Now 1/19/20 Keeping score of the page sharings.

We have started doing a 'Share of the Day' type  thing tho not necessaraly every day.

We are doing this as a tool to help  w the fundraising needed to keep the 500+ starving children at an orphannage in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  Details are here,  just scroll down a little and see the need and how you can help and we have a system in place where you can give thru a program and earn  and give more that way.  This is win win 

Btw, the Bob Marley video 3 Little Birds w the beautiful girl, is the official song for the Hope rains foundation orphanage. So we have a easy record of this activity we will be logging it here.  It started on 

1)  Thursday, 1/16/20  with this alpha share, where it all started:

2) Then, Friday 1/17   the omega, dovetailing page was shared: 

3) Saturday 1/18   Promise of a man: 

4) Now Sunday,  1/19  this page is shared w special memory on Fb  guests Mother & Jaws.  

5) Now 1/20/20  Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Thank You Martin.  Here's link...  

6)  Now Tuesday  1/21/20  God cuts 2 the chase w this selection.  here's the page of the day specially chosen by God. IJN.  

7) Now. Wednesday 1/22/20    Innfinity's doorway is here 7 days in and we may have peaked, guys. )  Not bad, huh?  God did it Awl.  )

8) Now.  1/23/20  Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood Here's the Share  page of the day'​   Needs a little work.  Hope en-Joy.  )

9) Now.  1/24/20  The Share page of the day 2 help God's tough angel volunteers In Sierra Leone,  West Africa is  here:  U Coming w  humanity?*  Or you gonna dilly dally down here under 'leadership' of shall we say 'questionable' motives and intents?  Our team Oneness says 'It's Over.' 

10) This is another page to be entered here, alright, Mary?  <3  )  Thank you Divine Universal Mother of us Awl.  We <3  You.  *Could also be called Rainbow's end or beginning. But we decide which is right, and which is an illusion.'  

11) Satur(n)day  Page of the day 2 help the kiids.  This page is the 'toolkit' All in one place menu.  It's got readings, music vids. slide shows,  etc.  Did we mention Rainbows, lollipops, unicorns and 'Lucky' fun music.  Hop en-Joy  ) Everyone's 'hopping 4 joy over there.  No, we know not to 'fix' a 'typo' when it serves a purpose.  TY guides a plenty  & Goooode.  We appreciate Awl you spirits.  <3  ) ) ) ) )  etc etc  )

12)  Happy Sunday, a beautiful sunny glorious day here in our neck of paradise by the sea.  Here's 'Share God's Hope & <3' page of the day 4 the kids w 'knowing' & not mere believing. Look up, the constellations R singing our song, humanity.   It's documented, signed, sealed & delivered. w probably more to come.  Hope en-Joy.  <3  )

13) For Kobe. Todays, moody Monday 'Share of the day 4 the Starving children bc only a few care. Sorry peeps but thousands have seen our, Emmanuel's and now there's a Go Fund Me campaign appeal for help here. 

This should be big news, shouldn't it? Or are we off track and should be only thinking about our own business? Well, sorry peeps, this IS is our business, brought to our awareness, and God is in charge of everything, as we ask, affirm and act w Him in the absolute best, most perfect, infinitely perfect, divine, kind, loving, harmonious & adventurous 'script' in selfless service to the maximum benefit of awl our fellow daughters & sons of Source Creator.

He has given us this cause. He is using it to bring this platform the attention it deserves, 4 God peeps, not the scribe. as the words flow out obediently thru the fingers of volunteer Paul, and will soon be seen, and hopefully felt in far flung wondrous places awl around the globe.

Indeed, in places like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Australia, Europe, China, the Koreas, The Caribbean, The Phillipines, Switzerland, India, Nepal & the U.S. & South America & Mexico & Jamaica. 2 name a few (once you start naming countries, its hard 2 leave any out, hope understand ur country ) Awl part of God's beautiful tapestry, on this tiny blue pearl spinning in infinite space. Ahh the artistry, the beholder thinks % maybe shouts... The Wonder of it Awll.' Well Done God. Thank You 4 making us, Your Grateful children, part of it Awl.

So, in closing, guys, isn't it time 2 put aside our differences in politics, religion and other forms of discrimination that divides us? Isn't it time 2 just recognize and celebrate the one and only designated by God leader, a humble leader at that and we can see his divine countenance at yesterday's share of the day page, as well as here  page. Yes, Jesus Is the real deal 4 awl of us cousins. Indeed.

Dr Peebles can onlly look over our shoulder & marvel at the power of modern, space age, God given, technology. James Martin, the Good Grand Dr Spirit we Know you have something to say to the good, kind, giving people out there, the volunteer spirits temporarally disguised in human 'body suits.' Go ahead, our Dear Friend w a big Nod 2 Jim the intuitive consultant extraordinaire medium who facilitated the reading  Thank you Paul, You are doing absolutely the wonderful work you signed up to do w a handshake & a Hug w Creator and hold on for what we shared in that reading,

Here, if anyone int. Many listenings bring many insights it has been our experience as said in the life changing reading  particularly the part about your ''wildest dreams and imagination. The best, as they say, is always yet to come. We feel a song in the air. We know what You want 2 say Doc, so, Everyone - let's say it all 2 Gether: 1 2 3  GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!  Can't hear you.     GOD BLESS Yoouuu!!!!!  

*See below as this was edited.  Ty  )

There, that's better.  )  A smile from God is worth Awl the money in thw world, guys.  Did you know that?  Think about iit.  Upstairs and on awl the other planets in  awl the infinite galaxies, Earth,is the only place where this money is awl the sh*t thing exists.  It's on the way out bc it doesn't exist bc only Love exists.  Sorry money & its otherr forms like crypto.  In the new Now age dawning on the Plant it money is not needed.  See the memo and the dictated 'Good news statement' from 2002.  Now and awl that matter, 18 years in incubation, the time/moment has finally arrived 4 God's divine, infinite mercy & compassion 2 rule HisHer Plan it, dear ones.

