Are tthere any questions?  Good.  )

Are tthere any questions? Good. )

Call if you need a miracle.  We work 4 smiles. <3 ) ) ) )

Call if you need a miracle. We work 4 smiles. <3 ) ) ) )

Now. 9/23/19 Welcome 2 'The Jubilee Is Jesus' fellow kind, sweet, loving, Vast Gods & Goddesses, Children ~ Companions of God 2 'the infinitely Grateful Grateful Fun Love Joy Luck Kind Peace Happy Club Jubilee' AKA 'The Grateful Grand Jubilee' <3 ) (Latest update 3/5/20 ) Ty Jerry, Bro & Co. we concur. ) ) )

Greetings Star beings on the way up.  If you would like to share this wonderful page; here's a url: 

FYI this page was the original page for  It changed on 1/22/21   )

First, there must be light, correct, God?   )

First, there must be light, correct, God? )

Please Treat our host planet & her environs kindly, thoughtfully, respectfully & w Love, as She treats all of us. Be good to Her & 2 one another, In Jesus Name. And So It Is What It Is.  )

Please Treat our host planet & her environs kindly, thoughtfully, respectfully & w Love, as She treats all of us. Be good to Her & 2 one another, In Jesus Name. And So It Is What It Is. )

Thank You God 4 The Touch.  just sharing a Fb memory: on  a Lucky Blessed Grateful Day 4 Team Oneness.  Paul F Brown  March 9, 2018 at 3:31 AM

Thank You God 4 The Touch. just sharing a Fb memory: on a Lucky Blessed Grateful Day 4 Team Oneness. Paul F Brown March 9, 2018 at 3:31 AM

Now 1/4/21 An Open Letter...

On Facebook

An Open Letter 4 Awl God's angels in disguise... you and you and you heck Awl of us. โค ) ) ) Come 2 the jubilee... Your friends R Awl here. Time 2 celebrate (Responsibly ) on the 'plant it.' Order of the day today & 4 ever. The 11th Commandment. Thou shalt have FUN! Any questions? Good. โค ) ) )

Insert:  Think we're kidding?   )
Paul F Brown
(Friend's first name,} I Am doing God's perfect plan. I Am an admin. Today at this site   Formerly the main domain name  See where it goes now, if led.  We, (as a multidimensional being) will be building a new page and at the 11th hour this morning - at 11 minutes in be playing a particular soul song and from then on it's just Heaven on Earth Now.

Everything Free as the birds 4 awl. It Is Written, my friend.. Hope you can attend but it's not necessary to be online, just know - God's Got this - HerHis world; Indeed. As we type this we r getting synchronicities w the songs they r playing on  Ok, have a wonderful day, as Richie Havens sings 'Freedom' on the radio..
P.s. I will be using this chat as an open letter, protecting your name and privacy. Yep, came out that good. Peace. Paul & Co. ) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

On Twitter  An Open Letter 4 Awl God's angels in disguise... you and you and you heck Awl of us. ) ) ) Come 2 the jubilee... Your friends

R Awl here. Time 2 celebrate (Responsibly ) on the 'plant it. Order of the day today & 4 ever. The 11th commandment. Thou shalt have FUN! Any questions? Good. ) ) )

Now 1/3/21 11:11 a.m. Announcing A Announcement w moment given. New News Now...

Now  1/3/21  Announcing That an Announcement has been shared on our wall,  and now obviously here. and Blossom Goodchild  fans, and aren't we all? - may concur that God's divine plan is 4 nothing less than 'Heaven on Earth Now' 4 Awl HerHis far flung  Sons & Daughters. See here:   

Thank You Blossom.  ? 4 U, humanity?  How do you get a name like Blossom Goodchild?  The name, as Jesus said, as He said to us in this reading which, we hope, everyone has heard by now.

W large Thank You's to James Martin Peebles.  MD, James Madison Law RIP (Rockin in Paradise,) Jimi Hendrix~ Jerry Garcia & John Lennon  From July, 2013    )  Hope En~joy.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Season's Greetings 2 Everybuddy...   ๐Ÿ‘  โค  ๐Ÿ™‚

Now 12/18/20 Announcement: Official Grand Expansion Opening of this Grateful Fun site is Dec 21, 2020. Awl invited... )

As 'Us Blues' plays on an ancient cassette in background we announce the official (low key, like us) grand opening of 'the jubilee' Dec 21/20 as Uncle John's Band now plays. And now 4 the ladies... Scarlet Begonias. Yes. ) Thank You God! as Sugar Magnolia now plays & Heaven smiles ) And Bro Gregg Allman sings Good Clean Fun and right now Jerry sings China cat Sunflower Know you rider & we press 'share.' And if you like this ) won't you share?

Thank you & God bledd (typo will not be edited) Bless! Ok team, w Twist of fate now playing we are about to hit the 'post" button on this smart phone as the tape ends. btw this tape is named 'Independence Day Times' dated 7-4-02

Hope Y'all have a very Grateful Fun happy, magical day in the neighborhood, as Wharf rat and now Black Peter plays on the other side. Next song we hit the post button. And it is...

Terrapin Station. Ok friends. see ya's on U Tube, (yes we do have a channel over there) as Journey comes on w 'Separate Ways.' Peace out 4 now guys. Take care. )

P.s. Now on 'Vivienne,' (our pet name 4 our HP computer) next song is Journey 'Lights,' followed by, now playing Led Zeppelin Achilles Last Stand, (one of their top 3 songs ioho, w Kashmir #1. ) and the next selection God (we endeavor to do everything w God ) placed on that celabratory day 18 years ago. And that completes that B side of the tape.

Now back to side A and it starts off wiith John Fogerty and The Old Man Down The Road, and now ELO Don't Bring me Down, followed now w 'The Boys' 'Eyes of The World' and then we come full circle w US Blues. Hope Ya's have enjoyed this impromptu play by play w a completely randomly chosen tape. We will put this up on the paulfb site on 1st page. Have a nice day & forever, if choose.

P.p.s If anyone else thought these selections would make a nice page, U r right, and we will be on it. Est delivery... w/i 24 hours. TYVM

The humble servant, at your service.

Now 12/18/20 Paul you have 20 seconds, tell us something we may not know. Ty )

From: Copy & paste if int. So, my dear friend, how is Your movie going, you average everyday superstar, You? Do you have a name for it yet? Or something like 'Work in progress'? Or 'I don't know Jack? or maybe 'I am a champion of me - or of the people'? ) Paul what's your movie name? Hmm, since you ask and we have not even thought of this before this but "Thank You God 4 Your perfect, infinitely perfect divine timing 2 help your humble servant 2 do what he came down here 2 do. And we r not done yet. Here's 2 new beginnings, sweet reunions and having & making Fun 4 ever. Who's in? We will hold the light up 4 you, humanity. You coming or going? Either way you will never be separated from Source energy. It's what we are all made of, correct Bro Jesus - Sananda? : )

Strange Good News from another star... ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Strange Good News from another star... ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Good news 4 a bad (jagw) planet Love  As 
'Deal'  plays.  TY God Mary Jesus * Sananda Jerry & Bob & Co of The Grateful Living.Ty Everybuddyf. )  )  )  'Who was that masked man?' Ilona Quinn. โ‚ฌ; ) ) )

Good news 4 a bad (jagw) planet Love As
'Deal' plays. TY God Mary Jesus * Sananda Jerry & Bob & Co of The Grateful Living.Ty Everybuddyf. ) ) ) 'Who was that masked man?' Ilona Quinn. โ‚ฌ; ) ) )

Now 12/26/20 'The worst president ever. Period': Cuomo unloads on Trump

Thank you Chris Cuomo & CNN for speaking the obvious truth . See The document on Sons & Daughters of Light letterhead. Hillary is legit #45 See our comment below.. Ty. )

Our comment to the above vid.

Paul F Brown
1 hour ago (edited)

News Flash... trump IS FIRED. WAKE UP MEDIA> Go 2 Read it. See the proclamations, sift the far flung evidence, Hear the readings from long ago. The time is Now. Ashtar is our close Buddy. Hear what he says here, w Big TY to Michael Ellegion.  Our platform message

Jesus' response  We can have Paradise Now.  Who will accept an invite 2 the World Party.  Insert: Who wants to hear Mr Toad's wild ride: w large Ty's to James & James.  

As we listen to Bing Crosby & David Bowie singing 'Peace on Earth, on Boston's WUMB Show 'Highway 61 Re-visited.' Ty Albert & now Scott Alarik with 'Folk Tales'  Just sharing Good stuff, Bro's & Sisters  Love & LIGHT 2 Awl. Now & 4 ever. IJN. Smile, people will wonder what you're up to.  Now this w Leslee Jo   Rec % fin. 1:07 p.m. ) 

P.s.  Here's the URL's to  go to as shared on the poster...

Yes, we do have a Press Release...

And across the bottom is a link to get a free virtual hug. 

Now 12/21/20 Hey Earth party volunteers want/ need Good God size $timulus? Here Ya's go. Use as shown in the 2002 proclamation. No more need 2 deal w filthy money, tricky crypto or barter unless you want to. It Is Done. )

Greetings Dear fellow sons & daughters of The Infinite. Can we talk? Oh good. 4 $tarters, here's God's $timulus energy 4 Awl HerHis kids. Don't spend it all in one place. Redeemable everywhere love exists universally. Beginning, precisely at :11: 11 a.m  Moody Now 'Independence Day.' Monday 12/21/20 Say good bye 2 the fiat, crypto, barter. swaps. if want.  God has HerHis kids covered. The new 'now' exchange for what we need is love love & only love. And So It Is.

It is now officially pro-claimed that same is the only medium of exchange in town. Deal, guys?Hope so, 4 real. Okay, moving right along...
If you haven't gotten the message yet, here it is w Jesus' response. What's that Ashtar? Yes, Bro good idea, Awl invited 2 listen to this while reading the docunents . Here we go again. W large Thank You 3 'The human telephone line, Michael Ellegion  

Our platform message  Jesus' response 

All Welcome to the jubilee site:  4 a real good time. ๐Ÿ˜Ž  So, If this god stuff (Scribe typed 'good' & 'god'' showed up. This stuff happens all the time as God is our Co Creator.  Scribe will tell anyone who asks that God is The sole creator of all thhis (sic) output & he is just the Grateful humble 'button pusher.'  He <3's his j o b.  Lol )  So, if this good stuff resonates w You,- Please share 2 Your world - everyone you know, which can include media.

The affect this will generate of a positive nature will ripple to infinity.  This is a very good thing.  Thank you 4 being a universal spiritual warrior. Sincerely 'P''  Everyone's humble servant, in service 2 'The Infinite.  TYVM )   ๐Ÿ™‚  ๐Ÿงณ  ๐Ÿ™   Note: For the record, scribe clicked on another picture; this showed up.  There You go again, God.  <3  ) โค ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘ 

The Only path in town 2 The Infinite Is Jesus ~ Sananda.  The lighted way Rec & fin 12/23/20  5:19 a.m.

The Only path in town 2 The Infinite Is Jesus ~ Sananda. The lighted way Rec & fin 12/23/20 5:19 a.m.

Hey Guys, this is the meme we clicked on 2 share above, how-ever God, obviously, had other plans.  Can anyone say; 'Divine Intervention?'on?'  Excellent.  Oh, we have a whole far flung flock of winners  Congrats Jesus lovers aka God lovers.Now here's the promised song 2 kick off the emergence of true  'Heaven on Earth'  Now & 4 ever. IJN 
 And So It Is.   song we.. ir the stadium is absolutely jam packed  w  Spirits  Hold on Everybuddy.  Thinga R changing on the 'plant it' w the quickness.  Canyou say  'Godspeed

Hey Guys, this is the meme we clicked on 2 share above, how-ever God, obviously, had other plans. Can anyone say; 'Divine Intervention?'on?' Excellent. Oh, we have a whole far flung flock of winners Congrats Jesus lovers aka God lovers.Now here's the promised song 2 kick off the emergence of true 'Heaven on Earth' Now & 4 ever. IJN
And So It Is. song we.. ir the stadium is absolutely jam packed w Spirits Hold on Everybuddy. Thinga R changing on the 'plant it' w the quickness. Canyou say 'Godspeed" Good. Ok launching 'The best is happening Awl thetime inmoments 2 treasure. Cheers & Cheerio. P <3 )

We R Awl Jerry Jillionnaires, Dear Ones.  A smile opens the door to the infinite... )  And So It Is.  TYJ

We R Awl Jerry Jillionnaires, Dear Ones. A smile opens the door to the infinite... ) And So It Is. TYJ

Anytime... Who needs a hug? ( 88 )

For those who could use a good virtual hug w Paul & proxy Kevin Karlson of WZLX here ya go...

Note:  If any link does not work, try copy & paste.  Ty.    

If sound doesn't come on, click on the 3 lines top right and then click off.  Hope its as good 4 you as is for the instruent. 

We gave hugs at late, bc of budget cuts, great Ruby Rogers Center: in Union Square, Somerville, Ma. 

Previous google place:

Now New News Update  1/2/21

Our latest 'baby' is completed and can be experienced here: ; Of course all these pages r connected but this  page is particularly in synch w this 'Are you coming w us page. 

We R also Announcing our new Free program.  It's termed 'Heaven on Earth Now.' not forever bc Now is 4 ever. Since  we do Everything w God, Jesus Mary our spirit guides & the angels.  Of course no fiat, crypto or barter is required.  Free Is Free.  Following is a picture of our launch agenda.  This program has no expiration date and will last 4 ever like us immoortal spiritual beings.  Our platform is same as  was shared just above and all over this site.  

Our platform message 

We R awl Jerry Infinity jillionnaires.  We R awl seen & recognized 4 our true value, our true worth as Daughters & Sons of Creator.  The official 'Launch' will be in effect  4  1/4/21 at 11:11 a.m. Moody Monday 1/4 ~ 4, of course, an angel #.  Alright, our Dear Friends, We can all share the following symbol of our long strived 4 sun sign success.  Cheers & Cheerio.  P, on bewhole of the group.  Rec & fin  Same day 10:07  p.m.  <3  ) 

Officially from 1/4/21  11:11 a.m.  From God w Love.  Carry on... <3  ) ) )   TYJ ~ Thank You Mary, Thank You each & every~one of us.  And So It Is.  Maybe see ya's at Disneyworld in the spring.  )   Background music on cd>  Eagles Ol' 55.  16 sweet.  )

Officially from 1/4/21 11:11 a.m. From God w Love. Carry on... <3 ) ) ) TYJ ~ Thank You Mary, Thank You each & every~one of us. And So It Is. Maybe see ya's at Disneyworld in the spring. ) Background music on cd> Eagles Ol' 55. 16 sweet. )

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare For The Common Man

Thank You Keith, Greg & Carl ~ ELP <3 ) Let there be warmth& Amazing music of the sphere, ok God? Deal. )<3 ) ) ) TYJ & Mary Divine Mother 2 us awl. <) ) ) )

Now, 9/23/19 Jesus through John ~ Guidance from an elder brother May 1, 2019

Thank You God Jesus & John S o G 4 sharing it. Let's all share God's good stuff in our worlds 4 the betterment of All. Sounds like a plan.

Jesus via John Smallman, April 22, 2020 Truly, even in these unsettling times, there is enormous reason for hope and for joy.

Thank You Jesus & John & Mario for sharing on Yt.

Jesus, July 3, 2020 by John Smallman You Are All Extremely Powerful Beings...

Thank You Jesus & John. & Mario <3 )

Saul , July 1st 2020, Channeled by John Smallman

Thank You Saul & John & Mario for bringing this new news forward. <3 )

Now 8/26/20 Jesus : Your present life is perfect for you. August 19, 2020 by John Smallman

Thank You Jesus, John Smallman and Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on Yt. Awesome picture. <3 )

Now 8/13/20 Happy Birthday Dan! Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (from Live: Greetings from the West) (Replacement)

Thank You Dan & Crew. A Dan Tribute page:

Now 10/27/21 Eagles Hotel California | Hotel California | โ™ช Eagles - Hotel California 1976 (Replacement)

Thank You The Eagles. ~ ~ ~

Now  12/17/20  Merry Christmas  Happy Hanukkah  Seasons Greetings  Happy Holidays & Oh yes, Joy to The World!  From Mom ~ Marie & Yours truly.  Cheers... )

Now 12/17/20 Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Seasons Greetings Happy Holidays & Oh yes, Joy to The World! From Mom ~ Marie & Yours truly. Cheers... )

Now 12/17/20 Paul F Brown shared a memory...

1 Year Ago

See Your Memories

Paul F Brown

Shared with Public

Excuse this fellow immortal spiritual being please, guys, 4 asking... however, we must ask. Is political leadership floating your particular boat or has God given us something immensely better that we're missing, somehow? We observe Sweeping changes are Now on the Plant it, friends. We advise as a (incorporated since 1978) professional consultant in all matters of existence.

