Now 8/14/21 Greetings One & Awl to Share Page of The Day page. Hope Y'awl like this page & share it w Your friends ~ Everyone. There are no strangers, we awl know that, right? Good. <3 )

One God One Humanity One Destiny  One Solution:  LOVE, nothing else exists.  Rejoice & Be Happy.  TYJ & Mary.  <3 ) ) )

One God One Humanity One Destiny One Solution: LOVE, nothing else exists. Rejoice & Be Happy. TYJ & Mary. <3 ) ) )

Now 8/14/21 Sharing Share Page of Day 4 8/11/21

Hello, Starbursts and the moody Ones who by the Grace of God, somehow, gravitated together to make God's Heavenly music.  In fact, The Moodies ARE

Heaven's House Band.  Indeed.  <3 )

We Welcome awl our far flung friendly friends who are arriving from other pages like:  

So, here's the url which will transport us awl to The Share Page of Day. En Joy we hope.  <3 ) 

This was shared on Fb.  8/11/21 

Announcing, after the 9 days of Jerry tribute, we are starting up our 'Share page of the day' action which we've done twice b4. Pages picked deliberately or randomly as spirit moves This page 4  8/11/21 most deliberately chosen bc i😎t's (sic) just Good & like all our other 'babies' it's God doing the heavy lifting, we, scribe,  get out of the way and type.

So, rec bookmark this url, ok kids: You should want to re-visit. & Have Fun. πŸ™‚ 

Btw, is now thought to be 'Jerry Shane-Paul Grateful Jubilee 4 Awl 4 ever site.' Indeed. Current just half completed page continuing on to a new page.   TYVM.  πŸ˜Ž

If you would like to share this page, a url is: 

TYVM.  πŸ™‚  😎

Now 8/14/21 As shared on Fb. 8/12/21 Share Page of Day. <3)

Happy Throwback Thursday Folks. Here's the 'Share Page of the Day'

Featuring this classic song by the one & only Marvin Gate (sic) Gaye. Thank You Marvin We Awl Love You, Brother, Son & God as we Are Awl Gods & Goddesses, Know ye not?    

Now 8/14/21 Share Page of Day 4 yesterday 8/13/21 As shared on Fb... <3 ) ) ) )

Alright, after much technical difficulties inc computer crashing the very moment we went to post content and had to do it all over, though streamliined here:

Scroll down to 2nd Jerry smiling pic where this page is shared as the Share Page of Day 4 Friday


Cheers, People. ) ) ) ) 4 smiles 4 4 is the angels #  we awl know that by now, right peeps?  4 sure, <3 )

Now 8/14/21 Share Page of Day goes to Birthday Bro, (yesterday) Dan The Man Fogelberg.

Part of the plan. 'One day we'll all understand.'

  Yay,  Congrats Dan.  Happy Birthday Brother. 

    A Dan Tribute page:     Shared here:     as Angels Announce it as Share Page of The Day.,

Now 8/15/21 12:16 a.m. Alright guys, it's time we got some Female Goddess energy here, and who could be more worthy to recognize 4 that than the Awesomely amazing Joan Baez.

Here is the link and we hope Ya's have a real good time over there.

Cheers & Cheerio.  <3 ) 

Pic:  Joan says 'Touchdown.'  Guys.  Our Team One-ness Won.  Yay.  What now Team?  We May be going to Disneyworld, the one on Saturn, if we're real good, guys and stop being mean to each other, and like charging money 4 every minutian thing, like scribe needs a new Malibu to get around. God, what was that again, You said?

EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Sic)  Yeah right but who listens to 2 old hippies even if one of them happens to be the departed, but still here  spirit of Jerry Garcia?

Ok Guys, as usual, Film here: Fly high but under the  radar.  Clear is the Best by Far, my dear friends.  <3 ) ) )   πŸ˜Ž  πŸ˜Ž  πŸ’”

Now 8/16/21 Share Page 4 the sweetest day of month...

Alriight Guys.  you  ready to learn where in awl the universe the Share Page of This cosmic day is?

It is now revealed w this particular link & our Great Joy that here is the link.  Est arrival time, a blink of an eye, or 2 shakes of a puppy dog's tail.  Deadheads go, 'Are we there yet?'