Scribe looks up and see the underlined text & knows.  It's alright, in fact it's perfect.  We've been doing this so long we  innately know what stays & what goes.   God knows as well.  )  Thank U God.  God Trusts Paul, & Paul, of course, Trusts God.And wouldn't you know... the un derlined disappeared.  Correct the narrative??  Nah, God loves 2 mess w us too.  We know that, happens awl the time.  No one has a better sense of humor than God, guys. ;  )  lol  Remember, this Is a course in Fun place. 

We awl need 2 'lighten up' relax,  have fun, be Grateful, chill, listen to the music or silence, which is golden, it is sung. So, who's in 4 the only new Now paradigm built 2 last.  It's foundation is Love, it's materials, design, manifestations, Everything Is Love.  Outside of love, there can be nothing, therefore, nothing ellse exists.   Thank God!

Ed note: Above 4 paragraphs Rec & fin 1/30/20  11:11 a.m.  (<3)  Love hug 4 Awl  ) ) ) 

*That's 4 each & every one of us, dear ones. Did you get it?  Hope so. Ya's can always come back anytime & say 'I Receive. I Receive AWL the Great Infinitely Awesome Blessings that GOD has 4 Me & Those I Love!' i.e. Everybody, we Hope. 🙂

Edit: Ok, Ty Dr and back to the original thread. We know help is on the way but how many more kids have to die B4 the help arrives? Meanwhile radio stations continue to give thousands away to the 10th caller or whatever. SOH. (Shake our head) Here's the link to the Place of Hope. Spirit's 'Share of the day.'

Hope en-Joy. ) If like, hope u share and put a smile on God's face. think of the endless ripples a single 'love in action' activity like that can cause. And it doesn't stop, my dear friends, it goes on 4 ever, just ask the record keepers of the Akashic records dept of Heaven.

God bless U Kobe, a sparkling world leader now gone ahead of us to a new high home in his shimmering new body of light, blinding in its intensity., & your beautiiful angelic daughter, Gianna (Gigi), We know there's a big celebration going on in Heaven, so that does temper our shock at the suddenness & finality of your departure. We hope & pray that God will soon welcome us awl home 2 the heavenly realms where we will live 4 ever w HimHer in our own shimmering light bodies.

To God Be the Glory in this sharing and 4 those who care 2 make a difference, do something that you know would make God pleased w you 2 day. Try? That's all we're asking. Thank you. Hope see Ya's at the Hope page. Thank u again Kobe. 1 on 1 w God? )  My smile's on... gee , ok You God, after Awl U made this Super  Star.  <3 ))))))) 

# 14)  Now 1/28/20  Also 2 day 4 Kobe & Company and Tomorrow's Share page as well.  Helping to bridge the human consciousness w the reality of our higher, spiritual selves in dynamic 'Love In Action' which was his life down here.  Ty & God bless U & Yours, Bro.  <3  )  

So here's link 4 the Share Page of the day, helping 2 bring awarenesess to the cause of feeding the starving children, next door in Sierra Leone..  Tons of people have seen this.  STILL. Hardly annyone, not even Trump who we tweet every day, is  is giving. We always have Hope & we are & will continue 2 take it further every moment.  Things can change, not only in a New York  minute but in a Boston split second.  

Sometimes it only takes a smile.  Have you guys heard the new now news?  When we  wake up out of the illusion, and come into Good's* reality in our lives, our radiant smiles will be as good as the tightrope walking, teetering on verge of oblivion,dollar bills. Yes, Mona Lisa your smile is perfect as well.  )  Yep, it Is written.  See The Urgent Msg. awl over the place @ here. So,  Link:  W John's  able assistance:  Thank You John & U R So Right, Bro  <3  )  

* There You go again, Good God.  It came out 'Good' guys.  Yet again your well, deep well, experienced, hipppy dippy scribe knows when 2 leave 'Good' alone.  Know what we're saying, intuitives?  That's awl of us, my dear friends.  We awl have that gift.  God Is Good.  God Is Love.  Good Is Fun.  Source Creator made us this way, Good & Fun & indeed, Loving.  Man, as created creator beings in our own right, came up with awl the other, less than perfect, folderol.  Alright.  Later, guys.  Happy Tuesday afternoon in 4 ever~ ville. Plant it Earth.  Rec & fin  4:44 p.m.  Thank U Angels.  We <3  Uuuuu's  )))))))

#15)  Now 1/29/20  Today's Share of the day is Announced & here it is... who guessed it?  We won't say bc no one is giving.  We can't get arrested 2 save the world as we know it.  Here it is anyway, bc God cares & God Is Good ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls.  Very Good, Indeed. ) 

Won't you be an angel you & share this 2 Your universes?  With particular note tp the song at the current bottom, The Scorpions 'Winds of Change.' Indeed, dear ones, we have awl just experienced that in a L A heartbeat, haven't we/  However, rest assured, Kobe & Gigi and the other 7 beautiful souls are now all home where they're supposed to be.  Those who needed a little extra TLC have it over there, folks.  There are really, no accidents, ultimately, ultimately, (as per Eben Alexander md NDE material.) 