2 choose wisely and permanently, not 2 mention confidently. Our team supports a return 2 love in the white house and not when the election comes around. We need change Yesterday. Our platform message Jesus' response All good stuff here 4 starters. Hope see Ya's there. Portrait of a Real Leader

Now:  11/7/20  Congrats Joe, Kamala & esp The American People.  Thank God.  Now  12/17/20 all we need is a new associate cabinet choice for 'Czar of Fun' or something like that.  God knows this world needs a little Fun. And Fun triumphs fear Now all we have to do is find someone to fill that position. For real, we're Not joking, friends.  Can Paul call you guys 'friends?'  Oh good.  Lol  ) 
P.s.  Now 12/19/20  What a coincidence... as we;re reviewinng this share our eyes fall upon the words - God knows while at that precise moment, we hear 'God only knows' on 'sountrack we're listening to- WUMB playing God Only Knows  by The Beach  Boys.  You can't make this stuff up, guys.  @ 9: 38 a.m.

Now: 11/7/20 Congrats Joe, Kamala & esp The American People. Thank God. Now 12/17/20 all we need is a new associate cabinet choice for 'Czar of Fun' or something like that. God knows this world needs a little Fun. And Fun triumphs fear Now all we have to do is find someone to fill that position. For real, we're Not joking, friends. Can Paul call you guys 'friends?' Oh good. Lol )
P.s. Now 12/19/20 What a coincidence... as we;re reviewinng this share our eyes fall upon the words - God knows while at that precise moment, we hear 'God only knows' on 'sountrack we're listening to- WUMB playing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. You can't make this stuff up, guys. @ 9: 38 a.m.

David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Prophecies Fulfilled! (6/21/20)

Thank Ypu David & Dannion. Still remember the great bear hug we shared at an event in Boston decades ago, Dannion. Thank you 4 all you do. ( Hugs awl ) <3 )

Now 6/8/20 David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley, 6/7/20: Pathway to Peace!

Thank You David & Dannion. <3 )

Now 6/22/20 The Sweet Afterlife Interview with George Floyd

Thank You George, Elisa, Denise & Erik. <3

Now 3/9/20 OMG Guys, Is The Holy Spirit raining down on this Starsite or what? It's Over 4 poverty & lack & hunger, one way or another, Correct Mary, Universal Mother of us awl? <3 )

#52 )  3/9/20  Share Hope 4 awl page of the day is another Tsunami of Love & Peace & Fun page  w accompanying Mary picture there, illustrating the divine infinite perfect Love that can't be denied, in welcoming us, God's crazy, in a good way, kids home.  And So It Is.  Hope en ~Joy.  Share Hope page III  or url:   ๐Ÿ™‚ โค ๐Ÿ’”

Now 2/3/20 Front & Center Urgent New News from the rear. Open Letter Calling awl angels 4 some 'Love In Action.'

Greetings fellow starbursts^ of The One.  Can we talk?

We are helping our friend, Emmanuel who runs a orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa. They are in desperate need of funds. They get no govt support and people are just not contributing. Children are actually dying due to malnutrition and unbelievably, the hospital there and the doctors will not treat them w/o the bills being paid. SMH.

So we are using this as a platform to raise funds. *Check this below. This is win win.

If would like to contribute to this cause directly, here's their Paypal address Any amount is Most welcome. TYVM 

More here:

We re doing a series of 'Share hope page of the day' sharings to bring awareness to this situation. Pages are listed here: Open Links & Letters  or: Today's w a hint Features a certain 'graduate.' ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Quick update:  Erik says, Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.  Watch scribe work here w spirit. Share page of the day for  2/3/20  Month Day & year of Our Lord.    This front page has an admission cost of 3 )'s  Erik's place is 5 4 adventure.  Who's ready 4 adventure?  The angels, like Erik, are 4 sure, babies. ) ) ) ) ) 

 Please lend a hand that's what God gave us them 4.  We're awl more powerful than we know here in the human form  Time 2 open up 2 our divine infinite immortal spiritual perfection, dear ones.  learning & improving on the schoolhouse platform termed Earth w awl Her other names, esp 'Joy.' 

Now 2/20/20  Update: The new page 4 the Share hope page of the day is here: 

Speaking of fun.  This page is so much fun & informative that we feel it should be mandatory.  Here, see why... Cosmic Fun Now 4 All  Link if want  2 share... 

 ^Fun fact: Starbursts came out while we were eating a Yoplait yogurt 'starburst'  )

Who has enough friends?  Not us.  If led,  'Friend us on Fb' 

This could be the start of a grand relationship.  You will not believe the friends we have that we could introduce U2.  Some in spirit, some in physical.  Doesn't matter bc we're awl swimming in the same upstream.  Tweet 2:   Cue Frank song.  'Come Fly w us.'  )  No 'world leader' unless it's Jesus will tell you this most important, germane 'stuff' 4 every person on the 'plant it' 2 know, my dear friends.  We r not born e.g. democrats or republicans or any other political, religious or cultish label in the eyes of God,

We are born 'Immortal Spiritual Beings' sprung from Source Who's name is "Love."  Our whole journey & purpose down here in 3 & 4 D is to find a way back to Source where we will awl live in perfect, sweet loving harmony w Source Creator God ALL THAT IS & More 4 ever.  It's celebration time on the schoolhouse bootcamp plan it earth, my dear friends, as scribe watches the keys form these words.  Alright, 'don't get us started.' he says.  Too late, Bro.  'The cat's out of the bag.'  so to speak.  Rec & fin  2/24/20   2:11 p.m.  <3  )

Now 1/13/20 Emmanuel & Paul's Family Fundraiser. Please help end the suffering, esp of the starving children next door... Updated 1/17/21

Note:  Update date above.  The following replaces dated info from a year ago.  The text below is copied from the Heaven on Earth Now page:  And info will be continued over there, and not here.  Ty.  )

We support 5 orphanages in Africa, folks.  Two in Sierra Leone and 3 in Uganda. We will now share info on the friends who run these - their  Fb or site place pages if you would like to make a donation while money. as we know it, is still in play.  The inevitable transition 2 Love & only love, as the earth's currency is in the immediate wings w momentum that can't be stopped & Is sweep over the planet  Now like a tsunami of relief  & end to suffering on many levels esp w the end of starving children in countries where the government cares only about money. 

Big money is about to make an earth calming fall from grace, if it ever had that in the first place. sorry billionnaires, sorry fat cats, sorry mooch mc, all you big bad, in a bad way, greedy f'n bastards have quite the reckoning when you see your life review & we promise you - You will be the guy who gives You the biggest boot in the arse.

That's just how it is, friends.  God doesn't judge but boy oh boy do we. as soon Everything will be free as per God's Urgent memo or the world finds its heart. don't look 4 it in political bs. Most politicians fail in that dept.  Are you listening mooch? and don't get scribe started on trump, just plz see the proclamation here, the previous start page titled 'Jesus Is The Jubilee:'  

We can't share this enough.  If you already read it, Plz read it again as repeated exposures only reinforce its importance & the urgency of what is going down on the plan it these days of NOW.  And So It Is.  

Our platform message 

Jesus' response 

And So It Is.

So, if anyone would like to exercise your empathic ~ compassionate giving spirit, you can start here or give to your own cause if you have one. e.g.  St Jude Children's Research Hospiital  

'Great Thank you's go to our Almighty God for aiding our donors to help And support '  Kyawa Robert. 

Note: The following Cause:  'Raise Hope for Orphan Ministry'  is partnered up w 'Good Hope Children's Ministry'  both in Uganda kamuli nawanyango. May God bless you all   who can help out with any contribution.  You will be bllessed.  )  So, to make a contribution to both or either charity, get with Kyawa.  TYVM.

Sarah Namwase  Raise Hope for Orphan Ministry  Uganda   

Emmanuel Jongo  Hope get well w the quickness, Bro ๐Ÿ™  Emmanuuel is on his deathbed from malaria. typhoid.  Please see open letter here at page dedicated to the Orphanages & how the world can deliver Hope.  

Thank you David for your relentless kind  service to God's Happy - Holy  Heavenly plan on Earth.  <3  ) ) )  And So It Is.  ~      ~           ~              ~                  ~                  ~                              ~

Insert Now  1/11/21  11:00 p.m.  

Save an Orphan From Suffering On the Streets

They need your donations for them to get food, clothes, bells, suger, shoes, toys and other basic needs for them.
Any amount can put them to another level โ‚ฌ10, โ‚ฌ20, โ‚ฌ30 and above can help in buying some thing for them.
For any donations use;
Western Union 
Reciever; Namunana Victoria
Country; Uganda
City. ;Jinja
Phonr; +256751089060
Note; inform me for any donations by privete massage me

If anyone wants to send Paul a donation to him or the orphanages just say so in the memo.  we have a donate button here:  Scroll way down.  (maintenance man hopes to be restoring content there w the quickness, soon.  ) p.s.  Our Paypal address is same as our primary email:   TYVM  )

God bless & TYVM to awl the above kind hearted Giving souls.  May your work continue w Godspeed & willing assistance from awl the awakening masses who r finding out the spiritual benefits off giving w/o measure.  The returns of same are out of this world.  Praise & ALL Glory to God, In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

Rec & Fin 1/6/21  12:54 p.m.  Quincy, Ma, USA, Earth 'Plant it'  Rock & Roll AKA Gaia Love, Christa Vivienne & Your favorite name 4 her. <3 ) ) )  Peace Love Joy Harmony Adventure & Good stuff like that there 4 us awl God's Grateful living 4 ever companions in the infinite light & love of ALL THAT IS. IJN.  Addendums fin 1:22 p.m.  )  22 ~ the love #.  Go figure. ) Lol TY God.  <3 ) ) ) )   Thank you Awwwl loving Angels of divine infinite love mercy & compassion. And So It Is. <3  )

Now 12/09/19 This is how you'll feel after helping to feed starving children in Sierra Leone, West Africa. & other p[aces on Earth. Now 2/22/20 Updated & placed here: Fellow ISB's Just asking 4 a friend/ Now that awl our needs r & will be met w our now recognized & respected stature as Sons & Daughters of Source 'Creator God... think we can start 2 have Fun 4 a change?? Hope so. ; )

Dancin, dancin in the streets & Be a chick magnet... ) TYG ~ IJJN (w) <3 ) ) ) )

Jesus cares about the hungry in our midst, so He took action.  Can't we lend a hand, humanity?  Hope so.  ; )  Even a tiny pebble, tossed in water, causes a ripple...

Jesus cares about the hungry in our midst, so He took action. Can't we lend a hand, humanity? Hope so. ; ) Even a tiny pebble, tossed in water, causes a ripple...

Oh look guys, no one here but failures, let's turn back & give up, or worse yet, not even try, when our 'ripples' could have been Tsunami's  Love w/o action is something 2 avoid 4 a nice life review.  #Sinsoofommission  #Don'tbethatperson  Give & Feed the hungry, correct, Jesus?  <3  )

Oh look guys, no one here but failures, let's turn back & give up, or worse yet, not even try, when our 'ripples' could have been Tsunami's Love w/o action is something 2 avoid 4 a nice life review. #Sinsoofommission #Don'tbethatperson Give & Feed the hungry, correct, Jesus? <3 )

Now  8/1/20

Now 8/1/20

Now 8/9/20 Happy Birthday to Higher Dimensions, Jerry. Shine Heaven's light on us all. IJN. )

Now 1/26/20 Thank U 4 taking our 'Course in Fun 101' ) Just sharing bc we care... )

Greetings Dear Ones, fellow passengers on the Good Ship Earth 2 Infinity.  You have arrived here right now or whenever bc you had/ have a date to be here, in God's script. Everyone arriving here is encouraged to see & experience this site as 'A Course in Fun.'  No one fails this course bc we R built 4 Fun.  Angels as well. 

We  are announcing and sharing some big new news of a new position that has opened up and been filled by a beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving funny Goddess, among other attributes, who was our sister in her last incarnation, Diane Marie. Yep, we keeping it in the family 4 good reason as God knows we've  known one another 4 ever. )  Announcement of this can be seen and the reasons 4 it here U coming with us? ))   (formerly U leaving w us.)  Oh, almost 4 got; the position?  'Secretary of Fun.' definitely not limited to this platform where Good Godly stuff is shared from our particular vantage point.

This is also shared here where, among other things, the 'Share Hope 4 relief of the starving children at Hope rains orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa is shared.  Open Links & Letters or url 2 share:  Marie & Jaws will greet ya's there. <3 ) ) 

Hardly anyone is lending a hand & kids are dying.  Thank you if moved to do something 2 help.  No money? How 'bout a prayer or more.  Ty.   Angels R in the house here,.  Our Quantum home 444   or    This will not be a formal  'Share page of the day' bc they are constant & w us every split second of our lives.  Rejoice..

And, just created 2 day by popular demand.  It couldn't wait and already started.  Invite Ya's 2 have fun watching  Diane's page 4 Awl )  be built  We are awl in  4 quite a journey w this one, guys, so hold tight.  It's gonna be a Fun ride.  Guaranteed.  And we'll all get 2 watch it 2 gether. Think scribe knows what will turn up there?  Oh, we have a few ideas tooling around in our cranium, however the fun is in the not knowing; only that it's going 2 be good, right Diane?  )

Friends, no one knew how to have fun down here better than Diane.  A free spirit w a sense of humor that drew people to her like bees to honey.  If you guys thought our connection 2 Marie (Mom) is strong... omg we have that sibling DNA in spirit thing going and if's taken us 2 the next levels  in just the last 48 hours.  So much so that if we talk it could be her coming thru, know what we're saying here, children? 

Diane's waited a long time 4 her brother, yours truly, in this last lifetime 2 be ready & open 4 this 2 start, tho, in spirit moments, there is no time in spirit,  it's not even a blink of an eye. .  So good bye incubation time.  Yeah, 11 years, that's long enough 4 that. God You wanted a galactic messenger to the galaxies 30:11 in the reading.  Here we are, reporting 4 duty. At Your service, God.  We'll do it in song as much as we are led.  Remember, guys we're not the lead mouth.  )

We say it w the music, we gotta learn how 2 love down here in this 'schoolhouse', as Dr Peebles calls it,  boys and girls, fellow sons & daughters of God.  This is the only lesson 2 learn and no one showed us how to do that better than Jesus.  So we rec visiting this 'Share page of this day' and look into the Master's eyes.  Same eyes as God's. 

And Have Fun.  The 11 th Commanment.  Think we're kidding?  Go here and scroll down to near the bottom, see the surfers pic. Jubilee Is Jesus II  or   God does not want any of His children to fear Him, guys.  HeShe is a Good God of  divine infinite perfect Love awl running 2 gether, my dear friends.  Love is who we are, love is where we're going.  Love Is the final & only solution 2 all life's problems and the way out of our political religious and yes, financial problems.  Only earth has this money is all the sh*t thing that you have to have for survival. 

MY fellow ISB's,  It's time to put that whole concept to bed.  God says it's time 2 wake up, smell the coffee as well as the flowers, and embrace a better way w enlightened, compassionate & dynamic Leadership. Btw,   If you fear God you, most likely are guilty of something and that is troubling to your soul. God does not judge, dear ones, We do. If we have strayed and done some bad things, we know it and when we look back at some of our choices it's us,the sinners who give ourselves the biggest boot in the ass.    Ok, time to wrap this and go out 4 a walk while still some light out there.  God bless everybody and every  living thing everywhere 4 it's Awl God.  And So It Is.  angel time :  Above date 3:44 p,m. Note now dark, still going 4 a walk,  edits, addendums  moment marked;  5:33 p.m. Cheerio  )

A FB memory shows up in perfect timing / momenting...         Paul F Brown  February 16, 2018 at 1:26 PM

A FB memory shows up in perfect timing / momenting... Paul F Brown February 16, 2018 at 1:26 PM

Remember...Now & forever  (placed 9/14/20)

Remember...Now & forever (placed 9/14/20)

Now 1/20/20 A day to see more clearly. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Just sharing this from our Fb wall.  Paul F Brown:   Hey Parrotheads (How we started off sharing the above post to a Jimmy Buffett news group on Fb. We mistakenly thought we were all friends with sharing w them the above Janis & Jerry post marking her 77th birthday. To the admin & others on the Jimmy Buffet news page that I left. Starving kids triumphs any policy regarding solicitations. Scroll down a bit here and get the whole story and how we can help fix it, if led 

We have an urgent need at that orphanage that w no money, the kids starve, Period. They don't get treated at the local hospital unless their bills are paid. Doctors won't treat them unless they are paid. It's all documented here:   And here's the page that features, among other artists, Jimmy Buffett, sorry, we were too economical in describing it as a Buffet page. Just like this whole site is not a Jerry site, or a Paul site. It's God's site, people. We work 4 God, putting Everything in HisHer Hands.  Peace.

If anyone wants to see where we are now in our collective journey, connected ones... call it eternity road,  No worries 4 ever, my dear friends, Jesus has the wheel. ๐Ÿ˜Ž 

Now 1/19/20 A beautiful Sunday in the cosmic neighborhood & a big hearted way 2 celebrate a friend's birthday...

Happy Birthday Janis, w a friend.  Guys, we all know that Janis had a Big <3  

So, here we are, at a place for the spirits to meet up & maybe, Hopefully support our kind fundraiser to keep children from starving to death at an orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa. And, hopefully one day we can support Your close to <3 Cause. We have a plan 2 help You help the children & be rewarded w income. It's all explained below. Who can say 'win win?  Besides You Ashtar. )

Now:  Fun places 2 visit.  bc God is not only Love, but also  Fun.  They kind of go together, don't they... Love & Fun?  Indeed.

