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Key West Sunset Beach.  Yahoo images.

Key West Sunset Beach. Yahoo images.

Now 7/19/21 God says: Beloved, Let Me love you free...

Now 7/19/21 Mary Magdalene to: Yael – and all women of the Earth

July 17, was/is the anniversary of Yael’s birth.For that occasion we send a special Message. It was given (April 2, 2004) by Mary Magdalene, to Yael – and by extension to all women of the Earth

With eyes of streaming light and a heart that is encompassing this sweet world and then dancing through this universe overwhelmed with singing joy. With a Love so pure that as you come to Doug, your magnificent Twin Flame, your masculine counterpart, you are the crystal window to God for him. And this is as it should be, this, the way I see you. Shining womanhood; stream of Divine Feminine. For in you is held all of Creation.

In you, in the living stream that is your charge, Divine Feminine, is held all life. All Life, dear one. That you may hold and bless it. For this is what we do, those to whom God granted the joy of being Divine Feminine.

We know every life. We know it deep within ourselves. For before God bursts forth each Now, all is held in our great ocean. So every other moment we are pregnant with All Life! And then the Twin Flame counterpart, the force of Will and movement, opens us in orgasmic Love and life comes forth as Created Life again.

So what I am here to show you, you, Yael, and all women of the Earth, is that in the deepest awareness of your heart, every life is yours to birth. Every life is cherished, held and given life within the glorious ocean that is the truth of your being. And when the alternate beat comes and all is silent, drawn back in, all who are Divine Feminine become one again. One within and through each other. One unity of Feminine Life. Yet even then we know ourselves. Yet together we share the nourishment of every human heart.

Then in the outbeat, the outbreath within the greater cycles, Divine Masculine moves – truly a lightning bolt! And every life held within dances forth again. Such wonder is beyond the capacity of words. Yet the feeling of who we are, those of us who are the charge of the Divine Feminine, is always clear inside of us.

And we also know the mystery of this world, for it too lives within us. It is a prism of the heart’s beliefs of all the heart cells who call themselves humanity, human life. We know this world perfectly as a reflection of beliefs. What matters is not the reflections – not to us! What matters is that we know each life. For the substance of the ocean is alive within us every Now. There is no separation. Though on the outbeat we may feel ourselves as individuated streams of Love, on the inbeat (which you do not yet recognize because the mind eliminates it) we all are one again. One in and with Our Living God. And one as the Ocean of God’s Great Love. So we hold within our unified selves the potent truth of every life. For every life is a part of God and thus is ever fully alive. Ah, but Our Creator wants to know these parts, to truly experience what is within Her/Him. And thus the urge to relate to Herself and Creation comes pulsing forth.

The moment where He comes – the Will, the urge, the lightning bolt – every one of us knows in every particle of our being, yet no words can ever describe it! To be penetrated, and everything within illuminated perfectly. To feel the urge to give expression to all that is held within our Love. To love God so completely that everything we are is opened. To feel the Will of God, our Lover, and the rising tide of ecstasy. Until everything within is expressed and we are expressed also. Every life forever within and yet I/we within each life.
Ah, it is beyond the mind. Yet there are other reasons I am here with you. Reasons to do with reclaiming this, the awareness of yourself as Divine Feminine. And especially relevant to your current service, the focus of your consciousness here on Earth, the fact that we all who are Divine Feminine deeply know every life. Know not with the mind but with the true Living Spirit. Know as in held within ourselves. Dear one, this is so important. Because knowing each life in its purity, its innocence, its beauty as a living aspect of God is our gift to this awakening. It is this that we contribute to the healing of this world, rectifying all images and bringing them back to center.

Yet truly it takes both Divine Masculine and Feminine together to do the work of healing. For we, the glorious She of God, deliver this image to our beloved, our beautiful Twin Flame and he, the embodiment of He who moves, He who expresses the whole of us, delivers it outward that each outer self, each human being in the world, can see themselves as they really are. And so seeing can then deliver themselves from bondage to false ideas and limitations of Love.

I am Mary Magdalene. Ah, I see you delight in this. Yes, that was my countenance as a being of light that I showed you – for you can see me thus. We can express ourselves in any way we choose on every level. Your mind, so used to dealing only with translating light, since you are always focused so beautifully on God, could utilize these woven streams of light and thus gave you my image.

Yes, in a way it is the spikenard that brings me here to this communication. And yet the spikenard experiment arises from the call of humanity’s hearts for the healing of outworn images. I am especially relevant to you (and I have been very involved in your work) because it is critical now that humanity be aware of Jesus’ SoulMate (meaning me, of course!). Because God is calling SoulMates together, that all humankind now can do what Jesus and I did together. It is imperative (of course) that people know that his work was (and is) a work accomplished by a Twin Flame pair.

