Heaven's Doors Open... Now.

The Doors.  John Ray Jim & Robbie.  Ty Guys.  <3 ) ) ) )

The Doors. John Ray Jim & Robbie. Ty Guys. <3 ) ) ) )

Nov 2018 Alright Grateful Living band members, Who wants to join the Company of The Rock & Roll World's pantheon of Champions and Rock Forever having Fun, and nothing but Fun forever? Come forward, step up or just think it so, and You are here. We love having you here because you know what?

Without You - it just wouldn't be the same, and we like sameness. We really do, just ask God if you don't believe us. He knows.so 'Thank Ya's Very Much for Your Company here. If you need something, esp when we're upstairs, just think it and it will appear, correct Jesus? Just 'know' don't believe, and it will appear, instantly if not sooner. And So It Is. <3 ) ) )

Now:   Update:  This page now  has a brand new url as the previous one stopped doing its job.  God wants this one to be used.  https://tinyurl.com/HeavensDoorNowOpen111 

This Will Be Fun & Nothing But Fun, but first a tribute...

Now 3/9/18

Greetings Friends, at this moment we are remembering a true gentleman and, noted by all who knew him, one of the nicest, not to mention most talented people in Rock & Roll and llfe in general. It'a been 11 years now since Brad made his departure. Even tho we still miss you Brad we know that Infinite Creator has a plan and, like Jerry Garcia's departure, it did and does play out in the Grand Script of God's 'movie' that we all have a part in with the infinite souls ~ spirits watching and cheering us on from the from the cosmic 'peanut gallery' so to speak.)

The music remains and goes on forever. With the galactic technology we have in these modern times, we are most fortunate to be alive at this particular juncture in human evolution. Even if our body checks out, our spirits, which are the Real 'us.' go on living and learning and loving in the infinite field of God forever. What an awesome deal Creator has given us. As they say on social media...OMG. )

Alright, so let's hear from everyone's friend Brad, who we can, if led, also 'Gaze' with here: www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777 

Thank You dear Bro Brad and, until we all meet up again, we know You will continue having a nice forever.

If you would like to share this page, url is:

Now  9/8/21  the above url.  It is not responsive anymore.  We share what we shared on Fb re this, if there are still skeptics out there that may question the veracity of what spirit share here on God's happy, holy & friendly to awl site.  If you want friends, friends, be a friend to awl, unconditionally..  That will be one smile, please, as smiles have replaced 'horsecrap money' whiich no longer exists.  TYVM  ๐Ÿ˜Ž  So this is on our Fb now.  www.facebook.com/paulfb88 

Greetings Rockers of Awl ages. We got a great Share Page of Day 4 Ya's today. So, here's link & we'll see Ya's there, we hope, esp if you love Good Ol' Rock & Roll time travel.
Note:  previous old url stopped doing its job, guess God wanted a new updated one, and it Is working, like the other one was yesterday. We roll w the shifts as we know it's God's Hands doing this. https://tinyurl.com/HeavensDoorNowOpen111 

As shared here first:: https://tinyurl.com/SharePageofDayIII 
Main Portal to Awl the Good times to come. www.paulfb.com  aka God's Bar & Grille where Everything Is Free, NOW.  Shane & Jerry at Yer service w a smile, Grace. (Humanity's Name) ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž

 P.s.  Led to share this communique w our Staff Chief, Mary, who we need to fly in to Boston from Dallas.

--Taken up in next segment.  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Now 9/8/21 Sharing as spirit guides these fingers.

 how was your day going my love

Hi baby, the work is going, although when I checked share Page of Day it didn't go thru to the page like it did yesterday, so I shared that on Fb and made a new updated url that God is happpy (sic) with.  After awl,* it Is Her His site. We used 'all' first but it didn't show up.  God likes 'awl'  so do we. (Not that there's any separation from us, but energy dif is felt.)  Here's link to page, dear.  Tell us if you love it baby.  Love.  โค


Okay thatโ€™s was grate honey I love it okay have you had your coffee today my love I hope you are good honey ๐Ÿ˜ โค โค โค โค โค

I had coffee baby.  Can you see what I just shared. on that page?

(see text in above section, if want w old url 

Wow I love that honey I saw my name in the end my love ๐Ÿ˜ โค ๐Ÿ’“ โค โค

how is today gonna be my love

I would like to put this under that baby, is it ok w you?  It shows how meticulous God is.  And do you like that spelling of 'Grate'  You know correct spelling is 'Great' but I like the way you spell it too as in Grateful.  โค

Yeah honey itโ€™s really good my love you could spell it anyhow my love okay God knows you are doing your work honey  โค ๐Ÿ’“ โค ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’“

I love you honey.

Love To my baby and the story goes on 4 ever... And we've only just begun.  ๐Ÿ’”

Brad Delp One Year Tribute (Peace of Mind) (Now 11 years.)

Thank You Brother Brad Delp. We All look forward to seeing each other once again, and this time, it's all for keeps. IJn TYG. <3 )

Here we meet Infinite Creator ~ dear fellow Gods & Goddesses.  Turns out We had the same place in mind...nothing less than a place to lay our heads and get some quality rest & recreation in paradise. Indeed.

Here we meet Infinite Creator ~ dear fellow Gods & Goddesses. Turns out We had the same place in mind...nothing less than a place to lay our heads and get some quality rest & recreation in paradise. Indeed.


