God's 'Bullet' Board 4 us cosmic adventurers and our 'peace of mind.' <3 )

A bridge to tranquility...

A bridge to tranquility...

Now, 6/20/19/ The Easiest Teaching of Jesus, and NOBODY is Doing it!

Wow, this is a freeing revelation 4 us, isn't it, guys? Thank You Jesus. Thank You God 4 Jesus. Our bridge to eternity. <3 ) ) )

'Hey Guys, Look Up,  No more waiting 4 the Sun.  Look who God sent to get us!!!  Hey Jim, Ray and John & Robbie & ground Crew ~ Awl of us. Who's gonna be next to Greet them?  Wow - we have someone who knows everyone's first name. Jesus aka Sananda, right BB?  )

'Hey Guys, Look Up, No more waiting 4 the Sun. Look who God sent to get us!!! Hey Jim, Ray and John & Robbie & ground Crew ~ Awl of us. Who's gonna be next to Greet them? Wow - we have someone who knows everyone's first name. Jesus aka Sananda, right BB? )

B.B. King.  The Man, The Legend, and He's 'In Town.'   )

B.B. King. The Man, The Legend, and He's 'In Town.' )

Now 10/30/21 BB King - Let The Good Times Roll (From "Legends of Rock 'n' Roll" DVD)

Thank you B.B. King for helping us awl get this party started. <3 ) ) )

God says put this here, Sonny.  Just link.  Done God.  )


@ Nanci's Place:  www.tinyurl.com/Nancisplace8881111  


--- Jerry explains things 4 us awl. ; )  <3 )


Now  6/25 /21  11:11 p.m.  God says this page we're on here is a good one to kind of get to know Shane who serves.  So if like to share, here's a url:  

How is Your script going, my dear friends? Hope Good. <3 )

A Far Flung Production Limitless. Thank You God. IJN. <3 )

Let's just get 2 know each other a little, ok, Lucky and Daisy? )

Same as above. Ok now The Bulletin Board starts with rather Urgent need Uncle Paul needs desperately. As in the 'guy' code. These things need attention a while ago. Here we go...

Alright, Paul, you said you had 2 request a few favours, go ahead and lay them on us.  I'm almost layin in my dead and buying.  Time 2 step up humanity, smell the flowers, the coffee, whatever floats your particular boat. It's time, my dear friends,  to truly stand up and not 'Shut Up'  Guys,  Hey Bob, we got yer request and we do concur, perfect 4 this space.  Coming up Great Lion of God.  )

Ed note:  Since SS Simple Site has now disabled pics to be in the 'Text' field, and a pic tells a thousand words, we are doing large editing on pages., so plz take into account.  Ty.

Time has come today W a big Nod 2 The Chambers Brothers 2 get off the worldly, mundane, boring, unadventurous, sedate life most of humanity has settled into.  Sadly, its fallen into a treadmill, 'grounhog day,' traffic jams, stress, worry, worry, lack of money, The Big and Only thing on peoples minds, except 4 the 'Rockers' among us. never ending, BS nightmare. There has to be a better way, isn't there, God?  Paul, if everone made the choice you did, i.e. work 4 God full time, where the money doesn't matter bc only Love is real, all else is illusion, except music, and we do mean 'Ill.' things woulld be a whole lot better 4 everyone.  And you can take that 2 Dunkin' bc the banks need 2 pack it in, like insurance companies, The IRS.. Bye... into eternal oblivion.  Hasta la vista.

Working 4 God, Paul has a grueling 3 step commute from bed 2 Vivienne' his amazing  HP laptop. listening 2 ZLX, Boston's Classic Rock. he works 18 hour days, but he loves working 4 God. It doesn't feel like work.'  Hearing the horrible traffic reports really tugs at our heart 4 what people have to go thru 2 earn a paycheck to pay the bills and omg. God know, Paul has been thru all that ridiculousness.  Talk about a course in living in an insane society where money is the golden calf and we all have to bow down to it.  Crazy, people, just crazy.

God Please, we are Begging You, Dear, Infinitely Powerful God Almighty, Please God send us an angel to come down here and show us a way out of this muck and maya.and someone who won't dilly dally around or disobey You God when You TELL him 2 do something and he goes off and does his own ridiculous thing. That _______ should tender his resignation 5 months ago at least.  Boy oh boy is the force coming thru, Guys.  Scribe is  pounding on these keys.  And boiling but it must come thru.  Ok... Done.

Paul, Jesus is all about moving on and having the time of our lives in each moment going 4 ward thru eternity aka forever W Him.  This was worth Jesus dying on the cross and rising again.  Forever in our new, now, higher light bodies, 2 Be Cont ...

Now, what we must ask.  beyond some monopoly money 2 pay 2 keep this site on. Love and only Love is all that matters, nothing else, as the Metallica song sings on the Front page, & elswwhere, following the Boston song. Peace of Mind.  Can one put any dollar value on peace of mind, dear ones?  We doubt it. How can you pay a bill when money has lost any power it once possessed.  Sorry all you millionaires and billionaires, you are now like the rest of us..  Yeah, it's like whoever retires w the most monopoly money loses. 

The Man or Woman with next to nothing materially and struggled to live a good honest, compassionate  life reeps all that Heaven can reign on them.now.  Praise God IJN.  so, if you still love money, fine.  God says throw it up in the air, feel rich, just know love and love alone is the real thing and the only thing that cuts the mustard as the immortal spiritual beings we are  and it's time to 'fi'x'' our systems so we can not worry . about the old, useless, mundane stuff.  It's like the Journey song 'Machines never mind, they never mind. And So It Is

 Alright on to more pleasant things

Who's ready to get this party started?  Once again, 4 the many'th time, we will share the Urgent Memo Message from God, which particularly landed on Paul's desk  and  esp his <3 w a big gulp thud, in 1885*    *leaving this as a sharing of God & Jesus  'In cahoots' sense of humor, which is, simply, out of this world. There You go again, God. ) Yeah, guys it was 1995, but look at the numbers 1- beginning, 88 double infinity and 5 the ''adventure" #  Sweet.  TY God /Jesus Sananda, (Don't call me 'Lord')  Got it our Dear Friends.  we awl <3 U God Jesus, Sananda & company.  

Insert:  Now Sunday 6/23/19  Cosmic trigger day rest is in Your hands Guys. Here's more info, taken from the front page...W hitchhiker pic..

Hitchhike and maybe God will give ya's a ride Paul proxy 4 ya's. The sign should read Heaven, but really, weir already here, right Bobby? #AllowPaul2HUGITOUTW^))))PEEPS. 60,000

                                                                                                                                              as seen here http://www.paulfb.com/438788055 

Front door: http://www.paulfb.com/ πŸ˜Ž

Contact info there. Right now, our cell phone doesn't work, need ride 2 T-Mobile, anyone?