Hold on you young whippersnappers, scribe has to type this.  Ok, here we go"   There, hope to Good God, Ya's en Joy this. Oh, we're reminded

if like, consider tipping the waiter.  TYVM 

Now 8/17/21 11:33 p.m. Alight Everyone w no one left out which is quite impossible as separation from God Is quite impossible as Jesus & Saul tell us often thru John Smallman

So, We are over Joyed to share w you guys, our friends and next door neighbors, whether yo live in L.A. Portland, Miami Africa, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand or the Arctic or Inner Earth or the Farthest Flung Grateful Cosmos.  Here, my dear friends, is The Doctor (His first name by default.) of Doctors,  James Martin Peebles.  A man many of you have heard thru the melifluous pipes of James (Jim to  his friends, everyone ) Law.  RIP  Rockin' In Paradise. <3 )   And here is the link that will get you to The Good Dr's

page w the quickness:  

Alriight, Folks, if you like/ love this, Share to show you care.  The ripples go out to infinity.  Try it you'll like it, ok babies?  Ciau 4 now.  Cheers Cheerio Namaste Have Fun & tip the waiter Dr Peebles says.  Thank Yoy Dr.  Lunch?  We just may know a new place opening up in the neighborhood if the flash we just got flies on to fruition.   Stay tuned & God Bless Everyone reading this Now or When You read it.  Rec & fin.  Above date:  11:55 pm.  Portal Power w Angels & God Who Is Good. And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed. <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/19/21 Updated information 4 Mass distribution, if want to be a Force & a Galactic Messenger 4 Source.

If you would like to share this thus creating ripples of good out to infinity & returning to you as the source of Godly Good Stuff. Rec. A url is:  TYVM.  <3 ) ) )  

The 2nd part of this video can be found here, if led:

The main portal is  <3 ) ) )  

Share Page of Day is:

Hope see Ya's there.  You coming w us, you?  Hope so.  <3 )

catch some of these in living colour here, if want:

Happy smooth sailing sailors of the infinite cosmic sea. w Nod to David, 'May God's Love be with thee.'  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/18/21 Welcome Free Beings to the News of Now at 12:12 a.m.

Announcing The Share Page of Day.

Fyi:  At 1o:45 p.m. we had no idea what  the page would be since we were quite busy editing , adding content etc.  To the people calling us, again.  WE DO NOT TAKE PHONE CALLS  except from 10:00 a.m. to 5 pm est and if someone wants to be an intern, our info is on the Site essentials page. 

And Vivienne, our HP Laptop, was acting up, but w a fresh reboot here, we're good  to give to you awesomely amazing & patient beings of light, The page of the day.  If like/ love Please Share.  

  Hope en-Joy.  Later Guys, keep smiling.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/19/21 12:44 a.m. Welcome to Share Page of Day God & Goddesses.

Greetings Fellow Children of  The Infinite.  To those of you who may have been waiting since the announced start time of 11:00 p.m. time we apologize.  At 9 p.m. last night we took a much needed nap.  Then just now, @ 15 minutes ago after waking up and just being 4 a while it finally dawned on us, oh wow, we have something to do.  Yeah, like put up the Share Page of Day from our vast collection of  good 'babies'  our little term 4 the completed pages created w God who Is Us as Us, just exactly like Youj Honey & Cliff.  Just 2 random names that can be such as 'Sonny & Daisy' ok kids?  

Ok, so everyone knows there are never, ever any accidents & we can not make a 'mistake' and all we can do  down here is what we can do at any given moment.  As we llisten to an ancient home-made cassette tape that was in the Nieman Marcus bag we have here so you know  iit's a reallly good one.  Song playing on our sound track right now is 'Wooden Ships' by Crosby Stills & Nash w a nod to David on reaching 80 revolutions as they say, to some people's irritation.  But it is quite the thing to live that many years esp w some of our proclivities of our younger days, so again, Congrats, Man.

The Police are now permeating the Jooy room w Synchronicity II.  So, how are Your synchro's going dear ones?  Are we surprised anymore when we turn on the radio & the perfecgt words come out, perfect 4 you & your situation at the moment.  Your high self created thhat 4 you, you higher self, you, higher in self than you were yesterday,  WQe're all in the same boat, guys.  But who's running this show, annd it Is a show, it's a divinely scripted 'movie' my dear friends.  Your spirit guides & angels will be happy to concur that if you ask them.  Okay?  Good. 

Okay, so wiithout further ado, as  'magic just ended and now 'I'll be watching you by Sting Andy & Stewart plays.   Here 's link to the Share Page of Day, not obviously, 4 us to 'Share' w you guys but 4 You's to 'Share' in turn.'  That's why we do this, guys, as now The Moody Blues Plays w 'Question"  Perfect.  Here's Link 4 'Throwback Thursday"

Hope Ya's en Joy what God The Good GOD has waiting 4 us awl over there.  Now this Moodies song is 'On,' 

And Now as God Is Doing this 4 us Awl.    Our Wildest dreams:

Thank You Moodies.  Ok, now on side 1 as that was the B side, and who are we listening to at this cosmic moment in God;s script?  Why, Lo & Behold, Jerry's Kids, It Jerry, none of this Unncle or captain stuff, it's Just Jerry & the Dead singing "Eyes oof the world.'  Thank You Big Bro.  That's Ok, bc that's Who He Is.  Our Brother who came down here & Did His Job, no small one, my dear friends.  Now 'Unbroken Chain' plays as we go to get a photo to put up as y'all witnessing, after the fact, a little podcast here. 

