Now, 6/28/19 5:22 a.m. Welcome to a New Jubilee 4 the Now Age. This is gonna be Fun, guys. Right Jerry? And awl our friiends R here. Don't bogart that joint Bobby. <3 ) ) )

Jerry  The Center of Fun ~ The final Frontier...  <3 ) ) )

Jerry The Center of Fun ~ The final Frontier... <3 ) ) )

Did someone say Sugaree? 5/5/77 ☮ Grateful Dead - HD/HQ

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Producers of this awesome video. )

Now 10/28//21 The Eagles - New Kid In Town (HD) (Replacement)

Thank You The Eagles. <3 ) ~ ~ ~

Now, 6/28/19 Now, finally it's Our time Team Now. 4 ever can wait a little while...

Thank You The Eagles ~ Glenn ~ Don ~ Don ~ Randy & Joe. 'Congrats' to Glenn 4 accepting the nod 2 be President of Team Oneness 4 all eternity. aka forever. Everybody loves you, Bro. Carry on... ) Note: Even though Glenn, gracefully, gratefully and humbly holds that position, we are all known, now by our first name, no titles req, so Glenn is just Glenn. No Prez, Rev, Dr's, none of that. Scribe is learning to call his Mom by Marie, and father, Al. We're all equal guys and been thru many rodeos together; so we begin anew. This time it's 4 keeps.

The chips have fallen weir they may. angels we can be and angels set the course 4 a graduate's never ending adventurous life. 'Congrats Grads!' Now go follow the 11th commandment. The one God left 4 last. The best one. "Have Fun' All debts R 4 givven, Now. Don't be a chump and even attempt to 'fix' your doomed economy; 'It's Dead, Jim.'  Sorry, not really. Who wants free CBD oil. Everyone can get this asap. Highly rec over burning the weed. #BeenthereDoneThat.

Hey, kids, as Jesus said we should be like... What color is Your new *car, bike, skateboard, Doll set Teddy bear or pony?  * licensed drivers? Mine's silver. )  And, Who wants 2 go 2 Cape Joy?  Cape Cod's new  now name. )  Me Me Me Me.  Ok, who doesn't want to go 2 Cape Joy?  Wow, out of Everyone, No one, not a single soul, does Not want to go there.  So, God it's unanimous, Weir Awl going and if we hear right Jerry' new now band might be there.  

Hey Paul, you had a rather awesome experiience down there, in Provincetown back in the day.  Care 2 share some of it with us, your peers?  Well, Lucky and Daisy, Peaches and Creme, if Father Mother God want me to share some of what we can remember, maybe later, i.e.  if someone wanted to actually interview this guy. However, it doesn't seem likely, sadly.  No one likes, us.  We are charter members of the NFL, we're the ultimate invisible man.

And we've found it can be a lonely thing when one loves everyone but people these days are only concerned or care about their all connsuming  addiction, money. Not everyone, but most, some out of desperation, bc of the very flawed system, humanity has accepted w rich/poor/average/ broke/busted/disgusted.  Can't  catch a break and in some countries in the world, a crust of bread is a meal.  Lunacy, sheer crazy lunacy.  Our space brothers and sisters look on  at this and honouring the pax of non interference, can only shake their heads.

Indeed, it's time all these, so called 'leaders'  of countries w situations like this, to whatever degree, resign and go work on their tiddlywinx or monopoly game or Golf game and let the real God designated leaders get to work.  Paul put himself out there in 1978, guys.  Excuse me, can  we help w this that or the other thing to deaf ears.  Some kind of kook, this  guy w his ideas, long hair, and simple thought solutions. 

So, we plough on and plough on and along comes this inter- net thingy and we marvel at how, w a  click of a button, our little inputs can reach the cosmos.  Pretty amazing stuff as James Martin (his new now name w/o the Dr part as in Peebles. (Update Now 8/13/21  If anyone is entitled to have Dr or 'Doc' as a first name, it's Dr Peebles, ok guys?  Tyvm & the Good Dr. )  steps 4 ward and heartily concurs. It truly is like coming out of a cocoon, my dear friends and all God's children finding ourselves with clean slates, no baggage, no bad (in the traditional sense of that term, 'stuff' we've done, to bring us down. 

