Now 3/17/21 Welcome Source's Lucky Children On St Paddy's Day to 'You Coming w Us?' page 4 Awl of Us' future in the eternal 'Now' which includes Rainbows, Unicorns & Magic which Is Us Awl. What It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/13/21 8:27 p.m. Hope For Humanity Documentary trailer

Thank You James Law for this Hope For Hunanity. RIP 'Rockin' In Paradise'. <3 )

Now 8/26/21 12:44 p.m. Rejoice Rejoice The Heavenly hosts have 'Shown up' On Time.

Now 8 /26/21  2:22 a.m. Share Page of the Day and w/o further ado bc Sandman is dragging us off, literally. W our last stroke of a key is given, he won but we came back after a short nap. 4 real to complete the job.

Have Fun over there. Ty & Good night.

Pic: Rainbow Taking over./ Jerry's New Now name 4 eternity.  (one of them)

As first shared here:

Jack: RIP.

 Note:  Above also shared here:  

Addedum edits & fin:  1:11 p.m.  Quincy, Ma.  USA. Local universe Gratitude. Thank You & Praise God Who iS simply Good, In Jesus Name.  W Mary Love <3  To Adventure 4 forever, Deal, Guys?  Oh Good.  <3 ) ) ) 

β€œBe thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray,” ~ quote by Lord Byron.  

If you would like To share this page, url is: 

Pic'  Paul w Aspyn Serenity, Goddaughter 2018  Photo taken by Cheri, Aspyn's loving Mom.  <3 )

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Now  7/18/21  11:11 p.m.  This page has yet another url if care to use, here it is...

Now 2/11/20 Update: Hey kids, Meet Ya's on Paradise Ln? Welcome to 'U coming w us? Hope so. )

Carol Pic on Paradise Ln.  Anyone else 'fired up?'

Carol Pic on Paradise Ln. Anyone else 'fired up?'

Now 11/25/19 Happy November Christ day, Friends. One gift 4 awl straight from the infinite <83 of God. In Jesus Name. Thank You Joan, Flower lady 4 Human~kind. <83 ) ) ) )

L@@k weary travelers who's in the end zone with a symbol of what matters w a ).  Hey Joan, you coming 2 the Grateful jubilee?  Purrfect, see you and crew ~ everyone on deck 16.  <3 ) ) )

L@@k weary travelers who's in the end zone with a symbol of what matters w a ). Hey Joan, you coming 2 the Grateful jubilee? Purrfect, see you and crew ~ everyone on deck 16. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/9/21 9:33 a.m. Mary Black and Joan Baez - Ring Them Bells. It's time. <3 ) ) )

Thank You Joan & Mary. See you in Heaven. Oh, weir already here. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/25/19 Seal - Fly Like An Eagle ~ ~ ~

Thank You Seal, Teacher of 'How 2 fly in a good way.' Godspeed, Bro... <73 ) ) ) 777777777777777777777777777777777777))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))000008888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

\\\\\\\//////88888~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not done by a long shot, sonny''s. See Front page sad news, if led

Now 12/9/18 God's leaving, guys. you staying or coming home w us? aka Heart - Heaven Now VI page

 Look, guys, God gave us a card and a title and we're not about to let Creator down. 

HeShe is not waiting on us to get our crazy, silly, 'holy crap' together.  But wait, Paul, you made 40 cents today with Bitcoin, how can you leave that opportunity?  Yeah, and the Dow lost over 500 points yesterday, but wait, it may come back... WHISTLEBLOWS!  Excuse me, people of earth w low or No vision about what is real and what is an illusion down here. There Is a God and SHEHE Says EVERYTHING is FREE so why in the name of all that's holy or not, are 'we the people,' STILL putting up with it and following the old, failed, obsolete paradigm where money is all the sh*t?

We are LIGHT beings, my dear friends, infinite, immortal spiritual beings of light and love. Love was  our first, middle and last name, loves. So, here we are, on the threshold of infinity, mostly in comparative larvae vibrational status, but on our way to be our full bloom blossoming selves.  Indeed, the planet, Gaia, Is rising and we 'hitchhikers' so to speak, a're all along for the ride of our lives.

We volunteer 'passengers' privileged to be chosen to be here on Earth during this mighty irreversible shift of the ages. disguised as everyday 'consumers,'  mundane, go to work, come home, turn on TV,  get 'programmed' - and we get tired, old B4 our time, lose any dreams we once had, and we put up with it bc, what other choice do we have?  You know... what can ya do? sad, just sad.

Well, my dear friends, can we call you our friend(s)?  The large Cavalry of the self assigned lightworkers, lightplayers & Now  loveworkers & players, 2 give ourselves a raise, ) are here, in force and taking no prisoners, so to speak. We are legion.  We are here and we are not asking you to wake up and smell the flowers, the coffee, the grass or anything else outside of our own God gifted, multilayered, multidimensional immortal spiriitual being selves 

Yes, we include ourself bc we're down here in the thick of the muck and mire like everyone else who signed up i.e. volunteered to 'be here now.'  God has heard us, people of the schoolhouse Earth, since time immemorial.  God says 'School's Out.'  The end is officially at the end of 2018, when the ball rises and the new, now era of 'God In Charge'  begins; not any man, political party, or even any religion, with all due respect for those institutions which brought us to this long awaited, prayed for, junction in human history. Truly we are at the crossroads, children.

Again, we 'blow the whistle' on ourselves, as a multi-dimensional being on a mission to do God's holy, happy, infinitely loving and compassionate Will down here and nothing but God's Will. Thank You Very Much, God, for the trust, on a handshake and a (Hug).  We did know coming in tho that Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, The Infinite Light and Love to carry God's children, mostly by example, back to The FatherMother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS Great I AM THAT I AM.  The Infinite The One.  

 No, weir not saying  we're the 'next new thing' or the 'cat's meow' or the 'dog's bark.'  We are simply saying to a sleeping, herd mentality humanity, that, Yes, there is a better way for us all to live and have our being and actually thrive down here, finally, as the God's and Goddesses we are created to be. God never gave up on us, dear ones.  We are all divine, loving,improving   'works in progress' no matter what we look like or what world, dimension, cosmos or galaxy we hail from.  

We are, also, many of us, angels, for real,  who are here, on assignment from a infinitely compassionate, loving Creator Who knew we'd need all the help, aid and assistance we volunteer spirits wearing our fantastically well designed human body suits that we  could ever ask for in order to overcome and defeat the dark forces of chaos and imbalance on this battle -star schoolhouse Victorious plan-net, Terra, Christa, Gaia, Mother Earth, The Good Earth Joy.                                                                                                                                                                           Gaia, a living sentient being, Who volunteered for Her part in humanity's  far flung passion play, has had quite enough of man's heartless  intrusions and unfeeling, unconscionable plundering of Her many attributes, treasures, gems, crysataline records and hidden places not seen by any human eyes.  It is true, however, of all sentient beings, if one part of a body is hurt, the entire being is conscious of it, and empathy and healing energies go out, and in.  Can we all, as one send our beloved Mother Earth, some healing, soothing vibes, prayers even sympathy, dear ones, In Christ?  Thank You in advance.