Alright, scribe has had a very busy day so far & he invites everyone 2 see what he's been doing 2  day.  Check it out here,   if led & if like.  Be an angel & share and that page shares the Scorpions 'Wind' song.  Gee, Paul, what a coincidence. That angel song just happens to clock in at precisely  4:44  )  Thank you and we awl love you angels.  Hope see ya's soon as this 2020 blossoming year marches on.  <3  )  Rec & fin: 1/29/20  4:00 p.m.  Purrfect.  ) Edits 4:11 p.m.  More purrfect.  ) )   

Who can guess a song 2 be added somewhere soon, tho its already one of our most favourites 2 share.   Stay tuned.  )  TYVM.  )  5:11 p.m.  Song added below, and some sad news, as another child succumbs to hunger and no one helps from our efforts.  Makes us want 2 holler.  (

 #16) This will be Xtra Sweet.  while we're here editing & stuff Let's 'Do' the share of the day & here we go, w Elvis at the gate: Heart-Heaven Now II  or link 2 share:  Let 'em in Elvis.  Thank You Very Much.  )

#17)  Alright, Congrats fellow Joy (one of Gaia's names as we know ) angels.  We made it 2 the end of the first month of 2020.  Amazing things are on the horizon, guys, like just in 2 days... here let everyone'd friend Melaniie explain it here:  Awesome, Huh?  Indeed. Now shared here:   )

Ok, so Here's the 'Share Hope 2 the World esp 4 starving children in Sierra Leone. many who are on the cusp of death for lack of nutrition bc the hospital & doctors there won't treat them unless they are PAID!!!   What has this world  come  to.  Where the  money machine has blinded people to their innate empathetic gift.*  Still, we hold out 4 Hope & the angels r on the case, so, if led, Go here & soak up some of that stuff we awl need.  Humanity, our ship is here.  Who's gonna board?  It's name is Jesus.   Good Ship Hope!  or link 2 share:  

 *As we were typing this word, which we decided was the riight word 4 right there, we hear in perfect synch Patricia  saying that word from the Mother God Vlog on that Hope ship page:  Hear it at  8:37  Alright, agin, if any of this clicks w you guys, you know you can share it to Your worlds wa click.  Not too hard 2 do at awl.  Nammaste. )

Same day:  Look angels.  Numbers can't lie.  We're right on track w the visitors so far.  Won't you be an angel and turn your angel friends on 2 God''s  site?  Scribe Thanks You Very much.  Even better is to get your own.  It's free up to 6 pages.  No, we don't get a commission 4 that.  Here's proof it works:  

Your Site Statistics
See what’s happened on your website here

Total visits to your website: 44244  Thank you angels.  

Angel synchronicity of the day... Actually last night or was it wee hours?  Anyway, we're lying in bed thinking of angels as usual.  Turn on the radio and we hear these exact words:  'Your my angel'  Aerosmith song.  ) ) ) )   Work w the angels, guys, they are more than happy 2 work w us.  Check this song 'Angel' where the angels go  Our Quantum home 444  <3  ) ) ) ) 

Kobe Bryant 'wanted to reach that next generation' l ABC News

Thank You God 4 the Talent on loan from You in Kobe & Gigi and the other so very gifted new arrivals in paradise. One day, hopefully soon, we'll awl be together living in Your eternal bliss 4 ever God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. Thank You Robin, Michael & George. ABC News.

Now 2/28/20 The Afterlife Interview with Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

Thank You Kobe & Gianna 'Gigi' & Michelle & Elisa & oh yeah, almost 4 got... that Erik dude. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 2/1/20 Sharing the 2's 2 infinity days. No turning back... Thank Goodness

Indeed, Friends of spirit, we are all good friends of spirit bc that is who we are.  Right?  Nod.)

#18) Ok, so let's 'do' the Hope share page of the day.  And on the first or beginning of every month bc Every month is 'suicide prevention month.'.Now, as someone who's been thru his fair share of fire & rain so 2 speak, nod, 2 JT,  we want 2 do our part in helping people 2 realize what life is really worth, and the benefits of staying around as long a one can. 

Yes, it's tough down here in this hard, difficult 'boot camp' schoolhouse earth place that we volunteered and signed up 4, granted.  Etc etc  So, here's the place 2 go 4 2 day & any day, that has tools 2 help cope i.e. videos of wisdom & songs of hope that have saved  lives just by hearing them at the most pivotal moments, somehow, these songs were heard and tragedy was averted. See the comments.  So, here's link to 7th Heaven on Earth)  or link 2 share... 

There's good times ahead, my dear friends.  Stick around as long as you can bc changes r a coming & you want 2 be exactly where God would have you and not where some temporary depression or situation may have you now.  Every day is a new beginning. Trust in God's plan 4 you.  We are awl, always surrounded by angels. Some r our departed relatives & loved ones. Here's a place 2 gain more clarity on that, if led,  Our Quantum home 444  

--Pic of Quicksilver III, land merkebah, accepting Grateful passengers on Paradise Ln, Ever y town, ''Plant it' Joy, Milky Way galaxy of Love.. Who's coming?  U coming with us? ))   #God'sR&RScript  )

Rec & fin 4 now.  Above date 11:44 a.m.  Thank you angels.  We awl <3 ya's... <3  ) ) ) ) 

Now 2/2/20 Welcome awl angels 2 the gateway 2 the 'rest' of our lives. Thank God <3 ) ) ) )

#19) Share page of the day bringing attention to the plight of the starving children w the help of angels. We can awl be angels w every good deed we do. That is actually 'doing,' not just wishing.

We wish the very best 4 everyone who comes 2 realize that 'Love in action' is the best love.

So, on this beautiful Sunday the page spirit wishes 2 share is this.. bc a spiritual foundation, not nec religious, although we certainly respect religions sincerely founded to serve God; spirituality takes it 2 the highest levels. Here's link: New Now Testament 22   or link 2 share:  We follow the One, the only true Master of masters 2 The One.  The Jesus train is the one that Will deliver Awl God's kids w no one left behind.  Guaranteed.  period.  His presence is a click away or see Him in everything we lay our Good* God gifted 2020 perfect vision, eyes on.  *Good showed up, again, as we typed 'God.' God IS Good.  )

Angels invite us 2 visit their collective love in action page.  Angels are active, 2 say the least.  Meet some earth angels over here 4 sure.  Our Quantum home 444  Thank U angels, we'll be right over, Good God willing. 