 Alright Bob,  Your song w  God.  Play it Sam... Ty Sam, you're so good at your job. )

 Gotta share this wyou  guys...Sam is his real name and he's a buddy online in Croatia... )

 S. Ellul

Thu, Jun 20, 3:50 PM (2 days ago)
OH MY GOSH! Something BIG is Coming! Seriously JOIN AT THE TOP! Hello Everyone, I promise this is so worth your time and your due diligence. Take a VERY SERIOUS

Paul F Brown
Thu, Jun 20, 6:21 PM (2 days ago)
Hey Sam, we got something HUGE coming and It's Free. Check out the Spiritual Revolution now exploding on God's 'Grain of Sand' planet earth. If know, plz Share,

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>
Thu, Jun 20, 6:23 PM (2 days ago)
to Ellul

Oops, forgot URL lol www.paulfb.com ) Take care. )

Now, 6/21/19  Shared on FB & Twitter

Who is ready to say bye bye to the money game insanity and Hello 2 Fun Now & 4 ever" Check this http://www.paulfb.com/442698503  At.. www.paulfb.com  Have a nice 4 ever 😎

 Hey, Guys, let us know when weir having 'Fun,'  Ok?  )

Now, 6/20/19 Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up [HQ Sound]

Thank You Bob. See Your Team, Same as 'Our Team' in Paradise. Thank God we're already 'hear'' Right between the ears. <03 )

Now, 6/21/19 Awake, Arise, Ascend, Dear Children of In ) )finite Love. Now, Have Fun, Free 888 IJN. <38) ) ) )

Paul F Brown shared a memory from Facebook.  2 years ago.                                                                               www.Facebook.com/paulfb88 

5 hrs Β· 

Sand Spirit Water. Everything in this pic is Free. like God's love.
www.paulfb.com Who wants 2 Celebrate? www.EarthPartyNow.com All free, like all of us. Peel away the veil, peeps, wake up and follow our leader, goes by the name of Jesus Sananda No need now to use the term Christ as that is a reference to that field of consciousness he occupied, and now moved on to the field of infinity, and he (lower case ) 4 his humbleness, humility and modesty, just like Paul, everyone's humble servant, along w Sananda, Jesus is in the name Sananda and Sananda is Jesus' preferred name going 4 ward, ok, gise?

Good. So we are inviting All God's kids to Awake, Arise, and ascend 2 Have the time or moments of our lives, every split second going 4 ward. 'Now,' really is the only time in town, my dear friends. Want more? Hop over here.http://www.paulfb.com/442698503

Btw, we have been asked about the David Ortiz situation. Now plz don't think we have knowledge of all or any particular thing. e.g. we don't know or care, really, what you had 4 breakfast this morning, however God knows, and 4 sure we, like God, hope you didn't go hungry bc you're broke., In the old, obsolete system which seems 2 judge a person's worth by how much money they have.

How shallow some of us have gotten. Everything is about money, money, money. Pity, like Jackson Browne's song 'The Pretender' - True Love could have been a contender. Good news, Bro Jackson, some of us old hippies, didn't fall for that silliness, in the face of eternity, give up the dream, for what?  30 pieces of silver?  Heaven no, we quietly go about our business, and we build our collective strategies, in our own way, and we are legion; and in the end, what do we have?  We have, hopefully... Heaven on Earth,just following God's will.

We do what we love, rather than be a wage slave, of course, hoping to earn a nice, honest  living doing it. Win, lose or draw, my dear friends, if one follows their own heart, (which, of course, is God's <3, as we are all 'mirrors,' not, these days, 'sparks,' of God no one, not even God, can fault those of us who went on their own quest.  The journey, itself is it's own reward.

Yes, the David situation, Paul ~ take it away on that while we are here. Ok, God. First of all, my fellow immortal spiritual beings in the material world, It is our considered opinion 
that everyone's friend & Buddy, David, 'took one 4 the team.'

in a split second, this was allowed to happen according 2 God's infinitely perfect, divine, perfect script.

First, the sheer shock, then the empathy, the emotions, The Love, Prayers, tears and hugs this incident provoked a whole lotta raised vibrations lifting so many up , forgetting about our own worries, (like you know what.) Emotions are felt in a sensitive universe, my dear friends. We can Thank God that David is pulling thru and we are all so glad. We rejoice that this episode is 'in the books,'  so to speak.

Indeed, Folks, large or less large, we all make a significant contribution to ALL THAT IS w healing vibrations still reverberating throughout the infinite field of cosmic consciousness we are all living in now. Simply termed ~ Infinity. Welcome Home, Humanity. Raise a glass, Toast the Conquering heroes on either side of the veil. All Is well and getting 'weller' all the time. When one hurts, we all hurt, when one wins, we all win. all is perfect, how could anything created by God ever be less than perfect, my dear friends? It simply can't. And So It Is.

Of course, this is in accord w co-operation of David's High self It's a given esp those who have followed the Red Sox and have grown to love the guy on a very deep level, and that smile, w the joy and love behind it, David has to be one of the very top nicest persons on the planet. Not only that, Big Papi is an excellent driver.

So, scribe has a place 4 peeps like this and the many can follow peeps like this on a wall, here. 
God Bless You Big Papi and hope 2 see you when we see you. ) Gise, we can click over here and visit David and other 'good, if not excellent drivers' Cheers. )   www.tinyurl.com/Nancisplace8881111

Just heard on ZLX that new casino is opening tomorrow w 50,000 people showing up to play games w what is now monopoly money. LOL OmG what a 'Script' You have written 4 us Dear Infinite Father God. OMG. talk about ROTFLMAO )))

God says, hey butterfly breaths, here's yer new improved monopoly money.  The 'Fun'' monopoly money.  Free 4 ever.  Yeah, it comes w change built right in it, right George?  )  Who me?

 Paul w about 5 layers* of warm clothes.  *still not enough.)

The new love system evens the playing field, Just think, guys, we have now the same parity as Paul McCartney, Jeff Bezos or any Saudi prince. Be sure, once over there, and see that Jesus video teaching, you'll 'get it' more clearly. e.g. Paul, here, must begin referring 2 'Mom' as 'Marie' or Marie Lucille in the new, now paradigm of love being all that is, which it Is.

the money one had down here is irrelevant now, dear ones.. Just think, we all have more love in our God given hearts than we ever could have in money in a bank. TYVM. πŸ˜Ž

P.s. Actually, looks like this sharing, here on FB wants 2 go over there, so it will be, if God Wills. If we were a betting man, we'd move all our chips in that that will happen, and pretty soon fingers crossed πŸ˜Ž

P.p,s   Don't forget to look up, the friendly universe may be blinking at us.  Right, George & Martha?  )  )

P pic.  Dorchester, Ma 2017.

Ed note.  Yep this sharing written on Fb did show up here, on God's perfect timing.  Thank You God,We AWL Love You God 4 All  our infinite Blessing & esp 4 Jesus Sananda.  <83  ) ) ) 

Now, 6/24/19 Happy Moody Monday, Immortal Spiritual beings... Good news...

Indeed, the race or more accurately, the human walk to God's grace and fulfillment, has been won and delivered back 2 God with all of us pitching in and lending a hand, whatever it is that our God given talents have allowed us 2 do on bewhole of humanity's Ultimate destiny.

Here's a place to go to receive more blessings, insight, and, yes, Celebratory moments 2 last 4 ever.  Hope ~ En ~joy.  All Praise Worship and GRATITUDE 2 GOD Who Did & Does It Awl.. And So It Is. Thank You God ~ Divine Ultimate 4 Giving us Awl such a BIG Hand.  God knows, we needed it and will always Be GRATEFUL 4 IT.  IJN.  <3 03 ) ) ) 


Also, just in is a new sharing at Larry Legend's page,  Check it out, if led...


Now, 6/25/19 Time Has Come Today(Chambers Brothers-Long Version)with no cuts to song

Thank You The Chambers Brothers and All us 'peacenicks' championing 'the Resistance' past, present & forever, in accord w 'The Will of God.' Now & forever. And So It Is. Peace...

