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Man This Is Big...

Man This Is Big...

Now 11/29/21 Welcome to where you are Now if reading this, Good 4 you 4 being here.

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Now 11/29/21 "I Was Like Scrooge Seeing His Christmas Past" - Ralph Jensen's Near Death Experience (NDE)

Thank You Ralph and The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 11/29/21 Forgive Yourselves for Whatever you Feel, Jesus via John Smallman

Thank you! Jesus, John Smallman and Mario Gattoaladino. <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/3/21 Why YOUR SOUL Brought You HERE -- Your PURPOSE Is More OBVIOUS Than You Think | Neale Donald Walsch

Thank You Michael Sandler and Neale Donald Walsch. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/4/21 I met Jesus face to face after i died | near death experience | NDE experience

Thank You Sheila, Peggi and Strange Stories. <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/11/21 3 Things You Need to Know About 12/12/2021!

Thank You Angels and Melani Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

This video practically elbowed it's way to be here as scribe coming out of a pause due to crappola like financial and romantic scamming not to.mention complications from diabetes II coming down. Upswing starts Now. It's time. urban dictionary: crappola
A whole load of crap. Not to be confused with shitload. 

We all gotta pay our dues. We signed up for this guys. Remember? )

Now: 12/13/21  Selfie pic of Shane wearing Mom's holiday sweat shirt  A birthday gift from brother Dick and sister Maureen. Thank you Guys!  Perfect gift.  <3 )>

Noow 12/13/21 The Arcturian Group - Marilyn Raffaele

Thank you The Arcturians Group and Marilyn Raffaele. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/13/21 Travelling to the Spiritual World | Sabine Amrhein's Spiritual Experiences

Thank you Sabine Amrhein and Thanatos TV EN. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/13/21 To whom it may concern...

From:  11/11/21  See wrapping paper share

To whom it may concern
We are typing this in chat on our phone bc we can not text on the computer with @ 7 letters that don't show up.

We have at least 500 people on FB saying 'hello how are we doing?' -  that we can not respond to, ok?  We accept all friend requests but that does not mean we are gonna interrupt what we're doing to chat with you, sorry.

If you think we have money to send to you and or your ministry/cause, we simply don't have it at this time, living on social in-security.  Feel free to share your situation in comments but don't direct to scribe to be your only help.  It's God Who provides everything for awl. Trust God Who Knows your situation better than you do. 

Good News is we are infinite light beings made to be companions w God for eternity; but, over the eons, we have turned our God like status over to political and religious interests and agendas that have and are failing us miserably.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee, kids,  and take back our God given Power. We can use social media available at our fingertips in our spheres of influence but make sure you share your stuff to the Public. We see shares and pleas for aid and assistance but you have your shares set only for your friends. We tell people that and they still don't fix it.*

We seriously need to wake up and get hip to the knowledge that we are not just 'consumers' for big money corporations but we Are divine, infinite, eternal, immortal spiritual beings down here to do our part in lending a hand to the united cause of a collective upliftment for the wildly successful experiment known as 'humanity.' as, we are collectively waking up and coming to terms that we are not our bodies which are vessels that we have on loan from God and that we, our soul essence, easily slips out of when we sleep and when we pass over to the other side. This is all part of  the unselfish journey we volunteered for down here my dear friends. 

Enough of us are doing this so that we can and have declared Victory 4 The Light in the blood sweat and tears of the world's Ultimate Saviour Jesus Christ and His followers, awl of which we should be at this late point bc w/o that Divine connection to Source Absolute we are putting ourselves in the lost in limbo sphere 'til we wake up and surrender to the Higher Power of  ALL THAT  IS  that we can never be separated from.  

Can an ocean be separated from the earth, or a desert or a flower or grain of sand?  No, never, can't and will never happen.  We have free will so if you want to wait stubbornly with the egomaniacs, you're on our own, and free to attract other laggard entities. Fine.  There's a place to create for that as we are every one of us creator beings.  

Seriously, divine beings of The ONE  it's time to get hip as the collective we are. Lets stop Biden our precious time with inept and dangerous political leadership and return to love.  Love is who and what we really are and politicians serving the old, worn out, corrupt to its core, obsolete system that worships money as all the shit, Has to go. It's time.

We, the cavalry, if you will, are here; ready, willing and able to Serve however we are called.  Unfortunately, so far, we are like a voice in the wilderness who can't get arrested. We have 2050+ 'friends' on FB and w their ridiculous algorithms, maybe @ 20 people see our stuff. Same w Twitter. We can post and hashtag but no one sees or cares because everyone has their own show.

