Now 1/11/20 Welcome ISB's Immortal Spiritual Beings 2 Infinity's Doorway, Now. Congrats. U Made It. <3 )

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Infinity's Purple Water...

Yahoo images
Infinity's Purple Water...

Infinity's Doorway Now...

 Thank You God for leaving the light on for us...)

 Hear (w)  we come, Dear Heavenly Father Mother,  No one left behind, at all.  Even our pets coming w us.  <3  ( ( (<3 ) ) ) <3  In Praise, Worship and Thank You God Glory Giving!  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  <3  )

Spirit has provided a place 4 Gazing into God's eyes and other Gods & Goddesses we All are...   

Come and be fed, if led.  

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Now  8/17/21  11:00 p.m.  

Note to those who may be religous intolerant.  Know, my dear friends, there is a Vast difference between reiigion and spirituality.  Jesus didn't come down here to start a religion, ok that was started up by some guy named Paul over 2 thousand years ago.  The message of Jesus was and Is about Love Love & only Love.  He taught. 'God Is Love & Love is God. Love God & Love one another.'  In a very brief brief, that is it.  Other than lovre my dear friends, absolutely nothing exists. Love is the sum & substance that holds the universes & dimensions in place. 

Quantum physicists will tell you there is something holding everything together and the ones that are hip will tell us that it's a force far greater than anything we can fathom.  But It's Love, kids.  No Greater Love than the Love of God Her Him Self & we, Awl of God's Children are gifted w this.  In essence, We are Love. You don't have to go to a church or place  of worship to have a personal relationship w God.  Do it Your way, that's the best way 4 you.  Getting out in nature is always Good 4 this.  You'll see. 😎

Ok, we just made this the 'Share Page of the  Day' for this 'Happy Wednesday 'hump' Day.

Try to have Fun today, listen to your kind of music, smile at someone, you can actually make someone's day w something as simple as that and the vibrational ripples go out to infinity. Ok, we'll leave you with a page we think may be just done.  Here's a url if care to visit... 

Cheers, Cheerio & Namaste.  <3 )

Now, 6/8/19 New Horizons ~ Moody Blues

Thank You The Moody Blues & Thank You for escorting us to our highest level of Heaven w Your Music, straight from God's <3 )

Now, 6/8/19 God says, This goes here, Sonny. Perfect God <3 )

God is adding the heavy artillery close to the top here 4 us.  Thank You Leslee Jo Klinsky and the Akashic Record Keepers, and, of course, God. Source of ALL THAT IS. IJN. <3 )

Now, 6/7/19 It's High tide at our channel, all invited... ) 

Now .6/8/19 We have been nudged to reveal this new now page at the   site. It's already done, we just have to do the work of filling in the content as Spirit moves scribe's fingers. This reading is about to be shared over here. Please come and, if like, share. Thank Ya's 

This carried over from:  This works as well...

Alright, My (speaking on be whole of the infinite multidimensional being we are ~ to You 'my' dear friends, of course, also infinite multidimensional cosmic 'God Goddess' Beings. All = in God's eyes.  Thank You God.  We, All of us, Love You God W All our humble, faithful, Grateful hearts and souls. And So It Is.  

Now, 6/8/19 Stella Blue, 5/13/77 ☮ Grateful Dead - HD/HQ

Thank You The Grateful Dead. <3 ) ) )

Now, 6/8/19 Jackson Browne - Sing My Songs To Me / For Everyman (Everyman, 1973)

Thank You Jackson Browne on bewhole of the infinite spirits following you, my dear friend, and not a single one is mad, or pissed off. ) Congrats and hope 2 see you at the jubilee. Now known as Planet 'Joy' among Her other names, starting with 'Beautiful.' And So It Is. <3 )

Now 1/23/21 11:44 p.m. Picture of God & angels agenda 4 Awl of us in the Infinite matrix W No drama, kings & queens of the infinite. And So It Is. <3 )

Thank You Jackson Browne. Everyone loves You and many attribute your` fronting God's songs for saving their lives. So many stories of this ilk, we've all read.  God bless You Jackson and All Your company, Indeed. So, Guys,  In case you haven'1 heard. The so called 'legal tender' went bust 2 dust. It's now monopoly money.

