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Come, be at peace in heaven's warm embrace. <3 ) Thank You Jesus. <3  )  Healed Man Gives Thanks.   www.ids.org   Yahoo images.

Come, be at peace in heaven's warm embrace. <3 ) Thank You Jesus. <3 ) Healed Man Gives Thanks. www.ids.org Yahoo images.

Aerosmith - Let The Music Do The Talking

Thank You Aerosmith for an excellent suggestion in song. Yeah, that's how to do it; it works better than words most every time. Exception... "I love you." )

Spirit Is Not Fooling Around, dear ones.

Indeed, there's no time or moments to waste.  There's a LOT at stake for the 'plant-it'  Earth during these crazy and turbulent times.  However - not to worry, Divine Infinite Source Creator has everything in the palm of HISHER Mighty hands,  so to speak.  The Rock & Roll intervention solution is here  to take control and charge with the speed  of a blink of an eye.

As far as the songs above, it's no accident.  we all know, there are no accidents, right?  All that happens in our gift of lifetimes is part of the script we made w God prior to taking our incarnations.  The good, the bad and, unfortunately, the ugly ~ we agreed to it.  We and our company of volunteers came down here to be, for the most part, peaceful warriors. We all took a vow that no matter what it took, we would do our very best and that we would never, ever go down wiithout a fight against the forces of darkness and inbalance.

So, yes, here we be and the fight is over.  Actually it was no contest with the likes of Jesus Christ and '2nd In Command'  Jerry Garcia (Mr edited out 8/20/21)on our side.  As Paul was up all night just be-ing himself... at @ 4 am we had a thought, like hmmm - wonder what's  on  ZLX (Boston's Classic Rock) - "bet it's Freddy Mercury." )  P pushed the button to hear and, as God is his witness,  Queen's  'We are the Champions...'  A nice and typical synchronicity.  And it's true, fellow champions ~ You.  Yes, You, with Heaven's help, did it.  The 'game' as it's been termed is OVER, It's OVER, my dear friends.  With a nod to Johnny Most.  ) (Legendary Boston Celtics Announcer)

We, dear friends,  are the soul- survivors down here doing what we can to stay afloat, live a good, decent life while helping our family, friends and neighbors as best we can while trying to survive under an unfair, obsolete economic system that is DEFINITELY on the way OUT as soon as we WAKE UP, humanity.  Hello, this is our wake up call (the recording scribe types) at this pivotal juncture in galactic and cosmic time and space. The Infinite love and light of GOD Is really ALL THAT IS, dear ones. 

The wars have played their part in hastening the evolution of human thought. Indeed, they played their sad but  effective part.  That part is OVER, Thank God and Jesus.  Mark this day, dear ones February 11, 2018.  This is our 'double J'  play day when 2 leaders emerge ~ Jesus and Jerry  and  a proud and happy DIVINE INFINITE SOURCE GOD CREATOR ALL THAT IS waves the checkered flag, so to speak. The rat race is over.  The volunteers of the light came down here to help get all things not in alignment wiith the Divine Plan squared away with the quickness. 

That's  why we have  had wars.  (we put this in the past tense bc they are in the past, we no longer need them. Got a second?  Of course we do,  heck, we have all eternity, dear ones.  Mosey on over to this page to see how this sharing came about   And be blessed, IJN  ) ) )                  www.tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-15777   

Forever we celebrate Rock & Roll and All Music. What could possibly be better than music?  Silence.  Ask a prisoner living i4/7  in a noisy cell block, talk about torture.  omg.  So, back to our far more pleasant discussiont... the contributions of The Grateful Dead  ~ Dead & Company (Now Uncle John Mayers Band ~ Jerry smiles) And Creator's Omni Band  ~ The  Grateful Living. As we wrap this, we put a  random cassette in the BB and Jimi Hendrix just finished 'Purple Haze' now 'Tax Man' by The Beatles and we'll submit this now with 'Dear Mr Fantasy' by Traffic.  