Now, 6/25/19 Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

Thank You Barry McGuire 4 this "Wake Up" song, almost 55 years in incubation. Awake, Arise, Ascend humanity. Shed the cocoon consciousness, and breathe in the prana of God's infinite love persuasion. Listen 2 the musiic. The only thing better than silence. And So It Is. <3 )

Now, 6/25/19 'An Open Letter' to the fam...

11:17 PM (8 minutes ago)

to SimpleSite, me

to SimpleSite, me

Simple Site.. My site www.paulfb.com is due to be shut off bc of lack of payment.  I have a debit card that is supposed to be good for internationa payments.  So far it does not work.  Please review the contents of that site and see that it's all God's work and Please don't remove it for the few dollars.owed  That would be a travesty.of biblical proportions.  God KNOWS I'm good for the money.


 You know people  rule over money not the other way 'round.  Money has no power.  People have the power.  If you insist on taking this site down bc I can't get the minimum $15. to you there in Copenhagen from the US, then what a crying shame.this situation is.   Of course, we see it and know that it, like everything else, is part of God's plan, i.e. His 'script.'

We are doing the best we can. We did a FB and Twitter  fundraiser w our almost 4K  social media 'friends'... $0.00 donations. What a joke. #notlaughing   So, in closing, please consider this proposal to extend the grace period the site is on now, or as a kind gesture, just mark it paid, knowing we are Now, in a global .'cashless society'  the way God wants it. 

Until humanity wakes up and starts living this start to 'Heaven on Earth'  Y'all can still be richly blessed by making any small donation. God knows it all helps.  And feel more than free to delete Paul as a friend, friend, Ok?  Bye. Thank you.

Humanity's humble servant,

Paul Brown & Co.. Inc Sananda, Mother Mary,  the angels, the 'graduates' and the 'try'ers.  Who does that leave out?  No one. ~   ~      ~'

paulfb777@gmail.com  (Same email for Paypal donations.)

Call:  781-267-4282 

Page w 'Donate' button... www.tinyurl.com/Sitessentials777 

Main entry 4 the jubilee... www.EarthPartyNow.com

Further more... www.paulfb.com 

Latest up to minute downloads  http://www.paulfb.com/442698503

Done Deal delivered...  http://www.paulfb.com/442247080 

And, MOST Importantly, Once Again.  Read this over and over and over 'til it starts 2 sink in, Please.  Look, here's the plan once again,  www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777    w Jesus' response:  www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777    

P.s.  This letter may be used by us or, in turn, others, as 'An Open Letter.'


 'Now this...

Nice job FB... )

Now, Update.  6/28/19

Alright, Thank You to brother Richard, we were able to pay the minimum to keep this Simple Site online.  We had originally intended to pay our overdraft of @ $400.  at Citizens Bank with the $500. he sent and then the min of $15.. to kep it up w auto  -payment thereafter.  We're telling you guys everything here, full transPaRENCY, > (Caps God )   Nothing hidden>  We are innocent as the PUresT SNOW>  Again, do we 'fix' text the way it shows up, or do we let it ride?

These days, we usually let it ride.  God's Fun & sense of humor will not be stifled by this cat, pecking at the keyboaed.  )  So, yes...

As God's script had it, our Citizens debit card disappeared.  We couldn't find it anywhere.  (still hasn't shown up.)  So, with time running out to keep the site up, and no donations coming in from our fundraiser, (now over) we were forced to open a brand hew checking acct .  We took the bus, as our ride for that day was a no show. (again )  

Got off  at So Artery and marched into TD Bank, 'America's most convenient bank.'  We're treated wonderfully by Sarah and other staff. and got a new debit card.  With minor glitches, on Simple Site's end... 2 days later the money went thru and now we are 'good to go.'  Hey Ashtar, are You, 'Good 2 Go,' Bro?  Much laughter on the ships.  lol )

Ok, my dear friends of God, Sananda/ Jesus, Universal Mother Mary and Awl the Company of Heaven, we welcome Everyone to follow the directions at the front page.  Read what the angels are doing on our bewhole.  There can be no one going off on their own, sorry, there's just no uncharted territory to stake a hermits claim.  It's All God, spirits in human 'bodysuits''  We Are One and there's no getting around that.   Weir awl 'stuck' w each other, Now & 4 ever. As CSN sang & sings.. 'Carry on... Rejoice, Rejoice, we have no choice.'  And So It Is.  )


Now, 6/28/19 Announcing a New Now page of the Utmost celebration....

Greetings, fellow immortal, spiritual  light and stardust beings on the way up 2 true selfhood.

Humble scrbe, Paul here, 'Paul' - we, (speaking as the multidimennsional creation of God we are, part of us all, dear blesseds of 'The One.'  We welcome Ya's to this page of getting 'fast break new news' esp of the 'Now' variety.  Paul, don't keep us in suspense, Bro, tell us what's  up?  Ok, Spanky, we were just about to do that, however we do appreciate you impatience.

God knows, we've been  down that road w certain individuals wearing blinders, like a trojan horse, so they can only see what their limited field of vision allows them 2 see.  Alright, in addition to the re-introduction of the 'Now' global cashless society shared at the front page, weir that letter from God can be sent  to all one's creditor's even if you're well set financially.

And good 4 you, if you are.  But it just doesn't matter anymore.  e.g. again... "Your money's no good here, Donald."  So, in this new 'now' paradigm of Love being the final frequency and currency, in other words, Everything is No charge.  No cost.  The Ultimate Price, of humanity's disobedience to God's Will was paid over 2 thousand years ago, people.

Indeed, we have started a new jubilee page here, saluting # 46, our Good Buddy, Glenn is and has already been our President of Team Oneness for a while, and doing splendidly, too, we do add. )  So, if led, Spiritual warriors, hand raisers, heaven on earth makers.  If want to watch that page build up 2 wherever God takes it on HisHer starsite here, just dance, walk, ride, or simply mosey on over to here.>.  http://www.paulfb.com/442823355   Of course, awl of our friends are and will be there. Ciao 4 now... )

Now, 6/28/19 Did someone mention 'friends?' JOE COCKER With A Little Help From My Friends 1969 Woodstock. Now 1/2/21 Restored In Memory of Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014 <3 )

Thank You Joe, and just a few of your friends. Someone give this man a hug... ( 78 Cosmic Hug II )

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>
2:45 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me

Paul F Brown
18 hrs Β· 
Now, 6/29/19  1:47 Joe Frey day moment/time.  This is copied from our FB page, Gise  www.facebook.com/paulfb88  this is here as a result of the 'text' function w www.simplesite.com not working, right now..This is shared under photo  so links are not clickabe.  When Simple Site fixes it we may move  tis part to text so links get clickabe, meanwhille, you can copy and paste if not too much work for  ya's.  God knows its an inconvenience.  sorry babies.  )

The first link just takes us back to this page w a ref to a picture, above under the spitting image of George W 4 Win W God IJN  Paul & George, combined, the ultimate revolutionary and a founding father of our country, elected our first pres.  So, w this chosen by God pic, rep our 'welcome home committee

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>
2:45 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me

Paul F Brown
18 hrs Β·
Now, 6/29/19 1:47 Joe Frey day moment/time. This is copied from our FB page, Gise www.facebook.com/paulfb88 this is here as a result of the 'text' function w www.simplesite.com not working, right now..This is shared under photo so links are not clickabe. When Simple Site fixes it we may move tis part to text so links get clickabe, meanwhille, you can copy and paste if not too much work for ya's. God knows its an inconvenience. sorry babies. )

The first link just takes us back to this page w a ref to a picture, above under the spitting image of George W 4 Win W God IJN Paul & George, combined, the ultimate revolutionary and a founding father of our country, elected our first pres. So, w this chosen by God pic, rep our 'welcome home committee"~ 'we must be in 'Rock n roll heaven,' man.