Like this page  (You're soaking in it now. ) &  And the page of the day we are doing maintenance on still...    These are at the original jubilee page  Who can handle eternity?  Answer You can Sonny and Sandy bc This is how we were made in our beginning when God decided HeShe could use some companionship & thus, we awl came into being.  So, here's a Fun jubilee page which is basically retired from new postings except for considerable maintenance which may or may not be done.  Upstairs it's perfect, we're told, like everything else up there in the higher dimensions.

a page with contact readings of note & should anyone care to contribute what Dr Peebles calls a little  egg & bread money.  Put it here, Paul.  Of course, Spirit:  where this can be found...   w Large TY 2 Jim Law RIP  Rockin' In Paradise.  

So, the main thing, guys is lets aleviate the suffering down here.   We can start with the 500+ starving children in w Affrica.  Yours truly should Not be the only person on the planet that is helping Emmanuel's orphanage.  C'mon.  Who is going to step up to the plate and make a contribution so my buddy  over there can buy some food for the kids?  Even a Starbuck's donation would go a long way over there.  $144. can feed them 4 a week. We are looking 4 angel partners.  Will you be one of them?  Hope so.  TYVM.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 4 the givers.  Want 2 receive in Your llife?  Try giving first.  Baby steps welcome.  )

Btw, if want to see a log of the 'Shares of the not necessarally every day,' here's where to find it...  Alright, catch Ya's later... )

Now: 4/5/18  Updated 1/18/20  Welcome One and All, God's Children and therefore, Gods & Goddesses in Our Own Right.  2 our new Now and 4 ever 'Course In Fun 4 ever' site. Hope Ya's en-joy the menu and, if led, come on back anytime and don't keep this place a secret. 

Remember, Guys, in our beginning, God created us to be companion Gods & Goddesses to HimHer.  Yes, God is androgynous. He (taking the lead grammatically)  made us 4 HisHer en- Joy meant. (w)  God, these days, despite what is seen on Tv Is So Happy & Joyfull (w) w our collective i.e. the vast majority of us,  attainment level of spiritual awareness esp those of us on the Jesus Ship, train, bus, car or skateboard, shoes, sneakers, sandals or bare feet. 

We have a happy God, dear ones.  HeShe is so happy and proud of how most of us turned out so incredibly neat, each in our own special way.   Awl of us contributing 2 the perfect tapestry of human perfection.  We all took a part to play.  Some very hard parts but we did it bc God's script called for it.   Now, as the black & white, so to speak, phase ends and we are well into the golden age, God knows its time we all wake up and smell the coffee, the flowers and the perfume of a new day dawning on the planet Joy.  Gaia's - Mother Earth's new Now additional name, along w Love.  Joy is ready to have some fun as we use Her beautiful alive platform 4 same as God's plan calls 4.  AKA Heaven On Earth.

God, my dear friends, wants us to have Fun, God has Fun, guys.  What's better than having fun?  Paul will say sleep as he spent practically the whole day yesterday w @ 4 or 5 deep coma naps   One dream he had, and he has plans 2 share this on Fb and reveal the share page of the day ... www.Promiseofaman777   Now, you reading this can be early birds, if want & watch it be attended to.  It's time 4 Fun, friendly friends, and to celebrate, even, right Madonna?  Here's a place to start, if want...    Oh, and look Guys, God has another Fun place lookey here...  Cosmic Fun Now 4 All  or url:  

Wait, kids, there's more. we thinks there will always be more as God Is eternal and guess what - lottery winners of 'infinite love' ~ the new now, 'God In Control' currency.  Somebuddy (w) tell the politicians, the honest bankers and corporated greedsters esp of the pharma industry. Your world is changing, and it's 4 the better.  There are no more rich and poor or otherwise.  We R Awl equal Infinity-aires in God's Infinite Love currency of LOVE. Thank You God! 

So here's where we can meet, guys, Infinity's Doorway.)   It's a click away.  Meet ya's there, if led...  url is:  Cheers & Cheerio.  )

Moment marked  Satur(n)day 1/18/20  5:11 a.m.  

A Deal no one can refuse...)

Thank You The Grateful Dead and Admirers for a 'Deal' no one can refuse. ~ Joy, Love, laughter, singing, dancing, celebration, peace, intrigue, adventure, harmony and Gratitude in eternal bliss with God ~ The ultimate Deadhead ~ forever. And So It Is. <3 ) ) ) (this brought up from way below to weir it belongs 11/19/19 ) Way to go WMG; take down a fantastic video viewed and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands worldwide bc of your petty copyWRONG claim. You should be ashamed. We will leave this here in hopes it will be restored here. SMH (

Now 1/14/20 STICK WITH GOD | Denzel Washington Inspirational & Motivational Speech

Thank You God & Thank you Denzel & appreciative audience there & online. <3 ) ) )

Now 1/15/20 It's Official, Guys. God Is using Paul. Look how HeShe is moving everything @ Now God wants Every one to see & Hear this: HEAVEN: Stories of People Who Died & Came Back!

Thank You God & John, Sid & Audience of millions. Note At 16:06 when Sid brings up the life review. What a coincidence, we just talked about that, correct Jesus? ; )

Now. 12/23/19 Cosmic Trigger Day in the local neighborhood & time to cash in our chips. Good bye Mr money. ur moment on this' R & roll 'Plant-it' is Done. Film at no time, just 8 Now. ) IJN.

Dear God,  Thank You God, In Jesus Name, 4 Awl The Heavenly Blessings You have bestowed on us - Your humble, Joyful, Loving, sweet, gentle, kind, harmonious, adventurous and above awl ~ Grateful children.  Thank You Baez, Joan Baez, 4 doing the honours of accepting, on bewhole of collective humanity, us awl, Heavens symbol of Triumph & Victory in Love over darkness.  All Praise, Glory, Love & Laughter 4 All Eternity Be Ours as One under The Great Central Sun. 4 ever & ever ever... In Jesus Name.  And So It Is What It Is.   Ladies & Gentlemen... we are now free to Laugh on 4 ever w a Big Nod 2 Ocasek, Ric Ocasek who left us w those last words.  We say... Jesus ~ Ric. Come Back... You 4 got something... US!!!  Lol.. Is Jesus making a U turn, Bro's & Sister's???  HOPE SO.  )

Picture of Eagle Commander Brown, Paul Francis 'Drown.'  taken on Moody 'Combover'  Monday, above date as fundraiser for: 

 Please lend a hand.  Any donation is Most welcome & You Will be rewarded in kind.  Pressed down shaken over and swimming in Gratitude & rewards.   Further shared here... All welcome  2 the Grateful jubilee.   Cheers & Cheerio 4 now...  )

P.s.  We Are Now In The Cashless Society as God Source Creator wants it.  Sorry elephants & donkeys, your comedy show  w the failed fiat & crypto currencies could never have made it in the long run, anyway.  Nice try.  Sincerely.  )

Jesus response first: 

God's Deal  Accept no other substitutes or 'bills' of any kind.  Only 'Pauls' from now on.  Sorry. ;

Here's yer 2 tickets 2 paradise, humanity... Hope see Ya's there.  (about 3/4 way down.  )

P.s.  We found the cassette of this reading yours truly had with Michael El Legion (the human telephone line) right in our lap practically today.  We put it in for a second, then thought we'd rather share it w y'all  Click if would like to hear...   

Now 12/29/19  This just in, as seen below at Jerry currency of Love pic. 

Now 1/3/20  From our sharing w Emmanuel at this Urgent att bc children are starving and only one person on the planet is helping, if you can believe it.  Yes, its true people.  Yours truly is the only person currently lending a hand.  On the Planet.  Makes me wanna holler.  

So this came up, re High Priest as opposed to political 'leadership.  

from January 7, 2009.   TYVM 2 Leslle Jo & the Keepers of the Akosh records from here:   Hope, see Ya's there 4 a real good time.  

This and all contact info & links 2 good stuff here... Still not too late to give a little 'egg & bread' money while we're still doing the obsolete money is all the sh*t system of commerce.  Love, it's replacement is still in the wings until enough of us decide it's more than time 2 try something else.  Like, actually Do God's  Will, Hello!  The Best way 4 HisHer kids to go.  Indeed. Our team oneness is already there, our cavalry called Rock & Roll has been showing the way 4 seeming aeons, now.  Right, Elvis?  )  TYVM 2 U 2 Elvis & Jesse.  

P.p.s.  Now  12/10/19  Advice. 5 cents.  Don't let your giving be a joke.  See Michael, Michael The Archangel  here...  and explain to Him about your silly stoopid promotion where you are giving away a million dollars on your many stations 8 times a day.  Compare our cause to the decision these very important I heart executives have made.  SMH. is all I can do when thinking what that kind of money could do for a country like Sierra Leone and Nigeria just 4 starters.  Yeah, Marvin , makes ya Wanna Holler!  

Good news is there's time 2 come 2 our senses, all of us while we are still in corporeal body, to put aside our silly selfish actions and deeds that help no one, not 2 mention actions that hurt people, like the guy who stole 30 pieces of bitcoin from Paul or the other scammers coming out of the woodwork to  trick, to steal to supposedly build their own coffers.  Guess what scammers, robbers, thieves, killers, dark  entities of all variiety, you're on candid camera. And have you seen the memo?  Your money's no good to buy toilet paper anymore.  Same w gold, sorry.

Sadly of all is your own high self is looking down on you  adhering to the non interference pax.  We in the physical are the General of what we decide 2 do down here and when you pass & see your life review, your harshest critic will, guaranteed, be You.  So, maybe it's time to come to look in a mirror and  say, looking at the god you are in that mirror,  and resolve 2 change immediately b4 it's too late & the ship is here and you're evacuated to your eternal future w your level of passengers on the termed 'cosmic bus.'  The laggards have a bus.  We'd like to see that bus as empty as possible b4 the driver is given the orders to leave this brokedown palace, so to speak.   Rec & fin 4 now.  Above date:   4:16 a.m.

Now 1/9/20 Happy Birthday Joan, from Your Arc of friends... <3 ) ) )

From FB & Joan groups:  Like, Happy Birthday Joan Baez    <3 ) w more sharings, like: Who's Joan, kiddies? We felt a giant portal opening in our <3 when we opened this page. True.   Did we mention Joan is an excellen driver? #Realdealfolks  #Therealfolkiesknow

#Keepsmiling ๐Ÿ˜Ž  

โ€œBe thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray,โ€ ~ quote by Lord Bryon. 

Awl God's Earth party graduates invited 2 come w us, if led.  Is it rainbow's end or beginning?  We lean to beginnings, however we yield 2 Your particular perspective. 

Speaking of beginnings.  We share where it all started & wish Every spirit a happy new now beginning.  Cheers.   Namaste.  <3 )

Now 12/24/19 Every Day Is Happy Spirits Day Spirits! Y ? Bc God <3's Us Each & Every One as we Really are, not nec wearing our temp 'body suits.' & Awl 2 Gether as One as well. As It was in the beginning, so it Is Now & will be 4 ever & ever & ever... Can U say 'Thank You God. In Jesus Name.' ? Rec trying it Out Loud but don't shout. )

Greetings Dear Awesome Rising Spirits of The One. Know, please, it's no accident that You, Yes You, Are hear ((w) here & Now reading this communique from The Infinite, coming thru scribe like  the proverbial freight train.  It's All Goood, (w) It's awl blessed & on time according 2 Divine Mandate from The Beginning.  Rremember 2 Thank Our angels *as they prefer) however as scribe refers on occasion like this:  Angels... Indeed.  ) 

And we remember from where it all had its Genesis w Big Nod 2 Peebles, dr Peeples James Martin & His new, now Spirit sidekick... Law, James Madison  Law.  Both RIP  Rockin' In Paradise w Jesus, Yeshua Sananda.  Sananda being His Cosmic name.  We say as One:  Merry Christmas  4 Awl God's Kids ~ Companion rising w the light of Dawn, Children of The One.  Welcome 2 Paradise as one man can fashion it 4 Ya's as we are Awl One. large tapestry of light & Love & awl colours of God's Rainbow of way many colours.    

Hope someone out there appreciates the time, temperence and talent on loan from God 2 do this labour of love from the <3.  Our resource page w links 2 all good stuff is here:   Assistants who can copy & paste are welcome 2 apply as paid in love interns as we are Awl now.   

PIL 'Paid in Love' in the new now cashless society.  Once more 4 the record, God's Wake up and smell the Cafe Celeste Coffee. as an example.  Send us your good stuff Peeps, Companies.  We will, hopefully, have an official address to send your 'Good stuff' 4 re-distribution very soon, we mean really soon. and it will be posted over  there w the quickness..  TYVM.  )   

Alright, who has problems?  Problems are only situations that God would Love to get in the battle and work 4 our deliverance from them.  God wants us 2 Give Him (The masculine stepping 4 ward) our 'situations so He can ;Fix' it.  Give God a try.  Turn All the crap in your life, give it 2 God & watch Him turn it into 'Crepe Suzette' as an example, you know like the lemons into lemonade thing.  Nothing is the end of the world, my dear friends.  Maybe you need to upgrade your circle of 'friends,'  Find people who are into something you know nothing about, like, for instance, building homes 4 the homeless or feeding people who are hungry among us.  People who have no idea where their next meal is coming from, stuff like that does the most good.

We can donate if we have something 2 donate, pitch in, volunteer give 2 an orphanage rather than give a million dollars to the 10th caller.  Yeah, we're Still Boycotting WZLX & WRKO for their participation in ISUCK's unbelievably misguided 'Bribe' promotion 2 get new listeners.  Talk about turning people OFF 2 your station.  OMG.  Give a million dollars to Emmanuel's Orphanage in West Africa you stations and then maybe, our team might turn your station on again.  

Everybody can be an angel, give  $4 or $44, like P did today or $144, or $444.  Whatever.  Do something or have  4 ever regrets you could have done something when it would have counted instead what did you do?  Buy another vbag , buy cigarrettes or booze or a luxuury pamper yourself day?  Please, people.  Our brothers & sisters are dying from neglect, in thius day and age they are right on our computer screens.  We can reach out and touch them 4 crying out loud. 

Anyway, it's over, The Big boys & Girls are here acting as the cavalry.  Politicians and zealots for 'my side is the right side'  ok, are you done>  Thank You.  We hear you, now let Sananda, Jesus have a say and what does He say in a message>  It's simple.  Samme as God would say.  Can U people read a simple message that's been in circulation since 1995.  Here, does this make sense, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Another working day has ended.  Rec & fin  Above date 3:44 a.m.

--- Prior due 2 editing process.

One last thing here:  All welcome 2 the Good Ship Hope page.   May we all find the Hope we need, In  Jesus Name.  God Bless us each in rich abundancce every one now unto eternity i.e. moments w/o end aka forever.  Can we wrap our collective heads around this 4 ever concept, friends?  We can try,

trying is in our DNA,  Some say they will try anything once.  Don't try waliking a tightrope over the Atlantic Ocean if you have no experience doing that, ok kids?  Good. here's 2 trying what's in our particular wheelhouse, so 2 speak... ) ) )   Godstamped at 12/24/19  Christmas eve day  12:37 a.m.  w addendums  1:33 a.m.  Namaste.  )

Now 12/23/19 Cosmic Trigger day highlight, one of them. )

Hey Guys, Hope ya's are feeling 'on the beam' these days as we are coming down 2 the end of the wire for the manifesting year of 2019 heading right into clear light of clear seeing 2020.  Who's ready to see what Creator has 4 HisHer beloved Kids next year?  We can't wait, however there's much to do b4 then, right Pooh?  You betcha!  )

Alright, so this morning we asked spirit  2 pick out the perfect music 4 us as we do now & then just 4 fun..  We let ourself be guided and blindly picked out a cd from our large collection, putting it in the cd player  and pushing the button & what did we hear w our own ears but... Yep It was the 'Fragile' album by the Awesome English group YES. Legendery album starts off w 'Roundabout' as live version is shared below.  Here's a link 2 the album.  Hope En Joy  'I'll be there w You.'   The prophets sing.  Indeed.  )

Reminds us of this video P made 3 years ago.  w nod 2 'the basket people,'    That's all of us, isn't it consumers?  ) 

Weir not  done, kids.  Later like @ 7 p.m. well after the headline above was updated, we saw a cassette just hanging out by us, and put it  in.  What song starts?  Any wild guesses?  Ok we'll play it next.  Hold on...  Oh, Btw the name of the cassette is 'Friends To The End'  created by God & Paul on 12/03/08  We'd take a picture of it but Paul's phone is on vacation up in New Hampshire.  We expect 2 retrieve it on...

Updated 1/26/20   Tues 1/28/20 when Steve delivers it to us after it's long vacation in NH.. Now all we need is @ $200. 'bread & egg money'  to pay late fees & bill. (  Back to original post.  

Now, let's all groove 2 this song by Jerry & Company  aka The Grateful Dead. After Roundabout.   Do You have Your chips cashed in?  Hope so.  )

Now 12/23/19 YesSongs #7: YES - Roundabout

Thank You Yes.

