Look Grace {humanity} God's car w passenger door open & inviting on Paradise Lane. OMG <3 )

Now  1/23/21  9:44 p.m.  Passengers accepted to 99D w a ).  Coming humanity?  Hope so.  <3  ) ) ) )

Now 1/23/21 9:44 p.m. Passengers accepted to 99D w a ). Coming humanity? Hope so. <3 ) ) ) )

Now, 7/4/19 Welcome Fun seekers, You've found yer ultimate purrfect place 4 Fun, 'Now' & 4 ever...

If you would like to share this page, here is a url:  

Does one of these have Your name on it?  God says go get it, if want.  Not for jerks, idiots,  druggies or mean people. sorry.  Be safe, sane, responsible and Grateful. Also, a bicycle, scooter, walking shoes, food, guitar, whatever.  Everything on God's planet does not have a price tag from God.  It's us w our obsolete monetary system that's causing all the misery we see out there.  We can 'fix it' if we really try, guys. fellow free Gods & Goddesses of 'The One.' 

What's God's is ours bc we are God.  Free Is Free.  All Spirits are created equal in God's eyes.  Isn't it time we claim our immortal heritage as the forever beings we are?  Now is the best time to accept our divine destiny on this schoolhouse planet and graduate to the higher vibrations of our infinite selves. Indeed.

Now & 4 Ever 7/4/19 Heaven on Earth... Anyone? Free 4 Awl God's kids if want. What say Ya's?

Got a license?  God says, go get a car. a dinette set, a doll or skateboard etc  Just ) & ask politely, say 'Thank You.' not 'thanks'  from participating happy dealers, only.  No finance managers necessary, no red tape. simple is smart, sane and the way. Styx, tell us about it in song, ok?  Awesome.  #JoyLove&RocknrolltakesoverthePlantit  #GodsDivineInfinitePerfectScript. And So It Is.

Now, 1/23/21 9:04 p.m. Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live) (Replacing disappeared vid)

Thank You Styx. God Is infinite generosity. He and none of his children give a damn about a green back dollar any more. #Donewthatcrap #LoveTriumphsmoney #Bye925GroundhogdayBs.

Encore Lindsey Buckingham/The Kingston Trio ~ Greenback Dollar ~ Live 1981

Thank You Kingston Trio and Lindsey 4 teaching us what's really important in life, after Jesus. ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kingston_Trio

Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners (1974)

Thank You Johnney & Rodney & appreciative audience, awl of us. ) ) )

Paul McCartney on Oprah (Nov. 1997) part 1

Thank You Oprah and Paul and lovely audience of everyone. <3 ) watch on Yt 4 all the subsequent videos. )

JUDY COLLINS - "Send In The Clowns" with Boston Pops 1976

Thank You Judy, Arthur and Company and appreciative audience of angels.audience of us awl. <3 )

June 11, 2017 Harmony Day for the human caretakers of Gaia

Thank You God 4 this far flung production limitless, where God conceived, produced, arranged, directed and acted in. Now, who wants 2 go on permanent vacation w Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, The Moody Blues and Led Zeppelin, etc etc etc. Oh, God weir gonna need a bigger sandbox, looks like. )

Did someone mention The Stones are coming?  Paul can you Hug 60,000 peeps + at the same time? Of course, w a whole crew we could and lift the assembled spirits 2 at least the 9th dimension. Stymie however, we doubt we'll be asked bc we can't get arrested and no one down here is interested or even remembers the cosmic life some of us used to live.

Now it's just go to work, pay the bills, watch tv, cut the grass, pick up the dog doo and life is so boring, mundane, shallow and dull. Oh, I got Ed, change the station, oh a car commercial. Save money w our super saleabration. We swear you peeple don't have a clue what your're missing with this 2 or 3 party system, strangling the life out of you's. Pity, it really really is. Smh. Bye. Try me. 'Powers that be, but we doubt we'll get an invite May be we'll see, or maybe not.

