Now, 7/21/19 Welcome Starfleet 2 'God Is Good Love 888' page. Aka Heart - Heaven Now IV page. )

Now 1/14/21 Kryon - "The Future" - 2019

'Thank You Source Good God Creator ALL THAT IS w Heavenly Mother Father ~ Son & Holy Spirit & Kryon & Lee <3 ) ) ) '

Now, 7/21/19 Happy Sunday fellow Vastnesses in God in Christ Winners...

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Sorry, guys God's Ultimate Perfect plan Is Divine and, therefore, can have no losers.  Yeah, that will probably 'piss off' some, born recalcitrant humans out there, but, look, please.  Father Knows Best.  If you're drowning, will He not not lend a hand and pull you up?  We're proof of this Godly intervention. Paul was at 7 years old, & God w the angels coming closer, sent 2 12 year old boys to grab him, one on each elbow, dragging him up from the fetal position on the bottom of Caldwell Pool, Cunningham Park, Milton, Ma and carried him to the shore. TY God & angels & those 2 boys.  We've stated we'd love to buy ya's a beer but no tv producer thinks that would be an interesting segment for some show.  Let's face it, guys.  Shane/Paul can't get arrested.  Our message of Love being Awl Thhat Is Everything goes unnoticed.  Pity.

 Really, what do you expect of an infinitely loving Father & Mother of Creation, in Total Love w Her-His infinitely 'perfect Creation?   Yes, there are changes coming down.  We live Now in a whole 'New ~ Now' paradigm of Love, Joy (It's impossible 2 type that word w/o  capitalization, scribe finds ) Peace, Harmony, Compassion, tranquility, adventure, & Gratitude.  To be 'alive' on the planet Gaia at this time in human 2 spiritual evolution at lt's Highest is like OMG. Peeps, you know?

So, let's put THE Memo/ Message here, bc we Awl need 2 use this as a reality check.  Yes, these words Did come down thru a legit Channel, so tip of hatlo's  cosmic hat 2 Chapel Tibet 4 getting it down right and getting it into the late, great 'Connecting Link' magazine.  Paul remembers reading it 4 the first time, and thinking.  OMG, Right On.  Later on, like years, we gradually thought it could have come from our 'future self.'  Fast 4ward 24 years and as we sit here at the computer, we get no correction from Source Energies that would lead us to doubt that.

We know there are no accidents & there's a rhyme & a reason 4 everything under God's Great Central Sun auspices. Why Paul is the only person on the planet, that we know of, that has made this channeling a central part of his many crusades, only God can answer.  This Is the last crusade, guys.  As the song says... 'This Is It!'  Jesus Sananda is by our side and the entire spirit 'peanut gallery' is Joyfully clapping - whatever they can clap.  Right, Marie?  lol  <83 )  So, Gise, Please read this again like its the first time, as we will too.  And 'Let's Do This'  All Together We Can.  Easily.  Easy 'Does' It, while the music plays... nothing better 'cept golden silence. Peace. )   Complete w Jesus' response...

Woke up w this in our <3 & brain 2 day.  Just sharing a little 'good stuff'  ioho.  )

Definitely, Good God willing 2 Be Continued... )  And Y'as can take that 2 Dunkin' where Paul is going now, just across the street, where they're kind enough to let Paul leave his Lightning Cards.

Now  2/28/20 Insert:  Ok, as of a few months ago, yeah, we haven't gotten around to editing this.

Dunkin' stopped letting us leave our card there. even tho we had permission from mgt.They were throwing them out and tho my # is on the card, they didn't call me & let me know it was against Dunkin' corporate policy.  Too many bosses.  We found out when we got our 'Paul special'  Egg & cheese on a toasted english muffin & a glazed donut. and waiting for our order when we noticed the cards we left minutes earlier were no longer there - where the napkins & wastebarrel is. 

We asked the person cleaning up where they went & she (a manager) said they were in the trash.  Corporate policy doesn't allow that.  P said what if Lady Gaga lived across the stree & wanted to leave her cards?  Nope, no one allowed to do that.  Great, so we're over there a whole lot less but still in there couple times a week.  Our friend, Nick, Proprietor of Manet Supermarket, on the corner, further down Sea St.  does let people leave their stuff there, right inside the door on the window sill.  Ty Nick.  )

You want one Lucky & Daisy?