She is also not Your ashtray, smokers.  Paul, regularly, lately, has gone on 'butt filter patrol around the apt building weir he lives.  Let's all clean up after ourselves, peeps, can we try do that?  Oh good.

So, as directed by Creator, we will fill this page w material that, we hope, will have everyone throwing in the towel re trying to make the unworkable work.  These videos are 'Must see and  hear.'  Hope Ya's can see that there's a right way and a wrong way to do all things... and then, there's The Rock & Roll way zzzzzzz [Sandman was here during the original sharing of this.(we will attempt to leave things as they came down w/o editing and taking away from the initial sponteneity)]  and we're back to the bench, so to speak. Later, guys... ) 

Ok, this was largely re-written, guys.  but that last statement stands.  What you see around this site is/was what happened at the time/moment  noted, in most instances.  Thank You all angels and Sons and Daughters of Light... The Infinite Light and Love of The Great Central Sun.  Wishing One and All, infinte wealth, w the new now Love standard, that's a 'God given gift' You infinity heirs, you  <3  )  

See Ya's on the flip side... )

Joe Friday moment, for the record.

12/29/18  5:22 a.m. The adventure and love #'s.  Perfect God.  Thank You God.  <3  )

Addendums:  6:12 a.m.  'Peace out.  ) Final addendum  6:22  Perfect. again, Thank You God.<3 )

 Picture: 9/17/19  Quincy, Ma   Safe & happy crossing, kids of Creator.  <3  )

Further addendums, we'll be right w you Sandman, (yes again ) 9/19/19  1:00 p.m.  Cheers & Cheerio my friends.  <3 & *******  )  zzzzzzzzzz  )

Now 12/12/18 You Have and Are All You Need - Message of Awakening...

Thank You God and Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky

Awakening Session 1 - Strengthening The Awakened State with Leslee Jo Klinsky

Thank You God and Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky

Spiritual Awakening Flip Flop - Wake Up Call! with Leslee Jo Klinsky

Thank You God and Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky.

Now 12/23/18 On Cosmic Trigger Day God Releases This... <3 )

'They' say timing is everything, so on this beautiful Sunday morning The humble scribe gets to finally share this extraordinary reading with Leslee Jo and The Akashic Record Keepers.

Thank You God and Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers for this awesome reading.

from January 7, 2009. 

Picture of violet water as mentioned in reading.  )

More readings here, if led.      Hope En-Joy.  ❀

Now 1/26/20 Breaking Healing new news 4 the Now generations. There's a new commander in town. Her title? 'Secretary of Fun.' R U in compliance, having fun? Hope so. )

Diane do you take this position w awl the responsibility & seriousness it entails?  Good.  Now please help 'Blow the whistle'  on God's w scribe, Paul's, sites 4 showing , sharing & serving, the modern, new now day way.  . & here: The Jubilee Is Jesus

This has already been shared at the brand spanking new Diane's page 4 awl  0 page here.  Watch as it grows w good stuff.  )

Ok bro appreciated u
I think u need to do another more post in many groups and other social media platform.
I know, need a secretary.

Now, above date Sunday a.m. Bingo. God saw the need and our request (not the 1st time by any means) gives us the perfect secretery, guys. yep, she's been hovering around since she passed, however Now, our beloved sister, Diane Marie has taken the reigns, so 2 speak, of this site, and is fully & completely ready & starting 2 do Her considerable part in the bringing of Heaven 2 Earth, which is the Divine plan in case you didn't know it Sue & Sam.

She's already started this morning if you go to the front page The Jubilee Is Jesus and scroll down you'll see her picture & the editing she did over there. This announcement will also be shared here U Leaving with us? ) after the Akashic records reading scribe had in 2009 w Reader extraordinaire & Drummer Leslee Jo Klinsky. Thank You Leslee Jo.

You guys think we have a strong connection with Marie? OMG This sibling connection takes it to a whole other Upper level that we hope you guys know how 2 figuratively, swim bc this purple water is deep. As seen here at: Ahem: Infinity's Doorway. ) It's the same place we were heading 4 during our NDE (Near death experience)* when we almost drowned in Caldwell Pool, Cunningham Park, Milton, Ma when we were 7 years young. *story is relayed on that front page) Yeah, at the very last second 2 angels disguised as 12 year old boys pulled us up, one on each elbow. Still brings tears every time we relay this. U2 Mom, we know. Time out, guys. ;

Alright, so let's get on w the 'Share Hope 4 Starving children in Sierra Leone, W Africa & wherever people, esp children are hungry page of the day.' See list above 4 #12. Ty. )

P.s. Oh, almost 4 got, Diane will, God willinng, have her own page on here w good stuff. We already have a list of songs 2 share. Later or tomorrow but soon. And our soon is just that 'soon.' _ Right, Diane? ) we get that 'look.' ) Welcome, again Diane, don't call me sister, that's over. We know. We're all on to our next chapters, dear ones. And So It Is. Rec & fin the moment. Above date: 11:22 a.m. As God is our witness, folks, angels.

Now 12/13/18 Paradise 'Officially' kicks in, Friends, Praise God and Thank You Jesus and Universal Mother Mary. <3 )

An Open Communique from Paul to Nanci.  Check it out, if led...   Hey Nanci, we must 'do' lunch. Call me. Ty ) News Flash The Return of The Ruby Rogers Center... 4 The Good of All God's children. 😍 Details and more here...

Ruby Rogers Center   and here

And here...    

Pic:  Nanci w Quicksilver III 2017  

Thank You God for the ultimate blessings we each can have if we try to do our best work 4 You.  IJN.  Thank You Divine Mother Mary for a 'Wellusion' we can work with and thrive in once and forever 'We The People' get to run 'the show' w peace, love, joy, compassion, harmony, understanding and Gratitude w blessed  music in our hearts and souls, est Heaven on Earth, now and forever. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12/13/18 We dedicate this short vid to all the long suffering commuters out there. Help is here, now. Take advantage and ask for things to get better, yesterday. And So It Is. <3 )

Thank You God for conceiving, producing, directing and acting, as Paul in this, yet another, Far Flung Production.limitless. )

Now 12/13/18 The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Thank You God for ALL THAT IS and our necessary, individual vital part in it. Team Oneness. One Mind, One Heart One purpose. Love, Love and Love. What does this leave out? Ahhh, nothing, dear ones. See Ya's. 'The Infinite... <3 )'

See Folks, was Paul lying?  )

See Folks, was Paul lying? )

Now 12/13/18 The Last Nail ~ Dan Fogelberg [ CC ]

Thank You God for finally; The last nail. TY Dan Fogelberg 4 bringing the song to life, and Ty JM Eagle for the awesome amazing artwork. <3 )

Now 12/13/18 Vince Welnick & Friends (Terrapin Flyer) "Golden Days"

Thank You God for sending Jerry to such a needy world. May we 'Wake up' and discover when we have it great, we have it great. Ty Vince Welnick of The Grateful Dead and Missing Man Formation, and Terrapin Flyer for such a <3 felt tribute. Creator's blessings to one and all. Carry on... ) Oh, and did we mention... THANK YOU JERRY!!! We ALL '<3' YOU! 7 ) 7 ) 7 )

Now 12/13/18 Van Halen - Right Now live (92) & forever...