Rejoice, fellow immortal, spiritual, not religious, as Spirit triumphs any man made religion which has always been a divisive concept, hasn't it, dear ones? Undeniably so..However, it definitely served it's God given service and purpose at whatever level one could draw spiritual nourishment from..

So, we will add links at the front page 4 this page and where to go for the really 'Good News' and we all can do our part by sending that open letter to all your financial 'whom it may concerns' Taylor it to you. Doesn't matter if you're broke til next Tuesday or you're a ka jillionaire and could fill Fenway Park with 100 dollar bills, the Love standard, makes that look so paltry, it's not worth mentioning, dear ones, in Christ.

Alright, w that intro we now share the FB posting/.. For historical record keeping we mark the Now momennt at Joe Friday time at: 6/29/19 2:44 p.m. Keep smiling fellow angels of The Infinite... <13 ) ) )

Re- storing here. http://www.paulfb.com/442698503 Yer money value peeps. Love is 'In' 4 ever peeps. sorry, yer money /crypto/ barter falls waay short, in the long and short run. New News heralded by angels of God's infinite light, love, mercy and compassion. is Now making headlines.

Stop feeding the old, worn out, obsolete and corrupt system. most are suffering under now There's a better way, God's way. www.paulfb.com Use this note, provided by God, 4 everyone, 2 set yourselves Free, ~ once and 4 all. Donald, why don't you start it off, and then you can go play Golf w yer buddy, Kim.

We got # 46, Glenn, in the house and he's taking #'s and placing bets on God's Will Leaving the competition in the dust. See the new kid in town in action, w his buds, here..
http://www.paulfb.com/442823355 winners.
See Ya's over there, angels. ; o) πŸ™πŸŽβœοΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈπŸ€³

Now, 7/2/19 Welcome One & Awl 2 God's FREE World.

Free, Dear God, 4 Real, Really, Really Really 4 Real.

Paul, We know U, in particular want this as much, if not more thasn any other person on this 'grain of sand blue pearl in infinite space and your job as point man Is Done, Son.  

The time, or more accurately, the moment is Now 4 all good people gifted w  eyes to see and ears to hear to wake the F up, arise and ascend, leaving the muck and maya of the obsolete money scam where people trade  their precious earthly time in servitude to the 'almighty greenback dollar.  They put the wrong revooiutionary on the front of the one dollar bill.  George Was disownes it,  Too much blood spilled for that and the carnage goes on every day.  just SMH over it. That shit, to use a technical term, Is D O N E.

Get over it people.  Wouldn't you rather stay home with your families than have to go back to 'work' on Friday?  God says.  Stop being chumps, chums of God.  Rise up and don't 'join' the resistance... BE The Resistance.  You got a life, live it your / our way.  Tell 'the man' 'I'm mad as heaven and I'm not gonna take it anymore.  Be It, Live it, and Sing it. Now & Always.

IT's A FREE World from Now On.  Bock, The Daher Fam, Quirk. etc  Those Are God's cars, sitting all day under the hot summer sun, when each of those lonely land merkabah's Have someone's name on them.  It's the moment, Sons and Daughters of God ~ The Infinite..  The One ALL The Other God's Goddesses 'I AM That I AM's'  L@@K uP 2.  And if you think this particular humble scribe, servant of God is 'whistling Dixie'  You got another thing coming, right Judas?

First of all, he can't whistle, esp since he lost his teeth.  Thank you coca cola company.       

2nd of all, he can't think of anything 2 say.  And finally, who the heaven just wants 2 have nice times that never have 2 end?  In other words... F U N while weir down here, other than the Deadheads and Parrotheads, oh and the Erik fans  www.tinyurl.com/BrotherErik777  sound like a plan, Stan & Fran?  We Hope so. Hey, Erik, You get those dogs back yet, buddy?  Good Luck & Thank You 4 the High 5.  5 always the adventure #.  Who wants 2 go on an adventure in consciousness?  Same as paradise, dear ones, we create it in our heads, first. We hold out hope 4 everyone.  Indeed.  )

So, the new jubilee II page is a done. Now & 4 ever, next is a fun page. to put all the less than pleasant stuff behind us. Saints or sinners, doesn't matter, we all answered the call for us and each other.  We played our parts, (past tense bc it really Is over, folks,'That's All' )  we came right out of God's Central Casting' and we played our parts as only we could.  No one else on the ''plan it'has our particular script, and no one could ever do 'our jobs' like we can. We 'Own' our DNA & our individual scripts. No One else has that, it's ours alone.  Does this make sense, my dear friends?

Ok, we understand.  Paul will go find the exact perfect song ioho that may bring it 'home' 2 as many of you's as possible. So, hold on, & hopefully, he'll be back shortly,  w the perfect song. ok shorty?  Ty.  ) Hey Paul, B4 you go, can you give us a clue or just a hint of what the song is?  We know you know, Bro.

Alright,  Spanky, sure, just know that life is a super precious gift from God. Infinite God. We will not get into 'subdivisions' here, now.  Just Know when The Infinite looks up all HeShe sees is a reflection of Him/Her. and wherever our journey in life took us, ultimately, it was all 4 the best. TYG.  IJN   Now the song, as moss covers the keyboard.  Sandman give me 13 minutes. Plz. Ty

Alright, hopefully back w the quickness... ) Done.  God, You sure You want this pic here?  Not exactly flattering but guess it conveys Your intent, Dear God.  Ok...

P pic.

Now, 7/2/19 Hope delivers...Journey - After the Fall...

Thank You Journey... You guys are simply awesome and Everyone <83's You. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_(band)

Later, Dove breaths.  )

Now, 7/4/19  Who else is ready 4 Fun, now that we're in the Global cashless worlwide society, and celebrating every day as 'World Freedoom Day'  and 'Global Independence Day' not to mention 'Happy Jerry Spirits Day'  https://youtu.be/vx1z3_whh_0   Ty if watched this. )

The scam money/ crypto exchange for our time and exchange of goods and services, is in our rear view mirrors, guys.  Again, if you're worried about how the cc co's and other debt collectors weather in debt or fine and dandy.  It's over.  When they call me I give them this starsite www.paulfb.com for the 'what 4'  and I don't hear back from them. 

God's plan is to absolutely and sternly put these corrupt bully institutions, that now have No power at all and the irs is particularly DONE. Trump, God wants your resignation 5 months ago.  "You Are Fired."  As scribe is letting Fire & Brimstone fire Thru Him.

God, Jesus Sananda, anything else I can say here?  Paul tell 'em to go to the Fun page.  Observe the 11th Commanment, and show the greedsters, and bad, as in evil, banksters the door to eternal oblivion. Bye.  Hope yer monopoly money brings you a lot of security on your spiritual life rafts.

So, here's the link, and for all you good people, the vast majority of the population of fellow immortal spiritual beings, not  consumers, not mere shoppers, and definitely not burdens on the planet to be culled.  We could name names, however we, for now, will refrain.  Just know, No One on God's Planet escapes God's candid camera, or Jesus, or the angels.