You can't buy a candy bar with it in God's new NOW Paradigm of Love, Love and Only Love being all we need. Just think, guys, we can go into a store that sells e.g Almond Joy candy bars. You, with your ) a s k 4 it. Clerk gives it 2 U w a ). We say Tank (well ) You Very Much. Adding a God bless U and return of same from Clerk is nice if that happens.

So, we are going across the street this beautiful Sunday morning to Dunkins and getting a egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin, and we usually add a glazed donut. or blueberry muffin too 4 full disclosure. lol The coffee we brew at home. Stop & Shop instant. Soon, we hope to have 'Joe' from the 'A Great Life' company.' Everyone says it's awesome. )  So, what's going on w Your family today, Everyone?

Guys, see this picture from a Paradise calendar?  This was our team goal.  With large help from God above, Jesus and the angels, in spirit or flesh  This picture symbolizes what's on God's Jesus and scribes, and hopefully ` Your plate 2 Day.  And It Is Good.  God Is Good, Guys, The end result of all the struggle and strife over the ages the only thing that can save us from ruin is when we, en masse, turn to Love.  We are going on vacation to Cape Cod soon.  We hear the other side of the bridges that connects, well, it's like magic over there. Film at 11, as they say.)

Now, 6/9/19 Encore ~ Jackson Browne ~ The Pretender <3 )

Now 1/23/21 11:22 p.m. Pic of the New Now Legit piece of paper or scan to buy whatever you want in God's Free Kingdom. And So It Is.

Thank You Jackson Browne.  In case  you folks haven;t heard.  The so called 'legal tender' went the way of the dinosaur.  It's now monopoly money.  You can't by a candy bar with it in God's new NOW Paradigm of Love, Love and Only Love is awl  that exists.

You can take that to Dunkin'  or Starbucks bc the banks R not needed anymore on God' precious 'Blue Pearl' spinning out here in infinite cosmic space.  You awl got the memo / message, right?  Good.  Carry on & have an awesome & excellently nice 4 ever w the angels who love us awl infinitely.  And So It Is.

P.s. Feel free to celebrate responsibly.  TYVM.  <3  )

Now, Remembering... Jackson Browne with David Lindley - 06 Before The Deluge, June 26, 2010

Thanl You Jackson ~ David & Company of Band & Audience as One. <3 ) ) ) ) Angels we awl R to One another. And So It Is.

Thank You Jackson Browne, David Lindley and Company and appreciative audience there that day and online. The millions turn into countless, same as Creator's Love 4 His Her incredible, amazing, Awesomely Magnificent Partners in the knowledge of Love being who we are, where we came from and our eternal destiny. May God's perfect, infinitely perfect, divine plan continue to unfold and may we be delivered, as one, to weir God and Jesus and the angels of Infinity would have us celebrate our homecoming aka the jubilee. Jerry Jerome and The Grateful Living.

Weirever they're playing, that, my dear friends, is weir we should go to, in spirit, when God decides. In meantime, It's Heaven on Earth. Celebrate responsibly. We've been here B4. Catch Ya's later. All Glory Praise and Worship 2 GOD. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Uncle Jerry and band of warrior angels and All the Wonderful musicians and artists whose infinite God given talent has brought us to this particular junction within an infinite mind. Thank You Very Much. Rec & Fin 4 now 6/9/19 10:08 a.m.

Now, 6/9/19 4 ever <3 ) Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker - "Shadows And Light".

Thank You Joni Mitchell, Jaco and Pat and Company. See Ya's at the jubilee. <3 )

Now, 6/9/19 CSN - Crosby, Stills, Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Thank You Crosby, Stills & Nash 4 providing the soundtrack 2 some of the best years of our lives 4 so many many of us. God Bless Ya's. <3 ( )

Now, 5/9/19 Neil Young BBC In Concert 1971

Thank You musical mystic Neil Young. Everyone Loves You Bro. <3 )

Now, 6/9/19 Tracy Chapman - "New Beginning" (Official Music Video)

Thank You Tracy Chapman and Co. You give us All Hope, Dear Tracy. Keep laying down your own tracks . Your train is right on track W God. And So It Is. <3 )

Now, 6/9/19 Loverboy - When It's Over. It's OVER THANK GOD! IJN. )

Thank You Loverboy Thank God nobody has to work for the week end anymore. God's taken care of that. Can we all start spreading the Awesome New News Now? Awesome, Everyone Thank Ya's to the depths <3 )

Now, 6/9/19 An Open Letter of some Urgency. Who can chip in?

