Now 9/11/21 Welcome Light Beings to Cosmic Fun Now 4 Awl page 111 We're just beginning...

God's  proposed agenda for HimHer & Humanity. Translates to Fun & Chill, alright, Grace?  (Yer new name humanity )

God's proposed agenda for HimHer & Humanity. Translates to Fun & Chill, alright, Grace? (Yer new name humanity )

Now 9/11/21 And this is the Share Page of The Day.

 Hey Shane, it's 9/11 God must have quite a Share Page of Day 4 HisHer Kids, right, Bro? Indeed, such Is the case, my dear friend. Here it is:

Greetings fellow beings of light & love on schoolhouse Mother Earth among Her many other names. Here's the Share Page of Day 4 Ya's to go to 4 a little Cosmic Fun as suggested by Shane, new job title 'Compliance Officer' making sure Everyone gets their fair share of Fun, Not misery as others like certain politicians would have us suffer under that old, tired, archaic, divisive by its very nature system, ok? TYVM. ) As shared here first: If like, Please share this and make yourself a Galactic Messenger & reap the ripples of good vibrations & stuff like that coming back to it's source~ You. Nicely done, Dick & Jane. ) ) )

Now 2/12/21 5:23 Cosmic Trigger Moment Is 'hear' Finally. See Ya's at Jerry's Club, if led >3 ) ) )

Now  2/12/21  As God told Paul when he had to leave heaven and go to work again, God said.  Don't worry downtown, it will be an adventure if you make it one and in the end 'Have fun.'  That's easy 4 you to say, God, but I'm the one that's gonna suffer the termed 'slings & arrows' of life in the physiacal body again, and yeah, there's been many splinters, throw downs and chipped teeth & broken nose thanks to bullies, not to mention a split ear by lead pipe fighting off a home invasion  No, those 2 clowns didn't stand a  chance against a man protecting his home w wife and roommates and pets inside.

Dear God, You have been with us w our bi polar craziness and thru 6 'vacations' in mental facilities, but now we're alright.  We embrace our multi - dimensionality and Now w the universal shift going on from 'The Great Central Sun,'  it's moments & time 4 awl us humble 'franchise volunteers'  to advance to a whole new level of peace love & understanding. 

Money crypto banks insurance companies, the bloody irs, alre no longer necessary when we wake up smell the flowers or coffee, and not 'Thank God'  the napalm.  We, as a species are D O N E with that shit, dear ones.  It's Over, It's Over.  So, to eliminate the problem of what is F'ing up the world why don't we wake up and acknowledge the problem, can we Sherlocks?  It's Obvious.  IT's money, these pieces of paper govts churn out & We the people have to spend our precious God given hours of our God giiven lives, jumping thru all kinds of hoops to make it.

Farili is retired, no more woking his behind off just to pay bills. He works on this site and communnicates w other, like minded peopla all over the world.  He has a huge heart taking after his Mom & Dad.  Marie and Farili share the same brain, 'for crying out loud.'  Ashtar's on the floor w that one, so are we. Lol  sitting here calmly typing on Vivienne. )  We name everything we like 'Vivienne,' it seems.  We'll most likely call our next vehicle Vivienne, although Quicksilver IV remains a co option 4 sure, esp, if it's a Malibu.

Gotta give Alva, our Dad a tip of the hatlo hat 4 being a great Dad, Found  a gem of gems in Marie, they marrid, Dad went off to war as part of the greatest generation, fought in the battle of the  bulge, survived it, came home and raised a family by working more shifts as a Mailer for Boston  newspapers than Heinz has varieties.  That's a lot, my dear friends. Two years after retiring,  'Al'  to his friends, everyone, he passed, in Florida by heart attack.  Thank You Al for ALL you did for me & the Family.  

Alright, when we started this we had no clue it would turn into this.  However w a world at rest,we have the time.  Nobody's gotta go catch a train bc w money being out of the picture, who cares?  Oh the broke billionnaires may, they're so addicted to the so called power it gave them, in the past tense.  Right Ashtar affirms w scribe.  Sananda smiles.  )

Okay, we have to run.  There's nothing in the apt except for soup & when this empath eats he eats 4 the starving kids everywhere.  We will, 'God willing,'  (a wise affirmation, so to be on the same page w God, dear ones)  That would be $5 cents 4 advice, however w everything Now Free as  God wants it, Immortal Spiritual Being - you. It's worth more bc it's given w  Love & nothing, nothing at awl in God's Great infinite Kind Omniverse Is Greater or more important than Love, It's Priceless.  ok guys  we awl get the point, we hope?  Some may be just scratching their heads  We awl want to be the first guy in that picture, my dear friends, don't we? 