Picture Sweet Reunions coming 4 Awl of us my dear Friends Buddies & Loves.  We came, after volunteering & we were chosen, we did our thing, our job,  or whatever it was in our pre- birth planning sessions w God's Guides of karma.  And Now hear (well) we are as Bob Welch plays Ebony Eyes.  And Chris Isaac 'Wicked Games'   As now the Dead are back w 'Uncle John's Band'   Guys, Yya can't make this stuff up.  

As now James Taylor comes on w one of these songs.  EnJoy: 

What's playing now, Shane?  Why Jeff Beck 'Behind The Veil' of course, Spanky.  Some of His Best work. And Now bringing it awl back home, who else but Bob Marley w 'Jammin'  

Ok, cool guys.  It:s  2:22 a.m. and this segment 'baby' is a wrap.  W our nap we're good til @ 4 or 5 a.m.  God knows we got a lot of work to do w moving stuff fom   to the new one here:   Oh wait, that baby is done, now on to:

W Angels attending:  Hope see Ya's over there 4 a real goime 4 ever.  <3 ) ) ) ) 

Now Welcome Awl to Share Page of Day 4 8/20/21

Greetings Amazing Sons & Daughter, Awl Children of The Most Awesome Good God Who Is Love Light Beauty in Endlessly Incredible, even supernatural ways that we w our human equipment can hardly fathom in a Jillion years. God, Please, can You Please just snap Your proverbial fingers and show us a good Share Page of The Day 4 us, Your Beloved kids?

S0, since you asked, scribe, ok, here Ya's go. And Have Fun over there. <3 ) ) )

Yes, Young Rock & Rollers, we have the usual 'Greeter' 4 our team over there, where  we let the Good Times roll w Cars, as at the portal

P.s.  Catch us on Social media if want.

Entry to whatever dimension you want to vibrate at.  Talk later. hopefully on #60Minutes #GodsPerfectPlan #ThankYouJesus   <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/21/21 The Share Page of the Day since it Is Robert Plant's Birthday

Alright, Since Robert's Birthday is/ was Aug 20, Lets celebrate w this Share Page of Day which really are meant to be shared every day.  Every Day Is Happy Jerry Spirits Day.  <3 ) ) )  En Joy.

Thank You Robert for a lifetime of Great music & memories.  

You & your buddies & Fans ~ Everyone.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/22/21 12:25 a.m. On the love day of the month of August at this giving moment the Company of Heaven gives us this wonderful selection.

Thank you God 4 the privilege of being able to announce & un-veil this angelic Share Page of the Day.

Ready angels?  Smile:  En Joy Folks.  

Be safe & have Fun over there.  <3 )

Now 8/23/21 Cosmic Trigger Day has a cosmic Page 4 us 4 sure guys....

Greetings Star beings of the Infinite in which we are Now Awl In.  We're swimming in it, Gladys.  <3)  No worries God's In Total control & Has this.  Go here, if led & find out.   Have Fun over there, babies and too late to' tip the waiter.' Sorry Dr Peeples, not your fault.  Since 2013. We have Fred G chipping in w $50. & Patricia W chipping in w $50. God Bless Ya's both large time. <3 )

Now 8/24/21 Share Page is finally shared w a twist...

Greetings fellow Gods & Goddesses of infinite Light & Love working our leading role parts in God's perfectly scripted & acted movie.  How Y'all doing?

This has been a really strange day, the 23 rd.  Just strange.  Anyway, so we spent the evening working on repairing a beautiful page, had it all set to go as Page of Day 4 today, Tuesday the 24th, when all of a sudden, somehow, we lost it and couldn't find it on the vast menu at the site  This one popped up and we now present it as the Share Page of Day 4 this beauteous, wondrous Glorious Day.  There are no mistakes, everything is as it should be - including curve balls from Creator.  Hope You have a More than Awesome Free Day in the 'hood'.  Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste.

 What do You have Mary?  We know it''s Good, bc God did it.  <3 ) 

Thank You Mary, beloved Mother of us awl.  <3 ) ) ) ) ) 

Now for 8/25 /21 Christmas in August The Lions month/. First train on Time.


