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It takes a team, team Oneness.  <3  )

It takes a team, team Oneness. <3 )

Now 2/19/20 But only humans & angels can really appreciate God's masterpieces.

* Trees
Joyce Kilmer - 1886-1918

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth's flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.


Wartime Christmas
Joyce Kilmer - 1886-1918

Led by a star, a golden star,

The youngest star, an olden star,
Here the kings and the shepherds are,
Akneeling on the ground.
What did they come to the inn to see?
God in the Highest, and this is He,
A baby asleep on His mother’s knee
And with her kisses crowned.

Now is the earth a dreary place,
A troubled place, a weary place.
Peace has hidden her lovely face
And turned in tears away.
Yet the sun, through the war-cloud, sees
Babies asleep on their mother’s knees.
While there are love and home—and these—
There shall be Christmas Day.

Joyce Kilmer was born on December 6, 1886, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The author of Main Street and Other Poems (George H. Doran Company, 1917), he was killed while fighting in World War I.

Now:  2/20/20  We welcome you, everyone, 2 this new now place 2 share 'good stuff' w the aim of bringing awareness to those among us, like the very hungry children at Hope Rains Foundation in Sierra Leone, West Africa & everywhere else where hunger exists.  Hope you've arrived here after spending some time at the page that led 2 this one. i.e. Open Links & Letters or url...  www.paulfb.com/444480778 

Indeed, dear ones, we are getting so very close 2 graduating en masse, 2 the higher planes that it's not even a question of will we, but when will we ascend 'upstairs' & how will it awl play out.  We know one thing, fellow volunteers of the light... God knows.  And knowing God Is love & God loves us, HisHer beloved & most gifted superstar children of whatever age; we just put it awl in HisHer Mighty Hands and surrender to God's Will.  If we awl do this simple exercize, by just asking 4 guidance & talking 2 God.  Formal prayers are fine, however God hears our innermost thoughts and talks w HimHer just as well & just as powerfully. And So It Is.  )  That will be 5 cents.  )

Better yet 5 )'s (5 smiles) in the  new now Love economy that makes each & every one of us Infinity-aires.  We are soo vastly wealthy in the gifts of God that really matter.  Nothing matters more than love, dear ones, in what we create in our worlds and what we leave in our wake, after we have moved on or gone home.  Indeed, we are awl 'just passing thru,'  Life is short.  Kirk Douglas' life was not even the blink of an eye and look what he left in his wake.  A loving family and a body of work one can only celebrate.  Well done Kirk & the sdadiums upstairs Rock w his return.  Hail Spartacus!  <3  )

Note:  If you would like to share this page, url is:

Now 2/26/20 Time 4 dancing & celebratin' on the Good earth plan it 'Joy' dear ones, awl of us children of God? We thinks so, how 'bout You, Starrider(s) of the infinite Vastness, You. <3 )

As shared on Fb...

Emmanuel Jongo is with FamilyLozano Espinosa and 24 others.

11 hrs · 

I flourish like the palm tree; I’m fruitful and productive. I grow like a cedar in Lebanon; majestic, stable, durable and incorruptible. I’m bearing fruits unto righteousness, established on the path of success and glory forevermore.

Would you consider donating learning materials, finance, Bible, used clothes, food, and blanket to help us achieve our mission?

If you have any questions, I would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can help support our work at Hope Rains Foundation-SL/Red Gone White Church, we are 501(C)3 non profit charity organization

We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be used to to complete this school building, provide food, clothes, medical and education for 550 kids under our ministry care. If you wish to contribute, please clicks on our PayPal link below
http://bit.ly/hrfsl-donate or pm me for more information

Please join us! With your donation, we’re one step closer to reach our goal

P.s.  This is also now shared here:  www.paulfb.com  Weir everyone is always welcome 2 come as you are.  <3  ) ) )  Jerry's got a 'Deal' 4 us, guys.  Who's ready 4 a whole new script?  ) ) ) 

Note:  We have an ongoing Fundraiser while, money is still being used.  Please lend a hand & benefit Yourself as much as the children.  TYVM

Now 2/20/20 A beautiful day 4 clear seeing Rock stars of infinity. Ready 4 a great adventure? Hope so. )

Indeed, guys the early great Andy Warhol famously said we all have 15 minutes of fame.  And why not since we are awl of us incredibly amazing beings of infinite light & love 4 starters.  If you haven't gotten into the amazing accounts of our fellow ISB's (Immortal Spiritual Beings) walking around, then you are seriously missing out on some of the coolest information to come down the pike since The New Testament.  

#35 )  Alright guys, who else out there thinks the old worn out money is all the sh*t paradigm has run its course & its time 4 a whole new Brave new world where Love, the only real thing that exists, is finally recognized 4 just that.  Wouldn't that be a giant leap 4 ward 4 mankind,. anyone?