For and on the record....We are so honoured and privileged to be given this job w all it's incumbent responsibility and weight, we know Creator did give it to  us bc HESHE knew  we could do it.  We were born to  do it and we did, of corse, volunteer, just like the Ultimate Master Jesus and '2nd In Command' - Mr Jerry Garcia  We will never make the blunder of saying 'mission accomplished' bc we  are, each and every one of us, GOD's children only beginning.  Let the F.U.N. and the good times roll and last forever.  And So It Is.  IJN  ) ) )  

As YES plays 'Roundabout' in the BB  "I'll be  there with you..."  Indeed. )

To Beginnings!  Feb 2018

Namaste & Espavo     )     

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Now  8/20/21  Staff & Interns Upstairs & Downstairs'extend a very warm Greeting & virtual Hug to Everyone arriving from here.  www.tinyurl.com/SharePageofDay1111  It's been a while, so we welcome you who have come along 4 the ride, escorted by the angels.  Obtw, Everybuddy, not just Donald Trump, gets to  hear from  awl corners of the world, "Your money's No good here, Duke & Daisy."  Since we Awl ARE Jerry Jillionnaires. 

Rejoice!  TYVM  💔  😎 💔

Dead & Company: "Uncle John's Band" - Live (Wheatland, CA 2016)

Thank You Dead & Company

Now 8/19/21 11:44 p.m. Eagles - Hotel California (Live) Capital Centre (1977) (Replacing disappeared one yet again)

Thank You Eagles ~ ~ ~

Now & forever ~ New Horizons ~ The Moody Blues.

Thank You The Moody Blues ~Heaven's Hall of Famers forever tinyurl.com/TheMoodyBlues777 Congrats earthly Hall of Fame for finally getting a clue. )

The Moody Blues-Lovely To See You Again, God's Friends. <3 )

Thank You The Moody Blues Heaven's 'house band' )

Moody Blues-When You're A Free Man

Thank You The Moody Blues We'll see you in Heaven, Oh, we're already here... )

More Moody Blues here, if led.  ) (Refresh, or Copy and paste if doesn't come up.)


So, guys, It's up to us, obviously.  When, if  ever, will we wake the F up and decide to be F R E E - once and for all?  We have the technology, dear ones, all we need is more  L O V E  on the 'plant-it,'  not to mention choosing the most enlightened leadership available to us.  The  ancients knew this.  Many of the ancients are us, come back into  the frey for yet  another go 'round on the cosmic merry -go -round termed life.  You know what, guys?  This cosmic drama has gone on long enough.  Creator says (and types thru the humble instrument)  It's got to stop sometime, my dear friends.  Is there any better moment than 'Now,' if not yesterday? 

Yep, we're back and many of us are justifyingly frustrated, just fed up with  the cartoonish 'leaders'  that the blind and scared people of the world have elected to positions of power to 'represent' us.  Puh-lease Louise. I'm sorry, no I'm not sorry, it's just the way of the world spinning where it may be led   with 7 billion or so captain's  at the wheel.  However GOD is The One who we in the light trust ~ and no one else.  Period, Italics, exclamation point!  Underlined___  Etc.

The stakes are just too high, dear ones.  This is what the 'plugged in' founding fathers of the United States of America had in mind with The Constitution.   indeed~ Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of, ahem... HAPPINESS!!!.  Bingo, Guys ~ didn't they 'nail' it?  YES. Indeed.              Hands down. This is what makes America the Greatest nation on earth.  Our right to Freedom and be who and what we are - as individuals  and as groups. We the people arrived down here with our scripts loaded for bear in some instances.  Other's  like...we just want  a nice time - having, most likely, had traumatic experiences down here in the distant past - that still exist locked in our cellular memories. 