Now 12/17/20 (Replacing a disappeared Truckin' ) Grateful Dead - Truckin' Montage (1972, 1974, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1989, 1991) LoloYodel

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Black Peter, 10/29/77 โ˜ฎ Grateful Dead

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/22/19 Scorpions - Send Me An Angel. Thank U God 4 The Angels/ <3 ))))

THANK YOU SCORPIONS, THE Group Rep The MOST SERIOUS TRIBE OF THE 12 TRIBES of The Cosmic Roundabout./ We Knpw Life Is a Gift 2 Be Treasured & Ain't No Joke. In Complete & Total Gratitude 2 Creator on Be-Whole of Awl The Children of Creation. Thank U God Source, ALL THAT IS Great I AM THAT I AM The INFINITE The One. Dear God, Please make it safe 4 us, Your fragile children 2 cross the street as an example of Your Kind, concerned protection and THANK You God 4 the elimination of all the insanity & craziness that is rampant in our so called 'leadership' of whole nations and worlds that each of us, creator beings bestowed with God like powers can manifest w the blink of an eye or snap of 2 fingers.

Heavenly Father Mother You bestowed these powers on us long ago 2 be used only 4 peaceful purposes in the  beginning of our Genesis as equal, powerful companion Gods & Goddesses 2 You, The One Original God of Gods(inc thoose of the female persuasion) What happened from this pure, unadulterated age is well well chronicled in sacred Books such as the Urantia Book & The Holy Bible, as darkness of thought or action was something not heretofore known to the oure spirits living in eternal  ecstatic ecstacy w God. 

not known then in a world created for love, divine infinite perfect LOVe and nothing but Love.  only that. May we all the children of God do our small volunteered for parts according to our solemnly made agreements pre-birth with a handshale & a hug or by signed, sealed abiding contracts, as e.g. Adolph.  Ref material    
Just remember, Dear Ones, we co -created this script with God as the absolute fastest way to resolve all our shit (using a technical term) inc 911 & the recent wars.  Here we are Right Now on the threshold of a New Plan, a new destiny and It's nothing but Good, the way Creator God, our FatherMother wants it.  We're 'Good 2  Go' as the phrase has it.  And Paul, your humble conduit (can do it)  scribe has 2 run out & catch the bus 2 the  bank 4 more business, so we time/moment stamp this and we sincerely hope we get across the street in one piece.  Pray 4 us, please.  TYVM.  )  Rec & fin  12/22 (The

P.s.  Is it Jerry?  Is it Paul  <3 )

Now 12/22/19 Sharing FB post. Incident on Sea St of 12/21/19 w Gratitude.

We want 2 publicly Thank God & HisHer angels 4 saving our life 2day. We were crossing Sea St in front of our apt bldg w the red light, in the cross walk when some fool, probably texting made a left turn and almost ran us over. It was a miracle we weren't killed. We let the ahole know what we thought of him or her, couldn't see thru tinted windows of the Big SUV.

On crossing we, miraculously were able 2 flag down a taxi to get us 2 the bank before it closed at 1 p.m. 2 do some urgent business that needed 2 be done. Ty Gene the cab driver from Heaven on Earth. Weir living in it now, folks. Eagle leadership is triumphing the dog & pony donkey & elephant show w all due respect. #Givecommonsenseachance. Film here and branches like this.. yeah we r partners w The Infinite that has its own currency. Love. The new now paradigm, but unfortunately, you people don't want it, all u want is money, so we are leaving Real soon. We Promise.
The Ship is Outside right now, right Ashtar? Indeed, guys. Ready 2 Rock & Roll. 2 the stars.

P has awl but given up on ya's w your greedy, nose 2 the grindstone, fully falling 4 the illusion that money is all the shit and God doesn't have an infinitely better plan 4 HisHer beloved Children. Sad, just so sad.. Cue 'The Pretender' by Browne, Jackson Browne. Great dictation & performance, Jackson ๐Ÿ™

Merry Christmas & Joyful New Year 2 the 'believers,' however much better ~ the (K)Noahs if accept. we got the responsible party ๐Ÿ˜Ž God Is Jesus, Jesus Is God. We R All Brothers & Sisters W Jesus, therefore God. ๐Ÿฆ‹ Time to Rise & Shine, Dear Ones. Indeed, It's Time. Cue Scorpions.
TY Scorpions.<3 ) Thank You one and awl 4 reading, experiencing this God conceived, produced, directed and acted Far Flung Production. Namaste. )

Moment rec & fin 12/22/19  12:04 a.m.

Now 12/20/19 Sharing the question of the last 6 years. Has the right time w no fear finally arrived? What say U Hugh manity? Tell us in a song, if led. <3 )

Paul F Brown
8 hrs ยท
Dear Heavenly Father Mother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS Great I AM THAT I AM Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine The Infinite The One , Guys can I ask a simple question? What on God's Good Earth does this volunteer spirit have 2 do 2 get arrested and his messages of love even looked at, never mind acted on? We will never give up Hope, we don't know how.

However sure looks like it will take a miracle 2 get them 2 look at and accept that The Gods Want them, and we, the multi-dimensional being known as Paul, a close Buddy 2 Christ, Jesus Christ Consciousness is in the pool too but all these 'consumers' want is money, money, money and oh almost forgot... money. Money is all the shit 4 these lost souls down here in this material realm. We have worked our rear end off just 2 get arrested but are at journey's end and still they are blind to the helping hand we've extended 2 presidents, politicians, the people and still no one wants 2 listen or see or hear.

God we are at our last gasp to fulfill our self assigned mission to take all the lost but hopefully hopeful souls back 2 You God, starting w a Grand jubilee gathering. 

Looks like they don't want it, God. Paul will be returning 2 You soon God. We could have maybe just a few close buddies from Africa w us or w Your out of this world help God we could have everybuddy on the Plant it come but it's up 2 the ones who have eyes 2 see & ears 2 hear 2 wake up, scan the evidence of what we've presented since 2013 and act accordingly. Here's a germane page 

like all the pages on Your starsite Good God. (4 the record scribe typed God looked up and Good was there.) Indeed, Dear Ones, God Is Good & doesn't miss a thing, ever. Alright, we have things 2 do, so we'll timestamp this dispatch & head on our way, we don't know exactly where we're going but a friend w a car sure would be nice.
Rec & fin 12/20/19 12:58 p.m.
P.s. If anyone wants 2 see what spirit is working on currently thru humble servant, Paul, just mosey on over here. Like anyone working on a project it is hoped that others like it.    TYVM  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Greetings Merry Christmas & kind wishes 4 a Joyful New Year fellow beloved  Children of God. May 2020 be the year we all get 2 see clearly what God Will bring 2 our gifted lives. God Is Limitless so God, on bewhole of the group, we humbly beseech & a s k You Dear Father Mother Source God Creator. We R more than ready, Please, in league w The Holy Spirit, Bring it 2 Us Dear God. Coming from You, Dear Good God of Infinity, May it manifest Now. In Jesus Name. And So It Is Now, Indeed. Delivered. Ok Got it God, Can this dude, Paul, deliver the goods 4 You God? Let him see. Y Yes He Can deliver that thing* 4 You God. Alright Done.

On Time local time is 1111. Your Holy wish Is our Holy Command Dear God. Finished & Now moment stamped 12/20/19 We blindly picked out a cassette from our vast cassette collection. The cassette God picked thru us, Dear Ones/ 'The Jubilee' Alright Now Moment stamped as 'The Pretender' By Browne, Jackson Browne plays. 6:22 a.m. Amen he sings we Now say And So It Is. Thank You God Thank You Jesus.

*That thing, Dear ones?  What else?  'FREEDOM'  NOW & 4 ever & ever.  In Jesus Name. As Mike Bloomfield, Al Cooper & Stephen Stills cook on 'Albert's Shuffle' from the  legendary 'Super Session album in the background on that Jubilee tape.  Thank You God 4 our ears. & everything else.  )  Oh, yeah, we play air guitar w this one.  Tasty chops 4 sure.  Alright, we rec & fin this part we turn and the tape over & Elvis sings 'Peace In The Valley'  fin at 7:11 a.m.

Ciao 4 now guys as The Stanley Brothers sing 'Man of constant sorrow.'  Love on... )

Eagle Mountain.  Some

Eagle Mountain. Some

Now 12/20/19 ACTIVATE YOUR HIGHER MIND, Achieve Your Goals, Remove All Negative Blockages

Thank you Jason Stephenson - Healing Music

Now 12/19/19 Welcome God's & Goddesses of The One. Congrats. You have made it 2 Gratefully experience Scorpions - The Zoo. Check your earthly mundane mind & all its troubles esp the money illusion. It no longer exists. Everything Is Free As God Wants It - Yesterday. We R Awl Free sensuous beings and earthly troubles are no more, left & forgotten at the front entrance..We R Now in 99D. Thank U God. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. DONE. Film on this main page & many branches. Time/moment stamped w sandman waiting in the wings 3:27 p.m. TYAVM <3 ) zzzzzzzzz

Thank You Scorpions God bless your considerable talents & contributions 2 the cause of bringing Freedom - Light & Love 2 the Plant it' Christa Gaia Earth, Mother Earth, 'Joy' Plan it Love field. 888 ))) <3 )

Now 12/16/19 A sweet song and dance on the sweetest day of the month. Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) [HD Widescreen] Can You say 'Sweet?'

Thank You Goood (w) God Almighty Creator of AWL that's Sweet & Light & innocent as the new generations birthing on the Good Ship Earth. All Praise Honour Glory & GRATITUDE 2 You Oh God of All Our Beings. Rejoice, Fellow Immortal Spiritual Beings. God's In His House & Awl Is Well In Dream Dimension # 99. See Ya's at the movies. Everything Is Free. 'Say something once, why say it again.' Talking Heads TYVM )

Now 12/12/19 12:44 a.m. Some Things... An Open Letter.2 the children of today... Share If like & care. TYVM )

Some things... Greetings Guests, Spirits,( there are no more 'ghosts') They've been picked up by a certain Bus driver named Jerry.) Paul here, everyone's humble servant in loving service 2 God & God's kind will 4 HisHer Hopeful children 4 a good ending 2 the passion play going on down here since time immemorial, however now in 99 D, formerly 3-4 and yep, in some areas, like Hawaii, 5D

So, this video * just popped up as we turned on 'Vivienne.' - name 4 our HP 17'' HP laptop. Team work makes the Plan work., guys. It Is Written. Every company should adapt The Most Advanced Amazing & Successful, meaning it works 4 Every-one that signs up, hands down. No need for charts and glyphs, (whatever that is) and levels and bonuses and rewards. Enough of all that folderol, kids. Can we just wise up a little and try God's plan 4 us awl, w/o needing 2 outwit or outfox our so called 'competition?' 

Please, just give love a chance? Nod 2 John, here. Ladies & gentlemen, 4 a comp plan that is simply the best , Nothing beats Fr**. esp when fiat, gold, silver etc & crypt o has lost their value. Good News is, as always & 4 ever. God Is In Charge. Hello!  And So It Is What It Is. We are now allowed to laugh, cry, jump, dance, sing, pray, be Grateful 2 God In Jesus Name 4 this is Our Collective Soul Victory in Christ Consciousness which is what Jesus - Yeshua- Sananda and as he started out w The name that means 'God is here.'.. Emmanuel.

We met an Emmanuel online recently and he is blessed to run an orphanage in the extremely poor country of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Until now, he's only gotten the support of one staunch giver, named Darrell, who passed a couple of months ago. Emmanuel's link 4 the kids is:

Wouldn't this be a more Godlike & compassionate place 2 give rather than the 10th caller on an Isucks radio station?  DJ's/talking heads participating in this...where, some of us ask, are Your heads at re this?   Oh, up there. Ok, 'nuff said.'  

We Give a Great Big Nod 2 Pete Frates. How do you get a name like Pete Frates, family? /
We will be sharing some thoughts on Pete, now 'Bronco busting' in the cosmos. Nothing can keep this Joyful, as in 'Joy Filled & Spilling Over'...'Buck a roo' down, now that he's free. God willing we will add more good stuff including a particular song by a particular artist soon, hear (w) Stay tuned.

Condolences 2 The Frates Family and extended family of all of us as One. Indeed, my dear friends, in the long run, we are much more than just 'friends,' as we will all find out when we reach the far side of non- reality. Film here soon... God's Got This & We 'R' Awl big pieces of the puzzle, making up the tapestry of God's perfect plan 4 our ultimate Victorious destiny in the light & love of Source Creator Good God Almighty ~ Great I AM THAT I AM ~ Awesome Infinite Father Mother ~ Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine / Higher Power unto The wordless "ONE>"Partners in the purrfect crime ( in a good goode way ) of L O V E .. Any ?'s??? Good.

BTW, Please, Brothers & Sisters, if you have a <3 BOYCOTT, locally 4 our neighborhood. WZLX & WRKO for their callous participation in 'ISUCK's' 1 Million dollar 'bribe' Giveaway t8 times a Day 2 the 10 th caller.ostensibly to increase their listenership giving that amount. In our house it's going over like a insult to the intelligence of anyone who has seen real suffering, not to mention, maybe having suffered lack & want themselves. But ours here in the U.S is nothing compared to the abject poverty Still going on in Africa, esp at an orphanage.

ISucks radio? You clowns have that much money to throw away to one random caller. w your frivolous, pathetic contest? That money could build Sierra Leone, not just the orphanage there, run on fumes by my buddy, Emmanuel. You should truly hang your heads in shame and get the F out of our city. Don't let the door hit you's on your ass where your brains are.  Just think guys, an addict wins that money, what's he or she gonna do?  Lucky to be 6 feet above ground next week.  

Give all of us people who could use a break, a break.They got that kind (mean)( of money 2 burn & throw away while Paul gets emails from Emmanuel like that they need $50 & then $120 for food. and P overdelivers as he can - doing his best helping others, right Sammy? Indeed, Folks. They say you can't take it with you, so why don't we start right here, right now, while we're young. correct, Fred & Neil? while my children starve 2 death in Emmanuel's orphanage in Sierra Leone, (what a beautiful name) West Africa. AKA our back yard.. SMH. See our Orange man video here: (Direct URL)

P.s. This is 'An Open Letter' If led, please share. That's all ya's gotta do. Hope that's not asking too much. We, the team are celebrating our new clear vision w the beginning of 2020 at the stroke of midnight. Awl welcome to come 2 Boston - In Spirit. Please, our roads are bad enough, ok drivers? THank You Very Much.
P.s. Elvis invites everyone over to the page where He, The King, can be found, if int...
But first, Guys Head East and Madonna can you Please help us kick this Earth Party Off?  )   TYVM )

Who's ready 4 a new jubilee?  

Elvis, we r planning a trip 2 Graceland soon. We'll be looking 4 U . Ok, Bro? Awesome. Anyone else want to come? In spirit, of course. The only way 2 fly.. ~ ~ ~

Alright, Fam, Shall we 'Carry on?' Sounds like a plan, We could call it 'Plan 2 Be Free w Jesus response first  As per...

We could go on and on, but we must cap it here. Lest we start 2 be boring & that's the last thing we, as a collective,  are.. Ok, we surrender the 'talking stick' back 2 U guys. Got a song 2 say the words? we do. Might say it's our theme song. Bye 4 now & now here's  Bob & Company   Thank You Bob rep Awl the Bob collective out there, inc P's brother, Bob w 'Hey' to his lovely wife, Glee.  )

Namaste everyone. IJN.  Have a nice 4 ever.  )

Thank You God 888 In Jesus Name. And So It Is What It Is. Now, rec  Laugh Love Live, cry, sing dance, take yourself out on a date. Go 2 a rodeo, break that strict diet and have some pie and ice cream if you want. Felice Cafe, send us some coffee & all you other companies, You got something good, Share it w us & if good, we will share it 2 the world. Ok, En- joy the new now God Stamped & approved currency, dear Friends & family. See ya's on the lucky plant it earth weirever we may run into each other. Cheers & Cheerio. Film at 111 ๐Ÿ˜Ž

* Video that popped up... Can't have a real pet? Get a card like this as proxy. Just an idea. )

Photo by Cheri T   2017 Chelsea, Ma.  

Now 12/29/19 God delivers the 13th commandment. Anyone interested? Anyone?

Here You go, humanity.  Special delivery.  God says 'Thou shalt hear this...'

Thank You Ashtar, Michael, The loving Beings mentioned in this communique, the humans that this sharing may kindle an awakening in and all matter in material dimensions now stirring and becoming more vibrant and alive.  '

We only hope you guys can give freedom a chamce.  Freedom costs nothing, its not on sale and its not visible like a stack of bills or a roll of quarters.  It can be seen in a smile, a hamdshake and hugs.  Sandman is here and we don't fight him bc he always wins.  Time/moment stamped.  Above date:  5:33 a.m.    zzzzzzzzzzzzz  ) Pic of new, now God approved currency 4 Father's  kind, happy Grateful children only.  Sorry.. you know who you are out there. 