Hint 4 tomorrow's share page... Features' a certain 'graduate.'  )

Now 2/3/20 Forever 20 if wants is Erik w his 'Share of the day' page 4 the starving kids...

#20 )  Please see the front page   The Jubilee Is Jesus  guys & read about what's going on w our cause. Here's the link 2 Erik's loving place.   

Will someone, anyone help?  Angels are hard 2 find sometimes in purgatory. Where this planet is, apparently, obviously.  No one lends a hand.  We tweet Trump & news media & celebrities, shows like #Kimmel etc.  No response.  On Fb w their silly algorithms maybe 15 people see it.  Scotty, seriously, we are ready 2 go.  No, we are just saying, folks.  God will charge us one ) 4 eternal salvation bc money does not exist in heaven & it only exists down here bc we allow idiots, lunatics & maniacs to be our leaders.  God help us awl.  Rec & fin abovedate:  2:12 p.m. 

#21)  Now  2/6/20 This page should have showed up here 2 days ago and yesterday we were away so this page of day is here.  The cause remains the same.  Emmanuel still in jail.  No one is helping  We did what we could, again.    We got the songs, anyone listening?  Hope so.   Meanwhile kids go w/o food. Authorities could care less. When no one cares then we know we're in trouble.  Shame bc it could be heaven down here.

Money rules here  Love rules heaven. We've picked our side. We need 2 go back 2 God. HeShe Is the solution. Also, hint 4 tomorrow's page of the day. 🤨 For the record, this is what somehow did not get posted here on the 4th:  *copied from Fb) 

#21) Now 2/4/20 Alright, on this # 4 angel # day we call 4 the angels 2 step 4 ward w a song or 7. Here's the link 4 awl who want 2 partake: Listed here at the graduates section:  

#22 )  Now 2/7/20  Alright, today's Share page of the day is here.  Coming Home to God.  Link 2 share, if led.   Hope see ya's there.  )

#23 )   Who needs some heaven sent music?  Here's Share page of the day:  If only we could start to live by the principles shared in  this music, what a heavenly world this could be.  Ty Moodies 4 the inspiring God given music aka the speech of the angels.  <3  )

#24)  Alright, Despite what we've been thru and going thru, who thinks it's time 4 some cosmic fun, cosmic beings of infinite light & love?  We think it's time as blue flames fly out of scribe's fingers.  Very interesting if we do say so.  So, here's the place:  Cosmic Fun Now 4 All  & url 2 share is:  ok, time to fix what we can esp when it comes to providing the bare necessities 4 God's children, all of us.  If concur, do a love in action thing.  Lend a hand however we can and then the fun can really begin.  We're all connected, so lets get hip, awakening masses,, ok?  Make sense?  Hope so.  )  To give a contribution via Paypal, here's the link:    Thank you 4 caring.

Now 2/10/20 We move on to another level of the Share page of day bringing awareness to the starving children.

# 25 )  The Master needs no introduction, just know, He is the reason we are all here.  Without His blessed divine  intervention, God only knows where we would be, if anywhere.   So, here's  the Share page of this blessed day in the cosmic neighborhood where everyone is known and valued w love & light and no one is left out.  Jesus Welcomes us <3  Link 2 share is:   Thank You 2 the sharers & esp the givers. 

 #26 )  Now  2/11/20  Share Hope page of this 4 ever Tuesday is... take a wild guess.  Yep, here we go.   Indeed, guys, fun is letting the music do the talking.  Rock on. 

P.s.  Just added germane content here fun seekers...  #24) Cosmic Fun Now 4 All  or:   If we had a mandatory must visit page, this has to be near the very top.  Not done yet, either.  )

#27 ) Now 2/12/20 Gazings . Today's Share page is here:  Catch Braco's gazings listed there and more  Here's where to go.   Happy Gazing!... )

Remember, guys, we're awl God's actors.  Some on the big bright stage, some undercover.  We are still looking 4 whistleblowers.  Could You be one?  Just share these pages & that will be good.  Indeed.  )  It starts  here... The Jubilee Is Jesus  or   Partner up w us & you will find Your eternal home w awl yer friends ~ everyone.  Carry on... )

#28 )  Who would partner up w a benevolent Source Creator if it was offered?  So, if open 2 it & you have a pulse, check this Share Hope page of the day out.  As we hear in synch right now on a recorded conf call... 'we're about people helping people.'  Together, we can do anything.  Here's link:  Partners, continuin  or link 2 share is: 

We invite everyone 2 visit the front page and scroll down 2 the 2nd lighthouse, right near the top, ans see what a difference only $10. can do to feed the hungry. The Jubilee Is Jesus  aka  We wish Everyone a Happy Valentines Day.  The Share page tomorrow is rather special 2 us, indeed. <3  )

# 29 )  2/14/20  Happy Valentines Day. ISB's ) Shouldn't every day be Valentines Day, guys?  We thinks so and so does Diane w a hour long message (tho the first 3 minutes can suffice. ) of new news, following Huey.  Diane's page 4 Awl )  or url is:   Thank you Diane 4 this bit of magic as that song/video came 4th. as we logged on 2 Yt.  )

Alright, so Ladies & Gents, what's the Share Hope 4 this lovely day?  Gotta be this one, so let's  go there w a click or a blink & here we are.  Pat starts it off w scribe's favourite video.  )   See Ya's there & of course, if led ~ share & bless yerselves.  Deal?  Hope so. Make it a lovely day wherever You are Starburst & Have Fun!  <3  )

# 30 )  2/15/20  Alright 'my Dear Friends', as we hear this in synchro on the terror video seen here at the 'Share Hope 4 Awl' page of the day. James Martin, MD invites us here:  Thank You Good kind gentle physician of Light & Love. God Bless You!!  <3  )

Now  2/16/20  Looking 4 # 31) ?  Scroll 2 bottom and God willing, you will find it there.  TYVM  )

Now 12/19/19 Greetings kids. You want links? We got links & letters 2 share...