Greetings Passengers on the One & only ship in town still taking repentant souls home to higher realms and we're telling you guys, the caboose is bursting at the seams so to speak w absolutely last last last repenters wanting to get on as metaphor 4 the sad, easily avoidable, situation in Afghanistan.

Biden, go to the home for the incompetant, siting your advanced years been been and beyond the pale behavior.  The many good things you did do during your too long career are recognized and saluted in God's Heavenly mercy & compassion.  Term Limits is something the American keeple, the new now term 4 people. should have been taken way more seriously eons ago, then we wouldn't have the seriously 'bads' of McConnel & Pelosi & many many others hanging around.

Doesn't matter now, though, the sane, smart, sensitive cavalry is in town & has been 4 many years but gone unrecognized bc he's not on tv or doesn't make headlines w his quiet, serious decisions in his simple life.  He' has a long running starsite as opposed to a thing that spiders produce.  It can be found here, the latest platform, if anyone int in seeing it:  

Alright, fellow spirits walking around in our God given temporary 'body suits' here in the physical, material world is the promised Share Page of the Day which is always, wondrous, Glorious & Beautiful as God Makes it every day after the darkness of night. Indeed.   (copy/paste if doesn't go thru)

P.s.  We are still doing maintenance & 'stocking the shelves' So to speak. Ty 4 your kind indulgence as we work to get everything exactly perfect.  <3 _  Nod to Bobby Weir.  <3 ) ) ) 

P.p.s  This page is esp dedicated to the loving memory of our beloved Mother, Marie Lucile Brown Wyatt. Thank You Marie 4 being our constant earth angel esp w your prayers.  Then, Now, & 4 ever. Good God bless You & Awl your loving admirers, Mom. -- Everyone.  Rec & fin w Queen playing on WZLX,  Boston's Classic Rock  'Bohemian Rhapsody.'  8/25/21  1:44 a.m.  Nod to Kayla.  A hug comes w this, if want to collect, guys from God:  <3 ) )

Ty to Kevin K & WZLX.. Keep Rockin'  America & also we love  From University of Massachusetts. Boston, Ma

Large 'Thank You's' to the workers who bring the music as well as 'good news' to 'We The Keeple.'

P.p.p.s.  This, like awl our Share Pages, shared on Fb:

Our Twiitter: 

Your humble hosts to infinity:  Paul & Paula Brown <3 ) ) )  W the Holy Spirit who dwells in Awl of us as us.  Indeed.  See Ya's in Heavenbutterflies.  Oh, we're already here.  never mind.  Lol.  <3 )) ) 

P.p.p.p.s Congrats to Everyone's good buddy Charlie Watts who made His Her Her His journey back to His (to use the more dominent aspect of his multi- dimensional personality self, while here)  Awl we can say Charlie & Charlene, is 'Nicely Done Bro & Sis,'  as Blue Oyster Cult plays on WZLX in background 'Don't Fear The Reaper' Indeed, don't babies, we know that guy, same as the 'energy' that came 4 Jerry when it was His Her time.  See Ya's real, we mean REALLY soon guys. As Paula & Paul mentioned here:   

Now  5:55 a.m. 8/25/21    Note: Take Note keeple, of what is said at 38:40 - 38:60 re the return of Christ; and look at your children in a more educated light.  And So It Is What It Is.  Hallelujah.

There's a party going on in Heaven's Heavenly realms 4 sure, my dear friends in God Who Is Good.  In Jesus Name w Mary's everlasting industrial strength Love, Awl that Is & Will Ever be 

Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste 4 Now. <3 ) ) ) 

Now 8/26/21 Share Page Of Day is Here...

And w/o further ado bc Sandman is dragging us off, literally.  W our last stroke of a key is given.   Have Fun over there.  Ty & Good night.  <3 

Pic: Rainbow Taking over./  Jerry's New Now  name 4 eternity.

 Jack:  RIP 

Now 8/27/21 12::44 a.m. Share Page of God's Good Day, like Awl days is...

Greetings 'Keeple' of God.  We had a lot more written, as intro to this  Share Page of This God given 'Happy Friday' dday  (sic) in the neighborhood, however, it just disappeared and it's gone 4 ever. However, like awl good things, it can be found in the Akashic Records of our eternal existence. 

Ok, Let's get on w it:  Here's the 'Share Page of the Day that God has made 4 us kids who see this, so we don't hope Ya's en Joy it, we Know You'll en Joy it.  Here you go w soul nourishing Good Stuff from on High.                                     

Now 8/28/21 Happy Satur(n)day my dear friends. Want to go on an adventure?

