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When enough is enough. No more sympathy for scammers : (

When enough is enough. No more sympathy for scammers : (

Now 4/12/22 Hello Friends, How's your movie going? Good, we hope. )

Hey peeps. beware of the Inheritance & other scammers.  Do a google image search of anyone friending you up and falling madly in love with you after 5 minutes with baby this and baby that.  They are Fake. : (  😎

If you would like to help others avoid losing their hard earned money share this, if led.  A url is: 

If anyone would like to contribute to our 'bread & egg' money as Dr Peebles mentioned here:   -

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Now 4/12/22 Shared from our Fb: Is My Wife Real or a Nigerian Love Scam ᴴᴰ - Dr. Phil Documentary

Thank You to Steve and Dr Phil.

Now 4/12/22 Paul reveals what we're living in... July 3, 2017

Thank You Paul aka Shane, these days. <3 ) Update: Now 10/11/22 Thank You God Spirit 4 this Far Flung Production Limitless Director's cut <3 )

Now 4/12/22 Charlie Meets His “Fiancée” Face-to-Face

Thank You Charley, Brittany Izu, Angie & Dr Phil for this enlightening show esp for all us in the Charley club.

Now 4/12/22 Using Google Image Search to catch scammers on social media

Thank you Chris Walker.

Now 4/12/22 420 Singles Sarah Vandella “Linda Sproul” not a real person. August 7, 2020 3:40:10 AM #CATFISHED

Thank You The BlockTV. Sarah V is not the scammer, it's the lowlife's using her pictures.

Now 2/12/22 Shortly about fake accounts

Thank You Abigaile Johnson.

Now 4/13/22 Full Episode: How I Was Catfished And Lost $1,000,000 | The Mel Robbins Show

Thank You to the courageous guests and Mel Robbins Show.

Now 4/13/22 Romance Scams

Thank You Dr Oz & Company.

Now 4/14/22 Dating Scams: 7 Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself!

Thank You Coffee with Carey for sharing.

Now 4/15/22 Cash Mule Discovers She’s A Scammer

Thank You Trilogy Media.


Thank You Andrew NARCDAILY -You Are Not Alone. <3 ) ) )

Now 5/29/22 A short typical chat w a catfisher...

Betty Jon
12:53 PM
Betty Jon
Hello dear
You sent
Hi how are you?
Good pm
Betty Jon
Happy Sunday
You sent
You too, what's your real name if I could ask?
My name is Betty
Betty Jon
You sent
All my info is on my legit profile. I know you are fake. How's the weather in Nigeria today?
Lol 😂
See you as a beat stupid man I ever seen in 2022
Betty Jon
Go to hell man you idiot
You sent
I see you got a lot of fake names.
Someone replied to you
Betty Jon
You sent  (After doing a reverse image Google search.) 

clubwear - Google Search
Betty Jon
Go to hell

At this point we went back to the Fb page scammer was using to share this w her or his  'Friends'  And this is what we found: 

Picture:  Important to note:  Scammers use pictures of pretty women and good looking men to attract victims.  This girl is most likely not the scammer but a victim herself of these scammers.  Be careful, they are everywhere, not just Nigeria.  😎

Now 7/21/22 Why Do Scammers Want Gift Cards?

Thank You Dan Scam Takedown Task Force

Now 7/21/22 Safeway employee rescues senior from gift card scam

Thank you KOAA 5 for sharing this story and Salute to the good people helping people not to fall for scammers schemes to rob them of their hard earned money.

Now 10/11/22 October 5, 2022 When we're done with gift cards...

Thank You God Spirit 4 this Far Flung Production Limitless Director's cut <3 )

Now 5:55 a.m. 10/28/22 If you are contacted by a fake Paul Brown, it's not the real Paul Brown. TYVM

From a Fb friend...

