Now, (Updated) 7/28/19 ~ 8/25/19 Welcome 2 'Heart-Heaven Now II' page Companion Beings of 'The One' ~ on the Way uP ~ So Nice 2 see You've arrived. ( Open Arms ) <3 )

Thank You Elvis ~ The King of Rock & Roll 4 being our kind Gatekeeper 4 this page. <3  )

The King at the Gates of Graceland, Memphis, Tn. USA.  Can we come in Elvis? Thank You Elvis  ) We Awl Love You and Who U <3 Elvis.  Yep, God. Good God of & 4 us, each & every one.  IJN.  ) And So It Is.  Rock On...~  ~   ~  

From  July, 2015...The  following  disappeared from what is now (updated 7/28/19)  termed the Original 'Heart- Heaven Now' place  here... 

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Welcome home, weary pilgrim(s) how was your trip?

In the kitchen the other day paul asked Mom, Mom what song would you like on this wall?

not a half breath later this song was in his head playing. So, we share it here with you beloveds.  Hope you en-joy all of these and the countless songs and artists that are not here but are in spirit.
Namaste. )

P.s.  Guys, have you listened to this reading yet? 

Now Ed: 8/20/19 --with the late James Law (passed 8/19/19)  RIP Jim. w Dr James Martin Peebles as gatekeeper, featuring, in order of appeareance, Mom-Marie, Jimi, Jerry, John & Jesus. It will help explain the Cat Stevens connnection we have w Marie.  'Marie; based on Jesus' teaching here at the 'Bullet' (bulletin board) page.   Team Awesome, it's important we're all on the same page, so sharing things at the risk of being redundant.  TYVM  )

Now, 8/9/19   Spirit invites one and all to visit this page where it all started.    This link is at the bottom of

It really Is party time on the plan it, my dear friends.  The guests (That's us, folks) are arriving by the score... and Fun & song is in the air.  )  

P.s. Now, 8/24/19   When God throws a party and all who are supposed to be here show up as in God's perfect plan from the beginning, complete w this verification - validation God Letter from 2014  magically showing up & saying 'put me here, sonny.'  Done God. )    Thank You Gloria Wendroff.  )

So, in closing, however really only just beginning God says... 

"What music do you like, and what movies do you like to see? Everything is here, and you are here, and I am here, and We can dance, and We can sing. We can each do Our own thing."

"Thank you for attending My party."

Dear God, humbly, on bewhole of the flock of 'I Am That I Am'  Grateful Souls on both sides of the veil, we humbly say "Thank You God"  We Want to be just like You Dear God i.e. The God / Goddess You made us to be as 'mirror' companions to You 'The One'  The Infinite.  The ALL THAT IS of The ALL THAT IS'  Thank You Source Creator Father Mother Supreme Divine Ultimate.  The Alpha & Omega Higher Power of which nothing is or could ever be higher.  Again, All our Loving Gratitude In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

Indeed, we're in the mood w the words You chose, God.  Reminds us of a song. Got it Robert?   Nice work, Bro.  )

For the record, this page is 'done' now, straight to the 'Congratulations' song of The Traveling Wilbury's closing this page out at the bottom.  Rec & fin, w addendums, this 'Happy Day'  Saturday, August 24, 2019  3:00 p.m.  TYVM Everyone, esp God.  )

P.s. 8/25/19 Note to selves. It's 'Done' when God e.g. 'The Divine Ultimate' says its 'Done,' junior,  nice try Paul.  )  Right, got it.  'Done' is a relative term and anything, esp here, can be added to, 'fixed,' or edited as need be.  But it's pretty much done!  There you go again, Paul. Will you ever learn, bro?  lol  )

P.p.s.  Now, 8/25/19  2:16 p.m.  God says 'put this here, son.'  as an example of Infinite God & Son working together   See everyone, we hope, at the show, the movies, the beach, the park, the rodeo.  Oh, we're all already at the 'rodeo.' )  Peace.