Music along with Silence  is Creator's ultimate healer AFTER Lord Jesus ~ Sananda and Company. Some  experiencers have called this place  hell,  There is no hell, folks, if there is for you, you - with your prime creator powers that GOD gave you created it.  So, to explain a little more... on the other side, or 'upstairs' as we call it; we, i.e. our higher selves, along with the Lords of Karma and God, created our destiny. for our adventurous life - always from the stand point of Heaven to advance and uplift humanity and Terra, Gaia, Mother Earth, however one likes to refer to this living, loving, sentient Cosmic Being who volunteered to host this cosmic play in service and divine love in action to GOD and HERHIS  divine resurrection play - plan for the come back to the light invitation to the fallen ones - who God has never stopped loving.  <3   as well as whomever and whatever that may or may not come forth from where ever. 

This place is, of course, a super magnet that has attracted the notice and attention of infinite far flung worlds, galaxies, cosmos' and dimensions.  All in GOD's infinite loving domain. No-thing is or could ever be left out of GOD's Infinite  Love. (Infinite Love - the scribe;s 2 favourite words)  Nothing that exists could exist without it being created by Creator.  To say this is BIG is just so inadequate a description.  Language fails and could never come close to the magnitude of GOD's Creation, dear friends.  It's just the way it is.   We pledged and made a vow, some with contracts, like Hitler, others with a handshake and hug, like Jerry, that we would do our best in whatever role, office or challenge we accepted.  Our hat is off to all who came down  here to this schoolhouse with challenges.  God knows the scribe has had his, but that's another story. 

Over the eons, we've all fought, clawed, perished and come back, saying "God, I got more to give and do down there,"   Can I get another chance? Please?  Pretty please w sugar or honey?  )  Yeah, one gets a taste for this passion play.  Some even get that it's all an illusion and can and do say, you know what God, I'm older and  wiser these days... I know I'm an old soul.  Give  me these talents Please God, YOU know best what I need to be and do to fulfill my  ultimate potential. 

In other words, Father~Mother God - Your wish for me, so I, in turn, can help and lead all those who would follow my lead, to dance in my footsteps, to laugh and cry, and if that's what it takes - bleed in some  instances for my journey back to You, Dear God, in  the light, love and esp  prayers  (our most powerful tool) and I won't ask for anything else, Dear God, that doesn't serve Your cause bc Dear God, In Jesus Name  I know This time I can get it Right. i.e. not, of course, just for me, but for my legions of  fans who run on earth in the millions if  not billions.

Roger that, my friend,  guess what?  Off planet in the jillions,  and further guess what my dear friends of all stripes, colors, persuasions, that goes for all of us in human embodiment.  Indeed. We, the trusted, bruised, scarred, beat up but always getting back up nailed to our own crosses are the heroes of Now.  And So It Is. Wait, there's more...

This time, God,  I Know I can 'get it right' or I'll die trying  - knowing I will give it my best shot and Jesus and His company are on my side.  Can one fail with this pledge to come here for another incarnation?  Repeat after us  "Not a chance."   )

GOD  Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine God and only The One True Infinite FatherMother MotherFather Source GOD Creator ALL THAT IS  ~ MAY, W/O a doubt YOURs & YOURS ALONE WILL, WAY, MOMENTING & PLAN IS DONE NOW & Forever...IN JESUS NAME. And So  It Is.  )

Celebrate  Change is here, my dear friends ~ fellow God's and Goddesses.  blessed infinite beings of divine light, love, mercy, compassion and adventure. Oh (nod to Oprah Win frey ) did we mention - also of God given talents and artistry that only 'we', alone, can bring back to God's infinite bounty table?