Subject:  Please don't delete my account...
Paul F Brown <>
2:14 PM (52 minutes ago)
to SimpleSite, me
Simple site, ..........................An Open Letter

I got your email today re the payment did not go thru. I tried 3 credit cards , one being a debit card but they all got declined. I think it may be bc you're international and my cards inc that debit card won't let me do international.

I have another bank debit card that I can do international but unfortunately, I'm overdrawn on that acct to the tune of $360. I promise I will come up with the money asap. Please don't take away what God and me have been working on for a measly $!5. of the now obsolete fiat currency. Please check the site  and esp the page we're working on now. 

I've been using  for a good while now and I love it..So simple and easy to use. So, Please, I'm begging you, give me the the most consideration you possibly can. I'm going to ask my FB and Twitter friends if they can chip in. That way there, they can feel like they have helped save this life changing site.

We do see this as part of God's plan and a validation of our 'Go 4 broke' 'love in action'  'Whatever it takes' mandate in service to God's Plan for the release from bondage from any, so called, dark forces of imbalance which have already gone broke themselves. Love, and love alone will pull us through.and make us bloom like the flowers of God's Love that we are, and like Rock n Roll Love can never die, since, like love, it is life itself.  

Love is the new now currency for eternal Joy.. It Is Written.
God Bless and we hope we have stated our case sufficiently to give us every consideration. Thank you very much.
Kind regards,
Paul Brown
P.s. If any friend would dike to help the cause w a donation, our Paypal addy is
There is a 'donate' button here, just scroll way down.& hope Ya's check the good stuff there. #Partoftheplan #AlliswellAllIsPerfect #God'sGotthis 

P.p.s. Lest anyone think Paul would try to pull some kind of scam, or if you're from Missouri, lookey here..
.One Deposit Checking –9828 -$360.29 Account Details View Statements Download Transactions

 Any donation is awesome and God can't help but take notice since He knows everything, inc the # of hairs on our heads, the # of  raindrops that fell on New Orleans w Hurricane Katrina and the # that infinity contains.  There are no numbers.  Infinity is Infinity.  Let us take you there, as one Infinite team.  Deal?  Jerry says "DONE".  Thank You Jerry!  In Jesus' footsteps. )

Indeed, my dear friends, God has a plan for all us young whippersnappers HESHE created, as we hope, the next song will convey to us all. Please wait 4 it.  Few minutes or so.  <3  )

Now, 6/9/19 3: 53 p.m. Dan Fogelberg - Part of the Plan (from Live: Greetings from the West)

4 minutes later ) Thank You God <3 ) Dan Fogelberg Everyone Loves, You, Bro. God Bless You. :3 )

Now, 6.9.19 June 11, 2017 Harmony Day for the human caretakers of Gaia

Thank You God 4 conceiving, producing, directing, arranging and acting in this particular Far Flung Production Limitless. 2 years in incubation. God created Cape Cod 4 us and all land masses. En joy. Rec & Fin 11:11 a.m

Now, 6/10/19 Hey Everyone ~ Please Come To Boston & then Cape Cod, just 4 Fun. ) ) )

Thank You Dave Loggins, we do have a friend flying in, oh here he is now. Hey Jim, Welcome to your new home. <,3 )

Hey Jim, Love your form.  Ty 4 showig up.  Take your shoes off, (figuratively)  & stay a while.  Lovely to see you again, my dear friend.  <3  )

Hey Jim, Love your form. Ty 4 showig up. Take your shoes off, (figuratively) & stay a while. Lovely to see you again, my dear friend. <3 )

Thank You God 4 Creating the most beautiful, infinitely beautiful script 4 all of us 2 live in. Thank You Mr Dave Loggins 4 this amazingly beautiful Awesome song straight from God's infinitely loving Glorious <3.  ONE we 'lucky' chosen sparks of God are so Grateful to accept. Are there any alternatives for us to think about, at all, Dear God?  Glad you asked, scribe.

