July, 2019 'Welcome All God's Friends ~ Everyone Everywhere 2 7th Heaven on Earth )'

4 8's Paul?  Indeed, my friend... 4, a angel #, & 8, the Infinity #. (Ref 2 disappeared content, it's ok)  So, here we all are, in the planet earth section of Heaven.  We're at a bold, clear new threshold, or launching pad.  We hope this whole site and this page as a point page going 4 ward will help to provide angelic like guidance 2 heal, give hope, (which is everything) provide bountiful sustenance in * peace love joy harmony happiness empathy adventure music & Gratitude 4 starters. *No commas, as all flows 2 one.

Indeed, we're all in this Divinely crafted 'wellusion' together, so, it's only in our collective best interests, fellow sons and daughters, sisters and brothers of the light i.e. God, to help each other, lend a hand when and if we can, and always 'Thank God' for whatever shows up on our path, be it good, bad, or whatever.  Can we do this as a team, my dear friends? 

We're already doing it as here we are w all  the previous 'stuff' of our lives, in many many cases, it hasn't been pretty and many of us carry the wounds of such.  Now, however, and going 4 ward we have a couple of platforms where God's infinite love 4 us all can be crystallized and shared 4 ever... ' Not a bad gig 4 you, Paul... congrats.  Thank you very much Elvis. )  Indeed, the God given shared material on this www.paulfb.com  page and the original jubilee site.  www.EarthPartyNow.com have been and are a true labour of love.

Scribe can not convey (we avoid using the word 'stress' ) enough - the fact that these sites are God's and Paul is happily doing what he was born & led to do in humble service to 'THE ONE.'  

If you would like to share this page, url is:  https://tinynEarth777 url.com/7thHeaveno  TYVM )

P.s. Guys, look at that url, it works but we just looke closelly at it.  It should not work.  Here's the correct url, ok?  Who else thinks there are angels @ here?  

http://www.tinyurl.com/7thHeavenonEarth777   Yeah, in the overawl scheme of things, dear ones it is a very tiny earth, & we are the Giants who roam it, right Neil?  Exactly, Sons & Daughters of infinity. So, this moment at precisely 6:44 p.m.  Let's attempt a video and we'll see how it comes ouut.  TYVM. 

Update, Same day,

Dateline: Update, after scribe posted the above and a few updates elsewhere, which he will edit. we had 2 take an emergency nap.  Headaches come and we did find out the hard way not do go too far trying to work w a pounding head.  So, we shut it down and hit the sack.  Later when we woke at @ this time... 

We logged back on feeling much better and we had a whole new name for this page, which is now showing above.  Indeed, my dear friends as One cosmic light sprung family, w not a shred of fear or shyness, anywhere... we are 'energized' to 'Carry on' doing God's work within HisHer divine, perfect, infinitely pefect script.  Again,  my friends, we can't make a mistake, we can make corrections as we move along in our timelines, or more precisely, our 'moment' lines.

This is magic, as is this little synchro, as we came on via Facebook, a friend, Sam in Croatia had shared this little episode from Britain's Got Talent. - which we will now further share here, according 2 God's will, we are 122% sure.  Proof, the universe is listening and re-actinng to everything we think, say, and do.  Check this out, guys, if led... )

Magicians Got Talent Marc Spelmann on Britain's Got Talent 2018 (Audition)


Thank You Very much to Marc the magician and Simon and all contributors to the above show..  Very nice work, indeed.  )

So, Paul, you've been rather busy lately, haven't you?  Who me, God?  ha ha  )

The view of the 'peanut gallery.' w 'Wind in our Sails. (Not sales

Now ~ Music 4 a Tuesday afternoon, or anytime...528Hz Release Inner Conflict & Struggle | Anti Anxiety Cleanse - Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress

Thank You God & ZenLifeRelax for this musical medicine, most of us are so in need of. Blessings 2 us all. IJN. )

Now and always music... Higher Self Activation Frequency: 741Hz Miracle Tone | Spirit Awakening Intuition Meditation Music

(Echo) Thank You God & ZenLifeRelax for this musical medicine, most of us are so in need of. Blessings 2 us all. IJN. )

Perfect Song 4 a Tuesday, and any other day'Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You God 4 the 'Heaven on Earth' band Til Tuesday. <43 )

Tuesday Afternoon, 7/9/19 Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues

Thank You God 4 The Moody Blues, Lovely Tuesday forever afternoons, and All the wondrous moments that make up a beautiful life. And So It Is. IJN #SupremeGratitudeFamilyofOne #Cominghomeonwingsofsound #(HugeHugs4Homecomers777 )

LED ZEPPELIN Achilles last stand (images and lyrics)

Thank You The Mighty Led Zeppelin.