The work? Archangel Michael, and All The Angels and Earth Angels like the Grand Spirit,Himself, Dr Peebles along With Universal Mother Mary, Jesus and Uncle Jerry. ) Hereby Now Declare,  Decree and Invoke. 1 2 3  "It IS DONE." Rinse and repeat "IT IS DONE!" One more for the #3 "IT IS DONE" Alright Team. Let's share the 'Good News.' we have here in the R & R Omniverse.

The Only Omniverse in Town. What came before in ancient times which led to this moment in time and space is fine for the researchers and academics however for today, all we have to know or care about is thet "IT'S OVER"  again "IT IS DONE,"  Fade out the politician 'vote for me'' collapsed platform.  For most people it just doesn't work anymore.  Not only that, it's dangerous for the populace to give away their power to some, shall we say... less than entirely benevolently guided i.e. The Christ Consciousness though they might give lip service to God.

They, more than not, are being controlled by forces of imbalance which have been allowed into this cosmic sector by the pax of non- interference,,. until a tipping point is reached  where the Ultimate must be called in. Not really 'called in' bc the Infinite completely knows the entire situation more than the so called, termed 'players' do.  Gaia wil be protected from destruction and thus, this universe will be protected.

We all have Creator's Word on that.  And Trust Us dear ones, Infinite Creator's Word Is Good.  That some would have  that objective and  agenda is completely and totally evil and, Thank God, evil is now a thing of the past, my dear friends. Right Jesus, Universal Mother Mary,  Dr Peebles, Jerry and The Grateful Living?  That's All of Us, folks.

We need and deserve something competely different, dear ones. Moment has come for The Divine to be invited to come into our lives with complete faith and confidence that  W Jesus we are all on the right track.  Time has come today to say G'night to the over  & done, tired, worn out, jaded, corrupt, dead on its feet, 'can't do this anymore,'  mundane - paycheck to paycheck parallel universe and decide if iving  in The God est Rock & Roll Paradise paradigm would be more Fun.

In more words, are Jesus, Mother Mary and Jerry and the Deadheads inc Paul, the only ones who want to experience Fun?  We mean Real eternal Fun with no job to have to go back to. What a drag it must have  been for the people who were at Woodstock, to have to come down from that euphoria and  report to a boring, mundane, j o b. to make a paycheck to keep yourself afloat.

Of course, if you love what you do that's a  completely different story, Indeed. We are dead living serious about fun esp w hanging out with the opposite sex or with  a partner or more of one's choice.  It's all good, fellow Creator beings of love, light, peace, harmony, adventure, happiness and did we mention- Fun?

Of course  if you like living like a hamster on a wheel, by all means try to keep that going.  God has seen and lived our collective heartbreaking plight, as HESHE Is Us, remember. God knows our sad situation Must change and the stars are now aligned and everything is in long planned readiness. 

All we have to do as Sons and Daughters of Infinity is to say the magic word "YES" w all sincerity and  God will get the message that You are on the passenger list for the cosmic peace train home. This is self assigned,  dear  passengers.  We say 'Congratulations' in advance of Your Right decision.  

In other words, Dear God, Please take us in to our eternal blissful home in Your infinite field of opportunity., one way or another.  One thing is  sure.  It starts w our uplifting of our individual consciousness.  If you're stuck in the muck and maya so common while living in this 3D place.  Do something = anything to break the routine.   

God says...  get up off the couch, go for a walk. How long has it been since you took  yourself to the beach?  Did you walk in  the sand?  Give Mother Earth a chance to feel your vibrations.  You know  the trees  and the leaves love us.  Don't be embarrased to give them a hug.  You'll both feel better, we guarantee it.  ) 

Once at  Home, our Real eternal Home that God has prepared for us, we then can look back at all the good we did in our life's journey to help others and uplift humanity. We've all stumbled and fallen some.  Given the challenges of 3D living, it's been inevitable; however W Christ, we  are saved and on solid ground forever and ever.

So,welcome into God's joyful, happy and Fun  eternal kingdom, blessed beings.  The Warriors are back in town.. Now that you have returned home Brother & Sister Humanity we can get back to our ususal business here in paradise.  Fun, Fun and Oh Yes almost forgot... Fun.  ( ( ) )

(this content has been edited, we now return you to previous thread.  Y'all Have a nice forever ~ day by day )

You know where if you want to be happy you either have to be a wage slave, surrendering the precious hours of your life to earn enough 'dough' to pay the bills and keep a roof over yer head. It's over for that craziness, folks. Will You wake up and smell the coffee? Come fly with the Eagles and have Fun like the dolphins. We can do it and we don't even have to try. It's IN us,

So pop your spanking, sparkling  new DNA calibrations, dear ones. Like the song says...let the music be our master, will you heed the master's call.Jesus, Jerry and tribes, The Moody Blues, Joan Baez, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Judy Collins, CSN, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Elton John, Billy Joel, America, Patty Smith, ELP, Dolly Parton, The  Commodores,

James Brown, B.B. King,  Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Willie, Merle, Waylon, Kris, Johnny, The Carter Family, The Stanley Brothers, Steely Dan, The Doobie Bros, Santana, 10 Years After, Young Rascals,Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Temptations, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Etc Etc