 P.p.p.s.  Maybe, Dear Ones, we 'catch Ya's'  at a kryon seminar like this recent one which was shared today, like a gift, on Yt.  We listened to it while taking in the slide show, as its been a while, but that's us, multitasking.  Or, of course, one can always listen to High vibration sounds, tones frequencies, like shared below, as we do what we do.  The subconscious is always aware, so let's feed it only 'Good Stuff' as much as we can, right Kryon?  ) & Thank You Lee & Entourage of 'All of us. <3  )

---'Elements of The Spark' 

Now, 8/27/19  we may be really done now guys w Bob Marley now closing out this page.  One thing to add here is this God's Urgent Message. A promise of a clean slate  & more...

From front page... 

Jesus is this a deal or a deal breaker, my & everyone's Dear Friend?

So, who's ready 4 some good news, spirits?  'Happy Spirits Day' ~ which is every day... )

 Film here, if int. 

Now, 8/25/19 New News Now Flash: It's Christmas in August ~ 'Celebrate' God says 'It's Alright' 'TYJ' )

Jesus, The Host of our party.  Thank God.  <3

Jesus, The Host of our party. Thank God. <3

Wow, What an August this has been; starting w a super friend's birthday on the 1st & his passing 'upstairs' anniv on the 9th, and, wait a second, if it's Christmas, that means we should have a Santa Claus, right God?  )

Alright, our team knows who to go to. Other than Jesus, he's our #1  'Go to' guy 4 special favors like this & he's experienced & perfect 4 the job.  Who, oh, I know who you mean, Paul.  Right Daisy Mae.  I'll go ask Jerry right now, if he will be our August 2019 Santa Claus.  What he shows up wearing will give it away if he's accepted or not.  Give us 2 shakes of a puppy dog's tail & we'll see if the deal went down.

Success!  Thank You Jerry 4 always being there 4 all of us 'Jerry kids'.  We Love You Santa <3  )

---See Jerry & a few of his friends filling Giants Stadium, below.  )

Now, returning to the original thread... tyvm  )

Now 12/24/21 Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (Giants Stadium 6/17/91)

Thank You The Grateful Dead w Bruce and a few friends of the band over. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/26/21 Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Into White (Live, 1970) | Tea For The Tillerman (Replacement)

Thank You Good God ~ Marie Mom, & Cat Stevens for delivering 'the goods.' <3 )
So, let's be getting this show on the road, shall we, Team Awesome? Alright... )

Now 10/26/21 Cat Stevens - Where Do The Children Play (Replacement)

Ditto above. )

Now 10/26/21 Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman Live 1971 (Replacement)

Same as above... )

Now, 7/29/19 Robbie O'Connell & Finbar Clancy - Kilkelly Ireland Song (1995)

A sad song for you Marie ~ Mom. Ty 4 listening 2 this w me. <3 )

Now, 7/30/19 Elvis Presley - Green Green Grass Of Home (best video)

Thank You Good God 4 Creating Rock & Roll & Elvis 2 be its King Thank You Elvis 4 greeting us, one & all. We all know there are no accidents, nothing is random, God's Plan simply works, esp if we all lend our own hand, after all it's just not the same w/o awl of us in HisHer tapestry of souls. And, oh yes, we can do it our way. Tell us Son, w a big nod to 'The Chairman of The Board' And So It Is. <3 )

Now, 7/30/19 Elvis Presley ~ My Way (BEAUTIFUL VERSION)

On Be-Whole of 'The One Infinite Good God's Grateful Group of loving 'I Am That I Am' Graduates on the way up. We say 'Thank You Very Much.' Dear Good God of ALL THAT IS. We echo Elvis' 'God Bless Us', at the end and the curtain comes down.

Now 10/26/21 Paul McCartney -Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight The End HD (Replacement)

Thank You Paul & Linda & Company... <,3 ) ) ) )

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower (Audio)

Thank You Jimi Hendrix.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Thank You Marvin Gaye.

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Thank You Marvin Gaye

Now, 8/18 19 Stevie Wonder - Living for the City

Thank You Stevie Wonder.

