Now 3/15/20 Welcome to the continuation of The Jubilee is Jesus.Just trimming the long long thread 4 faster loading & allowing new 'good stuff' to come in at the top, so all shared here is current 4 the time it showed up. Hope en - Joy. )

Now, 9/23/19 Let's get started if in need of large hope...

Again, dear ones, Welcome 2 'the jubilee' ~  a place of Hope, love, light, happiness, harmony, mercy, compassion, learning, spirituality, adventure, salvation, music, celebration & Gratitude.  <3  )   'Congrats' on your perfect timing. everyone's dear friend.  You are exactly where you're meant to be.  Hope you en-Joy the place , feel  free 2 tell your world, if like this God 4 giving place & don't be a stranger. )  Cheers & Cheerio 4 now.  )

Ok, so let's get right to what may have brought you here and that's 2 'fix' your immediate situation, which is you don't have enough of the bounty that one needs just to 'get by' in this money is all the sh*t world,  right?  Thought so.  So, if led, simply click on this link & in a twinkling  you'll end up on a page that will help us all to attain our money goals for what we need in this tired, old fashioned, slow 2 change, obsolete, failed system compared to what God really wants 4 His children.   Hope 2 see Ya's there where the 2020 Starship Hope 2 Infinity ship is ready when we are.  Man, this is Big. 

And So It Is What It Is. )

If you would like to share this page, a  url is:  TYVM  😎

Jesus / Sananda - Channeled through Natalie Glasson , September 20th, 2019

Thank You God Sananda Jesus Yeshua Natalie & Mario and all of us here on Planet Joy 4 all doing our self assigned parts in bringing Creators Love, Truth & Fulfillment to fruition in our beautiful hearts.  All Praise, Thank You Giving & GLORY 2 God.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is What It Is.  )

Our comment on loveworker Ayce Andez FB page where we saw this w thumbs ups.  Fyi..

Paul F Brown Paul F Brown C'mon folks? A thumbs up? This is about 💔 give 💔 Thank You Jesus Sananda & Natalie & Ayce 4 sharing. 😍 Jesus is hanging out, oops, bad choice of words, as He smiles, Sananda Jesus is blessing the jubilee here & invites His Far Flung Flock 2 follow Him over there. He says it's the 'Now testament' place God has created w humble instrument, yours truly. Hope see Ya's there. 🦋 breaths. 😎 

P.s. Now,  9/21/19  Officially Announcing as copied from the Further Hope shared page...

Announcing a official 'Course in Hope' This page is the 2nd page of that 3 page, for now, course.  It starts here... w A Place of Hope & this page url Further  hope shared, is...  & the 3rd Hope Springs Eternal  page is here... The value of the course is a kajillion dollars or 1 smiling Jerry bill.  You can just stamp it yourself & get there free.  Now that's a deal, my dear friends, right, Jerry?  )  

P.p.s.  Btw, if you don't think you need hope, even a little, we challenge you to 'google' 'Scientific research on the value of hope.'  Ok, Hope awl take advantage of this hopeful offer 4 you, humanity.  It's really time to get our collective sh*t together down here, guys, all 12 tribes of us.  We need 2 just get along and btw, we just got orders to share this again.  We can't share it enough bc each time we read it, more of it comes to light us up, like the pendulum affirming our intuition that this Urgent Message was channeled thru our 'future self' in 1995.

So, if led, check this out again, or if it's your first time here, you're kind of witnessing, participating in a crash course in spiritual know-ledge, way past mere believing, tough as nails,  blizzard flakes.  )


Now, 9/22/19  Update.  Some things should be obvious, my dear friends, however,we can only see up tothe next bend and beyond that - only God knows.  So, here's what came down in our consciousness today and that is that, beginning this day,  this beautiful Sunday afternoon is the changing of this  expression of God 2 go from 'the jubilee' 2 'the jubilee ~ a place of Hope.' Indeed, large Hope 4 All God's kids. this entire sit and the original sit are to be recognized as Places of Hope.  It only makes sense,  as any sharing on any branch, another name 4 a page, can be exactly what spirit wants us 2 see at that particular moment. 