Here Ya's go...  Supercharged w Lightnning bol energy.  )

Note:  The cell phone # is not active at the moment bc we have a large bill to pay which we don't have at this time. Working on it esp if you see the front page and scroll down to Rocket ship pic 2 see what we're doing.   Check it out if need financial blessing b4 we awl wake up & go on the Love standard, which is inevitable. (See above Urgent Msg where It Is written.)

--- End of insert. TYVM  )

Look, Guys, Our Good Calm God in HisHer Infinite generosity, over-delivers.  Thank You Good God of Infinite JOY Love Wisdom Generosity & Light 2 banish Any darkness in Awl of Your Beloved children's affairs.  As Your collective tribe from Aries 2 Pisces Dear God, we Thank You God of Abraham ~ Good God of Jesus and Awl of Your current in or out of body 'Youngsters,' like the humble scribe. 

We Worship You God, We Praise You, We Will Love You & Your Entire Infinite Creation Kingdom eternally, fulfilling 'The Promise'  You made 2 us God, thru Your Beloved Son, Jesus, Dear God 'The One'  'The Only One'  never ending infinite Heavenly Father Mother Good God Creator Source of ALL THAT IS.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

P.s.  All The Above & w a special  (XXXTra HUG 4 Gaia** )  Huge 'Thank You 4 'Being' The Most Wonderful Beautiful host planet we Awl could ever ask 4, and of course, it awl goes back 2 God, The Infinite.  Thank You 'The Infinite.'  no more ?'s asked.  Just Thank You God ~ Awl in "The One."  Again... IJN.  And So It Is.

Rec & fin  7/21/19   1:50 p.m.

 ** Rep All  Her many names.  )

Now, 7/21/19 Head East: Never Been Any Reason (Live)

Thank You Head East.  Ah, The 70's when Music like this roamed the earth & people, at least 4 a while,  had no fear of clowns in office rattling their sabers and threatening to bomb each other... over what?  Nonsense?  Total BS Folderol?  This Is Your Divine Rock & Roll Intervention, 'Suits.' 

 Guys, Hello... isn't it High time 'We The People' take back our God given Sovereignty, as ratified by the enlightened, for the day, Founding Fathers of what would become The United States?  United, we Must be, Under 'The One Good God of Infinity~ Great I Am That I Am ~ Divine Ultimate (His Hand in pic) Good God of Abraham ~ Jesus & Music & Love of All types & genres, as 'Music Is Love & Love Is Music.'  

 So, dear ones, suggestion, let's start being smart & begin following the enlightened, 'on the way up' grownups, like 'The peaceful sane, high, hopefully in a 'clear' way Dead/Live heads & Parrotheads & our far flung Allies show us Awl how it's supposed 2 be done.  Can we try, guys?  Right, tell 'em Janis.  Is it a deal guys, just 2 'try?  Hope so.  Due diligence is asked & expected by you, humanity.  We'll be more than happy 2 take on Awl inquirees, requests etc. Kids as well.

Whistleblowers esp Welcome.  Come one & awl. Oh and BTW, as you'll see if you go to this 'The Other Side' page, you'll see Jesus was/Is a professional Hugger, so is Paul see here, if want ...   

So, if anyone needs a virtual or in person hug, Yes we can easily, w Staffs, Bands etc 'Do' Stadiums too, it only takes 22 seconds, 22, the love #, like today's date.  Gee, God, what a co-incidence. lol  Contact info is here:  

As is the temporaty 'Donate' button if anyone can help w a donation.  Since 2012 Paul has incredibly, received 1 donation. Thank You Fred. We gotta laugh, God, we Know that's part of Your script but, heck, James Martin (Dr Peebles) That's not much 'bread and egg' money. (Ref to a reading Paul had; link at Site essentials 'Mr Toads Wild Ride,' if int. w Jim Law James & some Very interesting guests)  )we are following Jesus' teaching as seen at The Bullet page.  Check it out if haven't yet 

So, where were we, oh yes,, so Deal Guys?  Film  here at 'In God's Hands'   All Good God's kids well- come to come & help us celebrate 'the jubilee' party that never has 2 end. #God'sPlan #GodHasThis. #AllMercifulGoodGodCallingInHisKidsNow.  #fearfoulsout   #WeAreAllOne #TYJ

* Janis invites Her Friends ~ Every spirit 2 appear here... 