Alright, continuing the theme of disclosure to who this cat Paul Brown really is & if he's trustworthy for Awl God's infinite Creation to fall in line w His particular shit. Here's link and see if he stands up to the microscope of intense scrutiny.

Today's page is short & sweet & goes neatly after yesterday's and it's Awl God's doing & God Does things right.  So, no worries, no hurries, God's in His Her Her His OWNED Heaven on Earth & Awl is Exactly as it should be going forward bc God knows the past ain't doing us any good. esp when it comes to the money evil pit.  We gotta leave that shit behind like a dog shakes it off after doing what dog's (and we) do.  Got it kids?  Good, Jerry Jillionnaires who no longer need a wallet to go get what we need.  It Is Written. 

It Is Time & Dog gone it It is time 4 Paul/ Shane to go Home.  You know he's homesick.  Awl we want to know is... You coming with or you staying w the laggards who have no clue about what's really happening on the schoolhouse grounds, Essence non channeled communication transcribed and entered on the record Now  above date Rec & fin:  12:09 a.m.  πŸ˜Ž  πŸ’”  πŸ’‹

Now 8/29.21 goodness Gracious, it's that time already again to share the Share Good stuff Page of the Day from the vast collection created by Shane ~ Paul productions. Limitless

Greetings dear ones & TYVM 4 stopping by , your presence here is much appreciated and we promise we will not waste anyone's time.  Value is our middle name, among other names that come & go however, we do stand by our work as it is not made by the hands of a man but of the Mind Heart Soul & intent of God, Source God Creator Absolute wjho these days simply goes as HisHer Newly bestowed w absolute confidence in His (4 grammatical economy as HeShe is 51% masculine & 49% of the female persuasion ( as is scribe if anyone cares to know since we have no secrets, we are trans-parent as most oldsters are at this late day in our carbon based becoming crystalline more w each passing day. but this is a subject 4 another time & place, obviously.  <3 ) )

Here's the link.  Go Go Go if want to be among the first on your block to experience awl the good shit God & the humble, obedient scribe Shane share here:   

Any questions or need directions  from there, just ask, someone will be w you shortly,  usually in a blink of an eye.  Take care, have fun God Loves Us Awl, 4 Sure.  And 'Don't forget to 'tip' the waiter on the way out.' 

That's from Dr Peebles, guys.  Bread & egg money (money the new dogshit, w all due respect to dogs)  is needed in scribes growing  household now. Paypal addy, as well as personal email is:  TYVM <3 )

Now 8/30/21 Running a little late this morning but awl is good bc we get to share this Merger page of this awesome Day.

Hello Greetings Sungursts shining bc ya's can't help it.  None of us can resist when the sun shines but to shine back & that's what's happening on the Rock  & Ro;ll plant it right now, not left now, right now.  Welcome to  the Merger of Heaven Now & Earth.  Here' link to get us there.  Arrival time, a blink of an eye.  Hope that's fast enough.                                                                                                                                                               

If like/ Love Share yerself & create those happy ripples out to the universes.and be happy 4 the smile you put on other's faces, esp God's.  Indeed.  <3 ) 

Uploaded  Same day  2:22 a.m.  Sounds about right.  Pic New Heaven and a New Earth now 4 God's shining Sons & Daughters. of Love.  <3 ) ) )  ) )   To Adventure. Indeed. Namaste.  <3 )

Now 8/30/21 11:30 p.m. As shared on Fb 4 a change...

Greetings 'Keeple' of God Who Is Good. Today's 8/30/21 Share page of Day (Above previous share)  

will be attended to by our maintenance man. He spent most of today 'in the zone' working here.   😎 And it only became apparent to us that, dog gone it, might as well make this 'up to the moment'  page, the 'Page of the Day.' We have 2 other Good pages set to go when the time arrives or when it comes around on the guitar, after 11.00 p.m. so to speak.

Alright, Everyone, Gods & Goddesses Awl.  Y'awl look beyond marvelous.  No one needs any money anymore.  That dogshit went out w the old, worn out, tired & disfunctional broken down and dissolving hologram.  We have stepped over the threshhold of time & space into the Onenesss of Higher dimensions not limited to the termed, 5 the dimension.  The 16 th D is a sweet Place to be, so we Do rec that Level for the masses.  Good, Folks?  Good.  Alright, then.  Who's got a song?  Oh, Your song,  Good choice my dear friend. 