We'll say it anyway from our vacuum vault.  "It's Over"  Michael, AA Is it over?  It's Over Paul, however Good  News Is , it's a New Now beginning for the humans, the Gods & Goddesses of God, come down to this dimension of physicality 2 learn lessons and return 2 God w what has been learned.  John & Paul said it best when they wrote ''Awl you need is Love'  & the Beatles turned on the world w their awesome catchy love songs & personna's ushering in a whole newe way of being & making way for the revolutionary times that followed.  Those were the days, indeed. )

So here's the Share Hope of the day 4 Awl God's children, whether you be a toddler or 95 or 100.  We are here serving a purpose and it's never an accident.  We Can do something 2 change the world & it doesn't go unnoticed in the spirit world.  Nothing goes unnoticed over there, my dear friends. It happened on the basketball court in Boston Garden, back in the day, when Johnny Havlicek famously 'Stole the ball.' 

When Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis Tn. in 1953 or when You, yes You did something 2 save a life, or avert a riot or helped someone in need cross the street.  Doesn't have to be a big thing, in fact it's the accumulation of the 'little'  things in life that are so valued and appreciated in us when we arrive home.

So, check this out & lets awl give Johnny, as proxy,  a big hug 4 our appreciation of his action lifting a whole city.  His action bailed out Bill Russell who would have been a goat 4 a missed play & naturally, it was Bill who gave John the biggest hug.  Funny how that works.  ) 

  www.tinyurl.com/Hestoletheball777  W Johnny Most on the call.  Awesome work, Johnny.  )

Alright, guys, hope see Ya's tomorrow aka Friday at this moment.  Ciao 4 now.  )

Pic:  A designated defender does his job & intervenes, thus doing good for 'the good guys"  lol  )

Guys, are we 'the good guys?'  Hope so.  )

# 36 )  Share Hope 4 us awl bc we awl need help down here, guys.  We Salute the toughest of the tough, bravest of the brave disguised as the children suffering from lack & hunger at the Hope Rains Foundation in Sierra Leone, West Africa & the many others in far flung corners & roundabouts all around the world.  Thing is, guys.  It's Over, as previous share shared.  Things have changed, right Bob?  Indeed.  We feel a song coming on... )  

So, my dear friends in Christ consciousness, the Only consciousness there is.  Who's ready 4 The Share Hope of this fabulous Friday?  Oh, a few more of you.  Alright, Here's jimi & Mitch & Noel & friends ~ Everyone. www.tinyurl.com/JimiHendrix777   If like, share share share til this goes completely viral.  Hey, if seeming bad things can go viral, why not good things, like Love & peace & harmony, compassion and kindness & who knows?  God Knows - we may even find Joy in our miserable, as a starting point 4 many.  Oh, some of us love 2 be miserable. lol

God loves us anyway.  God Is complete compassionate  understanding, guys.  As a volunteer working 4 god, we can tell ya's it's been worth every hardship, dead end, disappointment &  frustration we've gone thru in our 71 years on the 'Plant it'  Good Earth.  Indeed, folks, fellow 'sparks & mirrors' of The One.  Now & 4 ever it's time 2 celebrate ~! responsibly, like Jim Brown making another game winning touchdown 4 the team by being in the end zone, with the ball, our God given gifts a plenty, and b4 time really ran out. TYVM fellow players. 

Indeed the 'good guys' have won. Praise God!  Rejoice Joyce & everyone of us.  We're still alive whichever side of the veil we find ourselves on. and we don't have to wait til next Tuesday 2 be w God, guys.  HeShe is in our hearts brains & minds now & always & 4 ever. spirits.  Sing it shout it, whisper it.  God hears bc it''s God doing it, God & Goddess you, you angel you.  My oh my the fingers r dancing 'cross the keys today, my dear friends.  No trails well, a clear colour, if that's a colour.  we think it is. )

Alright, enough running of the fingers.  This is going out awl over the world in a few seconds on social media.  If you like or <3 what is shared here, do Your part in spreading the good new Now news.  Rejoice, be glad, know God loves us:  we live & move & have our being within Creators divine perfect, infinitely perfect, Script & awl Is well w Everything Now & 4 eternity, eternal immortal spiritual beings, us. And So It Is. Be blessed.  <3  )  Rec & fin 2/21/20  1:33 p.m.  )

Now 2/21/20 Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed

Thank You Bob & Company. <3 )

Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Aimee & Til Tuesday <3 )

Now 2/21/20 The Afterlife Interview with Chris Cornell

Thank you Elisa & Veronica & Chris & oh yeah, that Erik dude. www.tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777 )

Now 2/22/20 On The lovely love day of a love month of the lovely clear year of 2020 we, on bewhole of ALL THAT IS simply share this... <3 )

#37 )  Share Hope 4 awl God's kids everywhere page of the day - w Guitars, Drums, Trumpets tambourines & instruments we've never heard of on 'Plant it' Earth- Holy Rollers of Infinity. IS...  The Jubilee Is Jesus  or url: esp 2 share is:  www.paulfb.com   Simple enough?  Hope so.  Rec & fin Above date: 11:44 a.m.  Celebrate Dear Ones.  We The People R Free, at last. w Nod 2 Martin Luther King Jr.