--- Not 2 mention, here...   At... 

See Ya's around, we eternally hope.  TYVM  ) Wait a minute, hold everything, guys.  Madonna has a thing or 2 2 sing about.  Madonna... In Good Company w Trumpets...  

Alright, Happy moody Monday, Guys, hope every one has a good strong. )

'Peace Love & Joy In  )'

Now, 7/22/19 Madonna - Holiday [Blonde Ambition Tour]

Thank You Madonna & Crew. Indeed, Good God Almighty Wants Us to Have A Permanent Holiday. What R we waiting 4?

Encore Same Message ... Madonna - Holiday (Live Aid 1985) <3 ) ) )

Still waiting, 4 what, people? The eternal Holiday Has started, Ask God, Ask Jesus ~ Sananda, Look in Yer Hearts & find the answer. Jesus Is The One & Only Way. Stay His path & Be Free. )

Now, 7/22/18 Madonna Super Bowl 2012 Full Song At Live

OMG First time seeing this. Supernatural Blessed Performance if ever was one. Thank You Madonna & Company. & 4 World Peace. Thank You Good God Supreme... <83 ) ) )

Now, 7/22/19 Happy Love Day of the month sweet Spirits of the material world, Near Death Experience Documentary - commonalities of the experience

Thank You Good God almighty that We spirits All have a place 2 go when our body's expiration date comes. Good news is, as we rise & 'Shine' in the New 'Now' Paradigm of Love Joy & Happiness, there's less dying & more taking in at the Higher D's. Hang on 4 Your wild ride. In Oneness. <83 ) Thank you 45cobden 4 sharing & all the wonderful people who contributed 2 this awesomeness. Cheers, we're Awl going home in Good God's Good timing bc God Is everybody... GOOD. ) IJN. And So It Is. ~ ~ ~

Now 12/22/21 Kryon Live 24/7 (Replacement)

Thank You God Good Love 4 ever & Kryon & Lee & Entourages of awl. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/22/21 Kryon 2022 - Just Love (Replacement)

Thank You Kryon & Lee Now Is The Eternal time/4 ever moment. And So It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now, 7/22/19 Did someone say train? Here's ours, right Marie? Cat Stevens - Peace Train (Peace Train

Thank You Good God 4 the transportation mode of Music. TY Cat /Yusuf Carry on... )

Then, 7/22/19 11:50 p.m. Near-Death Experience Documentary: Conversations with God

Thank You Good God and NewHeaven NewEarth for collaborating 2 shine the light on the truth. Here's hoping people will one day, maybe today, 'Wake up and apply tools like this.' #GodIsGoodGodIsReal #LoveGodLoveOneAnother #TodayIsTheDay @HopeCan'tGiveUp

Now, 7/23/19 Happy 'Cosmic Trigger' Day Every-One ) What Happens Immediately After You Die - Swedenborg & Life

Awesome morning, Folks. So, turned on Vivienne (paul's computer name 4 the newbies) & this Vid was right there taking up the whole screen. Of course we're placing it here. What's next Dear Good God? Yeah, we concur, been 'percolating' a couple of days, now to share ~ An Open Letter. Coming Soon. (Not like anyone else's 'soon.' ; o ) P.s. Yes, God, as you know, we did take care of that 'thing.' Not a problem. Hey Jesus Sananda 'On Bewhole of the group ~ 'TO' 'We Love You Too & the angels & All God's Infinite Company as well. Peace, Love & Joy 888 ) 'Til Later...'

Now, 7/23/19 You know what, Guys? Paul Is being 'Used' Joy-fully so, & Best New News is: No Soul escapes this 'Play' Sorry, those of the dark influence. Even your influenze dis-ease is 'fixed' Now. Sorry.

By Popular Demand of Good God, Mary Good Son Jesus Sananda & The Good Holy Spirit ~ Who dwells in us Awl,  ALL THAT IS  ~ The Heavenly Hosts of Divine Light Beings The Angels (capitalized 4 this occasion) & Awl Spirits In Heaven, which encompasses this & All worlds.  Paul is led now 2 share this 'Open Letter'  Hope Ya's like. If not, we <3 ya's anyway.  Watch Ya gonna do when yer time runs out.  Oh, God, look at the time.  It's "Now." 4 ever. ) Picture of everyone's friend, Jim Law.  Story below...