Thank You Destint Celeste Seal crystal Elton Reginald Dwight Sir ok. etc?  We're awl 'Hey You'  )

Now 9/1/21 Welcome Starlings of God Who Is Good, The One & Only to A New Now Page of Day in 7 th Heaven. 4 Really

Greeting and Hey September, what took you so long, wasn't that the fastest summer ever?  For us it was.   Alright, so we're here to get God's Share Page of The Day from Her His vast page collection covering 2 Starsites:  And  So, it has come down that, the Share Page 4 today, w the angels always in attentive mode,Is:  

Hope Y'awl have a real good time over there.  As expected to be shared on Fb here:  

Namaste, Cheers & Cheerio.  We starting new Vlog page here if anyone want to boolmark And check it out as good stuff comes down.

like here at this not done page:

Pic:  God;s choice, as is Everything on These pages.  Nothing is not God approved w angels assistance wherever & whenever needed on auto- pilot.  And So It Is; What It Is.  Indeed.

Now 9/2/21 God's eternal celebration is on my dear friends. Can you say 'Celebrate>'

Greeting Fellow Companion beings to God Who Is Good & Who Loves us awl Very much beyond our human brain capacity to fathom..  September is Holiday Month of the New Now eterrnal celebration bc we're in a new higher frequency as we, as a collective, have passed thru many portals and waystations, so to speak, largely unconscious and blessedly unaffected 'cept for maybe occasional discomfort due to shifting environments around us.  So here we are and we announce the Share Page of the Day is, reflecting the celebratory times we are Now in:  

Share Page:  

Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste.  <3 ) ) )

Now 9/3/21 12:01 a.m. Time 4 Share Page of The Day on a Very Good Friday...

Greetings Starbursts Living & Breathing in the New Now Friendly field of Infinity.  You're gonna love today's Share Page of Day, guys, esp if you like things plain & simple w no doubt whatsoever of it's veracity. )

W/o further ado, here's your link to same, Grace.   

If like/love Please Do Somethiing along the lines of 'Love In Action' & SHARE.  Good God Knows this shit Has to get out there, to the deep swamp and the clowns who think they're running the show down here, HAVE to be Shown the DOOR.  BYE  BYE Biden.  Flush Moochman  The White House w all due respect, is Wash DC's newest Museum. And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed. 

Film & Platform of eternal stability in Christ ~ God Consciousness;   aka Shane & Jerry's Place aka Jerry & Shane's Bar & Grille 4 a Real good time   Lol  <3  ) ) ) 

Want to live love laugh play 4 eternity in God's Good Graces, Grace?  Nothing is stopping us, guys.  Thank God Who Is Good.  And Is. Awl of Us as Us Companion Gods.  And we've only just begun.  A place 4 beginnings, if int:     <3 )

Now 9/4/21 Share Page of Day 4 Saturday Is Hey Jerry. <3 ) ) )

Greeting One & Awl w no one left behinnd.  Here's the Share Page of The Day...

β€œThe time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass

The Good God Guided  Rabbit hole starts here. www

If you would like to share this page, a url is:

Now Share Page of Day for 9/5/21 Happy Labor 'Free' Day Strongend Light Beings in disguise. <3 ) ) )

Greetings Jerry Jillionnaires if want be.  You can join us in infinite Joy abundance, Love Gratitude & eternal bliss w Awl your friends, Buddies, lovers & pets, of course, or stay stuck in the muck & maya of the illusion that that is what we were born for.  God offers a better way, actually the Founding Fathers were on the right track with the preamble to the  US Constitiution that All People are created equal  and the pursuit of happiness is our birthright.

But, unfortunately, the money trap reared its ugly head and so it became, yeah, you can have what you want, honey but if you ain't got the 'do re me,' you are out of luck, no matter if you're an immortal spiritual being, our society sees you as a 'consumer' w your only worth - how much they can profit off you, usiing up your blood, sweat & tears to add to their bottom line.  Such a sad state of affairs the world has sunk to.

However, guess what?  God has sent the cavalry one last time  to Wake the 'keeple' up, we Got the coffee, the flowers, the no job needed in the New Now non- economy, bc that's all bullshit.  Yeah, bullshit, let's use that over dogshit, ok, guys, bc we love our dogs but hardly anyone keeps a bull around 'cept the farmers who, btw,, we absolutely Salute 4 awl  their hard work and dedication to keeping the population fed.  And Hats off to Farm Aid w Willy & Neil & so many others supporting them w their gifts of music, God's greatest gift to us other than Jesus & the angels not to mention the air we breathe and our very existences, we take so for granted.  