This shared on FB  the above date...Part I

Greetings fellow Zookeepers. This may be the official breakout song of the Eagle Party, What do you think?
Shared at God's Grateful jubilee platform here:  Merry Christmas & Happy Joyous new year
4 clear cosmic vision 2020. It's no accident there are no accidents, everyone knows that, right? Hope so. )  Michael says the ship is ready when we are, starfleet cadets,= 
Latest working man as partners page...  All God's kids need Hope:  And good friends, who have their friends back; right John? Indeed, ) 

Who could use a bridge 2 a better life? God provides, Dear Ones.  4 God cares So much HeShe wants 2 gather us in to eternal safety. Our choice team oneness.
Awl your friends r here. No one is ridiculed or ostracized 4 being 'different.'  Problems R mere 'situations' which can be fixed w the right counselor. We rec Jesus. He'll have u laughing in no time. ya may even 4 get what the 'problem' was. )  This is a wrap for this share. We leaving, you coming with, Hugh? Manitees are & The dolphins whales and turtles frogs & all natures creatures in their habitat.  Look like a full circle jaunt @ the mind & <3 of God. In closing this little course, there R other pages of note so, in your travels we rec searching them out and we, God willing will have a new page w 'Open Letters' that like a snapshot can convey a lot of information w the original bare exchange.

Now 1/20/20 "The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans

Thank You 2 Awl the volunteer spirits down here on Planet Joy. The transfiguration of Gaia is proceeding apace. Let's all Carry on... <3 )

Now 1/20/20 Bob Marley - Three Little Birds [Official Music Video]

Thank You God 4 sending us awesome angels like Bob Marley. Don't worry children, God thru Bob, says everything gonna be alright. We don't just believe. We 'Know' bc we awl take 'Love In Action' steps, skips & jumps 2 make sure the best manifests. In Jesus Name. And So It Is.

Now 1/20/20 And then the angels showed up, right on moment: ANGELIC HEALING MUSIC || 528Hz + 639Hz

Thank You Source God from Whom All good springs, like angels at our beck & call. Thank You Angels 4 just being wherever you are, always willing & waiting 2 serve God's wonderful wishes 4 a deserving humanity. Do we deserve Christ, dear ones? Hope so.

Now 1/21/20 Speaking of an angel, Marie steps 4th w a song. Ty Mom <3 )

Thank You God 4 Awl & every thing inc esp we modest, humble, sweet, kind loving harmonious adventurous and Grateful Gods & Goddesses taking after the angels. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. <3 ) Hope see you soon Marie & Fam of everyone. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/21/20 An Open Letter 2 any open hearts out there?

An Open Letter & Page of the day share: Ok, I'm about to share this song here as the official song of the orphanage. What is the name of the orphanage? Hope Rains? And here is where we log the pages 4 those of you scoring at home. (you're here.)

Hope rains foundation-SL
7:21 AM
Good morning brother
Hi Good morning. Emmanuel Ok will be using that more rather than just 'the orphanage.' Logged in at exactly 7:44 a.m. and 10 minutes later the God chosen 'page of the day' pops up. We had another page in mind yesterday, however looks like God wanted 2 cut 2 the chase. Fine by us. Awl we do is push the buttons like the joyful, obedient, compassionate scribe we are.

Ok, it may just be tomorrow's now. Gonna share it on FB now but here's a preview for you and the angels. -a new name 4 the volunteer children of Hope rains. Of course everyone knows 4 is an angel # and 7 & 11 God #'s. Link 4 page of the day: Thank You God.

God can't wait 4 us 2 get our act 2 gether & return home 2 HimHer ❤ We will use this in open letter format 4 witnesses. TYG IJN. So, who will be the First 2 make a donation to this new fundraiser? All details here: Unbelievably, still waiting, correct Emmanuel, or has someone else on the planet stepped up to chip in? 🙏

Amen thanks brother, but is really very frustrating and sad. How this kids are perishing. Today will be four days again kids going without food just water. About four days

Brother is really frustration no food brother😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖

We gotta get the word out.. will be sharing this
OK brother even if u can help with just $30 to even just get only food. For the day so that kids will not die will be happy
10:09 AM

Thanks for everything brother
Highly appreciated u
Blessing bro I saw the donations

YW, now, we really gotta get to work as the well is dry as a bone.

Yes bro, thank u so very much

YW. God gives us Hope, next 2 Jesus the greatest gift. Ok sharing now Moment marked 4 the record 10:54 a.m. 😎

Now.  1/24/20  Further sharing from link below at P.s.

OK brother

Bringing us up to speed now 9:22 a.m. est A lovely time 2 PayPal:  The main thing i, gentle readers, is to Stop the hunger. Please help, lend a hand. That's why God gave us hands.

Oh, dear ones, if we only grasped some of the power of a giving hand. There would be no more billionnaires or millionnaires, they'd put it in other hands who can use it while they still can bc it is written. Love and only love is the only sustainable currency going 4 ward to our higher inter -dimensional homes, already prepared 4 us.

God says... Did U get the memo humanity? From someone's future self?  Share it again, God?

Again and again 'til someone wakes up. You know we are All World leaders, Guys. You Know that, right? Jesus starts it off... 

And Catch the memo / Message from 1995 in Connecting Link magazine. You can't read this too many times, He says.

And our ever present guide & Friend, the Grand Spirit says: GOOD BLESS YOU!! ) Good showed up. ) fix it, scribe? Ha, we'll just continue w that being said bc Everyone Knows God Is Good. So, Good Dr (And it's more than a title 4 James Martin, it's like His first name) proceed, Please if You will: GOOD LOL Came out again like that. Now we Know God's messing w us. Happens Awl the time, my dear friends.  God likes 2 have fun 2 guys..  That's one of the main reasond HeShe created us.  