Fred Greaves 
Jul 20, 2019, 4:59 PM (3 days ago)
to me

Much is changing on the Life In 5D website.

As you can see, I've added a drop down menu to the header navigation.

There is now a menu item called "More".

If you hover over More in the header of the site you'll see several new pages.

Fred's Articles (a growing collection of my publicly available articles)

Most of my public articles are here, but a few articles need to be uploaded.

Suggested Reading (articles with updates to the ascension process)

We will be adding articles with updates from others here from time to time.

Fred's Resources (will soon have tools to help you ascend from 3D to 5D)

We are still working on the resources page.

Many more changes are to come, because I have entered into the New Earth/Gaia since moving to the mountains and back to NATURE.

I now understand where my priorities should lie, which is in sharing my experiences with all of you to help you to see and experience a Life In 5D.

Here is my newest article – Welcome to Gaia!

Please enjoy and feel to let me know what you think in the Facebook Group:

Much love and light,


Paul F Brown <>

Jul 22, 2019, 5:49 AM (1 day ago)
to Fred

Hi Fred, Thank you for sending me your links & info. I got a chance to look at it a bit just now. My ~ 'God's store' is keeping me quite busy these days. It's funny, on the page, I'm working on now  of  I actually mentioned you to 'Thank you' as the only person to ever make a donation since 2012 when we started blogging.

In a reading w Jim Law Dr Peebles came thru & said I could make some good 'bread & egg' money. Well, God has to be 'punishing' me cuz He, above all, knows about our sad financial situation right now. The only thing sad in our life - it goes w/o saying.  Paul, you just said it, Bro. Right, Lucky, just sayin'  ) lol Guys, when P types lol, it's a fact, Jack, he is lol'g  ) ) )

God knows, we never started this 4 the money, so we're paying the price, however, we see the whole new paradigm coming down and it don't need money. honey. If int in that reading here's link  (God says everyone needs to listen to this.) as shared at  'Menu' type page.   

Btw, Folks, Jim has recently had to go thru brain operations. Thank God ~ he's pulling thru like the Champ he is. To help defray some of the medical costs, a fundraiser has been set up for Jim, by his family.  If you'd like to pitch in, w any amount, and esp, if you got anything at all from listening to this publicly shared reading, (as we are all one family,) hopefully  (we get something new out of it w every listen, but just the love - alone... WOW. )  Here's the link... 

Jim's FB page:  God Bless You Jim <83  )

TYVM Everyone.  )

Might as well offer this first reading we had w jim.  It features a (Hug w Jesus) - If You want a real Hug w The Son of God, accept it & we hope You like it if not <3 it. along w surprise guests... )

While we're sharing the cosmic readings we've had w awesome conduits , we must direct you guys to this place...  where a reading w Leslee Jo Klinsky can be found, and as synchronicity would have it this is shared on the 23rd 'Cosmic Trigger' day of that month, December 2018.  Check out Leslee's videos and then there's the reading.  Pauls 'cosmic' age will be revealed.  We feel @ 34 however; we gotta get back 2 our yoga, some.  )

Alright, and everything is alright and all as it should be bc it's God's divine perfect, infinitely perfect script we're living in, as declared & decreed by the highest minds on the 'Plant it' 'Rock & roll,' Rock & rollers and do the strollers.  Gaia picks up yet another name. She wears that one esp well, Indeed. Give us another or better term 2 describe all that's gone down on this 'plan  it,' my dear friends?  Anyone?  'Exactly,' as Jay says.  )

 Anyway, it's all good, bc God Is Good & God made us, so we must be good too.That doesn't take an Einstein, does it brothers & sisters?  Good.  So, fellow Sons & Daughters of The Divine, created by Love, Love & nothing but Love.  Where 2 from here?  Anywhere we want, Freebirds.  Spirits, even in flesh w the new 'Now' God endorsed & inspired paradigm of Love taking over, replacing the ignorance, the stupidity of bullies w bombs leading nations. Sayonara to that crap.