So, in closing- dear ones of the shifting central sun.  The infinite divine tsunami of God's Infinite love is here Now, and all around the earth.  God's perfect plan for HisHer children, now grown up Children ) can not and will  not be denied under ANY circumstances.  You can hold out all night, some of you, however in the long run, you don't stand a chance, so be wise, don't be hypnotized and just do the God recommended wise thing...surrender.  And that's the farthest thing from a cheap trick you can imagine.  We're proving it all day and all night. With a nod to the boss.  )  And So It Is.  <3  )  Any quuestions?  Good.  )

Ok, we have a few announcements  to make while the next band is in the wings.  Btw, Paul has seen this Band in concert 4 or 5 amazing times.  Catch them if you can if they come  near Your neighborhood.  And we're so very glad we caught The Moody Blues in concert  when they came thru Boston last fall on their 'Days of Future Passed' Tour  With a Grateful nod to Mr Ray Thomas  R.I.P. Ray ~ Rockin' In Paradise. <3   )

Ok, On God's impulses to our grateful brain receptor's we have to place the following Spirits ~ Peeps as the  Ultimate- Ultimate, did we mention Ultimate Heroes  of this forever on- going passion play on  Rockin'  'plant-it'  earth  with a Huge nod to Gaia.  <3  )

First and Foremost, We Thank GOD.  Number one, no questions asked.  Thank YOU God for our very existence and May we always be Xtra Very GRATEFUL.  Indeed.  With So Much <3  )

Now, Please, let us bow our heads and give it up to our Lord, Master and Saviour Jesus Christ also known in the higher realms as Lord Sananda.   With tears flowing we  THANK YOU Jesus from the very depths of our hearts and souls for Your unrelenting Love and Service to humanity (We could write a book. Oh right, that's already been started. )  Jesus, Thank You again, for all You have done and as we move on down the line, we A S K for Your continued Love and Service as  We Know You Can't help helping, anyway.  It's what You Do. 

Jesus accepts our heartfelt Thanks  and reminds us that it  is GOD who deserves All The Praise and Worship.  Don't mistake the messenger for the Whole, entire enchilada.  lol  ))))   

 We'll take Your advice to <3 Jesus and We All Thank You Again!  )

Alright Fam... Deep Breaths )   )    )

It's the moment to recognize and shine the spotlight on our God Given Hero of the Ages # 2 on the Ultimate Heroes In Service To Humanity List. He's a simple, sometimes reluctant, but always deeply loving fella we all love whether he could play a lick on the guitar or not~ once you got to know him.  Ladies and Gentlemen.  Let's give it up to '2nd In Command,' Himself

Mr Jerry Garcia.  A Mountain of a Man.

Time out ~    Catch ya's later 


8:44 p.m.

See picture... A Jerry Mountain ~ Approximately.  )



1:33 A.M.

Blue Oyster Cult: The Vigil

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

BOC surrenders. ~ This is how it's done, my dear friends. )

More Blue Oyster Cult here...


Paul has had the awesome experiennes  of seeing these guys live at least 5 times. 2 in Plymouth, Ma w Carol and once at Patriot Place in Foxborough w Carol &  Cheri. then twice  in Fort Lauderdale clubs and  we think at a shed someplace in So Florida, the  memory is a little  hazy...)

Alright, who else needs a hug?  They just, synchronicitly, talked on 'The Doctors' TV show about oxytosin, the hormone one can get from a good hug. It is the hormone of trust, love and happiness; so, surely - the hormone of God in us that loves to be nourished.  So, who in Your world could use that?  Tell 'em to get in line...) So, check this out.w a nod  & TY to Mr Kevin Karlson of WZLX ~ Boston's Classic Rock.

Here's a text hug  (   )  smile God loves us, guys, and our friends ~ everyone everywhere.  And So It Is.  (The new Amen since that translates to 'So Be It.'  That could be anytime in the nebulous future, however 'So It Is' is  instant, 'blink of an eye' fast, immediate - like 'now' this very moment. Thank you.  )

Who needs a hug?