There is only one corridor that will ever, in a trillion, jillion eons that would ever lead 2 weir we are now, having arrived at this divine homecoming page. Part of My perfect, infinitely perfect, designer plan 4 you, collectively known as hugh manity. So 4 all U kind, generous, sweet sailors of cosmic infinite seas... A HUGE WELL Come In 2 Yer New Happy, Healthy and Holy home. Dear Ones. Nod 2 Yogi Bhajan... )

Congratulations and, if led, see the video above of Paul doing a far flung production Limitless seminar on How 2 do all things. Just be yourself. There is no one remotely like each and every one of us, even twins are different tho much alike. Ok, this is a wrap. You are all, in spirit,  invited 2 Boston, if led. You can come in spirit. Let's walk around the next bend together, as One. the Moodies song invites us all... not knowing what God has in store 4 us.

One thing we do know, my dear friends, is that Jesus will be with us and 'Life Is Good.' So Very Good. TYG!   *And So It Is.  8 * * 8  *The 'Amen' 4 the 'age of 'Now.'  On... )  Please, and Thank Ya's Very Much, right 3 bears?  )  Oh, and do you have the time, every one's dear friend?'

P.s.  To Be Continued,  God willing and the creek don't rise and those who follow or think govern-ments and politicians could ever 'fix' this crazy, mixed up world man has created down here.  Major problem is too many chefs in the world kitchen.  Our team Oneness, Faith and Gratitude has only One  Cosmic Chef.  We call him mostly by His 3 primary names i.e.. Jesus ~ Yeshua, and His Cosmic name Sananda. Sananda going 4 ward.  See Y'as on the next song, Luckies & Daisy's    Rec & fin  6/10/19  12:44 p.m. 

Now, 6/10/19 Elvis Presley - It`s Now Or Never 1960

Thank You Elvis King of Rock n Roll & smiles <3 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Now Finally 1/23/21 10:44 p.m. Elvis at the gate )0000(

Thank You God 4 placing 'the man from Tennessee' on the planet now dubbed 'Joy' by ALL THAT IS.
Elvis is waiting at the Gate along w Jesus and All our Loved Ones and pets that have gone 2 Heaven B4 us, Team Oneness. Can't wait? Like scribe? Let's just feed our lonely, sometimes heartbroken souls w God's greatest medicine, music, and then laughter. It brings us close to The Infiniite, which IS God <3 & Soul aka Jesus Christ. And So It Is. ; ) 

Now, 6/10/19 Happy Spirits Day as well as Happy Universal Hug Day and always Happy Gratitude 2 God Day. IJN. ( <3 )

So, how are y'all en joying life in the new now cashless society? 

God says, Paul, until you get on their Tv's or some courageous journalist who isn't afraid of losing his or her j o b   or some other person who is, maybe, a influencer 'blows the whistle' on you, nothing's gonna happen.  They are so stuck in the muck and maya of their total acceptance of the lower vibrational, materialistic, money, money, money is all and everything, mindsets. 

It's hard but not hopelss to get peeps to 'WAKE UP!! Humanity.  Your old, worn out, obsolete, follow governments and mucky pucky dilly dally doo doo diversions are keeping spirits wearing their amazing 'body suits' missing what's Really coming down on the plan it "Joy"  aka Beautiful Mother Earth Terra Christ(a)  Gaia.  What can we do, Paul?  'Gise,' we can lighten up, relax, chill, have a beer or cup of Joe, or tea. maybe a cupcake or pizza, whhat we like, it's alright.