Thank You God and Dolores Cannon 4 the Love... <83 )

A Crash Course on Spirituality (4 Levels of Consciousness and the Big Questions by Alan Watts)

The more you know... Thank you Vishen... )

Bc I Am You and You are me and we are all together...One <3 )

Tweet  & FB  A Crash Course on Spirituality (4 Levels of Consciousness and the Big Questions https://youtu.be/ycJ0SaNhRH4  You won't find better info on what we're doing down here, guys. See our comment 4 more. It's over @ this level if we want. #NBC #ABC #CBS #FOX #WCVB #WHDH #WBZ  #NECN #CNN RT

Our comment: 

Paul F Brown
20 minutes ago (edited)
Thank you Vishen, Mindvalley Talks for this treasure of advanced thinking. We have further shared this to our "Heaven on Earth' platform. All welcome 2 the jubilee. http://www.paulfb.com/442940853  www.paulfb.com  ) 

God's Original jubilee site 4 all, if int. www.EarthPartyNow.com 

The All Important Memo from Creator...

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777   Jesus' response...

Please 'Try' 2 experience and En~joy our extraordinariness.

---And now the Magic...

Now, 7/10/19 & 4 ever... You Can Do Magic - America (Lyrics) HQ

Thank You God!  The Infinite Magic in All of Us. Thank You America & The world, Rockin' as One, Large, United Family of crystallized Love Joy & Happiness ~ Free 2 live, love, laugh & have Fun, and nothing but Fun, Now and 4 ever more  Someone plz  tell the politicians, bankers, wall st titans getting their 'ducks in a row' w all due respect. Teachers, cubicle captives, groundhog day volunteers, lost in mundaneness - drudgery cadets, and any other, day in day out, another day another 5. dollars or more zombies. God feels and 'know' our pain, guys. See below...

{George says he's 'out.'  'My dollars are Strictly monopoly money now. kids. Deal w it.}' ~ George informs us that 'NewsFlash'...'School's out Now & 4 ever. Children of God.  Rejoice, Rejoice, We have no choice, but 2 Carry on... some musical prophets sing. This 'New news' can be very unsettling and 'jarring' 2 the 3 & 4 D mind, we get that, folks, so, do this, If need be... report 2 Alice at 'Heaven on Earth' 'Now' page 4 further instructions. TYVM.  http://www.paulfb.com/439277926   <3  )

Now, just checked FB and look at this memory pic from 

Paul F Brown
July 10, 2016 at 4:07 PM ·  Gee, God... 'What a 'coincidence!'  lol  )

Yeah, we'll take itto Dunkins' cuz the banks are done, sorry to be such a gamechanger, lifechanger, guys however God had 2 have someone do this job, as Jesus said... 'things I do You, (as a collective,) will do...

Yes, so as we mentioned above, as anyone gifted w eyes to see and a mind to process infoormation, it says here in Billy Graham's 'Hope for Each Day' that God knows what we're going through. In other words, HeShe has empathy for us, Good (w) 'feels'  what we feel. We use the term 'God knows' a lot, don't we, guys?  w/o really knowing the significance of those 2 words.  Now we know, 4 Real that God Is Real, my dear friends.  And So It Is.  IJN. 

Ok, Rec & fin 4 now  Paul has 2 run out 2 catch the bus,  (Ed note P never made it to the bank, God's work always #1 w/o question)  ironically to the bank and put what little pocket money he has in to cover bills that must be paid, like to keep the computer on.  He works 4 God Full time @ the clock, doesn't matter.  We do, as 'God knows' when we go on 2 this site and www.EarthPartyNow.com and after years doing this sharing 'good stuff;'  still, only 1 person has donated. Ty Fred. Would, perhaps You, want to be the 2nd person to ever make a donation while one still can? 

