Now, 'Gathering in 5D Now' page. All God's kids Come, out of the dark, please. It's time.

Thank You God 4 leaving the door open, the music playing & the Jesus light on 4 us.  <3  )

Thank You God 4 leaving the door open, the music playing & the Jesus light on 4 us. <3 )

Greetings fellow Gods &  Goddesses  'sparks' ~ mirrors of Infinite Creator.  Welcome to this place you've found, where no one is ever meant to be left out, left behind, or unthought about.  No butterfly stays in the cocoon forever,  no spirit is meant to be left in 3D when the Earth, the galaxies, the suns, moons stars and all the grains of sand on God's infinite beaches are rising with the cosmic waves of Divine Love now bathing the earth and the cosmic neighborhood, termed 'the Milky Way,' She resides in, with we, her student hitchhikers, along for the ride & in voluntary pre-birth compliance with the Will of Creator. 

It is no accident, as we know there are no accidents in God's perfect design, anywhere.  No way, no how, my dear friends. )  We are now fully engaged and deep over our heads IN Father Mother God Source Creator ALL THAT IS aka The INFINITE ~ THE ONE.  We All make up the whole.  No thread is missing or it would just not be the same. It wouldn't be right.  It would be like living w a splinter that needs attention for the comfort of the whole body. 

So, no thing, no soul is left out.  No being created as part of the infinite body of God is or could ever be separated for eternity.  The long strange experiment, the see how it would be passion play is over, dear ones.  The curtain is coming down.  The street lights are on, it's high time God's kids came in from the dark and tried a new game called simply.  'Can't we just have fun?' ~ forever? Gise??   So, smile on your sister or brother, and know - you're smiling at yourself.

Fellow kids of Creator, have you heard? There's a movie on when we're ready for it.  It's called our 'life review.'  We hear it's quite the show.  The would have's, the should have's, the what would have's etc it's all there in the 'Akosh,' the Akashic Records. It's a criticless show as there's no judgment from anyone, unless we want to give ourselves a boot in the butt.  Indeed, we are always our harshest critic, in the end.  Good news is, if we're on this side of the veil, we have hope to get in alignment w God's best script for our movie, esp if we ask Jesus to be our kind compassionate & loving director. If we all do this, we will have many sweet, beautiful, loving adventurous new horizons with the quickness. And So It Is.

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P.s. Need more Moodies music?  Who doesn't? Here we go

P.p.s.  A Large (Open Arms ) 'Welcome & Hug 4 the peeps arriving from the 'pretty much' 'done'  'Heart - Heaven Now II' page, here   We must say, Spirit ~ God did an Awesome job over there.  Scribe, the innocent bystander pushing the buttons still has an idea or 2 however, as always, we'll see.  Meanwhile, hope Ya's en-joy this #33 page on this simple site,  & we'll try not to make it too long, but that's really up 2 'The Boss.'  Correct, Heavenly Boss?   )

P.p.p.s.  Would you like an easy to use platform to share good stuff that floats your particular boat - that is way better than Twitter or FB* or some of the others, where things show up and are gone into oblivion in minutes, sometimes?  *(The only 2 we do)  We must say that we do recommend this simple platform: is worth checking out.  And, no, we don't get a referral fee for suggesting.  We share this just because... well, it is 'Just because day' in the neighborhood. )  For the record, we were going 2 plug this site & then, logging on, we see what day it is.  What a coincidence, gise.  )  See, we weren't lying.  Oh, also - a French custard pie thing too, sounds delish. )

New Horizons ~ (anyone? ) The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Now, 8/21/19 Your Wildest Dreams The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues. 5D's 'House Band' 4 helping to make all our collective dreams come true in 'The One'... as like waking from a dream where we were told this would happen. Thank You James M and James M. )

Now, 8/21/19 Have You Heard HD - The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues. Bringing Heaven's music to Earth for 55 years & counting. <3 )

Hearts beat to the rhythm of hope... )

Hearts beat to the rhythm of hope... )


Thank You God ~ The Company of Heaven and Patricia. <3 )


Thank You Patricia and The Company of Heaven

Now, 8/23/19 Ascension & End Times Prophecy - Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves - Part 1

Thank You Corey Goode.

Ascension & End Times Prophecy QnA- Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves - Part 2

Thank You Corey & Audience. )

Preparing for The Shift/Event ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Thank you the 9D Arcturian Council, Daniel Scranton & Mario Gattoaladino.