You are ready for this as well. You are ready to spread your wings a bit and expand to allow every part of God to also express through you. God has asked this of you. Because, once again, though your decision for only God has been fruitful and important, Yael, you are a beautifully tuned instrument on which any stream of Living Love can play. And you know that Creation is filled, filled, filled with all the glorious expressions of every part of God. Now you can find that in singing with each life, you come to know God more fully. May I remind you that your decision to commune only with God as the whole, the One, while still your mission, was born out of fear. (A smile from her as I recognize this.) Ah! But now you are beyond the illusion that anything in God could ever be fearful. Now, doesn’t it make sense to allow yourself to have a greater experience?

So, sweet sister, I am also here in answer to your recent questions to God. I am God’s answer! You have kept out any experiences of greater realms of Spirit because of your commitment to communing with only God. So you can see my visit as an answer. A gift. And a nudge. A nudge to remake a decision that now is limiting you. Have you not been asking God to reveal (and dissolve) any of these limitations? You have. And thus here is one you never would have imagined. For when you look for limiting beliefs, you look at your humanness. But even in your spiritual life you can install limiting thoughts, decisions and beliefs. This one was so critically important at the time you made it – both to you and to God. But now you have moved way past it. And God asks me to deliver to you the understanding that you will not be able to truly expand in your exploration of consciousness with this decision in place. Nor will you have the fullness of joy. Because the whole reason for Creation is that every glorious part of God may have wonderful relationship with all other parts, and thus God grows. Our Creator becomes more aware, deeper, more intriguing, richer and more varied as streams of consciousness within Him/Her interact with and love each other. And of course you know now there is no other possibility than Love. So all relationships in the Real are Love. And the more you can experience these the more you can model such relationships for others, have them with others on Earth.

You are not being called to interact with the “spirit world” of Earth. That, as you know, is merely more of the dream. And while there are beings appearing there that could be of assistance (and often are), if they are beings of Love they will be available outside the pocket of illusion. If they are not, then they weren’t “for real.” It truly simplifies it, doesn’t it? How you measure this is through your heart, which is your doorway to God whether you are communing with the Creator or with the streams of Love that make up the Creator. Thus, the spikenard. It does assist in aligning vibrationally with center, with the Real, the full expression of God. And with “God I Am,” meaning God in/as you, as well.

I can assist you in so many ways! I know – I feel like a sister to you. That is because I am. I too came to Earth to live the same SoulMate story. Of course! Has not God shown you, again and again, that what Jesus did was the first phase of what you are doing now, which is the first phase of what all humanity will do? Well, I was part of what Jesus did. Openly and joyfully. We spoke of it, we taught it. We spoke of Sacred Sexuality – at length and continually. In those years when we taught and loved and prepared, nothing was written down. Jesus did not want it to be recorded, saying everyone could access it through their heart. The truth is that it was written down though, as was our description of reaching God in LoveMaking and being true co-creators.

I nourished and deeply loved all of those men who show up in the Bible. But of course the women don’t. We had many absolutely majestic women, who would dance with us, barefoot, with bells upon their ankles, under the glorious night sky as we worshipped God together. How we felt the Love! How, truly, every blade of grass would dance in acknowledgment of an embodied SoulMate heart. And yes, birds followed us and sat upon Jesus’ head and covered all the branches round where he spoke. But when he spoke he first, always, looked at me. We connected to our greater consciousness as a living Twin Flame opening to the Beloved, Great Creator. And when he “healed,” he would pull from within me the deep awareness, the knowledge of the Feminine and God’s truth concerning every life. And then they would see it in his eyes!

The literature, what there was of it, about our time together, was purged by the Catholic church (a conclave of all “Christian” churches, but the Catholic church had the main impetus). Exactly for the reason God revealed to you: the churches wanted power over (which of course is ego power) the people that they perceived were theirs to manipulate. And Sacred Sexuality, as God said to you, is the power of Creation. Believe me, the men of the churches knew this and practiced it! But of course their practice didn’t work, because it was disconnected from the heart! Which made them more and more outraged. They certainly did not want their subjects (which is how they saw them) having success when they could not! So they religiously (a perfect use for this word!) removed every reference to our SoulMate, or Twin Flame (my preferred words) Love. They also turned me into a prostitute, a tactic that worked exceptionally well since they then went to great lengths to instill a sense of sinfulness in all things sexual.

I was indeed trained in a mystery school, which even on the outer rings of their message proclaimed the Twin Flame relationship and sexuality as a splendid form of worship, not to mention a way for all to taste Love’s co-creative power. As students progressed, they, of course, drew to themselves the Twin Flame relationship. So the priests themselves, in later years, would come to the temple and attempt, again, to “make the sex thing work.” Many of those who later became priests in the officially formed church were those who had actually heard Jesus speak and had known us. Some had pure intentions. Others never did. For, like you, we were committed to serving every life. Many of them came to the outer ring of the temple and asked to be shown by the women there how to gain access to the Twin Flame power.