Carpe diem, fellow asccending in consciousness, people, sons and daughters on the <3 of The Great Central Sun.  We, as One, have arrived.  Victory 4 the light is Now assured.  Let's 'rest in peace,' while we're alive.  What a concept.  Thank You God who Did, Does and Controls Everything on this Starsite w the mostly obedient co-operation of Vivienne.  Our wonderful HP laptop computer w magic capabilities w advanced technology from out of this world. 

James says "Here Here & GOD BLESS YOU ~ ALL GOD'S CHILDREN!!!" 

And So It Is.  Rec & fin  6/28/19  11:55 p.m

If you would like to share this page, a url is: 

---Back to previous thread as interrupted from the editing process...

They spend their whole lives to get those pieces of paper, their piece of the pie, so to speak. You ain't got money, down here, honey, you might as well crawl into a hole.  Thank God that there are people who do see others, as them, fellow human beings, created for a reason and a pupose for being down here.  Sorry economists, bankers, and banksters, the good and the not good. as these days 'Bad' means Good.  Just see the Larry Bird vids.  That Dude Is Very Bad. )

Yeah, the real badsters, they kill, they rob and steal for it, and they think they got away w it bc they didn't get caught.  Advice to all in a situation like this?  Cop to it, get it off your chest, even if like 80 years ago.  Or like the 2 dudes who are on video, running out of Nick's store down the corner thinking they didn't get caught stealing 2 cases of beer. 

Not onlly are you busted by the technologe, boys, God knows what you did and it breaks one of His commandments.  Our advice, turn yourselves in to the Quincy Police.  Offer to make restitution and vow to not be that stupid ever again.  And you can stay out of Nick's Store Adams Shore Market too. Nick lets Paul leave his bus cards there, as well as wll as DP Convenience store, across from the Church the other way on Sea St.Quincy, Ma

---Back to the thread...They throw their mortal souls away for 30 pieces of silver, when, if asked, Jesus e.g. would have given it to them, had they merely asked. (If He had it.) 

We still eat our lunch alone and when we share something on Fb or twitter we never, ever hardly,  get a 'like.'  So, maybe, someday, we will say something 2 start 2 'let the cat out of the bag.'  We know that's one of Ashtar's favourite human expressions, correct, my dear friend, Ashtar?  lol )  Btw, we got Lasagna for one of these nights and you and Athena and guests are expected.  Sananda says  'I got the wine.'  Awesome, 'Gise'  looking 4 ward 2 it.  Surprises could be in store, as well.  Film when it happens.  Still waiting 2 see who will be the 1st courageous merchant 2 start giving away 'their goods'  which are really  'God's goods,'

in a new economy where the only viable currency is Love, the thing that holds everything together.  Quantum physicists straining their brains 2 figure out what the cosmic 'glue' is.  It's

L o v e. God Is Love, So God Is what holds the entire Creation together  And you can take that to Dunkins' - bc God is expecting to see the banks and other unneeded offices close in the new Now  cashless society. There happens 2 be a Dunkins'  right across Sea St from the apt bldg where Paul hangs his hat and has for like 18 years.  For the record, the lighthouse cards or 'tickets' are pretty much gone. 

The lightning bolt cards are availabe, free, of course, and we're expecting a shipment of 1500. later today.  When they're gone, they're gone.  Unless we order more from Vistaprint. of course. All our cards are 'supercharged' w heavenly vibes.  One can also request one or more by mail.  Our contact info is here  where one can also hear readings we've had with a few top notch conduits to beings of light on the other side.

Look for recordings w Michael Ellegion, the human telephone line who connects w Ashtar & Others,  James Law, 2 readings.  Intuitive consultant extraordinaire, letting Dr Peebles, as He was named then, and Leslee Jo Klinsky, reader of The Akashik records. (Ret.) now a amazing drummer.  God actually says these readings are mandatory to fully 'get' the scope' of  the leadership, earth is now being gifted with, in incubation, officially since 1978. And free, have we mentioned that, God?

Indeed, Folks, no plastic, no fiat, no  crypto, no barter. love and only love saves the day.  Love is the cavary that delivers.  Turties can try, however Eagles have a better view.  Yeah, there was a rock group named The Turtles, and they were good.  So, anyway, TYVM however, at this time, our team will fly w Glenn & his projeny and Fly W the Eagles, Again.  Does this sound like  Fun, my dear friends?  Us too.