Now, 7/27/19 Jesus Is Love

Thank You Jesus. Thank You The Commodores. Thank You Good God Who Makes Awl Things Possible. <3 )

Now, 7/27/19 The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (live)

Thank You The Who. Affirming 4 Team Awesome We won't get fooled again. YAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!! )))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((()))))))))

Now, 8/25/19 Hey Guys, God wants to know... how's Your rodeo going? Got Jesus? Hope so. )

Deadly serious advice, guys. If you don't have Jesus as Your Rodeo Master, You are seriously missing the mark. SERIOUSLY AS SERIOUS Gets. Peeps. No Time to waste w cults, religions, political or nationalistic folderol. It's Jesus or we'll have to send out the lost sheep patrol 4 ya's, and your immortal spiritual soul does not want that. Trust God. 'Know' He exists, not merely believe. Stand up to ignorance & 'Shine' like the blazing glorious Sun we all are in 'team Jesus.' Period. Triumphant end of story, credits rolling, curtain coming down. Film at 11:11 'Done.' Dear Ones, 'Have a nice forever.' ) Mom (Marie) next song is 4 You... <3 )

Now, 8/25/19 Yusuf / Cat Stevens - The Wind (live, Majikat - Earth Tour 1976)

Thank You Yusuf / Cat Stevens. )

Now, 7/28/19 Lets set the controls so we won't fool ourselves again, shall we Love Temple pilots? Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

Thank You Joe & Tom, not to not mention Holy Spirit 'Who' put it on our computer screen as if to say, & it did, 'I go here' And So It Is... Now. Hope en-Joy & apply. Team 'No- Limits ~ ever.' )

Now, 7/28/19 Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton Ph.D @ TCCHE 2017

Thank You The 3 Amigos ~ Gregg - Joe & Bruce. 4 sharing your Joy & TY Joy and the other audience members 4 your ?'s. )

Now, 7/28/19 Dear God, Thank You 4 leading us all on Your V Best path 4 Your kids 8 Victory. <3 )

 Thank You Good God for leading us on our V best path...  Time 4 scribe 2 go out 4 a 'grounding' walk.  Hey Ashtar, you coming with?  Cool, see Ya's there, maybe. 

Hmmm, sure looks like an Ashtar ship.  Hey Ashtar & Co, we awl   <3 You guys too.  <3  )

Hmmm, sure looks like an Ashtar ship. Hey Ashtar & Co, we awl <3 You guys too. <3 )

Now, 7/28/19 We can't limit God, Dear Friends, go ahead... Try ; )

Yahoo images

Dear Good God We, 'Team Oneness' inc All other names w/in that term, hereby 'Surrender' 2 Your Good Divine Victorious Plan, Dear God 4 Awl our lives as One collective hHigher cConsciousness. We know Dear Father Mother there's no 'know' turning back, &Together, we're all in this new 'Now' 'Shift' to higher versions of our present 'Now' 'Heaven on Earth.'

And now, a song... <3 Thank You Each & every one, = sister & brother, fellow Son & Daughter of 'The One,'  And So It Is.

Namaste. )

Now, 7/28/19 Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) [FULL VERSION]

OMG Thank You Ann & Nancy W & Heart W Jason & Company. Thank You Jimmy - Robert - John Paul & John 'Bonzo' in Heaven. Led Zeppelin. Wow, now we can awl pass & go 2 Heaven, as one, right guys? Oh, look, we're already here. ; ) Rock on... Namaste. )

Now, 7/30/19 Kryon 2019 - Follow Your Intuition

Thank You Kryon & Lee & audience of all of God's kids... )

Now, 8/3/19 852Hz Activate Your Crystal Clear Intuition Now! | Healing Vibration | Connect With Inner Self

Thank You God and all artists like ZenLifeRelax who work 2 bring Heaven 2 Earth. )


Thank You Patricia Cota Robles. Good God willing ~ May this be so. Now. And So It Is.

Now, 7/31/19 Great video on Earthing / Grounding with Clint Ober and Dr. Christy Weston

Thank You Good God ~ Gaia & Dr's Clint & Christy... )

Grounding Yourself w Maureen Hancock

Thank you Maureen for showing us how it can be done... ) 


Thank You Tom & Tracy for sharing this gift from Creator.

Now, 8/1/19 An Important Message From the Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie, 7 30 19

Thank You God, The Arcturians, Susan Lie an Mario G 4 awl lending a hand in the unfolding plan...

