Now, 8/1/19 Greetings Team Oneness & Welcome to the 'Coming home to God' page. aka Heart - Heaven Now VII page. <83 )

Greetings  Family of God's  i.e. Heavenly infinite Father Mother God Source Creator ALL THAT IS, Great I AM THAT I AM , Higher Power, Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine  and Our local Great Central Sun assigned Neighborhood. Neighborhood. (Well)  Welcome home beloved humanity.  Now, when ready, just ask spirit to show you Your new place, if led. No rush, we have eternity + forever on our side.  )

Greetings Family of God's i.e. Heavenly infinite Father Mother God Source Creator ALL THAT IS, Great I AM THAT I AM , Higher Power, Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine and Our local Great Central Sun assigned Neighborhood. Neighborhood. (Well) Welcome home beloved humanity. Now, when ready, just ask spirit to show you Your new place, if led. No rush, we have eternity + forever on our side. )

We Are Here... The More You Know... )

Thank You Divine Universal Mother Mary for Your infinite love, kindness and compassion in helping God's Children navigate His and Your lovingly created Far Flung working 'wellusion'.  It's All Good bc It Is God we dwell in, Now and forever, Knowers. And So It Is.

The Urantia Book, and The Holy Bible are known as the ultimate 'go to places' for beginning to find out about God's infinite mysteries.

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Now 12/24/20 The Legendary Urantia Book 2017

Thank You God. Thank You to All The Presenters of this Material. And So It Is. )

The Urantia Book introduction

Urantia Book - Forward...

Urantia Book paper 1 pt 1

Urantia Book paper 1 pt 2

Urantia Book paper 1 pt 3

Alright guys, a little taste to get us started. Just watch on YT and get the next one or let spirit guide you to where you'll be, anyway. We can't be anywhere than where we're meant to be - doing exactly what we;re supposed to be doing, at any given moment, as John Lennon said. Do, please, check out the following vid w Byron Belitsos, it's quite good beyond beyond, if that makes sense.

Hope Ya's have a nice day and a above average forever, w a little bit of work, like Sharing good stuff wherever you find it. Is that worth eternal life in the higher, angelic and etheric realms of infinity, part of one Good Team serving One Good God in perfect synchronized harmony forever and ever and ever...? We sincerely Hope so. <3 )

"The Lucifer Rebellion and the End of the Planetary Quarantine" (Sept 2014)

Thank You God. Thank you Byron Belitsos for this awesome presentation. Guys, did you know Uncle Jerry was a fan of the Urantia Book? I did not know that. Check it at 30:13 Alright, guys we gotta turn in. Much to do in coming days and hours of infinite wonderful, loving, adventurous moments in time and space, however, Sleep and getting enough of same Is paramount. Bye for now. Moment marked for the record. 12/15/18 8:47 a.m. <3 )

Now 7/19/21 Transformational Power of NDE Accounts- 3 Near-Death Experiencers Panel (replacement)

Thank You Claudia Edge & Guests. Pat Joohnson & Chris Kito .& IANDS & God The Good.. Thank you NDE Experiences for sharing our stories. Can we all further share this et al on to our worlds and universes, guys? Hope so. <3 )

Same forever day 6:23 / 7:08 The Near Death Experience - of Laurelynn Martin and Juliet Nightingale.

Thank You God. Thank you Laurelynn Martin and Juliet Nightingale and All the sweet spirits who have shared your EDE's 'Eternal Life Experiences' in divine accord W Creator to hope -fully en- lighten a sleepy, non 'knowing' world of peeps, 'works in progress,' like the humble de'a'dicated scribe, himself. We are all educator's dear friends, companions on the way home to be forever at eternal peace, w love and divine joy 4 ever and ever with God.

And, what's that Elvis? You are correct my dear friend... Rock & Roll. So time has come today to hear some. Wait, guys B4 ya's request all-ow paul here to get the party rolling w one simple song from one simple guy to all us simple folk. Fred, you whistleblower, you, It's all yours, Bro. From the original Ruby Rogers site (under repair) (Copy and paste)
Can you do that, guys?) Hope so, it's not asking much, is it? Good. ) Hope en-joy )

Now 12/17/18 Fred Neil : I've Got a Secret

Thank You God for no more secrets. Thank you Mr Fred Neil and Fans... Everyone - we hope <3 )

Now 12/19/18 Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Thank You God. Thank You Mr Neil Young & Co. There are no other words... <3 )

Now 12/24/20 Crosby Stills Nash & Young - On The Way Home ( Sub - Español )

Thank You God. Thank You David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young and Fans. Hope ~ Everyone. )

Now 12/19/18 (#125) Signs Of Spiritual Awakening...