Thank You God for These times of Now we're all living in. Ty Van Halen Sammy, Eddy, Michael and Alex. W Big 'Shout out to all the other past, present and future members of this awesome group. Cheers... )

Now 12/13/18 Jimmy Buffett - Treat her like a lady

Thank You God and We, as a whole Oneness Team ~ Open our hearts, minds and souls to Jesus the One, the Only, trusted by God HimHerSelf to guide and shepherd us to our true home in the 'Glory; part of time. PRAISE and Thank TANK YOU GOD. In Jesus Name. Let The Good Times Roll - Indeed. And So It Is. Namaste One and All. Cheers. )

Coming up next: A song of Hope for a peaceful era of peace. )

Now 12/13/18 Now Age State of the Union address...

Greetings fellow human beings if the infinite light and love of God...

First and Foremost... Thank You God and We, as a whole, Oneness Team. ~ Open our hearts, minds and souls, Creator, to Jesus; the One, the Only, trusted by U God HimHer<3Self, to guide, lead and shepherd us, YOUR Far Flung flock of flickering firecrackers, so to speak, finally back to where we all belong and are familiar with already, as that's the place we started from, in the beginning.

Our true home by the sea...wherever it happens to be, in the infinite realms of God's holy, happy, healthy and unbelievably wealthy (w the only currency built to last 4 ever... Love, the 'infinite abundance' currency..) field of dreams that is now laid out in front of us to seize, grasp, accept and allow it into and unto our Grateful sweaty hands to take into our expanded beyond human imagination. hearts, minds and souls.

We, thus are now creating, w the help of God, a new human being w updated DNA and all the quiet times and moments, bright, shiny times and tender, intimate moments that only lovers share. This heavenly shift in mankind's makeup is in the Akosh now as a template for all that's to come ever unto eternity.

Mark the moment in time as we know it, my dear friends, and let's begin experiencing life from the vantage point of a whole new paradigm, one not lost in mucky pucky folderol of an old, worn out, obsolete ideas of a painful past. that was a lot facade - made to throw us off from what the real meaning of life is all about.
So, in closing,, my dear friends... Congratulations Human Being, You have made the grade. PRAISE and THANK GOD.for this miracle blessing, that w/o Jesus on our side, would never have occurred. Thank You Jesus! <3 )

Now. In Jesus Name. Let The Good Times Roll - Indeed. And So It Is.                                Namaste One and All. Cheers. )

Moment of upload marked at 12/13/18  at 3:55 p.m Quincy, Ma. USA  Terra/ Mother Earth/ Christa Gaia/ Planet of Love, Gratitude and Heaven on Earth.  IJN  Thank You Jesus!  PRAISE God!!!  Now and forever... And So It Is. <3 )  ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now 12/13/18 Van Halen - When it's Love live (92) 4 eternity and then some... ) ~

Thank You God...and same as above... )

Now: 1/2/21 (Replacing disappeared video) THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN - Something in the air 1969

Thank You God for The Revolution of Now and forever going forward... Thank You Thunderclap Newman & Pete Townsend and All 'Revolutionaries of higher consciousness' in God's infinite Creation. Carry on... <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) etc etc )

Now Encore w Some of us - caught on film... Guilty as charged... lol )

Thank You God... and same as above... )

Now 9:00 p.m. 12/14/18 Humanity, Is it time to get serious, or no? God's asking...

An Urgent Open Letter...

Heaven on earth... anyone? 
Pic in answer to get money out of an exchange that has kept it .@ 2 months between them and me. Get it while you can, folks cuz it's not gonna last. 

The new RV is Love. Got it? Hi Name deleted I've been off the wheel of money /bitcoin seeking while very busy w this site. Check out if Here's selfie w requested info. Plz let me know if need anything else.. Ty Paul Brown

p.s Most germane site info Serious people follow true leaders. Clowns follow clowns. Follow Christ, people and be a serious person who has clues about life, death and salvation. 
#PlutoClears #EnterEternalNow#CashIsthedinosauroftoday #Love:The Only medium of xchange built 2 last.

p.p.s.  While uploading this sharing, we are enjoying 'the Jimmy Stewart holiday classic... 'It's a Beautiful Life.'  Such an amazing God made movie (like all creations of mankind)  on so many levels.  Like most good things, repeated visits reveal more not caught on the first go 'round.

p.p.p.s  Merry Christmas and a Quantum New 2019 and beyond fellow God's chill-dren.  

Namaste.  )

Now 12/16/18 0:42 / The Urantia Book introduction

Thank You God for guiding us to our collective ultimate destination weir we can truly rest in peace and Rock when we are led. And So It Is.

Now 12/16/18 So, how do we get to God's neighborhood?

---Pictured 2 tickets to paradise for you, humanity, if you would accept. 

Thank you for asking, Daisy.  Hey, would Lucky like to come too?  Can't go wrong simply by asking.  wouldn't you like to be asked?  Good of you to think of others, my sweet child.  So, here's an intro and the whole enchilada of The Urantia Book is started to be shared here.  We sincerely hope this divine nourishment truly feeds your very old but eternally young soul.

Here's the link..  

Now 7/16/19 El Morya on Transcending Self-Limiting Boundaries and Barriers

Thank YouEl Morya and David Christopher Lewis for this timely message.

Now 12/19/18 Hey Paul is all this stuff really for real, bro?

Dear Daisy and Lucky, you will both soon realize the veracity of just how really true this all is. as presented here and the first place.                                                                                                                                                                                       The world needs a cosmic alarm clock for this to happen, I'm afraid, Paul. 

Don't be afraid D & L you see, fear, the f word is the root cause of all our troubles down here in 3 and 4 D. We do concur about that alarm clock, however, too many people are fast asleep while going through their zombie like days of going to work, putting up with insane commutes, being underpaid, under appreciated, having a 'boss.' and just plain accepting 'sucky' lives just to make it to the next week when it's time to muck thru the whole sad thing again.

So, my dear friends, we all need good news, don't we?  Yeah Paul, give us good news cuz this is a 'bad news' planet and getting badder all the time, it seems. Right, we hear your cries, L & D rep humanity, so what spirit has done w Paul, the volunteer 'button pusher' for this 'show,' for lack of a better word, is to have on demand, and any time one would want to hear some wonderful music, read some thoughts, etc there would be a place to go for that.