Now, 8/2/19 Miracle Tones | Activate Pineal Gland | Open Third Eye | Heal Heart Chakra

Thank You God 4 giving us the healing music of the infinite spheres. Thank you Meditative Mind )

Now 10/26/21 Jackie DeShannon - Put A Little Love In Your Heart (1969) (Replacement)

Thank You Jackie. We're out 'earthing' this afternoon and this song starts playing & playing. Thank you the angels clue... 1,580,444 views Hope everyone know 444 is a master angel #. right Marie?

Now, 8/9/19 Grateful Dead - Uncle John's Band (Giants Stadium 6/17/91)

Here we are God... Jerry's kind kids. Hope we passed the audition on earth. )

Now, 8/17/19 Richie Havens - Freedom at Woodstock 1969 (HD)

Thank You Richie Havens & Company i.e. a whole generation singing songs of Freedom. 50 years on ~ we're still doing it, a whole lot of us anyway. Carry On & let's finally Get the Party on...

Now, 8/17/19 Crosby, Stills and Nash - Woodstock - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009/10/29 & 30

Thank You  Crosby, Stills and Nash & Company of All of us spirits, immortal spiritual beings of infinite light & love as created & gifted by Creator Source ALL THAT IS, who showed up at this Grand gathering Celebration of God's far flung tribes here at the cosmic 'OK Corral.' aka Earth ~ Gaia (w many other names 'Joy' among them )  No one who volunteered & who was chosen to come down to this cosmic passion play lost, but only gained, even if, like many who stepped aside so many of us could take their place and 'do' our unselfish parts.

Indeed, my dear friends, they are our biggest and baddest 'cheerleaders'  cheering us on from the etheric 'peanut gallery,'  so to speak, dear ones. And, like Jesus ~ God and the angels we can even call on them to, perhaps, help in some small or maybe Gigantic way to help us in our self chosen 'magnetised' tasks down here.  God knows, we do need all the help we can get in this crazy, polarised, schoolhouse world we find ourselves coping with. Sigh...

So many just holding on for dear life w the insane, geo political, trampoline financial folderol and nationalistic & racial & religious pride insanity when Jesus and now our emerging  'upstairs' friends like the pleiadians the arcturians and andromedans etc and our enlightened leaders like Jesus, Ghandi, John Lennon, told & tell us still,  emphatically,  to 'Wake up' and 'Know', not merely believe, that Love and only Love is the answer and the cure for all that ails us a world made up of God gifted creatures termed 'humans' that by now in our collective evolution should know & live by.

So, it was 50 years ago this weekennd, dear brothers & sisters that @ 400K + of us of the termed 'baby boom generation' came together to celebrate our solidarity in fighting the insanity of the time, which, unfortunately, still went on (we're putting it in the past tense here, now) Crap like war, racism, sexism and other forms of bs.  Woodstock was and will always be hailed as a watermark of what we humans can achieve when we just stop the craziness 4 even 3 days.

Paul, did you go to Woodstock?  No Sonny, we (as pictured) were off on a hitchhiking trip to Miami that weekend. Our buddies saw us off and dropped us at the 'highway to find out' about our future, having earned our associates degree at Bryant & Stratton Jr College of Business in Boston; we were off to start our junior year at the U of Miami in beautiful Coral Gables, Fl.

We landed in beautiful Coconut Grove, the ultra hip part of Miami.  Oh, some stories but 4 another time & place, perhaps.  So back to Woodstock...

Despite the mud and the uncomfortableness of that many peeps co-existing in a relatively small space it was and is, to this day, remembered as a high watermark of what humanity is capable of and add a soundtrack of awesome music and we got it made, babes. Right?  Hope so.  )

We, Team Oneness, say it's high time we turned 3 days into forever, aka eternity, as that is our God given life span.  We know, can be hard to wrap our earthly minds @ that but this is what we're looking at, fellow 'only just beginning' children of God. So, who's with us?  Raise your arms and be counted.  Ok, let's see there's you and you and you mmm... we know, lets just share a video of what this can & did look like on this very planet a generation ago. 

God's gift of music accelerates Peace & love of and 4 each other as demonstrated here. even in a place not known for it like Moscow, Russia.  It happened back in '91.  With the magic of Music captured on video we can visit again, now, if int.  Take it away Metallica... 