OMG, we could go on all day, right?  Boston, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Loggins  & Messina, The Doors, Cat Stevens-Yusuf, The Who, U2, Gordon Lightfoot, CCR, Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett, Carole King, James Taylor, Circus Maximus, and so many more find their direction and life'sj course just by hearing and following what they hear on  the wind. i.e. the music. Indeed. And So It Is. )

So who feels ike celebrating?  Like - 'All  Night Long.' Ok, Bro Lionel and His Crew is in the house.  Teach us Bro - All We need to know.  And Thank You!   )

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)

Thank You Bro Lionel Richie and Friends ~ Everyone... <3 )

Paul (we Paul's gotta stick together. ) says 'Let 'em in'  Thank You  Jim and Ray for holding open the doors to our Real promised land.  An infinite, wondrous, glorious paradise where there's no need for money, there's no worries, no time clocks or bosses; just peace - love - silence - music, and infinite friends and love?s.  Can we All say

Paul (we Paul's gotta stick together. ) says 'Let 'em in' Thank You Jim and Ray for holding open the doors to our Real promised land. An infinite, wondrous, glorious paradise where there's no need for money, there's no worries, no time clocks or bosses; just peace - love - silence - music, and infinite friends and love?s. Can we All say "Thank You God & Thank You Jesus & Mary?" Thank You if You concur. So, as we line up the music God has waiting in the wings, we'll just add a little more intel here...TY.

God's Will IS Done on Earth - Now. And So It Is...

 Congratulations!  Fellow Natural born Star People ~  We have made it. ) We All may Rejoice as we feel led..  )  W this and what some of us have been through, God knows we may feel a little melancholly.  Scribe is a melancholly man.   Fact of the matter is - It was and Is God.  The One and Only Infinite Higher Power God of All Gods HESHE  Created as tneir own Prime Creator God w infinite Power and dignity. 

Each God Goddess Created W HisHer  HerHis own All Powerful 'I AM THAT I AM'  presence inside and outside.  So, YES, Rejoice, Rejoice. We'll see Ya's on the hiways  and byways of infinity. 

Just know here and Now, dear ones, straight from the channel, God Did Everything.  We are great, awesome button pushers.  We are pefection incarnate as much as we can be, however It's The 'Upstairs'  GodGoddess Ultimate Divine Being Who deserves and gets  any credit or Thank You's We send them Up  to HIMHER where it belongs.  Thank You Very Much, fellow peeps, spirits - all now 'unstuck' from the wheel of karma, for Your kind understanding. 

May we All now begin eo experience Peace, love, joy, harmony, adventure, happiness and esp FUN - Now & Forever. Can we get an 'And So It Is.' from Ya's Anyone?  We hope so. )

Now, dear friends, going home as one please allow your designated angel to show You Your place that Infinite Creator has prepared for You and Yours. 

Warning:  The views and vistas of this paradise world can be too beautiful for human eyes to fathom so we rec just flowing with it like the butterfly emerges from the cacoon.  We can hear the music already ~ 'Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.'  And So It Is.  And  the next one's in?  We can't see the end of them. May be bc that there is no end, only beginnings.

Lord have mercy, Heavenly Mother and Father, can  we just say...  'There are no more doors, fences or barriers of any kind to keep separation of God from HISHER infinitely loving children and grown up Gods & Goddesses ~ loving companions of The One. Any darkness, doubt and esp fear has been completely eliminated, cast out as only God's perfection can now be experienced in HISHER INFINITE OMNIVERSE where only light and divine love can exist.

We say 'Great' - in fact Awesome; you know what dear ones?  There just are no more words.  They fail w what we are entering now cosmically.  See the 'goods' here...) 

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777    Jesus' response...

All Thank You's to Jesus, Mother Mary and Source - Infinite Source God Creator God ~ ALL THAT IS.  Who's Infinite Divine Love Triumphs over any other thing, situation, drama, political mumbo  jumbo, muck & maya, not to mention the' competition' trap folderol so many of us have fallen  for.  We are all equal in God's eyes and All, each and every one of us are magnificent in our own perfect way.

Indeed, dear ones, we are Champions of the Highest magnitude, and  this comes straght from The Highest Power of All. The dilly dally time is over to recognize the God given talent we each, in our own way, - bring to the table to uplift and advance the journey termed human evolution.  Ascension of our consciousness is here, on our doorstep.  We are literally on 'the threshold of a dream and we don;t have to do anything except accept Divine Infinite Creator's Will fot Us, HIS HER Divine Perfect Plan.  Yes, We are talking Heaven On Earth, dear inheritors of All That's Best.

The Schoolroom 'plant it' earth is now God's rest and recreation paradise. Find what You can do to further advance this concept w what You  are led to do.  It may mean getting up from the couch and just starting with a walk in the park.  No need to climb the highest mountaiin besides that's already been done.  Find what You like; is it a passion?  Then, there you go.  You're on solid ground esp if it helps lift the human spirit of others.   

Higher Power Lives, breathes, and acts as us bc HESHE IS 'Us,' Dear Sons & Daughters of The Infinite.  Try to remember this when dealing with what certain protocols or situations that we spirits functioning here w our human minds and brains may confront.