Take the kids to the zoo.  Fire the politicians or request their resignations, they are no better than anyone else.  God made us all equal superstars, from the president of whatever county to anyone holding a cup ouside a building, watching the people go by being ignored for the most part. We don't need red  tape.  Realise Guys, Who 'Owns' this planet, tell 'em Jesus, Please, Brother.  Glad to Bro Paul. Ty. )

Greetings Dear Beloved Created Spirits of THE ONE GOD w All The Other Names You've seen around here.  GOD and GOD Alone OWNS This Planet, My Dear Friends, which humans have, un - fortunately, w your God given free will, turned into a battlefield. IT's OVER People of  Earth.  It's a D O N E  Deal.  Accept it.  It Is Done, Correct ~ Archangel Michael? 

Thank You Our Lord and Saviour Jesus The Christ. Indeed, Dear Sons & Daughters of Creation.  It is time, overtime, to  accept and live in harmony with God and All That God Is, which Is EVERYTHING. ~  From the Highest Mountain to the tiniest grain of sand.  Everythig vibrates at it's own particular frequency in God's Infinite, eternal always 'Now' unto Eternity. And So It Is.

<3 )  Thank You God.  God we have in mind a song that will make us laugh.  Is that ok, at this moment?  Paul, you know your mind is my mind, so do not hesitate to follow your particular muse, My beloved equal to Jesus and All My other Beloved Ddaughters and Ssons ~ Ssons and  Ddaughters of Infinity.  Play the song, Sam.  With the quickness Dear Heavenly Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS  Great I AM THAT I AM  Higher POWER  Divine Ultimate. Ultimate Divine > All  aka THE INFINITE.  And So It Is.  IJN.  <3  ) ) )

P.s.  God says... Hey Paul ~ this looks like a great place to share, once again, My Urgennt Memo 2 All our Friends, with leaving no chance of leaving anyone out or behind unless they deliberately choose to be out in the cold or left behind.  We have our free will forever, dear ones.  Repeated reading always enhance experiences, like you do when listening to those readings, My dear friend.  Thank You God.  On beWHOLE of the group...

WE LOVE YOU!!!  WE hear an echo... I LOVE YOU 2.. Our Team... WE LOVE YOU MORE GOD!!  Rinse & Repeat.  LOL  Joy 2 The World Everyone IJN.  And So It Is.  And Now The Song, Esp good if rolling down the highway.  )  Oh, almost forgot the Memo. Read it like the first time every time, guys we rec.  )

Considered Humanity's Memo From  God 4 Us All to 'Get.'  ' Complete with Jesus' response...

As copied from here... {sort of  a menu page.} 

Jesus, did the deal go down?

Now, 6/10/19 charlie daniels 'uneasy rider' 1973

Thank You The Charley Daniels Band. Good news Charley, these new now days of freedom, you don;t even have to have change 4 a 1. Coins are now tokens to use in our machines. Correct God? That's what I said, Paul. We heard You God. Hey U tubers, If like pass this around, if led, Here's link 2 share it. ) See ya's later on down eternity's hi way... )

Now, 6/10/ 19 Ok, by popular demand let's wait 'Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close

Thank You Band of angels Til Tuesday Hope Everyone can appreciate what this Band accomplished back in the glorious 80's Godspead 2 You Band members and 2 Yer fans i.e Everyone. See Ya's at the jubilee. ) Oh, weir already here, angels. Everyone who does something nice 4 anyone else is an angel, in God's book, GISE. )

Now 1/24/21 12: 44 p.m. Al Stewart - On the Border (live)a

Thank You God for bringing the music of the angels to 'Joy' aka our Beautiful planet Terra Christa Gaia, this particular moment in the evolution of humankind We love Your ever coming into more and clearer focus. Dear God. Praise and Worship 888 And Thank You Al Stewart and your 'crackerjack' Band. All born to be here and no one, ioho, can not appreciate your unearthly musical gifts, Guys. God Bless You''s and Your Friends and Fans ~ Everyone, in or out of the physical body. <3 ) <3 ) <3 ) ~ ~ ~

Now, 6/14/19 The Moody Blues : "Nights In White Satin" : Live 1968

Thank You The Moody Blues. Keep 'Shining On' for the next 50 years. OMG Well Done, Bro's Well Done, Indeed. We Awl Salute You!!! <3 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Encore MOODY BLUES Nights In White Satin 2009 LiVe.