Hug with Paul and proxy, Kevin K, a natural.  Feel  the love and release of tension.  Paul, being 'plugged in' has a ton of electricity to share when he hugs. Thank you Kevin and ZLX.  This is also shared here:   http://tinyurl.com/LedZeppelin777   Check it out, if led.   )

Click now to get Your hug ~ from the infinite God Creator...   (  )


Jesus is a pro hugger as well...)  Now  8/20/21  12:33 p.m.  We take that back, Jesus Sananda Sananda Jesus Is a Pro Hugger as Good.  Ed note:  'Good' 'Triumphs' well any day of the strong. And So It Is What It Is.  Indeed.  <3 ) ) ) ) )   

Image shared from...

Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page (music by Sick Puppies)

Thank You Free Hugs Campaign & The Sick Puppies. Hug on... ( <3 ) Thank you PeaceOnEarth123 for sharing this Good medicine. So more peeps can experience this we have further shared it here: https://tinyurl.com/Welcometootherside777 Heaven on Earth Is a Done Deal, Starbursts. Let's make this video Viral again, Ok? If you are following politicians & not Christ you are 'out to lunch, 'so to speak. Film at this simple site portal. www.paulfb.com Come to Eternal Jubilee. It's time. If like share, Create ripples to infinity. Don't let it die w you. Words to the wise. TYVM <3 ) ) )

Eddie Money - Two Tickets to Paradise Please First class or 'Coach?' ) )

Thank You Eddie Money & Band. See Ya's in Paradise. Oh, we're already here. Someone tell the politicians. Eddie, Love is the new currency, so, maybe think of changing yer name, if led. )

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Foxey Lady (Miami Pop 1968)

Thank You Jimi Hendrix Eperience. Keep Rockin' In An Expandeing Paradise,, Bro, <3 )

Experience Jimi's page here, if led tinyurl.com/JimiHendrix777 copy/paste We know ~maintenance is aware of missing content. Ty.

Moody Blues - The Day We Meet Again

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Rush - Working Man

Danke Schoen Rush
Did everyone see the arms of the fans in Germany as these 3 hard working men, Geddy, Neil and Alex - won over the masses over there? Just freeze it at 5:24 OMGoodness ~ what the power of Rock & Roll can do. Does this not prove that Rock has won the arms race? This is software at it's best so let's give up the hardware Donald & Kim etc and let's show how nations should interact with one another. So give it up politicians you;re D O N E. Sorry, no - we're not sorry but change has come over the planet like a Rush of enlightened common sense. As ol' Mr Walter Kronkite used to say.. "And that's the way it is (

The Cars - Good Times Roll (Live in Houston 1984) Let's ride, guys )

Thank You The Cars. )

The Carpenters -We've Only Just Begun ~ to live and love...

Thank You beloved, sweet, kind angel of love, mercy and compassion dear beloved Karen of the Carpenter family. On this Ash Wednesday combined with Valentine's Day, we weep for those affected by the tragedy in Florida and we stand and Salute those courageous youngsters who sacrificed their lives in order to help bring us together, which is what always happens when these things occur.

Thank you for being here beloved Karen w your healing ~ angelic music along with your loving brother, Richard & posse. May, please God, we All, w no exceptions, find Peace, love, joy, harmony, happiness, understanding.and above all else~ forgiveness; as that is the only way we can truly heal ourselves. It can start when we allow ourselves a good cry. just let it out. The song says it all, we are only beginning, however we are at a crossroad, old souls.. And So It Is. w a tear. '

Earlier, we had written...

On this Ash Wednesday & Valentines Day in the year 2018 when we struggle to find answers for the reasons for yet another senseless act of violence in our schools, let it comfort our weary hearts to know that the many young 'victims' ~  more accurately described - 'volunteers' are now joyfully returned in the higher realms in their eternal light bodies where they are being cared for and reunited with loved ones, having fulfilled their mission and purpose on earth. 