#Invisibleman  What God, again?  W the memo.  Ok, see it like 4 the first time people life could be a joyful, wndrous, glorious, adventurous 'happening' with *ecstacy being the normal state of consciousness but we have to want it.  ec·sta·sy

Learn to pronouncenoun an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.
"there was a look of ecstasy on his face"

Ok, Here's Paul 'whistling' Boston once again.  Try to 'Get This' people Infinite Creator is trying 2 Ask yerselves, peeps,  what would George do if he came down here, again.  First, somehow he'd have the daunting task of having to get yer attention, humanity.  Not easy in a world of sleeping zombies going thru the motions, living disconscious 'puppet' lives and ya' don't even know it when complacency rules lives. 

Try as many times as it takes 2 try 2 'Wake up' a 'asleep at the wheel' humanity. God is trying 2 Wake Us up, guys. Hello??  Is there anybody in here>?  Just trying 2 get yer attention.  www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777   Jesus/ Sananda response  www.tinyurl.com/JesusDealGoesdown777   Oh, indeed, a friend of Glenn's has a song that shines a light on our acceptance of settling 4 less than what God actually wants of us.  

Thank You Joe, anything but an ordinary average guy.. Like every soul on the planet, You a Rock Star, Bro. Sing It, shout it Rockstars. We're the one's down here putting on a show 4 the spirits in the cosmic peanut gallery, my dear friends, so let's show them what 4, we were the ones picked to come down here and take #'s and do damage, right Sting? Indeed. )

Sting - Brand New Day (Official Video)

Thank You Sting & Company, looking Extra 'shiny' in this vid. Nice work, Sonny. )

Now  1/27/21  !2:54 a.m.  Angels Know Time 2 get our collective Ya Ya's Out!  Concur humanity?  Awesome.  <3  ) ) ) )  { This was the  original comment  B4 Simple site blocked pictures from being allowed in text area)  Just think, guys, we have all 4 ever 2 get ourYa Ya's out.  Wow  )  This was the original headline: Fyi, if int:  So, Hope Y'all having or going to have a nice Cosmic Independence Day, now and 4 ever...   Ok, Friends.  Hope Y'all have Fun getting yer ya ya's out.  TYVM.  )

Now 1/27/21 !2:54 a.m. Angels Know Time 2 get our collective Ya Ya's Out! Concur humanity? Awesome. <3 ) ) ) ) { This was the original comment B4 Simple site blocked pictures from being allowed in text area) Just think, guys, we have all 4 ever 2 get ourYa Ya's out. Wow ) This was the original headline: Fyi, if int: So, Hope Y'all having or going to have a nice Cosmic Independence Day, now and 4 ever... Ok, Friends. Hope Y'all have Fun getting yer ya ya's out. TYVM. )

The Rolling Stones - Almost Hear You Sigh (Live Tokyo Dome 1990)

Thank You Rolling Stones & Company Everyone <83's You . Now & 4 Ever... ) ) )

HD 1080p "Singin' in the Rain" (Title Song) 1952 - Gene Kelly

Thank You Gene Kelly & Company. Rain? What rain? Right? )

The Year Of The Cat-Live /Al Stewart/ Album (The Best Of Al Stewart) (1976)

Thank You Al Stewart & Band ) Hey Mom ~ Marie. <3 )

Now, 7/6/19 Kingston Trio live 1981"Greenback Dollar" and "Hard Ain't It Hard"

Def time for the greenback dollar to leave our buildings and the paper pushers 2 go on vacation. guys, we are on Heavens doorstep. Nobody here has bills 2 pay or mortgages or rent. The Supreme Good God has us covered. Hope en joy this w The Kingston Trio sharing fun & entertainment. )

JUDY COLLINS, Kingston Trio, Mary Travers - "All My LIfe's A Circle" 1982

OMG  What a cosmic supergroup this is!  God Bless those who have passed and those still w us here on this side of the uP escalator 2 infinity.    We thinks this 'Circle' song and this video is a perfect one to  end this page with, officially.  Following, please consider the 'Frontiers' album by Journey 2 be a musical hi~way 'bon voyage' video 4 our collective accepting of Good God Supreme's, divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan, aka God's 'script.' 