Oh yeah, we're hear to announce the Share Page of Day on this Labor Day weekend and isn't it fitting that No labor is needed bc God wants to take us Home, dear ones.  Home is Not this schoolhouse earth, this lunatic asylum where the learning happens.  There's a whole lotta graduates here and it's W  them that we see majority rules.  It's Strawberry Wake Up time and here's a link for to find out more, 

Note:  Googles new take it or leave it format.  We still have work to figure out how to use this but Thank Goodness this page was pretty much set to roll out today in advance. Hope Everyone has a nice, no stress strongend w just the beginnings of life 4 ever in the field of infinity.  As Gladys used to say in commercials:  'Weir soaking in it.'  Nod to Bobby Song 'Playing in the Band' of Oneness. my dear friends.  Don't 4 get, guys, as Jerry did by example just, <3 ) ) )  Oh, and one other thing... 

We'll try Jerry, for some it won't be easy, but we maintain hope, after all, they were created by God.  We know but they have very thick skulls, many of them, esp those that became politicians. What It Is.  Rec & fin  8/5/21  12:33 a.m.  Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude, Field Infinity aka simply Jerry. Indeed. πŸ˜Ž πŸ˜Ž πŸ˜Ž

When Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine needed someone to step in uP.  She He had No hesitation or doubt Who to tap on the shoulder & say 'Hey Brother, You want a Job? You Know & We Know You Are The Only One Who Can do it.  You Got 53 Yeares, Bro.  Yes or No?'  Jerry hesitate or 'negotiate?  Heavens no, ~ all he said was, God, just make me Good.  And Good came to pass on awl the universes & omniverses & dimensions & Everything, in turn, bacame Good & the stars & Galaxies Rejoiced & are so doing Now in perfect alignment to the best & brightest action that Heaven can ever allow and the good new news is that that Is Infinite my dear friends.

This Very moment, except on trouble child earth where the sheep follow evil, corrupt, blind to even their own inner beauty and serve the mucky pucky pile of bullshit we term money.  Earth is the Only place where money exists as a qualifier to  get what a consciousness termed 'human' on earth needs to get by or what is termed 'survival.'  God says it's time to say Bye Bye to the Bullshit and what's that again, Jerry?  Indeed.  1 2 3 Everyone w a brain & a heart not to mention a soul:  EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  16 sweet E's  Everyone, get on the E Street side of the equation & we'll awl be whistling like the Scorpions.  Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video) 

Not to mention The Boss:   The Good Gospel Of Rock & Roll according to Bruce, Doing & Done His job W His Teammates. <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) )  & Fans- Followers count us in )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Live in New York City)  

And as if anything could top that... It's not about topping it's about addinng to a foundation of the truth of all those good things Bruce mentions in that video of videos. W three being the Charm, Let's awl see together what Great God Almighty I AM THAT I AM serves up 4 us right here, and right now.   Van Halen-Right now  

Live, anyone?  Oh Good:    VAN HALEN - RIGHT NOW - LIVE: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW 1993   

Thank You Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band & Scorpions.  Keep Rockin' in Paradise, Girls & Boys, Sons & Daughters of Light.  Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste on a Sunday afternoon at the office 4 scribe.  Rec & fin:  9/5/21  5:44 p.m. 

 Encore:  Van Halen  Not Enough Letterman ' 95 

At 4:44 Sammy says: ' Peace of Jerry Garcia.  Indeed.  Thank You Sammy, who we try to catch every Saturday night at 7 p.m. on   Always a Great Show.  Later guys.  <3 ) 

P.s.  Oh look Guys, its Jerry w a last message echoing what's been said here, and yet are the people listening?  Some will, some won't, so what.  Next.  Hello...

Guys, Jerry doesn't have to pay diddley squat 4 what He gets to en-Joy over there. Why in Good God's Name Jerry, are we torturing ourselves w the old, tired, archaic, obsolete money horseshit system. And Why do we put up w 'leaders' so called who can't find their way out of a paper bag, 4 crying out loud? Jerry what can you tell us right now about this situation we find ourselves in, Bro? Shane, it's obvious, People just need to put away the ego oneupmanship and be nice & kind to one another & Grateful to Source 4 awl we have been Gifted with.

Perfect, Jerry. Ty Bro, we'll see you everywhere and in everything 4 we know that Is where God Is & we are awl part of that as Good. Alright Folks & this thread is ended w this. A new Share Page of The Day will be generated Now. Named 'Share Page of Day III. TYVM. <3 ) ) )  Rec & fin  9/5/21  11:44 p.m.  Ty angel timekeepers. <3 ) ) ) ) 

Pic:  Jerry w friends & Family at the center of a New Now 'Fun' Universe w no other agenda.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) ) 

Guys, Jerry doesn't have to pay diddley squat 4 what He gets to en-Joy over there. Why in Good God's Name Jerry, are we torturing ourselves w trhe old archaic, obsolete Money horseshit system. And Why do we put up w 'leaders' so called who can't find their way out of a paper bag, 4 crying out loud? Jerry what can you tell us right now about this situation we find ourselves in, Bro?