#38 ) Now 2/23/20 Alright, big surprise, the Share Hope 4 Awl God's kids is... You guessed it Jubilee Is Jesus II

or url 2 share:  www.paulfb.com/444566517   Hint 4 tomorrow's (Monday) Share page as purple flames visit the keyboard.  Oh, take a Wild guess.  low  (laugh out whisper. )  See Ya's soon, hopefully, if be God's will.  Keep smiling.  )

#39 )  Now  2/24/20  Share Hope 4 awl God's kids is, wait 4 it... Jubilee Is Jesus III  What a surprise.  )  or url 2 share:  www.paulfb.com/444597918  Catch ya's later  Time out 2:44 a.m. as green moss shows up on the keypad and we know it's 'lights out' time, right beautiful angels of The Infinite  <3 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 #40 )  Now 2/25/20  A Christmas # Share Hope of day 4 awl God's children, in the Love Month of February.  The timing could not be more perfect and We A S K  Peebles, James Martin Peebles, MD - our & everyone's cosmic Grand Guide to usher us awl 4 ward 2 the highest place we can possibly be - vibrationally.  Indeed, It Is  Done, Now, 2 day, In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  Here's url  www.tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777  At the ooriginal jubilee site:  www.EarthPartyNow.com Hope see ya's there.    Rec & fin.  Above date:  11:11 a.m. Addendums  12:25 p.m.  )

 "GOD BLESS YOU!"   🙏  Thank You Dr.  <3  )

#41 )  2/26/20  Now. Share Hope 4 awl page of the day, W inspiration from James Martin Md.  The following site came to be as it is.  There are artist profiles, tributes, blogs etc.  God wants us to celebrate HisHer gifts to HisHer Grateful children, so why not, dear ones?  Hhere's url:  www.EarthPartyNow.com

Rec & fin.  Above date.  11:11 a.m.  GOD BLESS YOU!!  

Our job, guys?  How 'bout accepting God's infinite blessings?  www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777   Jesus says... www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777 

Hear plan here, if led.  www.tinyurl.com/MrToadswildride777   TY God.  IJN  

Big Thank You's  2 James Law, Intuitive consultant extraordinaire, James Martin Md. And Awl the invited Guests who came thru during this lifechanging reading.  (Won't give names here 4 surprise factor.)   Place 4 awl readings, slide shows, links, etc  Ya's can 'jump' over here, right, Jim?  www.tinyurl.com/SiteEssentials777   TYVM.  <3  )

P.s.  If int, see this on Fb:  and maybe 'Like' if not <3, if led 4 God forbid (not) Share.  4 when we share a ripple starts & doesn't stop, ever, right Jerry?  ) ) ; () )   Jerry's  got a Large Hug 4 Everyone.   ( Gratitude 2 GOOD God Almighty HUG IJN W Mary & Holy Spirit  )   Wow.  TY Jerry & Company of The Highest.  And did you guys notice?  It was Free.  Free as the wind & the stars & soon, hopefully, our cable Ty & utility & everything else, the way God wants us 2 live.

We say let the billionaires play w their paper money.  We the people honour a higher principle.  Goes like the principle of the right 4 every human (spirits wearing 'body suits' on earth) the llawful right honour & privilege to pursue Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness.  This in a  nation & by reciprocity, a world  under God.  To God Be Awl Praise Worship & Glory 4 HeShe Does Awl.  And So It Is..  In Jesus Name.  Rec & Fin.  Above date:  (An'gels say 'wait 4 it.')  - 2 minutes aweigh (w)   Now:  1:44 p.m.  Clockwork angel time.  Nod 2 Rush.'    <3 ) ) ) ) 

Note:  #42 ) can be found below where you should see 'The Good Ship Infinity' launching. Catch it... )

Now 2/22/20 ~ Our Direction: True Love...

Our Direction: True Love

The whole of human consciousness is opening, like a rainbow hued flower in the sun. What nourishes this opening is the sparkling rain of Truth now washing over you. There are millions of human consciousnesses, thirsty and waiting. And so I pour the messages of Truth upon each and every one of you. I bring to your lips the waters of Life. I open your mind to your possibilities. And I open My heart that you can feel the Truth of your being.

A million minds need a million messages. Messages of Love tailored perfectly to them: the lock that fits the key of their heart. Because there is such hunger, such need I encourage all of you to open to My message - the one that can come thru you. The one that will be the perfect key for the heart of another.