Now, 8/17/19 Metallica - Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991 HD

Thank You Metallica. Good God's Goods Delivered. )

Then, 8/20/19 Remembering a friend & mentor 4 the many...

As noted at the top of this Heart -Heaven Now II page, our friend and mentor, not just to us but everyone who asked, James 'Jim' Law passed yesterday.  The guidance we got from the 2 life-changing readings we had w Jim & Company on the other side, guides us every second still to this amazing day. Carry on Jim and we can only imagine the beautiful landscapes you will be creating 'upstairs.'  )  Hope to see you & whole Company of Heaven, soon.  Homesick Paul  )

Our mutual friend, Ann shared much more on a FB sharing that we want to share here.  Seems most appropriate, as we, collectively, are on the way up.  When you can hear the laughter on the other side, then we know we're getting close, right Jim?  )*

* Ed note: 8/23/19  Another luminary, cultural icon of freedom, Peter Fonda, just recently passed, reportedly 'laughing' according to his loving family.  So, we got another song below, after Jimmy, 4 the Great adventure that awaits us all. Now,  Ann...

Ann Albers...

I just received word that my dear friend Jim Law passed peacefully today 8-19-19... what beautiful numbers. I know his soul is in bliss but please pray for his girlfriend and family that they may feel his bright soul and the joy of his new life in heaven.

On earth Jim accomplished so much. When I called to let him know Sedona was planning to chop down the heritage trees along 179. he initiated a campaign to save them. The ones you see to the right, while passing Tlaquepaque are there because of him.

He was a well known landscape architect in Sedona, whose talents graced so many yards and homes. He blended the landscaping in with nature so it looked like it had been there all along. He won an HGTV landscaper's challenge, and shared the beauty of nature with all whom he worked for.

He was an author too. Years ago we edited each other's first books. You can look up "Trade Wind Season" for his historical fiction novel of pirates and gold in the early Bahamas.... He was actually a treasure diver in his younger days and once showed me artifacts from sunken ships.

He was a musician who played guitar, steel drums, and harmonica. He wrote his own songs, many with a calypso type beat. I gave him the steel drum for Christmas one year and he picked it up within minutes. I will be listening to his songs throughout my life and smiling, knowing he's writing more in heaven.

Jim turned into a medium too, and a channel, helping others in need of spiritual guidance and inspiration.

He loved nature, music, crystals, spiritual adventures, laughter, and above all life, and his contribution to it will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew him....

Time to get busy re-developing the relationship with him in heaven. I'm sure he will be having a rollicking good time

Thank you very much Ann.  <3  )

Alright guys, on that good note, this page is a wrap.  Where to from here, Paul?                        Anywhere you want, my friend.  You know this is a friendly forest and you can't get lost, unless you want to try it and we'll pretend we don't know where you are.  Ok?  )

Here's a place... 'Heart - Heaven III' page We Have Liftoff' 

& subsequent ones suggested from there.  Also, check above menu .  Tip.  Click on arrow to the right of the above top 4 pages and other pages should show up.  

P.s.  Whatever you do, don't peak at 'Gathering in 5D'  unless want to see Spirit working on that now.  Not launching officially 'til 8/22/ 19 the <3 day of the 8 month of 2019.  We're almost there.  )

Keep smiling guys, God loves us.  We're All HimHer.  And So It Is.  

P.s.  Asked Jim if he had a song for the road 4 us and Jimmy Buffett came to mind, so, hang on guys.   We'll be back, unless we get eaten by a shark or something.  lol

Now, 8/20/19 Jimmy Buffett - Southern Cross

4 Jim... 'Spirits are using us, larger Voices calling.' Indeed, ain't it the same 4 all of us? Thank You Jimmy Buffett & Coral Reefers & Jimmy's friends & Fans (Fins ) i.e. Everyone. )

Now, 8/23/19 A Sweet Cosmic Trigger Day in the neighborhood. )

So, it's funny, we made this comment on Ann's FB page where she shared the news of Jim's passing.  As a public figure we doubt Ann minds us sharing her page link See here as we help to Fill her, Thrill her & Spill her.    Our comment: 