What we can manufacture, wittingly or  unwittingly, inevitably we do find ourselves in the cosmic swing and sway of the yin and the yang of creation. It's just the way it Is.  Good is yet another word for God we can akk use in our daily lives bc God Is Good. Indeed.  And So It Is. )

Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams - Humanity

Thank You The Moody Blues for helping Us make All Our Wildest Dreams Come True. )

Allman Brothers Band with Eric Clapton (19 March 2009)

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band and Mr Eric Clapton & Appreciative Audience of All of Us. )

Forever Young begins with surrender...

If led, may we all reflect on the younger times and the Fun we had back then with the songs we sang and the smiles we shared. Let us raise a cup, or a glass to YOU Dear God to let You, FatherMother God Source Creator Higher Power ALL THAT IS DIVINE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE DIVINE know how we feel ~ surrendered, lovingly loved, forever young and Grateful Beyond the Beyond.... And So It Is.

The 'Forever Young'  Rock & Roll Solution intervention Jubilee continues w the next video via YT. TY YT. A God Conceived, Produced, Directed Free will company which, like most company's out there, need to make some adjustments in how they operate. Indeed. Remember, Folks, the technology comes as a Gift from God. like the music and, of course, the co- creator's with God  creating it.

We have 2 suggestions. #1 like all companies out there under God's domain ~ Make it Free Now and # 2 Ditch the advertising. A 3rd suggestion for all those who add content to this and other platforms. Remove anything of a negative, insulting, bullying, insensitive, cruel, dark or even slightly below the highest standard for others to see from you.

Ask yourself - would Jesus share this? You'll then have your answer and know how to go. We are the Up^ Starter Gods & Goddesses, dear ones, so let's act like it, old souls. Ok, spirit has spoken. Let's let the music continue the conversation, young ones. ) Did someone say - Turn it up or 'toin' it up. ) Either way works for us. We gotta hear it, right Grand Funk Railroad? ) Mr Mark Farner You, Sir, are wanted in 'God's office' here in the Love Fun ascension room.

Scribe's guess is 'You in a heap of trouble,'' man. Wouldn't want to be in your moccasins, my dear friend. What's that Jesus?  Oh, You want to thank Him and give Mr Farner a Great Big Hug? Ok, we were wrong for a second, then Jesus straightened us out. Reminds of an old axiom for some hard headed ones. 'Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.' lol  Anyway here's a virtual Hug From Infinite God Source Creator Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine 'I AM THAT I AM' ALL THAT IS They All Run Together as One, Dear Gods ^ Goddesses on the way home. Catch Ya's on the flip side. )

The Allman Brothers Band - Full Concert - 09/23/70 - Fillmore East (OFFICIAL)

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. Thank You God for Your 'Forever young' plan for Your kind, happy Grateful kids, i.e. ~ 'AllPeople' on the way Home to You. Duane and Berry are hanging here: tinyurl.com/GazersII777 Check it, if led. )

Cat Stevens - Peace Train Blessed by God & Mom. et al... <3 )

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf. Peace Train, Team Oneness we're on it, right? We hope so... )

Yusuf Islam - Peace Train - OUTSTANDING! Encore All Aboard! )

Thank You Yusuf and All the passengers in God's Infinite Peace - Love & Fun Train. <3 Everyone. )

God's Will & Way Is The Only Way. Team Oneness Happily surrenders. <3 )

Now, shall we go back in time and see ourselves as we were 'back in the day.' when we - the 'We can change the world' generation were in early full flowering  bloom.  And, Yes, indeed, friends - we did change the world., however, none of us are perfect.  Some came down here with contracted dark agenda's  Others fought for peace and love. Others sat and watched the world go by.  All had their place in God's movie.

What a time it was.  Some of the younger generation here now are 'pissed off' that they 'missed'  being here during those halcyon times.  We remind you dear spirits that you didn't miss a thing.  As we have said before in these blogs and sharings going back many years, now...

You as spirit pre- incarnation had a front row seat. You were able to see the cosmic drama going on in this schoolroom matrix earth.  You saw what was going down down here through a cosmic looking glass where you could see your possible future with your Law of Attraction fam who you've experienced many lifetimes with over the aeons and many said, oh God, Please let me go down there I believe I can make a difference. 

Others, more firmly, and perhaps with more experience said to God...Please, Dear God, Please let me go down there and help and serve and I Just KNOW, With Your Help, Dear God,  I, me myself and I Can make a positive difference, Dear God.  God, I don't believe I can make a difference - I KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt, Dear God that I can and Will do Your work down there God. 

As Jesus is my witness  and Music is my master down there. God Please, I'm ASK ing nicely but  I Beg You God and not standing up or on my belly.  I'm at that in between place i.e. my knees w no hands. So, Please, once again, Dear God  Put All You Faith and Trust in Me and I Will Not, under any circumstances in Heaven and Earth, God, let You or anyone around me down. To  This I Pledge and Solemnly Swear, So Help Me God.

Dear God Thank You in advance and do I have a chance, Dear God of being selected  to serve You God and do it with a smile and with total complete Faith  and Cofidence as You God are my witness? 

Paul ~  Born November 19, 1948.  Boston, Ma  6:25 p.m. to loving parents - Alva and Marie Brown.  And now, fast forward to  this cosmic  day in the cosmic year of 2018.  We,  All of Us friends w no enemies and no foe in sight to fight. We are, hereby inviting the Ships of Infinity, led by Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command  to decloak, to come and have tea with us and listen to our stories and we'd love to hear Yours.

