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Born in the moment of 'Now'  11/11/18  We are so glad you are here.  May we all find peace, love, joy, health, youth, harmony, happiness and eternal adventure in our eternal soul's journey home to the infinite <3   of God...)  And So It Is.  (We do rec flowing here after you've seen 'Simple New now news page.)  Simple new now news.  

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Overflow of a God filled heart.  Benny Hill Ministries          (Yahoo Images.)

Overflow of a God filled heart. Benny Hill Ministries (Yahoo Images.)

Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels Documentary Master

Thank you Angel Lorna Byrne and Mr Ted Yacucci. Lovely work, indeed. <3 )

Uncle John's Band ♫♪ Grateful Dead, 2/9/73

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

 Full disclosure on this selection... we had no idea what song spirit would place here other than it would be a song.  So we ask spirit and we go on YouTube and right there staring at us is this.  We click on it and as we listen we know this is it. again.  Just like at www.tinyurl.com/Gazers777 

this song knows where it belongs, and far from us to fight it.  Yep, friends, this is definitely the God, Jesus, Jerry and Paul show and the Company of wonderful angels on earth and in heaven.  Have we passed thru the portal = gate to the angelic realms, dear ones?  Let's look for clues, fellow detectives, ok?  ) i.e.  Later today, the sandman's here.  )

Rec & fin for now  11/11/18  3:44 a.m.

Later... Here's pic taken today at that 11:11:18 at 11:11 a.m.   W Mom and the witnesses... )

As shared at the front page, The Doors showed up this morning...

We're loving our new computer, no more third of the screen in dark.  Now full on w no restrictionns.  

All the better to share fully going forward...Thank You God and Jesus and Everyone.  <3  )

Archangel Michael Testimony.!! Must watch.!!

Thank You Archangel Michael and Chris Riley. Powerful testimony. )( Stay Strong, Bro...)

Now 11/12/18 How is Your 11:11 Gateway journey so far?...

Hey Guys, Are you feeling it?  It's only going to get better and stronger as we allow ourselves to be led and guided to our full energetic potential as the divine, infinite cosmic beings we were created to be.  We know this can be rather mind blowing but take it from a dude who's had his mind blown before ~ we ain't seen nothing yet. Right Jerry?  )  Yeah, guys, that's our language, a smile says it all.  )  Let the blossoming begin fellow dear immortal spiritual beings.

We are led to share this dispatch that we shared in a few spiritual groups and 3 Deadhead groups.  Here we share the Deadhead version w the top paragraph bc we feel Everyone should be a deadhead.

Paul F Brown shared a link.

Hey Deadheads, Hope ya all know Jerry loves us All to the core, right? Like God and Jesus, anyone Really Can have a personal relationship with him like we do. Here's an excellent Fun, Hope and very musical site to hang out w The Man. Just ask and He will be there for His 'kids' ) Now, here's the post we shared in a few groups and will place in 'Freedom Forever' page at the below site. Hope en-joy. )

Wow, how was everyone's first 11:11:11 gateway day? Awesome, we hope.We've been on this computer, 'Vivien' all day, just about. 
We're in it now, guys, the cosmic deep end. Hope Ya's can swim. There's no turning back now The angels are with us in Force as we, w our DNA, and the planet, Terra, Christa Gaia, Mother Earth, who deserves our complete and total love and Gratitude have shifted into the light, etheric realms now, right Mom? )

Come and witness some pretty pretty good stuff, if we do say so, ourselves, as we watched it flow out of our fingers and onto the modern day 'tablet' known as the computer. Space age technology, when used rightly, can bring us all together in light and love to do God's will for us, the only thing we should really be doing anyway, if we know what's best for us, my dear friends. Can we call you our friend, friends? Hope so. )

God, Universal Mother Mary, Jesus/Yeshua, Dr Peebles, Mom and many more spirits like Uncle Jerry and Co like Jimi H, John L who participated in that gamechanging reading with James Law are available there to aid and assist, esp if one 'asks.' Simply allow and watch the magic happen. Thank you very much. And Be Blessed! And So It Is. www.paulfb.com 😎

Now 9/13/21 Jimi Hendrix Experience All Along The Watchtower (Replacement)

Thank You Jimi Hendrix, one of Humanity's super shining stars for saying. 'Put me here, Bro'. ) "Done, Son." ) Creator says, not scribe. ) Jimi's page www.tinyurl.com/JimiHendrix777

Kryon Explains Why Its So Special to See 11:11 and Other Repeating Numbers

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll... 39:51 of good stuff. )

Now 9/13/21 Live Aid- Queen- Full Set HQ (Replacement)

Thank You Queen. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody today with Cousin Ned. 2 words to Everyone re this movie... SEE IT!!! <3 )

Queen BBC Documentary

Thank You Queen, BBC and Lady Taylor for sharing on YT. <3 )

Freddie Mercury | National Geographic

Thank You Freddie Jupiter and National Geographic. Yeah, God gave our lovely friend a BIG raise. ) Guys, obviously there's tons of stuff online re Freddy and Queen. If led, check it out, and other good stuff, like NDE's. Their all different, and they all prove One thing. GOD IS. 0 )

There is much magic in 'Gratitude.' )

Now  11/13/18

So, after sharing the above we thought of a 'beginnings' song, however, Spirit has that taken care of right at the top of this page... In God's Hands.  Yeah, it's The Allman Brothers Band kicking off that page.  Now on the top intro we did change it from that to 'The Grateful Planet, In God's Hands...Now and Forever...<3 )  And just a little synchro validation... not 7 seconds after we placed 'Grateful' there. a commercial on TV - (watching our fave show 'Long Island Medium') mentioned that word.  There You go again, God.  )

 Who likes slide shows?  Check this and the following, if led... )


1Now. 11/15/18  Also shared here A Course in Miracles 

Now 9/13/21 12:44 a.m. Boston - Don't Look Back

Thank You Boston. Tom Brad Barry Fran & Sib & Appreciative Audience of Awl of Us. <3 ) ) ) ) )

Now 9/13/21 FEEL ONLY THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE Blossom Goodchild channeling the Federation of Light 09 08 21

Thank You Blossom & Joe & The Federation of Light. Alright Team, are we ready to Blossom, Shine & Start helping each other instead of the opposite? Hope so. <3 ) ) )