As their many colored versions of Truth come flooding in as they unlock heart after heart, then there will be need of new messages, clearer messages, messages that can match the newly opened minds and hearts, and can feed them. Thus the opening occurs exponentially: an open heart raises the whole, which opens other consciousness which then calls for a higher message - which covers, and which opens new hearts. Thus you must offer your greatest vision, each of you. Do not keep it to yourself! Because your message is desperately needed. For if it unlocks one heart it totally changes the world.

Thus, I say to you, as you read the messages of others you must know this: even as people are reading those everything is changed so much that something new, something bigger, bolder, more grand can be heard. But what could this be, you ask, seeing the clarity here and feeling My touch upon them. Exactly the message I have given you to share. That you are My children and that in you I am grown. That it is not a universe of endless loops, but that there is a purpose, there is a goal there is a meaning to your lives.

Do not ever use you mind to judge the things of heart and Spirit. It cannot understand its attempt to break things down and to compare them it loses the essence of My message: that all is inclusiveness. That we have a relationship that is the most important and most profound in Creation. And although it is nice to understand things mentally, it is not necessary.

There are millions of people who would never be open to constructs of reality that are complicated. While they are true, they are not necessary. Why? Because it is the heart that will take you home, not the mind. A heart open to love is far more important than a mind open to concepts of time existing all at once, etc.

What I ask of you, then, is to be the Mystical that you are. To reach here (heart) and let Me touch you and describe that touch. Allow My beauty to surge thru you and allow My love to move thru you onto the page and into other hearts.

Do not close anyone out. I have given you the messages that your mind can understand, because you want Me to. It is helpful to you, exciting to you. And, when you read other things like this they collaborate the message. But do not get caught up! I see you wanting “clearer messages,” wanting to be sure you have all the information. So I come to remind you that this is not about information. It is about Love. If you can show one person how to live in their heart you have done more than you will by providing fascinating mysteries of the universe.

Living in the heart makes Me accessible. Then, every question will always be answered, every wound healed and every life transformed. How many people will say to you “Oh, yes, I read those books,” while their lives hurtle out of control? It is the shifts I have taught you that you must teach others. Your messages are:


You are My children awakening to your “adulthood” - your partnership with Me.


The heart is the only way to assume this partnership. It is the “communication vehicle” of your true self. Switch, teach the real “heart math.”


The fastest way to move into your co-creative partnership with Me is thru co-creative partnership with your mate. True love is the fastest, most direct doorway to the future you are meant to have. True love can be taught! Most people have no idea how to do it. There is partnership in this deep way available for all who are willing. It is the natural way of things. This has nothing to do with gender. Nothing to do with procreation. Nothing to do with the outward form of that partnership. It is a reflection of the Truth of Reflection. You are moving from defining yourselves by what you are not (thus requiring darkness to see light and evil to see good) to defining yourselves thru heart reflection or the reflection of true love. You allow Me to know Myself by reflecting Myself to Me (this is far bigger than you can possibly understand now). The doorway to this kind of self-knowledge for you is exactly the same: reflection from another.

I promise you that this is the path to evolutionary shift. As it has been for you. You know this.

a. It is a bigger disaster that people do not trust true love than all other “world problems” combined. Because once you know yourselves and move into a world of love, the vibration of the world will rise and everything else will right itself. Why? Because it will be lifted, by you, into its wholeness.

b. It is the loss of the belief in true love that is creating all the other disconnection - the rise in crime, the children murders, the terrible dessert of inner city life. This is not some lecture on “family values.” This is Laws of Love - by which the entire creation runs.

c. Bring back true love. That is your “mission.” Do it now. As quickly as possible. You may certainly “put out” any and all meditations, however the work you must focus on is this one. While there is hunger for spiritual truth, for the “big picture.” There is absolute starvation for this information about love. I know - for I hear the prayers for love rising to Me in anguish night, after night, day after day. Oh, My dear ones if you could hear it, it would break your heart!

d. “Other parts of the world” do not have any more knowledge about love. In this hemisphere people anguish in their isolated disillusionment with love which has become a way of life (to believe in love now is to be laughed at and considered naive). But in other areas, struggle overcomes love and people do not know that if they put love first in the right way, it could end the struggle.
e. The Garden of Eden is a true story. Of course like many important stories, it is written on hundreds of levels, all of which can be read as the reader becomes ready. What I am pointing out here is there were two in the garden. There were two. Why? Because I knew from My own longing that I did not want you to be alone as you grew. As I created you for Me, to reflect Me and deepen My existence, so I created a mate for you. And, knowing this need, I made the relationship the doorway to your fulfillment and to your reawakening to Me.