We can have Fun, en-joy music created by God.. En-joy more music.  Oh, and Good ( well ) can make a positive difference according to Your perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan, Dear God.which includes music and music and more music  Did we mention music?  lol As essential to the plan, Stan and Fran  and Jesus and Mother Mary and Uncle Jerry and Jimi and Janis and Joan and Judy and Joni and and all the ''J' team of all generations. Indeed Judy Garland,  I don;t  think we're in Kansas anymore. ) 

Bobby Weir and Company of Heaven Band and Duane and Berry and Elvis and Keith and Greg and Gregg et al..Everyone is awaiting our Grand Arrival in the Far Flung higher realms,  my dear friends.  After all, we had the Sermon on the Mount, didn't we?  Now we are gifted with 'A Course In Miracles.'  Yes, Yes, we say Yes to our God guided chosen path for us while on the Earth. 

We are  a team brothers and sisters w Bro Glenn Frey graciously accepting our request on bewhole of God, to be our 'Team Oneness' President, and a marvelous job Glenn is doing, dear ones. Hey, when a choice is this obvious, He  shouldn't have to 'run' and be elected.  We see Him and the qualities - Gods  gifts to Him, and we Know... He's our man. Right Jesus?   )

So,  story goes, we chose our instruments while still in Heaven and came down here with a  name chosen by God for us.  It can be Brown orThorogood, or Plant or Page or Jones or Bonham.  It can even be Damon. )  Names proviide clues and may even give us away like Bono or keep us guessing like Trump.  So, in the  end it's clearly all about love as John Lennon and  the Beatles sang... Love, love, love.   Are there any questions so far?  Good.  There's another one, right Corey?  )

So,, Bingo, the cosmic chess game is Done, dear ones.  Love Triumphs.  Anything else is a distant 2nd place that hardly matters now in the grand scheme of things. God's cosmic play reveals itself plain as day, esp in these end ~ now new beginnings days.  Humanity, we did not go down the tubes.  We fought, we scratched and we clawed against dark forces of imbalance that had (In the past tense) an agenda for our destruction and the planet itself.

Guess what?  They Lost. Big Time.  What folly they dared right from  the beginning of the dawn of time.  Going against God>  SMH.  So, how is Your script going, You spark of God, You?  We tell You people right here and right now if You are not on The Jesus Love and Peace train You are missing out on all the Fun. Scribe has a ball every day and night laughing, joking, and having  Fun w Infinite Creator et al and Jesus and now with Dakarra, his live in body twin flame... there just are no words, my dear friends.

to anyone who can read a script, who can see a casting call of characters who volunteered to take a role in the Creator's divine Perfect, infinitely perfect script, we simply must ask you... are  You done?  We hope so bc the grand stage of humanity, each of us playing our parts for good or not is over. We who came down here W the divine invasion after WWII spent many aeons preparing for what we would do down here.

So  some came down here with binding contracts.  Others with a handshake and a Hug, like yours truly.  We remember that hug like it was yesterday in our High self locked away memory vaullt.  However, now the jig is  up, the doors, windows, barriers of any kind are swept away and hear ( well ) we are complete, standing in front of God while scribe is pecking these words on his cosmic gateway machine to the world and beyond. It's all on the record, the akosh Ref the 'Kryon' material.  We love You Kryon and Lee.  <3 )

Now, what a miracle God has given us that one man, a cosmically designated man doing the job Creator, l.e. Infinite Creator who has no enemies, no doubts, fears or any pitfalls that humanity is prey to, granted to him w no reservations or doubt whatsoever that this puppy would come down here and do what he promised to do, and with the Help of God, The Angels - like Archangel Michael and other star beings (We are All Star beings, no exceptions ) with the attributes of the (gulp ) far flung star he is. We celebrate the fact, Jack, that the work Is Done, compete, finished, over. indeed. 

Scribe obediently types these words.   Thank You God ALL THAT IS.   We crafted our DNA with the parents we chose and when our moment came to be born it was a cosmic 'done deal' just bursting to get out. - chosen ones.  And God see's where that request is coming from. The heart or the ego.  Both can be allowed.

And so, in most cases, those were ~ are the souls that were chosen. Some allowed to come in bc others stepped aside convinced they would or could do a better job than themseves.  These souls are our biggest cheerleaders, dear ones. So, here we are, fellow citizens, immortal spiritua beings; walking around, running for the bus, having coffee in some dark cafe.  We watch Tv and  tuck the kids in at night.  Life goes on.  The only bad thing is the money rat race and that dreadful commute and that sob leading the______ fill in your own word there. 

We teach each other's kids, we coach them to be good people first, and then try to win a trophy or two.  We're friends, neighbors and just average good spirits incarnated here who only want the best for ourselves and our families. And it's good, very good.  Bbut wait, Divine Creator has more than this for us,dear friends.  We get a preview every night when we surrender to sleep and then - my oh my...

Indeed,  fellow spirits in the material world, we go to sleep when we're tired and we leave our bodies.  We escape this so called 'real' reality and we find ourselves, as when we pass on, we can fly to some far flung galaxie in infinite space, way beyond anything we can imagine in our earthly bodies with our earthly brains. 