Paul F Brown Thank you Ann for the lovely tribute. I wish I lived next door to Jim, but alas, Massachusetts is a long way. Trust ok that I have taken the liberty of passing on your beautiful words to this Heart - Heaven Now II page (scroll to bottom)  Seems like a perfect bookend there. Can only imagine the party they're having in that High Heaven. Oh my goodness what a jubilee!. <3 😎

Soo, as it's been said, be careful what you wish for.  (we were )  Jim is close by, like one of Jerry Seinfeld's neighbors on that show, now and we love it.  It's like Grand Central Station w the spirits here in the love room, anyway.  Too bad the mainstream doesn't know what it doesn't know.  Spirit i.e. God Is All there is.  Nothing else exists.  Correct Creation?  )  There's our answer.  Smile and the Omniverse smiles w us, as one.  And So It Is. Rec & fin 7:16 p.m.  Sweet.  )

P.s.  So, we are led to share the following little segment, correspondence w Jim, and checking in, verifying w the pendulum w a robust 4-5 inch arc in the affirmative to share this here, lest it remain buried in the Earth party ext link shared at the top of this page.  It's 'good stuff'  ioho, and that's what we <3 to do, share good stuff, right Jim?  )  'You got it, Paul'  We know he'd say that.  )  So the following is for anyone who is interested.  And we're off to Yt 2 get a song of adventure.  Peter, how You doing, Bro?  Awesome.  )

Sept 16, 2012

This site is about full and complete disclosure with maximum transparency. Therefore we feel compelled to share the following correspondence. Can you say "YAHOO!" )

Most recent communique is on top. This is from Paul to Jim and Jim to Paul...This, as shared in our (late) Sunset Grill Team skype room: Here it is...

You know, people, we are creating a record here. 'There's more to the picture than meets the eye' as Neil Young sings. So I want to share something in here - my very recent conversation with Jim Law, the amazingly gifted medium who gave me a reading recently. Here it is- for the record.' (most recent on top)

Hey Jim,
Of course we know there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe feels this is a YAHOO moment! lol. )

I love your reaction. It's just what I needed. Father wants to free His children now & let the good times roll, for crying out loud! ) Speaking of good times, I received my 4 Blue Oyster Cult tickets yesterday for show October 25th. It will rock the planet- guaranteed!
Off to work, have a great day, my friend.
Richest blessings,
Your fan,
p.s. Everyone is invited to His party site, Everyone invite Everyone. Thank you!

From: JIM LAW <sedonajames
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:14 PM
Subject: RE: Jim, resending email
Hello Paul,
You are correct, I never got the gmail message from you so its good that you sent it again using this other address.

YOU ROCK!!! Good work...the site looks great
and you are in the flow! Earth Party is a great title. You know, so many people are doom and gloom and I was just saying this today to a friend, that instead of that, how about one big party. And there you are! Its great to be here!

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 18:06:24 -0700
Subject: Jim, resending email
To: sedonajames

Hi Jim,
I got a notice in my gmail that the following email I sent you yesterday was delayed and you may not have or ever receive it. I'm resending it here on yahoo. Check out the Earth Party site. Good new news of love finding its way to benefit everyone is worth sharing imho.
Take care,

Greetings Jim,
Well, it's been a week since our reading and, you know what? That reading contains elements that we, i.e. I, and the company of Heaven, want to bring forth to everyone in a concise, human and interesting manner. It conveys an ordinary guy, I think, with an extraordinary mission, if you will.
I'm led to post this reading later on the first page of  

Ed. note: {This material along with all content on original front page was "lost" recently
[noted in New News section] Good news is - it's in Akashic records where nothing germane is ever lost.}

I made a tiny url of the link:

And I welcome any thoughts you may have on it, Jim.
Some things this action will do in time...

!) Make our mission of sharing His love & light clear and accessible to the masses.

2) Provide great information to those who want to have a healthy colon.

3) Allow the world to see we are the humble real thing and that the company of Heaven
~ many of whom showed up at the reading is alive and thriving and cheering us all on.

4) Let the world hear from Jerry Garcia with practical advice for all of us. "Live your life" etc

5) Share a Hug and more with Jesus Sananda.

6) Share God's infinite love and compassion for His children.

7) Celebrate in the knowing that Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother God Creator ~ All That Is
Is Love Divine Infinite & Eternal and will not be denied. Amen.