Oh, the cosmic 'peanut gallery' is having fun over here in the love room, guys. One More time. And we will 'watch' the letters, ok, here we go... GOD BLESS U ~ Every One & Every Thing EVERYWHERE. Thank You Peebles, Dr Peebles James Martin. The Grand Spirit. Indeed. <3 )


Now 1/25/20 The Incredible truth about Angels - (Must Watch)

Now 1/26/20 A Major Announcement of a new (Now recognized ) partner 2 The Firm <3 )

Thank You God 4 The Angels.  This is shared at the # 11 Share page and at Michael's page.  here...    If care 2 share it will be noticed, like the colours coming off scribe's fingers as they glide over the keyboard.  )

Yes, a new guardian angel is on the scene as talked about on this seminal reading scribe had w Leslee Jo in 2009.  Truth be told it was only hearing this recently again that we became more aware of Diane's presence in 'hovering' mode.  

Can anyone say... 'out of incubation mode?' finally.* Synchro note:   we hear this word * in reading exactly when we type this.  There you go again, universe.  )  Like how 'bout at 30:11  Yours truly could be like a galactic messenger 4 the entire galaxy.  Hello... who me?            God, whatever Your Holy Happy Healthy plan is 4 Your humble servant & friends, having no enemies. You know we will not shy away, or shrivel away from our volunteer, in service 2 Your  will, only.  We've been down this path a few times, my dear friends', and many are the alive & passed on who have been with us.  Like you, Diane, beloved sister & 'Ms Popularity' 'Upstairs.'  <3  )

 Now.  1/26/20  Good Morning beautiful Sunday Morning  Shiny onees.  Who's gonna shine their light 2 day & make our infinitely loving Creator proud 2 day?  One way is to give 2 others esp those in dire need.  Guys, remember this from just the other day shared here?             HopeRains 4 GodsKids

Amen brother, same problem brother. No food since yesterday and this morning kids did not eat we're unable to go school

U re just a great hero
Fighting and saving kids life through God divine grace Darrell and u
9:30 AM
My bank says it should clear today. I just sent $33.
and posted on FB. I won't take the fb thing down. It expires on the 24th anyway. But encourage everyone to give direct.

Ok bro appreciated u
I think u need to do another more post in many groups and other social media platform.
                                                                                                                                                                           I know, need a secretary.

Now, above date Sunday a.m.  Bingo.  God saw the need and our request (not the 1st time by any means) gives us the perfect secretary, guys.  yep, she's been hovering around since she passed, however Now, our beloved sister, Diane Marie has taken the reigns, so 2 speak, of this site, and is fully & completely ready & starting 2 do Her considerable part in the bringing of Heaven 2 Earth, which is the Divine plan in case you didn't know it Sue & Sam.

She's  already started this morning if you go to the front page The Jubilee Is Jesus and scroll down you'll see her picture & the editing she did over there.  This announcement will also be shared here  U coming with us? ))  or link:   after the Akashic records reading scribe had in 2009 w Reader extraordinaire & Drummer Leslee Jo Klinsky.  Thank You Leslee Jo.  <3  )

You guys think we have a strong connection with Marie?  OMG This sibling connection takes it to a whole other Upper level that we hope you guys know how 2 figuratively, swim bc this purple water is deep. As seen here at: Ahem: Infinity's Doorway.)   It's the same place we were heading 4 during our NDE (Near death experience)* when we almost drowned in Caldwell Pool, Cunningham Park,  Milton, Ma when we were 7 years young. *story is relayed on that front page)  Yeah, at the very last second 2 angels disguised as 12 year old boys pulled us up, one on each elbow.  Still brings tears every time we relay this.  U2 Mom, we know.   Time out, guys. ;

Alright, so let's get on w the 'Share Hope 4 Starving children in Sierra Leone, W Africa & wherever people, esp children are hungry page of the day.'  See list above 4 #12.  Ty.  )  

P.s.  Oh, almost 4 got, Diane will, God willing, have her own page on here w good stuff.  We already have a list of songs 2 share.  Later or tomorrow but soon.  And our soon is just that 'soon.' Right, Diane?  )  we get that 'look.'   )  Welcome, again Diane, don't call me sister, that's over.  We know.  We r all on to our next chapters, dear ones.  And So It Is.   Rec & fin the moment.  Above date:  11:22 a.m.  As God is our witness, folks, angels.  <3 ) ) 

Here's Diane's page guys, where "Everything" Is positively possible. 

Diane's page 4 Awl )  or link: Thank You Diane, Everybody <3's You.  <3  )

Now 1/29/20 The Year Of The Cat-Live /Al Stewart/ Album (The Best Of Al Stewart) (1976)

Thank You God 4 Al (You Al's gotta stick 2 gether ) Stewart & Company 4 bringing 4 th this awesome, beautiful & timeless song. One of Marie's & Al's (our Mom & Dad in this last lifetime) favourites. Diane's & yours truly as well. Will see it over Diane's place soon, guys. Cheers & Cheerio,,, )

God says:  Awl that follow here are of the 'Lighthouse brigade.'  If that's not you, you immortal spiritual being, you, then you are done here.  Thank you 4 allowing yerself 2 come this far.  You may turn back now & we wish you the best in exercizing your divine gift of free will.

However, If you are still here & ready 2 proceed w your brothers & sisters of the light, each infused from the beginning w the infinite divine crystalline <3  light of Source God Creator ALL THAT IS  Heavenly infinite Father Mother Great I Am That I Am The Infinite ~ Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine ~ The One.

Then let us proceed w a big Hug w our God designated ultimate leader who has led & guided us w God's heavenly angels, as one large, loving, late family, home.  Late is right on time 4 some.  Guess that's us, right Jackson?  )

Thank You God 4 sending us Your magnificent Son of many names, starting w Emmanuel and culminating in Jesus Yeshua & His cosmic name Sananda.  'Thank You Jesus' rolls off the tongue w ease.  <3  )  Jesus says, like the Paul W. song sung by a certain angel drummer, Karen.  'We've only just begun,' dear ones.  Ya's can hear that very song starting off the #1) page of these Share Hope 4 the very needy page of day.  Alright, so here we are and the ...