God knows and Gaia prays for the highest, leadership, Christ like, to emerge on the planet of humans.  Humans don't need no monopoly money, don't need no guns or bombs. We need to get straight w our-selves esp our inner God like Selves of the Highest aspect of our entire being that we can be. My fellow humans plz hear our voice, In Jesus Name ~ we do need to wake up, smell the coffee, flowers or the green green grass of home & sariously say to God... w deep &  deeper breaths ...inhale... exhale... & when ready...

God, we (we are a collective, team oneness) are sinners, screw-ups, and F uPs, but God, You know what?  I LOVE YOU GOD.  Jesus Taught me that I knew Nothing bc I didn't know the Power of Love.  And That You GOD of ALL THAT IS - IS THE POWER & THE MIGHT & THE GLORY Able & Willing 2 Defeat any & all enemies, who, in human form, are just our fellow sons and daughters of You God, that, in our ignorance, over the aeons, we failed to recognize, are just other versions of what I Am. a child of God, another 'mirror' of You God. 

How could we have been so dumb, so stupid stupid etc etc.  It's Over, Friends, Scribe POUNDS The Key board.Period. Turns on ZLX & The Stones are playing  'It's only Rock & roll.'

God ~ You're Name Is LOVE.  From This Momennt 4th God on This 'Cosmic Trigger' day of 23rd of 7th month -July, we can press 'Re-start' and  go forth knowing we made it to the other side of the cosmic bridge named 'Jesus Saves.'  We Are All saved, Sons, Daughters, Brothers & Sisters & Boys & Girls along with our loved ones & pets we take w us and meet up with in the higher realms.  Paul is listening to Van Morrison.  soon we'll be hearing 'Caravan' & 'Into the Mystic' & Indeed, dear friends, isn't it time, while we're young, to get our collective 'stuff' together?

Paradise is awl around us now, Guys.  Can you feel the 'wellusion' shifting under your feet? 

So, Ya's might like this page 'In Gods Hands' & hopefully be one of the 'Grownups' helping to show this 'Plant it' of crazy (In a good way, we hope) people how to get along. We hope so...) 

So, Best to You, my friend & Lucina (&'Peanut Gallery' spirits we invited in) & say "Hey" to your, and our & Ashtar's  Andromedan Friends for us, Ok?  Awesome 0) (w) Ashtar says, put this here, Dude.  Lol, ok Ashtar we will, right now, man.  lol  Click on 'view' guys. Hope en-Joy. 

To The infinite adventurous new Now Frontier... )  And So It Is.

Ed note:  Indeed in the editing process this letter went in it's own far flung tangents, and that's ok,  bc God does & Is All on this HisHer Site.

Signed,                                                                                                                          messenger )

Paul F Brown
1:17 PM (10 minutes ago)
to Fred

Fred, are you around? I'm being led to share your email with my response (edited) and to be shared here 
We would love to hear from you with your blessing, In fact, as my and your friend, Ashtar, sees this as a 'large' 'Win Win' 4 both of us and all our friends, i.e. Every-one and awl who get 2 read it, & hopefully, 'with the quickness.' We know how Creator works, God knows we've been @ long enogh... lol) so we can see that even this note to you, Fred, can (and most likely - will, w/o doubt, now; (Done) be integrated to the 'Open Letter.' Can you say 'No Brainer' my friend? lol Yes, we Did LOL. ) Again! ) So, Fred. We AWL Love You, Man & Lucina!

Ok, hope to talk later. TYVM Elvis has a song coming up next. (hot tip. )  & a Paul Simon song after.  Yes we can feel the future and a road trip coming uP soon.  Cheers & Cheerio my dear friend(s).  Stay happy... )

Now 7/23/19 11:22 p.m. look what we 'stumbled on'... Interview with Fred Greaves

Thank You Good God Creator of All That is Good. Thank You Fred. and Anne DeHart. Good stuff. <,3 ) ) )

Now, 7/23/19 Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight Fantastic Video

Thank You Good God & Thank You Elvis & Good Company... Hey Guys, That's Awl of us, correct Heavenly Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS Great I AM That I AM Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite THE ONE ? ans ) And So It Is. ) Rec & fin 3:22 p.m.

