Now 11/24/19 Welcome 2 'Paradise Now page' Dear accepted and Valued Volunteer Warriors of Love & Light 4 God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan 2 rescue the Plant- it 'Gaia, Mother Earth, Joy' among Her names, not 2 mention 'Hope'. Victory over darkness has been achieved, in case anyone was/is wondering. Film @ 11 as they say. Cheers... ;~)

Now 1/2/19

Just to let you guys know, this page has been heavily edited as non germane material has been deleted.  We're trimming the fat and not carrying the dross from the past.  2019 is about new beginnings and moving on, so we may be filling this out or we'll see what happens @ here. 

Btw, a new page has started here. It's All God  or Url 

  Thank You.

Now  9/14/21  If you would like to share this page, a url is:  

  TYVM. 😎

And Welcome to this Share Page of Day 4  9/15/21  <3 )

Now 11/22/18 Bob Marley Three little birds HD (Original) Now 12/25/20 Christmas Morning Connie Talbot - Three Little Birds (HQ) Rec & fin at: 7:33 a.m.

Thank You Bob Marley, Great lion of God, and the precious shiny star girl, we'll call 'Daisy' of this happy video. <3 ) Now Christmas Day 2020 We could not find the original vid on U Tube, allowing this Fun Materpiece to Shine. Well done Connie! <3 ) Bob & Co i.e Awl of Us... ) TYJ.

Now 11/24/18 Fyi...

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production from yesterdays. Guys watch this on YT, then click on our name and watch our vids 2 your hearts content. We see no point in making any new ones, but we also say...never say never. )

Now 11/26/18 Joan Baez - House of The Rising Sun, 1960

Thank you Ms Joan Baez and Company of heaven on earth. <3 )

If led, catch the warrier leader of the female persuasion here, we Know you'll have a real good time.  Right, Bobby Dylan?  ) 

Now 12/3/18 6:35 Introducing Heaven ~ Earth merger page August 2, 2017

Thank You God Thank you Triumphio Farili aka Paul 4 not giving in to the boring, mundane, green slime purveyors who look and judge others while happy to make a paycheck while missing the point of what Jimi Hendrixx and others brought to the world. Songs of freedom, breaking thru the muck and mire and boldly forging on 2 new frontiers and vistas, previously unseen and unimagined by a world full of small minds, small political leadership full of the f word yeah lend-me-your 'ears' that 'f' word. It's time, immortal spiritual being that U are, 2 rise above the obsolete, unfair, economic systems under FAILED World So called Leaders who ... further content pulled back. Period. (

Now 12/3/18 'The Ruby Rogers Center Needs to come back.' God.

Thank You God for the Worldwide Global cashless Society. Wake Up Humanity. It's past time.

Now 12/3/18 July 27, 2017

Thank You God. The Real 'doer' of all things. In eternal Gratitude for all our blessings. And So It Is. Hey Mom... <3 )

Now 12/3/18

So, fellow pilgrims, what a long strange trip it's been, but you know what?  Like the song says, we've only just begun.  Here's a slide show God made w us.  Hope en- joy.. <3  )

12/4/18 Re-member Guys, Every Day is 'Happy Spirits Day...<3 )

Thank You God. <3 )

Now 12/4/18 On The Bright Side of The Road (2 cam) - Jerry Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va. set2-01

Thank You God. Thank You Jerry Garcia and The Jerry Garcia Band. Thank you Appreciative Audience of, we hope, EVERYONE. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

THIS SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED - Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light - December 02, 2018

Praise and Thank You God. <3 ) Thank you Blessed beloved Blossom Goodchild One 4 All. <3 0 ) & Thank you Mr Joe Pena 4 your kind, sweet service. <3 ) All Is, Indeed, as it should be. And So It Is. Thank You Jesus. Thank you, each and every one experiencing this truth and all the truths shared on this, Heaven's simple, dynamic 'Bridge~ site to Infinity.' Thank You to All who came, showed up and sang and danced and did yer jobs, esp. Your special volunteer work that you and only You can do. Congrats and we'll see you at Disney World. The one on Saturn. Cheers. <3 )

Now 12/13/18 Announcing a brand new page

Hey guys, of course, we do realize ther's a lot of stuff on this site, however what would you expect from a site in service to a bountiful Creator?  So, scribe will do his best to keep you all informed of what and where thelatest good stuff is coming dowm.  There, of course, may be new content added to any page here and Twitter and Fb are where those alerts or announcements will be made, God willing and the creek don't rise as 'they' say..