Guys, make no mistake, (we can't, right Eben? ) We are not talking about some chaotic, run 4 yer lives - panic -the banks are closing scenario, dear ones.  Far far from it.  The hierarchy does not operate in that manner.  It will be calm, sweet and deliberate co-operation w all parties, and we do mean party's ~ simply doing God's work in peaceful, actually Joyful, co-operative alignment w God's Holy, Happy & harmonious divine Will. Deal? Humanity?   Cue 'Humanity'  by Scorpions on Heaven Now page    https://youtu.be/0755SXCTCN0 

So, back 2 donations.  Indeed, God ~ The Universe,  will bless  you if you do.  Anyone else want 2 step up to the plate? ' Donate' button is here, just scroll down.  TY VM ... )   www.tinyurl.com/Siteessential777    Ok, and we will leave Ya's w a  song.  Indeed, our10,000 + 'Friends'  These Are Days!  )

10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days

Thank You Natalie and 10,000 Maniacs who are also immortal spiritual beings w vast capabilities disguised as normal, average 'everyday' people going about their daily business on a planet in process of going 'topsy turvy.' in a good way, bc we Now have sane, wholesome, spiritual leadership w no agendas wars or fear of our neighbors, much less our selves. And So It Is. IJN.)

Now, 7/10/19 Perfect day 4 10000 Maniacs - These Are The Days of Fun 4 ever? we Hope... )

Thank You Natalie & 10,000 maniacs & yer friends ~ Everyone. ) See Ya's @ here in Heaven Now. )

Now, 7/10/19 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather

Thank You 10,000 Maniacs and one sane, happy Natalie. <3 )

A View from the insde, to be continued, Good God Willing... )

 Quicksilver III  Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma  at sunrise.  2017'

Forever at Your service Dear God, and Humanity.  IJN. And So It Is. <3  )

 Thank You Paul.  You are 'Done' Son.  Now go out and play, if you can find a friend. Good luck. )

Collective Soul - Shine (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul. )

21 Shine - Collective Soul with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

Thank You Collective Soul & The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. Awesome! <3 ) ) )

Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video)

Thank You Collective Soul 4 music that seriously connects at the <3 level.

Now, 7/12/19 Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Live P.U.L.S.E)

Time 4 All God's kids 2 Rise & Shine. God knows what He put in us, ) Thank You Pink Floyd. Awesome. )

Now, 7/12/19 Dolores Cannon Speaks On How We Create Our Reality!

Thank You Dolores. All we are Asking God is that everyone have Now, if not yesterday, what we all need Free. Free like the wind in our sails. Thank You God 4 delivering, w perfect 'momenting.' www,paulfb.com ) If led, share good stuff, that invites 'good stuff' back 2 us. )

Now 7/12/19 Dan Peak

Thank You Dan RIP Rockin' In Paradisse w Jesus & God 4 ever. See You soon, everyone's friend.<3 )

Now, 7/12/19 Grateful Dead w/ Neil Young - Forever Young - 11/03/91 - Golden Gate Park (OFFICIAL) Now: 12/22/20 Neil Young Grateful dead forever young 11 03 91

God found this perfect song 2 place here w us joining a FB grooup 'On The Road To Classic.' Is this perfect, Gise? Forever Young sung by Neil, w Jerry and the guys at Golden Gate Park, back in '91. Priceless. Like all our 'forever futures.' We are ageless in God's new Now field of synchronicities, weir there are no co-incidences. Oh, unless you're an atheist and can't see nothing cus you got yer head up where the sun don't shine. We 'Knowers' w blue flames shining from our fingers as we type this, simply know better. And So It Is. )

Now, 7/12/19 Jesus and the Mark of the Beast

Thank You God. Salute A Voice In The Desert 4 the fine work. And So It Is. )

Now, 7/13/19 Paul & Linda McCartney - Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

Thank You Paul & Linda McCartney & Co, & Angel Carmona for sharing this wonderfulness on Yt 4 the world's McCartney Fans ~ Everyone. ).