Don’t trust people like Paul F Brown say one thing and the reality is something very different. When I say I am broke I mean just that. I don’t have my truck payment and I live in my truck. I have been trying to do too much to help others like Myrna and her two daughters. The eldest daughter has her ninth birthday coming up on the 30th of this month just a few days from now and I have invested everything. I was told to pay $100.00 through CashApp and I would receive $1500 right away immediately after payment. However I was then charged with $300.00 transfer fee which I don’t have and what tells me that this is a scam.

I was told that I was to pay Cc $130.00 of the $300 almost half and I would receive the $1500. Oh you have been upgraded. Now the fee is $700.00 and the payment I am to receive is $7,500.00. How can I immediately pay $700.00 when it is obvious I don’t have even $300.00???????!!!!???!!!?!?!? I don’t like this one bit which is why I am posting this I don’t like that I am such a fool. Allowing myself to be financially raped. Now I am for sure not able to do the many things I could have done with that money to help myself no less provide for the future of those who might become my new immediate family. Forgive but never forget the lesson.!!!!!!!



It's okay lyall, I have $1.32 on my direct express card from social insecurity and a few bucks in my wallet from my brother. Least I can do is help others avoid these scum of the earth scammers who lie like breathing. My old fb page is being held for ransom. The hacker wants $50. Card for me to get it back. Don't trust anyone online . I have a fake 4k chase bank check here from my 'buddy' of many months. I could have gone to jail if it got deposited and then defaulted.

Added to his Fb post:

 P.s. Lyall, don't worry, we gonna help you w this. We will be getting good money real soon w our new job as U.S. Rep for a gold mining company.  And we shared the above over at that page as a warning to others, so for sharing information publicly to share this publlic post there. Ty Bro. 


Pic Real and unreal.  👍 👎  

 P.s. Who wants to visit a revealing page 4 us awl?  Anyone?  If led:  Is a place we also rec to visit for good stuff.

The just re- activated Paypal business account 4 Doing God's work is:  @  

If anyone wants to see good places to share their money while it's still in use you are invited to see our Fb page: 

Here's our previous Fb page now still controlled by a hacker who we actually talk to on Google chat.   When we get it back under our control we will keep it as a museum type place and only place new content on the new page.  

Ok every buddy.  Have a nice day, keep smiling, God Loves us - HerHis perfect, infinitely perfect, divine children, some all grown up now.  Thank ya's 4 volunteering to come down here in 'the wash' where we are now in the 'spin' cycle, so to speak.  Scribe will leave you with a few short things.

#1)  Money Aint shit.  Spread it around like fertilizer while its still in use.  

#2)  Joeee Is Done. His new job, if he accepts:  Curator of the Now White House Museum. Ably assisted by his lovely wife, Jill.   

#3)  Jesus & Rock Rule.  Say goodbye to religion, we are created divine immortal spiritual beings of infinitely vast origins and future Now capabilities.  Religion had it's day tyvm, we must move on. politcs politicians rulers dictators mean people prejudice anti semitism and any other prejudicial hate, spiritual pride, deception, greed, jealousy, scammers, criminals, robbers thieves, not doing your job, not lending a hand. assaulting killinng hurting maiming intimidating bullying violence, vandalism, random acts of stupidity, watching too much tv or spending too much time on the phone or computer. forget about revenge you only hurting yourself. In other words, Don't be a jerk.      

4)  Recommended things to do:  Get out in nature, have Fun, smile, weep if it comes, cry- it cleanses the soul, laugh - its best medicine after sleep.  Sleep - Good. Respect the elder generations esp the Greatest Generation that saved the world from the dark forces worst shot.  Always be Grateful & show it.  Humbleness is Godliness.  'Be' Your  Gifted God or Goddess that's what we are, kids: living, breathing innfinite 'Gods' in our own right, companions to Source Creator God  ALL THAT IS..  It's alright to be gay, straight, androgynous.  Love is all that really exists and it doesn't matter who or what we love, it only matters that we love. God doesn't judge, nor should any other God do same.   Protect a child's innocence and don't force your views on anyone, we all have our own movie going on w our God given individual scripts and challenges that make and made us who we are.