I promise you that this is so. It is not some old “need” that creates millions upon millions of prayers for true love each moment. Throw away that old programming of the ego (it is so outdated now. Of course the ego does not want you to find your love - it means the end of ego. Thus it will fight to sabotage that love). No, dear ones - the ache in all these hearts is because it is a need more real than food or water, light or air - for those are only physical needs. True love is a soul need. People are embarrassed in this “self reliant” culture to admit this need and that is a great sadness. The “independence” people proclaim which, they say, makes them fulfilled, is the egos victory. And right now the ego has this whole culture.

When you are open your true love will appear. However, like many spiritual truths, you may barely recognize him or her as first. However, as you grow, each of you, the soul incarnates more fully. Thus someone you thought could not possibly “be it” can transform before your eyes. Every “micromillimeter” of recognition of love and the soul is more fully present (there is much more to this, too).

So, dear ones, I give you your direction: you are to show people the heart of God. Thru your ability to share this touch, thru your ability to live true love, thru your ability to translate this message universally. The heart is your focus, your instrument, your teaching. Never ever compare anything with your mind. It is a very limited “organ” of perception becoming more outdated by the moment.

This time right is a focusing, it is getting ready, finding the direction, beginning. I am showing you the path. I have shown you the “big picture.” Now I will show you how to get there. Quickly. Millions of hearts are calling you!

Thank You Circle of Light.     www.circleoflight.net  

Are You ready 4 a shift 2 more and more of the <3 and the changes in consciousness it brings?  Hope so.  <3  )

Now 2/23/20 Near Death Experience - Wisdom from Beyond...

Thank You Good* God 4 Awl who contributed to this profoundly good documentary & Ty
45cobden 4 sharing on the God given gift of Youtube on our God given amazing gift of our computers. )
* Scribe typed God, 'Good' showed up. Indeed, God Is Good. <3 )

Now 2/23/20 5 Things You Should Know About The NEW Moon (February 23rd, 2020)

Thank You Victor Oddo 4 this badass message. You crushed it, Bro. ; )

Now 2/23/20 NDE Natalie Sudman; Wisdom from the Afterlife, Manifestation 101

Thank You Karen & Natalie 4 sharing your experiences. <3 ) More Natalie here at Diane's place: www.paulfb.com/444924001

Now 2/23/20 Present! - Barbara Whitfield's Near-Death Experience

Thank you Barbara 4 sharing your experiences. <3 )

Now 2/24/20 Present! - Raymond Kinman's Near-Death Experience

Thank you Raymond 4 sharing your truth. BEAUTIFUL. ) God's Caps. <3 )

Now 2/24/20 Lorna Byrne - Heaven & Near Death Experiences.

Thank You God 4 Lorna & the angels. <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now 2/24/20 Diane Corcoran - Military Near-Death Experiences.

Thank you Diane, Tony & Michael & awl the Veterans. Thank You 4 your service. God Bless us awl veterans of where we're coming from. <3 )

Now 2/24/20 Braco - The Golden Bridge - FULL MOVIE

Thank You God 4 awl Your humble servants, inc Braco. Thank you Braco 4 your service 2 humanity. <3 ) Carry on... More Braco here: www.tinyurl.com/Braco777 )

Now 2/25/20 Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider (Winterland 10/17/74)

Thank You The Grateful Dead... Alive 4 ever...a soundtrack 4 the laughing loving dancing Grateful children of God <3 ) ) ) Jesus said we must be as little children... How r we doing, Jesus? )

Now 2/27/20 New Now place 4 Share Hope 4 Awl God's hungry <3 kids.

Greetings Infinite Ones, Divine Starseeds, Loveworkers, here on 'Plant it' Earth.  God The Absolute has seen enough suffering down here & HeShe Knows it's time we got our stuff 2 gether in this hard boot camp school where Everything that happens is meant 4 one thing & one thing only.  What's that, Bro?  We'll tell you but on one condition, Lucky & Lucki; You Have 2 T r y 2 Practice it.

That, mmy dear friends, is 2 Love Everyone & Everything in God's Infinite creation Absolutely, w/o exception.  You can not be attracted 2 some things, you may even be repelled by some of God's creatures, animal, human, and other forms of life.  Nothing that exists was created by some other Source Creator.  That's impossible bc there is only One Original Source God Creator that Created ALL THAT IS.  The Infinite The One, Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Absolute I AM THAT I AM

Controls & Has the reigns, so 2 speak, of Awl that occurs in Limitless Heaven & every breath, every blink of an eye, everything every particle of matter that is done on this Mother Nature planet, it's All & Awl Love.  The sweet simple 'glue' if you will, that holds the infinite multi-dimensional universes 2 gether.  This Is Good News, Dear Ones, is it not?  We thinks so.  <3  )

