Warriors wanted to support the new Ruby Rogers Center. We're taking back our vision to help people in need, regardless of cost.

Are You ready for the eternal weekend? We are, Come Join us...)

--- Picture is of Nanci Baren, director of The Ruby Rogers Center and Paul.                         Photo by Harry Agritha

Greetings fellow human beings of immense, incredible potential as created 'creator beings' of infinite power and creativity in our own God given right.  Yes, indeed, fellow immortal spiritual beings who volunteered to come down here to the school house Earth.  Not an eaey place to learn.  Ok, this Is the hardest schoolhouse in the omniverse and for that reason, - many people just can't take it and want out - like some friends of David Bowie, in that song.

Anyway, the good news is... It's Over.  School's out for All God's chill dren, folks.  Just ask Alice Cooper.  It's the cosmic moment when we wake up and say to whomever, OMG, did I just have the craziest dream ever.  Here's the deal guys, and P is not one to beat around the bush.  '

Creator, in the beginning, wanting companionship, like any lonely entity/person  created us, HisHer idea of us, each and every one of us, God's idea, totally unique and different from all the rest.  We were meant to be Free, like the wind and the winged creatures that joyfully fly with same,

We humans are created incredibly awesome mirror images of HimHer divine self.  This was done and we were given the free will and the innate inteligence to communicate with God. and there was a lot of stuff that happened and went down and in the long run, God's still here and weir still here and God knows the humble scribe has to get to sleep.  (done )

So, we are shutting down the spiggot here and saying... 'Catch Yas on the flip side.'  ok?  Good.  OBTW, Creator has many names.  For the most part we will just use the universally accepted Name 'God,' Thank You Very Much, You God and Goddesses.  )  

This page will serve as a platform place where 'We The People' can come and affirm the power that we have been endowed with by God from the blink of an eye of our creation. The idea of us as an individualized spark of God overrides any state or federal or religious label or designation of what certain people or society as we know it files us away as.  

The awesomely good news, friends, is that we are Now and forever caught up and surfing, so to speak, on the new energies coming in from cosmic realms, dime nsions, star systems beyond our knowing so far.  These vibrational energies, like a tsunami of pure love, do change, rearrange and only bring us up higher until we no longer need think of what number dimension we happen to reside in at the moment.  God just calls it the infinite and so should we.

Best thing to do, like all else in our lives good and seemingly bad, is to put Everything in God's perfect hands and let the perfect outcome, if an outcome is n the cards, happen. FORGIVENESS IN ALL THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED US TO BE UPSET OR 'OFF OUR GAME' (Caps God) . Is paramount, dear friends, if we are to move on from where we are now. 

Remember, if someone has harmed us; well, think on this, my dear friends, could it be you are being repaid for something you did to that entity, maybe in a lifetime long ago, perhaps even in ancient times and maybe even on another planet.  God knows, we don't.  Again, dear ones, we need to Trust God with All our hearts, minds and souls.  After all, it was God who gave this essense stuff to us in the first place, so relax.  We will only be enhanced by this 'surrender' activity.

The money game is d o n e.  It has no power whatsoever in these new times of Now.  The new frequency, my dear friends, is Love.  Love gets you your groceries, that new dinette set or your new vehicle or skateboard.  We will be ascending in the blink of God's eye when it happens, a moment known only to God, however we advize, get your stuff in order w the quickness bc this planet which has suffered so much with our human folderol,    is overdue for a cosmic 'planet wash' overhaul.  

Here's a video that will do some explaining of wha's happening. now on the planet, but before that let us just say that Yes, until we humans, peeps, wake up and do the necessary actions, we are accepting green energy to Paul Brown's Paypal acct.  Simple, no Go Fund Me 3rd party. The funds that we hope will come in will be used to fund the people in need until we just go on the God approved method as shared here.

As copied from the front page of  www.EarthPartyNow.com 

Good New News for Humanity, esp when Every day Is Fun Day...

 www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777        Complete w Jesus' response...

So, check this video, please, fellow born to fly in consciousness, eagle commanders and commandresses of the higher realms.  

So, this page is a new version of the Ruby Rogers Center page at the above main page, a Google platform that is not, obviously, up to the task of maintaining content like pictures.

www.tinyurl.com/RubyRogersCenter777   We will be 'fixing' things over there as we find the time.    

We also invite Ya's to check out the other pages here on this Simple Site. All may have new content added as spirit moves.  The most recent page we have worked on, hand in hand with God is here... www.paulfb.com/441394660   

The place to go to make a contribution while we still can with the shutting down of the failed anyway banking system is:  www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777   Just scroll down, checking the good content, if led and you'll see the Paypal payment button.  

You Will be Blessed abundantly.

If you would like to share this page, a url is:  https://tinyurl.com/RubyRogersCenter1111 


Then The Ruby Rogers Center May Lose Funding | SNN #78

Thank You God for all experiences that only make us stronger. And So It Is.

Now 12/16/18 Ready or not: 'Wake up time' humanity...

Just sharing what came down last night,  Hope someone benefits w this...                                                                                                                                                                                       So, Now today 12/15/18 Creator still has, on the table, a real viable 'Revolution' solution for humanity. However no one seems to be interested in the 'Done deal' 'cashless society.' It works so nicely on all the other evolved planets that use it. But in this stubborn, egocentric, 'I'm all that matters' place, seemingly ruled by egomaniacal tyrants w no moral character or compass; who give lip service to God and country.; where people knuckle under the short sighted whims of elected officials who are 'pleased with themselves' and their so called'accomplishments.'