Free Free Free.  God, there ought to be a Rock group w that name.  Oh, there is?  lol  we know, Paul, that you knew that, you can't fool us, weir almost as old as you are, Chum, Paul.  You can't trick us w yer silly sense of humor, Paul, and get that tongue out of your cheek.  )  OMg guuys are we ever in 4 it, 4 Ever.  Who wants 2 laugh, live, love, w no lies unless they're Fleetwood Mac kind of lies, forever.

Paul, God here, Methinks you need 2 go for a long walk on the beach, sonny.  Of course, Dear Good,* one of our favourite things 2 do.  Maybe if we put an ad in the paper or on a 'Bullet' board we'll be able to get a 'date' 4 that.  Please, Father, pray for me to experience that. It's been so long.  So long...

*  There You go again, God.  Paul typed, or thought he did, type god, and on the proof read, we see Good.  Well, children, We don't just believe, speaking now 4 the team, we KNOW  God Is Good.  We can AWL take that 2 the beach, humanity. If want, of course.  )

And So It Is,

Rec & final  fin Saturday  6/29/19  2:05 a.m.  

Now, Frey day 6/28/19 Timothy Leary's Last Trip <II3 ) ) )

Thank You Tim (Don't call me Dr.) Hope 2 see you and your friends ~ Every-one, soon, Tim. Need we say... 'keep smiling?' ) ) )

Now, 6/28/19 The ABB always kicked off their shows w this #, so we follow suit and in tribute 2 the departed members. Rockin' In Paradise. The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band of angels. See Ya's soon at 'spirit~fest stock' Scrbe is asked, Paul, how do we get there, Bro? Simple, my dear friends. We surrender 2 God, and cop that HISHER plan is vastly superior to any plan 'man' can come up with, esp with the divisions of multiple parties, the rich and the poor, nation against nation. etc. That whole pile is flushed, guys. Thank God, The Good God. The Only God in town. And So It Is. Namaste. )

Now, 628/19 Secrets of a Now 'JOY' room. Praise ~ Worship & Awl GLORY Unto The infinite Father/Mother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS. Great I AM THAT I AM. DIVINE ULTIMATE ~ ULTIMATE DIVINE, HIGHER POWER, 'THE ONE.' 'THE INFINITE.' And So It Is. IJN. )

Thank You God 4 this Far Flung Production, which YOU, God, conceived, produced, arranged, directed and narrated in. On our ever grateful knees, God, we humbly "Thank You," God', on bewhole of the group, 4 the Opportunity 2 serve You, Dear God, and fulfill, w confidence and humble alacrity, our sworn mission, 2 do Your Will, and Yours alone, Dear God of ALL THAT IS. sealed, not w any contract but w a hug and a handshake & maybe a 'fistbump' ) Jesus ~ Sananda? "Peace be with us awl, (Includes the pretty 'w' Yeah, except 4 blood, sweat and tears, we got the 'w' guys. And you peeps ~ awl look 'marvelous' in HIS (Includes always Her ) eyes. :: ; o ) Cheers and 'Cheerio Gise. ) Rec & fin, 6/28/19 2:13 p.m. Quincy, Ma USA Plant it Glory 2 GOD in The HIGHEST. IJN. Rejoice responsibly., teammates... Ashtar & Athena & Co. )

Now, 6/28/19 Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Til Tuesday. Perfect angel band w this masterpiece song clocking in at 4:44. Gee, what a 'coincidence' guys, huh? lol ) See everybody when we see Ya's @ Boston area & Cape Joy. Peace. )

Now, 6/28/19 Alright, our most loving guests are beginning 2 arrive. Hey Diane, you look stunning, and Marie & Jaws and Al w Jaws and Buffy, Marie & George & Fam. Thank Ya's 4 being here. & helping us get this party started. Cheers... <83 ) ) )

Thank You, Love You Fam... <3  )

Diane invites every😎One to experience her hangoot place...    😎  💔

Now, 6/29/19 Paul McCartney - "Abbey Road" Medley ft. Eric Clapton, Phil Collins & Mark Knopfler (Live)

Thank You Awl 4 Honouring God with This beautiful Show. Take a Bow, Everyone, inc the Audience and us scoring at home. )

Now, 6/29/19 Sad eyed lady of the lowlands - Joan Baez

Thank You Joan and large 'Nod' 2 Bob who downloaded this masterpiece among God's Masterpiece songs. Applause from us awl. Praise God. TY Jesus. On 2 advennture one & awl 8 5 *77

Now, 6/30/19 Dan Fogelberg ~ Same Old Lang Syne (v1) ~ Dan Fogelberg

Thank You Dan 4 the memories w this perfect song of synchronicities. And, on Bewhole of the Group... Thank You God 4 Dan & 4 Each & Every One of Us... <3 )

Now 7/1/19 New Now Good News 4 Awl on 'Plant It' Earth. Time 4 permanent, endless Vacation.