#42 ) Share Hope 4 Awl God's kids page of the day is:  We have lift off ) or url 2 share:  www.paulfb.com/438888214  If like be sure 2 share so good things can ripple back 2 you.  It's called the 'boomerang affect.  You send out good, nourishing stuff 2 the universe, the universe conspires to return it 2 you in kind.  It's a universal law termed 'The Law of Compensation.  Correct Sananda?   ) 

We have been reminded that now & going 4 ward in our 4 ever journey into the eternal  Light & ( Love of God embrace )  that Sananda prefers His infinite cosmic name be used over Jesus ~ Yeshua or any of His other names.  He says he will answer 2 'Hey You'  Now that's a joke.  We joke & play awl day w God, guys.  God doesn't sit on a throne.  Heavens no.  HeShe does what any loving Father Mother does, which is Love HisHer children, watch them play & grow & marvel at the things they do.  God learns from us, that's amain reason we were created.

Alright, we'll share this on social media and tweet to the mainstream inc the Trumpster.  And we will plow on bc we don't know how 2 give up.  This, like breathing, is what we do, esp since the angels saved our life 65 years ago, & these NDE experiencers are the wayshowers, the cutting edge advanced teachers leading the way to the final frontier 4 mankind & that is in the ever expanding ever rewarding high field of human ~ spiritual consciousness based on simple humbleness, humility & GRATITUDE.  Are there any ?'s?  Good.  ) 

Rec & fin:  Above date: 10:44 a.m  Clockwork angel moment.  )

Now 2.28.20 Share Hope 4 awl page of day...

#43 )  Greetings fellow Free far flung star essences who volunteered 2 show up down here at the cosmic OK coral at this particular moment in human consciousness (r)evolution 2 'bring the light' of home, our heavenly home, down here to earth 2 'Shine.'

This is big, guys.  So big that no one can do it alone.  Jesus attracted12 disciples to help Him get the word out, that it's, Everything, is all about Love.  Love 4 God, which iis also love 4 ourselves 4 we have 2 know that we are God.  This is not some narcisistic theory, dear ones, Source God Creator ALL THAT IS put Awl HisHer gifts 4 our particular & unique being in us. 

Each of us as different as snowflakes or drops of rain.  Hope it's not a bridge too far 4 that 2 sink in if it be new 2 you, brother & sister.  Here's link God Is Good Love 888  or url 2 share:  www.paulfb.com/442992908 

P.s. Hint 4 tomorrow's (Saturday) Share page of day.  Revealed yesterday 2 us, a phrase... 'in the fold' - since @ 64 years ago.  So Glad 2 be w You beautiful sweet loving kind angels of the  infinite Light.  ) Love ( 

P.s.s.  We are starting a search by whatever means we can attract 2 help us find the 2 @ 12 year old boys back then who pulled him out of the deep water & carried him 2 safety.  Let's go have a beer, even tho Paul hasn't had a beer in over 10 years that he can remember.  He's a red wine guy.  )  (This stoory is shared at front page over halfway down where pic of Jesus Sananda is right under Netherlands by Dan Fogelberg is hanging out.  ) www.paulfb.com  TYVM  )

Now.. 2~ 29~20 Share Hope 4 awl page of day...

Here's how this came out on Fb...

Hey Paul Francis Drown* What's the Share Page of the day 4 awl us hungry & thirsty kids here on 'Plant it' earth? Here you go Skippy & Friends... Now.. 2~ 29~20 Share Hope 4 awl page of day...

#44 ) Greetings Gaia angels of the ALL THAT IS infinite One Absolute. 2 2 day's Share Hope 4 awl God's kids page is awl about the angels who unselfishly go about their business which is doing God's Holy business, unquestionably w their every kind sweet thought saying & doing love in action action. So w/o further ado let's go here... Our Quantum home 444 or url 2 share: www.paulfb.com/441215985

Shared & listed here: www.paulfb.com/445190436 i.e. Share Hope page II

Good God willing we shall return tomorrow (Sunday) w more good stuff. You like good stuff Bunky? Why not share it on your own platform? We earn no commission except in the ripples of love & light waving out 2 never ending infinity. We rec this site www.simplesite.com It's so easy and then you can share what turns you on, w the world. It may be only w your small circle of family & friends 2 start & that's fine; however, don't limit yerself, superstar, who knows, 'Lo & Behold,'''next thing you know it could go 'viral,' like, well, we're not there yet but so far we'll take this... so far. )

Hi Paul Brown,
Here are the statistics for visits to your website http://www.paulfb.com last week – from Feb. 20, 2020 to Feb. 27, 2020.

Last week the webpages and photo albums on your website were viewed 1027 times in total.
Since you started your website, your webpages and photo albums have been viewed 47770 times in total.

We humbly accept those ''47770 times' magical #'s, which can only increase. We encourage awl who are on the sidelines maybe 'liking' or 'loving' a share that someone posted. That's good, however, what about you, Hugh & Sue? God knows there is magic in you. HeShe put it there, right in the heart. And not 4 it 2 sit idly, unused, not exercising it's divine potential which is totally beyond any earthbound limitations, my dear friends.

