Now, The New Now Testament & more... Thank You Jesus <3 )

Greetings God Jesus Sananda Yeshua et al  <3  )

Greetings God Jesus Sananda Yeshua et al <3 )

Now 1/29/20 Overview: New Testament

Thank You God 4 sticking w us & The Gift of Jesus. Salute BibleProject 4 this good work. <3 )

The Old Testament in 8 minutes

Thank You God ~ Source of Awl ways & means 4 our learning about U & our subsequent enlightenment. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. (the now Amen)

Now. 1/29/20 Who's ready 4 Love Peace Joy Harmony Happiness Adventure 4 starters? Oh, there's a couple, maybe 1 or 2...

Greetings Humanity... Have you heard the good new news yet?   Paul, a humble servant 4 God's will, a designated galactic messenger 4 Galaxies inc this local cosmic neighborhood in which the milky way, including the beautiful but, up 2 Now, troubled, planet 'Joy' (1 of Her new names ) Terra Christa Gaia Mother Earth Love.

Good News, fellow humans, immortal spiritual beings in fleshly 'body suits' that bleed, incarnated here on schoolhouse Earth.  God's agenda, consisting of divine Love Peace Joy Harmony Happiness Adventure & Kindness  IS  God's agenda & recipe 4 our eternal bliss in union w HimHer.  Mix, rinse, repeat w a dash of honey, stir in some humility & modesty & a Gallon of Gratitude & we get 2 live' 'happily ever after' as the companion Gods & Goddesses we were meant 2 be in the beginning, W our Own Free Will,*  or a snap of God's fingers ago, not 2 mention a blink of HisHer eye.  ; )     

And there it is, dear friends; the reason*  4 awl our long, sad, heartbreaking history when some used their free will powers & abilities to see what They could do w/o God.  they were so full of themselves that it never dawned on their young souls to be thankful 4 their creation and/or have some gratitude 2 God for what they had been gifted with.  Great empathic generous, kind  God has a song 4 this.  If int it can be experienced here... 

 Scroll down to ''Nobody's fault but mine.'  

Forgiveness is 4 every one. w/o singling anyone out. We can now go on 2 infinity as our new home on the range,so 2 speak & Yes, we r only beginning our eternal journey, dear friends in Good* God consciousness.  Thank You Jesus 4 our deliverance w help from the angels who's music has been playing in the background since we logged on a few hours ago.  Anyone like 2 hear it?  Ok, here you go.  Link:  Enjoy. ; )  

So, my dear friends, if you are reading this, whenever you are.  Congrats.  You've made it 2 the big boys and girls table and those ingredients mentioned above are awl we awl need 2 live love  laugh joyfully & freely 4 ever.  Paul, you got a place 2 celebrate this, don't you?  Yes,  you know Jasper bc you've been watching this Paul dude 4 a while.  It will cost you peeps 5 smiles to get in there, tho, nothing's free in this pay as you go world.  Thank You 2 Jesus we, as little children that He taught we should be like, can Now pay as we go with smiles. as per the Urgent Message memo, you shoould see awl over the place on these pages.

However no, 4 once you can see it on the suggested page(s)  ) world and we can't fight that 'Pay 4 everything'  engram, it's too locked into 'our'  dna at this point, guys.  So, with the new now paradiigm of 'Everything's free bc everything belongs to God, esp Us.   So e.g. you copywrong wrongdoers by depriving people of God's music, in videos etc thru HisHer artists Please return those videos so We The People, which includes you, right? 

Indeed, people in awl God's countries deserve 2 see & hear the best of God's love & light. ) & it Will happen.  Course we gotta push the right buttons.  You want an elevator ride?  ) and look 4 the button, right?  Make sense?  )

God wants 2 Share everything Good in His Her universes  w HisHer children.  That's us folks. Going 4 ward.  Fun is what it's awl about.  Right Lionel?  Guys, zombie, robotic, 9 to 5 groundhog day, 'consumers' going thru the motions in treadmill  nightmare commutes, w disharmonious political, religious & corporate agendas stuck in the old, worn out, obsolete paradigm of selfish, me me me dilly dally  folderol has bit the dust w the New Now tsunami of Infinite Rock & Roll Love -- Light & Fun Rescue, as designed by God & the Company of the Highest Heaven.  We took the challenge, we planned our scripts, some planning 2 come down as musicians and use that angelic gift as a tool to shape & change the world.

Waccepted that where the chips would fall, it was awl ok bc in the long run & in the very end.  God will always be around 2 pull us thru no matter what.  HeShe Loves us Way too much 2 see us fall away 4 ever 2 eternal oblivion. Praise God, my dear friends.  Awl infinite Praise Worship & Glory Be 2 God in The Highest.  Simply... 'The One.'  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  <3 )

showed up, we changed & conquered the world w Rock & Roll.  Weir Still here.  We ain't dead, yet, in fact we just shifted 2 plan 3.  Let  Father Son & Holy Spirit 'Do it' & everyone else, as Llarry Bird said.  'Get out of the way.'  In other words, dear ones:  You want something done right... )  Ed Note:  This sharing was not done linearly, however these r the final words that just came thru the humble scribe.  Rec & fin above date:  1:44  p.m.  Thank U The Angels.  See Ya's over at Michael's place. 

Him Her Self can be replaced so easily simply by copping & accepting the New Now paradigm of God's Love & Light, as demoonstrated & taught 2 us by Jesus the Christ. enjoy the mw a price of just 5, count 'em 5 ))))) smiles Everyone can click the (not missing link  

Link 2 God's happily ever after FUN page    A friend holds the passenger door 4 us passengers.  )

Where this reading can also be found at Leslle Jo section.   Particularly please note at:  30:11

Thank You Leslee Jo and the Akashic Record Keepers, and, of course, God.  Source of ALL THAT IS.  IJN.  <3  )

 Robert, we know you got a song, and it's 'No Quarter'  See below if following this thread. If have 2 leave or go to work, we sympathize.  maybe later.  Try 2 'Have a nice day,'  &/or as we say  'Have a nice forever,'  )

Now 1/29/20 Saul via John Smallman, January 27th, 2020

Thank You God 4 the Saul John & Mario team 4 getting the Good New Now News of Your perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan 4 humanity''s awakening out 2 the masses. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. God, Please Bring in The WhistleBlowers. TYVM )

Now 1/29/20 Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)

Thank You Scorpions. Want 2 be a Whistleblower? Simple, kindly share this wake up call of a video.

Now 1/29/20 1:47 p.m. Led Zeppelin – No Quarter [1975/05/24 @ London, England]

Thank You God Led Zeppelin & The Clockwork Angels of Infinity. <3 ) Nod 2 Neil P. Thank u Bro but weir in no Rush 2 get there earlier than God's perfect schedule. Hey 2 Alex & Geddy. <0 ) )