In closing Jim, I'm sending this in advance to you as a courtesy and it's no accident that you and I are emerging at this time, my friend. His will is done now. Peace ~ Bro. )

Warmest regards,

P.s. 8/24/19  The rest is history which we all make every day.  Time to go for a walk on the good earth.  Gaia here we come & You look beautiful, as usual, today.  We All Love You too!  ) Moment marked 3:22 p.m.  )  Gonna do a very quick 'share' of this page on Twitter & Fb & 'out the door'  <3 & Peace,  )

Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (Easy Rider) (1969)

Thank You Peter Fonda for the vision, Dennis Hopper & Jack Nicholson 4 your parts & Steppenwolf for the glue of the music.

Now, 8/23/19 Gotta have a 3rd song & Hope It's alright this is it.. .The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line (Official Video)

Thank You Traveling Wilbury's... George, Roy, Tom, Bob & Jeff )

Now, 10/26/21 The true History of The Traveling Wilburys ~ How magic happens.(Replacement).. )

Thank You Good God of the nourishment & language of spirits ~ the music. Bless those who create it, like The Traveling Wilbury's. Hopefully re-uniting soon in some higher D. Carry on Bob & Jeff, Roy & George & Tom. RIP Rockin' In Paradise. 'Congratulations.' Indeed. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now, 8/24/19 Where to now, conductor? )

Wow, how can a page follow this? Linear question, not germane, Paul. Here's a place 4 good friends to gather - timelessly. 

Hope see Ya's all there.  )

Now, 8/27/19 Not so fast, Paul. Peeps asking 'What about Bob?

And we say, we've been thinking about Bob, ever since this 'Lions Gate' astrological thing started and, Now, finally.  The stars align, we got the green light.  With Elvis at the gate above.  Heaven gives us 'The Great Lion of God' portal 2 the, in progress, 5D gathering page; to Really close this epic Good God masterpiece of a page, out.  'To God be any & All Glory, It's All God,' correct, Columbo?  aka, in 'real life'  Peter Falk.  

Someone once said in song, that the world's a stage & we each have our chosen parts 2 play.  Peter was at or very near the top of actors in his day & he can teach us all a lot about the roles we play in life.  Plz check this 'Must read'  wikipedia sharing, & smile, it will come.  ) 

Meanwhile, Good God willing, we'll be back w 3 little birds & their message, thru Bob 4 all of us. )  Note: there's another version of the following song with over a million views but comments are disabled.  We chose this one w under 1K views bc we could comment. Just mentioning.  Don't ask us how it was published in 2014 w that few views & our comment the only one as of now. We don't know.  )  We do know Awesomely Good times ahead 4 those who love God.  Cheers & Cheerio & Ciao 4 now... )

Now, 8/27/19 Bob Marley - Three little birds Original HD

Thank You 'Great Lion of God' Bob Marley & Company of Everyone. <3 )

"Don t worry about a thing
Cause every little thing gonna be all right
Singin : "Don t worry about a thing
Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"

About Bob... 

Now 10/26/21 LAY DOWN Melanie & The Edwin Hawkins Singers LIVE '70 (Candles In The Rain)

Thank You Melanie & The Edwin Hawkins Singers and the beautiful people this song was made for. <3 ) ) )

Now 10/26/21.In Memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014 With a little help from my friends Woodstock. 1969.

Thank You Joe and The Grease Band from Your friends ~ EveryOne. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Okay, this was placed  here by 'mistake.'  Take it down? Heck no, it's a Free concert from now on, not to mention - a Free World.  Thank God The Good.  And So  It Is.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) )

Okay, this was placed here by 'mistake.' Take it down? Heck no, it's a Free concert from now on, not to mention - a Free World. Thank God The Good. And So It Is. Indeed. <3 ) ) )

Now: 12/26/21   And So It Is.  IJN  Indeed.  <3 ) ) 0*   * As it showed up.  Scribe 'correct' it?  Not today my dear friend(s )   <3 ) ) )

Now: 12/26/21 And So It Is. IJN Indeed. <3 ) ) 0* * As it showed up. Scribe 'correct' it? Not today my dear friend(s ) <3 ) ) )