Hope so. We heading out to Chop &  Chop aka Stop & Shop 4 some vittles now.  We'll be leaving some of God's Bus cards just inside the front door at convenience store right across the  street from Our Lady of Good Counsel Chuch on Sea St, Quinc, Ma. USA, Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Hope Love Joy GRATITUDE.  Any questions b4 we go about God's business, any at awl?  Once, twice, 3 times???  Ok  Good.  SeeYa love awl @ the campus.  Be safe, wear that mask, we Know behind it You're smiling.  And So It Is.  Rec & fin 2/12/21  3:38 p.m.

P.s.  Happy Valentines's Day humanity  (lower case 4 our humbleness' )

P.p.s. "Everybuddy Try to be nice to everybuddy else"  Lol Lol ) ) ) 

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Moody Blues - Dawning Is The Day

Dawning is the day for All God's Children. Thank You The Moody Blues. Heaven's House Band, and Moody Jill for the awesome artwork. )

The Moody Blues: In The Beginning- Lovely To See You

Thank You The Moody Blues for the cosmic music and EssentialDegnities for the awesome art. )

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

Thank You The Moody Blues for this timeless masterpiece. Thank you Redbaron863 for sharing on YT..

Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia / Scarlet Begonias / Fire On The Mountain (Winterland 12/31/78)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Paul reveals what we're living in... July 3, 2017

Thank You Good * (well 0) Who conceived, produced, directed and acted in all Paul's i.e. HisHer videos. Indeed. ) *God Is Good ) We sincerely hope yours is going well. Good even, and down right Awesome! <3 ) ) )

Welcome to infinite dimensions team oneness ) July 22, 2017

Hope Y'all have Yer Y... <3 ) Victory to 'The Infinite.' )

Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017

Thank You God and Mom and those who love you ~ Everyone. <3 ) See Ya's in paradise, Oh, we're already here! )

A better way to play June 19, 2017

The New Paradigm begins on Cosmic Trigger Day. Hey that's today! 3/23/18 Rejoice! )

Happy Cosmic Trigger Day Gods & Goddesses of 'The Infinite.'

Greetings fellow awesome  star beings of infinite light and love.  

Paul here,  everyone's humble but dynamic servant, esp God.  We are celebrating  a day after the love day # 22 of the merry month of March. Yep, 23 is the 'cosmic trigger' #. A gateway # for moving on wherever God's plan may take HisHer Children. We hope Y'as enjoyed the little God Made slide show.  If want to see others go here and see more 'good stuff' and links to essential readings like this... absolutely essential to 'get' this site... 

  w Big Thank You's to Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire Jim Law and Dr Peebles, and the 'Esteemed 'Guests' who came thru inc  Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and  Jesus. (Big Hug 4 Team Yes )  )  Alright, how was that?  )

Now. 1/1/19

Who wants to hear a reading P had on January 7, 2009 w Akashic Reader extraordinaire Leslee Jo Klinsky?  It may reveal to some of you that your humble host to this part of creation is not exactly driving with a learners permit, if you catch our drift.  ) In fact is scribe's 'job' revealed at 30:11.  We decide, don't we, as we hope this goes out 2 Awl the infinite galaxies, universes, dimensions cosmos' out there Awl in the utter vastness of Source God Creator's divine perfect infinite love.  <3 )  Addendum  2/9//20  

And while we're sharing these 'goods' might as well put this one here as well.  Paul's 1993 reading w Ashtar of The Ashtar Command w the 'Telephone line' extraordinaire Michael Ellegion

 If want to get in touch w us, our contact info and lots of other good stuff is here...  

Who wants to see a slide show? 

How 'bout a letter from a homesick dove?  Plz copy & paste if doesn't come up.

What about disclosure, Paul.  The disclosure my dear friends, is on Us.  You and me and the clouds and the rain and the stars and suns and sand and animals and everything Is God, everything we lay our god given blessed eyes on dear ones, Is God.  Here's a page to help ;Blow the whistle' on each other, if led... 

                                                                                                                                              God's Plan, Stan, is The Way we go. We have One Ultimate Leader, next to God ~ HimHer Self.  That, of course, Is Jesus ~ Sananda.  In that slide show above... one pic is Jesus, the other Sananda. They, as One, are our collective 'Team Yes" aka 'Team Oneness' conductor, ok? 