So a new page has sprung up and it's quite the reveal if we do say so ourselves.  If ready to check it iot click here... U Leaving, with Us?   And the url is  See Ya's there and keep smiling, even if it's a rainy day.  You'll feel better w it - guaranteed.  <3  )

Namaste for now.. )

Now  9/14/21   11:22 p.m.  Re new slide show below.  It's only smart planning when planning an incarnation to have partners, dear ones, that only makes sense.  So, we've put in our time w 72 revolutions @ the sun, we've stARTED OUR OWN REVOLUTION.  Caps God.  fiixed but won't edit.

Awl we are saying is, Our Team Oneness has had it up to Here w the political hypocrocy going down annd the phrase 'follow the horsecrap (our now age term for money which had its time & Is Now OVER!  Italics, Bold print, underlined, exclamation point & Then some.  Sound familiar my dear friends?  Yeah, just like our appearance here.   as channeled to Chapel Tibet.  TY Chapel. )  from our then, future self, the guy pecking this out on the computer here in 2021.  Who knew that when we read those words in 'Connecting Link'  Magazine that 26 years after we'd be typing this on the modern day marvel 4 instant worldwide communication, the personal computer. That share is always followed up w this as you who have followed us a while, well know.

My oh my what an age we live in, folks, correct Sananda/Jesus?  You are correct, Shane.  Ty Sananda.  Yes dear ones, as we move ever onward to the higher infinite realms of Divine mind, we do want to move on & use our 'Elton' names to use a good example.  Not that there's anything wrong w Jesus or Paul or Reginald, or Your given birth 'booster'  name, however, a butterfly will always choose to use their butterfly name as that's the name they can identify w best at that stage & 4 those moments & awl the magnificent moments to come - living & breathing in 3/4 time to put a musical slant to it.  Nod to Jimmy Buffett.  

For the record it is our destiny from Source Creator that we are awl Destiny's Celeste's /Seal's & Crystals.  Indeed, dear ones, our untouched by earthly forgiven misdeads, clear as crytal auric fields are still as pristine as the moment God Who Is Good thought Us, as One collective into  being.  And So It Is (the 'Now' Age  Amen)  What It Is.  Indeed.  Rec & fin:  9/15/21   12:11 a.m.

What's next, Shane?

Thank you for asking, God.  We do recommend Everyone mosey on over here:   and 4 a change start at the bottom, and work your way to the top.  Okay, see that way there, you get to experience the history of this God created page made w scribe Shane/ Paul/  Hope Ya's en-Joy it  God knows a lot of work & time and Joy went into it, but hey, what else do we have to do?  Work some j o b?  This Is our job, fellow spirits walking around in temporary 'body suits' acting as if anything other than living in God's Presence As the living God In Us As Us mattered at all. It doesn't folks. 

Politics, religion, not to be confused w spirituality, doesn't matter unless it's helping people.  The politics of politics is not doing us any good, and the horsecrap money, and no, you need horsecrap to live, to feed the starving kids in Africa & awl the hungry all over the world Is something we, as a compassionate, empathic world community Must Fix & the time Is Yesterday, folks.  Okay, yesterday's gone, so we have Now.  The time Is Awlways Now.  So, let's Do it Now.

Money is DEAD.  Get over it people. And crypto has no future.  The Only thing that lasts & Will last 4 ever Is LOVE.  That's the currency we have to recognize as the Only thing that can save us as Jesus told us over 2000 years ago. Thank You Jesus.  So, we're still here and if we Awl pull together as a Team in Oneness, w God Who Is Good cheering us on & The Company of Heaven, i.e.  Every spirit that has passed on to the spirit world, we got it made in the shade, dear ones.

  So, while we in the US have been 'biding' our time and we've been trumped by a hustler who wasn't even legitimately elected. Hillary beat his ass by  3 Million votes, peeps.  And Please don't tell this guy about the scam electoral 'kindergarden' research that like we did and be aghast at how something that crazy was ever passed into law.  It was ostensibly created to keep out exactly what it allowed to get into the oval office for crying out loud.  TY Mary Trump 4 speaking out.  Thank God helpless & hopeless is over. 

Next rec is everyone start listening to John Prine.  His music & lyrics are certainly needed in the world at this time.  To Be Continued.  God Who Is Good willing & the creek don't rise.  <3 )

Now 9/15/21 John Prine - Hello In There

Thank You John. You were a Great mailman too. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/15/21 Paradise by John Prine

Thank You John. RIP Rockin' In Paradise. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/15/21 John Prine on Austin City Limits "Jesus: The Missing Years" (1992)

Thank You John. Can almost see You & Jesus having a beer over there. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/15/21 John Prine - John Prine (Full Album)

Thank You John Prine We Awl found Jesus, Thank God The Good. See You Jesus Sananda Soon. <3 ) ) )

Now  12/29/21  Are there any questions kiddies?  Good. Now go out and play & Have Fun. Jesus is waiting 4 ya's. Cheers... <<3 ) ) )  Have Fun?  What a concept.  )

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