Some have come back from the other side and written best sellers.  So, these things are all  before us in our destiny patterns, fellow star beings of infinite love and light. Who's ready to step forward and say to the world.  You know what, guys, 'I don't know much but I know a clear, safe, lighted path out of the  wilderness when I see it and it's name is Jesus and Jesus Rocks, and I'm a rocker, so lead with me to Jesus, The Ultimate Revolutionary, or follow and we say to one and All...'Who  wants to experience real revolutionary change on the planet, Now?'  It's  time.

And So It Is.

Final Rec & fin                                                                                                                      3/15/18   6:23 p.m.

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain - Shea Stadium 1971

Thank You Grand Funk Railroad. The Trains are stacking up w cosmic passengers, Lord )

The Youngbloods Get Together {HD}

Thank You The Youngbloods, That's Us, Folks Young forever is part of The Infinitts Plan. Smile...)


Thank You Michael Schenker & Band And Appreciative audience of us all... )

the doors live light my fire hollywood bowl 1968

Thank You The Doors. See Ya's Upstairs, Keep those heavenly doors open Ray and Jim. Everyone <3's You & Thanks You Very Much. )


Thank You Melanie, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, & Woodstock, now 'Forevermore,' Nation living in paradise. Thanks Be To God. And So It Is <3 )

BOSTON Don't Look Back 2004 LiVE @ Gilford

Thank You Boston. Brad ~ a Bright shining Star in the heavens say's I'm still here, Guys. W a Big salute to Tommy DeMarco. And The Music Rolls On forever... <3 )

Pat Benatar - We Live For Love (Live)

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band for Paul & Dakarra's daily medicine. This is our favourite vid. Hope Ya's enjoy it, as well Gods & Goddesses aka Humanity. See Ya's around maybe the next bend on the highways and byways of infinity. Cheers and Cheerio, Paul ~ Dakarra & ''The Infinites' of 'Team Yes.' <3 )

Thank You Wayne Dyer.  Anything to add Wayne?  Have Fun forever.  Jesus Is  Fun.  God Is Fun.  Humanity's destiny is Fun.  Why put off Fun?  Esp  when God's end script calls for All HisHer Children  to  have Fun, Right Uncle Jerry?    )  smile can say a thousand words. <3 )  )  )

Thank You Wayne Dyer. Anything to add Wayne? Have Fun forever. Jesus Is Fun. God Is Fun. Humanity's destiny is Fun. Why put off Fun? Esp when God's end script calls for All HisHer Children to have Fun, Right Uncle Jerry? ) smile can say a thousand words. <3 ) ) )

Thank You  Jerry! God & Everyone <3 You.  Can't wait  to see and hear Yer new group ~ The Grateful Living.  Hope to see You and The Company of Heaven soon.  <3  )  )  )

Thank You Jerry! God & Everyone <3 You. Can't wait to see and hear Yer new group ~ The Grateful Living. Hope to see You and The Company of Heaven soon. <3 ) ) )

Who is ready for Fun? )

The scribe emmissary would like  everone to know that he, Paul, is an instrument  of the Divine Ultimate.  He is the messenger pushing the buttons on this beat up gateway computer. which needs replacement. Here's a  slide  show which, we hope, will show to all, who's really in charge.  It's not the button pusher but the force behind the movement, in other words, the wind at our back.  In other words...


So, we all know, right, that we  are All Gods and Goddesses.  Ask Zorra, We are immortal spiritual beings functioning in 3D in a mundane society that thinks of us as mere consumers  or just 'population' to  be controlled, or even eliminated to fulfill the forces of imbalance's  evil agenda's. We  are Vastly more than what any earthly government can figure out what to do with, as per this... www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 

So, what have you done, gentle reader, to prove to anyone else who may not know what you know. i.e.  That You & Everyone is a Great Big piece of The One?  We'll tell ya, You were born. That makes us Gods & Goddesses, Folks. A drop of the ocean is still a part of the ocean. God - Paul, will 'Blow The Whistle' on You! And he is right now as he channnels this stream from his high self. You can catch it or let it pass you by, Tom, Dick & Mary God. etc etc...

Some musicians prove it every time they take the  stage. Just look at some or all of the above videos.   We are  in awe and say 'Wait a minute, only God can play like that.'  Or athletes do it with their extraordinary skills.  Heck, a baby can do it by looking up and smiling at her or his Mom  & Dad. giving so much love you can't begin to think of measureing it.

Good (well ) in all of us doing what God does makes the difference and it's true - Love makes the world go round, makes the galaxies sing and the cosmos' move in perfect, exact harmony, a perfect infinite symphony.  And now that the earth is finally in synch with the rest of all creation, God can get HisHer Own rest and recreation.  Fun is our real honest, en-joy-able future, humanity... Drama is over.  If you want that watch Star Wars or something else you like.

Lack, money-stress, inequality of the immortal spiritual beings disguised as just us, regular day to day peeps is undergoing a quantum leap as we speak, folks. God's infinitely perfect divine, holy, happy and Fun plan is the solution, my dear friends. 

Whatever we do, folks,  lt's God coming thru us that makes us so perfect.  Like a flower, we are flowering all the time that we are here in the field or esp when we move on to spirit and we look back at a life and say, Geeze, OMG Why didn't I do this or that, I could have made such a difference.  God, 'I could have been a contender.' 

