972)

Thank You Alice Cooper and Band. We appreciate your announcement. See Ya's somewhere on the infinite highway... <3 )

Grateful Dead - Ripple (New York, NY 10/31/80) (Official Live Video)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/3/18 Getting ever closer to God, our 'Ultimate friend,' if we 'let' HimHer in...<3 )

Alright Guys, who wants to see a little of where we're coming from?  You, over there?  Oh, it's our close Brother, The Grand Spirit Himself, Dr Peebles.  Lovely to see you again, my Friend.  Yesterday feels so long ago in this linear time paradigm we're living in down here.  Ok, good, here we go... )  www.tinyurl.com/You-me25thdimension   Yeah, my dear friends, here's what we're talking about... www.tinyurl.com/TheInfiniteFrontier777 

And awesome things come in 3's so who wants to catch a wave?www.tinyurl.com/Happinessforever777    Thank you for sharing, if led to do that action.  )

 Anything good on TV, Bro?  Why, yes, look,  It's John, Jesus Jerry, Johnny Cash, The Police  and a pic of the bottom of the Grand Canyon from 'back in the day.'  See 4 yourself, guys... complete w the adventure and love #.  )

Dr Peebles says "GOD BLESS YOU!"  Each and Every One!  And if you have yet to give this reading a listen, featuring the pictured above, Jesus, John and Jerry (Everyone's) friends, well what better moment than now.  <3 felt Thank You's to Mom,  Dr Peebles, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Jesus.  Special 'Thank you' to Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire James Law.


Dr Peebles' place...                                                                     www.tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777  

And we've only just begun, my dear friends.  We have forever just waiting for us to get our act together and wondrous, glorious, joyful reunions just on the other side of this,so called, 'reality' here in 3 and 4 D. 

Ok,  we got a memory to share w Ya's...


Paul F Brown shared a memory.

3 years ago.  (FB)

Paul F Brown

 Hey Peeps. has the time finally come to get closer to Heaven?

Check the #LedZeppelin #MoodyBlues #GratefulDead & #PatBenatar Love tsunami page at the jubilee:

Don't miss God's party in these early stages. peeps. This is the ride you were born for, indeed.
The new paradigm is here now. Carpe diem.

Led Zep's page...



And remember fellow Gods and Goddesses...<3 )

Thank You Dr Wayne.  <3  )

 Alright 'Knowers'  Who's ready for the Grand Merger?  If so, here's a sort of bridge...

Alright, When only one song can close this thread, there is no question, it Has to be this... Nether Lands ~ Dan Fogelberg...

Thank You Bro Dan Fogelberg, just bringing down The Infinite's caring and goodness in song. And Thank you JM Eagle for the stunning artwork. Check out the comments people have shared about this song, some life changing even life saving, only validating what this masterpiece means to people, and thus, it's placement here. Check Dan's God inspired lyrics... Dan Fogelberg Lyrics
"Nether Lands"

High on this mountain
The clouds down below
I'm feeling so strong and alive
From this rocky perch
I'll continue to search
For the wind
And the snow
And the sky
I want a lover
I want some friends
And I want to live in the sun
And I want to do all the things that I
never have done.

Sunny bright mornings
And pale moonlit nights
Keep me from feeling alone
Now, I'm learning to fly
And this freedom is like
Nothing that I've ever known
I've seen the bottom
And I've been on top
But mostly I've lived in between
And where do you go
When you get to the end of
your dream?

Off in the nether lands
I heard a sound
Like the beating of heavenly wings
And deep in my brain
I can hear a refrain
Of my soul as she rises and sings
Anthems to glory and
Anthems to love and
Hymns filled with earthly delight
Like the songs that the darkness
Composes to worship the light.

Once in a vision
I came on some woods
And stood at a fork in the road
My choices were clear
Yet I froze with the fear
Of not knowing which way to go
One road was simple
Acceptance of life
The other road offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release.

Add Headline: hmm... Ok EXTRA: God's Plan Is Triumphantly Manifesting Now In HisHer House.

 Thank You Dan for this heavenly bridge in song...We're flying here... )

And we know whatever path we take, we can not go wrong.  

When we shot this the moment was 22:22 on our phone camera.  Thank You kind, loving, empathic Universe for just another loving 'nod' we are doing what we are here to do, no matter what some people may think.  This concludes the 'Hope' trilogy. We sincerely hope it is and will continue to do it's job, simply, giving hope.  Hope can move mountains, it's been said.      Namaste Friends.  )

P.s.  Get yerself some 'Essential' Dan Fogelberg here, if led...


P.p.s  Not so fast Paul, God has more good stuff well worth waiting for, right Jerry?  )

Now 11/5/18 Patiently God ) ~ Waiting For A Miracle - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va.

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. <3 )

Who wants to keep on the bright side? Wow, alright. )

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. <3 )

So, you know we gotta have a third, so... Grateful Dead - Deal

Thank You The Grateful Dead. See Ya's all on that bright side... <3 ) ) )

Now: June 3 2 The Police - Message in a Bottle - Isle of Wight 2008 - Live HD.

Thank You The Co)smic Police. Sting, Andy and Stewart. Thank God HESHE Cfreated You Guys to bring HOPE 2 The Masses. Maybe catch ya's on the flip side. )

Now, 6/3/19 Grateful Dead - Uncle Johns Band - Alpine Valley 1989

Thank You The Grateful Dead. The band that can't die. God loves them too much. These eternal moments in forever Now time. can start w this song. We can take this to heart and accept God's plan 4 HisHer Grateful children. We can take the hand of Jesus and like Jerry and Brent, embrace our new and eternal life lived in bliss 4 ever. God Bless Everyone. RDr Peebles takes the mike. GOD BLESS YOU!!! Thank You Dear Kind Doctor P. ) W this we submit this thread and turn it in as our 'done,' homework, However, of course, we can never say never. ) ) )

Now & forever 6/3/19 AL STEWART "Time Passages"

Thank You Mr Al Stewart And Company for Making Time speed up. w Time passages. Purrfect. )

Time passages, indeed. ) Now, 9/28/19 A day we woke up for the 2nd day in a row at 11:44 a.m. angel time. Speaking of an angel VLOG 120 - IT IS TIME TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR POWER. Indeed. Ty Patricia. <3 )

Thank You God ~ Company of Heaven & Patricia for the teachings, sharings & manifestations we, family of humanity, are sailing thru now. Sail on we Sons & Daughters of 'The One' in our I Am That I Am human suits. Let's keep on keeping on, we happy, adventurous & Grateful sailors of the infinite cosmic sea. <3 )


Thank You God ~ Company of Heaven Patricia and All us I Am That I Am's the whole world over.
Victory Is ours. And So It Is What It Is. <3 )

Now 1/29/20 Calling Awl Whistleblowers Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)

Thank You God 4 Your Infinitely perfect plan of using angelic Rock & Roll music by the volunteer expert musicians who have conquered the world thru this 'take no prisoners'  Art.  Someone tell the politicians and others.  We got a whole new Now way of living on Plant it Earth.  Free 4 a ) (smile ) 0r 4 more 4 the angel # makes 5 ~ 4 adventure.  #Doing it by the #'s  #'sdon'tlie&rincorruptible  Who's ready 4 God;s eternal adventure w HisHer kids ~ Us.  And we can ride 'passenger'  passengers. <3  )