We do give Dr Peebles credit with helping to shape this jubilee site (both places as one) with His suggestion of 'Artist profiles'  As one can see we did follow that advice and it has been quite the journey of discovery as spirits of these amazingly talented zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Quick, guys grab a rope...) spirits have come thru and enriched our life with their presence, friendship guidance and esp love.

Indeed, we have a whole section already prepared and ready  to share w the world.  As Dr Peebles said, the songs, they remind us in beautiful and sentimental ways of where we've come from. what we've lived thru, how events, people, problems, situations, circumstances, all the terrain of living a human life can sometimes just come down to a song. 

We all have a song.  One soul song God says   'Hey, here's your song.'  It happened to us and we hope it happens to each and every one of you.  It always helps if we 'ask' God. 

As we type this and edit over the previous edits it takes it's time, this writing thing. So, the songs, again, do they not take us back in time and space, even living moments again when that particular song on the radio made us remember our first serious relationship or that song was that guy's song and we remember him or her or the dreams we had once but life got in the way and we had to move on and on and on.  

The best songs are sung with emotions that we can relate to bc we've been there, went thru that, came out the other end, as scribe weeps. buckets.  We know we're not alone,  we've unconsciously attatched our own emotions to certain songs and they help us, like bridges, to the other side of this or that life learning lesson or experience. 

Dear God, give us a song and let's move on to the other side and be as one with You.  That's all I wanna do and be for all eternity and into infinity, and my friends who've passed are already there, urging, singing, praying, even exhorting us on. guys.  This is not dilly dally time on the planet, folks. People should be making some spiritually enlightened choice in who they choose to lead them, it is written.

If you are affiliating yourself with a political party or religious persuasion Heavenly Father says that's NOT the way to go, dear ones.  Those outdated concepts of leadership don't 'cut the mustard' in these enlightened, not in it for the money, which is out of fashion, out of date, and you can't eat it as the native americans will tell you.  Same for gold which is very  attractive but only worth whatever value we put on it.  Again, dear ones, ya can't eat it.  We can eat apples, oranges, tomatoes etc.  That gets us through any days of real lack. 

The time has come, dear children of God, to truly act as our brother and sister guardians, to look out for each other and care more than lip service. God is not fearful of letting fellow human beings into His country.  Soon if be God's will, we will have all the resources and help we need from our friiends above.  It is crucial that we ask for their help, like tha angels. 

Jesus taught us 'a s k' and we will receive.  Don't ask, the spirits, angels, our friends from other galaxies, dimensions and Far Flung places we have no ideas of, can't assist us.  We hold the cards in our hands, my dear friends. It's serious business to know this stuff folks, esp when the whole world is sorely in need of major relief of its burdens.  Trying to keep an obsolete monetary system going with duct tape, broken promises, crypto gambling or any other folderol at this late stage in our human evolution can not and will not get us anywhere.  Take it from God, people.  God knows. People, though well meaning, simply, do not. Period.

So, who's on board to seriously instate the new now currency in every corner of God's Plant it and,  budding flowers, that we all are, may L O V E,  Love and Love reign over this Far Flung planet like it does on others as someone once sang, actually 4 heavy guys, come to help humanity in song and celebration of their God given talents to 'light up' the world.

Let's lighten up each other's worlds, guys. Let's be good to each other, let's cut out the bullying, sit beside that kid who always has to eat his or her lunch alone.  Let's friend the friendless, play with the kids, ditch the cigarrettes and other unhealthy habits.  We can try to be like George Bailey in that Christmas classic movie... 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

After he found his life's purpose, w the help of angel Clarence, George was a new man, fully energized and Grateful to God for what he could now do with his life - free from the depression that darkened his perception; hid from him all the good things he had going on in his life, like a loving wife, a family, friends, a town that treasured him etc.

The point of all this, my dear friends, is simply to 'Know,' know that what we have is probably better than most people have it on this planet of hard knocks and laggard 'inmates running the asylum' to an extent.  Good news is, even the laggards are starting to wake up and repent their wayward ways, dusting off that gift from God known as a conscience. The veil is getting that thin. guys. 

Waking up, guys, is realixing that when we have it good we have it good.  Be satisfied with that. God know, life is full of challenges, we knew that coming in and we planned our navigation routes through this 'jungle maze' down here, guys.  One thing to share that we've learned is that Any health is good health.  Feed that to your subconscious mind instead of any 'oh woe is me' negativity.

Even the most dire medical prognosis can be turned around with proper feeding and maintenance of the all powerful subconscious mind part of ourselves.

Indeed, folks,  long as we're not dead yet, and the oh my goodness does God have us covered.  No one wants to come back to this 'prison colony' of a world, guys.  Let's do our research on this stuff if at all interested.  It's truly fascinating what occurs to us when we pass.  Everyone seems to have some unique twist that ia all their own.

Alright to adjust to other topics while we're still young,God knows,  Paul can't drive  over a bridge w/o Mom putting a Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot or Al Stewart song on 'The  Bridge' satelliite radio station, to enjoy.  when he had the car, that is.

So, music, sweet music matters, dear ones, ioho the second most cherished gift God gave us after Jesus. folks.  Just mellow us out to a rythm that makes us move where it's impossible not to smile and say Thank You God. Grateful Dead fans certainly know what we're talking about here. Parrotheads too as these 2 Crazy fun loving groups have merged into a wonderful melting pot of smiles, miles, trips, flips, zzzstories, zzzzzzzzzzzzz these z's are back, folks. 

The scribe is highly suspicious when things show up on the screen he didn't consciously punch in so there is the discernment factor.  Leave in or take out, and what does God want?  That is the important question, so we ask?  God... leave in or take out?  God says leave it, and Thank you for asking.'  Perfect.  Btw guys Thanks' doesn't cut the mustard.  It's Thank You or nothing bc 'Thanks is just too not definitive.  We Thank You God we don't say thanks no not doesn't do it.  feel it, folks?  Ok.

So, looks like we're about done here...

Link once again to this life changing reading,  if one has yet to hear it

Our links of germane material are located here, inc contact info, donate button, while the banks are still open,  and other readings we have had.  We are working on one in particular  but are having a hard time getting a link for it but hopefully, it will be up and shared soon.  It is quite amazing, if we do say so.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This reading is compulsory listening, peeps, if one is to 'get it' about this dude, Paul. and what he's  bringing to the cosmic table as a being of light, not to mention - love.  )  So, yes, the songs bring us back to a simpler though no less turbulent  time in our collective human many of us did back in our 'hey day.'   L & D for that the scribe who pushes the buttons is well prepared and, in fact, is already loaded for what would, could, should come down with his particular DNA 'distortions' on this site and the first site.

So, the 'show' for the 'Strawberry Alarm Clock and 'Time' w Pink Floyd and the other 'stuff' is here and we hope Ya's like it and can appreciate the time, work, effort and repairs that need doing over there on that google site.  Just click and you'll be there in a split sec, same way we can all arrive on Saturn, or someplace else, as drool flows out of the scribe's closed mouth.  (Not kidding on that, folks. )

Oh, and in the footsteps of John Lennon, may we add this truism for the 'Now' age  

This 'should' be good news even for the trillionaires, if not billionnaires out there.  Love is the ultimate, eternal, never failing or falling exchange.  If you love your family, your dog or cat or goldfish hey, can you measure that love?  And how much love can we give them and they come back for more and we give it bc it flows out of us like a river.