So, w the following music,  dear friends, please take as 'curtain call' music 4 us awl, and our names are awl on the cosmic credits.  Subsequuent Paul vid  may be viewed as 'housekeeping vids 4 edification, and 'what now?  We'll tell ya's right now and George Wash would tell us awl as well... Have 'Fun.'  Follow & Be The 11th Commandment, dear friends. Can be seen at front page.  www.paulfb.com   (Scroll over 1/2 way down.)  TYVM. 'Keep Smiling' ) ) )

Namastte.  And So It Is. )

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Official Music Video)

Journey, Please take us on an ultimate, amazingly awesome journey. When we get 2 the other side of this, none of us will be the same. Good, Supreme God guarantees it. Prove Him~Her Now. ) Of course, watch on Yt 4 the video parade. If other songs don't auto show up, use search Journey - Frontiers (Full Album)

Can we meet God 1/2 way, humans & live happily ever after? Hope so... )

Love in our hearts, minds, and replacing the failed dollar gives hope 4 eternity, nothing else, guys.

www.tinyurl.com/LovesLeaderNow777  Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic Record Keepers, and, of course, God. Source of ALL THAT IS. IJN. <3 ) This taken from this page and Ya's simply must visit esp if You are an excellent driver, like Nanci,(holding the door open,) Dakarra, Joan and David, oh, and scribe, a cosmic driver. as blue lights shine out from our fingers.  (We don't make this stuff up, folks. )  But it is a sign we gotta go see the sandman.

Have you guys experienced this page.  We know there's such an abundance of spiritual abundance come down here.  We need an usher.  


Note: at this point, Paul must ask anyone who may, hopefully, be getting some spirit nourishment by visiting this starsitte to, if possible, make a kind donation.  Until people really 'get' the reality of how we could be living as Free immortal spiritual beings, we have a lot of work to do. annd things cost money, despite our best efforts to 'slay the dragon' all by ourself w the material starting at the Front page.  Who will be the 2nd person to ever donate to scribe's work since starting in 2013.  Page w 'donate button is  www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777   '

Be sure to try out a few of the good things over there, like the music, slide shows, readings that should 'blow the whistle' big time on this guy, like the one above w Leslee Jo.  Decide 4 yerselves if this guy is some 'Johnny come lately', or has he been around 4 ever? This putting in 18 hour days  getting all this stuff down. from our recent NDE we got our energy back to a point. Ok, weir all one family, guys. Shutting it down now. 

Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, compassion, 'adventure, and Gratitude.

P..s. And, of course, all welcome at the original jubilee site... www.EarthPartyNow.com 

Rec & fin 4 the record.  7/7/2019  12:47 a.m.   

Now, 7/7/19 A Great day to be Free 4 ever more, don't you think?

No worries about any particular concert, Spirit travel so much more convenient. Want a hug? Here Ya go... ( God <3's U ) Energized esp 4 You. )

Now, 7/7/19 Who wants 2 visit the other side, 4 a (Big <3 Hug ) ?

Because All God's kids need hugs,  Jesus knows, God, of course knows and you know esp if you go here...   https://tinyurl.com/Welcometootherside777

Who wants a God Hug w proxies Kevin and Paul?  Step right up... )


Now 8/29/22 Don Henley - Sunset Grill [In Concert '91] (Replacement)

Thank You Don Henley and Crew. <3 ) ) )

We are Awl Eagles So Let's Awl Thank these exceptional musician Eagles Who have Helped Music to be the force that conquered the foibles of a troubled, fractured world where everyone was at each others throats in fear, loathing & insanity.  Bye to Joe & the Generals & the greedy, Not Bernie & ilk, but the others who need to leave shit to the High Priest advisors who follow Christ leadership of divine Love & no other folderol.  It Is Written:  And So It Is. What It Is.  Indeed.

Look Guys, Guess the universe was listening when Shane said 'I want a skateboard' bc just yesterday, this wonderful skateboard showed up downstairs. The nice people in the apt bldg we live in leave un-needed items on the lobby bench for others to grab if they can use.  This was down there for a day or so.  It's mostly older folks who live here so we grabbed it, esp after seeing a African Ministry share about how they use skateboards in their ministry.  For the record, Shane, at 72 revs @ the sun, will not be using it himself.  TYVM God Who Is Good.  <3 )

And then in the slide show that God arranged, we have an open road symbolizing Freedom, not just 4 those who can afford it but 4 Awl bc money is the new 'dogshit' people, to put it in its proper perspective, ok?  Let the billionnaires wallow in it, they love it so much.  Then, there's a document, which says it awl right there.  It hangs on our wall, now if a camera crew from some media show wants to record it. 