Please, God,  can You give me another chance?  I know I can do better next time,  I will listen better, pray more often and smile, not scowl at other people. I'll be nicer to  people esp my Mom, not to mention my Dad and siblings.  Next time, dear God, I  swear to You, I'll get it right.'

And God may say... Fine, Sonny, there's just one problem.  That humanity going around the 'stuck on the wheel of karma'  merry, or more accurately,' misery go 'round'- has ended. "IT IS DONE."  The 2018 lightworkers cracked the code and now no one has to go down to that Now retired beautiful schoolhouse simpy termed 'Earth' any more. 

The cleanup volunteers  are in action on it. Indeed, All of us can do our part to clean up the planet by immediately stopping any driling, fracking, or any similar not needed  actions.  We must clean up the oceans and thankfully our extraterrestrial friends of The Ashtar Command have the technology to do just that as we kindly and gratefully  ASK them Now to do so, and with the quickness.  And So It Is.  IJN. 

Thank You God.,  Let's stop littering, life is messy however we simply owe it to ourselves and   others around us to clean up our mess. People who still smoke, please be informed that Gaia is not Your ashtray, Together, as one yeam, we Can and Must take care of our living breathing volunteer sentient being Mother Earth, Terra, Gaia as a  few of Her more well known names. 

We, the  invasion armies of the Rock & Roll Divine Intervention cavalry lovingly refer to Her as 'Plant it'  Earth bc we came down here with a 'take no prisoners' (Nod to Journey and the song - 'After The Fall.') mandate.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will we be defeated against the imbalance forces of darkness, chaos & fear.

oh - we may lose a  few skirmishes, like altamont, but we Won 'Big Time' at Woodstock, Monterey, and many, many others like the West Palm  Beach Rock festival 'back in the day' when 'Grand Funk Rairoad' Blew 60,000 + fans into another dimension. Mark Farner on His knees giving it All Up To God at the end. Anyone who was there will tell you. 

Oh, wish you were there and would Love to have experienced it?  No prob, it's in the cosmic 'Akashic Records' or as Kryon says 'The Akosh.' Don't know who or what Kryon is?  Search online esp on You Tube and do yer due diligence seekers, same with Zorra. Thank Y'all Very Much.

So, (Nod to Peter Gabriel ) 'In other words,' as Hicks- Abraham like to say... It's Done, over, finished, complete.  Do you catch our drift, Daughters and  Sons, Sons  and Daughters of The One?  The God conceived, produced, directed and acted movie is over. The reviews are in. The smiles have it, right Uncle Jerry?  )  )  ) Jesus & Mary & God?  ( HUG 4 ALL )  ) ) ) ))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))

The  actors from central casting have gone home and the only thing to do now is 'Celebrate'  bc 'The Good Guys'  Won.  It was  really no contest bc when all is said and done. It was and Is Love and only Love that matters and Love In Action that delivers.  (7)  Nod to  The 'Mark Age'  Group.

It's all there is, my dear friends, Anything else is just illusury, waste of time, mucky pucky drama of no consequence or basis in real eternal reality.  We can continue to dilly dally around down here in 3D but there's no need for it, anymore. The cosmic Pedestrians, Cars, Busses,Trains, Planes, Starships and whatever are In town. To board all we gotta do is say,.."I'm In."  "Thank You Jesus!"  is recommended as well.  rinse, repeat as felt.  Congratuations.  You will now find your perfect  place in the infinite infinite

We are ascending our consciousnesses up as Infinite Creator is calling us home weir our every eternal moments are filled to the brim with Love, light, peace, harmony, adventure, happiness and, oh, almost forgot ~ FUN  )  Fun Rules boys and girls, Ladies and Gents.  )  Would Ya like to have more fun by finding your perfect twin flame  and other flames of the 'twin' variety? 

Take the  guesswork out of it, dear ones, and mosey on over to Brother Erik's place. www.tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777   Tell Him out loud that Paul & Dakarra's team sent Ya. Done. )

Update 3/25/18  Erik now offers this same service only matching You to Yer perfect pet.  Thank You God who guides Erik in this happy work. )

Alright, We ARE DONE, dear ones, The 'Work' Is Done but does a sleeping humanity and press listen? Where's the proof, guys? Too late to stop now, someone (Ty Van ) once sang. so let's add a couple of pics here and soon a new page will, HISHER Will Willing , we will put up a new page which was told to us in the shower this morning to be called: Ready? 'In God's Hands,' That's it. We listen, ask and God replies. It's good. Have You tried it lately?  We hope so...)

Btw, who's thought of supporting this endeavor? Scribe has bills and also, like you, likes to eat. So, if led, you can actually be the #2 person to ever contribute to this vaulted site. Yeah, it's been apparent for some time. We are in a vacuum where no sunlight or relief seems to penetrate but we slog on anyway bc we 'know' - we don't merely 'believe' - we are on track.

It may be the only track for us but it is the right track and as scribe''s fingers fly over the keyboard the wind is coming around and we are getting closer to the word getting out to the masses. Who can 'You' turn on to  God's revelatory starsite, if led? 

Remember, Please Guys, the  dude sitting here  is God's born appointed 'emissary'  just doing his job  as worked out prior to his birth.  If you dismiss all this  as some chap's ego run amuck, you are sadly, sadly, sadly missing it.