Wow, and 10 years after they are Still delivering God's 'Goods' 2 the masses. So ~ well done, Moodies, You know, if you guys, choose to retire, we can vouch that retirement is good. The 'golden years' can be among the best. Good New News is All The Moments ahead are our 'Golden Moments' 4 ever w God. And So It Is. <3 )

Now, 6/14/19 The final tour is now boarding 1st stop... Paris. )

Greetings once again, dear friends, we are asked when, exactly will Heaven's doors open for us innately impatient souls.  Some are really hurting in this 3 4 D basement 5D density..  The good news is we are all in the 5 th dimension, so don't think you're still stuck even in 4 D.  We will all rise as one with Gaia, like in the  twinkle of an eye, we think.  It, of course, is all up 2 God.  All we can ask and pray of God is that HeShe Please continue on with HisHer Divine, infinite and Holy Plan for HisHer improving, in compliance, and obedient kids.  Are we good, fellow kids, graduates of schoolroom or schoolhouse earth?  Erik stand up son,  so we can applaud...)

Look guys, we got our first customer(s) The ET's and some group named Led Zeppelin.  Anyone  heard of them, are they any good?  ; )   <3  ) 

Jesus Sananda, of course, we know, is our humble,  simple, soulful advocate.  When Jesus Sananda prays or asks God, on our behalf, God hears and does what needs to be done.  So for this large push task for humanity to arrive on the other side where we will all get to see and join our departed loved ones, we want to set a higher goal.  22 being the love #, that is a good starting place to begin our journey. Our 'do it by the #'s'  blueprint can lead us and lead us quite well, as has already been demonstrated by our collective progress so far, my fellow far flung fortunate  friends  forming formations for Freedom's Further Evolution. Here's the top (above) of our matrix.  Fyi.

Alright, guys, who wants to go to Paris, back in time and see some  young Moody Blues in video sing the perfect, slaved over, recorded version of 'Nights in White Satin'? me me me. Ok, who does Not want to go to Paris w the click of a button and see young moodies?  No one not a single soul?  Wow, ok, that's unanimous.  Ok w/o further adoo

Just click here if you are so led... You don't have to, w your free will, you c leave this tour right now and we'll try not to miss you, but going 4 ward, we can not wait on any laggards no more.  Capiche?  Good.  Here's link to  jump a quantum way back in time and space.  Good luck 2 us all.  God knows we may need it, ok Luckies and Daisy's.  Ok, let's go, as One united in Joy team.  Diamond Dave, you got yer pencil, son?  Bob Dylan you got a song for this crazy world?  Good, delivered, and your whistlle blower song Duquesne Whistle and Van Morrison, your gonna need a bigger Van to fit in all of your followers and fans.  Blue Oyster Cult, the Vigil is over. )

Dear friends.  Hope the 'powers that be' will let you guys play Gillette Free  soon. i.e. BOC, Van, and Mr Dylan.  Paul and '8' would <3  2 share a ( Cosmic Hug' )  W 60,000 + God fearing, in a good way, peeps, soon.   Ok, so here's the link and we hope Ya

' enjoy this timeless tour of Paris to the tune of'the Moodies Ultimate masterpiece ~ Nights In White Satin...  

P.s.  Just scroll down a little.  It is highly recommended to take one's time getting there bc there's some pretty awesome sharings on the way.  You'll see.... )

P.p.s.  And, not etched in stone, however, we think this thread will be ending w this, what we must term, an 'Ultimate' sharing.  Scribe has another little project beginning soon, so hope ya's hang loose and don't party too hardy.  Cheers and Cheerio 4 now..  God has a sign for this  thread, now.  Scribe will be right back...Til then... Tuesday, God?  ) we'll see  ) ) ) 

Dr Peebles, Everyone's Friend and guide, esp if U ask Him.  Please Help The 'A'wl team All Star team of ONE GOD.   Ty God, Sananda Jesus, PPaul , The angels and al spirits in or not in the ever thinning material world.  All together now GISE  Everyone.  1 2 3  GOD BLESS US Every One.  GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS  DIVINE LOVE JOY 'MOTHER EARTH' TERRA CHRIST(A) GAIA!!!