HeShe put it there 2 increase the world's light. God knows this world needs awl the light it can possibly get So let's, as an analogy go out 2 the ol' garage & take the dusty tarp off the ol' 69 & get out the toolkit & change those ancient spark plugs, shine up the colorful exterior, sew up the upholstery & take Ol' Suzy out 4 a spin like days of old and have a little fun.

There's no law against Fun; yet, that we know of. In fact, God said in a Heaven letter 'Fun is the 11th commandment.' Don't believe scribe? Here Hugh, look & see 4 yourself... go 2 front page, scroll over 1/2 way and see surfers. )

Alright so, re each & every one of us individual, unique, spirits in the material world, w our God given talent, should do what we can which is what we came here 2 do & w no more hesitation, dilly dally, wasting time w video games or plotting scams or robbing banks 4 paper monopoly money which is on the way out of its misery anyway.

Seriously, dear ones, in the best interests of ALL THAT IS we r mandated by our being here 2 uncover whatever talents we have been gifted with and definitely not to hoard or keep it 2 ourselves. We can incubate it it 4 sure, but when it's ready to fly like a a bird e.g. the bird must fly ~ leaving the nest 2 discover it's own true destiny. In the case of us humans, our destiny is divine, that is from God we sprang & back 2 God we r called.

So, re our God given talents, Old Souls, let's share them, bring them 2 light by sharing them, watering them, practicing til we R that thing: giving them awl the attention they require & then releasing them 2 wherever the wind carries them 4 they are now God's 2 do whatever God will do w them. When we give it awl the sunlight it asks 4 and who knows, You, Violet, may just be the new superstar on the block that the world has been waiting 4, even, unbeknownst 2 U.

Don't be 'ascared' or shy 2 try. You Got this, You were made 4 what you & only you can bring to the tapestry of God's shining table. So, in conclusion, friends. Let's follow God's holy will 4 us, His Her crazy, in a good way, wonderful, growing, improving Grateful Grand children of The Light.

You, yes you can do it. You can do magic, as America sings that song. Your stadiums full of your cheerer ons, some of whom stepped aside so You, maybe w a stronger 'hand' could be a surer bet 4 the team's 'rendezvous w the Light' success. In other words, those spirits placed their 'Love' on you. Down here, in dreamland Terra Earth that would translate 2 money. So, big brothers & sisters

Know You make an absolute difference down here while the Earth schoolhouse is still open 4 learning, growing & experiencing whatever part of ALL THAT IS is on our path 2 experience. With help from our master spirit guides we wrote our own scripts and this is what we r living thru each day, every hour minute second etc. 2 the end of time, indeed.

Finally, remember... remember who you truly are b4 the requisite amnesia kicked in as required 2 be here. Now is the time to stir & wake up and, if feel need assistance. It's awl @ us, guys just waiting 4 us 2 a s k Correct angels? ) At this point we blindly picked out a song from our vast collection affirming it would be the perfect song 4 this particular moment. We inserted it in the boombox It was 1/2 way we put it in as direction we were holding it...

Lo & behold as Jim & James love 2 say & Ashtar loves our human expressions, still ) we started hearing a Bonnie Raitt song 'Not The Only One.' Perfect. <3 ) Listen baby...

Ed note: This was not transcribed linearly. No names have been changed 2 protect the innocent. No animals vegetables or applesauce has been harmed in any way w this sharing.

Humble Scribe servant, on bewhole of God ALL THAT IS The Divine Ultimate Source Creator Infinite One Absolute Ultimate Divine humbly _________ more said there silently gives it up 4 You Dear God. Great IAM THAT I AM. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. Namaste, Crew. <4 ) ) ) )

Rec & fin: Above date: 3:18 p.m. Addendums: 4:08 p.m.\

* When Paul was a young lad, and after his near drowning NDE, his Aunt Margaret called him this after we were on the Big Brother Bob Emery kids show on WBZ tv. We were asked to hand out the cookies to our fellow kids. B4 that Bob asked our name & Paul said Paul Francis Drown. ) For many years after that Aunt Margaret called us that, w so much love. <3 Thank you Margie & God bless you, Mom & all the Scully girls. RIP Rockin' In Paradise. 🥰 )

Now 2/29/20 Bonnie Raitt - Not The Only One

Thank You God 4 Awl earth angels like Bonnie & Company. Ty & Bless you Bonnie & Friends ~ Everyone. <3 ) ) ) )

Npw 3/10/21 11:34 p.m. Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song Lyrics-HQ (replacement)

Thank You Jim & Ingrid Croce & Sean Dolan for sharing on Yt. Yep, a song, is there a better way to communicate? We doubt it. <3 )

#45 )  Share Hope 4 awl page of day for a mellow Sunday is the one the only Jim Croce who put all his love in his music and that love lives on & on rippling 2 infinity...  Big Nod 2 Maury as well.  )

www.tinyurl.com/JimCroce777  and not only there but check out Jim's 'Gazing' spot here...

www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777    Scroll down over half way down.  )

Now 3/2/20 Kate Wolf & Nina Gerber 'These times we're living in...