Instant Pineal Activation • Pure Tones • (Warning Extremely Powerful!)

Thank You Transcending Vibrations for sharing this now age technology.


Thank You Good Vibes - Binaural Beats.

Now, 8/26/19 Wayne Dyer - How To Attract Exactly What You Want...

Thank You Wayne Dyer. )

Now 7/29/21 1:16 a.m. We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters

Thank You Karen & Richard & Carpenters. To Beginnings. <3 ) ) )

Here's our planned course of action.  Hope You're in Lucky & Daisy.  )  Peace love Joy harmony music laughter fun adventure & Gratitude are on our agenda 4 ever.  Who's in?  Hope Everyone.  )

Here's our planned course of action. Hope You're in Lucky & Daisy. ) Peace love Joy harmony music laughter fun adventure & Gratitude are on our agenda 4 ever. Who's in? Hope Everyone. )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. )

Now, 8/29/19 Braco - Paradigm Shift - FULL MOVIE

Thank You Braco & Company ~ Everyone. )

Now, 9/2/19 Near Death Experience Puts Man Face-to-Face With God

Thank You Good God for Sharing Your Glory w Your children. Thank You Jesus, & Jim & Lorraine for your testimony. & Ty 700 Club.

Now, 9/2/19 Near Death Experience - Wisdom from Beyond

Thank You Antonio Lembo Production and All who contributed to this Wisdom From Beyond.

Now, 9/5/19 Nurse Shares 30 Years Of Spiritual Experiences With Death & Dying

This is so good. Thank you Becki for sharing... )

Now, 9/8/19 Jesus via John Smallman, September 7th, 2019

Thank You Jesus. And Ty John Smallman & Mario G for sharing this 'Good news' post. Let's try and follow Jesus' directions, shall we? Hope so. ) May we share a dream... about surrender? Thank you fellow 'Infinites' <3 )

Look Guys, when we finally wake up and mature beyond our current chaotic economic system and start using the God approved platform of Love & only love as our collective currency, as a viable means of trade; the universe has provided a bill we can respect & use 4 our monopoly money. Everyone, all God's human creature creations are Now Certified Jerry Spiritionnaires. It's our birthright, as we all awaken to exactly Who & What we are as 'sparks' / mirrors of Source Energy ~ Creator beings created by The Ultimate Source Creator Being which we can just refer to and think of as God. God IS Good, fellow Gods & Goddesses of The One.'  Congratulations. Indeed.  )

P.s. You think weir kidding? Not kidding, guys. Celebrate. )

Now, 9/8/19 Grateful Dead - Ripple (New York, NY 10/31/80) (Official Live Video)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. ) Keep smiling folks, things are only going to get better so like Jesus ~ Sananda says, Celebrate ~ kindly. Right, Jerry? )

Same forever day in the time of now....

Let's see, we got this God.  This goes here, just for any newbies to this site, not to mention this one... 

We're just the messenger god 4 Good God Father Mother Source Creator Almighty Infinite Eternal ALL THAT IS.  And we, lucky sparks / mirrors of same termed 'immortal spiritual beings'  have won the eternal lottery.  No matter what is happening in our lives or in the headlines, and our empathic collective heart(s) go out to those esp hard hit in the Bahamas and other trouble spots in the world.  May we heed and take comfort in the words of Jesus ~ Sananda, as shared above. 

Jesus response... 

So, Friends, who's ready to ride?  Hope everyone.  )

Now, 9/10/19 More Good New news from Saul thru John Smallman

Take it away Saul & John... as we celebrate 'Spirit Day' i.e. 'Everyday.'  All Thank You's & Glory to God from Your Grateful chill-dren God.  And So It Is. 

