Now March 2020 Welcome 2 Share Hope page III Thank U 4 being here. )

Now 3/4/20 Angel Share Hope 4 awl pages of day starts now.

#48 ) Share Hope 4 awl God's kids page of the day is 

Indeed, have You come across any good new news lately that You might actually want 2 share 2 Your world, my dear vast friend(s)?  We do hope the high vibrations of this site aren't making you dizzy or anything like that. 

We will add music here 4 sure that should suit us souls in human form as we gradually embrace & become more & more of our immense God 'Essence' High Selves.  We can help ourselves esp by beimg Grateful 4 everything in our lives, the good, the bad and the Omg- do I really have to go thru that?? 

We wrote it my friend, if it's in sour life scripts, we own it.  Good news is, guess what?  God has HisHer Own script for his wayward, sons & daughters & our pets & everything that exists bc It's Awl God.  Everything Is God.  God sent Jesus to enlighten us about God & The Love of God being the only real thing that matters.  So, humanity, harvest time is here.  Will we allow our- selves 2 be gathered in, as essential parts of Jesus Sananda's flock here & now? Hope so.

As a team, we could call ourselves 'Team Oneness.'  & if we are real good, Maybe, just maybe God would welcome us Awl home to HisHer Paradise as one big heart, returning to God from whence we sprang.  Does this sound reasonable, Bosses & Bossettes?  Hope so.

There's no rush, we have all of the time we need.  Wherever we are vibrationally is where we are meant to be.  All is right, all is well & all is perfect according 2 Heaven's timetable.  Y'all have a great day & look 4 ward 2 seeing ya's soon, maybe w a friend in tow?  That would be sweet.  )  Rec & fin  Above date:  11:16  a.m.  Sweet.  )

P.s.  This page grew out of this one, if want 2 check on that.  Share Hope page II 

Which grew out of this page... Open Links & Letters   Hope Ya's Awl have a real nice time @ here. )  And don't be a stranger. Please. )

Now  3/11/21  Yes, not first time  we did a  'Share page of day.'  Url  if want to share this page

#49 )  We felt a tsunami coming for this week, maybe thursday or Friday, and Lo & behold here it is.  Some parts are missing bc of copyright crappola.  Why do we put up w this sh*t, people?

Anyway, maintenance has been notified and hopefully, the guy can get 2 what can be fixed there, it's not much.  Thank ya's 4 your kind patience.  So, here's the link:   Hope en-Joy.  TYVM  )

P.s.  Rec checking out Diane's page here 4 some good new NDE  sharings, inc yours truly's  )

Diane's page 4 Awl )  url:  & where we first started sharing this

innate fantasticness we awl share as children of God:   )

P.p.s.  This  7th Heaven on Earth)  url:  is the  place 2 find newest sharings as they arrive.  TYVM  )

#50 )  Now  3/6/20  Happy Friday & Welcome Dear fellow beings of light just doing the best we can in a challenging schoolhouse Earth, 2 say the least, in volunteer service 2 The Will of God.  Wow, 50  sharings just like a flash bulb going off.. . Alright, so here is a rather special Share Hope 4 Awl page of the day. of awl the rather special Share Hope pages bc God did it awl thru the heart, mind & fingers of a very humble Grateful scribe  Gathering in 5D Now  or url   Hope Y'awl have a great time over there.  <3  )

P.s.  Good God willing we will be back tomorrow (Saturday) w another rather special Share Hoe of day.  If like you could start a ripple of kind goodness yerself by sharing good stuff, whether sharing this here or whatever you like in all your other ventures. Ciao 4 now.

Now 3/7/20 Dan Fogelberg Tribute

#51 )  Share Hope 4 awl God's striving thriving  children page of day features, like a perfect big brother.  Daniel Grayling Fogelberg was & Is a tremendously gifted master musician who shared his immense talents w the world, and left us too soon, from our perspective. Here, check out this tribute page, if led...   Gaze w Dan & others esp  Jesus ~ Sananda here... 

Dan serves a higher callinng 'Upstairs' now, though.  Of that we can rest assured & also in the knowing that, our lives down here on earth are short & the Greater life awaits us when we return home.  Awl Praise Glory & GRATITUDE 2 God.  In Jesuus Name.  And So It Is. 

Namaste 4 2 day & every day. ~   ~      ~ 

#52 )  Sunday 3/8/20  Greetings One & Awl.  Since today is International Women's Day we are simply doing an encore of the #29) sharing Hope 4 awl page of day.  That was Valentine's Day.  And that's another one of those... 'shouldn't Everyday be Valentine's Day?'  Why not, where would we be w/o love, our mother's, sister's, awl those in our lives of the female persuasion, right?

So here's the url & Hope Ya's en-Joy.   

#53 )  3/9/20  Share Hope 4 awl page of the day is another Tsunami of Love & Peace & Fun page  w accompanying Mary picture here, illustrating the infinite Love that can't be denied in welcoming us, God's crazy, in a good way, kids home is:  Hope en ~Joy.  <3  )

#54 )  3/10/20 Sometimes we just need a Hail Mary, correct Mary?  <3  )  So, on this super Tuesday here is the Share Hope 4 awl page of the day,  Hope en-Joy... )   )

#55 )  Now  3/12/20 Share Hope 4 awl on a Thursday.  Yes, some days may slip away w/o a share but it's not like people are holding their breath for scribe's distortions.  So Mary welcomes us to:  It is hoped ya's have a nice time if you visit. Ty

                                                                                                                                                                     #56 )  Now 3/13/20  Share Hope 4 awl page of day is:  Be blessed if go there or not.  <3  )

Now: 3/18/20  Simple site not allowing any additional content outside of estasblished thread.

We expect to be back soon w more good stuff.

#57 )  Now  3/14/20  Share Hope 4 awl God's Rockin' kids is:  Find Your Door.  God has one 4 awl of us.  <3  )  We will Not be alone,  my dear friends, tho we can have our solitude 4 sure.  And So It Is.  Hope awl have a blessed Saturday in the neighborhood.  Namaste.  )

Now  3/20/20  Copied from Fb What a coincidence, just a couple of days after we decided it was time for this meme to come back as our Fb cover pic again, it shows up as a memory. They say timing is everything, we concur. #GodsPlan  

(This pic was going to be on front page but Simple site glitch not allowing full pictures so this finds its place here.  TY God.  )

Now  3/22/20  Welcome 2 the Love # day of the month, & Lo & behold we have a #58) Share Hope 4 awl page of the day.  Where did the last week of sharings go Paul?  Sorry but we can't share when exhausted.  Anyway, in God's divine perfect timing we got the page 2 share, and OMGoodness it's this one...  From here:  Hope en-Joy.  )  

#59)  on Monday 3/23/20  Share Hope page of day is:  

#60) Now 3/26/20  Final 4 the 4 seeable future Share Hope page of day is:  Thank Ya's 4 your kind indulgence & hope our distortions as shared here: & here: have been some positive influence in Your life's journey.  

Namaste.  )

Shane follows the brightest light on the path. You coming with us Team Oneness?  Hope so.  <3 )

Shane follows the brightest light on the path. You coming with us Team Oneness? Hope so. <3 )