Accomplishments, Paul? Yes, my dear friend, like keeping things in 'budget' mode and keeping the different interests of vying political, religious and other parties at bay and this and that and oh my God, peeps, is this any way to run a world? SMH No wonder there's complete chaos everywhere we look. Ya can't turn on the TV w/o having to be subjugated to some lost person's last cry out w violence or rage against the world we people, by default, have created.

God, looks on w the angels and weeps . Jesus Christ almighty people when will we wake the F up and surrender to God and HisHer wiil. It's the Only Will in town that will get us thru this veil of madness and tears and bring us fully renewed, refreshed, vibrant and clear. Yes, it is too bad that some people just aren't equipped with the coping mechanisms or family support that the lucky ones have, simply, in order to get by and survive.. They oughta get down on their knees and say 'Thank You' for their lucky stars. 'Thanks,' dear ones, does not cut the mustard.

Meanwhile, today, as scribe types this river of words coming down from the heart and onto the miracle device to be sent out to the far corners of God's infinite creation... people still die, hungry, in the streets of our great cities, lacking in basic necessities like food and water and a roof over their heads. Why? Oh, it's not in our 'budget.' Scribe's blood boils as Creator of infinite abundance, generosity and caring vents like a Hawaiian Volcano. God's budget, if HeShe had one would blow any budget to abject smithereens. Take That to Dunkin's folks, as the banks woulda, shouda, coulda been closed by now.

Paul, shhhh, you don;t want to wake up the sleeping corporate controlled sleeping media about this God Willed Revolution of Freedom Now, do you? We hang our head in a thousand different emotions, folks. putting a small # on it. To be clear, like your humble servant is clear, not 'channeling'. Paul's hope, since he started his many crusades, guys, has been to just get one, for a start, just one brave person, reporter, social media darling, gossiper or anyone really to help spread the word and hopefully, start a 'brushfire' that would spread slowly or like - wildfire to get the good news he carries within to the masses.

Still, we sit, eating our lunch all alone*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9except for U Ashtar) We look up and see how that came out. Can't 'fix' that. lol Ashtar. ) so to speak. No one listens, no one cares. Each, we more than understand, have their own store to run, axe to grind or job to go to, but, now. With our back, literally up against a brick wall, even God says it's time to 'blow the whistle' on this Paul dude and what he has wanted to bring to the world for over 40 years.

Of course, we are hip to the fact, Jack, that everything in the omniverse is subject to God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will way, momenting and plan, Stan. And so we fully realize the reasons for this seeming delay, strategy, plan or whatever one wishes to term it, so we accept that the time is 'Now'.and this 'love in action' play is right on time. my dear friends.

Knowing Paul, he'll put it all in a song. One song, humanity. One song saying it all. Just happens to be the greatest song ever recorded by the heaviest group in the history of Rock & Roll and the 2nd Group to be entered in Heaven's Hall of Fame, only behind The Moody Blues.

and wat. Oh, we have free will, so this is what the short sighted 'leaders' down here, disconnected from Source, Creator God energies has left us with in the obsolete, had it's time and is long overdue for a simple change, system of lack, misery, . Just make Everything Free. Remember Woodstock? When everything just became totally unmanageable? Chaos can't be managed, people.. Let's face it this is where we're at these days.

We're all genie immortal spiritual beings who have grown and blossomed out of any box society as we know it tries to put us in. This is a good thing. We take that back, it's a GRAND thing, my dear friends. Here, have you guys seen this? Hello!!! www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 Jesus' response tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777

Compassionate beings of love light and All That's Good in God, may we unite together these strange times and agree not to allow any one of our fellow pilgrims on the path to be left out in the freezing cold with nowhere to go and no one except a few compassionate souls, to give a damn. Too many people on the plant it today only look out for themselves and their small, petty little 'me first,' screw everyone else mentality, where we've thrown away our souls to make a slave like living for the almighty buck ruled by dark, in many cases, corporations..

Want a list? Start with Monsanto, the evil cigarette companies. Hey what else can you call companies that produce a product they know kills people. And the makers of aspartane, a poison. Google this stuff people, it's all there in black and white.. What a shame, humanity. SMH We could have 'had it all' eons ago. Still some hope, but we gotta Wake Up! www.paulfb.com/441358584

Now 12/16/18 June 12, 2017 Picking up the manna for who needs it. w a )

Thank You God, The Source of All blessings. Thank You Mom for being the biggest blessing in this humble servant's life. And Thank You Dad - Alva W for the light. <3 )

Now 12/16/18 Hey Lucky and Daisy, here's God's song for ya's now.

Thank You God. 'nuff said. <3 )

Now 12/16/18 Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo & Band - Promises In The Dark

Thank You God for promises in the dark and in sunlight as well. <3 ) Ty Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo and Band. 80's forever, right God? lol )

Now 12/16/18 Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank You God. Thank You Styx. Thank You Audience of One Team ~ in Grateful Oneness, now and forever. in Praise, Love and Gratitude *for starters) to ALL THAT IS. And Yes, we will gratefully and humbly accept offers for a brand new motor car. We will say 'Please,' and 'Thank you,' and 'God bless you.' Hope someone offers something since we're walking these days. #Walkingisgood

What's that Loverboy? We concur... Loverboy - Turn Me Loose (Video)

Thank You God. Thank You Loverboy and Thank You's to the 'understanders' out there. Peace, Love and Joy Now and 888888888

Now 9/1 21 Fred Neil : I've Got a Secret

Thank You Fred Neil. Lets grab a beer in the 16D Coconut Grove. DeaL, bRO? <3 ) )

nOW 9/1 21 Mom & Paul read each other's mind...

Thank You God Who Is Goos & Marie. Catch Ya's Later. <3 )