#31 ) Share page 4 those who need it is:  All In God's Hands.  or url 2  share:  As always, if you like it or <3 it share it and be blessed while being a blessing 2 others.  Meanwhile, unbelievably.  this Go Fund Me campaign 4 the starving children is STILL, after a few weeks, looking for it's First donation. 

Or one can use Paypal:  Any amount is Most welcome. TYVM. 

So we will Tweet this Share page of day usually w a song, and here's a typical # tag audience we send it to.  You might call these 'the usual suspects.'  Do we hear from them?  Any of them at awl?  Nope.  You gotta know someone is monitoring Trump's messages & tweets.  Does our president care?  Apparently not, as the blood starts to rush thru scribes veins.  WTF. people.  

Isn't it time to really WAKE UP & get some real leadership going on this 'Plant it' like we had in ancient times?  We can have it yesterday, if we weren't so blind.  Alright so, we're going 2 go share this on social media & we'll share our tweet.  You can see them here, if int.  

#31) Share pg 4 day:  Listed here:  w a song Still no help  Movers shakers?   #realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump #Oprah @Oprah #Ellen #ABC #CBS #NBC #WCVB #WHDH #WBZ #WZLX #WRKO #CNN RT

#32 )  Share Hope 4 us awl page of the day.  We can Shout it, if led is:   Thank You Janis.  <3  )

Jerry follows w a 12 second solution 2 all the woeld's problems.  Hear him speak here, w other distinguished surprise guests - if newbie, if led.  If already heard; repeated listens always reveal new insights, correct James Martin, Dr?  GOD BLESS YOU YES, Paul  )  Big nod 2 James, intuitive consultant extraordinaire.  RIP  Rockin' In Paradise, like everyone, awl Gods companion souls on the other side of nowhere. ) Nod 2 Neil  ) 

Who wants 2 have a listening party?  Maybe we can learn something if we really try. Politicians, we double dog dare ya's 2  listen.   Oh, we concur, God, this would be a natural place 2 share Your Urgent Message from 1995.

Jesus; response 1st:     

And from someone's future self... 

Another one, God?  Might as well, Sonny.  ) w Thank U 2 Leslle Jo & the Akosh keepers.  )

Ashtar says:  'What am I, chopped liver?'  He loves our human expressions.  Heavens, no Ashtar, here:  taken from the #11 ) Share page 'Site Essentials.' w big TY 2 'the human telephone line'  Michael Ellegion. )

Now: 12/29/19 Update: Here's a new sharing that God call the The 13 th commandment. Thou shalt listen 2 this. <3 ) 

Ok, Happy listening folks if you do.  Remember, we Awl co create our movie w our free will respected at the utmost, w God.  We can't be separated from God bc that is what we are made of. We do rec checking out the latest sharing @ Diane's place  here..."padding: 0px; text-align: left; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Roboto; font-size: 16px; letter-spacing: 0px; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none solid rgb(0, 0, 0); text-shadow: none; text-transform: none; direction: ltr;" class="textnormal"> or Diane's page 4 Awl )  esp if you want a good song stuck in yer head all day.  )  Indeed, guys, these NDE accounts all over this site and here:   are preparing us awl 4 the much bigger reality just ahead 4 us. 

These NDE' volunteers have come down here & had these experiences 4 a reason.  It's no accident, as there are no accidents.  Ask Eben Alexander,Md.  )  They are 'wayshowers.'  Scouts, if you will, of the cosmic type, to help awaken us 2 our greater life & potential just around the next bend or 2 or 3... ) Indeed, my dear friends, what information could be more interesting than what they share, each a little or a lot different in their variety & scope.  Scribe had his own little NDE as related on the front page.  Ours was a true NDE as it was near but we didn't flat line and go on a profound journey thru the universes, (except in dreams. )

#33 ) Now 2/18/20  The New Now frontier of human consciousness is being forged by the Near Death Experiencer community & it grows larger every day as modern medical technology brings more people back from the other side and as these wayshower volunteer survivors share their stories, we can have great hope that, Yes, of course, God Is, and God Has a plan 4 us awl.  Even Jerry said in the Mr Toad's reading that we do go back to God.  Who needs a hug w Jesus?

Oh, good, one or two.  Here, check this first one we had w Jim Law, who jumps 4 joy on the other side as he practiced here.  

And now the reading...                                                                                                                             From:  September, 2012:

So, w this in mind, here, my dear friends, is: 'The Share Hope 4 awl page of the day.'  Hope y'awl have a wonderful Tuesday morning afternoon evening & night.  Hope 2 see ya's here tomorrow. i.e.  Wednesday.  <3  )  If like this ~ Share it & be blessed.  Watch things happen when you open the door 2 Your God self <3  )

Now 2/17/20 Hippies save the world. Jerry's solution in 12 seconds. Can we listen, peeps? Hope so. )

Thank You Jerry, we Awl <3 U Hope see You soon, Bro. ) ) )

Now 2/19/20 It Awl begins from here. Thank God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is... <3 ) ) ) ) 4 the angels. )

Share Hope page II#34 ) Share Hope 4 us awl page of the day.  Good morning awl volunteers who's soul's answered the clarion call of Sunat Kumara of Venus to put aside our God like powers & abilities and came down here 2 earth in this heavy physical density 2 help the world rise up from the dark depths of unenlightened, opressive, dog eat dog, survival by conquering & killing 'the enemy.'  From the dinosaurs to the latest unnecessary conflict on the 'schoolhouse battlefield' earth.