The only hope for people on the wrong side of the light is to appeal to Jesus.  Jesus is your last and only hope.  May God have mercy on your souls.  Over and out.

Here's link, whils scribe needs to put on a meditation tape. while working...

Fun, and only Fun and adventure 4 ever thru 'awl' eternity..  And So It Is.  http://www.paulfb.com/442896684 

Now, 7/4/19 We must be in Heaven, man... )

Thank you to the lovely couple in this video and 2 u2 beautiful people. <3 )

Now, 7/6/19 1983 "Frontiers"

Now, 7/6/19 The Plan from Here. Lord's Prayer... Forgive All debts 'Fix' the machines. We R Awl Super Wealthy In God's Love 4 8 'Forever' <83 )

Journey Lyrics


Oh yeah

Progress flys, into our lives

Got to find time, find time

Talk digit talk

You're doin' fine

Machines never mind

They never mind


Out on the border

Of a changing skyline

We put hope in front of fear

And all the Heroes

Have gone east of eden

We all need new frontiers

Ooh It's a 3D rise

All tech-na-ca-jive

Talk a video dive

War is for fools

Crisis is cool

Barbarians play


New, new, frontiers

Barbarians play away, away, away... play

Hey Folks looking for new frontiers? ~ Free from the old, obsolete, middle man dollar/ crypto scam, when God's infinite Joy wants us to be Free, Yesterday. Let's 'Fix' the machines 2 EVERYTHING FREE. NOW. Film etc here... www.paulfb.com  Machines never mind. They never mind. We put hope in front of fear . Ooh It's a 3D rise . War is for fools. 

Crisis is cool. Barbarians play. https://www.azlyrics.com/ 

So more peeps can experience this mad song we have recommended it 2 our friends, i.e. everyone, here... http://www.paulfb.com/442698503 
All the money in the world is not even a thimble full in comparison 2 Supreme Infinite Good God's divine Love 4 Us, my dear friends. And So It Is. )

Now, 7/6/19 Today is the 6th, a 'taking care of business' day, so let's do this...

Alright, Greetings fellow Immortal Spiritual beings of infinite love and light.  Indeed, weather you're stone broke, like Paul, or you're keeping your head above water, financially, or you're a millionaire w monopoly money to throw up in the air, as it is termed now.  Money will not save one's soul.  You can't buy heaven w it.  What's that Johnny?  )

Yeah, my dear friend, you and yer mates did get  it right, all those years ago. 'All You Need Is Love,'  Dear fellow far flung mirrors of God's infinite heart of oneness. Ok, so, as your agent proxy w the meanies who may try to pry money out of us, scribe has this letter that members of Team Oneness can use.  You can be a person w  no money or a billionnaire, it doesn't matter.  So, this goes after the To Whom It may concern letter  at the front page. 

www.paullfb.com Copy and paste and edit 4 you.  Pretty soon, hopefully this will make the sound asleep 'news zzzzzzz media' and they will just cop 2 Creator God Source Higher Power 's Supreme Good God's Will and follow the will of the masses following God's divine healing script and not some politico, religious, nationalistic mumbo jumbo an see, w clarity the better, and only real eway out of our, literally, 'stuck in an abyss of mediocrity, way of being - down here in 3/4 and lower 5 D.

4 Clarity 4 Awl...

Hello _______.

 Please thoroughly read the info here, and see that at this late time in human evolution it doesn't matter anymore.  You will see a letter to whom it may concern.  Please take that as my official reply to you seeking these funds.  Esp read the Memo from God, Infinite Source Creator.  And along w everyone else on the planet go on your merry way of 'permanent vacation' w the quickness.  What God?  God says, ya's can .'Thank the hard working, humble scribe, later.  )
Richest Spiritual Blessings,Indeed.
At God's service 4 ever & ever, no matter what.
P.s. These 2 url's are part of our signature, just about.  Humanity needs these messages, almost as 'good' as it needs oxygen, God tells us.  This 'Urgent Message' vital for our collective spiritual survival, would have, if not 4 our recognizing the Urgency, not to mention the writing style, have slipped away to oblivion w//o our making sure, damn sure, it did, does not meet that fate.   Serving God's divine Will... www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777 
Jesus' response:  www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777  Thank You Jesus.:  
And So It Is.
Paul F Brown

Speaking for ourself and All members of Team Oneness.  If you can read this, You are one of us.  Congrats.  You are expected at the front gates when ready 2 meet Jesus.  Only Jesus takes our team 2 go anywhere..  That's just the way it is.'  Step into eternity on solid, safe, secure ground.  Accept no substitutes.  Jesus or no thing, my fellow friends in the light and on the edge of everlasting delight.'Take it from a guy who did not order this package...)


We did co - arrange this...You want it exactly here, God, 4 demonstration purposes only? 4 now?

You 'got it' Father, and 'nod' ; 2 Mother... )

And a little more 4 hope 4 awl of us...

Now, w coffee. Bc the banks r done, but the Coffee shops are open.  Thank God... )

How 'bout we meet on Tuesday, angels?  We can pencil Ya's in after 2:22 p.m. then.  Deal?  Awesome.   )'

 Jim and The Doors want to come.  Should we let them in Paul?  ha,  we can't keep them out if we tried, guys.  )

Now, 7/6/19 Upstairs & Downstairs, we meet 1/2 way. Deal, guys? Hope so. )

Let's All make it so...' ) You in humanity? Awl we need is a nod. TYVM. )

Now, 7/7/19 New News of Heaven on Earth...

As shared first at Front page  www.paulfb.com

Now. 7/7/ 19  with numbers like these, we were expecting 'Good Stuff' to reign down on this day.  However, what did occur today, surpassed all we could have thought or hoped possible w our small human brains.  It's all shared here http://www.paulfb.com/439277926

---As we now place this at The 'Bullet' page http://www.paulfb.com/442698503   where good stuff and where to find it is shared.  For those of you who want a clue, we will simply say 'Heaven on Earth'  Carry on... )

Now, 7/10/19 A New Far Flung Production Limitless is in the house...

Hey 'Gise' What a beautiful day it is here in the Quincy, Ma area of Heaven on Earth.  How is it in your neck of the beach?  Wow, awesome.  W a blink, we can see what you love about this place.  Paul, one day can you teach us how 2 do what you just did?  No prob, galaxy brothers and sisters.  There's nothing 2 it, it's just frequency, alignment andbeing the God or Goddess we awl are, deep inside.  More, we are sure, will be revealed as God's ever unfolding script becomes apparent.

We are just by here at this 'newsy' page to announce the almost completed new now 7th Heaven on Earth page.  Here's the link... www.paulfb.com/442940853     Alright, we must be going back there now, as, funny, we have a 3rd video by these 10,000 Maniacs to put up, and it's all about the whether. )

Man, these coincidences are coming down like Jerry's guitar licks, i.e. like the falling rain. U2, anyone?  Wow, so weir not alone. See pic of Jerry (not 'Uncle' anymore) at work.  <3  ) ) ) 

Oh, and our new car, just like our previous car, Quicksilver III, is scheduled 2 arrive soon.  Stay tuned.  <3  )  Here's a sneak peak as shown in  today's memories from 2 years ago.  Shhhh this is between Good God, {the Larry Bird type God in us all, give yer inner Good God the ball and get the 'Heaven on earth'  out of the way.  Capiche? } and you, butterfly breaths. (Last sentence updated 7/25/19. )  Hey, it's Christmas day, just in another month.  The 25th of every month we should celebrate Christ.  Why not?  )

Quicksilver III gets/ got around.  www.tinyurl.com/Nancisplace8881111  Here Nanci holds the passenger door 4 only smiling peeps/ spirits.    