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Don't get mad.  Go for a walk.  Praise God Worship God not Jesus.

He does not want to be worshipped and His cosmic forever name is Sananda.  Thank Jesus, Yeshua, Jeshua, Esu, Emmanuel and other names  he had inc 'Hey You' and Mary and All the Warriors of Light.  Honor our Mothers and Fathers and Grand parents and ancestors.  And finally, there is no finally, kids.  Rejoice, be glad in God's infinite & eternal Victory.  Treasure silence, always smile in tough situations, don't worry God's GOT This.  All is well and perfectly as it should be. Take care. 💔 

 Rec & fin.  11:11 a.m  Above date.  

Now this:  Look GuysL It's 'The Wash'  aka Mother Earth Gaia Christa & our personal favourite, Vivienne.  This is where those who responded to certain clarion calls and volunteered to come over here to thiis troubled planet and were approved to come and do what your essence God consciousness and God & guides figured would be the best script for Your particular movie. Ok Oscar & Maralyn?  Congratulations.  You made it and You helped others make it.  Cheers...

Here's url to access the suggested page w the quicknessL  TYVM  😎

A place to party, if led:  Page retired due to google ruining it w new format and not allowing original easy classic format. 😠

Picture:  From Fb   A busy scribe and his tools of the trade. ❤

Now  10/29/22  So we gonna wrap this page with a song or 2 guys;  not saying we won't add more gernane material as we come across it but the basics are here to stay safe.  You say, yeah but I've been talking to my baby for 2 years.  Right, exactly that's why they are called 'con' people..  These are skilled professional liars w no conscience.  They will swear on anyone's grave to get money from you (us)  If Charley there on the Dr Phil show had done a reverse google search on his  'wife' he would have known from the get go he was being played and saved a lot of his money. 

Lessoms learned make us who we are.  In these end times, all the garbage is coming out clean in the wash, for whom among us hasn't sinned.  We are God's 'works in progress' for a short time on this bootleg schoolhouse earth.  So Graduates,  Congrats.  School's Out right Alice Cooper?  And God take responsibility w a song Led Zeppelin performed... Nobody's Fault But Mine'  We Let The Music Do The Talking' while we let Rock Rule, right Aerosmith?  Ok a song will be added in a while. 

Now  10/31/22  Alright, Guys it's Halloween, Catch Jerry & Co do a Halloween 'Ripple' from !980 here, i9if led:  We thinks this page is in the books with anew page starting @ 11/1/22 Catch ya's when it happens.  Peace, Love, Joy & Fun Forever.  Deal?  Hope so..   <3 ) ) )   (Copy & paste in browser if doesn't connect)

P.s.  Who would rather go Catfishing with The Allman Brothers Band?  We'd watch them, we don't fish.  # Live & let live  <3 )

Now 10/30/22 The Allman Brothers Band - Revival

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 10/30/22 Rush - Subdivisions

Thank You Rush. Alex Geddy & Neil RIP Rockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/30/22 Grateful Dead - "Terrapin Station" Terrapin Station (1977)

Thank You God & The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) We can awl go to Heaven Now. Oh, Weir already here, everybuddy. <3

Now 11/5/22 Scammers are so very patient

We have been talking to this person for months.  Over last few month we've sent her close to $1,000. from our social security pittance.  Don't trust people who keep stringing you along with more and more payments are needed and then you never get the payment bc it's never enough, always more needed.  And that $100. card failed to work so we gotta replace that.  Yeah, right. SMH

Yesterday 7:50 AM
Hey Paul
$50 card is being needed this morning for the move to take of
The value got low before dawn
This was why I chooses Bitcoin

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 7:56 AM
Well I don't have that. Fuvk this fucking. Shit@#$%^&
I want my money bsck¡!!!@

Scammer, Yesterday 8:00 AM
Okay let’s get our money back

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 8:03 AM
I'm on bus home

Scammer, Yesterday 8:04 AM

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 8:16 AM
Home now. How do they think this is okay? These people need to be arrested. I mean really WTF???