Thank You God. Thank You Ananda and Tina Louise Spalding. <3 )

Now 12/24/18 Crosby Stills Nash & Young - VH1 Legends Documentary

Thank You God. You love us so much God and You love our lives and our stories. We all have ours and thru many lifetimes. As we come home it's a nice thing to look back and review the times and events that shaped us, made us who we are today. Here's just one example. Thank You David, Stephen, Graham and Neil and VHI for sharing part of Your story. Good stuff, indeed. <3 )

Now 12/24/18 A History of The Moody Blues

Thank You God for The Moody Blues. Thank You Moody Blues... Keep on Rockin' <3 )

Now 12/25/18 A Christmas gift for you Humanity... THE MOODY BLUES In Search of the Lost Chord 1968

Thank You God, Happy ' Celebration Day' for Your birth, Jesus, Thank You The Moody Blues and Friends & Fans ~ Everyone in Team Oneness... Who does that leave out? No one. We Are One <3 In Christ ) And So It Is.

Now 12/31/18 There are 12 Types of Lightworkers That Transform the Human Spirit

Thank You God. May we all stand strong and do our part. No apologies for Paul. He's a Lighthouse. What Ya's want him to do? Hide? Can't hide this light. Sorry guys, we ain't seen nothing yet. The roof can be lifted of this wellusion w enough light. Weir's yours hiding? Not you Bobby. )

Loverboy - Working For The Weekend (with Intro)

Thank You Loverboy 4 helping us awl get lucky 4 a change. )

Now 2/7/20 Bob Seger, "Night Moves" - Final Show at The Palace 09/23/17

Thank You Bob Seger 4 one of the best ''back in the day' songs ever recorded. <3 )

Bob Seger Roll Me Away Live

Thank You Bob 4 one of the best adventure songs ever recorded. <3 )

Justin Hayward-Forever Autumn

Thank You Justin Hayward 4 a truly beautiful timeless song. <3 )

Now 2/8/20 Alright children, if there are no more questions, oh, looks like the group has one... Moody Blues - Question - Royal Albert Hall.

Thank You The Moody Blues. We will keep smiling, John. 4 ever. How 'bout one more 4 the road, guys? God has given us the necessary equipment. Take it away Moodies... <3 )

Now 2/8/20 Moody Blues: The Best Way To Travel

Thank You Moody Blues 4 doing Your part bringing Heaven 2 Earth. Very nicely done, indeed. <3 ) ) )

Moody Blues-Visions of Paradise

Thank You Moody Blues. Are we really here. hearing this heavenly music or are we living in a make believe world? We decide which is right...

Moody Blues - Land of Make-Believe

Thank You Moody Blues. We'll take any world that has The Moody Blues in it. Much more Moodies here:

Now 12/24/20 An Open Letter

Hey,  I am now up to level 8. I just went thru what the system led me thru.  I will  be passive in this as the official time for the emergence of the Free society w the cashless society was announced at our Fb wall.  Humans are asked to do their homework and try to grok what this whole passion play of life in this 4Dimension is all about. Here's a page just uploaded to our latest share.  Please check it out andi tf  resonates share it.  (You r here.) Its no accident you, esp w a name like Saviour Ellul.  I mean come on, )  So we went thru the motions w this Smart Choice opp, how can we promote this or any other earthly program, when 'I am' the one chosen to bring forth the Deal scripted by God.  Have you seen the Urgent message, yet?  In incubation for  25 yea   

 It's time has finally come.     

w Jesus response: 

Now, Ashtar speaks:    From 1993,,,

God's adding the heavy artillery close to the top here 4 us.  Ty God...   Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic Record Keepers, and, of course, God.  Source of ALL THAT IS.  IJN.  <3  )

Who wants to hear about Mr Toads wild ride?  Ty Dr Peebles thru Intuitve Consultant Extraordinaire James Law:   

The above can be seen w other good stuff here at Site Essentials page. Maintenance man is working on other projects.  Hopefully will  be fixed up soon. )

Alright, hope every-buddy has a Merry Christmas & Many Happy New Years having Fun 4 ever.  😎

Now 1/9/21 11:57 a.m. Joan Baez God Is God.

Thank You Joan & Company of Heaven on Gaia. Nod of 'Thank you' to Steve Earle 4 catching the song & writing it down. <3 ) ) ) ) See Joan here, if int. (copy & paste. )

Now 1/9/21 3:16 p.m. Sweet ) Joan Baez Forever Young

Thank You Joan. On your 80 th trip @ the sun. The new now 60. <3 ) )