The net result of these shocking events be it a school or church  shooting, a 911 event or even something as huge and devastating as WWII  is that they pull us together.  They give us a shoulder to  kryon, They happen for a reason and in the long run, we can look back esp from our far far more advanced spiritual perspective in the infinite scheme of things.  There are no accidents, we know that.  There is nothing that can occur, no matter how horrific to our civilized senses that is not known by God.  God allows what our free will will create, however HESHE Creator  will not allow, under any circumstances, the blowing up of the planet.  Not gonna happen.  Trump, you still here?  Hello news media??  Oh, never mind. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, here's a place where one may find comforting material that shares what happens when we cross over.  The age old mystery of death is simply no longer a mystery, my dear friends. When  there is so much evidence in books, videos of testimony when there is so much completely persuasive proof that there IS,  indeed, life after death.  I'm sorry, no I'm  not sorry, however, if you're one of the stubborn one's in the year 2018... Well, all we can think is - you're just showing your ignorance. Get hip and go here...

Continued in next frame as pictures don't work in the text area anymore.

Now 1/21/20 thread edited so picture shows...


It's time to wake up, everyone ~ with the undeniable knowledge and wisdom that we are, in fact  spiritual beings, not religious beings, there are no religious beings - only spiritual beings on the 'plan-it' to learn and grow  and  eventually become partners in love, the only thing that matters, with God. That's it.  Got it?  Ok, awesome, class dismissed.  And as scribe Paul says on his God channeled card for Far Flung Productions Ltd.  and as you go on yer way  "Have a nice forever"  )

vidence from those among us who have gone to the other side and come back with the aid of modern technology, or simply being told when the got to a certain point up there...Jesus or a spirit guide says...sorry dude, it's just not your time yet.  God has more for you to do down there. and trust Him in all things.  God knows what's best for us, after all He She (God is androgynous) lives in ua AS Us.  Can you dig it, fellow God's and Goddesses.

Could their ever, in a million billion jillion years be any better news than that?  Right Zorra?  Indeed.  )  So Celebrate it, Shout It, Let everyone know that you are knowledgable about who You Really Are.  Yoau are God or Goddess being of infinite love and light. You've been  around forever and by golly, you're not going anywhere unless it's to explore the universe with your twin flame or with your tribe or whatever.

So, over there is a card.  Consider that Your personal  card if you want..  May it guide, lead, or help you get out of the way if some kind of threat or inbalance comes your way. Our wish is that it will be  a  source of joy, peace and comfort for you. 

More good stuff to come, stay tuned... )

 Here'a story for anyone led to listen...(May need to refresh, click doenload, look in lower left corner - click.}  If this or any links don't go thru try copy and paste and play.  Ty.

With Big Thank you to Jim Law, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix,  Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and last but not least ~ Jesus.  )



Greetings Dear fellow Goddesses and God's in human form of The Infinite Source God Creator ALL THAT IS,

Your humble servant here, Paul, Mr 'love in action'' serving the divine in all of us.

We (inc our multi - dimensional selves) took yesterday off from this page.  Indeed, the hurt remains on all of us that are paying attention.  There is good news however, my dear friends, and  that is that the healing has started.  The 'victim volunteers' are getting what they need on theother side, i.e.  plennty of love and  tlc in abundance.

Hopefully this last  episode in Parkland, Fl will, God willing, be the last one needed in God's  script for humanity at thisvery very late hour in humanity's history.  For  some of us that script  is  as plain as  day, esp if one is into music, particularly - Rock &  Roll.   Ever since  Elvis walked  into the  Sun Studios to record in Memphis, Tn in thefifties - Rock has been a mainstay of communication  for God's children. 

We had the Sermon on the Mount, Thank You Jesus. For our modern times and when Gaia,  Herself, the 'plant-it' itself is ascending into higher vibrations, God has given us the  'spade' of Rock & Roll along with humor - to ease us ever more on our journey back to HerHim ~ The Divine, Loving, Heavenly Infinite ather~MotherGod ALL THAT IS.