P pic.  Union Sq, Somerville, Ma. USA  2017 ~ Heaven on Earth.'

Nanci, holds the door 4 all smiling 'spirits in the material world' who want 2 go home 2 Infinity, where we awl came from, while weir still young.  You in or you out, humanity?  


Now, 7/12/19 Now Timely news at Front page w more...

Now, 7/12/19 A very timely sharing involving the whales is Now making Front Page New News. Scroll down a bit...

Just in... Oh heck,  we can add it here, easilly, as well, so, 'Catch this'  Gise.  )

Now, we're so sorry bill collectors, non knowers or believers of the new now paradigm of Love being ALL THAT IS and All That Matters on Planet Joy Love Happiness Rock & roll. aka Terra Christ(a) Gaia Mother Earth. Here's the Deal, again. We are all as free as this whale putting on a show for human tourists. He doesn't have to run to the bank, pay bills or do anything but just have fun all day. every day. We can all be like him, fellow Fun lovers who are also immortal spiritual beings. Who's In?

Indeed, Paul had a nap a little earlier and woke up w 'Gone Fishing' resounding in his brain. All of us know those 2 words are a metaphor to just step back, look at the work that's been done and say, you know what, guys? We're Done, put out the sign, and actually go do it. make it real. bring on the Fun. finally, family, God left the best for last, fun friends of infinity. God knows, this whole project has been put out there. Our Team's cards are on the table, we've presented our case, and, as our Cousin Ned says, 'What's Done Is Done.' We're Done.Ty and Hi 5 2 Ned. )

Sinse we respect the lives that fish e.g. have, minding their own business, in their peaceful environment, and we don't want to hurt, harm or disrupt any of God's creatures, we just turn the metaphor to 'Whale watching' The whales love us and love entertaining us.This is termed 'win win,' my dear friends.

Have you guys heard or read the 'New News' today? God says, 'lay it on them, Paul.' Indeed, Father, maybe 5K more times some will "Start" to 'Get It.' This is real, people, as real as it gets. Every word in this ez to read and digest package Is meant 4 Gods angelic kids to take 2 <3, and 'With the quickness. www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777

Complete w Jesus' response. www.tinyurl.com/Jesusdealgoesdown777

It's a 'Done Deal,' People of Earth. Deal With It. It's not only the Best solution to our worldly plight, it's The Only Solution. Read on, please...

This Is vastly better than your j o b and your pay. If you make a million a week, there's no comparison to the love meter of 'Pay' from God, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS The Infinite I AM THAT I AM and More, All Rolled Into 'THE ONE'. This Is what's sitting on the table 4 us, humanity, and what are we doing? Sadly, indeed, same old same old. living the 'hampster' dream. We're so used to a treadmill life. w/o knowing what a true happy fulfilled life could be like. We think we're living a dream but from a higher perspective it's a nightmare, guys. We got a j o b, or we don't. we pay or struggle w the never ending bills.

Credit card companies bully us and gauge us w fees, and we take it, why? Bc we don't recognize spiritual leadership as an option. We fall for political or other type 'leaders' like lemmings to the cliffs of insanity; we go through the motions, we put up with nightmare commutes, to earn a buck. we might go to church on Sunday, some hedging their bets in case there really is a God. ) Guys, God is as real as your eyes reading this and moving this far flung knowlege into our souls. Know it, Trust it, and whatever you do, don't deny it. Yer ignorance will show, and it's not pretty. Trust us, Gus.

Yeah, we hope our team wins the game. etc etc So, we settle into a life of mediocrity, or as they say across the pond 'quiet desperation.' This is what the majority of the world has accepted as life in the dumbed down lane, guys, when we Could be soaring with the eagles.when we could be swimminng with dolphins, climbing mountains, hiking the canyon, or just being the amazing adventurous person God created us all to be, and in His Her likeness. Look in a mirror and see God , Gods & Goddesses. We are All 'Franchise' God Beings. WE Are and Have The Infinite in each and every one of us, and such has been so since the beginning of time.

And ya's can take that 2 Dunkins' friends, bc no bank w their product, monopoly money, will survive 2 tell us about it. As far as we, the hierarchy, thru channel, 'clear' scribe, Paul. not the dull, 'consumer' society has molded us to be. Paul, got any good news. Just gave it to you Sherlock. Read that entire message at least 5 more times in the next 5 days, and follow the advice. Walk the floor, or around the block. Listen to another radio station. Do something totally random, of a nice nature, of course. Stop being a wise ass, know it all. try humbleness.

Paul, are angels real? Look in a mirror, dear, and reflect on the last nice thing you did 4 someone, angel _______ Insert your name. sweets, & sweet <3's )

Many former atheists have testified in Yt videos about what happens, to their surprise, when we turn in the physical body for a 'light' body. They are told by Jesus or other spirits over there in 'upstairs' heaven that it's not yet their time, and they must return. Usually it's to fulfill their 'contract' w God. Friends, don't be a sucker for mere fad religions, cults, dogmas or any other 'belief of the month' type thing. Remember, Jesus was about spiritualty, not religion.

Christ (Which refers to a level of consciousness, not like a last name.) disciples and followers like scribe, same now, same then, same name, helped to form christianity as like a fortress to solidify, to provide safety and protect those of us who needed protection against the prevailing arbiiters of what others should believe in. So, given the times, back then. religion was necessary. Now, in a blink of God's eye, over 2 thousand years, we've moved on. The old things and ways, fall away and crumble to dust. The spirit, which is what Jesus taught, remains.

Nothing can kill a spirit. However, spirits can lose light and fall down a pretty long way into an abyss, even to the depths of what some term hell. we make our own hell's bc of our stupid disobedience to God, when all God ever wanted was the absolute perfect Best 4 us. He would say to His beloved child, watch it angel, don't get too close to that cliffedge or that candle, Please. The innocent angel doesn't listen, & next thing he/she knows he/she can't see or commune w God anymore'

Can't blame or yell at God, He gave us Free will. We can do whatever our sovereign heart desires, and hopefully it will be to only share God's Infinite Divine goodness. For this we pray, Oh God, Please hear our prayer, Dear God, in Worshipful Praise and eternal & everlasting Gratitude, Dear God. In Jesus Name. Thank You 4 its deliverance, Now, on wings of angels golden silence and songs, oh God Thank You God, In Jesus Holy Name. And So It Is. )

Happy 'Whale Watching' of your own, everyone... We love each and every one and you send us some, we'll send it back, in <3's ) ) ) ) ) Let's have adventures, deal? everyone? Hope so. )

Rec & fin. 7/11/19 10: 05 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy. God's Infinite Creation In Oneness.

Now, 7/18/19 God has a 'Deal' 4 us humanity. Look see if 4 You.

Hello Hello, Infinite One's.  How Ya doing w Your self asigned ascent back 2 God?  Good, we hope.

Announcing that the 'In God's Hands page is pretty much 'done.'  Here, check it out, if led.

http://www.paulfb.com/439198236  All <3 felt Praise Worship Gratitude & Glory 2 God, Who Is Good & Does It All.  IJN  And So It Is.  