And So It Is.  Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda.   Thank You God.  We Worship You Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Source Creator, ALL THAT IS, GREAT I AM THAT I AM, HIGHER POWER, DIVINE ULTIMATE ~ ULTIMATE DIVINE.THE INFINITE.  = == + == = 
Peace Be With You All..."

Thank You THE INFINITE and THANK YOU Jesus ~ Lord Sananda.  

Rec & fin  6/14/19   10: 07 p.m. Quincy, Ma. USA. 

Now  1/10/20  Thank You God 4 our collective arrival 2 the 2020 year of clear vision & not illusion.  Let real magic begin 4 us awl.  IJN. <3  )

Now 1/10/20 Thank You God 4 our collective arrival 2 the 2020 year of clear vision & not illusion. Let real magic begin 4 us awl. IJN. <3 )

Now 1/15/20 Somehow, we are led 2 place this here 4 new beginnings HOPE IN GOD | All Things Are Possible - Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

Thank You God 4 the Hope Thank you to the speakers and Above Inspiration channel.

Now 1/20/20 Moody Blues-Eternity Road

Thank You The Moody Blues 4 a truly timelessly beautiful song & Moody Jill 4 the great graphics. <3 )

Now 1/20/20 A Perfect Plan 4 humanity. Ours 4 the accepting...

You know what, Guys?  Some may say, this looks and sounds all 2 familiar, and guess what?  We concur.  We've awl been down this road before and where do we end up?  You guessed it... the other side.  Here: look familiar?  As Jerry said 'We all go back to God.'  Listen as many times as it takes, Dr Peebles says & GOD BLESS YOU! 

So, rather than spin our wheels forever why don't we double bacl and ask Jesus if He will let us visit w Him 4 ever.  Sound like a good plan, my dear friends?  Hope so... )

Rec & fin  Above date:  2:22 p.m.  The Love #  Yes, love finds a way somehow, esp when done by the #'s  <3  ) ) ) 

Now Update while proofreading this share.  2/22/20  The love day of  the month and this page is  Trumpets, Guitars, Harmonicas & tambourines, etc. The Love sharing 'Page of the day.'  Perfect  Comes with yet again, this Urgent Msg memo from someone's future self way back in 1995.  We still have the Connecting Link magazine it came from, dear ones.  You can't read this too many times, but let's start w Jesus' response.  Here we go...

And this guy, yet another traveler of both time and space, esp when he sleeps, OmG  )

Ok, guys and B4 we leave our Excellent Brother& friend 2 awl, in Spirit, won't let us leave w/o this particular song.  Deal?  Everyone?  Hope so.  <3  ) ) ) 

Deal : Grateful Dead 1989

Thank You The Grateful Dead & Ty esp Jerry 4 stepping 4 ward and impressing on scribe, Paul, weir this song belongs on this 'Page <3 share of the day.' hear (w) (This page) Indeed, Children the 'Deal' went down. Awl Praise Worship & Glory 2 God Who Did & Does Every thing good, righteous and beautiful. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. <3 ) Ty moliken3 4 sharing on Yt as other versions have disappeared. )

Now 1/22/20 A little traveling music...Grateful Dead Eyes of the World Live @ Englishtown, NJ 1977 Best Version

Thank You The Grateful Dead & *Fans, not nec 'Deadheads' ~ Everyone, we hope. ) Plz watch on Yt 4 the <3 felt comments from listeners, just like u. <3 )

Now 1/22/20 Of course, gotta have a 3rd one so this is 4 you Janis... Bird Song (for Janis) ☮ Grateful Dead, 8/27/72

Thank You The Grateful Dead Thank You Janis 4 the inspiration and Ty chasefukuoka61 4 the great art. Thank You all of us 4 being here Now. Namaste. <3 )

Now 1/22/20 Gratitude, Dear ones, an absolute 'Must.'