Paul F Brown

5 hrs · (as shared on FB
Guys, we really don't like to burst anyone's bubble, however this 800 # bank, money transactions is Not God's plan. God just can snap HisHer figurative fingers, or blink and it's over. Zorra and his prime creator are not the truth, just saying, be wise, not hypnotized, fellow spirits wearing our cocoon like 'body suits' on the way uP, .correct, everyone' s beloved 'mother hen' guardian angel, known and loved down here as Anne DeHart? 'Oh, DO Tell them, Paul!!!      Picture:  Anne DeHart  RIP  Rejoicing In Paradise.

                                                                                                                                                We Are Dear <3 Anne, Very nice 'gazing' picture btw.  Yep, we just do what we do, serve God's 'Best 4 awl' plan, in accord w our God given <3 of blood, sweat and tears. God gave us a job to do and we kindly and humbly do it, as no one else has the particular job God gave each of us to do in this schoolhouse earth.  We give it our best, as you did when you were here, Dear Anne.  You know you did nothing wrong down here.  Your only intent was to help people with what your discernment told you what was true at the time you were doing your thing down here.  When certain things started not adding up and not passing the 'smell test,' you took corrective correct action.  You did good, beloved Anne. Real good. 

Trust, my dear friend, Anne, and everyone that God 'Has this' and Every situation in the palm of His Her Mighty Hand(s). So, Peace be with us all, each and every one. So, dear friends in and of the light, take Heart, doing what we're doing, with good intent, we're doing our God appointed jobs, fellow peeps, gifted with discernment, brains of our own, and common sense.  Real truth begins and wins w a firm platform, not a diving board.  and were and are created so God could have a place or 2 to share HisHer 'Good Stuff' w you, humanity.

Feel free 2 use and even better if you share these platforms 2 your universes. That's what they are there 4, guys. fellow cosmic beings of infinite light & love, and 'now' JOY ~ within the Company of God, (While 'Presence of the Lord' plays on one of our dying cassettes in background) and HisHer humble servants like Sananda/Jesus, Universal Mary, or just 'Mary' (Please don't call me 'mother' anymore, however 'Thank You's' So Very Much 4 doing that 'til Now  )

Btw, friends, to really 'get' what we're saying and relaying here, you really must have experienced this 'silver' Bullet page... esp the easyest teachings of Jesus there... 

So, those of us, God's utterly amazing chill-dren who, some of us, not we who choose 2 serve God's Will, no matter what, just 'lost' yer 'wage slave'  j o b's. WHAT ??? Ya's say? Sorry, brothers and sisters but there's just no need, my dear friends, to sit in traffic of nightmare proportion commutes, these days, when there's no more incentive. since they're paying you in monopoly money, 

The God ordained and Now in affect new Now paradigm of Divine Love has taken over the planet 'Joy' (4 short.)  In frequency of the divine field of high heavenly vibrations we are living in now. We are literally swimming in it now.  We now live, move and have our being in the high vibrational field of Heaven on Earth.  

Love is the only sustainable 'currency' now and, of course, it's Free. While other so self described 'leaders' of the 'now' age movement promulgate 800 #'s and going to banks and seeing bank officers, hat in hand, w all your credentials in order to be given a trillion dollars, we can only think & say- out loud, and in writing, as this transmission will suffice,.say WTF and shake our heads. Talk about your material plane consciousness, this folderol. Can you ensnared in this craziness think, Oh My Gosh. How long have I been sleeping. Ty Jackson 4 the song.. 