So after the 19th we will continue the blog just sharing good stuff as spirit moves scribe, bc that's what we do, allowing God to do the heavy lifting and putting the  'meat on the plate,' so to speak.  Awl is Good and as it should be in awl our pre-birth scripted and played happy ending movies my dear friends. Praise Be To God.  

We are moving into very exciting uncharted cosmic waters my dear friends. It's 'an awesome time to be on this particular 'plant it' at this momentous time.  'Congratulations' on choosing to be here God knows we need to get our stuff together down here. We have the technology we have our Christ Leader in Jesus aka Sananda going forward. News Flash. Heaven on earth is an already Done Deal. Right Jerry? ) ) )  (Copy/paste links if nec)


This is a wrap 4 now angels

Cheers Cheerio Namaste Espavo and Hope see You at the Grateful Jubilee. It's FREE like Everything in Awl universes under God Who Is Good..

Peace Love Light Joy Luck harmony happiness kindness empathy adventure and Gratitude 4 awl 4 ever. Our motto:  One 4 awl and awl 4 One. And So It Is. What It Is. Indeed.  <3>

Shane, may we see your credentials, please?  No prob - See and share same here, if led:    

Now  12/13/21  Picture:  That's Orange Man wo DOES NOT CHIT CHAT OK HE DOES NOT TAKE PHONE CALLS  He WON'T BE NICE To Obnoxious people as he and a caller both found out this morning. 

* Nobody sees this etc bc you still have your notices set to friends and Not Public.   Please pass this along when you see this occurring.  Ty. 😎

Now 12/13/21 SOULSPEAKS 5D: Patricia Cota-Robles

Thank you Todd and Patricia and SoulogyOneStudios. <3 ) ) )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/14/21 Paul Selig: A Doorway Between Worlds

Thank You God Guides and Paul. <3 ) ) )

And Not Just for the Holiday Season...

And Not Just for the Holiday Season...

Now 12/14/21 Paul F Brown shared a memory.

4 Years Ago

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A simple wish from me and my co-conspirator - Marie Mom from the ❤ 

#Joytotheworld #PeaceonEarth #HeavenonEarth Let's spread a little Joy around and see what happens. Deal?  😎 Shared on Fb: 

Now  12/16/21  7:44 a.m.  sweet moment now shared here 24 hours later: These dreams could not have been more vivid.  God has Big plans 4 Awl HerHis kids.  We don't Just believe my dear friends, we KNOW  and Hope you do too.  God Is.  <3 ) ) )

Now 12/16/21 7:44 a.m. sweet moment now shared here 24 hours later: These dreams could not have been more vivid. God has Big plans 4 Awl HerHis kids. We don't Just believe my dear friends, we KNOW and Hope you do too. God Is. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/16/21 Virtual Conference 2021 - 3 Physician Near-Death Experiencers

Thank You Doctors and IANDSvideos. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/17/21 Who would hitchhike to Heaven if you knew you'd get a ride?

Sharing a Share ...Christine Montalvo Hippie Hour

December 15, 2021  4:03 A.M.

Crazy people felt safe doing this!

Our comment: That's how we used to get around, nationwide.  😎 Thought she was hitchhiking.  Flowers anyone?  😉  💔

Now 12/17/21 Sharing memories on Facebook

On this day

2 years ago

Paul F Brown

December 17, 2019  Shared with Public

Excuse this fellow immortal spiritual being please, guys, 4 asking... however, we must ask. Is political leadership floating your particular boat or has God given us something immensely better that we're missing, somehow? We observe Sweeping changes are Now on the Plant it, friends. We advise as a (incorporated since 1978) professional consultant in all matters of existence.

2 choose wisely and permanently, not 2 mention confidently. Our team supports a return 2 love in the white house and not when the election comes around. We need change Yesterday. Our platform message

All good stuff here 4 starters.

Hope see Ya's there.  Portrait of a Real Leader

Now 12/18/21 The Most Famous Bible Verse

Thank You Spirit for this placement and A Voice In The Desert. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/18/21 "God Talked To Me" - Life Altering Near Death Experience (NDE)

Thank You Rose LiBianco Murphy and The Other Side NDE. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/19/21 Fresh Garbage - Spirit

Thank You Spirit and San Francisco Sound. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/19/21 More Fresh Garbage...

Greetings God.  Yes Indeed it's so nice to see You Dear God.  No matter what we look like or gender or country we find ourself in on the gift temporary schoolhouse platform Earth, we Are All God.  We Know this now, right God and Goddess students?  Good.  Now someone tell the politicians.