This came down on this Good Ship Hope page.  Check it out, if led.  We are also sharing opportunities for anyone to be able to put food on the table & keep a roof over our heads until the so called 'powers that be.' wake up and go on God's standard.  No, we can't afford to hold our breath, guys, esp since Paul doesn't just live in a vacuum, ref song by 'Til Tuesday' the poor boy lives in a vault.  Just ask his angels.  )

Now, 9/21/19 The Interview With God. <3 )

Thank You God 4 The Interview.  Thank you Sam in India w HP Tech support 4 your kind sharing of this God Awesomeness.  Blessings to you & All your friends, same as ours, same as God's & Jesus ~ Everyone. 

Thank You God 4 meeting us 1/2 way. 

Film here & a song, and lots of friends 2 'gaze' with, inc Sananda Jesus Yeshua   

And here's a page we love 2 share 4 the love love love, the 3 L's   It's all we need, Dear Christ.  And So It Is What It Is.  ) 

Now, New News 9/14/19 The Gathering in 5D page is Done & Open 4 God's business. <3 )

Yes, Indeed, guys, it's done as done can be, tho we always leave room for whatever spirit may add or subtract or fix. Fact is, we tried many times to add something else, another opportunity, however it just would not load. To test it we added a certain video that we knew we'd end the page with. That 'took,' as you'll see if you go there. Here's link: Everyone's invited

Just 4 fun we asked the pendulum if it was perfect as is, is this the way you want it God? Is this page truly 'done,' finished, complete, as is? The pendulum didn't waste any time starting w an arc of 3-4 then 7 - 8 inches as we asked again. The energy was amazing, my dear friends. lol )

So, we got our answer. Now, we invite Every spirit to come on over to that high 'octave' door where the Christ light always shines. We got awesome Rock & healing angelic music, (all music is healing to an appreciative listener, we all know that ) NDE vids & Free High Vibrations. So, if led, come on by. Awl yer friends, i.e. everyone, will be looking 4 You there, not to mention anywhere else on this far flung site you are invited 2 roam.

Alright, as always ~ All Glory Praise & GRATITUDE 2 God Who Is Good, Soo Good 2 HisHer children, we fortunate sons & daughters of the infinite Source God Creator's Light & Love. The Alpha & Omega of ALL THAT IS ~ The Infinite 'THE ONE.' Correct, our collective one and only Lord & Saviour, Jesus Sananda? <3 ) Thank You Good God & Jesus Sananda Mary & All the Company of Heaven on Earth & The uni-verse. And So It Is. Namaste. )

P.s. We're asked, Paul, what song you got 4 this, Bro? And we say -Your song Lucky & Daisy. The song You carry in Your heart. That's the song that will further carry us all thru, as one. The universe is listening, and rippling, and Loving Your song which is Our song, and it is good. ) Peace Love Joy harmony happiness compassion adventure & Gratitude 2 one & awl. )

P.p.s Speaking of a song, the singer of a great one, among many, has just departed and Jerry has a new singer in His Grande Grateful Living Cosmic Band. We invite ya's to scroll down 2 2 tickets 2 paradise and take in that song. Thank You Eddie 4 showing up down here & sharing your great gifts with us. Namaste. )

P.p.s. Ok Guys, we got our 2 tickets, however everything @ here is free. No tickets needed. We think we'll leave this sharing right here at the top, at least 4 now 4 a while. Thank you 4 being here. Hope you won't be a stranger and we'll see you around the schoolhouse Earth -Gaia campus. Keep up the good work, play, deeds that you & only you can do. We're all where we're meant to be, doing exactly what we came here to do. In God's divine perfect, infinitely perfect script, it can't be otherwise. Whatever is going on in our lives, just know & trust... 'God's Got This.' Cheerio, )