This is the kind of love our Creator hsas for us fellow infinite divine sons and daughters of The One.  Let's humbly and gratefully sieze this moment in human evolution and accept God's gracious gift to us all.  Know this Is God's will, dear ones. Please, take this offer, and don't look back.  No career move, or promotion or new opportunity out there, on or off line is as good as this, my dear friends.

Take it from a kind elder brother wh's been around forever and will be around forever bc he loves his work and only we can do it like we do it.  We're not simply the best at what we do, as Jerry has said, we are the 'only' ones that do what we do.  Be that in your own field and we'll all be together when we find ourselves in the promised land.

There's no stopping us now, my dear friends, from expanding our light, consciousness and God given gift to embrace the Infinite.  No barriers, ramparts, no stop signs, speed bumps, it's all wide open esp for those who love God.  Please, don't waste any time or moments trying to figure God out.  You will not succeed in that folly.  Better off just accepting this olive branch and the gentle removing of the noose around our collective neck.  A 11th hour reprieve, my dear friends, from the crazy world and it's rules and regulations we've built up over the aeons.

Time is now to drop the fear and allow our better judgement, coming from the deepest and highest parts of ourselves to take hold and charge of what we perceive as 'reality' out there in the 'not' real world.  Onee person's vision is another person's nightmare.  eh wot?  So, our plan, Stan, is to put the whole, entire 'enchilada' in God's Hands and let HimHer deal with it while we go surfing or walking along the beach, or sleeping.  Yeah, that last one sounds awesome.  )

Alright, guys, this is wrap for now.  A whole new brave new world with awesome possibilities is Now on the horizon.  Let' s throw the onion in the pot, so to speak, and have a cosmic soup dinner for all God's Far Flung Flock.  And So It Is.  <3  )

Rec & fin 12/19/18  5:55 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA  Urantia (earth)  Milky Way Galaxie.  Addendums 7:50 p.m.  <3  ) 

Now 12/19/18 The Song, we got The Song 4 U Humanity Led Zeppelin Kashmir 5 24 1975

Thank You God. Thank You Led Zeppelin. Hello sleep <3 ) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Catch Ya's on the flip side, guys. )

Now 12/23/18 Jesus by John Smallman, December 21st, 2018

Thank You God and Jesus and John Smallman and Mario Gattoaladinor for sharing on YT. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 12/24/18 Kryon - "24-7 & The Coming Tools"

Thank You God and Kryon and Lee Carroll. Multi blessings for All who hear this super message. <3 ) And So It Is.

Now 12/24/18 Look who just met us on log in at YT Update: Now 1/2/21 7:23 God's cosmic triggeDeal : Grateful Dead 1989r #.

Thank You God that on logging in online and going to Youtube this song, of all songs just started playing. True. Thank You Jesus and Thank You Uncle Jerry. Indeed. 'you and me (and Everyone ) gonna spend some time... Oh yeah... )

Now 12/24/18 Freedom from Limitations ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Thank You God for our friends in Very High places. Thank You The Arcturians and Daniel Scranton <3 )

Now 12/24/18 Lifting the Veil ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Thank You God for our friends in Very High places. Thank You The Arcturians and Daniel Scranton <3 )

Now 12/25/18 The Greatest Gift You Receive - Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light - December 22, 2018

Thank You God for The Federation of Light's messages thru Blossom Goodchild, with Joe Pena. Thank You All <3 )

Now 12/27/18 THE MOODY BLUES - The Threshold Suite

Thank You God and The Moody Blues. God are we in Heaven now? )

Now 7/16/19 2/27/18 Jesus Sananda ~ It is Time to Step Forth in Service ~ Yael & Doug Powell

Thank You God and Jesus Sananda Jeshua Yeshua and Yael & Doug for this timely 'Truth of Love' message. <3 )

Now 12/28/18 Kryon - Return to Lemuria - 2017

Thank You God, Kryon, Lee Carroll and The Family of Light, in Oneness. Welcome home one and all. Rest, relax, the hard game is over and done if we allow it. Namaste. )

Now 12/28/18 As promised at Front page This will lift Everyone up/ Thank You God and Thank you Yael and Doug Powell Circle of Light for sharing God's Infinite love, wisdom and blessings to His Her children. <3 ) And So It Is.

This time of the year is often overlooked

It is easy to choose your heart

Beloved ones, you are pure Love. You are the mystery and the glory of My heart. You are powerful and beautiful. You are the center of the universe. Everything I Am, you are. And you cannot be otherwise. Nothing can take away the truth of who you are. Nothing can eliminate this light.

Let this time of the year, the pinnacle, the silence, the held breath when time stops, the period between the Christ-Mass and the beginning of the new year be for you the void that allows you to shed every old illusion of what you think you are, that you might stand free and feel the truth; that you might be the powerful illumination of creation; that you might be more wondrous than all the angels; that you might remember the truth of your being and claim it. Then, when the wheel of time begins again, beloved ones, don't go with it. Stay attuned to the truth of your heart. Remember the reality of the Love you are. And let this be what you choose to live in the new year and always.

From within the dream of duality it seems difficult to disengage from the egoic mind and its perspective. You have been programmed very effectively to continue to promote the ideas of separation from Love. But this time of the year is holy because the wheel of time stops and gives you the peace, gives you the silence that allows you to fully engage in the reality of your heart.

This is what is here for you. And this year is more powerful and important than any before, because in this year, the whole of the creation of life on earth is being attuned, being directed to hold the resonance of your Love; to be the mirror for you of the truth of God; to sing for you, to show you all that you truly are; to remind you in every particle of your being that you are My Love - and nothing else is real.

Take hold of this. Claim all that you are. Let your heart's light encompass that which you have named your body, that it too might be the reflection of your glorious Love. And that the endless life and abundance of God I Am may rush forth to create your experience of the world. A world made of Love, and nothing else.

This is a time of the year that is often overlooked by those who seek to live the truth of Love because the energies of the egoic world are set up to keep you busy, to keep you looking outside of yourself so you miss the deep silence. You miss the parting of the veil. You miss the powerful reconnection with the truth of your being. And you miss the opportunity to make the choice to claim all that you are and to step into the New Year living it.

Let Me be your guide as we enter the time of Love, when the great light of the Christos comes to show you all that you are, to penetrate the illusion of other-than-Love, and to shine forth the miracle of acceptance of all of My gifts.