'Game on' as just heard on a tv commercial.  So, we recently completed a project where for the 3rd time we did a 'Share page of Day'  thing to share God's work in sharing good stuff come down thru scribe and on to God's Sites starting at:    and then:

We did a a 58 day share, a 33 day share and a 100 day share completing on scribe's birthday on 11/19/21.

Percolating in scribes mind from near the end of that project was a why not do a 'Share a share from a page' on the menu as like a bookmark for that page so folks would be able to surf there and see that share in context with the other good stuff on that particular page.  Good idea?  We thought so and after much consideration to the perfect timing, we have determined that the perfect time for this expression is Now.  

So, my dear friends, the first share is the above song by Spirit which shows the magic that can happen when we infinitely powerful light being, creator companions to God HerHis Self put our heads together  This in residence at this page to start this off and every day for the forseeable future, God willing and creek don't rise, we'll share a share that will be an invitation to take in that particular page.  God knows we have enough God given content to draw from.  Ok, sound like fun?  We're already having fun with this initial God chosen selection. 

Remember, one spirit's garbage is another spirit's treasure  relatively speaking. how's your garbage Lucky and Daisy?  Don't be hard on yourselves, either kids, no one is absolutely as perfect as Source Absolute and HeShe made us worthy companions as us, so we're good, kids, relax, ok?  The bad days are in the rear view.  Rejoice. Lets join together in the Band of One.  Weir awl already here, in Jerry's Band.  The Grateful Thriving 4 Ever Band of merry pranksters and companions to God Who Is Good and Fun loving.  This Is Not a joke.  Film at 11 as they say. TYVM  

Randy died a hero.  No greater love...

Ty  Wikipedia.

Now 12/19/21 Randy California Spirit

Thank You Randy Spirit and Patrick Simmons. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/20/21 With all due affection: Todays Fresh Garbage... w Jimi and Present Company of Heaven...

Thank You Jimi and Woodstock Nation ~ still rockin'.

Now 12/20/21 L@@K Guys, We awl got someplace to go and it's Free

Greetings Gods  

The page the above Experience can be witnessed at is:   Y'awl invited and if like feel free to share it thus

making yourself a Galactic messenger. The  rewards plan for sharing good stuff like that is out of this world. Congrats on that my dear friend(s).

Note:  We are being nudged to mention here that while money is still being used as means of exchange if anyone would like to kick in a little 'bread and egg' money to help our mission along one can do that by going to PayPal and anything is welcome at this our main email:  Tyvm  😎  💔

This goes here:

Thank You to Jimi and Awl the loving Spirits who contributed to this life changing reading.  💔

Follow  us if led...

Now 12/20/21 Kryon December 2021 - Get Ready! They Are Coming

Thank You Kryon And Lee and Old Souls. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/21/21 Share Treasure of Day: Emmylou Harris - Calling My Children Home

Thank You Emmylou and Company and Appreciative Audience of Awl of us. <3 ) ) )

Now 12/21/21 With all affection: Todays Fresh Treasure...

Greetings Gods  Goddesses Spirit Guides Angels Awl Company of  Heaven which is All That Is.

The page the above wonderfulness can be witnessed at on this and awl days is: 

Take it away Pat- Neil and Band...

And hope ya's en Joy!  <3>

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 Paul F Brown
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Good* God chosen Share segment of day from a page that should be seen and heard. ioho. Hope see ya's there: 
*Scribe typed God (he thought) Good showed up. We Know God Is Good, and Loves Fun. HerHis children are so much fun.  ❤ )


Thank You Patricia & Company of Heaven. <3 ) ) ) Note: For some reason we are not able to place a comment on You tube: We tried to leave this but it wouldn't take. Thank you Patricia for this awesome message. So more peeps can experience this we have further shared this on our blog 4 now page:.,/Blogpage4Now111. All welcome to Grateful jubilee: It's Free like us Now. Indeed. #HeavensPlan.

Now 12/22/21 Madonna - Holiday [Blonde Ambition Tour]

Thank You Madonna Everbody Loves You <3 ) ) )

Alright out* dear friends, time has come to start a new Holiday page and it's already started. Thank you Madonna 4 closing out this page and we'll see you on the featured page. You coming, guys?   Oh good. Here's link to the new Now Fun.

* Obviously 'our' was intended, however in scribe's experience many times more than what is on surface can be applied. This is one of those times. It's time 4 God's kids to be truly and joyfully 'out' to celebrate who God created us o be. We are each infinitely unique. No other snowflake is remotely like us. We are each a franchise in God's awesome tapestry of souls and we're awl treasured for Who we are; All awesome sparks of God. Cheers Celebrate &Now Let the Eternal Fun Begin.  Anyone?  Oh Good.  <3 )>