Now 12/12/19 Guys, what would U share if U didn't have 2 try 2 make money? Guess what? God says U don't have 2 anymore That sad game has run it's course. Get Hip. Love is the only currency we need, right Jerry? ) Celebrate. We are Free! Free at Last. Thank U God Almighty, We Are Now Free At Last! Somebody tell the 'snooze' media.zzzzzz TYVM )

Emmanuel Jongo

Wow what am amazing job well done by u bro

U re a blessing brother

3:57 AM


"Thank you very much." )

Elvis Presley

Now 12/02/19 Sorry Guys, this is as far as we can go. Jesus is our One & Only Hope Now. Now Updated 1/26/20 Correct, Diane, secretarial talent on loan from God? <3 )

Greetings One & Awl. I AM THAT I AM. You R Welcome on My FREE Planet Gaia Joy as Non spoilers only.  Gaia did Not volunteer 2 be anyone's ash tray. OK?  TYVM The World Is Now A Free Campus. Like wood-stock went Free out of necessiity; now your economics are like 'dust in the wind.' Its too late 4 praying 4 money and political party leadership as that is absolutely NO solution 2 our troubled evolution. Love Love Love & Only Love will Ever set us Free. Dear ones. 

As yer friend w no friends down there has been trying to 'Blow the Whistle' on Himself w/o success. It's too late. Luckil lee 4 you He still loves U even tho he gets little love back. We have sent the 44444444 angel brigade as cavalry and we spirits in human form need 2 wake up, as the song says... 'Yesterday.'   Bye 4 now. #Listen2themusic #Makelovenotwar Don't fish go whale watching instead. Pass this message on. Lives are still in the balance. See Ya's where we see you. Have a nice present & forever... 77 )  

 we have come to a fork in the road and we are going, as if there were any doubt WITH GOD.  Jesus ~ Sananda ~ Yeshua  Mary The Holy Spirit in 3 part  harmony straight 2 thr highest D w/o putting a # on it   where everything is perfect, Free and Freedom is Absolute.  We suggest everyone who wants 2 succeed in the new now paradigm of absolute Divine Perfect Love book an immediate cruise on the Good Ship Hope. In Dry dock here. Now: Good Ship Hope!  We are now in 'the cashless society' and you can find out about it all over this site but here it is again.  Rec, read it & rejoice.  This Is Good new news, fellow ISB's. (Immortal Spiritual Beings) 

Our Cosmic Leader Jesus; response 4 Awl of us is 'Team Oneness' players

So Y'all are invited to the Good Ship page and If at all can.   aaaaaaaaaaaaa  the sound of relief which survives editing of Paul & his new, now taking charge editor secretery in chief, Diane.

Diane does have a hatchet & is authoorized 2 clear out any outdated 'moss' clogging up clear to the second sharings. like info about old programs we just chopped.

Ok, that row of a's showed up.  not intended by p; edit it?  No way Jose, we know how God works.   (see above... it stays. )

Rec & fin 4 now  out:  4:47 a.m.  Later angels,,, ) edited & updated 1/26/20 w Diane. spirit angel Large 9read Vast ) & in charge.  Nice work Diane  Thank You 4 answering our prayer 4 a great secretery.  We know you're super qualified and  experienced having worked 4 a few Boston Law Firms as a in demand legal secretery.   Indeed, this is your final gig, 

Btw Diane, your assignments here include but not limited 2 helping the happy holy ones & lost ones 2 be healthy & fight any dis-ease like diabetes which you bravely fought when you were here & no, it will not claim your brother, still walking around down here.  You can arrange the biggert & the tiniest of coincidences & synchronicities so even the most material minded peeps may come 2 realize, wait a minute, something's going on down here in my world that's more than meets the eye.  And its far beyond just knowing who's on the end of that ringing telephone. You'll see, guys, just as Paul sees & hears them awl day long, and then in the dream state.  Forgetaboutit!!  )  It's only a dream, Paul. You gotta go back, dude.  )

Alright.  Done 4 now Rec & fin  1/26/20  A beautiful Sunday morning.  9:04  a.m.  Thank You Diane & Awl the angels.  Carry on...  <3 ))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now. 12/02/19 Know ye not that ye R already infiniteaires by heavenly birthright, Sons & Daughters of 'The One?' We share the wealth of The Infinite. IJN. And So It Is What It Is.

Thank You Heavenly Father Mother God Creator and on and on &&& ) ) ) 891111

Now 12/10/1THE YOUNGBLOODS Letยดs get together 1967 Chet Powersยดs song. Yeah guys, we humans gotta stick 2 gether. < 777 > ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank You Awll Very Very much 4 showing up, more importantly, Shining Your Light, as Theresa Caputo says on the radio in synch  'Shut the front door.'  What's your fave saying Theresa?  Yeah, 'You can't make this stuff up, guys.'  ) This video may also be seen here:  Heaven's Doors Open  Url if want 2 share...   See you Theresa Friday nights on TLC.  Of course, you Theresa, like everyone, is invited 2 Boston 4 the jubilee but remember guys you can come in spirit as that ia our real suit, not the fleshly armor suit.Thank You All & Namaste.  )

And Good night.  Another working day has ended.  Sting, You're coming we hope.  Along w Andy & Stewart.  Alright sandman, if u insist... Rec & fin 12/10/19  6:50 a.m.  Night folks zzzzzzzzz  )

Now.  11:11:19  
They say this day marks the entering of a mighty portal to the future.  Here Here.  Let us thank those that got us here.  All Those Who Protect and Serve.  Indeed.

Now. 11:11:19
They say this day marks the entering of a mighty portal to the future. Here Here. Let us thank those that got us here. All Those Who Protect and Serve. Indeed.

"Man, this is big!" ~ 4 All God's kids... ) ~

For those arriving here from a social media share.  Think we were kidding?  )

For those arriving here from a social media share. Think we were kidding? )

Now 11/24/19 Re to previous 'Open Letter. Here's an update... )

Now 1/1/20  Wishing us awl ~  God's Far Flung Flock of spirits disguised as humans a most  awesome, amazing, unfettered year  Looks like we're going 2 have one heaven on earth of a year, volunteers who raised your hand and were chosen 2 be here 4 what we could bring 2 the table in the raising of humanity's collective consciousness.  This Godsite stewarded by the humble instrument, Paul.  needs Your help 2 get the Good 'New News' out there 2 the masses. 

As 'We got work 2 do, people are dying'  by Mavis Staples comes over the airwaves on WUMB.  Boston's folk station out of the U of Mass, Boston, Ma.  

Hi Paul Brown, 
Here are the statistics for visits to your website  last week โ€“ from Dec. 19, 2019 to Dec. 26, 2019.  Last week the webpages and photo albums on your website were viewed 672 times in total.  Since you started your website, your webpages and photo albums have been viewed 40446 times in total.

Thank you Simple Site 4 providing an Excellent product. 

We're only Hi (Sent out to the 6 people we've signed so far )  How you doing, Bro?

 my friend.  The content that God is putting on there is unbelievable.  I AM simply a 'Can do it' 4 God's  merciful agenda for mankind & the Planet Herself.  I Am a humble honest sincere sweet kind loving empathic  generous & above all ~ GRATEFUL volunteer steward of HisHer Infinite Love & Light plan which Is already Victorious.

 The Deal and the plan 'R' Done.  What needs 2 happen now is to get the good word out 2 the masses..  This is weir You, my dear friend, as one of God's stalwart volunteers, picked out of kajillions of other soul volunteers, simply need to say 'I'm in' or you can choose to go your own way.  Either way is ok although one choice ioho is head & shoulders above the other 4 the fun  element alone.  ).
That email shared the fact that I am aiding one of my signups Emmanuel, (means God is here.) who runs an orphanage in Sierra Leone, W Africa. The email shares the plight they are in right now.  So, I'm helping him & his, now our, cause (one of them)  as well  It's our duty to help when we see something like this going on in our incredibly abundant world.  No one, esp children, should go hungry bc they have no money.  Money is on the way out anyway, soon.  It is written. This situation needs 2 be Fixed - yesterday.  

Ok, so here's the thing my Brother.  So far in this (Opp name deleted) opp that we, we say we bc as a multi-dimensional being there are literally countless of us; however that's info 4 another time and place. So, just checked our back office and there are you and 5 other souls who have responded 2 our emails/posting/ sharing on social media.  Yeah, we're in the NFL (No friends left) club 4 sure.  lol

So, here's what we're doing, Paul has set up a simple wheel of a rotator for the 6 people who stepped up 2 the plate & actually took action and joined w Paul's link  We will, as of now today, 11/24/19  12: 33 p.m a lovely wet Sunday afternoon in beautiful Quincy, Ma USA planet 'Joy Hope Gaia Christa Terra Mother Earth. et al... as this is typed now.Timestamped.  God ! Sananda Jesus Yeshua  Holy Spirit Mary Angels  (Scribe insists on the Angel capitalization ) & Company of Heaven witnessing this, if int..  )

So, Emmanuel,  here's the link that we will be sending out as like a 6 spoked wheelw our link like the hub. Everyone else who signs up w this link our 6 partner team will come in under Emmanuel or Sammy or Mike in already, and now Saviour and Arthur have given their consent   Ok Buddy?  Here's that link.  Oh, of course you ontinue giving out your link, that's fine, this will just make more spillover from your upline..  In our particular case just giving our link is just not tenable in any way, shape or form when we can give out a referrals link who desperately needs our help and support.  And others, as well...

Take Sammy, our buddy in Nigeria, he was in a terrible car accident very recently in which one person lost their life. Sammy just spent 2 weeks in a hospital in a coma.  He's banged up and bruised still but God knowing it wasn't his time, so he's got large medical bills & other bills 2 pay inc to keep a roof over his head.. Yeah, we all have our needs, don't we?  Most of us anyway. We all have our own story, that's 4 sure

Now,  12/09/19  Update:  It, obviously is not necessary to pursue any income opportunity, my dear friends, as the old, worn out, fear of lack based, obsolete, system has been put out of its misery by God.  Love is all we need dear ones, going 4 ward.  We are Awl simple infinityaires.  As children of God we innnately have it all w no one being left behind or without.

We leave the following here simply as a historical record.

Update 1/1/20 Removed 4 non revelence.

Paul & Company  )

P.s.  Alright people,Right now we are done.  4 the now.  Cheerio... )  Thank  You God~~ <3 You God!

P.p.s  Words that are not used in Heaven and now on Earth.

Money, & its cronies, gold, silver, crypto, finances, banks, insurance companies, Stealing, cheating, robbing, deceit, owing anyone, crazy commutes. politics, callousness, bully 'leadership' unequality, judging esp based on skin color.  We are one rainbow race, fellow Sons & Daughters, Sisters & Brothers of The One.  Time 4 us awl 2 get hip.  Any ?'s Dear Ones?  Good.  )  Now, who has the 'talking stick 2 the radio? or you got a song Daisy or Lucky?  Great!  )

Rec & fin  1/1/29  1:13  p.m.

Now 11/20/19 Just sharing good stuff. It's what we do, can't help it. Right, Marie~ Mom? <3 ) )

Paul F Brown in perfect synchro accord w our perfect partner in the crime of love in the first degree, Marie.  <3  )

14 hrs ยท As shared here: 

Hey Guys, Ok, its exactly 11:11 p.m as we share this again on our birthday and we Thank everyone who sent us a kind B'day wish. You're All invited to a Grateful jubilee. God knows we love to mark our super friend Jerry's  B'day on August 1 every year and he's returning the favor, today, in kind, big time Thank You Bro 4 the 'Deal.' Watch Jerry & Crew 'Crush' this, guys.   The jubilee ripples to this original jubilee site, check it out, if led:

Have more of a look around w new horizons here, if led:

Here's hoping All our ships come in: One way to get it good is to sincerely put it in God's Hands and just do the best we can.  See Ya's out in the waves, hopefully...

Here's a song of Celebration for all our deals' to come down. Hope en-joy.  (See 'Deal' above.)

Is there anything else we can serve you with, Spirit, at this particular moment?  3:27 p.m.

Well, my dear friends, there's always a song, so why don't we go for one that tells the story 4 right now.  Perfect song, coming right up... Placed now under the following pics from last night. 3:44 p.m.  Thank you angels.  <3  ) ) ) )  4, we all know is an angel # )

Time 4 us awl 2 play the card we're dealt, correct, Marie?  <83 ) ) ) Thank U God, IJN. <1713 )

Time 4 us awl 2 play the card we're dealt, correct, Marie? <83 ) ) ) Thank U God, IJN. <1713 )

The Story - The Perfect Crime

Thank You Jonatha & Jennifer ~ The Story 4 a perfect song <3 ) )

Now 11/20/19 Announcement: A place re-starting 4 new thread...

Alright Guys, this thread, being very long now needs to be dubbed 'Done ~ finished'  Tho, no doubt there will be edits & other things added or subtracted.  We have to carry it on now to another page.  No doubt the Hope pages may have additional content we have come to the conclusion that this page presided over by Archangel Michael, speaking of angels, will be the official 'next page' to carry on most new sharings.  

We invite ya's all to, when it feels good to you, if led, mosey on over there and check it out.  You'll see how Jerry's 'Ripples' have held the fort over there. The new start begins with our friend Blossom Goodchild's latest channeling w The Federation of Light w assistance of Joe Pena.

It's name is 'Our Quantum Home 444' and here's the link  Our Quantum home 444  or  

Can you say 'Hallelujah'  )  Say 'Hey' to Leonard & Co over there.  )

Now, 9/27/19 4:44 p.m. & 4 ever...528Hz | Open Heart Chakra โžค Love Frequency 528hz Music | 528hz Heart Chakra Activation - 528hz Love

Thank You Source God Father Mother Creator ALL THAT IS The Infinite I AM That I Am 'The One.' for All blessings in life inc these sounds & frequencies of the only thing that matters ~ <3 IJN & Thank you Angels. ) Thank you ZenLifeRelax 4 sharing on Yt. <3 )

 Greetings Fellow Sons and Daughters of Infinity, of any age.  'Congratulations.'  If you are here on this page, at this Now time, or more accurately, 'moment,' it's no accident.  You've had an appointment w Source to be here 'Now,' since 'the beginning.' Yer humble scribe- host, Paul,  has been working his tail off 2 get the place absolutely perfect 4 your arrival, dear ones.  Thank You God, You Do It AWL God & You Know IT. lol

Alright, Guys... First and foremost, Now and forever... Heed God's words.  Ye debts are Now forgiven, forever. Nothing on God's planet has any kind of cost as All things are Now W/o cost.  In other words, Children, all you see in matter is Free for the spirit in flesh who's name is on that particular thing. There's plenty of God's substance 4 everyone.  No child of God need go without 4 lack of money, dinero, crypto or whatever tag one would put on a mere medium of exchange, whose time came and went. 

No regrets, no tears good bye.  Have you guys seen the new look of it since George washed his hands of it? That's Otis, lookin' a little frail if you ask us. (plural speaking as the multi-dimensional being we are, and guess what?  U2. )  Ah- but alas, nobody ever asks us. We're only the God next door in a world full of God's & Goddesses walking around in earthly body 'cocoon' mode, however w consciousness, some of us,  up the cosmic wazoo. lol  Good 'new news' * is We're all on the same 'Space ship' termed Gaia and many other names, inc Joy..  Right Timothy? (don't call me Dr.) on our way uP. 

* ''New News' is a term that the late Dr Janet Townsend Msc.D. used in a communique w Paul, her student, in her Spiritual Awareness' home study course, out of St Croix, USVI. (which we are re-visiting now.)  back in the 80's that described what he'd be bringing forth on his journey thru this lifetime.  #Sohereweare #underradar #God'sperfectscript #NewnewsisGoodNews #We'redoomed2loveGod4ever&aday #GodIsLove 

Now, 9/8/19 Update, as shared on Fb...

If love is the new now currency, what better person to have on our million dollar bills 'play money' than Jerry?  As inspired from a dream; shared here:   ๐Ÿ˜Ž
#GratefulDead #JerryGarcia #HopeforHumanity #FreedomNow

Our Fb:  

P.s.  Now /9/22/19Since no pricetag can ever be put on God's infinite love, divine ones, God bless 

the children who now never have to know what it's like to have to be submissive to pieces of paper in order to survive.  Free Is Free Free ones.  Deal w it.  Have a nice forever. )  Rock on... )

A cosmic friend says it all in a nutshell... )

Thank You Bro Jerry. Everybody <3's you Bro. See you soon, we all hope. ) ) )
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Now & forever 6/20/19 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD

Thank You Metallica God Nod, Well Done, Guys, Very Well Done, Indeed... God Bless Ya's & All Yer Fans i.e. Everyone. And So It Is. <3 )

Now, 9/22/19 Happy Love # 22 Sun-Day Free from money slavery beings. at the crossroads.

 Congratulations Rockers & rollers Children of God. Urgent Message   Now is the time to Know. We Are Love and... Play it #Metallica Film at the jubilee...  #NewNews #MorningNews #GodIsLove #TriumphofSpirit #NowaybutJesus #Celebrate ๐Ÿ˜Ž

So, from this moment on, guys.  Who will we follow?  Creepy crawly thing, or far flung star?

Accept God's deal or srike out w the bases loaded, humanity when all we needed was a walk.  What's that Jesus?   Will you people of plant it 'Joy' accept Jesus' decision 4 us awl or do we look 4 some politician or cult leader or religious leader, to decide 4 us.  Paul, who you putting your money on, Bro?  Thank you 4 asking my friend.  I don't have any money but, boy if I did...