You have no idea how often you reject the gifts of Love. Certainly it is not done consciously. It is done through the power of your focus, through the egoic mind keeping you turned away when Love opens your heart. Therefore, I Am calling you now to be present, conscious in this time, to stand fully in your holiness and to feel the glory of God I Am blossoming here as you - as the heart of Love. Because all of the world is attuned to this shift. The whole of the life I Am is here to support you. This vibration of Love is now so strong it is impossible to ignore it anymore. This time, beloved ones, it is easy. It is easy, not only to choose your heart, but to claim your truth as the heart of God and absolutely nothing else.

There is a moment when time resumes. That moment when the new year begins. And that is the moment you must watch your step. You must be present and fully conscious to make the choice to be your truth; to live the Love you are always and to take the step in this new year into the layer of the multiverse that is the pure expression of God.

So at that moment when the clock chimes, when the ball falls, when the New Year comes, you, beloved ones, must choose which world you will live in. Whether the clock of duality starts ticking again, or whether you will be free to live beyond time, to live in the moment of God; to live the truth that all that I Am is present in you - here and now.

You are ready to claim it, to let the wheel of time end, to let duality move on without you. As you stand fully in remembrance of Love claiming the truth of your heart, be ready to be the vehicle of the expression of Love, and nothing else.

Can you claim this again and again? Of course. But the moment of the New Year is especially potent, for behind you is the experience you've just had and you are standing free in the deep silence. That first step into the New Year is powerful, important and is that which moves you into the experience of giving the Love you are with no interference.

I Am here, beloved ones, to take your hand; to help you make that step; to keep you from tripping over the stories of the ego-mind; to help you leave behind - in the void - everything that you've believed about yourself as a limited human being.

I Am here to help you fly beyond every idea of time and mind. Holding to a world of only Love lets you solve the world's problems because you are loving them into transformation from another level. You truly cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem. And while seeing problems is certainly not where I want your attention, what I want you to see is how potent your Love is for holding the reality of your truth as the heart of God and letting this entrain the world into the expression of your Love and the reality of the beneficent universe - and the wonder of our communion.

So as you approach this turning of the year, recognize that time is ending. And that those who choose to consciously step from the world of experience just passing into the world of only Love shall be supported by absolutely every life, every expression of the whole of God I Am; uplifted by the expression of beauty that is nature; held in the tender arms of the Angels; celebrated in your glory by those who are of the realms of Love. And most of all, living from the center - your center - as the heart of God.

You can feel the reality of your Love. Beloved ones, you know who you are. You know the truth of your heart. For a little while, the world of duality captured your attention but it is no longer fascinating. And you are ready to leave it behind. Not to leave the world and your purpose in it, but to shift the resonance at which you live that you might always be the heart entraining the illusion of separation from Love into the never-ending, never-changing truth that Love is all that's Real.

You are millions strong. And you stand heart-to-heart in a solidarity of Love that cannot be disrupted; that fills you with energy; that creates for you the vision of what the world is meant to be. The blooming of the heart of the Christos. The joined hearts of humankind and the blessing of the Earth mother, creating a new chakra of light, a new vortex in the omniverse -- allowing Love not only to be extended, but to be dynamically multiplied.

You are creating more Love in powerful, unprecedented ways. So let your hearts remember this truth and show you this glorious matrix of Love that is being woven by your unity and grounded through your decision to live the only Real truth. And thus, to make manifest a world of only Love.

I Am here with you. Beloved ones, move into this communion that your heart may truly be the instrument through which you see and through which you live. And that the communion with Me means communion with all life, for All That I Am is present in everything and your heart already knows this.

Therefore, you now begin to live the experience of conscious Love in all things, through all things, as all things and in the world. Your every moment springs forth from the silence and bursts forth as the ecstasy of Love and the gift of humankind.

Β©2018 Circle of Light Spiritual Center | Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Now 12/28/18 Bringing it All back home... Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band - We Live For Love - Pikes Peak Center - Colorado Springs CO - 8-19-2014

Thank You God for Neil Giraldo, Pat Benatar and Band (how it came out, folks) Bless all who are nourished with this God given talent and love coming thru Amplified and Rockin' our souls. In Rockin' Jesus Name. God, no one is left out of this tsunami of eternal Rockin' love, correct?
Free will is free will, my dear son. You can't make anyone be other than what they make themselves. Understood, God Thank You. ) We wish Every One the best.

May we all find our own ultimate best for us and let God do what God does. We are done, Sons and daughters of 'The One.' Thank Ya's for all the fish and chips and butter and gravy and the sky and the deep blue sees. God, we're 'coming home to U God.' And here's a page for that, in progress. (Copy and paste) or menu above. Thank Ya's One and All. (7) #LoveinAction. #Rest-relaxation #Godsrecreationforever

Now 12/29/18 For All Those Awake and Not sleeping... U2 - Bad (Live Aid 1985)

Thank You God. Thank You U2, Live Aid and The Magnificent Audience there that day and the millions experiencing this peak moment in human history on Yt. My God, is there anyone still sleeping? 'Jesus, we hope not.' Nice rescue there Bono. All Glory Be To God, IJN. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12/29/18 David Bowie - Heroes (Live Aid, 1985)

Thank You God, Creator of Heroes. Thank You Sir David Bowie and Band, TY Live Aid and Thank You Magnificent Audience there that day and us experiencing this thru our magical devices on YT. How blessed we are, heroes of The One. <3 ) All Praise and Glory Be To God from a Grateful, humble, forgiving humanity. IJN. <3 )

Now 12/30/18 The Wallflowers - Heroes

Thank You God for The Heroes among us in and out of uniform. Thank You The Wallflowers. Ty bamamike50 for sharing on YT.

Now 2/12/21 12:22 p.m Love angel time ) Live Aid - Queen Full Concert 13th July 1985 [HD] (Replacing disappeared one on copywrong crappola)

Thank You Freddy Jupiter & Awl performers & Fans 4 a real good time. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Thank You God. Thank You Freddy, Brian, Roger and John... Queen. TY Live Aid, Thank you Magnificent Audience as One, then and now w God given modern technology. Ty Simon Christensen for sharing on YT. God Bless Us All each and every One, family of light, love, kindness, harmony, empathy, Gratitude and Fun, Want to get the skinny on Queen?  Here ya go.. 

This, we feel completes this marathon thread, dear friends. After all what could follow that? lol Thank You God for It's All Him Her, my dear friends in the light and love of The One Heavenly infinite Father Mother God Source Creator, ALL THAT IS, Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine / Higher Power, Great 'I AM THAT I AM.'

May Peace, love, Joy, harmony, adventure, Gratitude and Fun be our names, now and forever and ever, In Jesus Name, Team Oneness. And maybe, we'll see Ya's around the campus of this local universe or somewhere else. It's all in God's Hands for 'not my will, way, momenting or plan, is done but Your Perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Will, Way, Momenting and Plan Is done, Dear God, Now and forever. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. <3 )

See Ya's over at the 'Coming Home to God' page. See menu above. Thank You Guys, )  Oh, and there's more Freddy and the fellas here... Hope Springs Eternal  Url to share  

Namaste.   )

Now 12/31/18 What could follow Freddy? Kryon esp w this message: Kryon 2018 December - We Are Leaving Now.