Shane, it's obvious, people just need to put away the ego oneupmanship and be nice & kind to one another & Grateful to Source 4 awl we have been Gifted with. Perfect, Jerry. Ty Bro, we'll see you everywhere and in everything 4 we know that Is where God Is & we are awl part of that as Good. Alright Folks & this thread is ended w this. A new Share Page of The Day will be generated Now. Named 'Share Page of Day III. TYVM. <3 ) ) )

Pic:  God Gives us everything we need, not nec what we want, esp if it's something that will harm, hurt or kill you. He gives us a lover of the world and the necessities.  Horseshit money is Not a necessity kids, ok, break that addiction,  Please.  It's time. And Fun is an excellent way to pass the time on the 'Plant it'  'Rock & Roll. He says read the memo again, if you'ce read it 20 times, that's not enough, dear ones:   Jesus/Sananda Response:

And this reading:  Noting what is said at:  38:40 to 38:60  Yeah, Jesus put awl His eggs in the younger generations 'baskets & 4 the most part, they make Him proud.   W Big TY's to James & James, & Hi 5's to awl the Awesome 'Surprise' Guests, (if you haven't heard it before.)  on the call esp Marie, our <3 & soul in this lifetime we're still swimming in.

So, on we go to sharing a page that God shared w us already w a built in perfect cover shot. however, if anyone wants to go to a very cool page where their is a very cool reading covering scribe's Lemurian & Atlantean sojurnes with Lesley Jo Klinsky here is the link to get ya's there in a blink or 2.    

Cheers, Cheerio Namaste & 'here's loking at you, kid.'  <3 )

 P.s.  Here's URL to the new Share Page of Day Teammates...

 P.p.s   How 'bout this sweet synchronicity, guys.  We log off w a 2 aspirin headache skipping further shareing on Twitter.  We learned, you don't win when trying to do something beyond the body's pain, exhaustion  comfort level w this stuff.  So we hit the sack & turn on and what do we hear from the start?  

The Wandering

If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day (from Go On Now, You Cant Stay Here)

4:15 am

Grateful Dead

Candyman (from American Beauty)

Yeah, We said 'Thank You God' Universe ALL THAT IS Thank You Jerry The Infinite The Absolute The One.Source Heavenly Mother Father Great I AM THAT I AM Creator.  Thank You God We Love You God Who Is Nothing But Good.  This Is The Energy we as a Collective Are going Home to my dear friends.  Rejoice.  We Are Free Beings, Created that way by God, to use the 'Awl in one basket' term, ok?  Good.  And in the next section, dear ones... The song.  A live version.  And So It Is. TYVM  <3

Now 9/6/21 Grateful Dead - Candyman - Egypt 9-16-1978

Thank You The Grateful Dead Keith & Donna Jean version. <3 ) ) ) ) ) To Adventure & Beginnings & not knowing weir we're going but Trusting the Conductor bc She/He <3's us. What It Is.

Free Free Free as birds. So we gotta do the work of claiming it, Foks and Look to The Higher Power whiich dwells in Awl of us, AS US and not hand our power to the 'party' or politicians. God knows that shit doesn't work. 'Free' Will Work if we all pull together as a team. Nod to Pink Floyd.

Pic:  Bruce 'The Boss' Working it & delivering 'The Goods,' in concert. w The Legendary E Street Band.   RIP to Clarence The Big Man & Awl RIP' ers Rockin' In Paradise waiting on our arrival, guys, so the Party can REALLY get started.  And as Jerry here witnesses our Can't be stopped freight train Travelling Wilbury's style  of love passengers rollinng down wherever it may, bc we don't need tracks, dear ones, we are the Dove flying w the Eagles and we look down at our peers who could use a break today & every Free Day Is Good.

We can only hope that one day, maybe today, they wake up and say.  God, you made me so I could come down to this schoolhouse & live & experience, when & how did I, of awl volunteers, start being a sucker for a old, dysfunctional, broken system.  I diidn't come down here so I could be a wage slave putting up w being 'governed' by the clowns in the swamp Wash DC where they all hang out, Not talking about Bernie & His crowd, but certainly Biden HAS to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo That's God coming thru Guys. Is he gone yet? 

People, we need a return to High Priest input when a govt by committee emerges.  Was ok back when we had Kingly leadership if we had a Good King.  Solomon could have been  a better King if only Hhe had made EVERYTHING FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Back then.  The second he crossed over, he Knew he'd Blown it.  Indeed.

Rec & fin  9/7/21  1:11 a.m.  Quincy, Ma USA  Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude.  Field: Infinity   TYVM  πŸ˜Ž