I'd put a roof over everyone's head. If 'they' let me, I'd open the stores and say to my brothers and sisters, go get what you need.  I'd set the workers of banks, insurance companies, factories, things like that... Free.  Go home.  I'd put it all on my infinite Love charge card, which can never run out as long as God Is 'The One' really in charge.  w if I did I'd put it all on Love.  The Alpha & Omega of Everything good, straight from Source.

Money would sink like the stone it is in our troubled evolution.  My God, people, just the very thought of denying us, sovereign, divinely created immortal spiritual beings, sometimes life saving medicines, or leaving one of us or a whole village out in the cold  bc we don't have the devil all important pieces of paper, is just mind boggling 2 some of us.

If you humans wised up and just followed the God designated leader back to HimHer Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS  The Infinite The One, hey I'd put it on Jesus and ask  Him 2 decide what's the best deal for humanity at this crossroads junction in time and space as we think we know it.  Jesus says... 'Look Guys' 

The deal is done.  It's over.  We are now the survivors of an evil paradigm that has collapsed, expired, worn out its welcome, never to be suffered again by any of God' KaJillionnaires of Love.  The only currency in town, now & 4 ever.  And that's just the way it is in this manifestation year of God 2019.  2020 we can have perfect vision and God only knows what He has planned 4 HisHer chill dren... we only know if God is in charge, and we surrender, sweetly 2 Source's Divine Perfect will not only be good, Johnny, it will be awesome. 

Alright.  we are just led to say... in closing, as sandman beckons.  Catch ya's later. 

Moment marked by Paul Friday  9:22/19  9:22 a.m. We will be seen at Dunkin' in a few & leave some cards there.  )

Now 8/17/19 Speaking of Good New News ~ Jesus by John Smallman, August 16th, 2019

Thank You Jesus for such a sweet message that crystallizes everything so beautifully. TY John Smallman & Mario Gattoladino for sharing w the world so in need of this & this type of communication - straight from Source Creator.

Now, 8/6/19  Jimmy Carter

Now, 8/6/19 Jimmy Carter "World is at a turning point in history and governments must choose..."

Paul F Brown We The People Must Choose. Governments are doomed - to eternal oblivion, People. Read God's memo, if want.   ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Jesus is this a deal or a deal breaker, my & everyone's Dear Friend? 

Wow, our friends are showing up here this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.  We got three spirit friends here wanting to chime in like they did w this gamechannging reading w James Law & Dr Peebles in 2013. 

And our first reading w Jim here featuring some great dietary advice & a Hug w Jesus that has Your name on it, if accept. _______  Congrats & may we all use it well.  Remember guys, we're all in this thing called 'life' together.  We gottal look out 4 each other and have one another's back. TYVM.  

Insert now 8/23/19   We are sorry to convey that Jim passed peacefully, surrounded by family, to the higher realms on August 19, 2019 due to brain tumors. We were on Yt yesterday and this cardiologist doctor's video from 2016 was in the suggested column.  We clicked on it & said 'Ty Jim.'  )  We will be purchasing magnesium real soon.  Chances are You are deficient in this as well.  Here's link if int:  Ty Sanjay Gupta MD.

Since Jim passed there have been hugs, Hi 5's Smiles Joy and HOPE  Everything is alright 7 exactly as it should be.  We will be sharing more, as we have here on the Heart - Heaven Now II page... Check it out, if led: 

---Back to previous thread...

These readings and other good stuff are hanging out here, if int inc a 'donate' button if you'd like to help support this site while you still can, and not make a 'liar' out of Dr Peebles.   TYVM.  )

Take it away John... 

What's that Jerry?  Exactly everyone's Dear Friend...

What's that Jerry? Exactly everyone's Dear Friend...

Thank You Jerry, w a nod Vince L.  )

Thank You Jerry, w a nod Vince L. )

Thank You Jimi, Hopefully that time is Now.  And So It Is.  Please everyone, a round of applause 4 Jesus- hope ya's got that hug, John, Jerry & Jimi...  Ring them bells, we just did.  )

Thank You Jimi, Hopefully that time is Now. And So It Is. Please everyone, a round of applause 4 Jesus- hope ya's got that hug, John, Jerry & Jimi... Ring them bells, we just did. )

Note:  Now  3/17/20  Since this page needs a trim & to help it load faster, we are trimming it in half.

You can see it being loaded here, if led:  Jubilee Is Jesus I.5  or url...   TYVM

We're so much better off w/o it.  Sorry, evil banksters, greedsters, swindlers of all types, who fell for the illusion that money is the only kahuna in town.  Sorry, esp 4 those who committed crimes of every atrocious act to get more of this shit (using a technical term,)  The irony that some people kill and rob so they can walk into a business and make their purchases, like a good, hard working person, making, or trying to make an honest living. SMH. Note: w the editing process, these words are not designed to be read linearly, per se. Ty.

These are the words of God The Father Mother ~ The Son & The Holy Spirit as coming thru the flaming fingers of Paul, Jesus' ardent, 'maniacal' at times disciple, humble servant of The Good God Supreme w All the Names... culminating in simply... 'The One'  And So It Is. 

Go, Now, Dear Ones, in loving Peace Love Joy Happiness Harmony Compassion Adventure Fun & Gratitude.  Now and forever. aka eternity.  There's no 'dying on God's watch, just casting aside our fleshy 'body suits' letting the briliant light locked deep within us to shine, shine & shine.  Scribe takes note of a certain song to add at the new, Now 7 D Heaven on Earth.  (link below)

Breathe deep breaths, my dear friends.  Breathe in any last vestiges of worry, trouble, doubt, fear. Forget the rent or mortgage, landlords could only use it to play monopoly w it, anyway. Any utility bill ya can't pay bc you don't have the money. Breathe all that disharmoius crap in, hold a few seconds and let it out w a gentle sigh and know, God, and God alone is in charge of HisHer Chill-dren and He's Taking back His Creation which includes this 'Plant it' in His Milky Way Galaxy, among countless other cosmos.'

Everyone go have a beer, a beverage to commiserate over,   You don't like beer have tea or a green drink like aloe or something.  We really don't rec fizzy, sugary, carbonated drinks, esp the ones that contain the poison- aspartane. Some companies add this poison bc they know 'consumers' like you, Lucky & Daisy, will get addicted to it and you'll be their addict 'customer' for life, unless you can beat it. Just sharing some basic, easy to find, research on the internet, folks.

Alright. One and All in Team Oneness, The Only Team 2 Be A Part Of, in which no one is left outside.  This historic sharing thru the infinite heart of Paul from The Infinite Heart intelligence of Source God Creator ALL THAT IS DIVINE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE DIVINE HIGHER POWER, GREAT I AM THAT I AM HEAVENLY INFINITE FATHER MOTHER GOD THE INFINITE.  'THE ONE.'  Say 'Hello Gracie'.  Chorus:  'Hello Gracie

Rec & fin Now 7/11/19   2:22 a.m.  

                                                                                                                                                               Now. 7/2/19  Greetings and Welcome, fellow Rainbow warriors of Infinite Love & light to this 'Home Now' simple site place created by Good* thru humble servant instrument named Paul.  The place to visit on arrival here, if want the latest updated happenings and sharings is the 'Bullet' page, here: 

Now, Update 7/28/19  We can't encourage ya's enough to make a beeline to  that 'bullet' page and scroll 2 bottoom 2 get the current events coming down 'Now' from Good God HimHer Self.  This info will set us all free, if we allow  it to & embrace the new Heaven Now on Earth.  It Is Done.    And So It Is.  Namaste.

Now 11:44 p.m. Abraham Hicks ~ "Does Heaven Exist?"" ~ Religion & the Afterlife.

Thank You Source & Abraham Hicks. Thank you source 4 showing us at 11:11 p.m. sign to add this in alignment w Your sharing 'Heaven on Earth' w this 'grounded' site. TY Source. IJN. And So It Is.

Now, 8/3/19 Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding

Wow, 70 years on the planet & just hearing this now? Better late than never. Thank You Good God 4 the knowledge & All that the limitless future holds 4 us all, Starfleet... ) Ty Groundology. ) Been doing this a few days and it's making a difference. This should be Front page news - above the fold. Seriously, everyone needs to know about this. Sorry big pharma, that would suppress this simple solution. Your bloody profits don't add up 2 squat in the new now love & only love matters' human economy. Tell 'em Otis, like you their days are numbered and the door to their corporate eternal oblivion is right on the cusp and the immortal spiritual beings are being ushered to the ethereal dimensions w the quickness. And So It Is.

Now. 7/7/ 19  with numbers like these, we were expecting 'Good Stuff' to reign down on this day.  However, what did occur today, surpassed all we could have thought or hoped possible w our small human brains.  It's all shared here  as we will now place this at The 'Bullet' page  where good stuff and where to find it is shared.  For those of you who want a clue, we will simply say 'Heaven on Earth'

TYVM.  See Ya's over at the Heaven page and on the sidewalks of God's Awesome adventurous script.  Best thing about the ending?  There isn't one.  Who can say Allelujah?  Leonard here as we go here  2 make any contribution to this God work by scribe who needs to pay bills to keep his computer, phone etc on, Scribe notes that came thru God, not Paul. God knows how we feel.  Indeed.

Now, 7/9/19  and Now 7/10/19 updated,edited.. Just stepping in here at the front page 2 share that a New News Heaven on Earth page is swiftly  being completed 2 God's precise specifications here.  More Hope Joy Love and all that 'Good stuff' 'did' come down there.

 And the new Now link 2  '7th Heaven on Earh'  page is here:   Thank you, fellow pilgrims,  in advance, for any 'green energy' anyone can chip in with.  You will have, 4 sure,  rewards waiting 4 you in heaven, where we are Now.  It's a law of creation.  Good out, boomerang, good in.  Try it in all things. Namaste.  )

Now, New News angel style, humanity We're partying. You coming? Nether Lands ~ Dan Fogelberg [CC]

Thank You Source God Creator of Mountains & ALL THAT IS The Infinite The One. Thank You Dan 4 the music & JM Eagle 101 4 the magnificent art. <3 )

Now,  6/13/19  6:44 p.m.  As we begin this trans~mission...

Greetings Dear Blessed Children of God. Peace Be With You. I Am the Friend You knew, or thought you knew as Jesus ~ Yeshua among other names, beginning with  Immanuel or Emmanuel (meaning "God with us"), over 2,000 years ago,  My ascended name is Sananda.  I Am to be known as that name beginning Now.  We have entered the Now age in the Now moments unto  forever or eternity, same destiny whichever term one prefers.

So, in this Greeting, I do invite U all to scroll  down til you see my portrait and see the messages there.  ESP The Urgent Message memo... It starts off with 'Man, this is big.' that God, Our Father and Mother, so want the world to see.  It's Cosmic Wake Up moments, Now, Dear Souls in transition to the higher spiritual realms where God will take care of all our needs one can think of.  Think it ~ it's there.  That is the power each of us, fellow Gods and Goddesses have 'Upstairs.' 

Like an old builing that has served its time and has practically no more life in it to serve God's purposes.  The divine plan is to move ourselves and Gaia up as far as we are able and relax.  There's no reason to stress about this activity, termed 'ascension'.  It is All Good BC God Is Good, and you can take that to Dunkins'  bc the banks and government agencies, like the IRS, are gone already, with the wind. God Has Blinked, my dear friends, we just have to see the memo and take it to heart. Actually do what it says there to do. The good news there is better than any news we've seen on tv or the papers in aeons.

One last thing, I, Sananda will also refer to you fellow children of God, as 'guys' for that is a term that just  has so much love attached to it. Parents call their kids 'guys'  It's just beautiful.   'Gals' is kind of old hat ioho, just know it's inc and 'Gise'  That's another one we can use, it just comes out, in a funny way. )  In closing, I, Sananda, as Jesus, Yeshua. did not and do not want to be worshipped in any way, shape or form and same 4  (using his  shorthand) scribe, Paul.  Yes, indeed, the same scribe from over 2,000 years ago and if God tells us to "Go Get 'em" we don't ask God why.  We're already gone w no hesitation, not even a split second.

Things happen in split seconds. God and David Ortiz  e.g. know this is true.  We have never, ever, let God down, my  friends.  Guess we just don't know howe (well) and 'Yes' we are not the only 2 that God can count on absolutely, with complete confidence come Heaven or (high water.)  Yes, we can swim.  Thank God, however, B4 Paul learned how to swim, the 7 year old had a near death experience. Which, unbeknownst to him  set him on a course that may not have ever happened except for his nde incident in Caldwell Pool; almost seeing and feeling the angels surrounding him, ready to take him home. *(part of Paul did go home, friends.) *(addendum 6/26/19)

Almost drowning in Cunningham Park's Caldwell  pool in his home town of Milton, Ma.  He went out too far and was in over his head, flailing and going down. Next thing he knew he was at the bottom of the pool and in the fetal position  (scribe sobs)  just about to be escorted home by the angels who had gathered when, at the last second, two 12 year old boys, grabbed him, one on each elbow, and carried him to the beach, his legs curled under.

Paul still can remember the "Shwooshe" sound and felt the STRENGTH of those Hands and Arms. God Bless U2 angels 4 Paul that day.  To save someone's life, guys OMG, what a thing to do.  They just deposited me to safety - and that was it.  No big deal.  Paul didn't even get a chance to thank them, they were gone. 

Once on the sandy area @ the pool he quickly recovered, and hardly anyone, if at all, noticed or realized what this child of God had just gone through. If you are reading this and you recall that incident, that you were actually one of  those boys, you are heroes and should be duly recognized as such. Please, fellas,  come forward so we can Thank You Very Much.  Let's go have a beer. ) ) and we'd very much like to hear Your stories, humanity. Those 2 heroes and everyone's amazing stories. 

The brave Veterans of WW II, like Dad, Alva William, survivor of the Battle of the Bulge and, Paul's peers who served in the military. Paul's 2 brothers served, Richard, who served in Germany, and Bob, who went to Viet Nam.  Paul got a high lottery # and went to school at the U of Miami.*  hitchhiking down there, his buddies seeing him off, the same weekend when Woodstock happened. * where he met Nanci, the old laughing lady, herself, who did go to Woodstock ) and the rest is history. Thank You God.   

Paul must mention his best buddy Kevin Spellane, his childhood friend, tough as nails, my protector against bullies, one of whom broke Paul's nose,  linebacker on Milton High's football team, volunteered for Viet Nam.  Fought and triumphed at Hamburger Hill.  Came home and raised a loving family.  Passed over a couple of decades ago. Paul stll remembers the good times we had tooling down the cape in Paul's little red 1960 Triumph TR3. Looking 4 adventure, drinking beers, just having fun, the 11th commandment.  Ahh, memories, right, guys? 

Note 2/26/20  A picture of that Tr3 is shared here at 

So,  we all salute our brave men and women who served and are serving to protect the freedoms that so many of us just take for granted.  Thank God that He cares enough 4 HisHer living, loving, and improving children down here on earth to have sent His Her beloved Son, Jesus, down here to help us climb out of the depths of darkness and hopelessness that humanity had sunk to, to rise above the muck and maya of illusion.

Wars, as a way of building a stronger economy can not be sustained in any way bc the earth's atmosphere, now bathed in the higher frequencies of love, divine infinite perfect love coming out from the center of the Great Central Sun, can not, in any scenario, be sustained, esp since money, is just monopoly money now.  It has absolutelly NO value.  News Flash World News outlets. The fiat currency, not 2 mention crypto, has had the plug pulled on it by Love. another name 4 God. 4 God's angelic children... 'All we need is Jesus love.' 

The Beatles weren't lying, my dear friends. They were, and are musical prophets sent by God to lift up the depression of the world, esp the United States, after JFK's assassination.  They were just what the cosmic Doctor ordered.  You can't listen to Beatles music w/o smiling, you just can't. Can we get an 'And So It Is' w that my dear friends?  Kryon just gave the loudest "And So It Is"  Shout Out.  We Aul Love U Kryon.  And, of course Mr Lee Carroll.  So  R you guys thinking about what to name your hammock?  Weir hearing a lot of Fred's.  )  Freddy Universal should inspire a lot of folks to name their hammock, Freddy, after what He gave the world.

It's like "Your money's no good here, Mr Trump."   Well, now, folks, Thank You 2 God, we awl have that equal status. There's no reason  to go to war to try to bring up an economy that is out of business, Kaput, " IT IS DONE."  as Archangel Michael Exhorts for the truly stubborn out there. Done IS DONE, Dear Ones of THE ONE. As scribe wraps this up bc his head has to meet the sandman  We say from the Heavenly realms, as ONE.  Led by DR Peebles. 2 Awl of us, God's 'Now Joy~full (6/26/19  5:33 p.m. ) ever loving, humble, happy, harmonious, sexy, adventurous, and, most of all 'Grateful'  children. Just 4 the fun of it, we will use this clip from 

Nice work the 2 Johnnies, Celtics, Fans.  Yep, indeed, Guys... "It's Ovah, It's Ovah,  And So It Is.

The Good Guys Win,  Now & 4 Evah, IJN.  Paul, You and your team have just won  Heaven on Earth.  What are you gonna do now,  Bro?  Paul?  Paul? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

To Be Continued,  we know God willing.  As 'Message In A Bottle' Comes on ZLX.  Perfect.