P.p.p.s. One more thing, guys. We're starting to feel like Columbo.) Seriously, September, & we say All months, are 'suicide prevention months.' Please, if you have any thoughts or have a friend or loved one or just to pass the word... go to this page of 'Further Hope' & share. Lots of good stuff there, and most likely more to come. Thank you very much folks. ) We mark the moment. Rec & fin 9/15/19 1:04 a.m. Good night. )

Now, Update: 8/4/19 from starting 6/26/19 Meet 'Joy' Gaia peeps, our Mother, our friend, our healer, our happy home on the range. Love and treat her w utmost respect. Celebrate One God, One Divine Infinite Heart- we're All connected to in one World to 'get it right. One clear and final destiny outcome. God has us, w all our worries, fears, doubts, debts & Joys, in His plans, under divine timing. See the signs, beloveds. No hurry, no worry, God Is In His House and All Is Well.

Trust, have Faith. Know we are loved beyond any measure our earthly equipment can fathom & as a friend says... "Try to be nice to each other." ) And So It Is. <83

Now Update 9/15/19  This Gaia <3 picture depicts the location of the jubilee.  Not only the Earth but the infinite starry backdrop we can term 'infinity'  It can't be in one place, therefore by reciprocity it has to be everywhere.  For our porpoises we can think of Gaia as a focal point 4 sure.  This designated 'schoolhouse' is the OK Corral for the working out of our diverse aspects, agendas, beliefs and passions, etc

In the long run it's all good.  It all comes down to Love; the infinite Alpha & Omega.  Without love there is nothing.  With love there Is everything. Love is the quantum field holding everything together.  We are love, therefore we are quantum. We are made from love, we live in love & we breathe love w every breath we take in and out. Lliving in Love which Is God is our 'ace in the hole'  Our bodies may pass away however our spirits can never fade away. 

We are eternal, immortal and spiritual, not to be confused with religious.  Jesus said 'God Is Love & Love Is God. Love God & Love One Another.'  So, let's carry on, Guys and try to love one another right now.  Are You In?  Hope so.  And So It Is.  )

The Jubilee Is Jesus ~ Sananda ) Now Updated 7/21/19 Welcome Super bright, shiny Star Beings of infinite Love ~ Light & Joy 2 'the jubilee.' So glad you have found yer way 2 this humble shore of 'JOY ~ love & light, Wow, sounds like a match made in Heaven 4 us seekers of same, along w harmony, music, fun, adventure, sharing and caring.' If led, be sure to share. Thank you very much. <3 )

The Jubilee Is Jesus <3 <3 <3 ) ) )

Greetings Hello & Welcome One & all to the Jesus God Mary Holy Spirit 'All Is Forgiven,' Now page. It's exactly 50 minutes into this new day dawning in perfect synch w 'Stairway' playing on Yt. w the words matching up exactly, precisely and perfectly. The New Now Love paradigm has taken the 'Plant it' by love and music and the only thing sweeter is golden silence. So let's listen very hard and 'Rock' this world 2 Heaven. Look, we're here~ already. Thank You God! <3 )

Now, 7/31/19 Ed Note: Simple Site has disabled pictures from loading into 'Text' fields. Pics tell a thousand words, so scribe must do a whole lotta editing. We'll be 'trimming the fat' as well. We ask 4 your indulgence 4 the next few days while we 'fix' things. TYVM ) e.g. Lord's Prayer goes here as a photo...

Now, 8/25/19 New News Now Flash 8/25/19 4:16 p.m.

Happy Christmas in August, Sons & Daughters of 'The One.' God is in the mood 4 a party & we're all 'chosen' to attend. Will you show up? Hope so. Here's the address. All our spirit friends are/will be there. Hope You will too. A 'sweet time' guaranteed 4 all who take action.   😎