God... HeShe (God, we know, Is androgynous) God and anyone  else, like Mr  Stephen Stills who wrote about laughter being the key to another's heart.  He penned it in a masterpiece of  a  song named 'Suite Judy Blue Eyes' recorded by Crosby, Stills  & Nash.  Released in a seminal album that was the soundtrack to our lives i.e the sixties generation. Yep, a little  ditty inspired by Stephen's relationship w Goddess Judy Collins. 

Many of us who were / are lucky enough to have experienced this in a relationship; know what Mr Stills and his 2 buddies, David & Graham, where singing about. Your humble but dynamic, in his own quiet, unassuming way, servant Paul was fortunate enough to have had this with his long time ex, Nanci; 'the old laughing lady' herself. Dear ones - 'owners of lonely hearts' of the of the 'Ka-Jillion family.'  How many snowflakes or flowers of all the fields just in this world can God love,  sweet spirits?  Ah, we feel some are starting to 'get it.'   Maybe it's time for All God's snowflakes, excuse us - Humans, to get on the cosmic bus. 

And make no mistake, our dear friends, as if you could, you can't, sorry, )...  The Grateful Dead bus is not the only one.   Here - try this one with Journey, A 'sermon on the mount'  type gift from God in  a song. It  describes the agony of separation with the hope  of  everything turning out, somehow - the way it should.  Be sure to watch all the way to the end.   And  as  we listen we could also contemplate the hidden code in names.  How  does Your name,  for instance fit  you?  Hmmm )  And Now ~ The  Song.  Journey, It's Yours, Guys.  And Thank You Steve P,  Neil,  Jonathan, Steve S And  Randy & The Fan's~ All of Us. 

Pic:  Yahoo images.

Journey - I'll Be Alright Without You

Thank You and God Bless You Journey and all Your Friends and Fans ~ Everyone. <3 )

See Ya's on the following page 'Celebrate Forever 77' for more F U N. What a concept )

Now 8/11/18 Love letter from God to humanity.

Thank You Journey Keep on Truckin; Guys... )

To the endless adventure ahead of us all...a few friendly words. )

Indeed, once again Thank You Journey and yes, hasn't it been quite the journey for us all, in this life and in others. Whether you're 7 or 70, God is always there ~ faithfully ~ on our side. This is not something to believe dear ones, this is something to Know; Absolutely w/o a shadow of doubt. God is as real as we are bc HeShe God IS us, each and every one of us is God playing our God or Goddess part in the divine script that we worked out pre-birth for maximum benefit of God's divine perfect plan

No, it's not pretty, God knows, it's downright scary at times, however therein comes the trust and the faith and the resolve that no matter what the price, however difficult life in this tough bootcamp schoolroom becomes. Know it's what we planned for us We saints and sinners can not escape The Infinite's divine cosmic script come heaven or high water. God The Infinite's love for us, in the long run, can not and will not fail or fade. It's just way too strong to succumb to any so called force of darkness.

So, what's next? Only God knows but we suggest - let's settle in for the ride of our lifetimes. Get on the bus of your choice and know God is the driver and HeShe Knows where to go. Trust in God and no one else. God triumphs any other form of leadership anywhere. Trust God and your <3 and you can't go wrong. Let the music play and let's have some fun for a change. Deal? What's that Jesus? Exactly, dear Brother..Know this folks. 'God Is love and love is God. Love God and love one another.' The most profound words ever conceived by the human mind. And so it is. <3 

Thank You God for using this humble instrument pecking away at this Gateway laptop 'miracle' device. Ok guys, who are you? Ans: Me. ) Hey Me ~ Everyone <3's you! Got a song or a dance, a look or a joke for us? No mean stuff now- that crap is over. Thank God! ) ) ) 
See ya's around. Signed, Team Oneness. 'For humanity's Awakening!' TY Jesus and Jerry and Everyone on the infinite Cosmic Joy bus. It's big enough for everyone and it stops for hitchhikers. Our final word of advice? Join us and let's have F U N. forever. 8 ) Oh, and 'Turn It UP!! )