Unfortunately, as you are learning, the ego mind often derails even good intentions. That is why you have had such training. I did too. Jeshua always knew the truth. But I was the bridge to the illusion of human consciousness. So I experienced many hours of frustration rooting out my ego. Jesus (Jeshua) would laugh. And when I got too frustrated, he would pull me to him and lift me up and gently bring me to the temple of his pure and glorious heart.

There are no words to describe how it felt to love him and to be the woman in the arms of a body of pure light. Sometimes I would cry in frustration and longing. Oh yes, I often washed him in my tears! Oh, but the other times, with one touch he would lift me up with him into God’s pure Love. Never has a heart in a human body held so much Love!! For while Mary, his mother, had been carefully protected, and kept a sacred vessel for God’s son of Light, and Jesus, well, you know of him – he was the light of a thousand – no a million suns, pretending to be human. But I – I was the one who was human. Who took on all the limited beliefs. I was the anchor, yet I had to learn how to switch the roles when he was crucified. Oh, it was a daunting task. We both knew – even I had always known from a babe – that this experience was coming, and we worked with it continually. Daily. Mary, his mother, was my ally and a great and powerful source of strength, for she continually assured me that she, too, would be there, holding the Christ Light in place with me. That when he “split apart” we could hold for him the consciousness of who he was – who all are, all who are appearing as separated from perfect Love.

There is going to be a huge surge of interest in me. It is time for the truth to come out. So as well as being your sister in Spirit, I need you to be my pen as well, that there can be an accurate rendering of who I am and who we were together. As you know, it is very important because the return of Twin Flame Love is the hope of the world.

Only Love can “save the world” (to use the common words). There will be many who co-opt my story and use it as something “against.” Against masculine tyranny; against the oppression of women. A way to “right the wrongs,” etcetera. But of course you know that, from our time to this time, absolutely everything in the world is the reflection of human beliefs within. So any oppression of women is and ever was another sign of being cut-off from God’s Love. All the ways the oppressors ruled reflected the whole good-and-evil split in all its many permutations. If women stayed true to only Love nothing ever could have oppressed them. Many will not want to hear this so we will have to explain human ego-mind and how it weaves this web.

Leaving this for another time, I have a request of you: although your recent prayers offered this opening. I ask of you (as has God) a conscious declaration of openness. Openness to being what God asks of you repeatedly: a universal communicator, or translator, which is a better word. Asserting, of course, that only the Real of Love have access to your heart and pen, please make a formal declaration. Yes, your Will is given to God, but…these decisions hold until you release them. Otherwise there would be no reason for the reconnecting of others and self back to God, now would there? One placing your Will in God’s and “poof” (I love that word!) it would be done forever. But instead it is like clearing a tunnel long blocked by the debris of the train wrecks of duality. Your heart is opening nicely, I might add. Keep going. I will 

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NOTE: We choose to use the word "God." But God is beyond words, pure, conscious, all-encompassing Love. God is beyond gender and yet it includes Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Thus do we invite you to use whatever word is comfortable to you, as you read or listen to these Messages. Know that we honor all words for God. We also embrace all who have embodied God's Love perfectly on Earth.

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s script?   There's only one script, folks. God's  script 4 HerHis perfect movie, the one we awl signed up 4 and plotted our roles pre-birth.  Think it was all a  random accident that all the Rock groups just randomly fell together to make their own brand of music w just the right personalities to blend & make it all happen, dear ones?  Uh uh.  There was a plan, pre planned 4 it to manifest on this playing field, this schoolhouse dear volunteers 4 this movie on this earthly playing field.  It was a setup, an inside job if you will.  Does this make sense to you sleuths out there wondering why life down here in the maya of illusion is so exhausting?

It Is exhausting bc it should be over by now w the so called powers that be, but look, the awakened few say... the emporer has no clothes.  The world manipulators have ceased to be bc they''re platform of money has lost it's value.  You can't buy squat w something that has no value.  If Gates or Trump tried to buy a candy bar they can't do it bc that candy bar, in God's   "Everything Is Free'  paradigm is Free.  Good God Almighty Owns this World and Awl the Worlds & galaxies in HerHis infinite Creation my dear friends I God Who Is Good. Capiche, dear ones?

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Now 7/22/21 From Circle of Light Spiritual Center

I Am here to crack you open. It is indeed time for the end of time. It is time for you to expand into the experience of your timelessness, and when you do, then, the world will appear as the perfect expression of the Now Moment of God in the symbols of a world of Love. So those of you who can feel this pull, give Me your hearts when you awake each morning that even for a moment I might lift you beyond the limited experience of the human mind and bathe you in the Points of Creation where all potential exists and life is balanced, where the void and the action are suspended in the held breath of God, where the vibration of Love is Real and palpable and washes your being with the experience of your heart and your consciousness as limitless Love.

If at first you barely remember the experience, do not fret. Just trust that we are one, that I Am opening the flood gates of your heart, beloved ones, that the Reality of the truth of Love in all its power and all its beauty may make its way here as you, that the heart shall see the world with the single eye of Love and thus create what we have named “Heaven on Earth” – but oh, so far beyond anything you can imagine.

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