Y'all are, hereby, invited IJN  to get on the 'Sunshine Express'  to the Infinite Higher dimensions, folks. Right Dr Peebles?  INDEED.  GOD BLESS ALL YOU BLESSED PEOPLE.  

Alright Thank You DR Peebles.  He wasn't shouting, folks, that's just His normal volume coming thru.  ) Anything else You'd like to say to the nice people Dr Peebles?  ONLY ONE THING Paul, "GOD BLESS YOU ~ EVERYONE!"  

Thank You again Beloved 'Grand Spirit of GOD'  The Infinite Dr Peebles.  <3  )

Look, Guys, God has a place prepared for us.  22 is the Love # so who wouldn't want  to go check out 22D?   Here Ya's go, if led... )

See  Ya's there...)  

More Strange News from another starr (well )

Just sharing what we shared in a FB group and our timeline...)

Paul F Brown shared a memory. 

                                                                                                                                      Humanity, God gave us a gift and we 'TeamYes' gave it right back. Want to see it?  Mosey on over here. It's the pic at the top. NOT a joke.* *Think this is a joke?

Not. From: 'The Lover of the world.' Look Up Everyone. Infinite Creator IS the Ultimate R & R cosmic Divine Plan that Triumphs other plans. #JustTheWayItIs.

So, Bro Paul,  sounds like you have a lot on yer plate?  Well, we keep it on screen, as can be seen... )

We raise a glass to a city, to a group, to a song and may we feel ~ all that we are...  And So It Is.

We raise a glass to a city, to a group, to a song and may we feel ~ all that we are... And So It Is.

Boston - More Than a Feeling...

Thank You Boston. We needed this more than a feeling. ) TY BostonVEVO for sharing. Shout out to You Mr Brad Delp RIP. Rockin' In Paradise. <3

Now: 9/17/18 Who' and what is on Your dance card? )

So, these days we are feeling more and more aligned with our guided path in service to Creators mandate to simply be a loving lighthouse, so to speak, with the Divine will of The Infinite.  By now we sincerely hope everyone has had a chance to hear the lifechanging reading we were lucky enough to have with Dr Peebles, thru James Law whereby Mom and Jimi, Jerry, John and Jesus came thru- in that order.  

Make no mistake dear friends, as if we could. (Nod to Dr Eben Alexander)  what was talked of there applies to all of us, each  an amazing, awesome lighthouse in our own right.  How are Your synchronicities piling up?  This early morning we were called on to do kind oof a mission of mercy.  Here's the second song that played on The Bridge radio station when we got in the car.

Notice the time: 4:44 a.m that's a prime angel number, folks, if you didn't know.  Funny, the book we're reading now (very slowly) featuring Dr Peebles is shown here.  So, we'll share this special song w ya's and I'll send it out to Nanci, our 'ex.' and definitely an angel in our life.  This was our song.  Hope en-joy... <3  )

Orleans - Dance With Me Please? )

Thank You Orleans <3 ) Ty KlassikRocker for sharing on Yt.

God Will see us safely to our 'Ultimate' destination if we allow HIMHER to.

Now 2/9/20 The Year of All Years Blossom Goodchild channeling the Federation of Light February 02, 2020

Thank you Blossom & Joe & The Federation of Light. These conversations are always so enlightening as well as being entertaining. We will be uploading the next one as it becomes available as it's quite the movie. Fits right in w our little 20' 'script' video, above. How's Your movie going? ) Alright, we hope. )

Now 2/9/20 Latest Channeling notice from Blossom Goodchild.

Good day Mate! (As an Ozzie would say!)

Here is the latest channeling. One never knows how it will turn out when one begins!! 9th-february/
OK .. INSANITY VERY CLOSE! The correct HAWAII TRIBE is still to be determined. Last week I had one free space with the possibility of another (which indeed, became available.) This week, after having three people apply, I still have one place left! Two applications didn’t follow through. Quite insane, considering when I put this event out in Oct last year it was full in two days!!
SOOOOOOOOOO ! Is it you???????????? Are you the one to complete the Hawaii Tribe? Are you the one joining 13 others (March 8th ) from all over the Globe to spend a week swimming with wild Dolphins and chatting with White Cloud for three hours a day?
If it is you, please go to:  Thank you.

Still homeless. Far out, Brussel sprout! No need to say any more on that subject.

If it helps anyone … please know that many, many people are writing in to say their emotions are ridiculously intense these days. A few moments of clarity … literally a few … then Boom! Back into ‘falling apart’. So hang on in there, people.
Keep on keeping on saying over and over, I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM. If you haven’t tried it yet, I Highly recommend it!