Moment marked 6/26/19  11: 22 p.m.  God & angel 'time.' 

In closing we wish to pay homage and Salute the awesome, amazing and the unselfish first responders, and the survivors of some soul searing incident or situation.  We've all been through some trauma or some learning experience down here. After all, that's what life, esp in the physical, is all about, my dear friends, i.e. growing.

God Is here, hear us my dear friends, (Sananda & Paul talking) Paul is hereby inviting awl angels to come and meet us 4 a quiet, sane and simple supper.  Sananda, we will bring the wine. Alright, Sananda, is there anything else *you would like 2 say?  We see you wouldn't let scribe use a Y, U said this way  y , like we refer to ourself w lower case and so do the angels.  We are all eternally humble, happy and yes ~ holy children of God. Grateful and happy, (speaking as a collective) 4 our upraised  hand 2 be chosen many times 2 volunteer to serve HimHer God w humility, passion and determination, come what may. "Peace" Sananda says... "God Is Love and Love Is God, Love God and Love One another." ' Peace be with you all.'

Rec & fin  6/13/19  9:11 p.m.v                  Now and forever.

 Addendums, Edits:  6/14/19  1:22 p.m.

Note the next song at Infinity's Doorway is about 2 be added.  Right under Al Stewart's 'On The border'  Hope 2 see yas there.  

 Who wants a ride over there.  Are U an excellent driver?  Cool U can drive and I''ll ride 'passenger.'

 and we can visit Nanci's place... 

 Nanci's holding the door 4 us, guys. 

God Bless and Love Embrace us awl now and 4 ever. In Jesus Name.  THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU JESUS.  God, the rest is up 2 U. Btw guys, if ya's didn't know God's hammock, humanity's gift 2 God is named 'Jack,'  God, in turn has one 4 each and every one of us, which we can name ourselves..  Paul, what's Your hammock's name Bro?  Kim, my dear friend, Paul's hammock is named Kim. Kim and the Kim

 Blessings 888 one and Awl Now & 4 ever. 


Rec & fin  6/17/19  8:44 a.m. 

Now, 7/16/19 Sweet Msg ) Your Purpose In Life ~ Sananda ~ Judith Coates

Thank You God Sananda and Judith. <83 ) We, Team Oneness are the Infinite Hearts team, among many other names. We walk together as One Joyful, infinitely loving, sweet, kind, harmonious, compassionate, adventurous, & Grateful connected collective TYG ~ IJN. And So It Is. As 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' by Guns n Roses played in background on ZLX Hope awl of us continue 2 have a sweet, nice & awesome 4 ever ~ in heaven on earth & above. <8883 ) ) )

Thank You Jesus & Billy...

This is also now shared at 'In God's Hands' page bc where else would we want to place all our concerns 4 our best paths, outcomes, situations and solutions, w/o doubts, hesitations, and God forbid,  fears.  Hope 2 see Ya's there  soon. To the one, the only ~ 'right way' Beginnings. 

Now, Officially launching on Jerry's Birthday 8/1/19  as Heart - Heaven V page.  Man, these Heart - Heaven on Earth pages are loading fast, kids.  Hope en - Joy  )

Now 12/24/25 Who wants The Christmas gift of Freedom?

Thank You God for showing us that You, Father of 'ALL THAT IS'  Is really 'The One'  in control of Your Far Flung Children's near and far destiny.  HeShe i.e. Father Mother God has no intention of seeing us, HisHer beloved children go down into some no man's land place of lack, want, poverty and the despair and depression that could foster.  No, No No, dear ones.  Look, here's the plan once again,   w Jesus' response:   

We can't share this with you enough, humanity.  See it, read it til you wake up and 'Get it' people and while we're still young - Act on it. God knows it's hard to let go of a paradigm that's been ingrained in us for so long, however when that system literally runs out of gas, it's only in our collective best interest to make the switch to what the elders have been advocating, with Paul as proxy, officially since the date of that proclamation in 2002. 

The incubation time for this God inspired solution is done, my dear friends. Let's let God show us the way.  Surely HeShe has a better future for us than the political, economic, non spiritual mumbo jumbo that's all we seem to see out there on the streets, the Tv, papers, internet google ga ga w all due respect for everyone's niche.  We're made, in His image for much bigger, better, indeed to the infinite better, dear ones. 

So can we try?  Gee, now, if only we could find someone to lead us.  Hey Jesus, do You, kind and loving Son of God, Brother to All, want the job again?  )  Where to find Jesus?  Like God, He's in our <3's  Just 'ask' to get to know him, and listen, He will guide you like He and the angels guide scribe. Humbleness is a prerequisite, and it helps not to be proud, loud, arrogant, bodacious or an egomaniac. However, we're all 'works in progress' so if we just described you, don't worry, God loves You too.  And So It Is.

Now, 7/15/19 Jesus and the Mark of the Beast

Thank You God Jesus & A Voice in the Desert.  We Are All Mirrors of God. Mirrors has replaced sparks of God, as it's too fiery to play w fire.  So, w a mirror, we 'mirror' god.  Got a mirror in your house or auto or purse?  Look, Jasper or Doris, see God / Goddess U R.  Indeed, look & see God.  Behold Your individual Mighty Magical Magnificense, my dear friend(s). WE, and esp as a collective, Have Infinite Wealth WAY beyond e.g. Solomon's earthly wealth which can not be compared to eternal spirit Peace. love & Joy. non monetized Gifts of the spirit. This is also shared at the 7 th Heaven on earth page... 

Now, 7/21/19  This just in.  A new page has started and taking, in the tradition of Rock n roll, No prisoners.  See, if led, what's going down here... Head East, then North, South & West.  )  No worries, no one get's lost We'll take you Way out 2 school, and we'll never leave Ya's out there, where you're never alone, anyway.

Hey, our compassionate far flung  team even offers a professional ride service.  Pick ya's up where you live on paradise ln, 'Plant it' earth & we'll take you 2 weir Good God wants 2 see you.  Even if it's playing in a Rock & roll Band. on a 'long strange trip.'  Good God says... 'Gotchaus'  Ya's just can't escape Rock & roll, when you're hooked, you're  hooked. That's it.  Right Bruce?   ok, everyone who concurs w this & can relate, give a nod, please.  Elvis, The Undisputed 'King of Rock & roll' is first and guess what He just said.  lol Yeah.  'Thank You Good God VERY MUCH.  TY Elvis  EVERYSPIRIT <3's You!!!.  Alright, guys, Ty's 4 the nods inc some jumping out of their sneakers, not 2 mention their bodies, in spirit.  )  Ok, here's yer non missing link, guys. Hope Ya's Awl En-Joy.   Namaste & Cheerio... ) 

Now, 7/11/19 Greetings Free Human beings. ) Hey, who wants 2 B Free 4 real 4 ever? Plz read on..TYVM )

Now,  we're so sorry bill collectors, non knowers or believers of the new now paradigm of Love being ALL THAT IS  and All That Matters on Planet Joy Love Happiness Rock & roll.  aka Terra Christ(a) Gaia Mother Earth.   Here's the Deal, again.  We are all as free as this whale putting on a show for human tourists.  He doesn't have to run to the bank, pay bills or do anything but just have fun all day. every day.  We can all be like him, fellow Fun lovers who are also immortal spiritual beings.  Who's In?

Indeed, Paul had a nap a little earlier and woke up w 'Gone Fishing' resounding in his brain.  All of us know those 2 words are a metaphor to just step back, look at the work that's been done and say, you know what, guys?  We're Done, put out the sign, and actually go do it.  make it real. bring on the Fun. finally, family, God left the best for last, fun friends of infinity.  God knows, this whole project has been put out there.  Our Team's cards are on the table, we've presented our case, and, as our Cousin Ned says, 'What's Done Is Done.'  We're Done.Ty and Hi 5 2 Ned.  )

Sinse we respect the lives that fish e.g. have, minding their own business, in their peaceful environment, and we don't want to hurt, harm or disrupt any of God's creatures, we just turn the metaphor to 'Whale watching'  The whales love us and love entertaining us.This is termed 'win win,' my dear friends.

Have you guys heard or read the 'New News' today?  God says, 'lay it on them, Paul.'   Indeed, Father, maybe 5K more times some will "Start" to 'Get It.'  This is real, people, as real as it gets.   Every word in this ez to read and  digest package Is meant 4 Gods angelic kids to take 2 <3, and 'With the quickness'

Complete w Jesus' response...

It's a 'Done  Deal,'  People of Earth.  Deal With It.  It's not only the Best solution to our worldly plight, it's The Only Solution.  Read on, please...

This Is vastly better than your j o b and your pay.  If you make a million a week, there's no comparison to the love meter of 'Pay' from God, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS  The Infinite I AM THAT I AM and More, All Rolled Into 'THE ONE'.  This Is what's sitting on the  table 4 us, humanity, and what are we doing?  Sadly, indeed, same old same old.  living the 'hampster' dream.  We're so used to a treadmill life. w/o knowing what a true happy fulfilled life could be like. We think we're living a dream but from a higher perspective it's a nightmare, guys. We got a j o b, or we don't. we pay or struggle w the never ending bills.

Credit card companies bully us and gauge us w fees, and we take it, why?  Bc we don't recognize spiritual leadership as an option.  We fall for political or other type 'leaders' like lemmings to the cliffs of insanity; we go through the motions, we put up with nightmare commutes, to earn a buck.  we might go to church on Sunday, some hedging their bets in case there really is a God.  )  Guys, God is as real as your eyes reading this and moving this far flung knowlege into our souls.  Know it, Trust it, and whatever you do, don't deny it. Yer ignorance  will show, and it's not pretty.  Trust us, Gus. 

Yeah, we hope our team wins the game. etc etc So, we settle into a life of mediocrity, or as they say across the pond 'quiet desperation.' This is what the majority of the world has accepted as life in the dumbed down lane, guys, when we Could be soaring with the eagles.when we could be swimming with dolphins, climbing mountains, hiking the canyon, or just being the amazing adventurous person God created us all to be, and in His Her likeness. Look in a mirror and see God , Gods & Goddesses. We are All 'Franchise' God Beings. WE Are and Have The Infinite in each and every one of us, and such has been so since the beginning of time.

And ya's can take that 2 Dunkins' friends, bc no bank w their product, monopoly money, will survive 2 tell us about it. As far as we, the hierarchy, thru channel, 'clear' scribe, Paul.   not the dull, 'consumer' society has molded us to be. Paul, got any good news. Just gave it to you Sherlock. Read that entire message at least 5 more times in the next 5 days, and follow the advice. Walk the floor, or around the block. Listen to another radio station. Do something totally random, of a nice nature, of course. Stop being a wise ass, know it all. try humbleness.

Paul, are angels real?  Look in a mirror, dear, and reflect on the last nice thing you did 4 someone, angel _______ Insert your name. sweets, & sweet <3's  )

Many former atheists have testified in Yt videos about what happens, to  their surprise, when we turn in the physical body for a 'light' body.  They are told by Jesus or other spirits over there in 'upstairs' heaven that it's not yet their time, and they must return. Usually it's to fulfill their 'contract'  w God.  Friends, don't be a sucker for mere fad religions, cults, dogmas or any other 'belief of the month' type thing. Remember, Jesus was about spiritualty, not religion.

Christ (Which refers to a level of consciousness, not like  a last name.) disciples and followers like scribe, same now, same then, same name, helped to form christianity as like a fortress to solidify, to provide safety and protect those of us who needed protection against the prevailing arbiiters of what others should believe in. So, given the times, back then. religion was necessary.  Now, in a blink of God's eye, over 2 thousand years, we've moved on.  The old things and ways, fall  away and  crumble to dust.  The spirit, which is what Jesus taught, remains. 

Nothing can kill a spirit. However, spirits can lose light and fall down a pretty long way into an abyss, even to the depths of what some term hell.  we make our own hell's bc of our stupid disobedience to God, when all God ever wanted was the absolute perfect Best 4 us.  He would say to His beloved child, watch it angel, don't get too close to that cliffedge or that candle, Please.  The innocent angel doesn't listen, & next thing he/she knows he/she can't see or commune w God anymore'  

Can't blame or yell at God, He gave us Free will.  We can do whatever our sovereign heart desires, and hopefully it will be to only share God's Infinite Divine goodness. For this we pray, Oh God,  Please hear our prayer, Dear God, in Worshipful Praise and eternal & everlasting Gratitude, Dear God.  In Jesus Name.  Thank You 4 its deliverance, Now, on wings of angels golden silence and songs, oh God Thank You God, In Jesus Holy Name. And So It Is. )

Happy 'Whale Watching' of your own, everyone... We love each and every one and you send us some, we'll send it back, in <3's  ) ) ) ) )  Let's have adventures, deal?  everyone?  Hope so.  )

Rec & fin.  7/11/19  10: 05 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA  Milky Way Galaxy. God's Infinite Creation In Oneness.   

Now.  7/15/19  Who wants to go where God is going?  If led...  

Your 'pass' humanity....

P pic.

P pic.

Now, 7/20/19 The relentless humble servant messenger. just a messenger of 'Good New News from The Good God, Hello..)'

Now, 6/27/19 Moment marked 4:44 a.m. angels guiding us home, as One Family of Man. Now.

From Ayce Endez sharing on Fb...

"A close encounter of the most extraordinary kind is about to take place"
The pleiadians via Michael Love 

Paul F Brown Whatever you guys think is about to happen, we have it on awesome authority it may be 8888 times better. Keep score here, what's that (don't call me Lord.) Ashtar? Celebrate responsibly, Gise. Gift wrapped. Humanity's new gift from God. The hammock's name, bro Paul? 'Joy,' my dear friend, same as everyone's new name and Gaia herself. There is nothing in all God's infinite creation that is not now named 'Joy.' As Bro Don Henley would say... 'Deal w it.' ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿ™

Alright, so we thought we'd leave this up here at the top initially 4 24 hours and then move it down to a spot below.  Then we thought, well 44 is an angel # so why not extend 2 that.  And now, in the eternal now, we're thinking, along w God, our co - navigator, why not leave this as a living, breathing 'gateway' 2 all that this place is.  i.e. a simple sharing place weir all us human appearing angels can meet, collaborate, and just bask in the sure and stable 'knowing' - not merely believing that God is Love and the only thing that ever existed from the beginning is L O V E. of Creator's infinite love 4 us, HisHer children of ALL THAT IS. 

 We are Now & forever (rep by the # 8) in the cosmic clubhouse, so to speak, my dear friends, after being out on the course of life, doing our best in a very old, tired, and obsolete, societal playing field where money money money, sigh, we could go on and on... money money ad nauseum, peeps.  Who else is just so F'n sick of this crappola way of existence, anyone?  Oh, we see a few hands raising out there.  So,  there is Hope.  Hope... Good.

Speaking as an old hippy and someone who has slogged thru 63 years on 'plan it' earth, after reaching the age of reason, which is 7, when we had our first NDE, (Read on 4 that story from Jesus) we percieve @ 98% of humanity has 'taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Guys, the folly that money,, or gold or silver or the new crypto is God's way of doing things in exchange 4 something else is patently  absurd.  God, again Is love.  After Love there is nothingness.  Only Love is Real, and nothing else matters.  Hear, stubborn, hard headed ones, who will read this and go on their magic devices and send out an invitation to some new shining 'program.'  smh. 

This happens a lot since Paul has been trying to 'Blow The Whistle' on God's Perfect plan and on himself as a not under cover agent 4 God and HisHer Ultimate Solution to the Good Earth's sorry man made woes.  When, oh when, Dear Almighty Father Mother God Creator, Great I AM THAT I AM, End So On... will The Sheeple Wake The F up..  Question of the day, night, tomorrow, next Tuesday,  OMG  Alright, Guys.  Paul, same Dude, Maniac 4 God and Jesus messages from a short over 2K years ago.  Let us know what you think, Ok?

Namaste                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Paul Sananda & Co of Oneness. '"Whatever it takes division."

P.s.  For those of you worrying what 2 do now that you've experienced this manifesto.  following is a note dictated by Holy Spirit that you can send to your so called superiors, your debt collectors, your finance managers or anyone else that seems to 'own' You and Your freedom at this time.  Ok?  You can thank God later, guys.  

P.p.s here's a paragraph left over from the editing process.  just kindly add it to this overall tome. and have a nice day and forever.  That's not an order, you can have whatever kind of day, forever one wants.  We have our free will forever, friends.  "Awl 'Thank You's 2 God. )"

..  Nothing could ever be further from the truth, folks..playing field.  Source has seen enough and Is Now calling All of us home.  The Party has started 'Upstairs' Dear ones.  It simply can't go on any further w/o all of us getting smart, getting rid of the failed fiat / crypto/ barter mode of exchange.  Guys, we've been there, done that.   currency system has run it's sad, unhealthy course right off the cliff termed insanity. That's a lot of sewage under the bridge, ioho.

Now and 4 ever 6/27/19 Forgive us our debts...Thank You God, IJN. <3 )

Paul F Brown <>
2:11 PM (2 minutes ago)
to me

To Whom it may concern.
Greetings and Hello, I ________ will not be paying this bill or any further  bills bc we are now in a Global Cashless Society, in accord w Father Almighty's Divine, Perfect, Infinitely Perfect Will and script for humanity.