Now, 7/23/19 Paul Simon - Graceland (from The Concert in Hyde Park)

Thank You Heavenly Good God of ALL THAT IS 4 our Expanding, Ever unfolding Ascent in our collective consciousness ascending Now in 'eternal time & space.' Thank You Paul and Awesome Band. We want 2 go 2 Graceland 2. Who else? Everyone? No prob, God has a ship, we're told. )

Now, 7/23/19 The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care (Official Video)

Thank You Good God 4 The good God's in The Traveling Wilbury's. Re-union coming soon, God willing. )

Now, 7/23//19 The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line (Official Video)

Thank You Good God & whatever Your plans are 4 Your far flung kids, just know 3 things, Dear God... 1 We LOVE YOU God! #2 WE LOVE YOU GOD & 3 WE LOVE YOU GOD! & Wherever You want 2 take us, WE're Good 2 Go. A A A Anytime ~ Anyplace ~ Anywhere. So, Plz everyone... Toin It Up! Nod 2 Lynyrd Skynyrd from a simple man. Gee any 'wild guesses' what the next song will be. Oh, you guys think ya's can read our mind? Ok, guess some can... ) ? 4 U humanity... R we having Fun yet? Hope So... )

Nnow, 7/23/19 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Thank You God of Everlasting Goodness who made our Mom's and our Dad's and their Love made us & the beat goes on and So It Is. Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rock on Freebirds ~ All of us learning 2 Fly ~ ~ ~ TYJ. All Worship ~ PRAISE & GLORY 2 GOD 'THE ONE' Kneel if you can humble sons & daughters, Brothers & Sisters of respect 4 All God's loving and Loved Creations. esp us. <3 ) ) ) Did someone yell out 'Freebird?' Ah, you did Paul 4 the 1st time in your life. )

Now 9/27/21 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official) (Replacement)

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd 4 being such an inspiration 4 generations of up and coming 'Freebirds' of Good God's traveling minstrel show 2 4 ever. 4 U Duane... and Awl who follow IJN ~ ~ ~

Now, 7/23/19 Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Thank You Al Stewart & Band. <3 )

Now, 7/24/19 Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding

Wow, 70 years on the planet & just hearing this now? Better late than never. Thank You Good God 4 the knowledge & All that the limitless future holds 4 us all, Starfleet... ) Ty Groundology. )

Now, &/24/19 Welcome Stars 2 the 24th, a back 2 reality day as the truth of this song shares... Moody Blues: The Land Of Make-Believe

Thank You Good God & Mary 4 The wellusion we share, the visions we paint, of One world rising in Love peace & Joy. IJN. Thank You The Moody Blues, Heaven's House Band, come to earth 2 help us rise & Shine & Essential Degnities 4 another art masterpiece. <3 )

Now, 7/24/19 Who Wants 2 Go 2 HeartStock? Awl Invited... <83 )

It's Time, Human Stars walking around, going 2 yer j o b's, sitting in traffic nightmares.  Missing out on what God Source Creator has 4 us Awl if we'd only wake up, remove the veil from our own eyes, listen 2 the music and get on the freedom bus 2 the peace train to the Good God Ship named 'Infinity'  So, You free willers here who are open 2 following Spiritual leadership and not political, nationalistic, religious, cult.

(the only good cult is Blue Oyster Cult & other musical groups w that term in their name)  So, right on this site is a link and you want to follow that link to where our ultimate fearless leader is waiting 4 our timely arrival w tons of Love & music 2 share. This Is Not a joke, guys, Paul is Not a jokester, like some of our political, ah that word just makes us nauseous, 'leaders.' Here's link. 

Tell Sananda if you got a wooden ship or you want on His ~ Same as God's.  )

Ciao 4 now... If like this Blast it out 2 Your world.  If led,  TYVM  )


Now 2/28/20 Braco - The Golden Bridge - FULL MOVIE

Thank You Braco 4 sharing The Light... <3 )

Now 12/22/21 Kryon December 2021 - Go Go Away! (Replacement)

Praise & Thank You Our Awesome Quantum God Who Is Good. Ty Kryon & Lee & Awl us Goddesses & Gods invited to the Party that lasts 4 ever. What It Is. Indeed. Celebrate. <3 ) ) ) ) )