DONATIONS are very much appreciated, should you FEEL so inclined! Thank you! (The donation button can be found at the bottom of the Home page)

In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Thank You Blossom  <3  )

Now 2/9/20 5 Things You Need to Know About The FULL MOON- Feb 2020 🌕💜✨

Thank You Melanie. Little synchro note: The exact second we typed 'Blossom' 4 Blossom's website above Melanie used that word as we were listening. )

Now 2/10/20 You Run Your Own Show Blossom Goodchild channeling the Federation of Light February 09, 2020

Thank You Blossom & Joe & Federation of Light, W Awl Praise Worship Gratitude & Glory 2 The Conceiver Producer Writer Director Actor (In all of us) Source God Creator... in one <3 ) ) )
Who wants 2 go 2 the movies? Is our movie like a 'Spartacus' (Nod to Kirk ) or Groundhog Day (Nod to Bill ) Or What's Your movie? Can we have fun, guys? God wants us to have fun, less drama more fun. We have a whole new show starting Now. Shall we begin? Hope so.

Now 2/11/20 Dolores Cannon on Life After Death.

Thank You Dolores 4 enlightening us. Nnw, who wants to hear from a few folks who have been there, done that & come back 2 tell us about it. Much gratitude 2 these volunteer survivors.

Now 2/12/20 Present! - Beverly Brodsky and the Near Death Experience

Thank You Beverly. Peace be with & God bless you & the team. <3 )

Present! - Roberta Grimes: Jesus, the Afterlife and Quantum Physics

Thank you Roberta, author of 'The Fun of Dying' 4 your powerful testimony. <3 )

Present! - Roberta Grimes: Love and the Afterlife

Thank you Roberta, you are certainly 'Fun' See You at the Grateful Fun jubilee ) ) )

Present! - Dianne Sherman: NDE After-Effects and Healing

Thank you Dianne 4 sharing your story. <3 )

Dianne Sherman "Clearsight: a Gift from my Near-Death Experience"

Thank you Dianne. <3 )

Present! - Carol Lynn Vengroff's Near-Death Experience

Thank you Carol Lynn 4 sharing your experience. <3 )

Present! - Krista Gorman's Near-Death Experience

Thank you Krista 4 sharing your experience. <3 )

Now 2/13/20 Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon's Journey through the Afterlife

Thank you Eben 4 sharing your healing message. <3 )

Now 3/22/20 Boston - Don't Look Back (Official Music Video)

Thank You Boston. <3 )

Now 2/12/21 12:54 p.m. The Holy Bible - Book 40 - Matthew - KJV Dramatized Audio

Thank You God w Your amgels 4 All That Is inc this video. And thank you tmantz625 for sharing on Yt. <3 )

Now 2/12/21 1:22 p.m. David Ramirez: Heaven (Official Live Session)

Thank You David Ramirez & Crew 4 delivering 'Hheaven.' <3 )

Now 2/12/21 1:33 p.m. Shine on Me

Thank You David Ramirez. Shine on & so will awl of us... hopefully. <3 0 ) 'In Oneness.' )

Now 2/12/21 8:54 p.m. Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World - 6/16/1991 - Giants Stadium

Thank You The Grateful Dead. We also love Yer new name. ' The Gratefull Living In The Eternal Now.' And So It Is. <3 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now 9/11 21 Jerry Loves us. Be happy ) ) )

Thank You Good Good God of Responsibility who says Everyone is innocent. We're Awl Free. Yay!

Now 11/7/21 On occasion of Joni's 78th trip @ the sun...

Happy Birthday Joni! W Share Page of Day. And as like the other 'babies' scribe W God made. It simply, Is what it is. Hope You get something from it & leave the rest (Please copy/paste links as Google changed format here and we haven't yet caught up to the ways to do some things here)  (No prob on this Simple page.) As shared here first: Also shared here at this brand new blog page:

#JoniMitchell If Like/ Love Please Share and Be a Galactic messenger. Rewards Plan Is Out of This World. Jubilee is us, kids:

#JerryGarcia #Celebrate #MoodyBlues #JohnLennon 'Start by imagining a world where all of us are having good fun.'  Yoko Ono Indeed. Ty Yoko. 😎 💔

Guys. You know what? We're the adults now. We can do this and w/o the money pitfall getting in the way. God made us Free and equal so let's Be Free as we were meant to be from the beginning! Deal? Hope so. Somebody please wake up and tell the politicians. We The People  run the show from now on. TYVM.  😎  💔