Well, guys, we got a new song 4 ya's, interested? Yea or Nay?? Anne says The YAY'S IN HEaven Say, Overwhelmingly YAAAYY! Give It 2 Us PAUL. ) Ok, You 'Got it' Up there, and around the next block to the bend #22 @ the river Steve.. Hey Sting, Bro. Please, if you will be so kind, write us a song straight from God. Let it be timely and it must mention 'Rice Krispies,'  ok Beloved Bro? And Yes, gotta have Andy & Stewart w this one. ) will pick this up at the end of this dispatch from the  <3 of the Great Central Sun.

Just wonderinng, anyone else have the feeling that a cosmic Sting' operation is in the plan.  Just an eerie feelling, maybe it's nothing.  we shall see.

God knows, Paul is not that clever.  ) Now don't take that to your bank.  By Independence day, They Are DONE.  Finished, Hang out the Gone whale watching sign.  We really are not fans of fishing.  They're minding there own business, let 'em be, and all God's creatures.  You big game hunters, you'll get a life review that you will feel the torment you put that animal thru, and I tell you right here right now.  Stop it or it will be worse.  People who hunt to sustain themselves and family is a different story.  'Sport' hunters, God help you is all we can say.

So, picking up after editing (as one thing leads 2 another to another.) it's obvious, some people really don't know when they have their heads up there arses, figuratively speaking. Monopoly paper can't buy squat in the new Now merciful economy of Love. All Powerful Love, Divine, Infinite, Eternal, Never Ending, and the Fun this currency can 'buy' OMG it's literally, my dear friends, 'out of this world,' correct, James Martin? ABSOLUTELY!!! Paul. Does this make sense, humanity?

Guys, if you work for a bank, insurance co, govt agency, esp the despicable irs or some other non urgent enterprise or factory job, you're done. collect yer final pay and go someplace nice or stay home w the Fam or friends or w your best friend, after God which includes Jesus Sananda as One. i.e. You. After the trinity God of Father, Son & Holy Spirit. God You Are #1. Be good 2 Your self, not narcissistically first and 4 most. When we do that, then the waterfall of Goodness can flow 2 everyone else and our worlds, universes, galaxies, dimensions, there are no limitations, ok?.

Alright, weir approaching closing moment 4 this tell all tome, here. HOPEFULLY THIS WILL 'GET OUT THERE' SO pAUL CAN SKIP HAVING TO SEND THAT LETTER AT THE FRONT PAGE TO HIS CREDITORS, AND BANKS LIKE cITIZENS, rOCKLAND tRUST, AND aMERICA'S mOST cONVENIENT bANK. ( Scribe looks up and sees the caps. Perfect God, will not 'fix' ) TD Bank God says 'done' as in,ready Ashtar? ' Not killing 2 birds w one stone'. Lol, we don't condone killing anything, even metaphorically, guys.

Guys, we can also celebrate responsibly here.where this will, God willing, be shared. So picking up the thread from way before... 
This is spiritual warfare,* spirits in the material world. We don't need banks, etc, fellow angels in body suits,  on the way up.. 

Ty Ayce Endez (First draft of this shared on her posting of Zorra event} 4 your sterling work.  * Now 'was' It's no contest., guys. It Really Is Over ~ 4 Good. Cut up yer credit cards play monopoly w your cash, go out and get a free coffee at Dunkins' or Starbucks. It's OVAH, It''s OVER, What's that Johnny the Most? As metaphor? TY 2 the 2 Johnnies.  Talk about Win Win,  when we help each other in a complete team effort. There's no team that goes home as a loser.  One just scored more points and the clock ran out. 

So it is w the 'tapestry' of humanity.  We are the colours of the cosmic rainbow and it's time to let our true colours shine in the Glory of our pleased & Proud Creator.  Warning.  Gise, let God be 'Pleased' never, ever, us.Jesus, The saints and esp yours truly is NOT, EVER 'pleased' w himself.  Ok, proud, sure, however 'Pleased is 4 God, Not us.  Don't go near that ego trap. Plz take our eternal advice for that, 'lights go out' trip up.  

Humble is as humble does, my dear friends.  The Greats are always the humble ones, and you can take that 2 Dunkins' bc no bank should be open after the 4th Independence Day in  North America and rest of God's world,  You're  Invited,  every country on God's green earth.