Alright,  humanity,  Choice moment.  Creepy crawly things, or One and only Far Flung Star?  God recommends, The Infinite, Jesus, and Rock n Roll path... We have free will, guys.  Think about it, no rush.  )

Alright, humanity, Choice moment. Creepy crawly things, or One and only Far Flung Star? God recommends, The Infinite, Jesus, and Rock n Roll path... We have free will, guys. Think about it, no rush. )

Paul, which path would you take, Bro?  Me? I'm a rightie, not that there's anything wrong with being a leftie... <3  )  Note: this is a picture and not a video, guys.  lol

Paul, which path would you take, Bro? Me? I'm a rightie, not that there's anything wrong with being a leftie... <3 ) Note: this is a picture and not a video, guys. lol

Now 11/16/18 Nether Lands ~ Dan Fogelberg [CC]

Thank You Bro Dan Fogelberd and Ty JMEagle101 for the magnificent artwork. ) See Ya's around the campus. Love, )

Now 1/21/20 Fast 4 ward 2 2day doing it by the #''s gets it done. Near-Death Experience, Asks to See The Christ

Thank You God 4 creating a Heaven where we, Your loving children can go when our earthly duties are done, finished, over. Is it time 4 us awl yet, God? Hope so. We know our ship, The Jesus ship is infinite and can easily accomodate the whole planet like a whale eating a chocolate. Thank you Theresa for your wonderful testimony. Who else can't wait? )

Now 1/23/20 On this Cosmic Trigger day of the month, the ? of the day is: Moody Blues - Isn't Life Strange? We say on behalf of the group... Yes God Very strange, but weir getting used 2 it. )

Thank You God Creator of Heaven & Earth & The galaxies and the music of The Moody Blues. Thank You Moodies. <3 ) We thinks we can now pronounce this thread Done. Thank Ya's all very much. See Ya's weirever your journey may lead. One thing know 4 sure happy travelers. There's only friends out there we haven't met yet. God knows bc HeShe created them 2. And So It Is. Rec & fin above date: 5:44 p.m.

Now 2/27/21 12:25 a.m. Paul McCartney & Wings - 1973 - Band On The Run.

Thank You Paul McCartney & Wings <3 ) ) ) ) ) ~ ~ ~ ~ !

Now 2/27/21 1:22 a.m. Paul McCartney Get Back 1991

Thank You Paul McCartney & Crew. <3 ) ) ) ) ) Welcome to Heaven. (( 99 ))

Now 8/20/21 11:47 a.m. Celebrate Happy Jerry Day w us. 8/16/21 & Every Day if led. ) ) )

Now 8/20/21 11:58 a.m. Jerry Loves us. Be happy ) ) )

Thank You God 4 this Far Flung production Limitless. Noce work, God. <3 ) ) ) ) ) 5 4 Adventure. Fly Free birds as metaphor, Sweet spirits. <3 )

Now 8/21/21 4:16 p.m. Sweet Angels of infinity got a song to play today... TYG TYG TYM Tank you Jack <3 ) ) )

Thank You The Grateful Dead w Special Guest Bruce Hornsby & his 'light up the stadium' smile. <3 )

Now 8/21/21 %:11 p.m. May You Be Blessed by Kate Nowak. <3 )

Thank You Kate Nowak & Simple Truths 4 sharing on Yt. <3 ) ) ) ) Angels attend Awl who appreciate this Masterpiece. <3 ) ) ) ) This page not to be continued. Ty one & awl who like this. Dr Peebles says emphatically. TIP THE WAITER!! @ Paypal www.paulfb.com We still have $3.11 in the bank and a overdue T Mobile bill of $62.11 to keep our phone on. #Allinthefamily #Whilewestillusingcash God Bless Us Awl. In Jesus Name IJN. Thank You Mary & Awl Company of Heaven And Earth. Indeed. <3 0 )