Thank You God 4 Including Jesus', Yeshua's, Sananda's,  Mary's, Peter's, Paul's  Beatles & Stones and Chuck's & Elvis'~ Aretha's, Ray's, B.B.'s , Mile's,  not 2 mention, Jerry's, Janis', Jimi's Bob's Jim's & Jimmy's, Roberts, John's, Paul's George's & Ringo's  Joan's, Joni's, Judy's Neil's and Pat's, Madonna's, Moodies, Scorpions, Gordon's, Elton's & Freddy's, David's, Roger's, Nick's, Richard's &  Awl names under the Great Central 'casting'  Sun 2 have vital, important,  integral parts in Your Grande, far flung cosmic script 4 awakening each day at a higher place than we were the day b4. rising up to the infinite, Oh God.  Your Plan Is Perfect, Dear God, as Perfect as Your Perfect Son, Jesus, Who You sent to 'Get us.'

So, here we are, Heavenly Father Mother, W open arms ready to embrace the eternal 'Now' future You have in the wings 4 us now as we, some of us, and hopefully, more peeps joining the cause daily.  living joyfully in this moment and all the infinite joyful moments to come. So, knowing  thatYou, Dear God, 'Have this.'  We, Your excited kids can't wait to see what You have coming down 4 us. Meanwhile, we keep busy by helping others and being an example of how to live life purposefully, in service to You God and Your Very Best Hope 4 our pre planned life.

One thing scribe can tell you folks, It's not to come down here and get a j o b and be a wage slave to pay the &%$#@ bills, and grow old and die, people. There's a memo all over this site that tells us exactly who and what we really are and it's Big news, Much bigger than what the latest Trump outrage is, and people's reacting to it like a broken record.  

when the moment arrivesOn Bewhole of Awwwl of us, pets included, of course, God, Your Worshipful, 'Praising,' Devoted, Willing 2 Do 'Your' Will Knowing There's No better way back 2 You then the the path we pre planned b4 taking human embodiment. You, God, have, very very unselfishly, laid down 4 us, as One large, colorful family of One, a perfect plan where we all can see ourselves and where we fit in to do our best for You God, as well as our Family & Country, and return 2 You, Dear Heavenly Father Mother alive. In Jesus Name.

We have our scars, seen and unseen from many fights, however, in the long run, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  We are One Team Oneness. We are Awwwl Your sweet loving joyful kind compassionate harmonious happy funny (some hilarious ) improving adventurous and above AII else... GRATEFUL Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons of YOU, Dear All Powerful, Mighty, Merciful Father Mother of Us All. You, of course, Know this... just stating for the record.

In Supreme loving humble service to Your Perfect, infinitely perfect, divine Wili, Dear Good God, we, as One Thank You God, once again and 4 ever & ever & ever.  And So It Is. IJN.

Rec & fin... 7/13/19  4:33 p.m. Glenn Frey ('Pres of Team Oneness') Time.  Hi 5 Glenn ( God Is Good Hug 4 Awwl ) ( Hug 4 All Mom's & Dad's esp here... )  & ( Kids of Awwl ages  )  As Jesus said, we must be as little children.  Indeed.  ) ) )

Glenn is inviting a few of his friends over, guys,  You coming?  Oh, yer already here... Awesome.  )  Addendums/ edits  7/14/19  4:47 a.m.

And it's a pleasure to get 2 know you my friends, just to scratch the surface a little.  )

Glenn, along w Jesus, Marie, Mother Teresa (Call me Teresa from now on ) John, George, Karen, Ann, Jerry and many more inc some guy named Paul R over here... www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777   if want 2 connect w a _______ (insert own adjective ) 'gaze' 4 a bit.  Maintenance man will, God willing be over there soon.  Lot of things to 'fix' there. + Peeps 2 add.  )  

Later, Dove breaths... )

Channeling Erik: Erik's Insight on Gender and Sex in the Afterlife

Thank You Elisa, Jamie, Erik and of course God for this timely information re this subject.  It's ironic that the Bible is so responsible 4 humanity's harsh judgments, person against person, bc of this or that.  Love Is the only thing that matters, not the body's equipment, while the spirits involved are only thinking of the love.  Good God does not care if we have tattoos.