This is God's Will. We, Paul, a Far Flung Limitless multidimensional being, are not God, however we all carry, formerly referred to as a 'spark' of God  Now, we should all think of ourselves as 'mirrors' of God.  In other words, you want to 'see' God, simply go look in the mirror.  Wow, we are beautiful, aren't we, guys, esp the ladies. Omg.

So, your humble scribe, here, guys is just like everypne else, just doing his far flung job that he volunteered 4. Indeed, he's a not secret agent 4 God..We are, along w Jesus aka Sananda ~ His high self cosmic name, advocating for your kind release of the burden of this debt, bill, obligation due to the intervention of a Higher Power, as shared in the Lord's prayer.... Forgive us our debts.  This is really about starting over, w a fresh start in the only paradigm that makes any sense at all.  Love can never fail or grind to a halt or let anyone down, unlike fiat slavery and unenlightened "vote for me' political 'leadership.  

Your kind co-operation with this divine mandate is most appreciated and will be duly noted in the Akashic records as kindness lent and fulfilled, hopefully w a smile ).. Of course, this also applies to one's own monetary situation. We are looking 4 'Whistle~Blowers' who may know 'The Lord's Prayer.2 help get the word out about God's Now and eternal Victory of the light over darkness on the planet Joy Love Gaia Details here...  Thank You Very Much.and 'Have a nice forever... )

Please read these documents, and, if led... Share, share & oh, yes, share. God Bless You... )  
Jesus' response... 

Thank you 4 your kind attention to this matter, and God says... Go on and find Your own Fun path. See Ya's on the beaches of God's infinite paradises.

Scribe types... All Praise, Worship and GLORY Be 2 GOD, Who Did and Does It AWL. In Jesus Name. Guess we'll see. Cue 'The Grand Illusion' by Styx. 
Paul, what music r you going 2 listen 2 now, bro? John Prine music, my dear friend esp Hello In There. 
Go In Peace Sananda says. I'm going w Sananda / Jesus, guys. what about you? Pet's welcome, of course/ Cheers and Cheerio.
Rec & fin 6/27/19 2:11 p.m. Heaven on Earth moment. )

Bonus:  Who likes slide shows? 

Bonus II  Happy Spirits Day...' 

Ok, you guys know there has to be a 3rd sharing, so here we go...  Hope en-joy...)   Alright everybody.  Who's ready to Rock or who's ready to roll.  Be a Rock star, guys and take a stand.  Never,ever roll over and give up w/o a fight. Go to work 4 God, Love alwaysfindsa way.  Send this dispatch to all  your bills.  The machines won't mind.  Programmers start programming 4 a finally Free society in compliance w The One.'  Above all follow the 11th commandment.  Have Fun, Now and for  awl eternity.  And So It Is.

Rec & fin 6/27/19   9:44 p.m. 

 p.s.  Who needs a hug?  U do, humanity.  Hear Ya's go... w the music. 

Now 6/25/19 God, Thank You So Much 4 Now ~ taking us home, as One. <773 ) ) )

To the Friend that this may concern  Here's the cutting edge news, you've all been waiting 4 and some even praying 4, escorted by God's angels of divine love, mercy and compassion. Love and only love brings the harvest in. Not money, not crypto, not even bartering. Love, love and love.alone delivers the human harvest back 2 God, dear ones. Please read these documents, several times..Try to take them to heart and live forever in the peace, love and Harmony of God's ever loving, ever lasting 'script' 4 us all..It Is Written.  And So It Is.   Look, here's the plan once again,    w Jesus' response:    Film here...  

The 11th Commandment "thou Shalt Have Fun." NOW!!! (Scroll down  a little more than halfway down on that front page.)  TYVM.

Alright, so here's also a place 2 celebrate responsibly, if led   Cheers and Cheerio. 

P.s.  Let's see who will be the first merchants to start giving away their inventory the way it instructs on that document.  Yeah,  that one... w the ) 'please' and 'Thank You'  'Thanks' does' not 'cut the mustard, guys. Be Grateful,  Thank God Above Awl, IJN Big Nod 2 Mother Mary and a big tip of the hat to all of our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the light for all the God given talents Y''all have brought/ bring 2 the table in this divine  'Done' passion play, we call 'life.'

And while the angels do not seek any reward, they already have it in infinite <8883's w God's perfect, infinitely perfect Divine Love..  And So It Is.  This official Announcement may, of course be shared and broadcast to the Far Flung reaches of the many Universes, of God's Infinite Creations. You got a computer, Locky and daisy?  What are you waiting for?  Just do it.  Bbe the fiirst on Your block 2 be a 'whistleblower' 4 God's perfect plan.

 Shy?  Understood, we grew up shy but there comes a time when that has to go out the window  if one wants to do the work we came here 2 do.There's no time 4 that self imposed malarcky.  You were chosen to come down here 4 a reason.  Don't miss your chance 2 be a large player in God's 'free will' script.  All you gotta do is 'click'  2 share this site, not to mention the other 'Party' site.    Oh, you're doing some other 'program' and you're gonna make a boatload of cash?

Ok, good, weir happy 4 you.  Just one problem.  Money, crypto barter, no one needs it anymore.  It's done.  Ove, and out the window to eternal oblivion in the new, now paradigm of Love, and only Love being the new All That Is, instead of money.  Flush it, it's been that bad 4 humanity.

People kill for that shit, (to use a technical term.)  People rob others so they can have money to be able to buy things legally.  Hypocrites.  If you're gonna be a crook, be a crook.  Don't think God is not hip to your little scam.  Shame, Shame, Shame.  Karma is a bitch, people.  You, reading this, if it applies 2 U, want to fix it, b4 it's too llate?  Repent, on yer knees, if not yer belly.  Do the best you can to make amends.  We are all sinners down here, in this cosmic schoolhouse 2 learn, and grow and graduate a truer immortal spiritual being, my dear friends.

None of us have always followed the absolute best path we could have, esp on retrospect.  After all, how can we learn and grow w/o stumbling a little, right?  However when we do make our mistakes, and we don't figure it out that we were wrong in saying or doing or thinking that, God knows, we need to get, maybe, a second opinion - outside our own.  There's no shame in that, Lucky or Daiisy.  Good God will always love us, no matter what.  As Attila the Hun and Hitler (who signed a contract. Ref  ) found out.

Indeed, we have not always followed the best path laid out 4 us, none  of us. We digress, so back to the money or crypto.  Sorry  again to break it to you holdouts, and we must admit it gets a little bit frustrating to scribe when he shares all this new news of God  Good news of the cashless society and  the Urgent Message from God, annd then we get your email or posting of your hot new 'program' to make a lot of money.  We mean, God Almighty.  It's like 'Hello Walls'

can we talk 2 you, his 'Soc media 'friends' and then has to say, no thank you I'm not doing ANY Hot New 'Deal' when the money has no backing. Right now it's utterly and completely worthless in God's new now paradigm of Love taking over the planet.  Again, 4 the hard of comprehending 'new news' of this scope. 'humanity.  Your money's No F'n good on this Plant it of God.  People. my condolences to you who feel like it's a death in the family.  Most families have infinitely more love in them than money,  so it's really no loss. And So It Is.  Rec & fin  6/25/19  5:16 p.m.  Quincy, Ma USA 

Addendums:  6/26/19  8:00 p.m.  ) Smile peeps, we are The Champions  Sing It Freddy Universal... )

#Meetthenewbosssameastheoldboss  #Staywarmanddrymydearfriends  #GodIs

The Jubilee Is Now... )

Now 6/6 19  Hey Uncle Jerry... is Jesus coming to the jubilee, Bro?

Jerry concurs w scribe... Jesus IS the jubilee, our dear friends.  Celebrate Love's

eternal Infinite Victory  Divine one's  w/o looking back. Now and 4 ever.  And So It Is.  โค

Now, 6/20/19  We got a brand new news page, guys.  If led 2 see it, mosey on over here...TY.  )

See the volunteer postions over there.  One of them might be 4 you. Most needed is a driver w gas in the tank as Ppaul really is not into taking the bus anymore.  TYVM.  )

Now, 6/20/19 Boston - Peace of Mind (Boston) HQ

; @ Paradise, everywhere. Cheers and Cheerio. <3 )

Now, 6/20/19 Commodores - Sail On... Coming humanity? V77 888 11:11

Rock & roll leaves no one behind, my dear friends. ) 888 ( 77 ~11 :11 ) ) ) Thank You God. IJN. )

Now, 6/19/19 The Last Day 4 stupidity to rool (w) this Plant it...

Guys, the time is late.  God and God's plan is now to take over His Plan it.  We need 2 wake up and we need 2 Wake up years ago.  God says the White House is now a museum.  Ashtar, and the countless crafts under His Command are our Very Good Friends and can, if necessary, - evacuate the planet in the blink of an eye. Synchronicity, right this minute George Noory is talking about the White House and maybe visiting it or whatever.  

Alright, Guys, if Paul stuck his thumb out bc he  needed a ride and God was coming down the hiway, would God stop and give him a ride?  He already has, my dear friends, He already has.

And with a nod and salute & Thank You to Dr Wayne Dyer, we humbly ask Jesus 'what say you about the day's new news, if we could ask?'  Sure, Paul,  It's right there on paper just like I did thru your clear energy, that day.  Thank you Jesus, we'll see you on our next regular Thursday night poker game, oh, a few of Paul's girllfriends are coming too, they have their own table.  No prob, Paul, I got  a few of mine as well. 

Awesome, I got a new group coming anytime now.  Think we'll start them out w ''Go Fish'  Btw, Paul, who is not invited to the  game?  No one, you know we don't know how to leave anyone out.  Sounds like a plan.  Oh, Erik says he's crashing the party w his crew... everyone.  Do we need a bigger mansion, Good*  What's thhat expression about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Ha Ha Exactly.  Ok, Paul has 2 get back 2 work, guys. 

Obtw, Paul has a request in 4 WZLX's morning Karlson, McKenzie and Heather show 2 play the above song.  He's off to Twitter  2 tweet and also share on FB  Oh, and btw, if anyone would like 2 get a lighthouse card or possiblythe lightning card one can pick one up across the street from Paul's apt at the Dunkins' and also at the Adams Shore  grocery store on the corner a little down Sea St they're on the sill inside the front door.  Please buy something, at  least til the 'free' 4 awl goes live. 

Who will be the first business 2 start giving their inventory away. and say 'Hey' to Nick, the proprietor, a real good guy. and also you should be able to get one a wee bit more at the 'Time out' pizza place right inside the front door.  Say 'Hey' 2 Angelo and crew.a.righr on the sill inside the front door, and also at the 'Time Out' I've also left some at the convenience store across from the church the other way, but they may not have any since it's been a little while since I left them there.  Anyway, rest assured, these cards are  super charged w heavenly vibes.

card You get will have Your name on it

This uploaded as ZLX plays FREEBIRD  Awesome 'Gise' over there  <773  77

In answer to this...

P.s. Gise, Have you received Your tickets 2 paradise, yet, Lucky's and Daisy's?  There they are 4 the taking.  Of course they are free, as we are now living in God's free world.  Hope en joy them. )   ---With perfect love pyramidal pink quartz crystal, a gold and red garnet pin, a tiny white seashell, and the nebula stone aka the 'Heaven on Earth' stone.  Awl 4 you, humanity.

And  It's free like all of us down here in paradise, aka the planet Love, joy, peace, harmony, Mother Earth, Terra, Christ(a) Gaia and Rock &  roll. God gives this to us all, guys, all 4 a ) fellow crazy  in a good way (we hope) children of God.  Congrats, Y'all made it 2 7th heaven, right here on  earth. What's that Bro Erik?  lol.  Erik says he's giving away free cheeseburgers over at his place.  Erik did you get the dogs back or are they still out, my friend?  We may have 2 send out a search party, guys.  ) It'a all Erik's fault.  )

Pray 4 Paul on his adventurous journey 2 find his future.  With Mom's industrial strength rosaries and prayers, he arrived in MI Am I and what a movie ensued, indeed.  We've all got our own  movies, guys.  Who wants 2 go 2 the movies?  As Paul is taking down this dictation from 'The Infinite'  888  77

God says it also in song, the languagge of the angels.  They were talking about saving the power grid on Coast tonite.  God says 'I AM  THE POWER.'  btw, we love the pleiadian music they play at the end of the show.  )  Paul, can U  guess, My Dear son (P uses lower case 4 his humbleness, humility and modesty 

So, angels, spirits up  and downstairs here, we gonna treat ya's and us 2 a song by an artist named Eddy Love.  Who's Eddy Love, Paul, never heard of him?  We know, Sammy, hold on, let the boss go 2 Yt to get the music.  Be right back, God willing.  TYG.  )

Now, 6/19/19 Two Tickets To Paradise Please - Eddie *Money now *Love if Eddy wants it. <3 )

Thank You Eddy Money & Company David Lindley on guitar, making New York City and the Cops Proud. Hat's off and Hi 5's, on bewhole of the group. The name, if want 2 stay current w the eternal moments of Now, we do rec the change to the current frequency of 'love' which is infinite however, your choice, everyone's dear friend.Just a friendly nudge. either way we got a whole lotta tickets 4 Everyone 2 Paradise. Ok, Paul, let's go. Oh, you didn't know, Spanky, weir already heir (w) The music delivered us starting the moment that Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis Tn, and the magic has never stopped, my dear friends. ) Film at 11. ) Update now 9/14/19 RIP Eddie Rockin In Paradise. ) (Btw 4 curious minds, we did the pendulum thing w Eddie re the name thing. no movement. Perfect Eddie) <3 )

Now, 6/18/19 The 'Now' generation Salutes 'The Greatest Generation' w Music of Louis Prima performed by The Benny Goodman Orchestra. Sing Sing Sing, we say Dance Dance Dance & Live, Love, Laugh, Smile at a 'stranger,' make 'mistakes', Learn from them, take yourself out on a date, Hug someone, Call up an old Buddy, go to a rodeo, go to Jesus, and ride 2 infinity in God's Merkebah. Everyone has a reservation. Trust God. Thank Jesus, Love everyone, everyone will love U back, & Toin it UP! )

Man, That generation could Swing. Paul's own Dad, Alva, could do a mean Jitterbug w his sister Phyllis. TY Greatest Gen. We All Love Ya's!!!!!!!! <(((3 ) ) )

Now, 6/17/19 God says... It's over. That's All Folks. Good luck w/o God. Yer gonna need it. (

Everyone could have had one of these 'land merkabah's' aka automobiles or cars years ago.  You chose money instead of Infinite Love.  See ya @ the campus, maybe.  Weir DONE.  Bye; what could have been.   smh. 4 lack of donations this site will disappear in a few days.  Since 2013, Paul received one donation.  Thank You Fred Greaves.  Recent fundraiser posted on FB & twitter where we have a total of 3,265 'friends' resulted in 0.00  Thank u a lot guys.  No, we  didnt post it on your wall, we don't beg.                                                                                                                                                             Hasta la vista.  Signed, GOD. 2nd ed  Sananda. 3D Jerry offers a little hope here 4 a deal or at least a listen...   #Hopin4amiracle  #wakeuporperish  #Nomoremrniceguy #monopolymoneyfailsinlongrun #Loveisallthereis  #Schoolsout4summer #LoseWtrump.  Could have #TriumphedWGod  Nice work 'news' media zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

To whom it may interest...  Hope ya all have a good summer.   Could be a summer of hope, if you choose.  choose wisely w/o hesitation or lose esp if u follow trump.  Don't be a chump, people.  Choose the One who has the Trumpets playing 4 Him.  Later.  Rec & fin   6/17/19  11:11 p.m.  #Lifeisnotajoke 

Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away... Now. not zen. <8) ( 777 )

Thank You God 4 Blue Oyster Cult. Hope 2 see you guys at Gillette, soon, or, better yet and God willing, 'Upstairs' No hassle, no stress, no traffic. Deal, or no deal? Let us know. Thank Ya's Very Much. <8) )n )

Blue Oyster Cult - The Vigil (1979) [720p HD]

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. Love 2 go on a cruise 2 nowhere w you guys & yer friend, i.e. every~one.~ IJN. And So It Is. <888) ) ) )

Rush - Subdivisions (Official Music Video)

Thank You Rush. Alex, Geddy and Neil. <7773 ) ) )

Rush - Subdivisions - Snake and Arrows Tour

Thank You Rush. En joy yer retirement, guys, Dakarra and Paul saw ya's in Boston, a few years ago... Totally awesome show Thank Y'as... <88877) 333 ~ ~ ~

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live

Thank You Led Zeppelin. We are Now delivered, Guys. Thank You 2 God, In Jesus Name. And So It Is. En joy your day, my dear friends.and hope y'as are ready 2 have a very nice forever, in paradise., starting right, exactly weir you are. Be comfortable in who you're following, so long as you unequivocally Know. Everything comes After Jesus Christ. If haven't already invite Jesus Sananda into yer life and watch your life begin 2 bloom and blossom like never before. ) God Bless Us One and AUL.. <9993 ) Rec & fin 6/18/19 3:44 p.m.

Now, 6/18/19 Happy Tuesdey (W) David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond feat. Crosby & Nash (Remember That Night)