Thank You God. Thank You Kryon, The Pleiadians, Lee Carroll and Ty loveYOUrself for sharing on Yt. Teamwork makes the dream work. <3 )

Now 1/14/19 We leave you w a song of hope... Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven - Madison Square Garden, New York City....

Thank You God. Thank You Led Zeppelin and Your fans... everyone, we hope. <3 ) Ty Syd Le Corbusier for sharing on Yt.

Now 1/14/19 A simple invitation, to a place to go next, if led...

Here it is  It's All God  It's All God  Url to share, if led... 

See Joan's Appreciationpage, if led... 

Womens Voices... 

God knows you need a hug... 

More led in the tank?  Uh huh...   

God's Happily ever after place...  

Gaze w Jesus & Co. 

May be continued... )

Now 11/25/19 Live Aid- Queen- Full Set HQ (replacing 'Best Version' w millions of views taken down bc of copyright crappola. ( Now 1/9/21 10:00 a.m. Queen - We Are The Champions (Live Aid 1985)

Thank You Queen featuring Free dy (w) Jupiter. We <@3 U Bro, Joan's got some of your bed of roses up top. Deal? Alright. Hope 2 see You and Friends ~ Awl of Us soon. There's that 's' word again. Correct Blossom? <773 ) ) )

 From Circle of Light connect Now @ Jan 6, 2020,  Now shared here 1/9/20  Joan's Birthday.  Ty Joan 4 showing by example how to win friends & influence people by sharing God given talents & Love 2 one & awl.  <3  )

From Circle of Light connect Now @ Jan 6, 2020, Now shared here 1/9/20 Joan's Birthday. Ty Joan 4 showing by example how to win friends & influence people by sharing God given talents & Love 2 one & awl. <3 )

Now 1/9/21 9:44 a.m. Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust (original)

Thank You Joan 4 the Excellent memories & Ty Lucky Bob <3 ) ) ) )

Now 1/9/21 2:09 p.m. Now Let The Divine Plan Play Out Blossom Goodchild channeling theFederation of Light 12 20 20

thank You Blossom & Joe & Federation of Light. <3 ) ) ) )

Now 1/9/21 2:28 p,m. Who's still l@@king 4 the announcement? Were u looking in all the wrong places? It's not too late. Thank God. IJN. <3 )

Now 1/3/21 11:11 a.m. Announcing A Announcement w moment given. New News Now...

Thank You Blossom.  ? 4 U, humanity?  How do you get a name like Blossom Goodchild?  The name, as Jesus said, as He said to us in this reading which, we hope, everyone has heard by now.

W large Thank You's to James Martin Peebles.  MD, James Madison Law RIP (Rockin in Paradise,) Jimi Hendrix~ Jerry Garcia & John Lennon  From July, 2013    )  Hope En~joy.  πŸ™‚

Season's Greetings 2 Everybuddy...   πŸ‘  β€  πŸ™‚

Now 1/9/21  5:07  we got Heaven on Earth, team oneness...  Get your Free Ice Cream... <3  )

Now 1/13/21 6:22 p.m. Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10

Thank You Double Rainbow Guy 4 saying it 4 us awl, <3 ) ) ) )

Now 2/19/21 11:11 p.m. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man - Live At The Florida Theatre / 2015 (Official Video)

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd & God Bless Ya''s & Appreciative audience of us awl. What It Is. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 adventure smiles 4 the High Road ahead. 7 7 7

Now 2/19/21 11:54 p.m. The Story - The Angel in the House

Thank Yoou The story Jonatha & Jennifer & the angel in the house named Gaia. <3 ) ) ) )

Thank You Leslee Jo, living your Joy, 4 your contributions to this trancending page.  That trans word in sync w hearinng that on reading as typing here.  Ho hum, not really. )  synchro's all day long.  But we love them.  <3 )  What It Is.  777  <3 ) ) )

Thank You Leslee Jo, living your Joy, 4 your contributions to this trancending page. That trans word in sync w hearinng that on reading as typing here. Ho hum, not really. ) synchro's all day long. But we love them. <3 ) What It Is. 777 <3 ) ) )

Now 2/20/21 4:05 p.m. Carry Us Home - Sacred frame drum and vocal song by Leslee Jo Klinsky

Thank You Leslee Jo. Heaven On Earth. Oh My <3 )

Now 4/12/21 5:22 p.m. Light Body Dreaming - Lachlan Brooks with Leslee Jo Klinsky

Thank You Lachlan Brooks & Leslee Jo Klinsky. for this amazingness. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/20/21 5:00 p.m. Whistle Blows on our mundane work daze ) Happy Spirits Day

Thank You Good Who Is Good & Lives In Awl of Us as Us. And We R Good. What It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 2/20/21 8:54 p.m. Jerry Garcia Band-Forever Young 9/5/89

Thank You Jerry Garcia Band. 888 <3 ) ) )

Now  2/21/21   4:25 p.m.  Funny, as we were preparing this pic to load, the Elvis song 'Teddy Bear' came on one of our vintage cassettes fro 2008.  The tape name?  'Friends to The End.'   Ty Good Good.  <3 ) ) )

Now 2/21/21 4:25 p.m. Funny, as we were preparing this pic to load, the Elvis song 'Teddy Bear' came on one of our vintage cassettes fro 2008. The tape name? 'Friends to The End.' Ty Good Good. <3 ) ) )

Now 4/16 21 4:16 p.m. Sweet moment to share good stuff. )

What a nice synchro when this showed up in our mailbox a week ago when God is saying. "Everything Is Free"  thru Shane Shining w Divine Ultimate

W Jesus/Sananda response  

Ty Brad & Kimberly for showing the world how to do it.  Just takes Love and a few Willing hands. We Can do this, Everyone. We're Awl Infinityaires in God's eyes.  HeShe wants us to 'Have it Awl'   We're the ones hamstringing our pursuit of happiness & comfort w our ridiculous money - toilet paper restriction.  Let's Show  God we Can Do HisHer Will, and ) Smile while we do it.  Who's in?     

 Shared here:   & here:   

  Film: here: Ty People. 

Ty #BradPaisley & #KimberlyWilliams & #Peoplemagazine

Now 4/16/21 Govt Mule and John Scofield, "Stratus," 3-12-15, Boston, MA

Thank You Govt Mule & John Scofield. ) ) )

Now 4/16/21 Gov't Mule, John Scofield, Tinsley Ellis "Get Behind the Mule," 3/12/15

Thank You Gov't Mule, John Scofield, Tinsley Ellis. ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. On bewhole of Awl. <3 )

Happy Birthday Immortal Spiritual Beings on the way uP.

We are led to share this. Hey, who said our birthday's have to be only one day of the year? We are in trasfomation phase, spirits disguised as humans putting up with life, as it is, on schoolhouse, sandbox earth. An Open Letter

Hello there stranger,

Hope you're having a Happy one. )

This card is same as last year from your Fb page. Shame, your missing so much good stuff like what I share and ends up here:

Latest is 'Ducks in a row' Scroll @ 1/3 down to where it starts to get smelly.