God know, my dear friends, it's way past time 2 finally grow up down here & get out sh*t together.  (to use a technical term.)  So, towards the goal of rescuing us from our own fears, doubts ignorance of pride &/or grandiosity... Spirit - Source Creator Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator, Great I AM THAT I AM, Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine ALL THAT IS  The Infinite The One.  Who has infinite love mercy & compassion 4 HisHer Creation & every-thing in it has sent us Jesus and other master teachers to show us the way home to what we will simply refer 2 as God.

God made us with HisHer 'Godstuff' & imbued us with as much of HisHer 'goodness' as we are willing to share w oiur fellow beings, fellow equal volunteers of all shapes, colours & sizes down here in dreamland.  See, God would not give someone  all the awesome gifts of divine spirit 2 someone who would only sit in a cave & not go out & share it w the world.  This was & Is Jesus' example, dear ones.  In other words, to those who 'much has been given, much is expected.'  Does this make sense, my dear friends?  Hope so.

So, with this brief relay flying off the clear keyboard & fingers of scribe.  No blue or turqoise flames so far  2 day.  )  Here is the 'Share Hope 4 Awl humanity which has no idea how badly we need this. Indeed, we say we, bc we r awl in this thing 2 gether.  We r connected like a tree has leaves blowing in the wind but it awl-so has roots that run deep gathering the water to feed the whole tree;  keeping it, not only alive but thriving. What a system.  We're reminded of the poem we learned in school.*  And the angels w their amazing humility, modesty & Joy 2 do God's will & nothing else in every moment of their be- loved eternal existence... Shout:  Awake, Awake the angels sing & trumpet w their instruments doing what they do. OMG. ) ) ) )    A tribute page to a humble star seed from God only knows where but he carried awl the love of God in his heart & in his playing w a smile.  That smile could & did light up many, many stadiums & countless <3's, right deadheads?  Indeed.  So much so that people would put their own lives on hold & follow Jerry & his merry band around the globe.  ) ) ) 

Alright, guys.  Obviously w the recent thread, todays's selection was a total no brainer.  Invite yerselves 2 listen 2 Jerry in the 2 readings w Jim Law above.  Get a big hug from Jesus & advice from Jerry, 'follow your own talent - trust your gut'  etc in the last one and guys, be sure 2 get 'hip' w Natalie Sudman & other master 'wayshower volunteer guides' come down here in 3 & 4 D 4 the ushering, not sheepherding - as we are anything but sheep, of God's far flung free forever finally folks for friendship Freedom Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness w ALL THAT IS  aka The One.  <3  ) 

This was shared as #33 Share Hope of day, above.  Awl these pages r, like Your 'stuff' - living breathing active 'stuff' 2 be used & hopefully, shared.  e.g. what good does owning a magnificent piece of art do 4 anyone if all it does is sit in a dark vault all day?  What purpose does it serve?  It doesn't.  So, we survivors, many of our battle wounds showing, should not hide away bc we may shock the world w what we've been thru.  Upstairs, we awl have our stadiums full of our fans & admirers, many of whom may have stepped aside so we could come down here and 'take it 4 the team' or win 4 the team. 

 Remember, like the famous football coach, we think his name was Paul Brown, of the awesome Cleveland Browns back in that day.  He engineered the plays that would get the one player on the team who most likely would be the one 2 gain the end zone - With the ball! And be designated 2 do that. Yes, Jim Brown, a player who has been in the end zone many many times and that's how he acted bc that's what he did 4 a living. lol ) Everyone <3's You Jim.  )

Thus, the team, the city, the entire galaxy if the game is that big... Wins, my dear friends. Our team has triumphed in the light & Love of The Christ energies as exemplified by The Master, Himself, Jesus Yeshua Sananda. It's over, my dear friends.  It's over.  What's that Johnny?  Hint 4 tomorrow's i.e. Thursday's Share page bc tomorrow never comes. )   

Rec & fin:  Above date:  12:11 p.m.  Cheers,  )  Addendums:  1:22 p.m.

Thank You Jerry,  Hope see You & Co soon.  Our 'soon.'  ) ) ) 

*Trees, by Joyce Kilmer, as shared here w more as is the new Now Share Hope page II   or

Hope see ya's over there tomorrow (Thursday 2/20/20 )  R we seeing things more clearly, like in a great cosmic script, consciousness explorers of the One, infinite, divine, perfect, infinitely perfect mind of God.  The One.  yet, dear ones?  Hope so.  <3  )  As 'Twist of Fate' plays in background on one of our ancient cassettes.  It's title?  Essential Grateful Dead.  Peace, Bro's & Sisters.  Catch ya's weir we catch ya's.  Keep smiling.  ) ) )  We leave you with a song, everyone... )

Now 2/19/20 Here a song we r led 2 sign off this page with. Hope en -Joy. )

Thank You God 4 awl the blessings, esp our hearts & minds & guides & angels 2 bring us back 2 You.  Lessons learned, the hard way.  God, Please 4 give our collective, dumb, ridiculous inattention 2 You Who has always faithfully pulled 4 us 2 come 2 our senses, wake up, smell the flowers, if not the coffee & say 'hear' we are, God. Finally, we listened, we heard, we got the message. We are not worthy but we do Now Trust in U God.  Bc we have learned, more than we ever could before when we were really not experienced & therefore not wise like we are now. (Speaking 4 the majority who are not the inevitable 'laggards' who need extra coddling & attention 2 their needs.) 

We've come so far, so very far, haven't we fellow Sons & Daughters of Light?  Indeed. Thank You God 4 taking us back, at long last 2 Your loving, 4 giving embrace, Dear God, & never, we collectively resolve, will we ever again get fooled & drawn into separation & the immense sorrow, we found out, it brings.  May we 4 ever soar like eagles & doves on wings of sound w You God, Heavenly infinite Father Mother Holy Spirit Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Great I AM THAT I AM ~ ALL THAT IS ~ The Infinite ~ The One. In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  ) 

Namaste.  )

Rec & fin  2/19/20  4:08 p.m.  )