Now, 9/10/19 Pink Floyd - Time

Thank You Pink Floyd for the 'wake up' soundtrack. Good Morning Completes Rise & Shine... )

Now 9/10/19 Tuesday aka Forever Afternoon-The Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues. See Everyone in Paradise. Oh, we're already here. Aren't we? Hope so. ) As we head out for a stroll... won't you join us... everyperson? )

Now, 9/10/19 Take 2 )

Lol, Guys, you know we can't make this stuff up. This Jerry vid right here is what we thought we were uploading above w the text for it. So, lo and behold, look what showed up, inexplicably & we weren't even @ that video however, somehow - it appeared.  There we go, a signature song of Marie-Mom & Paul went there. Fix it? huh? we know how spirit works, esp you, Mom <3 ) shown w Jaws. )

Actually, there's no more perfect song to go there as we're walking this little puppy (of a page) home. My oh my is the company of Heaven 'fixing' for a party my dear friends.  We're hearing this page can be used as like the 'side' or 'now' (9/13/19) actually new 'front' door that everyone uses rather than the front formal door. That's fine w us. Catch Ya's later, going for a walk w me friends. You coming Everyspirit/human?  Awesome. ) Keep smiling guys. Catch ya's on the flip side as some spirits in their human body suits say. )

Now, 9/11/19 A Day to Remember...

We're All invited to visit this particular page and esp to take in the song by the Dave Mathews Band. 

And we share this here as we did on FB.  These very wise, empathic & truthful words from our friend,  Ann 

Ann Albers

Eighteen years ago we will all remember where we were when we heard the fateful news that planes had crashed into the twin towers.

My mother was volunteering in the White House when she saw it on the internet and went running to tell the nearest Secret Service guy who, after a brief discussion on his link, started ushering the volunteers out and to safety. She caught one of the last metro trains home.

My dad, who had been in the section of the Pentagon many times before, was safely out of town.

We often say, "Never forget" in a vengeful, angry way, but there is a higher vibrational reality to the saying that the angels encourage us to embrace...

Never forget the light that emerged from darkness, the love from hate, the coming together of an entire world, in the face of horrible separation. Never forget the heroic souls who volunteered to leave this earth to wake us up to a greater, brighter, and more beautiful possibility for humanity. Never forget that hate hurts and love heals.

In this tumultuous times on earth once again, they remind us, "Never forget the power of love to heal hearts, bridge divisions and bring people together in united effort to make something good out of even the darkest situation. Never forget... Love is beneath it all."

Take a moment of silence to remember... not the pain, but the light and love that emerged from the hearts of the good souls on this earth. Feel it. It is still woven into the fabric our shared consciousness.

Bless you all,

Photo by Jericho Cervantes on Unsplash

Now, 9/13/19 A MONUMENTAL VICTORY! by Patricia Cota Robles

Thank You Infinite Father Mother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS, Company of Heaven, Patricia, Elvis & Crew and Mario G for creating & sharing this video. Text version follows. TYVM. )

Now, 9/13/19 A MONUMENTAL VICTORY! Patricia Cota-Robles.

This, ioho, should be Front Page News.  You know what, guys, this page can be considered a front door 'new Now news' page.  ) 

And speaking of everyone's friend, Elvis.  He's doing his free 'gatekeeper' service  Word has it All God's kids are welcome & will be received in Graceland.  Here's link 2 get there...   Thank You Elvis.  )

P.s.  When uploading Patricia's text, again, inexplicably this video, which is also over at Elvis' Heaven Heart Now II page, took its place.  Our intuition tells us that's no accident.  We all know nothing is an accident, big or small.  (Ref Eben Alexander M.D.)  This must be an important & highly recommended tool from a friendly, empathic & completely loving uni-verse.  Listening to it now ahhh )    Miracle Tones | Activate Pineal Gland | Open Third Eye | Heal Heart Chakra* 

* Sounds, to us anyway, like a pretty good 'nourishing lunch' menu agenda, i.e. things to do today & every day, how 'bout you?  )  So, the following video caught our eye on Yt as if to say... 'My turn' right here.  Perfect, God.  And So It Is.  )


Thank You Father Mother God ~ Patricia and The Company of Heaven on Earth & Everywhere. <3 )

Now, 9/14/19 THE ORACLE: Ancient Prophecy Foretelling Trump & End Times | Jonathan Cahn

Indeed. It's time. we saw this when it was first released on that celebratory day, the 25th of August, 2019. We thought of posting it but it just wasn't time. Now, this day, this time this place Is the time. We logged on today, went to a video that a program we're in directed us. Archangels say - next. And then this Sid & Jonathan 'Oracle' video was next. We let it roll and this time we 'know' the time is Now to share in this simple site we are privileged & humbled to steward for The One. Amazing how God works. Time stamped above date: 12:22 p.m. Exactly. )

Now 9/15/19 & forever... Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world

Thank You God 4 Creating Such a Wonderful World & Thank You Louis for putting it to song 4 us awl. <3 )