And then, Lo & Behold, Our God Leader Himself, Everyone's redeemer & Saviour Himself takes His rightful place as the Alpha & Omega of what this Universe needs.  Just God, dear friends, Just God in our lives and in our destinies which is eternal w no ending.  like this transmission.  Rec & fin:  9/2/21  w angels attending on their watch (figuratively) & spot on time:  11:44 p.m. Quincy, Ma.  USA Milky Way Galaxy, Cosmos Gratitude.  Field:  Infinity.  <3 ) ) ) 

Now 9/3/21 Spanky and Our Gang Like To Get To Know You. And this is the truth, Brothers & Sisters, Girls & Boys <3 ) ) ) ) ) To Adventure...

Thank You Spanky & Our Gang. It's mutual, weir sure. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/3/21 5:00 a.m. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD

Thank You Metallica & Everyone who loves them; Everyone. <3 ) ) ) ) )

So, that's your choice, humanity? Stay the same, follow the same old, tired, worn out script you wrote for yourselves, pre birth? You don't want help, aid & assistance from the Real Good Guys who Can & Do & Want to Help more, but you 'keeple' gotta co-operate. Y'awl gotta lend a hand. Ya's gotta stand uP & Be counted & Not like sheep following politicians who have their heads up their asses like Moooochman & Biden.

Joe, we got a nice facility on board, they're called Rejuvination Chambers.  They restore us to our fabulous youth. Also what are termed Med Beds, we got Med beds. We got it awl, my dear friends,  but Ya's gotta wake u and smell the coffee, listen to yer calm, silent inner voice of the soul deep within us awl, and then, maybe your' Rice Krispies' is better than listening to most politicians who are still hung up on greed and think money is all they need, Heaps & piles of that  green dogshit.  That dogshit makes the world go 'round 4 these clowns, supposedly looking out 4 the rest of us while endlessly debating minutia while the people go hungry

This is where our system of government flat out fails in a Big way w people like the moochman, deciding if millions will get some relief or not, and the sheeple keep voting his ass into office.  Term limits was an awfully good idea, too bad it didn't take. We live in God's wondrous, glorious, incredible hologram universe my dear friends. w an ever thinning veil to our departed friends & loved ones on the other side who are cheering us home, knowing the good guys have won the eternal Victory over the dark, soulless forces of imbalance who may not even exist anymore.  It's not our job to judge or speculate on others fates. 

We take casre of our own, dear ones.  That's just the way it is.  We got enough on our plate., God says,  The Good God, The Only Good Good God left in Town, my dear friends.  The God of Rock  & Roll who created us and our souls w music, laughter, hearts w love empathy, compassion for the fate of the lost & the further lost. The multitudes on course to eternal  ones bound to eternal oblivion who have only the powerful voice of Sunat Kumara of Venus & Jesus Christ of the Omniverses. to speak for them, which is enough for everyone to be given a 3rd chance to get it right w God and Her His His Her infiite patiience.as their 'lawyers;, so to speak.

Ok, guys, we never expected this to go so far into the deep, so to speak as this however, here we are.  The time is Now, the guests are here & God says.  Who wants to celebrate a little, responsibly?  Like we've been here before bc we have.  It's 2021 and EVERYTHING IS FREE.  The White House Is a Museum.  Joe & Everyone can get the help we need 4 them to receive w the angels attending.  And the only bad news is... How 'bout those Rd Sox?  Ok Kiddies.  w Love Respedt & admiration.  Your loving Daddy, Jerry. 😎 ) ) ) 

Because  GOD IS!.

 Period. Exclamation Point, Italics, Underlined, and in Bold Print. like shared here in the Urgent Message channeled thru Chapel Tibet as placed in the late great 'Connecting Link' magazine.26 years ago in 1995.  We have our copy right here. 🙂: 

www.tinyurl.com/UrgentMsg2BFree777  W backup from The Only Sure 'Backup' in Town, baby (babies )

Sananda Is the name Jesus prefers to be known as going 4 ward to our eternal, adventurous & loving future as One Large Family in  The Light of The One God Who Is Good.  Indeed. <3 ) ) ) 

Dr Peebles says.  He's speechless.  but the record

says:  www.tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildRide777  How's your site going, Shane?