Now, 7/19/19 A new insert has been added...

Hello Fellow Gods & Goddesses of 'The One'  We're all progressing amazingly.  The tapesty of God's Human creations is beautifully coming together while on the move 2 higher & higher space.  We're not grounded in consciousness anymore, guys, except by our own belief systems, which tend to be limiting, as compared to God's 'infinite,' yes, that's the word we'll all be using Now & 4 ever bc that is the ultimate.  Paul, is there another word that could somehow surpass infinite, infinity, at all, is it possible, Bro? 

Well, God can do anything, Jasper, we all know that.  4 right now all we can say is, we doubt it's necessary. That said another word could come right down the infinite toboggan shute and that would be 'The word'  We love 'Infinity' - in fact, give us a sec, Sonnys & Lily's...meanwhile, see Humanity's Gift  2 God 4 a job Super 'Well Done.'  Team Oneness. Rest, Dear God, we're 'Good'  We can drive, we, who went 2 driving school, got our licenses. 

Jesus is the 'Beyond Best Teacher of life, You could have sent us God. 'Now, it's Your turn God.' Rest, relax, Sleep, if that's something You do.  )  And let's 'do' coffee in the a.m. Deal?  ) ha ha (

Just put the cd 'Infinity' by Journey in the bb (boombox).  Nothing wrong w creating our own little synchronicities, guys.  One leads 2 another as all things connect & connect & you know..) 

 We humbly suggest 2 our fellow pilgrims on the path 2 always look up... 'look up'  See the sun and the deep blue sky as 4 the first time.  If at night, step out into the cool night air, ackowledge and say 'Hey'  2 the constellations, our neighbors, and know we are all embraced in the infinite love & light of our Creator and all is well and, nod to Abraham Hicks, getting 'weller'  Ty AH. )  A good line is a good line esp when it's true and works.) 

So, if int, check the new insert at 'Heaven on Earth Now 4 All' page here... http://www.paulfb.com/439277926  Hope 2 see Ya's all there.  Peace.  )

Now, 7/21/19 Notice of 'In God's Hands' wrap & 'God Is Good Love 888' starts. Hope en - Joy... )

Thank You Rainbow warriors. Your colours are beginning to show. All we can say is 'Wow.'' )

So, indeed, we have wrapped this 'In God's Hands' page... http://www.paulfb.com/439198236 

however, it's vital, alive and nourishing content will never expire'

So, Y'all are invited to the New 'Now' 'God Is Good Love 888' page here, if led...


As shared at the 'Bullet' page...


Oh, and you 'Graduates' have been thru this energy, we hope. '7th Heaven on Earth'... www.paulfb.com/442940853 

--- &' Heaven on Earth Now.' http://www.paulfb.com/439277926 

Etc Etc Happy surfing. )

Now, 7/25/19 It's Christmas in July Day Guys Celebrate. Praise Good God that we turned out 2 Be so Good 'mirrors' 2 Him-Her. Yay! ) We got eternal Salvation as our reward just 4 being the best 'Good Doobies' we can be. Praise, Worship & "Thank You God!" )

Picture of God's agenda, guys, with Son & Family.  So, we got Heart-stock going & this Is It.  No turning back, now guys., right chorus of 'Peanut Gallery' looking over scribe's shoulder?  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!.  Wow, sounded like Roger.  Bingo ~ there goes another amazingly awesome song in the queu. We gotta start another page on this site as that Google page can't handle anymore, so, Good God willing, that will happen, when God?  Now?

NOOOOWWWWWW, Oh Yeah, they'll be some Doors on the new Heart-stock page, my dear friends. and we do expect it 2 run a whole lotta pages as we go on, as one, into the mystic, mystics.  Oh, you're all so mysterious to this young pup, walking @ the streets of Quincy, Ma.

We ponder, why am I, Paul, the only living boy in Quincy who can't get arrested for the crime of love in the infinite degree?  Oh, we know weir not alone, not by a long shot, we just have our different jobs, assignments and trusts.  God trusts that we will carry out what He assigned each of us to do, based on our volunteering, our experience, and our willingness to do what He puts on our plate, to the best of our considerable and ever expanding, growing & Yes, Flourishing beyond our wildest dreams Success.

Not in material stuff that doesn't matter but in what DOES Matter, and that is... Everyone?  Indeed... LOVE, LOVE and We Need 2 Hear You louder... LOVE LOVE, Let it echo AWL @ THE WORLD, EVERYONE... LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE LOVE LOVE LOVE, @ Again & Again, Ok.  Well Done, fellow Kids.  Take some breaths, be calm, relaxed.  We've Just shown All our cosmic neighbors what we're made of.  And So It Is..  So, if it requires us to sit at the computer, Vivienne, all day sometimes (w naps) to the  wee hours of the day, then so it is.  Now & it Is Good. bc we are in our element, no stress, worry, it's ok God,  You know, together, 'We Got This.'  Indeed. )

We did mention 'Heart,' oh, and Buffett, & Styx & Jimi, and you name it, Spanky, even if on the original site, if it belongs also on the new page, no prob, correct Good God?  )  In fact, we just decided, if it's disappeared from the old site, we'll just bring it back on the new page.  Thank You God, as scribe's fingers are flying, omg  Are we on fire, Sananda, or what, my dear friend?  OM Goodness. ~ there's another one for the queu, Moody Blues fans. ) Paul, are you having fun here at 3:57 a.m. on Christmas Anniv morning?  Can't you see?  Can't you see?  There you go again, Paul. ha ha. Yep  )

So here's the link on this site that leads one to the original 'Jesus Take us Home 777' page, now aka the 'Original Heart-Stock'  page where God's kids are expected to laugh, listen, jump and play like the children Jesus said we must be as like.   See Ya's there, we hope... )

Namaste for now... )

 P.s. Now 8:30 p.m. As God's script obviously had it... right after we recorded the above, we lost our internet, til about an hour ago.  We're so used to obstacles, things getting in our way, we can almost count on it, however, love ploughs thru the resistance, and whatever comes our way, we know it's only temporary and Love Is permanent.  The only permanent thing there is, God & His Her Love.  So, we're back 2 work, in divine timing, as we live and move, all of us together in God's movie.  And how's Your movie going, my dear friend(s)?  Awesome.  ) 

Glad 2 hear that. )  Awesome ones who need a medical tent, we got you covered.  Just go w the flow,  it's all gonna be good, trust the process as we all move along, like we're all a part of Creator's one Big glacial tapestry of souls. Losing that limb or going thru that psychodrama that got you institutionalized (happened 2 Paul 6 times)  may, in all likelihood turn out 2 be one of the defining, turning point moments of your life and put you in a whole new strata of God warrior volunteers on the purple <3 honour roll of survivors, Victor's ~ against all odds.  And So It Is.

Now, 7/26/19 Just sharing what this page is meant to do...