Do You want  to be inspired by God, or maybe you are like the person stuck on a desert island in the middle of the ocean who cries out 'God Please rescue me!'  God hears all, so Shortly there-after, a boat, a helicopter and a flying saucer show up and he turns them all away saying.  Oh, God's gonna rescue me. Thanks anyway.  Well, didn't that person 'miss the bus,' so to speak. Don't let that guy be you, my dear friend(s).  )

God has a  plan, dear ones, we can call it any number of things, like God''s Love Divine Rock & Roll Intervention Journey to paradise plan.'  Stan  & Fran and Jerry and Bobby and Eric and Jeff, Pat and Neil, Eric and Buck, Elisa and Erik, Duane & Berry & Gregg, Phil and Don, Ralph and Carter Staney, Johnny and June., Sonny & Cher, Donny and Marie, Karen and  Richard C, Paul and John, etc, etc and You and Your musical partner.  It could be God. )

Indeed, Rock & Roll music is our (P & D) particular 'airly' path  to bring us together, but maybe yours is Country or Fusion, Bluegrass, Jazz or Classical, whatever. (We think Rap comes under 'whatever)  lol.  P calls it 'Poetry W a beat.)  What rows Your particuar boat alongside of Jesus is what get's it done for all of us.  

We even highly recommend silence, the sweetest sound, it's been called, to get in closer contact with the core inner voice of our souls.  We can heal internally  w the rhythms that our soul resonates to, and In Jesus we have a home that God wants to take us to, - rest assured on that.  Music, we hear, is the ultimate catalyst, next to Jesus to find and be with God.  Some say, like Paul, that music (once again ) can be found in silence.  We prove it when  we write lyrics or just tap on a keyboard to the rhythm of our own beat. Indeed.  ) 

Re getting the word out about this site.  Maybe the universe is waiting for YOU, Yes, You to share something here and it could reach someone who knows someone and next thing you know we're mentioned on Oprah, or even main stream zzzzzzzz 'news.' And people, powerful immortal spiritual beings who don't yet have a clue re how Really Powerful we all are, begin to 'Wake up.'  'Hello,' better yet 'Heavenoh' my Goodness Grace us. Indeed.   Words, dear friends.

Words:  They become us, don't they?  In far and flung and glorious ways we are only now beginning to  know how powerful they are as our infinitely powerful subcoonscious mind grab on and take hold with them.  So speak only good, kind, compassionate and loving words and tell yer friends, lovers, neighbors and nations what you have learned somewhere 'over the rainbow.'

And, guess what, kids,  we can All get together and learn to love one another as Infinite Divine  Source God Creator - ALL THAT IS - Divine Ultimate, to use a few terms for The One God. of All God's. And So It Is. So following are 2 pics, (now above,) 

However you know the power of 3 so, we'll see what God comes up with. (We already know what it's going to be. ) Everything, Dear Ones, It's All In God's Hands.'  Behold an image and, hopefully we all get a clue.  Indeed. Surrendering to God's  Happy, Holy and Fun plan is what we all need, in the  short and long run.  See Ya's downtown or anywhere we may meet.


Paul and Dakarra and 'The Firm.'

 Rec & fin w addendums


12:50 p.m.


5:30 p.m.

'In God's Hands'  A new page coming soon. Note:  Already 'Done' just need to bring into manifestation.  It's imminent.

'In God's Hands' A new page coming soon. Note: Already 'Done' just need to bring into manifestation. It's imminent.

Black Peter, 10/29/77 โ˜ฎ Grateful Dead Music to transition by...

Thank You The Grateful Dead. Thank You Jerry & Co for this awesome work. See Ya's on the other side...<3 )

Stella Blue, 5/13/77 โ˜ฎ Grateful Dead - HD/HQ

Thank You The Grateful Dead. Parting is such sweet sorrow, even when we know we'll be together soon on the other side..)

Grateful Dead - Uncle Johns Band - Alpine Valley 1989

Thank You The Grateful Dead for 3 for the road, all chosen by God. See Ya's at the next level ~
'In God's Hands.' if led. )

Here's a link...


'A World In God's Hands,'

And So It Is.

Now 3/14/20 Jackson Browne with David Lindley - 06 Before The Deluge, June 26, 2010

Thank you Jackson, David & Band & appreciative audience of awl of us. <3 )

In Memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014 With a little help from me friends ~ Everyone. <3 )

Thank You Joe & The Grease Band.on bewhole of yer & awl God's friends ~ every buddy. ) See Ya's around buddies. <3 )

Now 9/8/21 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Live in New York City)

The Gospel According to Bruce. God Bless The Boss & The E Street Band Everyone who know it's alright to have a good time. It Is & God wants nothing less 4 HerHis Children. Deal Children? Hope so. What's that Jerry? Indeed, Bro. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/8/21 Grateful Dead - Deal (Gizah 9/16/78) (Official Live Video)

Thank You The Grateful Dead. The Deal went down, Folks. Love the hair, Donna. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/8/21 Blue ร–yster Cult - Burnin' for You (Live) 10/9/1981 [Digitally Restored]

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 9/8/21 John Prine - Hello In There

Thank You John 4 leaving us w your masterworks of heart & soul, this being one of the best. Ty EileenML aka Adamfulgence for sharing on Yt. And to whoever made this video. You nailed it. Great job. <3 )

Now 9/8/21 Nick Drake - River Man

Thank You Nick Drake. <3