Thank You Kate & Nina, 2 angels 4 this loving angelic music. Thank God we've only got eternity 2 live in... )

#46 )  Share Hope 4 awl page of day is:  Awl about Kate... Kate Wolf that is...

www.tinyurl.com/KateWolf777   Let Kate's music do the talking, guys, from one angel to awl us other angels.  <3  ) ) ) )   

Also, if led, be sure to treat yourself to a 'gaze' w Kate here...  www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777 

Oh, and w Kate's sister angel voices friends here...  www.tinyurl.com/womensvoices777 

Now 3/3/20 Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones (Oakland, CA 12/31/87)

Thank You The Grateful Dead 4 helping 2 deliver a peaceful world back 2 God. Good work Bro's
Very good work, indeed. <3 ) ) ) & Godspeed 2 Dead & Company & Awl the Groups out there still delivering the 'Goods.' Not fade away only keep on rising Up. Our collective limitless future is now in the house &, guess what, guys? It has no price tag. Awl souls r born free 2 be you and me. So, celebrate, fellow sons & daughters of ALL THAT IS. God likes us, HeShe Really really does. So, maybe it's time to stop throwing stones at each other and grow up & wise up & revisit the teachings of Christ & awl who follow in The Ultimate Master's experienced footsteps.
Deal, guys? Hope so, ) Carry on awl... w a song in yer <3 is rec 4 xtra shiny results. ) ) )

#47 )  Share Hope 4 awl God's crazy (in a good way ) kids is:  Crazy People Unite ) or url: 


Everybody try 2 be nice 2 everybuddy.  Ok?  Ty Jerry, we'll  try Bro.  ) ) ) 

One rule will go a loooong way 4 keeping peace.  When the person at the mike is talking or singing. He or she Has the talking mike.  (or stick)  That means EVERYONE ELSE SHUT THE F UP!!!

Deal on that people, or no deal?  You can always stay home and talk loud all ya want. 

TYVM.  Signed, The rest of us.  )

P.s. Hello, anyone want to see how this rolled out on our Fb as if it had a mind of its own? Obviously, it does.  www.facebook.com/paulfb88 

Greetings, infinite ones of the shining brighter light, on 3/3/20 we welcome you to: #47 ) Share Hope page 4 awl God's crazy (in a good way ) kids is: Crazy People Unite ) or url: www.paulfb.com/440978220  If like share & start a ripple 2 infinity. That's what happens; you know that right, Maxwell?  Good, you're getting smarter every day. )

Pretty soon u won't even need that primitive cell phone device (like a shoe) 2 talk into anymore. You can talk direct 2 your party like u can talk 2 God. Try It, if led, Your connected 'essence' Is listening. )

Everybody try 2 be nice 2 everybuddy. Ok? Ty Jerry, we'll try Bro. ) As shared & listed here: www.paulfb.com/445190436  naturally, w a song... 😎

And now this here...

Picture of a 4 ever young volunteer old soul spirit angel in human form as example of what Creator Source Good God Almighty has in mind 4 HisHer Chill-dren.  He, like Everyone else in God's cosmic 'sandbox,' so 2 speak, can do & play anything.  Weir awl the same, my dear friends, no one is more xtra special than anyone else, we are just simply unique like every snowflake, drop of rain or ray of sunshine that has ever fallen from the sky since the beginning of weather.   That difference is 2 be acknowledged & celebrated, my dear friends, correct Sananda?  )  There's your answer, humanity. )

And this page is a little 'long in the tooth,'  Ashtar )'s,  we lol ) so expect a new, not nec improved page but a new one tomorrow, wednesday. 3/4/20 Dear Ones in Christed consciousness on the way up.  Not 2 be confused w the 'weigh' up.  Weir light these days.  Of course we work at it- some more than others.  We've even heard & felt our self is that in the lightening up density we r traversing now that people in their 70's are feeling like they're 39 or in their 30's 4 ever, hey, who knows?  God Knows. 

Have a nice day 2 day & every day 4 ever, friend You.) We love ALL THAT IS & that's where we are, guys, so forget about all that stuff in the rear view mirror & let's embrace the Brave New Now world weir living in Now.  Deal?  Hope so. )  Love & boountiful blessings 2 one & awl, IJN.  And So It Is.

Namaste:  )    Rec & fin  3/3/20  3:05  p.m.  To adventure...

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