Oh, its going, as far as bread & Egg money, we were never in it 4 that shit so we're good.  In fact that was a turnoff when it came to the end and Jim asked if that helped in some way, &  we waited for the right words to come out, and they didn't.  Full disclosure here my dear friends , awl in the family. That was a reason we were so silent... waiting for the right words to come out. They never did, and then Jim to the rescue w 'sounds like you got a lot on your plate' and asking where we live.  Jim proving himsel at that point what a fine gentleman he is, and still is, now on the other side.  RIP  Rockin' In Paradise.  <3 )

In fact, he & The good Dr are our partners now in a 'Law Firm' type consulting group w many advisors and w our 'shingle' displayed & 'out' after 43 years in apprenticeship.  as recorded on the front portal page www.paulfb.com  w only our first names.  i.e.  Dr or James either one works as Dr Peebles first name.  Good (sic) Knows he's earned it  James or Jim (Law ) & Shane, of course scribe's high self name. tho when we receive info, inevitably comes down  'Paul Brown.'  Lol ) Correct, God?  'Yes Paul Brown'  see guys, just like that.  ) ) )   Fact is this reading was, and Is to this day, life changing  and key to the over- awl success of this 'mission Is possible' that we took on on bewhole of ALL THAT IS. Rec & fin:  9/3/21  5:25 p.m.  Merry Christmas in September, fellow kids of God Who Is Good.  

P.s.  One other thing my dear friends, as this may be easy to miss.  At 38:40 of the reading we;re taliking about, above:  Mr Toads Wild ride, You do not want to miss what is said at:  38:40 - 38:60.  Jesus Has returned, in awl the younger generations as part of their personnas, rather than choose to put all His eggs in one basket, so to speak, ok?  Gee, No wonder these young'uns today are so amazing.  Just another reason why God Is So Good.  She He seeded our Best w His Her Best.   Imagine that.  Honey, cue up the song 4 that, ok?  Yes, baby, you got it. 

And this showed up here, like magic.  We did not place this here, knowingly.  

Hi Paul Brown,

Here are the statistics for visits to your website http://www.paulfb.com last week – from Aug. 26, 2021 to Sep. 2, 2021.

  • Last week the webpages and photo albums on your website were viewed 1350 times in total.
  • Since you started your website, your webpages and photo albums have been viewed 111000 times in total.  And for awl those numbers, people, scribe received 2, 2 donations since 2013 totaling $100.  Thank You & blessinga aplenty to Fred G & Patricia W.   Is it too late to contribute, God?  Depends on the Free will of the keeple, Paul brown.  Alright God, if anyone wants to contribute any egg & bread dog cash, there's a 'Donate' button here:which may not work but our email is listed there.
  • www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777   
  • Scroll down past the good stuff shared there.  And TYVM to those that may be moved to 'Tip the Waiter" as Dr Peebles says &  do a little 'Love In Action' in this way.  You Will be blessed.  And So It Is.  <3 )

Now 8/29/22 John Lennon-Imagine (Replacement)

Thank You John & Yoko 4 The Imagine life. <3 ) ) ) ) ) And once again, who can we ask to seal the deal? Why Who else my dear friends. Jerry Brent & Awl the departed members of The Grateful Living, Turn it up. <3 ) ) )

Now 9/3/21 8:30 p.m. Deal : Grateful Dead 1989

Thank You God Who Is Good 4 The Grateful Dead aka Jerry & the Fabulous Ones. <3 ) ) )

Praise & Thank You Jerry.  We can see thru Your disguise, Santa, We Know Our Beloved God Who Is Good when we see Him.  Jerry Joy to The Universes of Gratitude dear Beloveds, Ok?  Good. <3 ) ) )

Praise & Thank You Jerry. We can see thru Your disguise, Santa, We Know Our Beloved God Who Is Good when we see Him. Jerry Joy to The Universes of Gratitude dear Beloveds, Ok? Good. <3 ) ) )