It's 2019 and we're on the threshold of a dream, immortal spiritual beings.  Embrace the Infinite and leave all the old, worn out concepts, dogmas and things that don't matter, e.g  if you eat pork.  Edgar Cayce said it matters not what we put in to the body but what comes out,  in the form of our verbiage. Obviously, foods of the highest vibrations are best to put into our physical bodies. )

Official Erik site:  www.ChannelingErik.com  

Scribe & Erik invite everyone to stop on by Erik's place here... www.tinyurl.com/Eriklovesus888 

Hope to see Ya's there... )

Now 2/1/20 Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains/The Rain Song - July 1973

Thank You Led Zeppelin. 4 Gods who came to the world 2 conquer it & succeeded beyond anyone's except God's, wildest dreams. #GodsRock&rollplan

Now 3/2/20 The Best is Yet to Come by Justin Hayward.

Thank You God 4 This song of the truth & Justin & Co 4 bringing it 2 fruition. <3 )

Now 3/2/20 & 12/22/20 Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN

Thank You Oprah, Gary & Audience of awl of us 'essences' of The Light. Shine on Light beings of The Absolute ~ 2 infinity ~ ~ ~ In Jesus Name. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 12/22/20 On the love day of the month; replacing another deal that went down. Our 'Deal' W God will never fade away. Praise God IJN And So It Is. Joy Love & Good music 444 ever. <3 ) ) ( 8)) )

Thank You God 4 The Grateful Dead & 4 awl us Now 'The Grateful Living' ~ ~ ~ Carry on... )


Thank You Awl Powers That Be & Joseph 4 Aligning So This Awesome Stuff Is Shared Here Now. And So It Is. <3 ) See Pt 2 on Yt, if led... )


Thank You Awl Powers That Be & Joseph 4 Aligning So This Awesome Stuff Is Shared Here Now. And So It Is. <3 )

Now 3/5/20 Witnessing the Pain Body & What It Can Teach Us

Thank You Kim 4 The Master Class in No thing ness. <3 )

Ok, Break time. Insert: 🎧 Happiness and Joy Frequency | Endorphin, Serotonin and Dopamine Release

Thank You Divine Loving Infinite The One The Absolute Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine Good God ALL THAT IS & THEN SOME CREATOR OF LIGHT. We Awl Love U God!!! Your Shiny One's. <3 ) ) ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & The Company of Heaven. <3 )


Thank You God Universal Mother Mary Jesus Sananda Patricia & The Company of Heaven Awl as One, In The Infinitte time & Space of Souurce Creator, God All That Is, GreatI Am That I Am The infinite Divine Ultimate. ThankYou awl brave Gods & Goddesses4 your kind volunteering in unselfish service to God' Heavenly Fast 4 ward plan. It Is Done. Now we got a new 'Shine on Shiners'' <3 ) ) new song 2 celebrate with...

Now 12/22/20 Shine on Me David Ramirez <3 )

Thank You David Ramirez. Keep on shining ~ everybuddy <3 )

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (Original Version - 4K Restored)

Thank You Greg Lake, we beliave also bc we 'know.' <3 )

Now 4/2/21 3:22 a.m. Life to Afterlife Death and Back Full Official Movie

Thank You Craig McMahon & The interviewees for sharing your stories. <3 )

Now 4/2/21 4:04 a.m. An astounding story of life between lives

Thank you Wisdom Soup & Christian Sundberg for sharing this astounding story. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/16/21 2:01 p.m. Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner [ National Anthem ] ( Live at Woodstock 1969 )

Thank You Jimi Hendrix Experience 4 The Experience. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 4 adventure... )

Now 8/16/21 2:11 p.m. World Party - Is It Like Today? It's complicated, Sonny. <<3 )

Thank you World Party.. You guys may want to change yer name.  Possibly from 'World' to Cosmos Gratitude Party and Awl welcome here www.EarthPartyNow.com   from simple beginnings, if led: 


TYVM  <3 )  As we were uploading Jimi's vid this was playing on www.wumb.org  From  the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  WUMB Now this song we absolutely love is playing, we'll share the one w Stevie & Tom.  Nod to Molly Tuttle  https://youtu.be/2MhqaGKpqBA  <3 )

Film starts here, if anyone int. 

 www.paulfb.com   <3 )

Now 8/16/21 3:11 p.m. Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Official Music Video)

Thank You Stevie & Tom & Heartbreakers. See Ya soon Tom & Friends over there. Everyone Knows we don't have to say it... keep Rockin' <3 ) ) ) ) )