That is, to direct you tour- ists 2 where the good stuff is just happening or just came down, and that, my dear friends, is right here at  the jubilee original site at the top, just under Jerry & Co playing 'Sugaree'  Basically , you'll see, it directs back to here, as in one hand 'clapping' w the other. It takes 2 to make some noise, right graduates?  Indeed.

www.EarthPartyNow.com  So, if led, check that out, and now we're going to The Heart-Stock II page.  We got some serious, hard earned 'Fun' tracks to lay down over there, commanders.  You'll see if you go there.  It's all up to U, humanity.  ) Here's link 4 your convenience. www.paulfb.com/443069842

Is there anything we can get 4 ya's dear brothers and sisters of the Infinite?  A pina colada, maybe non alcoholic?  A cheeseburger made of tofu, or w meat by the volunteer cow who knew it was what he/she came here 4?  Oh, we know, you want someone 2 love.  Not a prob.  That's part of a big Brother who's name is Erik, that's his department. 

Kindly and genuinely ask and get out of the way and allow 'Spirit' 2 answer your prayer in Good God's own perfect timing and in His/Her own special way.  Alright Erik?  )  That ) is the signal, guys.  See Erik's place here, and please, whatever you do, don't let the dawgs out. lol ) TYVM   


Later Dudes & Dudettes... Yeah, You 2 Ashtar Athena & Co.  )

Now, 7/27/19 Quantum 'Fix' comes down re Heart-Stock...

Dear Diary, what a day it's been, Dear Diary, it's been just like a dream.  Ok, so let us explain.  We know, God knows, we were well meaning in creating a form, a group, a place termed 'Heart- Stock'  However, after a day when  we were out 'grounding w Gaia while doing a little travelogue, going home and taking a much needed nap.  To us, going to sleep is many times like going back to the sidelines to consult w the 'Coach' on where  we are and the best play for the on-going game at whatever junction we're at now.... as this meme demonstrates.  Man this Is Big...

So, we wake up and download the fact that, even though we now have $0.11  Available Balance

in our main bank acct, after a partial T- Mobile payment, it's ok, we are so infinitely rich in what really matters.  i,e, we a;; know ~ Love.  Love, the alpha & the omega of ALL THAT IS.  Guess what guys?  It's a Free Heart, not stock, we've been there, done that.  We 'stocked' our shelves, so to speak.  We've come to the 'symbolic gate' Gate And our Rock & Roll 'King' Angel, Elvis let us, as one, 'In.'  Guys.

So God, it's 'Clear'   so clear, the path ahead.  We can not ask 4 even $5.  For the historical record, the recent posts will not be removed.  We are leaving from there & embracing the newer 'Now' Paradigm of 'It Is Done.'  Over, Dear Ones, So,,, Now Announcing not only the Heart- Stock, but the Heart- Gate pages are Now & forever known as 'Heart- Heaven Now' pages. <3 )

Everyone Knows, we can't take it w us, so, being that Heaven has taken over the earth w it's subtle higher vibrations and we spirits are all being swept along, largely unbeknowngst 2 us.

So, scribe will be re-naming pages, and you know what?  Peeps?  It's not only the first 2 pages being name 'Heart - Heaven Now I & II' etc pages but the subsequent pages are already there!  This all came down after our cosmic nap earlier.   So, if led, check out some of those other pages on the menu. It will be gradual.  We'll be doing the II page but we just worked on        'We Have Liftoff  ~  Heart - Heaven III' page.  See menu at top. Click on the drop down arrow of the top pages & that should bring up other pages.

Scribe does have everything connected linked 2 where one should want 2 go from wherever. So,  Here's 2 an eternity of Fun Fun & Fun, sprinkled with romance, adventures, mysteries, intrique, solving or exploring questions that are on humanity's mind 4 aeons.  TY Good God of Fun Who just happens 2 LOVE us 2 Life ~ eternal & infinite, never ending & we're just starting. 

Who can say 'OMG, Thank You God!  Good God we Worship You & Praise You God as much as our little hearts possibly can & God, Please, we beg of You - Dear Source Creator God Of ALL THAT IS, we will Try 2 Do Our individual & collective Best to be worthy of Your Awesome Blessings to us and our lives as we relate 2 one another in our learning, growing and improving 'movie' scripts, Dear God.  Thank You Again, God.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

 www.paulfb.com/438888214    Ok, catch ya's later...

P.s.  Guys, make no mistake, as if we could.  Obviously until the wake up - changeover is fixed, we Rally* need green support, so whatever you might be led to contribute, rest assured you Will be richly rewarded.  Ok?  Awesome.  TYVM

*  Scribe typed, or thought he did type 'Really'  We see the universe has 'Rally' a word that more befits our financial situation.  Having 0.11 cents in the bank is not a comfortable thing for anyone, w nothing due to come in til August.  If any kind hearted soul wants to kick in something, now that we're not even asking for $5. ... how Blessed you will be.  Good God and the entire Cosmos is watching what's going down here, my dear friends.  Just, if you can, do something while you still can; word 2 the wise.  Thank you.  )

Now, 8/4/19 Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding

Thank You Good God that the time for this simple revelation has come, now. This, ioho, is one of the most important videos in existence today. If concur- share it to Your worlds. Thank You Clint Ober, Groundology, Dr Sinatra & all who contributed to this revealing 4 the good of humanity. And So It Is.

Now, 8/20/19 Announcing This Site Is Going '5 D' Officially on 8/22/19 The Love Day of the eternal 8 month of the transformative year 2019. There, we Said it. It Is Written.

Indeed, my dear friends, we got the impulse download 2 days ago on waking and it's been percolating ever since.  The Fifth Dimension is our starting point and it is the  magnificently awesome starting place- realm for God's kids to come in out of the cold, so to speak.  As one, who can't help but feel his vibrations soar just being on this, HisHer, site.  i.e. Father Mother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS. The Infinite The One Who created us and this sentient Earth -Gaia for us to go to school and learn and, hopefully, eventually graduate from. 

Well, looks & feels like The time, the moment, has finally arrived.  It's name is "Now."  Who can feel it?  Ok, good.  You and you & you and you and, wait a minute, guys.  Who can Not feel it?  Hmmm anyone?  Wow, Jesus.  You left No one out, did You?  OMG, Dear Ones.  Jesus, are we getting the name for a new page on this, Heaven's Star Site, 2 start on the 22nd?  Based on Woodstock, my friends, what would it be called?  Exactly, the peanut gallery knows, it's simple.  We love simple.  Simple is simple.  

To Be simply (Good God willing ) Continued...

Here's hoping 'May we all never lose hope.'  )

Here's hoping 'May we all never lose hope.' )

Now, 8/25/19 New News Now Flash 8/25/19 4:16 p.m.

Happy Christmas in August, Sons & Daughters of 'The One.' God is in the mood 4 a party & we're all 'chosen' to attend. Will you show up? Hope so. Here's the address. All our spirit friends are/will be there. Hope You will too. A 'sweet time' guaranteed 4 all who take action.   www.paulfb.com/443069842 πŸ˜Ž

Now, 10/3/19 The Hope Express marches on...

Wow, much has come down since last update here

Here's  a Page to catch the Good Ship Hope.  Hope 2 catch up w you there and the accompanying pages, everything is connected... http://www.paulfb.com/page:DEDEFD55-5F51-4281-B48E-1AD955A38C3F"padding: 0px; text-align: left; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Roboto; font-size: 16px; letter-spacing: 0px; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none solid rgb(0, 0, 0); text-shadow: none; text-transform: none; direction: ltr;" class="textnormal"> i.e. Now: Good Ship Hope!  Not to mention... the original site:  www.EarthPartyNow.com   

Hope floats the human condition; correct, God?   )

Now 1/15/21 10:04 p.m. Just Remember I Love You by Firefall (Lyrics)

Thank You Firefall. <3 ) ) )