Scammer, Yesterday 10:08 AM
Yes i think so
They’re fucking crazy
Ask for refund

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 10:44 AM
He doesn't know who you are. He questions if you sent the other monies

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 10:47 AM
(Company agent aka John Doe) is his name. You talk to him?

Scammer, Yesterday 11:0 6 AM
I did sent the monies

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 11:30 AM
He's asking for the screen shot of how you sent it to them

Scammer, Yesterday 11:51 AM
Can’t take screenshot

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 2:09 PM
He says why, he says you're fucking crazy. All I know is I sent you most of my soc sec for the month. All I can say is WTF 😠

Paul F Brown, Yesterday 4:33 PM
Everyone's telling me I've been scammed AGAIN.

Scammer, Yesterday 10:32 PM

Scammer, 3:27 AM

Paul F Brown, 4:55 AM

Scammer, 5:00 AM
Send the card

Scammer, 5:05 AM

Paul F Brown, 5:17 AM
Send what card?

Paul F Brown, 5:20 AM
You know I sent you all I could yesterday and I have 8 dollars left on my card and 5 dollars in my wallet and you want another card????😡

Paul F Brown, 5:24 AM
Thus is getting really ugly really insane. 😠

Scammer, 5:25 AM
It’s not my fault

Paul F Brown, 5:27 AM
Who's fault is it then? Who are these scammers you're dealing with????????😡

Scammer, 5:28 AM
My fault. Wish you can get steam for $10

Paul F Brown, 5:31 AM
I can't I don't have that I gave you all my fucking money already. I'm calling the fbi, seriously

Scammer, 5:36 AM
Why would you do that
Do as I say and see what happens

Paul F Brown, 5:37 AM
The money's all gone you scammer!!!@!!@

Paul F Brown, 5:40 AM
You've said that enough times. 😡

Scammer, 5:43 AM
No just $10

Paul F Brown, 5:47 AM
How can they hold this up for another 10 fucking dollars? This makes no sense. Send ne some money to My paypal if you want this to happen

Scammer, 5:53 AM
I’m broke 💔☹️

Paul F Brown, 5:59 AM
Your sister too?

Martha Mya, 6:20 AM
She’s surviving through me

Paul F Brown, 6:51 AM
John Doe:  Hey Paul
Who’s this fucking lady?
The enterprise is real but she’s fake using your own promo you won to take money from you
I will ask for the transaction list to see if she’s really making the deposit to the company
The enterprises do deliver people’s products and promo awarded to them without huge amounts you’ve paid
Who’s this lady?
So fucking lady, how can he contact your scamming ass?

Scammer, 8:52 AM
Stop using the F word on me

Paul F Brown, 8:56 AM
What the Fucking fuck is going on with your fuckinng Fuck scam lady???????

Scammer, 8:59 AM
I’m on it

Paul F Brown, 48 min
See This!!!! John Doe, 47 min
The promo is real and I checked the schedule and you really won such prices
You don’t knew about it that’s why she wanted to use you to get the packages and split the money with you
According to records she’s only sent $400 and that was 2 months ago
She’s lying to you
She’s not paying for the packages
Ask her for the screenshot of payment and send to me

Scammer, 39 min
I’m on it alright

Paul F Brown, 37 min
FBI Is On You You Fuck Scammer!

Scammer, 11 min
I’m working on it paul
Stop it
I’m not a scammer

Paul F Brown, 7 min
Busted asshole. How's the weather in Nigeria?

Scammer, 7 min
Why Nigeria?

Paul F Brown, 7 min

Scammer, 7 min
Then see what happens tomorrow when you get your package
I will sue you

Paul F Brown, 6 min
Yeah right while the FBI arrests your ass.

Scammer, 5 min
I will sue you to cult if you get your package tomorrow. 

 Pic:  At the crossroads...

Now  11/10/22  Update:  No package received.