Dear God (4 short)  Thank You Divine Infinite Source God Heavenly Father Mother Holy Spirit Creator Great I AM THAT I AM ~ ALL THAT IS Higher Power God Divine Infinite Infinite Divine THE ONE.  In Praise Worship & Gratitude Awl In Your Glory Great & Good God Almighty  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

And Great friends R 4 ever.  According 2 our perfect plan, dead or alive spirits.  You can come with us on the Jesus ship or be on your own risking eternal oblivion.  We have free will, so our choices are respected, dear ones.  We highly rec Jesus as we KNOW, beyond any shadow of doubt.  Jesus Is the Way, The Truth, The Light and above awl... The LOVE that we Awl need and, yes, deserve, after awl we've been thru.  Right Janis & Jerry?  Jerry's name 4 that gold necklass?  Wild guess 4 right now... 'Jesus' Jerry?   ) ) )  Penndulum checked w a 10'' arc. Really, folks. Janis & Jerry soo happy upstairs w awl their friends ~ everyone.  Ok, this thread, we think, is done.  

P.s.  As a 'Share of the day' page, we may have peaked on this lovely love day of the new clear vision 4 awl year of  2020.  We hope so.  Esp combined w yesterday's  My dear friends.  That's Okay, there's still plenty of good stuff to shine the lights on. Remember, God is completely responnsible 4 awl content on the 2 jubilee sites.  &  Scribe Paul is only soo happy 2 serve God's will and step out of the way asking God 2 do the work and we watch the magic turn up on these pages.  Now, the part that's been so difficult... getting it out to a busy busy, everyone caught up in their own 'stuff'  world.

As a Moody Blues song enters our cranium.  Put it on here, God?  Your call Sonny.  Alright, God.  These things come 2 us 4 a reason, so we're gonna do it, 4 the record, like in a diary song we'll Rec & fin this, now.  Above date:  Exact moment in time is:  11:44 a.m. Yep, we had no idea  we were getting close this moment.  We have infinite spirit ~ angel witnesses.  That is/ was the exact time.  Love out & In...

Now 1/22/20 But first, God says. Put this here first, Sonny. Done God. Greetings Immortal Spiritual Beings of Light & Love... July 24, 2017

Thank You God. and we already have another one 2 follow 4 aura cleanse and then that song.

Now 1/22/20 Positive Aura Cleanse | Powerful Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing | Chakra Music

Thank You God 4 the synchro 2 place this here. Thank you Meditative Mind for sharing this exquisiteness. )

Now 1/22/20 Moody Blues - Dear Diary

Thank You God  4 The Moody Blues.  Bringing  Your music 2 help create Heaven on Earth.  Thank you Moody Jill 4 the usual great visuals.  <3  )  And 2 Awl  may we awl record our own best stories. With God Who Is us as us, we all know that, right?  Hope so, bc it's the truth,  Cheers. <3  )  Thank U one and all 4 being here and taking in this long & narrow walk with us. 

We commend this page over 2 one of Mary's places where the 'Done Finished & Complete things' sometimes show up... 

Things that R Over )

 If like, this thread or part, Please share and Be blessed. TYVM  )

Now 1/22/20 The Doors - Break On Through HQ (1967)

Thank You God 4 arranging this.  i.e. when you realize this doorway has no 'Doors' music  So we add it here and the perfect song segues into the next intended page which is termed 'The Other Side.'  'Right on'  God.  God Knows what He's doing, Guys, He really does.  )  Next stop... Ahem...

The Other Side 77777

Any questions, Class?  Good.  Just hold on to Mr Eagle dove human wild cosmic ride.  We've only just begun.  And So It Is.  Jesus Is still waayyy ahead of us, guys but He's slowed down so we can catch up if we are good.  Let's awl be good, ok, Johnny?  Awesome.  

Eternity is knocking on our door, fellow spirits in human body suits.  When we see our peers, every other person out there, as a fellow God or Goddess or mix between, then we know we're right where we're supposed 2 be doing exactly what we're supposed 2 be doing and all's right w the world bc we know God's Got this.  Got exactly what, Paul?  Everything, my dear friend . Everything in the Palm of HisHer Mighty hand.  And So It Is.  Rec & fin  Above date 3:04 p.m.

It Is written.  Namaste.  <3  )

Everything Paul?   Everything & Everybody, Buddy.   Divine Ultimate Hand.

Everything Paul? Everything & Everybody, Buddy. Divine Ultimate Hand.