Cash in yer chips, folks, then say goodbye to Mr Chips. He can't teach us any more, Now, we, the Grateful collective are cashing in our karma 4 the clean slate God is giving us who have and Are awakening. Live & 'Dead' heads, we got a new humble jubilee site, just started. If int, see here...  Jerry Welcomes us w a Big Bear Hug. ( Big Bear Hug ) That's 'Bear' not beer, guys. Ha ha. ) Finally, one last time, here's the deal 4 us all that our infinitely fearless leader, Jesus, has endorsed, here...

Thank You Jesus   And that in answer to this...  Thank You God.

P.s. Wow, we actually forgot the song we mentioned, above. Sting is it done yet, Bro?  Awesome, ok 'gise' let's play it and hope it pleases God as shining back to HIMHER as  the best of what we have in us, and let's invite the angels to help us get it perfect, as can be gotten. Alright, Paul, you know where 2 go and what to do, so kindly go 2 You tube and we'll wait patiently and talk among ourselves'.  )  Ok, guys give us 2 shakes of a lamb's tale and we'll be back.If God willing, we promise.. ) 

                                                                                                                           Ok, back w 4 shakes, we had 2 watch it, & at 58 seconds in... 'Rice Krispies' is mentioned, out of the precisely 4:44 angel time 4 this masterpiece of a video.  Very Well Done The Police and angels. 

Alright, guys, another day at the office has finished.  Hope Y'all had a real good time today and that every day and night going forth 2 infinity is a day 2 remember and cherish the memory of.  Go out tomorrow or right now, if led, and make some memories.  Make them 4 yourself if you're the only one around.& don't 4 get 2 include yer angels in everything we awl do. 

Here's hoping we Awl have a safe and Happy Worldwide Independence Day and forever starting 7/4/2019  gotta love those #'s, and, as Jerry says...'Try to be nice to each other.'  )  So, can we plan on having a nice forever, teammates of Team Oneness?  Sananda/Jesus, any final words here b4 we go see the sandman?  Sananda Jesus is joined w Mother Teresa (Hugs )  

You all can call me Teresa. Thank you All so much,  we are, each and every one - spirit, All so happy to see you starting your paradise eternal future on your side of the veil. Soon their will be no veil, no separation.  Let love do what love does children of God.  Surrender 2 God's holy, happy  plan and simply, humbly accept, and all will be well

 Earth truly is a paradise place once all the political, nationalistic, and yes, the religious, follies are put aside.  Divisions are a unknown thing over here.  Everything and everyone is 'ONE'  Love Is All there is just as it is on earth, only now the human beings are waking from their slumber and they want more out of life than working for the weekend,  Can we get a 'And So It Is.?  (the new now age Amen.) Paul is speaking now as one who has one foot in Heaven and the other foot here on Earth.

Now, 7/1/19 A song about remembering... Bob Seger - Night Moves Live

Thank you Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band esp 4 the memories... <3 )

Now, 7/1/19 Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away, Please. )

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

Now, 7/1/19 Fred Neil - Faretheewell

Thank You Fred. Someone said in comments 'The Voice of God.' Well everyone's friend who could not concur w that? Indeed. )

Now, 7/2/19 Saul via John Smallman, June 29th, 2019

There we have it. We the People own the power, it's in Love Not in money or gold. Thank You Saul, John Smallman and Mario Gattoaladino. Thank God The masses are stirring

Now, 7/2 19 Is There Anyone Home (Just us spirits shining our lights )

Thank You Gordon Lightfoot 4 a truly haunting soul song that can bring us to the depths of what it is to be human. Deep end music to be treasured, guys.. <53 ) The adventure is in consciousness, my dear friends. Music is the best fulcrum to the infinite.

Now, 2/25/21 5:33 a.m. Glenn Frey - interview EAGLES - Later With Bob Costas 6/10/92 part 1 of 1

Thank You Glenn and Ty Bob. )

Now, 2/25/21 5:22 a.m. Don Henley talks about Glenn Passing and more in this new interview on t

Thank You Don & Ronnie. nice work. <3 )

Now, 7/2/19 Cause We've Ended as Lovers - Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Co at Crossroads

Thank You Jeff, Eric and Company. Meet Ya's further down the road 2 4 ever. ~ ~ ~ ~


p.s.  Hot tip.  A new 'Fun' page will be created soon.  It's Free like everything else on God's 'Plan it' Now & 4 evah.  And So It Is

Now, as shared at 'Bullet' page.  The new 'Fun 4 ever' page is starting  

Thank You Johnny.  <3 )