So, when are you gonna call me and we do lunch?

You can still be a hero and contribute something to the w updated content to click on.

Please, take it all in. esp this

So, how is Your particular 'spiritual espionage mission of light' going?

Virtual hug ( Hug )


P.s. Don't just take it from the lover of the world, guys. Patricia, take it away, please. Thank you Dear Patricia. God's front line forces r in the house, my dear friends. There are no wars to fight or enemies anymore, anywhere. human mirrors. Thank God we're done w that wasteful in every way folderol.

Just living in eternal happy divine bliss w Source & Company of Oneness is our firm destiny, dear ones. And So It Is What It Is. Up to date film here, Inc this sharing, if led.

Having strange ascension sumptoms?    Advice from Melaniie & the angels...

Now 4/20/21 8:44 p.m. Current state of the wall in the Joy room. )

A new addition to the wall. We do like the uncluttered look. ) As changed over time:    

Now 4/27/21 12:44 a.m. Just sharing latest coming down on Fb...

Open Letter: Hello, TY for friend & yes, I'm alright & hope you are too. Please understand, we're averaging 10 new friends a day. We just can not sit here and chit chat w you and the 200* people wanting to start a conversation. Here's our status We have NO money to send anyone now and we can not take on new clients. Sorry. Best to you & yours.   From Fb  

Update: We hope to have a new simple site page for all orphanages, ministries to have their stuff shown. In fact we had it all set, then we have a login lost pw issue. Waiting on support. but Shane can Not take any more begging. Ty for trying to understand. We'll have that up w/i 48 hours if we have to do it all over.

Our portal: If like plz share esp to media. We Got this. Do politicians or religionists? This is confidence, not ego, folks. What's that Divine Ultimate? 4 sure 26 Years in incubation. Sananda response

God: EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Wake Up People, the ancients were smart enough to have a High Priest advise their Kings & Queens We have experience in that area. Experience it hear (sic) if led  (Scroll down to the purple water pic) Ty #LesleeJoKlinsky #GovtMule #TheGratefulDead And, indeed, we got the music to plow a field of folderol there too. Love & Blessings Fam ) ) )

Now 7/16/21 2:33 p.m. Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live, Majikat - Earth Tour 1976)

Thank You Cat / Yusuf 4 sharing your talents w your adoring friends & fans, awl of us. Thank You Marie 4 the recommendation. See Everyone soon. <3 ) ) )

Now 7/sweet 16/21 The rest of the story Nod to Paul Harvey As shared on Fb.

What we wanted to share here just absolutely will not load here, we may keep trying, this has happened b4. but can hopefully, be seen here, if int.  Tyvm/  <3 )

Ok guys, the only way we can get the following to load on this page is using the 'News' field at least you can read it and the url is for this page you're on now and the main paulfb page .

Yeah, God has a sense of humor, as opposed to joke telling, kiddies, and as fate, destiny, good karma or whatever name we want to file it under, we, Thank God Who Is Good,  have awl eternity to find out, my dear friends.  So first can we wake up to the simple fact, dear ones, that we're Awl cherished & essential  Immortal Spiritual Beings and not politicians cattle?  That would be a good start, some of us think.  Are you with us, donkey & elephant breaths?  Hope so.  <3 )

P.s.  Okay guys, we finally got it  to load and there it is below.  Take care & we'll see ya's on the hiways & byways of God's Good infinite creation,  and remember, Have Fun out there & your ) can get you anywhere.  <3 ) esp when you add your <3 to it.  What It Is.  Indeed. <3 )


Thank You Paul Harvey & scriptwriter God 4 this inclusion here. <3 )

Now 7/17/21 3:;99 a.m. The Rest of The Story. Nod to Paul Harvey. As shared on Fb.

Greetings Far Flung children of God Who Is Good. Guess what? Yep, yet another 'Open Lltter.' w a friend

How are you doing today Paul You had a wonderful night right

I slept til 12:30 p.m. Robo callers waking me up but second my head hiits the pillow am out of my body to sleep land. Just had coffee & toast and looking at all the FB requests for money I don't have and I post that but friend request keep coming in by the dozens they're all starving. (we accept all friend & ministry requests)

"Everything Is Free" like God says is The Only solution. Why doesn't God send the kind of leader HeShe sent down here over 2K years ago? ... as this flows out. )

And addendum...

This will help communicate w hundreds of people looking to me. I want to help everyone God knows, but no one can send the money needed to the multitudes like a simple decree through a God designated far flung proxy born 4 the job. We just doing our job as this addendum verifies, correct Source Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS The Infinite The One Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine. The Absolute et al? ) That's a smile answer my dear friends.

Can we awl get on the same train, beloveds? Marie's got a song 4 us awl, kids. Be patient bc it's coming 'round the bend. And here's where it's shared, scroll to bottom. Awl welcome, but hey, it's Your trip, Brothers & Sisters, maybe you don't like rainbows & magic of the real kind, or you don't believe in unicorns either? Do pictures lie, my dear friends in God? How's Your topsy turvy world going my dear friend?  Good we hope. 

Here's where things begin w our official 'Greeter' volunteer, not new at His job, fellow 'Jerry Jillionnaires.' Awl of us, friends.   Cheers & Cheerio.  πŸ˜Ž πŸ’”

Now 2/19/21 11:33 p.m. Van Halen Dreams Original Blue Angels Video

Thank You Van Halen & The Blue Angels RIP Eddie Rockin' In Paradise. <# ) (This just dropped itself here, Ty angels, perfect placement. ) 7/17/21 3:35 a.m.

Every Day 4 the angels, angels... <3 ) ) ) ) )  'Make it an adventure.'  )  (Shared  here Nov or December 2019 ) Moved from way above. )  7/17/21  3:44 a.m.

Every Day 4 the angels, angels... <3 ) ) ) ) ) 'Make it an adventure.' ) (Shared here Nov or December 2019 ) Moved from way above. ) 7/17/21 3:44 a.m.

Hi Sally, I'm Shane, How you doing today?  Good, me too.  Coffee?  To beginnings... )

Hi Sally, I'm Shane, How you doing today? Good, me too. Coffee? To beginnings... )

Hey - What's Your name  Smiley?  ><3  )    The End.   
To New Beginnings... ~    ~        ~           ~               ~

Hey - What's Your name Smiley? ><3 ) The End.
To New Beginnings... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now 12/23/18 11:22 p.m. God's Love letter for you...(worth watching)

Thank You Father.  We do humbly accept Your offer of infinite, eternal love and we will share it wherever and whenever we have the opportunity, for we know that's what You want us to do with it.  And So It Is. 

Pic:  Shane at your service, humanity.  😎  Awl invited to the new now time page extending from here at this url:  See Ya's there we hope.  πŸ™‚